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December 31, 1983
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ABC-tr-4482(p-787-98) Uncl. USE OF p32 IN ME TREATMENT OF LAXENT RESISTANT SYPRILIS. S. Miura. C-23 P NSA 6~j L j N-3 C=-o,mUuG Vho Strength of the Oc=c Fl=r.. by Bldan.O6UU MIWA: MLASSjy JAPAIME., rpt~ Research ft Fisheries ImUtato Ropmt, Vol =,, So e# Nov M9,p pp 1.6, savy 2458/on 649 Scl - Gacybysice Apr 6o AEC-tr-4482(p.666-81) Uncl. CONTAMINATION BY RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AND ITS REMOVAL. T. Miura and Y. Ishida. C-23 P NSA N-4 AEC-tr-4482(p.666-81) Uncl. CONTAMINATION BY RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AND ITS REMOVAL. T. Miura and Y. Ishida. C-2,3 P NSA ~(~O ~/ ~7- N-4 AEC-tr-4482(p.666-81) Uncl. CONTAMINATION BY RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AND ITS REMOVAL. T. Miura and Y. Ishida. C-23 P NSA L N-4 AEC-tr-4482(p.666-81) Uncl. CONTAMINATION BY RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AND ITS REMOVAL. T. Miura and Y. Ishida. C-23 P NSA N-4 AEC-tr-4482(p.666-81) Uncl. CONTAMINATION BY RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AND ITS REMOVAL. T. Miura and Y. Ishida. C-23 P NSA 2,e N-4' Extensomter for the Skin-Pass Xillp by .~ Aboo Xbva~ - 1~1 JAPAM, par,, Tateu to Dipuep Vol LXII$ Ikr 1956, PP - ~ 342-343 - Co-o-a Tr Sch Tr 614 Oci - EW J-7 9,g,7 'Tau 5 a AEC-tr-4482(p.83-9) Uncl. SUBTRACTION-TYPE THICKNESS GAUGE. H. Miwa, Y. Nishimura, and S. Umeda. C-23 F NSA Second Japan Conference on R,)Aioisotope3) Feb 1958 N-5 40 AEC-tr-4482(p.83-9) Uncl. SUBTRACTION-TYPE THICKNESS GAUGE. H. Miwa, Y. Nishimura, and S. Umeda. C-23 P NSA 7e- 61 N-5 AEC-tr-4482(p.83-9) Uncl. SUBTFLACTION-TYPE THICKNESS GAUGE. H. Miwa, Y. Nishimura, and S. Umeda. C-23 P NSA x /-e~22- N-5 63-17947 Miwa. Ichlro, Ueno, Kisaburo, and Ninai, Kiyoaki. MAO~AMRING PROCESS OF AMINE. July 63, 9p. 1. Mlwa, I. Order from SA $19.00 SA Code-P-114 IL UenD, K. Ill. Ntnal, K. Trans. of published a nese IV. Patent (Japan) pub. 37-78 16-B-31, appl. no. 297/1959 filed 7 Sep 59, pub. V. SA Code-P-114 16 Jan 62, by Toyo Koatsu Industries, Inc. VI. Seizaburo Aoki (Japan) DESCRIPTORS:- *Amines, "Ethyleneamines, Manufac- turtng methods, "Nitriles, Hydrogenation, "Cobalt catalysts, "Nickel catalysts, Formates. (Chemistry-Orpaic. TT, v. 10, no. 6) Office W Tfthalcai Sonices Practical investigation on Work Rolls for r Cold Rolliaap by Ywhisa Kmbara, Yaouh1ko ,Hiwaj, Keiji ArIga. UNCIASSIVIM JAPAHM, per, Tetau to Hagane, Vol XLIIJ, JAn 1957, pp V* 24-28. Iron and Steel last Tr 624 (L5.0-0) Sci - Engr Aug )8 The Rtgrd-ficanoo of AntL-Arcraft ArtM=7 and the FW~= A= at the Dr,~ of the Mr. by JobAmes 1~~x~2 pp. ,Tclms Hopldns Univ Operations Research Office CIA No 679792~ Gerria,V - ltillt-ar7 - Defenso., Vloapma, Tactics. Crganization Comunication (DO-5* Heat Generation and CamsumTtlm In NhtaUuzgicsl RotabLisbments,, by Todi lavign$p 15 pp. M?ICL4L Der c=m,, per: Mftio)M ustvil Val VIA NO 90 1963.j pp 6~1-654. JPM 22407 EElux - Ozedhos J61 Boon ILO* Feb 62 TT-63-23690 Miya, K. STUDY OF CHARACTERISTICS OF IONSPHERICALLY 1. Mlys, K. PROPAGATED WAVES FOR DESIGN OF RADIO COM- H. National Bureau o( MUNICATION CIRCUITS- SELECT'20 PARTS, tr. by Standards, Washington, M. Kawai. Mar 63 [281p (Ago omitted) Orefs D. C. Order from 07S. SLA, or ETC $2.60 TT-63-23696 Trans of unidentified Japanese mono. (thesis) a. p.. July 52. p. 7-23. 