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December 16, 2016
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June 17, 2005
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March 1, 1981
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STAT Qtx2~"' 81 PAG2 Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901R0007000 'Lhffe'.~"SiiPV_%ort- '. Foy Latin' Ttme?Lite New, Servica ' BUENOS AIRES, Argentina = API ter a week'bf closed-door meetings with Latin`=American,leaders; over the explosive' politico-military-sit- uation in-EF-5alvador-and with. 'a few more meetings to gd- the Unit-, ed States"special envoy, former Dep- i uty CIA`Director' Vernon a ters, as not emerge wi muc to snow or tell::;::;., Nor, probably, coulde be-expect- ed to'do so The-issue-that the Reaga admin. istration has decided to make one of its first major foreign policy tests 'drawing a line in the sand of El Sal vador's Fonseca Bay over the'indi- rect, arms-supplying support by the Soviet Union and Cuba of Salvador- an insurrectionists'-- 'is" really. its first reconnaissance mission into a controversial territory "inherited from Jimmy Carter. six In no other area of the globe has there-been a greater advertised turn around-of-U.S.' foreign- policy" than between the:.: 'vociferous, -'anti- military, human rights stand-of the Carter administration and the prag- matic' anti-communist, containment -policy. of the new Republican admin- istration. Justified or"iiot the. turnaround means that,Reagan's aides -are=not merely consulting in the: regionbut areaiso'compiling`an inventory"of thedifferences that dlvided'the Car: ter administration irom?many goo- ernments~-that:.:.hairL-:,.traditionally supported.the,.Uniteda:States,reflex=_ ively- 14ASHNGTO?V STAR 1 MARCH 1981 Understandably, special envoy kern Cone, Walters -had doubtless Walters -whose mission is no dif- found hisbest audience. Thegovern- ferent than the highly publicized meat of Argentina has for, years visit of diplomat Lawrence Eag been arguing. the anti-terrorist line leburger to Europe,: where Reagan that Secretary of State Alexander M has also been trying to gather sup- - Haig Jr. has now taken up. port - has had far, less to say. than I ti .. s Eagleburger. The government of Chile has done ;,: He has been far less .'photo- likewise, and has undoubtedly-been graphed', far less pursued. But a new bolstered by the Reagan administra- :Latin American alignment,Iess ste- ; tion's-recent unilateral decision- to ? reotyped and less straightforward in its goals,. is emerging from Walters' tour.;a,.. ,;s - The , Reagan mood,, of skepticism about El Salvador is echoed in many Latin American capitals.-Walters has lift economic sanctions levied inthe wake of the assassination of Orlando Letelier in Washington in 1976 In short;.Walters as a U.S. envoy. has encountered a paradox. It is sim- ilar to that ascribed to Louis XVI: "He, zit Argentina and Chile_' In mn.'t' has remembered nothing, and' for-` ..cases,, he has'come across,'cdiintries that think differently =and live dif- ferently -, than Carter administra- tion. policies would argue . In Mexico,..Walters . meta relatively concerted wave of. mis- trust over U.S:motives it El Salvador a .relatively traditional policy. " >gotten, .nothing.".. Latin American governments, which were always di. verse, are diverse ways' to the first Reagan initiative in this region. The Walters mission will not be the last in which Ronald Reagan's In.Venezuela, he did not. The goo-' governmenttwill have to convince a ement of Luis Campins Herrera,' s diverse population of the universal- ity of its point of view. far, more. conservative than its pre-,, .. -.- . r ..._ 'decessor, and Venezuela -. one of. the staunchest democratic states on a militarized continent,-,shares'a U. S. concern with the radicalization of Central America n.'strife.. Brazil thinks differently. Tl~e most populous South American na-, tion;-,and the one where Walters, a former Army attache in Brazil, has the most friends .-is. confronted these days with a variety of complex social;: economic-and political_prob. lems " , r .The country is attempting to solve. them through non-military means an' attitude :not sufficiently, ap- plauded by Carter. Itfisdoubtful that Brazil can easily go along with:the' Reagan line on what is wrong in. El, Salvador: Even more doubtful is the. idea that Brazil's government -wants:; to. In the notorious, militarized Sout-: Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700060084-6