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December 16, 2016
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June 17, 2005
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October 6, 1976
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Al?TICLE .APP. ARE THE NATIOtJAL GUARDIAN ON PACE Appeoved For Release 6?0& g-G :1Cji%-RDP91-00901 R000 By ABE WI:ISBURD The Fl3l and the CIA are not the only police and intelligence agencies spying on people in the U.S. The secret police of many fascist There is reason to bcievc," Jack El 13ehclde,; the "newspaper circulated dictatorships and reactionary governmentsAnderson wrote in his Nov. 16, 1975 .clandestincly in Chile by the Movement of having close ties with the U.S. operate I. : syrncl;sated column, that DINA has hired the Revolutionary Left (IvIIR), has reported here-usually with the tacit approval and thugs to track: down and assassinate that the L.S. aided DINA skirting from its support of Washington. Chile, Ir...n, South prominent [Chilean] exiles.. -creation in July 1974. The &.IR newspaper Short) after being released from prison in hs r o revcaied'tl ~r under round wor.ccrs Korea, Taiwan and South Africa all have y' L: extensive. police operations in this country. 1974, Letelier told a New York Times found in DINA headquarters in Chile a;` !! to counteriasurgcacy.'"Man i id th l th k t DINA d h ` ' gu e new a ent a was spec correspon at e The r6ain objectives of the police agencies of'..~ these and other countries are to gain support going to kill him. ual to Combat the Resistance," prepared by - - ments o ti i - _ - - -. ve aa. for Lue reac o ar g maintain surveillance over and even silence Washington, with which. - Letclier was Winslow Peek of the magazine Cot nt opponents. affiliated at, the time of his death has. ,erSpy, which published lists of CIA agents the former . Chilean official around the world, has stated that the, U.S. revealed that ith th i ri Chil h e . ence w e ng xpe eans av (DEA) is used .: C___. + .. ol the -..'became a target of the secret police because -: Drug Enforcement Authority t' t ea p sec e t i - S e.LL~M,. .. n . as a cover for U. National Directorate of Intelligence (DINA), =;henau information about DINA s criminal Guardian Iran who oppose the Shah and fill lnto the. A it A V ' - - . - - . - ' - - - } _ _r t can; w erever throug out t e worl , former Chilean Sen. Hugo Miranda told the t- Barbaric torture or death is the lot of those in n p y emons ra on o w way of DINA-not only within Chile but -: Agencies is Iran?s, SAVAI:: Its agents are = : trained by "US.-and Israeli.- inte igence. d h i h h A 14I 1LLLLLUC:A ,VL 1..tGLlGLj lJ tL LLLLLLIGL - - .. - ': One of the most dreaded secret police ta o erates b the ju t ti f ho d S LUL LLIG L,J; JGIIJLGJ. _j.?:~?-.. -{:?.. ',. .+ cooperate with SAVAK by withdrawing the; A researchcenter concerned with Latin :` +h~+t??a- , rhnh'. a,gilts want' o e and documented b the. Church committee--.--:. students here. by - .tls th FT S i,-n rtl-ttvr-vtion 'l li hh t1 .41 : a e ; e s ran a s ... - the CIA and DINA were clearly established . constitute a large section of the .20,000 Ilt llllli).l.lV a es 1w1L.. _ s e,. I 1.....++. - DINA; Mi Association, which opposes the Shah. They tie between t d "Th d t d ti A k i US h C activity. SAVAK concentrates its spywp II 'AR1I,ES* American affairs, .NACLA West, noted in one of, its newsletters: "The close ? ties ; --between the secret police (DINA) and the CIA were underlined by the unannounced. ,visit to Washington of Manuel Contreras Sepulveda, head of DINA, :n August 1975. = c?tted in the Brazilian coup of 1964, was s a ge on: quest meetings with'infiuential people In .`lash- ' : .,.,;..t, -4-;f;- --4-;f;- ' rr+ ittta?rr?' d in k21nwinr7 i?eturnccl t