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December 19, 2016
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October 18, 2005
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March 27, 1973
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RADIO TV REPORTS. INC. Approved For Release 2005/11/28: CIA-RDP9I-vv;u ,6;, Zss4-3540 4435 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. WAS W 646 PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAFF PROGRAM Jack Anderson STATION WAVA Radio Syndicated DATE March 27, 1973 5:05 P11 CITY Washington, D. C. EXCLUSIVE REPORT JACK ANDERSOFN: What is the 92 million dollar question? I'll have an exclusive report in a minute. Jack Anderson in Washington. Idaho Senator Frank Church has a 92 million dollar question he'd like to a.sk the Central Intelligence Agency. The question is whether the CIA requested the International Telephone and Telegrap'ii Company to intervene in Chile's domestic politics.., Under law the U.S. government must reimburse ITT 92 mi l?l i on dollars for the loss of its telephone company in Chile. But the 92 million dollars won't have to be paid if ITT provoked Chile. Former CIA chief John McCone testified that ITT had offered the CIA a large sum of money with which to plan anti- Allende activities. but ITT claims the CIA was behind the plot to keep Marxist Allende from coming to power. So the 92 million dollar question is this --did the CIA ask ITT to plot against Allende or did ITT try to enlist the CIA in the conspiracy. ITT's President Harold Gencen has already testified / behind closed doors about h i s meeting with C I A ' s Wi l l i am Broe. But Geneen claimed he couldn't remember what was said. How the Senate has asked for Broe's testimony. Broe balked at first, but after learning that the Senate would subpoena him he relented. He"l l take the stand today to answer the 92 million dollar question. Approved For Release 2005/11/28 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000600100007-7 STAT STAT