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December 5, 2000
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April 17, 1974
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WASETX! GTON POST STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : ?r -Rp'9j1.901R00050011 over r-11 7,011 v- - Clover Todd Dulles, 80, on Ministry in Institutions, a land, where Mr. Dulles was i lady of her husband's many widow of Allen Welsh Dulles,~branch of the Federal CouncilIserving with the Office of faceted agency, the CIA. former director of the Central Intelligence Agency anti sis- ter-in-law of the late Republi- can Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, died unexpect- edly Monday evening, at her home in Georgetown. Mrs. Dulles, a daughter of Henry Alfred Todd, a profes- sor of romance languages at Columbia University, and Mi- riam Gilman Todd of Balti- more, was born in New York City and educated in schools In New York and Farmington, Conn. IIer grandfather was John Stratton Gilman, a prom- inent banker and industrialist of Baltimore. At one lime Mrs. Dulles worked with the personnel committee of the Commission Then in 1919 an occasion; intelligence operations. arose where Clover Todd and Allen Dulles found themselves together as house guests of a mutual friend. The friend had asked Miss Todd if she would remain with her as chaperone during Allen Dulles' visit at her home. In less than a year, October 16, 1920, they were A resident of Georgetown for more than 15 years, at 2723 Q St. NW, Mrs. Dulles was ac- tive in local church and civic affairs. In 1958 she was among 550 Washington women receiv- ing diplomas from the Volun- teer Services of the District of Columbia Red Cross Chapter. married. I As a red Cross volunteer, she A very close relationship de- served at St. Elizabeths Hospi- veloped as a result of the tal. strenuous and active life they I In addition, she had broad shared together. During 1920-cultural and artistic interests 1022 , bout Mr. anti Mrs. Duilles din many parts of the world, were in Istanbul, Turkey, where Mr. Dulles served with the American Commission as a diplomat. And, during World War II, Mars. Dulles joined her husband in Berne, Switzer- especially in New York and Zurich. Mrs. Dulles' activities abroad during World War I in- cluded work with the YWCA in France as well as perform- ing the intricate duties of first Colony Club of New York, the 1925 F Street Club of Wash- in:;ton, a fallow of ; he Pier- pont Morgan Library and on the board of directors of the Correctional Association of New York. In 1961 she was re: ppointed by President Kenned. to serve; as a member of the board of advisors of the Federal ltefor mat.ory for Women in Alder- son, W. Va. I\irs. Dulles is survived by her son, Allen Macy Dulles; two daughters, Jens : T. Jebsen and Joan Dulles Buresch: a brother, Wallace Todd, and two sisters-in-law, Eleanor Lansing Dulles and Mrs. James S. Seymour, and six grandchildren. Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000500110036-5 vl Astip"k'TTOIT STAR Approved For Release 2001/08)01 :I~-RDP911~~qq090'fRT0005001 Clover T. Dulles, 80, Widow Of Fo rner Chief of CIA Clover Todd Dulles, 80, NIV, with burial Green- widow of the late Allen mount Cemetery, I3alti- Welsh Dulles, former direc- more. tor of the Central Intelli- gence Agency from 1953 to 19651, died at home Moon- day after a heart attack. She lived on Q Street NW. Mrs. Dulles, a native of New York City, lived in the. area for more than 25 years. She was active in local church and civic af- fairs. She was a member of the Colony Club of New York and the 1925 F Street Club here. She also was a fellow of the Pierpont-Morgan Li- brary. Mrs. Dulles leaves a son, Allen M., of New York; two daughters, Mrs. Jens FL Jebsen of Switzerland and Mrs. Joan Dulles Buresch of Santa Fe, N.M.; a broth- er, Wallace Todd of Califor- nia; two sisters-in-law and six grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday aL the Georgetown Presbyte- rian Church, 3115 P Street Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000500110036-5 POOR 1' (I'7?7; YOn,K Approved For Release 2001/08TTCIA`-.bP91-00901 R000500110036-5 r rt 4 T,,...) rya ^."9 ?,...p /' `^`.. ", rt. fi?'""'+r ?;7 . "~ f-'"'.`."r! Lf i~ i Y /'r- w.~ "t f-7 u-I t Ly Bartlett's own admission. his Seat- .vas based on the I IT report-in places t of par: phrase. lie wrote about several ,ccurim, in Chile that he could not STATINT--L - ' --- - 'a., except under controled es. No media outlet in thh CO'.lntry has :cd a full-tick correspondent to rile very few report on its actvities, even on basis. Except in those cases r.hare to to Iea% SOnlc nel avoid any contact In fact, agency policy decrees that dust inform their superiors immcdiatcl} ;ersations with reporters. when Allen Dulles headed the CIA in a it:wrv uo :iilu lilal pO:itiCS Si:l1'?;1Q and Cold War a ut'.-co:nnluitisril was Still rampant, be left to the Chileans." TIC ciid not il-11"!11 his tv;o c;isast rs iii; tl1c CI? that nc'.?:sp. Pcrs irirncci tea CICrS that Ile had a dacun;Cnt ill Ilk, llC S,`,Sioi1 OI in halt rCaL'.sed to shilCC. f:I:1J with tliell' that ii;d:catc:d that Cl:ii 11 politics were bc.t ' left- readers'. First came the silootintT c mvn of the U to the Central I itc:11ircncc. AL toy and I'h;'. gip} planenrcr ti:r2 Se ict Utor. in 1~,O Ciullmcrs "I was 0111}' interested in the political 1~w (lie I'~'(Sr:CrT;1on Post's dlplclliath I';abcl'ts, ?nal)'sis." Bartl tt C. plaiIIC l in all i!7(C1"ti'!::w. , COI'1'(SpOnI:L?lt, C'(~tli;]'iP,$ in his hook f'll:i1 "I dtciti't tai-.c seriously the 1` ashint;ton !;tuii-the J)rc'!1 tI'r lc ;cr) that he anti "somne other descrir.tion of rnac.Ilinc.tions Witilin the U.S. nc;vsnlcn" knew about (he U-2 ili,;hts in the late l;o~ernlllcn e 1 I.r I rtJ CIA-RDFf94;;00901MO0$0011 -td03t6-5I?t'I'crts cxpl;lir:s: had not been in Washington; tth y la( ti :n L ) "PICA-osp) :ctlively, it scoria it cl=o'w question as to whether this \vas (I?c dccisic it Lut I iili:Ti: it r-......_....t.. G> >t1't.4 1... l/T,?r.,r r n;,,r?r?,,,~f;r .