119-121. (Abstract available) DESCRIPTORS., Radio waves. Propagation, *Ionospheric propagation, Mgh frequency, *Radio transmission, Ionospheric disturbances, Examples are given of observations on short-distance propaptions, and a study is made of the Bhort-distance propagation meebantsm of BF waves. A summary Is included d the entire original paper. (Physics--Wave Propagation, TT, v. It. no. 1) Avg (6 Tbwy CC WMw Typ PAWy POW. by A* ~r.Tr&umKd=moldmj%Mfi0dM CC = yet Vs M lop JL%Wo tv 109-11& *NASA TT F-M Sd-Engr AUg 65 U.S. GOVERNMENT aMY Report So 9. Yarthar Studles on Mln-.omta Diecasep b~-K- ~ # 3 PP. JAPAN=.. ryt,. 20 Aug lggg,, pp 13-14. 040 Bei - YAdillne Dec 59 Automatic Control System of a Dwight-Uoyd Sintering Machine end Recent Trands Abroad, by K. Tsujihata, S. D~ ~gawa~pt al. JAPANESE,, per, TOM to 114=90 Vol XLVII8 No 78 1961j, pp $91-996. HB $278 Sci-M/M Aug 63 JV4 '/ 71 lbe Rolatlou RotAm OXYM Slowing and q Curkm Cc*twtt w4 Cos" in k'vltm ust Z~,taol VuAaly Oxidizing Periodi, by V, L.-i-ty-ayma-A 14 mmd, JAMAIP:~ii, per$ L40U.0 vol $6, Jun 1964, t~i% SSI-S44. a iklISI 4384i ,ill vvl MM On the Stats of Aborbod *Uculool by miyabam yuttaka. a rA U-M, - 0~~ r - , jow"MI ChIs Saco Vol lm=v 19510 py 455-466. 2PA3ftn T-4287 Scientific - Memistry 16, '1 Fy Aug 54 CM Iltmw Amlyda - 11. h"WUP and Iva a OWOWUSD 4t A"GftvtW at Us AwboW*ws IW 5. Womp pff-s aftwo ommus VM lums jb,% 19"s, 3m Sol - Mkin o -4 Lim AV 44 AEC-tr-4482(p.1161-85) Uncl. STUDIES ON ME CLINICAL APPLICATION OF Y90 (YaOC13). M. Miyagawal K. Yoshizaway and H. Nakazuka. C-23 P NSA N-5 AEC-tr-4482(p.1161-85) Uncl. STUDIES ON THE CLINICAL APPLICATION OF Y90 (Y90C13). M. Miyagawa, K. Yoshizawa, and H. Nakazuka. C-23- P NSA /n,2" N-5 AEC-tr-4482(p.1161-85) Uncl. STUDIES ON THE CLINICAL APPLICATION OF Y90 (Y90C13). M. Miyagawap K. Yoshizawa, and H. Nakazuka. C-23 P NSA N-5 Ausmum COM4 ft"m or a Ddskt.Uqpd saftrum ftdAft 60 R*Ont TMft Abftad. by IL TUSMtfA. E. mrson, T..&Md&. JAMM9. pot-ul"twiksm. W. 47,10. 7.1961 go 891-M ML/T. r,*.I)x 's - /" / M 6: A UlIq B" . bus 67 3)96434 Relation Between Oxygen Blowing and Contained carbon and Gazes in Molten Steel During Oxidation Periodj by Y. Uiyagma,, H. Ar-Aml JAPAMSS, per, Mumo Vol 36., 1964, pp .532-1 CWT. 2293 N (:4r P Le-~ r9 sci - Jul 67 333o676 63-17946 Myahq Juset, Hirano, Katsuski and others. METRUD OF PASTING POLYVINYL ALCOHOL 1. Miyahars, J. PLASTICS. July 63, 7p. I ref. It. Hirano, K. Order f rom SA $16. 00 SACode-P-113 Ill. Patent (Japan) pub. 35-13.22.1 Trans. of published Japanese patent 13221/1960, c1. IV. SA Code-P- It 3 24-1-01 (24-1-6) (24-H-3) appl. no. 22740/1958 V. Seizaburo Aoki (Japan) (filedl 12 Aug 58. pub. 12 Sep 60. by Kurashiki Rayon Co., Ltd. DFWRUYMRS- *Adhesives, *Zinc compounds, Chlorides. Organic solvents, Methanol, Ethanol, Amone. Plastics, *Polyvinyl alcohol. 