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December 16, 2016
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June 13, 2005
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November 4, 1974
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W)tsf!IUGTON POST Approved For Release 2A519 /O tlA-RDP91-00901R000 tsy josepn :vov10 nPost S 8tieotal to.ihe 1i aslalcaton Post t var..-...m , l?,_t __-_L:.. NT ~~` - O0_0_ e I .-.~? ov -The diplomatic and eco={ he helped start the quarantine i itness of .round Cuba by the United have taken the initiative to . America failed to ? bring great judge of the f -down Castro's government governments in the hemi-, states and its Latin Amerl- have t . an allies, mare than 10, or. force It to change course,!sphere," said Sen. Julio C.E -ears ago, has begun to Mexico originally voted. as three U.S. Presidents ap-iTurbay, who argued with k a *ainst the 10-year-old col- - ? .. hnnoA if would In thci TTnitarl States in favor( e the view of those inter-!of diplomatic action against rorn the Latin Americans. ; lectty : decision forbidding s For 14 years, to ee v. re- ; .. t tiolls and. has never revol minister in administrations have used. spected It. Over the last of Cuban-style. Cates bian foreign economic aid diplomatic only when the United States; 1961. "That Was not what we , military interv four years, first Chile. under was willing to intervene in !had intended." ~ressuce the late President Salvador Latin internal affairs. For, This was the second of :ion and the CIA to enforce Allende, then Peru, Argen- these men, the policy had a political and economic eni- tins and Panama hae clisre- feet seen by file Latins. Fi?` cargo cutting Cuba off from arded the collective deci- three other effects that, pally, Latin domestic poll. satin America. g were predicted by.public fig- on And geld have exchanged tics became increaspres ures as it was taking.sihape, radicalized under the pe- r the first time f ir d o ow ,. diplomatic missions an n 1961 and 1962 wince Cold:War tensions be- (sure to Iine up oft the li.S..I an to ease, detente is being goods with' Cuba. Frondizi made his predicside in the Gtold'War. Stum? - allowed into Latin America. Others want to follow, but ions in letters to and con-,being democratic govern-. also I decorously. So Colombia, Iversations with his' friend!ments that had -favored F3ut the into Latin and Cold-War Years s left Costa Rica and Venezuela, President John' F. Kennedy. Cuba's right to go its own, Lati-n their mar}es feeling more like , the firmest U.S. allies when The late . Francisco San Way fell to military coups in, the embargo was set up by ITiago Dantas of Brazil, then lr fent.ina ia. ii' . in- Brazil the colonies of all empire is in 1964 Arid in Chi1~' lst- [.hall partners in an allinace. the Organization of Ameri- foreign minister, made hi- can States, have requested publicly in speeches. year. "American economic dom- that the original decision be First, Cuba, despite Cas?. "U.S. 3nahce in this part of the recons}clered. ' action in these years avorld exists Asa matter of T tro's vaunted nationalism , ,,acli.calize:: wir internal; - ` Next weekend, a confer- became a Soviet satellite. p fact," Carlos Lleras Res rocesses and contributed to; a former president of fence of OAS delegates from Frondizi, trying to head off the failure of democratic tot looinhia, said in a recent 23 countries will. meet in the isolation in December -Colombia, ,erinlettt.s to change social interview. "But the Latin Quito and the required two-' 1961, warned Kennedy that and ecoi omic structures,' countries have learned, af- `thirds ? majority is expected it would. But the Argentine Frondizi said. ter voting along to, keep to vote to leave each mem- president come away with "I believe opposition by China out of the United Na- ber country free to choose the impression that 'Ken- ,its own kind of relations nedy was under strong do- our two countries to the ex-, that the tin for 20 , -U.Ss hap esyit rdiplomatic with Cuba. For the first mestIc pressure to "do some-pulsion of Cuba from the in- It position strictly in accord- time in the history of the thing about Cuba. ter-American system w a s once with its own interests Cuban controversy, the Unit- ", magine that Kennedy one of the factors. contribut and that there is no need to ed States, so far as Latin asl.ed rle, in Palm Beach, Zing to the military coups in follow." diplomats in three countries not to send -my memoranda Argentina, and later, in Bra-. been "The wall isolating Cuba have able to determine has no clear position. on Cuba through diplomatic rFrondizi stated. The from its natural neighbors and trading partners in the "The. problem is over. now, channels," krondizi said. former president added that Said Arturo Fronclizi, presi- Then, the inter-Anlerfean there were, of course, strong United States, the Carib- bean and in South America dent of Argentina when the (system of defense alliances internal political drives' uas designed to keep Fidel United States under the and the OAS, which had leading to the coups in both ; Castro's formula for so- Kennedy administration be- been built on the principle cialist x evolution from fan pushing for the isola- ; of self-determination for all cases. spreading through the lhemi- !,ion of Cuba. Frodizi was, member states, was strained There were also internal sphere. The United States one of the former presi-;to the breaking point. Some reasons behind subsequent began this isolation by cut- dents, foreign ministers and say it hss broken down as coups in Bolivia and Ecu,- tang off Cuban sugar imports diplomats interviewed in Ar? the result of U.S. interned- dor, which sided witli Ar- and all U. S. exports to the entina, Brazil and Colons- 'tion and of internal differ- d Brazil, Mexico And island in 1960, a year after big over the last two weeks J ences. j Chile at the OAS conference Castro came to power, and on their role in resisting or All those interviewed as- , ill Punta del F:ste, Uruguay, by hackin, the abortive in- helpin the isolation of -serted that the precedent for in January 1963 and did not vasion at the Bay of Pigs Cuba. Intervention set by the 1962 vote for the U.S. resolution the next year. "Now' 'we're heading to decision to expel Cuba from expelling Cuba. Osly Mex Latin American countries , ward the full reincotpora the inter-:American system ico among . the countries then helped to build the tion of Cuba in the Latin opened the way for the U.S. that opposed the measure,: wall, slowly and reluctantly, American community, invasion, of the Dominican has kept the same form of under intense U.S. pressure, Frondizi said. "But what has Republic in 1965 and for government since 1962. with unilateral actions and changed is the relation be- massive CIA support for op- "Intervention is bad in collective diplomatic. deci? tv%een the U.S. and Russia, position to President Al? any event," said Carlos sions taken between 1961 not the relations with Latin lende, who was closely AMC( Lleras, president of Colom-. America." to Cuba. ' bia from 1966 to 1970 and a and 1964. Recently, many of Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700090020-3 cor ta:n1