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December 31, 1983
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(Dc:--%M/65) Halr a YAllion Piamm Co-(% Wokken,, by B. MMvoi ew.. .6 pp. CROATUN,, pw, Dnwtvo I V" lvo 3,, i961,, PP 4-T - pitp4e., JPRB mm Elur - wwalavis Soc sap 61 146 6, S V-71 MoroW Are an the MdWIM of a n0iij bV S. .)L:Jaiwp -,v. S. MiLtymobik* 3 IV.-,, FILLU ty-M, am M. MSUN,p Mw Is Ak Pm*# No lo 19550 cu c CGU=bla bdbti 3 ~4 solmitilu PjVjJ" Mw 56 CM/dox S-3o8o Shoyt Reviev of BW, by A. Miljkovic per., Higtena,, Belgrade,, Vol VIII., No 4, 1956, pp 308-315 S-3080 (DC-1,930) Brief Reviww:of the Owwast StAte of the,Probles or B1010gual wartme, by At MIIjkcvIcp U V=TIAX# so W# HIOJM# Vol VMV ft 4j. Bel- pass 1%62 PP 308-313- Scientific DIOLM Biological wzftre 47 AJZ (D0-39&)- cortaft Mical PMblmftUsd by Paditlons by Blaogic;pl Whxfwes b pj?. CROUMN NO 5p Belgmfto 19590 pp 385-30T. W - vAd xw 6o Development of the System of Investmmt Financing, by Dragan ?4iljkovic, 24 pN CROATIAN# perp Finuadjo, Val XIXt No 7-8# 19640 pP 313-330, JPRS.* 27M U. E-Con Jmi 65 2710625 Problems in the Determination of Income in the Private Sector of the BconoW., by Duaan Miljkovic, 1-3 pp - 6MO-MAMAN.. per,, FinausiJe., Vol XV, No 11,112, 1960, P-P 629-637. JM 9948 Mur - Yugoslavia Econ jun 61 / 5- 3 7e3 v~ (Nr-644o) BY10telA Or FrOfIte In Beu*sj, by Drapn.Mll- -J~~c . 13 Pp. MMTrM, per, Nova Adalidetmaija, Vol 3:Xj no 9p 1961, w 7-07-734o im I" MW - Yugoslavia 1414: ~1 / - 7, & 6 Econ Apr 62 Anucation I cr Lev an m2suxsxjg~ JW Dxugan Mlljkwic - OWAMN, per, Wya AdsUdsUacUsp No I., 19Q.- pp U-M. rm a= 3647 E&W - yupolmla RM 14747" Jun 62 Kinds of Clay Minerals in the Saline Soils of Vojvodina, by N. Mlijkovic, 18 pp. -CROATUN, per., Arhiv za Fo1joprivredne Hauke) Vol XVI) No 53., 1963, pp 70-86. OTS 63-11453/3 PL-48o Sci jun 64 260)899 Nikola: MiIjkovic Eradication and Tectification of Salinity, SEMO-CRCFATIAN) bk,, Novi Sad. 1955. PP-, 95-) *PL 480 oTs 6o-21619 1961 (M-3000/63) Several Problems of the Wveralty ImUtutes, by Xf rl I HU4"Uj T 99- --- r,'ROATIMA per, Dame., Val Ux go 1/2,. 1961., pp 19- - am am ESV - YUP"VIA sce Sep 61 14 4. X 7 7 4 317* A SGd - psqpdolm 4 $WAS ant (q 0 W-57T4) Political wA Economic Conditions for Xxtubliehing the Pough smils4avaut Liza$ ty w0jotech Milkes 10 pp. POLISR,j per,, TeohnUm i GewpoWki Mrsks$ Val Xj, NO 12s 1960P Pp 369-371e im 7951 Kew - POUVA Ecou Apr 62. ~m 24, I'm ausna4lazo, me .*,Yf 65 c )III -101th sn i it ~ * by 65400. kv. DNA" 4d lbavi" i J7 ,M ~ /, 'A/; s (I Ycllk . 