4 (Materials --Adhesives, TT, v. 10. no. 6) Otr= rA Tedmkil Sanim CAST' t) of 140.'r -,b 1".0re"i t- ljpTfJ;Flol"j rcr, Allitcho BmId) lio 27~ 15 Feb -1.961, pp 2-9; Illo 26~ 15 2.0-20; lic) '29) 1.5 YS-Y 3-961) PIP 11-2-0. jPNj 10344 Z,L-f- ~IjGc Ecor, oct 61. m1pb"a. an% swmbm laralw. )hwj. omig. and Olkawa, Pm- MSTHOD OF RBFDIVG 9Elrr RMAR L By MRANS OF ION-EXCKANCE REM. ordw trm KA $19. 00 5AmCAorydl-,,V. of Pwid 7"M Is P~ tlal/IM cl. 3MIX SOL tomp"570 25 yA St. pdL M Doe 6% by jopm 0 S Om.. L DMMrr0R& $CubobydMtW WOM OMW PWMNOM n= WhMp MIML rr-64-12653 1. n. Shimizu. H. Ill. mm 0. IV. olkaws, S. - ps 0 V =W-P160410 Vt. BA-Code-lk-272 -bl-C Aoki I rupmrs (pow* '116089;) 140 (Cbmtotry. TT, v. It. m 11) Me of T"bal" 8o"%" A Mytbod fw Aoet=e gvcm StUrob OC matmdal Idth the u" at AUXUIIM 302YMP ty L W499- 0.. fttmt so 261sua. apAmmmig.93-WNW) .-- Hm Sol-Cbem am 69 AEC-tr-4482(p.1203-15) Uncl. THE EFFECT OF RADIOACTIVE PHOSPHORUS (p.32) ON RABBIT BLOOD, PARTICUIARLY ON LEUKOCYTE FUNCTION. S. T. Miyaji. C-23 P NSA ol AX~-) N-3 PMJ1. Toru - TSUBURA, Yoshihiko KAMVILU, Juntaro MIMI, Toru - The Transmissibility of Yoshida Sarcoma by Centrifuged Supernatant and Filtrate. 1-Page Japanese, Gann, XXXIX, Nos. 2,3,4. 1948, P. 84 X-550 Translated at the National Institutes of Health 17 Bethesda, lid. T&TSUHIP A" The Erroots of Repeated F*omlng and -Thwolng on the Yoshida Sairooma Cella. UlAw"t Ga=v XXXI36 None 2p3#4& 1949s 109 1-551 Translatad at the fttional Institutes of amath A Bethesda,, Md. m Abas TOM slum The Uft*W of V - Idife Am-&-& DOW Ta aad ftlls A*M Oonnotnto M aso-bmwe IlVW Sopanomg Gwos, IlMo ftI6 2s3,49 1w,q 71-72 TMWI&tod mt Betbomb, VA. Ef fecto of Carzinophilin an Nalipant Tmors,, by S. Kuroyanagi,, S. Mlyajim,, N. Hirota,, T. Yamna,, 4 pp. JAPANak, Per., Gams, Vol XLVII.. No 3-4, Dec 1956, PP 359-360. MM Tr 4-13 Sci - Ned XV 58 4~ t,, o70 Study of the Active Components of laucothot Grayana. Report ND 2, by B.-"~jImt S. Tau I 16 pp. JAPAMM, perq Nihon N*ViMg&ku gaishij, Vol xn,, so 6.. Jun 19361. PP 497-:.502. Sci - 02cmistry Apr 57 CT3/4ax Stuay of the Active CaopXmto o: Io=otim Gropmo Report No It by S. M*Qlmp S. Takals ZT pp. JAPAMM, pwo NIbm Noothoplas KsIsW) Vol Xt No 10" Oet 1914P pp IM-1m, SM Tr go 2-9 Bel - Chemlstry APr 1957 M/dex 62-12698 -hty&k&me&- Isamu. SOIL ENGINEERING RESEARCH ON PEATY 1. hayahv"t.- L A LLUViA. R EPTS. 1-3. tr. by K. Shimizu. Jan 62. It. NRCC rr- 1001 141p. 16 refs. NRCC Technical Trans. 1,001. 111. NROC C-3915 Order from NRCC $7. 00 NRCC C-3915 IV. National Research Cotxxll of Canada Trans. of (Daboku Shilienjo, Ihol ijapan) 1959, = 2D, tlLL. Kvf. 7 13 1 C1 C. J.- 88p. DmRivrORS: 115oile, Enginewitt& Rock. 5"Men- tstion, -Poat. Physical properties, Construalm 01toads. Moisture. Contents: CAsotochnical properties cd emitting gravial roads over pat at itso in the 101WIAlitrict Com ribialona to some it"echnical itzp1wation math- ode for pac bogs CAnwral physical propenive of post in the Ishiliarl district with special reference to the moisture- 010-67 11-4~ limition loss ratio. - Mx4ineerina-Civil. TT, v. & so 4) Rcaring Garm-Free Exparimantal Azilmals, by 1.4. 