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December 16, 2016
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June 17, 2005
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May 6, 1981
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Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901Ft0007000 ":: GUARDIAN (U.S.) 6Ma;r 1981 . journalists and politicians of .:_~ -: attempting to cover up the ;'- assasslnation of Orlando Letelier, Chilean diplomat;and American:-"._...._ ftonni Moffett`The'authors ; reveal how the G1.A. instigat -accuses top U;S.~officials, :: Donald Freed and Fred Landis crallicaliy elected governinenfof Chile and- the,murderof-President ~'-- SalvadorAllende,.O They :-::~. h .;,:. c arge that GEORGE BUSH and GENERAL VERNON WALTERS,: " fun knowledge of the facts: J _ :.-of4h Chile ar!_ junta in theLetelier -'. TOWNLEY; -convicted of-leading. the assassination team,.was a;r:.: trained by therri'in the.use of explosives._WJLLIAM BUCKLEY, used tocoverupterrorin Chile- and . abroad. after the 1973 coup; : , :Omega 7 involved in-the assassination of Letelier and'' Moffett.. -ALEXANDER HAI'G;" .. ?`? advance know ledgeof impending` _N= murder, as did HENRY qtr,- =? . Kissinger aide, look part -inlhe'? t': .democratic etections in Ghife R' :-: Staff General Rene.Schne-ide"r..O' : '. DEANS HlNTON"thenew - %-% G i uatemala:Hinton, a-longtime" C.I.A.-asset..was.:with Haig; an 2 . _::", :~ ; :. _.=part of the covert-coup learn in Chile. as fie had been beforetn.`' .' prominent North Americans- ;.. -.,-linked bythe authors.to'the- campaign of terror against the - - `= lanning;of the coup in 1973> D"';"-';',' ? i,,These are'only a few of the ing the EI Salvador junta respons-, ibie fora reign of terror in that - count n/naed,Jn DEATH IN SINGER. Ci MICHAEL Y: RNON; ,. links with Michael:Town eyand; s _, members of the terrorist group "The authors.; raiseanum serious questions that dese planations from those char R " ecommended. LISRARYJpURNAL ?9101h 57295 Lawrence Hill & Co '520RIVERSIDE AVENUE . WESTPORT.CT?06880_' , bl~d'~dr Release' 2t}n5/07/ ;1 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R'000700060081-9