2 AWP--,Mk on . WAIN&%" Avg 65 287,M Effect of Illumination and Temperature on Pigment by E. S. Millko Formation in Dunaliella Salina, , 5 pp. RUSSINA, per, Rikrobiologiya, Vol XXXII, No 4, 1963, pp S90-597. CB Sci May 64 259,699 If ne uptake otpAdioactivo Pbasphome (P32) by Various Stmtuns of the Beat, by Yo V a Ml'kivp V. L YAMO" 4 RMSMs per,,: Bya Amper B~ol i Mdp Vol XLVIIIJ No 7., *59.. vv 50-53. Stuvau Sci mar 6o 4f 01 7 ' 1c,i: i-hmallells ;48,w for Nuoral 'And ".'r,"Onic Coq-)Wmts of the ~4&two by YO, S. 411ko, i.,U&SIAIS .4r vesw imsk thiv,t;Dr VL-, k 0 Im i~iol Pochymda Vol 1, IDUS -24, NiV -,A TT P-10,,456 Jan, o7 S170,WS Effect of nlodnatiom and tog ard-irs = the - - , on of D=mUoUa S&Uw Pipeat 0 by To. S. walkol. no. imorm prj, -- Vol =mp so k.9 1963, ;Wss lo-off-65-1016 *1 - sua & Y*d 34 jan 64 1441) / g 5, U_a~i.4 Aaams- las ;aXwAl* bko 19 2204US6W4 297t484 aw"Ca owplow at wmt 1w F. N. Mal 1. A. M!!k-jF!? Qvod&tWdy,p A5 pp. MM R=mp bk. pp 5-T.. 19-av W-343- 7 A 4 - do-, AOU 9490 a n6am mm an AV 61. / 134sp 3: f4 ;0 tiij on#, 0-2* OBUM O-M usm OF -1323) The Effect of Intensive Noise on the Fur4tional 3tate of the Nervous System., by L. Ye. MiAovO 8 pp. RUSSIAN., perp Sig i San# No 9j, 19600 pp 26-31. JM 4371 Sci - Med -' mar 61 / zl~9 a9, 7---,/ Is Tht Udxard vagraw in L"dftcs of 00 Wit 9"Istamw of ft Go SUgla C&VsW sad of l1w Ustmee BetwM tW dude Cmta4 Mko" u ,Ind the PON Jmetioul, 4y Evit d NO 4& MW 194-199, ACSI I-M9 ID 220406WASS Pior 66 a' t4 ce -aramnterp: . 1- 1, L , cr,s+.a2 c-tivi-ty-4-c-s and trj,~tural t.T-,-its of vumn r7ci ri tjf)r(q,eryllallr,,t, !,ova, "A's., i0pp, Prr, 17, Alt- W117 190, 10% 377. T TEN YEARS or v= " wout Sm" SOCIETIESP By IVAN uluwtca 6 ope CROATIANS ,. ,.W" I Res VOL Xf V'r N12 I 10' 19620 PP .1.-. N JM X? 17%7 am 4i MORAVIA ECON , FM 63 222t* cottolm Pro&wttm in Daleft"I by Yoram Atlkovwd 33 vp RZOA-M.1"r. Privaut. uc 60 ww-004 19CAS pp 3-34 im MI p /~ n4ka4uts EM 9 w (15 OA33 62-18912 M&W Jacques. REGULATED CURREW, SMLY FOR ELECTROMC 1. 71tle.* Electronic flashes FLAMES. [1962] 6p. 1. MWArd, J. Order from SLA $1. 10 62-18912 Traw. of journ[al] de Physique er le RaWum (priume) 1961, v. 22, no. 6, p, 139A-140A. DESCENTORS: Eleemnicequipmem, Capacitors, *Current regulators. (Engineering- Elecuw&, 'rr, v. 10, no. 6) OMW W Ted" Unkes LECTURE ON MARXISM PRESENTED BY CHILEAN CP LEADER TO STUDENTS AT UNIVERSITY OF CHILE, BY ORLANDO MILLAS, 30 PP. U44-AkNj PER, PRINCIPIOS, SEP-OCT 1962., PP 25-39. jpRs 16228 LA - CHILE POL NOV 62 219,720 The Case of Gen. Miller. RUSSIAN, rpt, 1937, pp 1-22. JPRS CSO: NY - 13599 J-1433/67 4t USSR Hil Mar 67 321,856 Fircror. by Millcr. .0- . J per, Revue elOrthop, Vol Wavy. Tr 2Vi3l' jan 62 Miller, A - AM Trahms, 0. K. EXPERMEN7S IN PLACING OF YOUNG SALMON IN SPA WATER (Versucbe Uber den Einsatz you Salmoddeubm In Meerxwasecr) rr. by Julius Rock- well. Jr. 1952, 57p. Available on loan from DI Trans. of Zeltachrift fUr Fischerel und deren Hilfs- wissenschaften (Germany) [194171 v. 40, no. 1, P. S-40. DESCRIPTORS: *Salmon, OSea water, Fishes, Marine biology. 