46 pp. JAPARIESE, per, Hisshin Igaku (Progressive tfedi- Vc Uit NO 10s Oct 10 5P PP 553-5 95 ME Sa i 14a d Sep 58 THE PRESENT STATUS AND FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF GERMFREE ANIMAL RESEARCH, BY M. MIYAKAWA, L7 PP- JAPNAESE, PER, NISSHIN IGAKU) VOL XLY1111 ig6is Pp 353-366. NIH 5-29-62 SCI - MED AUG 62 207,917 AF,C-tr-4482(p.996-1004) Uncl. ON CLINICAL APPLICATION OF BACKGROUND EL M NA- TING SCINTILLOGRAM PLOTTING TRIAL APPARATUS. T. Miyakawa, H. 0. Edo, T. H. Tsujiya, E. R. Masuyama, T. H. Oda, M. 0. Teradai and K. 0. Temizu. C-23 P NSA Second Japan Conference on R','4ioisotmes, Feb 1958 N-9 0 Nnhmztc4a RalaxmUm 2im Metributim In crPOALUM Pairms, by A.-MLiMM. 4MK JMAMX# pwp lobmft M"ku, Irol XT, ISPpSj VP 585-M. WX W: ~W.h 1962 (MM) If (ijum) sei . WN .P.? F -ICP-d ja 63 Pinalysis oZ A=ylic Fibms b7 laframd by alhos 15 pp. ,YAPAOM, pcx~ Ko&vo Napka Zaasbis voi Lxn,, iio 9r 1959., pp ih-49-JL453. MA 60-16672 Sal 1I.Or iol-r yay 62 '1 Vol 4., No 8 Vital Mining of Trichopbytic FU%gip by 18=1 41 pp. JAPAN=j, pwJ% MfWm Oyabi RivqakUm ZasohJL$ Vol =" NO 50 IMP pp 343-A- sm &17 Sci - Md Am 59 `7 /0, 31,6 63-22319 MIMIM Klkmhilr and Ito. G(wo. A PROCESS FM PMUFYM UREA UQUOR. 1. Miyake, K. J* 63. 3p. U. Im. G. , Order frcm SA $16.00 SA Code-P-225 m - patea (JaYG4 189 015 IV. SA CAAe-P-225 Tram. of japmae paiem 189.015, pAdmbed pat. V. Sebaburo Aoki (Japan) 2234/1951, el. 16-B-311, appl. zwL 13SU/1949 fBW 16 Doc 49, pub. 6 May 51. by Toyo Kouss ladumories, loc. DESCRUPTM: *Urea. Purification, linpaities, Iron, *CoUdids, Fro&wdm. CbemWal precipitatlea, Ehx2rolytes. -1cm ezcbm (Cbemiary-orstmic, Tr. V. 10, no. 9) low d TO&" $K*" On the Influence of Autonoodc Nerve Poison and Huscle Poison Upon the Action of the 2,3 Digitalis GzvW Prepa=ticms for an Isolated Heart of a Toad, by LIU' u-Wyakmt 17 p. JAPANESE, pert UkWEL-Igakkaij. Zasshi Vol XLVIIIv 19360 PP 2801-2808,t No 12, K-11-994 Jan 67 3179563 PLOdAutatry or KOO nalmh VM. AWID~Ynth*a" - p by S. Nye)& and Z- DVO*d- JAPANW,p pr,, ! BooloU Ot ftmWaal APIMItM (Japm jonmals Vol Is 1938s, 0 225-M. oat. 62 XCH-200 945 Field X Miyake, T. STXB=OF TERMINAL CARBONYL GROUPS 1. Title: Study... OF POLYVINYL ACETATE TELOMERS POLYMERIZED H. Seizzkb= Aoki, IN THE PRESENCE OF VARIOUS KINDS Of Fujisawa (Japinj ALDEHYDES. Rept. no. 2 of Study on Polyvinyl Acetate Telomer. 26 Apr 65. 22p, 7refs. SA-KKZ-63-5-2. Order from SA. $22.00 as KKZ-63-5-2 Trans. of Kooo Kagaku Zasshl (Japan) v63 n5 P080-3 1960. AWyak Taiji. METEOD OF MAKING POLYEMTRS. July63, Sp. Order from SA $16. 00 SA Cbde-2-168 Trans. of published Japanese patent 5749/196Z c1. 26-D-6, app]. no. 31908/1959 ftled 12 Oct 59, pub. 23 June 62, by Kurashiki Rsyon Co., Ltd. 63-17897 1. Miyake. T. It. Patent (Japan) pub. 37-5 749 tit. SA Code-P-168 IV. Seizaburo Aoki (Japan) DESCRIPTORS. *Polyester plastics, Manufacturing methods, Dibasic acids. Esterification. *PhftIates. Methyl radicals, Ethylenes. Glycols, *Catalysts. Metalorganic compounds. *Mercury compounds. *Zinc 4 66 compounds, *Cadmiurn compounds, Alkyl radicals, Ethyl radicals, Oiddes. (Materials- -Plastics, TT, Y. 10, w. 6) On the Distribution of Rulloactivity In tbe. Nortb Pacific OMM in 1954-1955p bY Y, MOM- A JAPAM., paper P/1057,, Proceediass of International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy WA at Geneva 8-20 Aug 1955j, Vol XUL Internatl Conf -- UN Sci - Raclear Physics CIA 1-669.9.162 RsAioaetitrity in Rain Water and The Air Observed in JaMjs 1954-195% bY X- Id0b, r--"IMMwMwMft JAPAMMI pwr P/1055,9 P=ceeftnj~ of IQte=atqanft3 Conferen= on peacefte Uses of Atomic Rnergy Bald at Oewva 8-20 1955s Vol ICM- Internatl Conf -- UN Sci - Nuclear Pbysics ciA 1-669.9.162 J-62./ 6 Y7 62-22991 Miyake Yasumoto. JUI=N TRANSISTOR CRYSTALL OSCILLATOR 1. Miyake, Y. CIRCUIT. 