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December 16, 2016
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June 17, 2005
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March 6, 1982
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AT -.7 C.tJ P {Gx ,,rr THE N A f I ---?l~pprs>~ed For Release 2W?4qT/ tft SAUL LANDAU AND CRAIG NELSON U. Mr; President, have you approver of cov- ert activity to destabilize the present government of Nicaragua? A. Well, no, we're supporting them, the--oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, I'm sorry, I was, thinking El Salvador,. because of the previous, when you said Nicaragua. Here again; this is something upon which -with national security interests, !just-1 will not comment. President Reag an's press conference, February 18-: A covert operation directed by the Central Ir% `telligence Agency against the Sandinist govern meat in Nicaragua is now under way; According, to two people present .at' secret briefiri s held last November and December, Assistant Secre- .tary of State for Inter-American Affairs Thomas Enders told members of the -Senateand House Select Committees on Intelligence that- the C.I.A. is secretly providing training, money and weapons for former members of Gen. Anastasio i .Somoza's National Guard who are now carrying out armed incursions into Nicaragua from bases ,in Honduras. The funds 'are beiri, funneled `through friendly Latin American countries. Reagan Administration ambassador. at large Vernon Walters has negotiated with .the govern- mentof. Argentina and with elements in the security forces' of Venezuela, Colombia and Chile to cooperate with the C.I.W. in destabiliz- ing the Nicaraguan government, and to act as U.S. surrogates in actions in other Central American countries. - (The Washington 'Post reported on C.I.A. plans for a $19 million covert Aoperation against Nicaragua in a front-page STAT story. on ' e ruaryter sources in both ongress ands* the executive branch confirmed that Enders ;reported to members *of the select committees, 'in compliance with what the Administration considers to be the requirerhents of thei Hughes-Ryan amendment to the 1976 foreign id_act.* - The Assistant Secretary told the Congressmen that the aim of the C.I.A.'s covert action is to incite unrest iii Nicaragua using former Somoza guardsmen, dissident elements and ethnic minorities in. Nicaragua and exile groups in thei United States. Nicaraguan officials say that the former, guardsmen's attacks are intended to provoke retaliatory measures, by the Nicaraguan Army, thus creating a pretext for foreign military intervention. Veteran. C.I.A. official Nestor. Sanchez, who is now Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Inte' -American Affairs, has been placed in charge of the Clandestine opera- tions for the Caribbean basin, according to sot ices in the Defense Department. Enders commands the entire Central American and Caribbean policy team. Other covert operations are also planned against Cuba and. Grenada,. and against 'guerrilla forces in it Salvador and Guatemala.- Several. members of Congre$s "under stood" from their secret briefings that U.S. personnel would not be involved in combat. A"photograph of a U.S.. colonel, carrying an M-I6. near a combat zone in .El S yador that was"receiitlq published in American newspapers ppeared to contradict 'the Administration's guarantees to Congress. At *The number of Congressmen present'at the briefi~-s is not known. The1 Republican members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence are. Barry Goldwater (chairman), Arizona; Jake Garn, Utah; John Chttfee, Rhode Island; Richard Lugar, Indiana; Malcolm Wallop, W. oming; Dave. Durenberg,' Minnesota; William Roth 'Jr.; Delaware; Har ison Schmitt,.: New Mexico. The Demoeratic'members are Daniel Patrick Moynihan, New-: York; Walter Huddleston, Kentucky; Joseph Biden Jr., Deh ware; Dan jet; Inouye,. Hawaii;-Henry Jackson,'Washington; Patrick Leaiy, Vermont; Lloyd Bentsen, Texas. The Democratic members of the Howe Select Com mittee on Intelligence are Edward Boland (chairman), 'tassachusetts; Clement Zablocki, Wisconsin; Charles Rose, North Carolina; Romano:, Mazzoli, Kentucky; Norman Minera, California; .Wychq Fowler Jr.; 'J Georgia; Lee Hamilton, Indiana: Albert Gore Jr., Tennesseq; Bob Stump, Arizona. The Republican members are -J Kenneth Robin;on Virgtma )ohn Ashbrook, Ohio; Robert McClory, Illinois; G William Whi[ehurst Virginia; C.W. Bill Young.. Florida. Saul Landau is a senior fellow 'of the Institute for Policy'jI Studies and ca-author, with John Dinges, of As~assination','.? on Embassy Row (Pantheon).. Craig Nelson is :a research assaciafe >rith lP.S~; ~?'. TAT Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-009Q1R000700060061-1