61-25167 1. Miller, A. H. Trabms, 0. K. Ill. Depaxment of the Interior, Washington, D. C. (Biological Sciences. TT' V. 6. no. 11) Tc6k-t S-i-s Deterubation of Acrommts of lodim In Utural waters bor a Cstalvtio Methods by A. D. J44Vj L. A. Shneider.. 5 pp. I FMIUj, pas Om Ana Mdx~ I Vol XV No 196t., pp 371-376. as. F*b 64 ag 1 A Dithisone Method of tmtions of Gyanidwo Amnovich., *- .pp Determining &a11 ftesu- W A. Do KMer, M., 1. RUSSTAN pers Zavcd rAb* Vol Mij, No 4v 2K0., pp 42;Z56 -L7, VA Sci- -%- Concentration by Copreelpitation with Calcim Carbonete and Doterminevion of a lftiiker of Mitroolments in Natural Waters, Water Extracts and Wmte Waters,, by Ao Do MMer and Ro I, Libina., PP Russian, per, Zhur Prik ilim,, Vol MII,, 40 12., 1959o pp 2624-2631 AEC Sai Noy 60 D~xect rotenticutric Titration of the Sulfate Ion Ubing the Not woobacA., Indicator Blectrodep Part I.. by A. D.:,!tjjAgv 0 pp. RUSSIAN; pers Zhur Anal %him, Vol XT.. No 5, Sep/Oct 19560 pp 615--ceo. Cousultauts &awu SC i - Chm -~4 9, 5,;:V Jul 57 g r r ~ le, 7-' 7,r 3 %Z - The DetemInation of Mcro Aw=tt;,,o.f Cop.~?er~ Lml., and Zinc in Natuml Watero e,2d In ´┐Żoil &.,tracts., by A. D. Killor and H. 1. Libinal PP. RUSSIM, iYar Zhur Anal Xblm., Vol t12 1,~o 6; 1958; pp 664-667, v I I Consultants.Bureau Sai 7 Method of Determination of ]ME= Ricro-Amounts of Molybdenum in Super-Imposed Salt Aureoles, by Miller, A. D. p Mokhov, A. A- 7 PP- RUSSIM., per., Geokh:1mj No 7., 1961- Geochem Soc Sci oct 62 216.,3o2 Cale lmtum or ultm=rjw Ox"ws byle Xa~A&Up P. 1. LAIMV A. D. Po *oaiins, pp. Full traudAtion. FMSUN.o pop am p 3=;,o No 128. US Rd& Vol Doe 1931j, 19 ommitants bran mm scle"Ic - momiguyp ult"arlm Figbtiag' for Priority in Competition In Petroleum Froduatiolk,, by A. F. Killa. .Rm=N : mo per, left Emp Vol MV,, No q.. 1956j, PP (60 Tech aw cc= *U.00 USSR soon M 1.95T GM/dft A Nw Mqtbod tfor Meamuliag the ftlarization of Medim mmergy !e~ wA the Phase Shift Analysis of n-He Scatterings by I. I. Leviritavi A. V. V. N. 9b ev, 7 pp. B=Va,, mo per., 2hur Fkaper i Teoret Fiz, Vol )=Ij 274- Aner Int of Pbys "0z soviet,pbys, JRZP Vol V, -Mo 2 .rg g-1 60 sci -"ics Oct 57 An Inveatigation of the Spin-Orbital Splitting of the H95 Levelo In the Scattering of Polarived Woutrons by H*4p b7 I. I. kndmftRx Levlntovs A. V. XMer, V. 9. Shrashey RUSSIAN, thrice-so par,, Dok Ak NwA WSR# Vol CIIII 1955p pp 803-806. ABC