13 Sep 62. 11. Patent (Japan) Order from WBI $2. 00 pub. 37-11906 Ill. Birkenhead, Warren, Inc., Trans. of main claims, including drawings, of Seattle, Wash. Japanese patent publication no. 37- 11906, pub. 24 Aug 62. DESCRIPTORS: Transistors, Crystal oscillators, *Oscillator circuits, Circuits. C 1. AW (Engineering-Electronic, TT, v. 8, no. 9) Offi- .1 T.AW-1 $-I-* _bUyak,e Yaxuxmo~ HTG-HFREQLJENCY TRANSISTOR TUNNG AWLI- FIEFL Sep 62. Order from WBI $2. 00 Trans. of main claims, including drawings, of pub- hahee. japaneae pawnt 31- 14260. 17 * 62. DESCRIPTORS. High !reqLvemy, ~Translsrors, "Am- plifiere. Tmed croplifters, Twiing devicer. 62-34091 1. bUyaket Y. 11. Pateur Uqm) puL% 37-14 260 IU. Wkenhead, Warren. bic., soaale~ waxtL -Miyake- Yasumoto and Ando, Tokujiro. r .WQUENCY STABLE TRANSISTOR CRYSTAL OS- CILLATOR CIRCUIT. 13 Sep 62. order from WBI $2. 00 Trans. of main claims, including drawings, of Japanese patent publication no. 37-11907, pub. 24 Aug 62. DESCRIPTORS: Transistors, Crystal oscillators, *Oscillator circuits, Circuits, Frequency. 62-22992 1. Wyake, Y. H. Ando, T. Ill. Patent (Japan) pub. 37-11907 IV. Birkenhead, Warren, Inc., Seattle, Wash. 12 8 (Engineering- -Electronic, TT, v. 8, no. 9) Offic. of Toc6icel Sevvic" TT-64-125N Mlyald, Komel, Ikeda, Nizaburo, Mum% Daiji, and It%7 Yoshlml. 1. Mlyald, K. AMMACTERIAL PROPERTIES OF 2- AND 2.3- n. Dtwa, N. M=MJrED 1,4-NAPHTHOQLUONES. L ANrl- M. Mbuso, D. BACTERIAL PROPERTIES OF 2-SUBSTnWED IV. Ito, Y. 1,4-NAMMOQMONES. IL AMUACTERIAL PROP- V. Title. AndbactariaL.. ERTIES OF 2- AND 2,3-SUBMTWTHD 1,4-NAPHTHO- Vt. Tide: AtalbamoriaL.. QMONES. UL DIMORMM OF 2,3-DMUOPHMM- V11. Tide: Ditnor*anu.. 1,4-NAPHTHOQUINONH AND DWRARED SPECTRA OP VM. Tide: Antibacterial... MERCAPTO-1, 4-NAPMOQMONE DERIVATIVES. DC. DSIS-T-81-j IV. ANTMACTERIAL PROPERTIES AGADIST MXC& X. NRC-C-4652 BACrERIUM TUDHRCULM VAL H Xh Dtnctomto of scloodfIc r R. Hope, t-r.-9WU,-l-lp Zreb DSIS T 81 bormalice saivices, Order from NRC NRC C-4652 Onaws (Clolds) Tram, of [Yakupku Zoashil (laps* 1951. v. 71, 1" 6 6 p. 643-643; 19A Y. 73. um 9. p. 961-968; 195-4. T. 74. = 6, p. US-657. CMWqftd Sd==s--ftr=ccAoV, Tr, v, 11, m 6) of"" of Tftbnkal W" (ovs4 The sml*giftl cnstltuuon of Man rm thfa St=dpolAt of: ISO-SggUtUd= in &atva. ftrt 2. prqpwties at ADt4-A AgOuUnft I* Wlva by Way or campwum with not in Sam, by R. KtYakoeM. 26 pp. jApAsm, pa, xl4= &dpxm zossm, voi v., wo 6., Doc 19us pp W93. Sci - Mod lqu 10-6 Oct 59 ThG SurO1040 COut:ittltlm Of Um Prm ths Stmd- polat of Igo-awmtlnw in Wiva. Part I. The Socrotwy Top* Mkich Sea"t" Tol"I tialm lAto the aaUT& 0 and tft NM"mVtory Ty" W4h Don Not OftroU Mem, by It, *Lysk**Ul 36 PP- JAPAMJS) per#. Nlbm Holaku Mostd,, Vol V., No Doc 1951, Vp 75-&. M31 1065 Scl - Had ? 