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December 16, 2016
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June 13, 2005
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August 7, 1974
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L'J;TLY 1nOR-II Approved For Release 2005/071x'1. Cliff-RDP91-009 .l~.r ~ c ? {~ ,p s~ ?~ .y t3 T S ' Y -D f3b _'` .~t By LIDICE VAi,ENZUP:1,.A Prelim t.nti:la II AVANA-The enormous feet of Ver- non \'ralters once again trod the floors of Brasilia's modern airport. He entered Brazil with a passport describing him as "n industrial executive. Walters' comings and goings between the United 'States and Brazil are fre- quent. Last March 13. surrounded by Brazil- ian photographers and journalists. he Cs- cor tctl Mrs. Pat Nixon, special repre- sentative of President Nixon. to attend the inauguration of Ernesto Geisel Beck- mann as President. Walters. who speaks five languages well, arrived in Brasilia with the spe- cial mission of "translating" for the First Lady of the United States. His visit, however. had more import- ant objectives than. the task of presiden- tial page. This was to be the first meet- ing of the military chiefs of the four most reactionary countries of the hem- isphere. G.:., al Vernon ?'!,''alters is deputy chief of the U.S. Central in'!c.Aligen.ce Agency. He speaks in excellf:nt Portuguese to a. Brardina inarsh31. Humberto Castello f3rar:co. 'their fi'l c^.:111S11ip, formed cl wring World War 11, paid off in Itio de Janeiro. the day after the fall of the government of Joao Goulart in 1961. Walters and Castello Branco had plot- ted the overthrow of the constitutional president. Posing as military attache of the U.S. Embassy in Rio, a post lie hold since '1962. Walters manipulated the mil- itary coup which brought Castello Bran- co to power. According to Newsweek 114agazine lOct. 11. 19661. "One week before the coup. Walters had already cabled to Washing- ton all the details of its organization. The day after Castello Branco because president. the military attache lunched with him privately at the presidential palace." Since then - and especially after his official appointment as deputy CIA chief in 1972 Brasilia is virtually his second political home. What is Walters doing in Brasilia? He is there to make Brazil the center of a political-economic group of coun- tries most idenified with imperialist ideology Chile. Bolivia. Uruguay and The purpose of this bloc is to fortify 71r'?:4._I's hegemony and to maintain the other, economically weal : and dt:ccn:- ent. countries ,.,.:for _. Prot torate. The military strengthening of the arm- ed forces and financial, technical and cultural ails were covered in the agree- ments adopted during the meetings be- tween the visiting chefs of dictatorial regimes and their host, General Ernes- to Gcisel. 7 V1f=`v STAT pecially trained to curb the activil es of democratic elements. -infiltration of agents into trade un- ions and public organizations to detect movements opposing the political sys- tem, and to cause ideological division in the workers' organizations. -Permanent contact `,with the Naticn- at Information Service, which also works for the CIA. More than 100.000 policemen have been trained by CIA personnel during the last four years, according to figures published by the Agency for Interna- tional Development, which finances na- tional security programs. A confidential document of 1055 (AAA! 205.1) reveals that the military brass of Brazil acts as spies for the U.S. counterintelligence. - The document, addressed to the U.S. Embassy. says: "In reply to the latest suggestions of the U.S. Government, Brazilian security authorities are at- ready preparing vast doculrif:ntat:an on subversive activities in the col ntrti before April 1,,"6i." ':his s,:stematic esp ion ;e ti er`: ceciti- nu nns today i. r0'!i? 1 :i1^ c^^n b s ;e 1':l:! ii Brazil maintains in coe...ries regard .-. as r;7 ,..resting' by the CIA. in .,at n "ir ier ca. Through 4`W'alters' initiative Geisel will visit Bolivia and General Pinocliet of Chit- in the next few months. In 1910. Newton Carlos, Brazilian journalist, quoted Gn n. Amaury Reuel. then commander of the Second Army; based in Sao Paulo. as saying: "In Bra- zil there are at least 15.0 0 persons serving the CIA of whom I know offi- cially." A short time aft,-, the installation of the military regime ten years ago the CIA. through the National Security Pro- grans (OPS) projected the following measures: -A gcogi-aphic and socio-political study of the country. -Establishment of a uniform national system of rul.cc co 1! 7 nicatious. .a.Otl^rnizntE n o` thle 'tiat!nn(tt Codi- Instil-,le. c ...rant cr. a liza'.ica fication for police to m._ke available title pollee fife of any so:. -ted indi`ridulal. ---Irlfiltra?.iC`1 of Pr-ire el Approved For Release Zb~51~07i(51 R000700090029-4 'U AA :e S 7 A U G 174 Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-0090 By Laurence Stern r.,,, There was one floatin The n-aivest. installment o anti cryptic presidential Whi.t douse transcripts comment in the new tr'an- Stro cely t'inulCctCS the Celt- . scripts relating to Helms on tral ictellioence Agency in. Rs tong standing denials of any direct. it;voirerr.eni in the W.'leMate break-in. which no informed officials could shed ii?ht. It vas the Pre,iiclent's remark that "welt, we protected Helms tape recurdings reveal - in the President's own utter- ances - that the CIA was Previous testimony in the CIA-Watergate affair has re- injectarl into the Watergate vealed that the White IlousO case h Mr. Nixon and his acted through the CIA's tot) elide:,. '.Choir Qforts de- deputy director, Gen. Ver- lrlyed frri' nearly two ;veer non Walters, a former mill- the I'', i investigation of the first, inaior evidentiary Iink tart' aide to Mr. Nixon in his between the i,Vateergate bur- vice ?; residential days, to is s r,itI the 1S; i2 wixorr carry tart ntessage to the C