Tr 2370 Assoo Tech Sv Tr 36M scientifio- Pk7vics 31, / dl 0~' Fab U 56 GIB/dex Pl,~~ - --- - ,a"= rommor 1w 0. IL BMW# & wo Mof M 10 10 UWAM L OMP-t-1-440 , C. -5~ 1~11WPL ftimmea & ftAp Imov No to I Wbole AMV. Comtws, *PJW" Ws"Wo- 012d'" E - W" awalicit 1. am Pff, * Rdwo Val XLVJ6 No 6j, lart ; 467-4799 VAIMM AEC-Al-Tr-" SCI-Bid & mw Aug 64 i W-M35 Problow . of lmd DUptchiao ComeaW WltA the Dftvlqmsnt of tm Nib& Moctria pmr sy*tm,, by Cmlaw IdUer, 10 PMIBKR perp xnerptyfts, Vol ]=I- Im 60 lbtamp JIM 19%o IPP 1712475o US JM/W-L*:L309 zoon ?"I WA pm" 7Jr 74 61 (FM 20m) soiectea Teobnioga NOrm fo ftritlu Ndpimilding and $Up RepWxf by R. :0. ULUar.. V. A. Lembovs 39 pp. HUMAN, bko ftwoobvA Pq Nondro- 212-a4.9 2379 253-25ko 2U9-Wo 377-379# 4W.410. C3rA/YW Tv 3 Al am soon - Iud=tryp Contactless Semiconductor Switching lamentai by H. V. _4LIler 4 8 pp RUSSUN, per$ Avtomt i Te3n*kb$ Vol XXIs % 7a 1960, pp 1035-1045 ISA Sai 1,~4w W/ X// Apr 61 aoftmature of polymm, M-r Gismt-. oau of mi Wip 6"AUC&U TWO" Of the ,(. - z(, Pob I VC& w 10-4 )bd sm !8 Idst of glevatlons Darived by Sib=ian L-steliag :Ixt the Sectim Raft*m Mmak am Irkatak.. by F. F. Obchch, Vol Non p-p 37d,,I. AM Bei - Gsopb" Jun 62 Second Rep"t on Remats of ABtroacvic, Ksguetle, &ad meteora'-OgC32 ObGCTvm jous Jzde at the -jim of tim Olenek E*adltiau., by F. F. RMer. WMIAN, per" 12 T%mmtarskmjp Huskago Geograf Obahah,t Vol XII.. Nos I & I IBT6,, PP 31-36. A= Sol - 0009bys := 62 :~, O.T,, / ~?j Miller, G., Cobb, J. and others. A PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF AZIRl- DINES. [1961] 6p. order frorn ATS $8.90 ATS-005 Trans. of Oelgian patent 594,895, by the Dow Chem- Ical Co. (U. S. A. ] filed 11 Sep 59. DESCRIPTORS: *Azirldines, Synthesis. . 61-25690 1. NUIler, G. H. Cobb, J. Ill. Patent (Belgiwu) 594 895 IV. ATS-04N56F V. Associated Technical Services, Inc., East Orange, N. J. (Chemistry- -Organic, IT, v. 7, no. 5) On the Pacovezy and the Becrystallization of Cold Worked Nickel., by 1. Xiller., A vv- Am-.Mmwm~ BFAM,, per, 2 MetalIkundes Vol XM, So 6., Jun 1939, pp 161-167. SIA "JUI sci - Mn/*t //J/ Feb 58 63-12903 E. DE777MA71ON OF t THE SMDKE COMPOKEIM 1. Miller. I L IN PIPE IMACCO WrrH TTIH USE OF A NEW ME SWKM MUMM [1962112p. - . . ff. K-H-12W d M. KniewHoolar Sdame Ordw from K-H $15.00 K-H 12W d tAwIm AmodoW biii4 MkL Thm of Bdmgp ztw Unnorachms [del 19620 no. 7, p. 298-30L DL9cRnvms.. Mwjduest Tea CW4=604 VMS=% 05mbod, Chanted mobvis. At';'47897 am 10 Bridges:on the German Federal Through Higbiiays, Karl-Beinx-MIller j 8 pp. GERMAN,iper,, Brucke md'Stmese, Vol XVo No T,* 1963, M y)5.00 (Call No US BW V 15 No 7 Eag iry Army Map ServIce Metz - Germany