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December 9, 2016
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December 5, 2000
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May 15, 1973
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Ap_proved_For Release40111,108/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901R00 BATA i ..,:\ E , MD. NEWS AMERICAN ; E - 200,782 S - 291,342 STATINTL MAY 1 5 1973 1;'0. TT CO S 11 NE np 3 ere joes ? 0 One of the inevitable conclusions that he reached by the public, ,....11(11 and if Wat- ergate is ever fully unraveled, is whetheir it is I eally worthwhile to spend so much of he public's hard-von 111011ey (01 certain .govetrti- . ment operations which were exposed as hopelessly corrupt or inefficient: J. Edgar Hoover longed to live until Ie colossal new FRI headquaners was com- pleted ill Washington. Ile didn't make it. EMT now that it is about complete at a cost oI tens cif millions of dollars a lot of people whot put up the dough will tend to wonder ,,vhoth, et* it is worth a tinker's darn. Hoover's sac-? rosanct strong-box wijs rifled of highly clas-0 sified documents ?chile rb \Yis still and his temporary successor was stupid.j. enough to destroy, unread files that might : have further pinpointed Water,ate - t Then there's the (IA, which always has:, been a hit retarded. It has a new home out- side of Washington which Washmgron George, that is, who had three spies at most) could never have understood. It cost. many millions, is regarded as more securi- ty-conscious than Fort Knox, is loaded with thousands of v ell-paid spies. programmers oil oracles who divine what the clandes- tinely-gathered information really means, and many society fellows who are too proud to work for a living. CIA foulyd up the Bay of Pigs invasion, as a result ot which we were nearly thrust into it t ri ( /11 :ICJ C1;1 1' V ii. It 1 (A.1 !NI 1111 h1-,' (11 (-' 1'1 11 I"( ) iii South V1("1 t 1 1 t 11 'S )1'( 51 (I('1 1 1 Dicm. Now it is revealed th it ii violated its charter. went into the domesiT spying busi- ness. and had its nutty hawkshaws search- ing through the Ides of Or. Ellsberg's head shrinket. Did ft piece years ago- about the CIA ? -- around the time Castro was dern,inding U. S. trachns a; ransom for IL.. poor Cuban slobs Li had roti:?,ded up ill the Ilav of i'igs fiasco. 'Die ('IA pahlic r,-t;i viiio fellov; acci- dentally liAlt'led me too early Mr() 1110 (111!Ce .' 1110 111(':1 (111i clOr, pip--smoking, party- Ahn ot h sycremry of i.,hite ccli vas i?-nc'ptised that the world Snam:k I. John ie.1-,(d. "Why is cveiyhodv F"cOps, scitud(IVCI aIHCC.0 Of iron in the sliy?"',1, But, getting hack to Alan Dulles. I was shown into his ()trice prematurely. He was on the phone and plaintively asking some- body on the other end of the line, "But how ramch does a tractor cost'?" lie spoke in the voice of a man who had never seen a trac- of. Alan Dulles' pipe sputtered volcanic sparks at a reception he attended in Wash- ington for Nikita Ehrushehev, when the Liner paid ii visit to Presickint Eisenhower. Mirus- i cheY, who probably knew more about Dulles than Dulles himself did. cornered lum at the reception, and suggested to him jovially that each big power fire half of its spies. "They're all double agent," 1