9z The SwraogoU Cmtltutl= ot Mm lPr= the Stud. polut Of ISO-p4Aut1zd= in "Uva. Part 3. HoreUty In ths Smrotary and 1=4k*mtQz7 TYPO or T7p*-Spft=a Agautiolm in S&Uva.. by Rtuohl -mlyab-0440-19 pp. JAPAUSEp par, Mon HD1pkQ Z"shls Vol v0 No 60 Doe 1951, pp *100. NU 10-T Sal - Med cot 59 s 7~1 R-924-N Apparatus for~Absorption-spectroscopy of Detonation Wave and Measuremants of Detonation Velocity, by Miyama JAPANESE, per, J. Of The Chemical Society of Japan Ind. Chem. Sect,, Vol LXV, No 1, 1962, pp 4-7 *JPRS/US Army Ordanance Missile Comm. Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Sci - Chem June 62 Neasmsement, of Rate of Polymrization of Vinyl by Sumter VAthodp Reptort. $ 1) by H. Miyama. JAPAM, per.. Cbemlml Society of Japan Journal, Vol LXW., 1956., pq 196-199. CSIRO Set - Phya Mar 62 -.:~w -sawitum rmtoAkimmwetten or ftpmw. mt V, m. 5 PD. I IAMM40 pwo r. Cbm On Jspsm# Pan (bw 5mg VcOL UMVILt IMv .99 136WA. m4umm ftl Avg 39 ?3", 3 V:5r Miyarnichi, K. and Katayama, M. STUDIES ON SOLUT70NS OF ACRYLONITRILE POLYMERS. 1. VISCOSITIES OF DILUTE SOLUTIONS OF POLYACRI-LONITRILE. [19611. Order from FT $B. 50 FT-1101 Trans. of Kobunsbi Kagaku (Japan) 1960, v. 17, no. 187 p. 672-675, DESCRIPTORS: *Acrylonitriles, $Polymers, Viscosity, Polymer solutions. (Chemistry- -Organic, '17. v. 6. no. 10) 61-25417 1. Miyamichl, IC 11. KMY&Ma, M. 111. FT-1101 IV. Faraday Translations, New York 01f1.. of Tech.lcll ql A Notb*d Aw Um a obw I at Moll Vomble MIVMWlm Ubwas, bv L MUMMUM- MOM W I Wk. A"-X-W --- ,,~ I/ Iftr 70 01873 62-12073 I michi K. and Katayamaj M. M l' I 'I STUD WT11-0,N] SOLLMONS OF ACRYLONURILE POLYMERS. ki. VISCOSITY OF DILUrE SOLUTII OF POLYACRYLONMILE. 1196116p. Order from ATS $10. 25 ATS- 43N56j Trans. of Kabunshl Kagaku (japan) 1960, v. 17. no. 187, p. 672-675. Another trans. Is available from FT $8.50 as FT-I 101 11961). DESCRiFroas: *Acrylonitriles, *Polyiners, Viscosity, Polymer solutions. I- Miyarnichi, K. IL Katayama. M. Ill. Title: Studies ... IV. ATS-43N56) V. Associated Technical Services. Inc., f"Ist Orange. N. Cl /' 0 8 zr 4 (Chetnistry-Organic, 77, v. 7, no. 10) offit. *f T.gWc.1 3-1c,% Consideration of the Nuclear Quadrupole Moment in Electron Scattering., by V. A. JhbAlin. 2 pp. OWIMp bin perp Zhu Vol MLVJL CIA C 4156~4 Selentme - Ph"Ics may 56 ms/dex Roar I Tgmvt Plzp Ift Azaricem Inst of Physics Report of Japan Commist Party Central Comittee - Presented, at Ninth Party Congress by S$OdAZ*Yv- VoAmM Miyamoto 298 pp. :L==;;:? J.APAN:,.:Sr,- np, Akahata 25 Nov 1964, pp 2-12. JPRS 28456 FE-Jnpan Fol r-ab 65 273t993 41 , of ft mou be qw~w mumm" bo X. "" ~i . t UP I ~ - vamoft4v !&=fttmMkU& d4 No k 1h4, C'MO)CI ,j FIE-japo -iC~- '-,Wr 6% watm TT-U-14M mrmow, IUJ4 TMuv% MwM Kaft HUWYO" aW UsubucWt IMMU. L Myuwm Emmc oorrERs IN WAKKANAI ARM, RM. 2. U. TGUnwA. WL 119631116p) (foreip tma lwludsO 6rots m Kano. IL or&r bw SLA $1.60 7T-U-146M M Uw*m:b4 L Tram. of Piokwdo Jpku Z"ddl (IWO 1%2, T. 2% p. (Biologicea Science~--F&dxAW, TT, Y. 11, = 11) pun tn"Slatign. JM s pvt Dmuftint or plkaws ww am. "nitro A=-Tr =9 .V Effect of NWWum on Stw4 by K. Narltb#,A,,MIYAMM- JAPAMM, per, Tom to No 2v 19W;-- pp 174-IBZ BL91 3726 sd - M/M Sep 64 267,018 Effect of ColvmMw an Qmln OL= of fteap br K. mWitas As MPMOO JAPANWg pDr, Tatim to Vol um I so lo', l9a, IV IMMA4. HD Vw SGI - via/kat /,? 9, S?y 62 of us 7bm-um=-t-W4 lboary p"Spes" annopi 9 ]m. 0t tLastWtys by UrOdd um owlaw of JAWJM36 PWO *40 "-Go 2mmatic"s Vol XWO 3W 7%."0. 