ECOU ftv 63 (6F-1880) A Scieatific-Tecbnical Confemce on Secondary Norx-Ferrous Metale.. by L. !g1jer, 7 PP. RMSIM, Per., TovetmVe *t&UYP NO 5.s 1961., pp TT-79. im 4955 Sei - min/met 1,6 ?, O~gz Sep 61 62-14074 Willtr, L. F. and Blake, C. B. MAGNETIC PRINTING INKS FOR ELECTRONIC 1. MiDer, L. F. SORTING AND COUNTING PROCESSES, 1196215p. 11. Blake, C. B. I ref. Ordcr from SLA $1. )0 62-1-1074 Trans. of die Druckfarbu (Germany) [sic] 1959, no. 2, p. 249-250 and 252. DESCRIPTORS: *Printing. *Inks, Magnetic properties, *Electronic systurns, Counting methods. 21 216 (Mat-rials. TI'. V. 9. no~ 10) T of C and Review of Metallography and Processing of Nonferrous Metals and Their Alloys, by L. Ye Miller (editor), 11 pp. RUSSIMI bk) Metallovedeniye i Obrabotka Tsvetnykh Metallov i Splavov) Moscow) 1957, 280 pp. B-175 Head.,,Lib Sv Sec Air Info Div Lib Congress ; " .7 , i . .,.- 11 1 . ..... 1. sm"66 1 NAOMI Perwartric Uunctlm of Chas"d or Qmmi-Ratrtl ObjeoU Wlth $a"=$ agh-ftnmey FieWx$ by by X A. Ift" rp 10 pg. BOUNP Vero Is vy8sma M66 Zma, Mm Sao Udlaftso Vol Vs ft 5s 3901 N M-932- am W" &d - Nue Sky 63 1 .2Zf ff 2-- (M-4341) Averaged Equations of Motion of Charged Fartiobvis in Slightly InhomWneoua Static and High- frorluency Fields., by M. As MilUr, 9 pp. RMM, per, Iz Vysahlkb Vabob Zsvvdp Radiotiz, Vol Ilo No 3., 1939., pp 438442. ORB w0 sci Nov 6o Hifttrcmagutic Surface Warm In Rectangular Grooves., by W. A. Miller 10 0. IMIAN't =I PWA, 's 701 Mas go 110 1955$ pp 1972-UW. arA/m x--aMo soi - Fbqsko 44 7 gX14 - o- ft 299T M814M (i,ri-(6498) Use of Ithe Surface impeaance Concept in the Theory of Surface Electromagnetic Waves, 91 pp. by 14. A.-Miller, V. I. Talanav. RUSSIM, per, Iz Vysshikh Ucheb Zaved, M70, Radiofiz, Vol IV, No 5, ig6i, pp 795-- ims 13656 Sci may 62 194,352 ~d lt~ v On 41,113 FocusIX19 of Gin.fS6 - 1-cxmr, by ,?,m v 'r A !, t1af,"r ..j .-n gmat-,v ~inldo; by M. A. m MESU:i, PC '403. r sav V-0). Scil - Fbys Jul 50, MOM okvxdm Amd4b, a ~ Mmm low Wth. I ~ I I Zan Posms MMys, br L 0- Xwd=t'Ywv x. A. Amgo 6 rpo am=p pwv is vwag& .Vdab Z&V*4 PAWMft'Uv ~ Vol vn* so 1.9 i9~ im g%" &d am 64 261#W TND -by plum TAMse it be L 06 ymb M6 As MIUmp 17 m?* - prp Is V sla"ANS _70h Vdab ZWMW~ RodWUp Vbl Vn# No l# 190* am 9510 8a im 64 26LJ0501 140tim of amp& pwuCies in Rio-Fmqwmy 11"trommanuc 11", b7 N. A. Saierj, 19 pp. -e - RUSS=,, per, U Todam udwbj. zwea ftdwixv Vol 1# 90 1 1958a p no, 90ft3ff AM jr-%W Sol - Pbp 170, X-ZJ Oct 61 a Diclectxlc Coverin3 the Bottom, by V. I. Besp3lov,, Ms As 14DIer* I-- MMIAN., Pero Trudy, GorlklU IM-11F, Uchea~ Zap$ Vol M, 1-956P pp 61-76. Morie D. ftiedman Sci - phpica mar 59 /~7 Equation for Carmto in the Sizorj