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December 19, 2016
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September 23, 2005
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October 16, 1975
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Approved For Release 3rO1A0511118~_.CIFq,P91-00901 R 16 oC`lO 1975 By Jack Anderson working group on human rights .attempted to visit and deg Whitton Santiago for an investigation, Chile's controversial but the junta abruptly ca-n- military dictatorship appears celed the invitation. In his Washington. At least two 'top-level representatives of the junta, have paid recent visits to the talks with U.N. officials, say our sources, Contreras at-- tempted to convince them, the_ U.N. group was barred only Church (D-Idaho) but could Chilean a long, stiff lecture on' find no one to talk with. human rights. Staffers recall him as a On Friday the ' junta's; ."short, round" man who Minister of Justice, Miguel; appeared "blase and Schweitzer, is scheduled to! somewhat disoriented. . arrive in Washington. His llouae International Organizations Subeomniitiee, se id de by e p. -....,.,.~....., to %11111U, which was cut au D nation's capital, where the red Marxists, assorted; leftists (D Minn.). There he was by Congress last December, carpet was rolled out for and troublemakers. sternly .interrogated by : a- Meanwhile, Sen. Edward them. A third delegate`. is Contreras then hopped down subcommittee staff member Kennedy (D-Mays,) has in- expected to hit town this week to Washington,. where his about human rights violations formed the .Senate- CIA The most. notorious ..of the goings-and-comings were in 7.: Chile. The colonel committee of the Contreras Chilean visitors was Col. considered so secret that even responded with the familiar trip and has rerlu~ted. it be Manuel Contreras-S?pulveda, the Chilean embassy was kept. claim: that reports of the investigated. We have learned head ofthe infamous National in the dark killing and torture of olitical i d d th tl i p n epen en y at comm ttee Intelligence .Directorate We have learned however p g I prisoners were a Marxist plot staff members ar;; ee min known-as. DINA....It- is. this . that the colonel stopped off at-, to embarrass the junta. written requests- for in-; military: organization - . a the CIA where,. say our Another prominent Chilean formation concerning the Latin American version of the sources,. a private chat was who passed through visit. C Intelligence Agency. all IA, FBI. . and Defense arranged with the deputy Washington,. shortly., before our own in uiries at the CIA director Lt. Gen Vernon Contreras was the '.nt.'s lumped together - which has been directly responsible for the arrests and torture of hundreds of political prisoners - Washington, Contreras department cooperated but Baltimore controversialpeoplewhohave- stopped o l New York He recommended the colonel visit During his 14 day stay, been able to gain access to top paid a quiet v'sit to the United some members. of Congress however, Willoughby visited U.S. officials. Giorv 2 Nations, where officials are who are critical of the junta ` the CIA -the State Depart- Almirante the Italian n~ preparing a report on violations of human rights in Chile. Three months ago, a U.N. Walters. Press. attache, ]E'ederica about the Waiters-Contreras' Willoughby,. He suffers from a meeting, meanwhile, The . State Department, 'chronic kidney problem and produced }only a Curt "iA'IO meanwhile, was unofficially came to the United States comment. . asked to suggest a few people primarily for medical tests at - ' Footnote: The Chilean On Capitol Hill, Contreras meet, andseveralmerlbers of ascist Bader, came . to '. faced his only unfriendly Congress. He managed to see - Washington in September and.. audience. He wandered into Church, who told our associate met with two officials of-the the. offices of Sen. Frank Joe'. Spear that he gave the National SecurityCouncit. ~.. _ _. ... .. .. - (1975,United Feature Syndic: are, main mission. ',;y our sour- ces, will be to lobby in favor of Approved For Release 2005/11/28 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700080018-7 -