96"o m ur,.q& S P a "I - IWS 00%63 TT-64-2496 Miyamoto, K. &nJ Ikeda. H. WAGE EVALUATION BY A SPOT DIAGRAM MING 1. Mlyamoto. K. A COMFUVER. 'Apr 641 5p H. Ikeda, It, Order from ATS $7. 50 ATS-00R75J Ill. AT'5-0GK?5) IV. Associated TocWC&I Trans. of Oyo Butsurt (Japan) 1963, V. 14 ng- 9, Services. Inc., p. 673-676 lustord"ge. N. (Matheinstics- -Con puting Devices, TT, Y. 12, m A) om" to F"Nnlf*i l*'l- ,l6w&,-av7 Plymtolv A&lrm at the -,41vaocaiog fbr tba Indonesian 'Gom writat zwty 41tenutas by kwl UFO,, A C-coloGical Intorpret.;,tion of t~ie Lunar Sur- f ace) by S. MY 0 5 P.P - jAPAT.W.lw?, rpt. Planetary & Space Sel vol ii, vo 4. Aug 196o PP Sci - Geopby3 sop 61 /w/ I? / a 11) 11 StUdiGS On LIMICOGYtOIAS ana TAMCOPedia 013SUMOa Oil the Raosla of the Motomis of MXUated CaUs In the Fjons Marrowp by T. NlysmoUq 41 Pp. japam, per, MLP]pm Kawudd oakimt za"hil Vol XVIUP No To 105'. pp &74%. MA 58-2m AM tIr set Ana 59 ?65,6 7 SearatuT Ommml Mlyamoto's Oonol=~Um at the Nationol oaterme of obles at ---- Inatim MA oripm Pea" noo; Per Is R'Nvtliv by 163 mall a A 13 pp. n M=j ZWj AbbMi*Mo 32 &w 1962p a 5s6@ im I" Im's jbm ;A I 9~16 q Pd oft 62 Todeity TGAB in the Ummintratim of targe Daly Doses of U(xdwtUic lyft"Lde to Mmbepp by Y. Iduras 1. Xmmddp K. Ud"p 9 pp. JAPAN=S Vw, M reWmb, (ftbermlmls)p Vol ]=IjAp 1953j, P'P' 800:&;. NIB Scientific - Bloloa; VaUcine Xp"2 674 jun 56 ms jr'e,47 - Arr7 An AutoM Case of Dung Cauca Observed In a Patient with Oc~tlonal Mistard Gas PoisomtM., by A. Yamadap F. mroses No Kiyanlehis 8 pp, JAPAMM, per, MW Gam (The Japanese Jom=l of Cancer Rosmrch)s, Vd-ZI#t No 2/3.s Beptmbw 1953j, pp 216-218. WH Tr 84 Scientific - Madicine CAP, lcqR Oct 55 CM/M 62-18129 _Mlyanlehl, Michika, OTME-KATURE OF THE SURFACE OF CLASS 1. Mlyanishl, M. AND FUSED SILICA AS VIEWED FROM THE ANGLE OF CATALYTIC ACTION IN THE OXIDATION OF GASOLINE AT LOW TEMPERATURE. [1962)[14)p. (foreign text included) 7 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 62-18129 Trans. of [Hiroshima Daigaku Kogakubu Kenkyu Hokoku (Japan) 1955, v. 4, no. 11 p. 111 -115, DESCRIPTORS: Temperature, 4Gasoline, *Oxidation, Catalysis, Catalysts, DIOXides, Silicon compounda, *Fused materials, *Glass, Surface properties. It was found by use that the formation of formaldehyde 22) 7705 In the mixture of n-bydrocarbons and oxygen, which was heated at temperature of about 2500C, was given due to the wall reaction, The reaction was surely given when (Engineering- -Chemical, TT, V. 9, no. 4) (over) fte d 14cw"i sonk" MchLymm. 63-L68LO NECHANtSM OF GAS COMBUbMOM [19631 lip. Miyaniald, K (Ap. omitted) 3 refs. Order from SIA $1.60 63-16810 Tram. of an article from an uni dentifted japanew xxu=, n. d. DMRUTORS; *Cases. *C;ombustlon, spectrum, ospectrum analyzers, Octanes Fos Whyde. Hydrocarbm. Nblecub Pf AndkeDck, Lead compm&, HftI radicals, kftlenes, Brunifts. (Physics- -Spacuvww. 7T. V. 10. so. 11) Offia Cd Ted." U,*n aim 'fAd k-um ftr todw ftvft ftwftm 1.--31 *I Y~*Jft VON% , .1 xftdco~ I'' Fli:?