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December 16, 2016
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June 9, 2005
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January 19, 1973
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STAT Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00 GENERAL WALT]RS' 'TRIP TO BRAZIL EXPLAINED [Article; Havana, Bohemia, Spanish, 19 January 1973, p 85] Regardless of how much Galo Plaza discounts it, the CIA does think and does act. Therefore it does exist, to paraphrase the erudite Cartesian saying. For example, the one who currently is making a survey of military garrisons in Brazil is. not exactly an ethereal, tourist phantom, nameless and inaccessible, but a tough flesh and bones person, aggressive and active, a four-star general in the hierarchy of the Pentagon. His name is Vernon Walters and he is second in command in the. Central Intelligence Agency's regisl'e:r, an operational officer responsible for the preservation of imperial order in the Latin American world. The PL [Prensa Latina`] , from which this commentary is extracted, does not speci y the background of the gallant Yankee warrior. But this is not~,necessary in order to correctly place him. One does not become\deputy chief of the CIA by collecting butterflies or cultivating roses and jasmine. What is needed is the capacity for operational maneuvering and intrigue, and also brutality without contemplation. At least in theory, a high-level CIA chief has to know the art of crushing testicles and obtaining reactions with an electric goad. General Walters arrives in Brasilia about the middle of December on flight 290 of the VASP. He is met at the airport by his counterparts in intelligence and information. The very day of his arrival he meets with General Carlos Albert Fontoiira, considered the second man in the gorilloid regime of Garrastazu Medici. Then he hops to Sao Paulo to partake of a dinner, behind closed doors, with General Augusto Jose Presgr.ave, Commander of the Second Army Division; Brigadier Delio Jardin do Nattos, of the Fourth Air Zone; and Admiral Sylvio de Magalhaes Figuereido,. Commander of the Sixth Naval District. Later, still. in a clandestine atmosphere, he has an interview with Garrastazu in the "Granja do Torto, the Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700100008-5 Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700100008-5 presidential. retreat. The Minister of War, General Orlando Geisel, is present at the secret meeting. In a matter of a few days, the, diligent visitor surveys the whole military and police register of the carioca country, from top to bottom. Very soon the objectives of the visit become apparent. The CIA deputy, carrying out specific instructions from Nixon, comes to urge a "hard line" with regard to the government of Chile. The success of the mission is apparent ? from the first shots directed at the Popular Unity government. Scarcely wrapped in thin cellophane. General Humberto de Souza Melo opens fire. "Brazil and the United States," he proclaims, "will continue to fight against communism, which is digging its claws into South America." Further on he refers to "the red menace which blows from the seas of the Pacific." "Red" menace and seas of the Pacific? The conclusion is obvious. Chile in the sights of the CIA's Brazilian affiliate. 8255 CSO: 4200-W Approved For Release 2005/07/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000700100008-5