of 1-W,01 AntemM., by A. V. GSPMDVp H. A. 5 pp. MWIM., = per,, ZImr Tekb Piss Vol WIj No 12; 1956j pp 276&-Mo. Amer Inot of Pbys Sov pbys-Teeh phys Vol I.. zo 12 Sol - PTOTICO Noy 57 iqectrompetic &mltioe- 'Wavou Mided by Sm' Curvatw* BmuAarlooo by M. A. 111u4j. 1. T432mv.. 9 pp. !WBB.Ws m0 perp Zjzw Tekh viss Vol ml's no 32P 19,r,6.. P-D agm 2755~M. Awr mut of Fbp sov Pkwo-Tsch Phr Vol 10 Ito 12 Sal Nov ;7pk Refinamt at Avenged 99patim of YaU= of Marged Plafticles in the PIW of a ftazdlm BuctrMwouc Wms by A. 0. Idtvakj, U. A. ot sit 4 pp. NJBMM,p per* Is VysshM Ucbft Eaved W1800 am baWn Radlonas Vol V.9 so 6) 1962., IV mz=7mo- JM 19326 Sol - Mac ilso 63 931,443 laWractims Detwimm Ileotme and the fteld of a StsullM M Vm &t LuV frowlt Angba,, by V. G. yeremloo M. A. IMI".4 21 pp. RUBMMp per., Iz V~n~~ Vabdb V= Zaved WiSSD SM go Rmauln Rodwiss Val Vo No 6,0 1,0420 pp u5L-u59. im 19316 &A - me* J= 63 2A0742 IrrvestiGation of the Motion of Flectrona Baum in Weakly-Inhamogeneous High-Frequency Fields, by D. M. .- Bravo-Zhivotovskiy; B. G. Yer=ln; Ye. V, Zagryadslciy, M. A. Miller,, S. B. Mochenev, 18 pp. RUSSIAN, per) Iz Vysshikh Ucheb Zaved~ KVO SSSRj Ser RadloCiz, Vol Ilp No 1., 1959. JM 5279 Sci - Phys oct 6o Fic, by M I'la, 12,c~r- A -7- "'Icaper Teol-t-,- Pit": VOID. (9), 6, 1-0/59~ ?,P 1.909-1917. va 6i, Meeting on the Subject of the latest &onto in the USSR, Reld in the Office of the Director of the In- stitute for the Studly of tbo UMI, lbmhWt,, A&m1ch, by V. S. Wntealovp 1. 1. BabL10, X, A. muler, N. X. Glovinskly, A. T. Dakiden1wt A. V. 1rurdw-311",1N. ya. Galsip A. 1. - Lebedv 8 pp. RWSIW,, rpt, Enal to Deep No 80 AWAM,, *anich,, 9 Jul 1957. Dff* state Tr "1461 USSR J_e2.., a2 0 of~ pal Sep 57 4 ~ 9 //,o lw~a 0 & "IRY-5230,/PF5"r ,lectron Gaps With large Trawit Angles in Self- )ocillating Systemej, by 14. A. _LLMer.,~, 26 PP* V.-~oSLAN., per., Iv Vysshikh Ucheb Zvved RuUorim, fol nip 30.5, 196o. JM 7373 3~ai ju U Of aectl'oll G~ 3 Lsrg,L,, Tramit Ang)-Os., by M. A~. pp, 1960 JPRS 7373 Sci ,)v1 61 0.0 Propagation of Blectrom66dC. waves.! OVei---,R ~.P]An* Surface vitb Anisotro;dc bmMeneous *R~ Con-. ditions,, by Mo A. MiUer Ppe RMSIAW,, tbrice-mo per# Dok Ak Vol ,LID=p So 4., 1.952,9 pp 571-574 C / A .7 2 /4, 7 Scientific - Pbyalco CrA 2001373 Def Sci Info TIM Quantitative Studles of RM194%mUal Rwtl=. U10 oxidation of Fwrms SuIpbste by Bets 0 -Particleaj by Do No Dcmaldece, ;-.1) 4 pps MNCH,, per, J ChIm Phys, Vol L118 1955, pp 578. ASC SOL Tr 180 Scl - Chemi8try Jun 58 ~ .0 -01 ~7~4 An luftedotim-Uto iiw t=,uciaqp RuctAolm Be an Mmetwh am a 8"1= by Mw IW V, A, Plaakm RMSM,p VWS. frWr Skm To =met III I DO-" on Me)* so= 07 - -Fy