*U% MA I I nift-ItC16 .. . V41 - I mo -, - 923w4 -': ...:. T* 1 6 )~,q ~4*r aLp 4-11 Nor VZ moo Diff=lau of Acdd Dpo In a Polymmalft Fibers by Tau Mdulzu, Mehl" ldywftp 17 pp. JAPARMs, pw . ftn-1 Clakiral ishl 0 Vol =# 26D 6p 19Wp PP 3Z-M- WA 60~2&56 Bel / 1?1? Vol IV NO u / Jelr J~m 62' Effect of Cold Draving on the DyaLM Properdesp by ftru Waisa., Uichim IdadiN 15 pp. JAPARMip pni, Sen-I Gakkaishl, Val nV,, ria 8. 1958s pp 557-562. BrA 60-2&55 Sol P717 Vol Iv.1 go u i= 62 Toah, IMF armlom 3ft., 1w Y. Nabkwml S. X4=hiMp K. OftVaj. 19 pp. JAPAZM,, per, To*dbe awlewp Vol xXVt No 121 1959: pp 1238-U45. wl / 9 10., 2, , ~Z A;pr 6R Vol Ilo No 6 W 7', 1114501vou ~;xn A At t1a Mat-;~L% UIL, Silicon Itra UqUW !A;06011 ioz ~,evxikxti-xl, eou-t I Of 'Invastiotlau wi, bl~& ~aolvev( ,ixy~~iu Aftox A"Wition Alf 400Aidauts, Y, Upwsilatao "01 rit JWIIN4"iE~, ivr, Tetstl to lih;4, j~p 10,vuhim-Yuklo. THE EFFECT OF THEOMYLLINE ON THE HY- DROPS PRODUCED BY MOM& [1%21 56P- Order from K-H $70.00 K-H 9061-b Trans. of Nffion Yakurigaku Zasshl (Japan) 1957, v. 53, P 1086-1118. DESCRIPTORS: Drugs, Muretics, *Ederna, *Nlcodn% ToWcco, cigarettes, vAlkalolds. (Biological Sciences --Mrmcolo", TT, Y. 9, no. 1) 62-22S76 1. TILIC: ThGQPhYIIlUe 1. Miyashita, Y. if. K-H-9061-b 111. Kresge.-HookerSclence Ubmry Associates, Decraft. NUch. am" d hemkil Uftis New Pmceois of PreparlM Magnetic Povder for Sound Recording Tape, by A. Idjab4 K. 1t0. JAPAN=.. perj Tech J japm Bro -- 2mb Vol 32, NO 2, Ser No 44 2:3M aB/131/T-3ZIl 17. 1)9 / YA 7,q sci - Aug 67 3*w LOrms. Akira sW YR=U*t Itrow. a-xwts m-C=.c PowDart m&mpAcrjRm &arm= 1. idptk A. ELM) &?. JaV6 tob!:a omt:---4. U. TAUMMU16 L Or4bw Omm OTS or SLA $1, 10 62-30412 M. how Vol Pak .4 a T-= of p=b==d laF2 I 62-9M ', c;pL m 60-= 12 lby 6D. by k2 cam of japal 02OW&M. owsclic top, 42415muc C4)bab hvc, comyomm* Odft- WAI &17*oWdm -j==bcwtq moftdL I . I * &Ca_---Ac ;cvd:. M3=-,'hchwW3 mc*od cbzrscwrtnd isk it= ftvm 10 to 0. 3 (r4% cobbb cobak Oak Le add*d =d mi=d in Wrova mb to dU=hv do= im No= tod y:c;*. amma at oduum or otbw addLnn czdu= =a o4god ID c3JA -goo= mobalcm6 sftr* to - ii W6 t6 IWIYC and is ciftiiZed iFmjh a a obuUm dw =&Psdc p Ag lbgf*. a T"b" brdw 62-16842 WIZE-a. Akira and Koyama, Masashi. ELECTRIC CRARACTERISTICS OF TEE TITANIUM 1. Miyata, A. ANODE FILM. Rept. no. I of a Study on the Metallic 11. Koyama, hi. Titanium Anode Oxidation. [19L62) [21]p. (foreign text III. Title: Study ... Included). Order from SLA $2.60 62-16842 Trans. of Rikagaku Kenkyujo Hokoku Onpan) [19611 Y. 37, no. 5, p. 29,0-296. DESCRIPTORS: $131carmbemistry, *Metal films, *Titanium, Oxidation, Electrical properties, Dielec- trics, Anodes (Electrolytic cell), *Electrolytic capacitors. A new method Is proposed whereby the formation of metallic titanium Is carried out In a non-siqueous aolu- tion. Paste ripe and solid type electrolytic condensers were made and their various electrical properties were (Chemistry-- Physical, TT, Y. 9. no. 2) (over) oft'l of T2CbXkA se"kes New Process of Preparing ftnetic Powder for Bound Recording Tape,, by Akira "Up Koichi Ito. JAPAM, per Techti J Jqvu Broadcut Corp,, Vol Xj,, no 5., aerial J4, VP 30-30. wzx. M Sai !?j4,j Fab 62 The Necessary and Sufficient COMWOUN f" Realization of:& Prescribed Transfer MUM' Uging No Trawfor r and With Comn Ret=4 2 Vp by F. !$Mta jitesio Vol =(VO No 11j. Nov 19521 pp 501-506. MA 2R 57-555 sci - BledrlcM Aug 57