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January 20, 1978
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STATINTL THE 1.JAS11I.+GTOH POST p~. ed For Release 2001/08/012 1- , P~1 , O1 R000 Gt1.;F. _011CU, m Sholv X ell 19TWwMa"Ab Oil I A spokeswoman for Ford said he would have no immediate comment.. The Warren Commission, by con- appears to have had no compa- + trast, rable insights into the workings of the FBI. In fact, when Ford told DeLoach .of "startling information" about the .'Oswald case that he had just received from CIA then-Director John McCone, Hoover harrumphed in another- notation: "This shows how garrulous McCone The report concerned an alleged ex- .change of money in Mexico City be- tween Oswald and "an unknown Cu- ban Negro," which, DeLoach assured Ford on the spot, had already been largely discredited. The early dissatisfaction with War- ren; according to DeLoach's memo, in- volved what Ford called the Chief Justice's attempts "4o establish a 'one- man commission'" by naming one of his proteges, Warren Olney, as chief counsel. The proposal was headed off, ac cording to a subsequent DeLoach- memo, only after "a number of sources" worked "to confidentially brief members of the presidential commission. other than Warren, as to, Olney's background," which the bu- reau evidently found objectionable. - As Forrelated the outcome to be- oach, former CIA Director Dull __ pro este uite violentl "when War- ren pro ose ne 's a oint e u?st commission meeting. By the secon session, or an Boggs stated their- opposition: Boggs was quoted as - warning flatly "that he [Boggs] would not` work on the commission with Olney.,, Former- Solicitor General Lee Ran- kin was named instead, as a compro- mise choice. He,. in turn, was appar--, j ently dissuaded by the FBI. and others from pressing for his own investiga tive staff. By Feb. 17, 1964, the FBI - `files show, Hoover was- telling pub- lisher William Randolph Hearst Jr. that not only was Hoover "convinced that Oswald killed the President" but he was also confident "that the com- mission will ultimately reach that finding... >.... , ...._ , _ t Another document indicates that testimony before the commission was on occasion carefully coordinated. On ,lay 13, 1964. FBI Assistant Dire u tam . Sullivan reported that ha dust been contacted by James Anr- g nn - s cniet of counterirttet igence, about - cone's scheduled a pearance before the commission th nex ay. "Angleton said it occurred to" him tha i wou a wei for both :tlcCone -an t r. oover to a aware that the commission mi., t as' the same aues- tons wcn erin~ w e er thev ~voul4 get differeiFt replies from the -heads of ne tub agencies . eton wanted us 1 ow some on tae t s w ch he asset and sieves .cone ivllFt~ ne rep es w c wi a ceft "One uestion," the memo conti tie "will be % as Lee Harvey Oswald ever an agent of G1.1-?' The answer wf e no: ? Despite such attention to detail, it is sometimes difficult to figure out the FBI's investigative priorities. In a. Jan. 17, 1964, memo Hoover, for exam- ple, told a top aide to Attorney Gen- eral Robert F. Kennedy that the, FBI did not 'inves`tigate -Oswald's alleged l;illino'of Dallas policeman J. D. Tip- pit "because it was strictly alocal crime." Jr. By George Lardner. Washington Post Staff writer Gerald It. Ford promised to keep the FBI secretly informed of the ac- tivities of the Warren ' Commission al- most immediately after it was organ- ized to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy, FBI files show. Then the House minority leader and one of the commission's seven mem- i bers, Ford made the offer in a Dec. 12, 1963,, conversation with FBI"Assistant Director Cartha D. DeLoaeh -which, Ford requested be kept-"in the- stric- test of confidence." Headed by Chief Justice Earl War- ren, the commission had held.its first meeting only- a week earlier, on Dec. .5, but it was already embroiled in in- ternal bickering, according to a two-, page memo DeLoach.submitted to his superiors after the meeting in Ford's office on Capitol Hill. Ford, for one, was critical of Warren, and the House GOP leader reported similar com-. plaints by House Democratic leader Hale Boggs (D-La.) -and former Cen- tral Intelligence Agency Director Al len Dulles. Made public this week along with more than 58,000 other pages about the Kennedy assassination from FBI files, the.'-. memo by: DeLoach continued. "Ford indicated he would keep me thoroughly advised as,to the activities of the. commission: He. stated 'thi.'3 ' would have to be on-a con fidential ba- sishowever he thought it should be ,;, ~t ' ,. P: ?: ; r {~4 done." DeLbach'sald t`ord;then a Republi- can congressman from Michigan,. "also asked if he, could call me from time to time and straighten out questions in his mind concerning our investigation. I told. him by all means he should do-' this: He reiterated that our relation- ship would, of course, remain confi- dential" "Well-handled," FBI .Director J. Ed-- gar Hoover jotted down on the report, that additionally assured him that the bureau's relations' with Ford over- the years had been ."excellent" and that the "congress-man had' even been given, "an autographed copy of the director's- book, Study#oi Communism,.'; ;;; "Our investigation," the memo said, "only touched on those aspects of the crime which related directly to our' in terest in Oswald and the assassination;. of President John?. Kennedy" Contributing to this' 'artielt'? mere Washington Post staff writers john' Ja-r cobs and Ren-'Eessler. and researcher_` DennisRini_ ~.?c:__,="s`i Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000500110025-7