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A DiaZran of EquilAbrium and ?~Wm from pusiona of the SiUcon Dioxida-Uxwdum oxide System, by S. ~ lis Lungu PRENCIEt Pere Rovua Rfl Vol 7o 1962 t pp 4l9x2r- NM 71-15500-201. fob 72 G. 4. L u- A~ 'I Lt- Diagram of Equilibrium and Masses Obtained from Melts of the System Silicon Dioxide - Uranium Dioxide, by S. N. Lungu. RWANL43,, per, S;udLi At-21reLtarl. de Fizica. Vol 13, 1962, pp 739-746. IM 71-14062-11B Feb 72 S,-ciallst Co=txies Getting BalmV 'for bieir Fl"t Consuses~ by Or* Kurt Lungidtt,, 12 pp. G&M, per,, Statlatische Frazlej No* 9. Sept 10) iv-. J?PZ 38340 ,C)/-. LA ~y LU f Z. F.?,-%st GermaW Soc Nav 66 312,9313 The Law of Similitude for Viscous Hypersonic Flows Around Blunted Slender Bodies) by V. V-_DMdc3LO 14 P.P. EMIAN., per) Prik Matemat i 14ekh., Vol XXV., No 6., 1961,, PP 1050-1059. 'PP Sci oct 62 216,032 The Are Steel Malting Furmce as a Consumer of Electricity and Possibilities of Increasing Its Efficiencyp by H. Lunig. GROU, per., Derg- und HAUmanlacbe Mocatebeftes Vol CVI, Sep 1961,9 PP 273-2W- BIR 2572 Sci - Engr YAr 62 List 121 The origin and Extent of the Nam Tlen Shan., bY B. A. Lunin, 3 PP - =SIAN, per,, Iz Ak Nauk MRs Ser Geogmfp No 2.# 1959) pp TT-79- smiet 08COMOW Amr Oacgra;h Soo Vol lo So 5 USSR OeO9 ww 61 On tbz ILoplication of Nov Wage Tenw- at On--ex-ating P~aterprisec., by K. D. - I~u Dp, Y~IJSSIAITIT; p(,,r, vestak svyazi, No i.2; 1962. J-PRS 18331 svi A,,)r 63 2P-g,o66 Set - 4ft9b=$cA- IJ, ~. b L.L, AJ I ~ M 67 ee,t~ 3200M6 HumerIcal ForccastU% of Kumidltyq ClovAinovv and Precipitatica by Maus of a Cowputer~, by Ps Ko ftshkinp Be Go Low*vosovo Yuv No Luninp 32 pp. Bwsin,o pwo met i (na, xo 2g, 196o., PP 3-10. Aw meteor" Doe A? Cambridge Res Center Sci - Geophys /S-F ea 4 j= 61 Stabilization of Aluminum Sols in Benzene by Surface- PLctive Substances, by M. A. Lunina, M. F. Kolosova. pp. 3. RUSS. DiN, per, KoUoid Zhur, Vol. XXIU, No. 2, 1961 pp. 170-172 1 sci mar. 62 Blzmry Fraquancy Dividers With 8*~C=dumtor &uctjOn--LA* Triodeaj, by R. Wainvk#., B, W, TrakMobbers, 12 pp. RUSSIM, p*r, Blektramas's No 41 AV 19571, vp 33-39. ciA 638535 ATIC F-TS-9M4/V Sci - Electron Fav 56 ~6, xv/ ,lmotion Trw-wLstor Bir=7 Fraquwlr.Y M by A. R. 1e Mr. -r Flew=mTul; F4 4j 1915-7j. ps 33-39.v limel to r--rg I/ AV 114U94 7-/ 2 Bee 57 Boundary-Layer Equat-ions and Their Boundary Conditions in the Case of Motion at Supersonic Velocities in a Moderately Rarefied Gan, by Yu. N. Lunkin RUSSIAN, per., Prik Idatemt i Makh, Vol XXI,, 1957) pp 597-605. WI M. 2392 Sci - ~%~th 172, f-J.7, Wov 61 on Flow vowd UjLstgowd a%uss Y04 Po 4/v tayiibL'r4klj, ~10 256- pp .7-U. U"a oi "-Aw~vi ilbVium U"Orlaticft ka vlo f1w .Uvuld .4ulled D"6s A%h -SiQmamic PItwo by lu, ~~. LMILAN fo ol~ Paver* is We Aus~'A;iffi par* "tal-py mtom""Maki Measurement of Entropy in the Relaxation of a Gas Mixture Behind a Shock Wave, by Yu. P. Lunkin, 7 IJP- RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Tekh Fiz, Vol XXXI, No 9, 1961, pp 1112-1118. AIP Sov Phys -Te ch Yhys Vol VI ~ Ho Sci 11 Jun 62 199,056 "Y'u. P~, 'Tn Mia ftrawmUn of a 0". Beyond a Obook W4v*i by YU. IP UmIkla -7 pp. RWSUN,, per, Zhur Tdch ns* Ak ft* MRj, Val =j So 2j, IV% pp ON.18002M. J Ammer lot of fts saw "I" - TOW Val ITO No 2 Sol - Ph" ? 7 ir 8059 L'ui' C Q n _ocintion 7" lby A l.':3 ~;av "ays-10 0 6 nr Ole ETIatiOus Of W~ WtOPLBXSXIYWWCap by A. I. Wbawv.. Yu. P. Lun 7 pp. JLM~ RUSSIMp per. Zhur Ton nz;, Vol =.o go qp 1960, pp AIP sov ph" Ifth fts Vol V., No 9 sei Ap r 61 Orel-.- couette Flov in toplaawdynamicep by A. I. Cubanovj, Yu. P. L=IkInq 9 13p. RUNIM " Per., zhw IM& Fis., Vol XXX., So 9, 1960., pp 3.053-19; A3P wr fts smah vb" Vol V., so 9 sai Apr 61 Gas Paramters at the Critical Point With Varia- tion or the ftftlflc Rest TiAmn Into Account, by Yu. P. Lnnikin. 5 PP, =810, part Zbur Tekh ?Its Vol XVII., No PP 1830-1635- Amer Inst of Pbys Say Phys-T*ch Fbrs Vol n. No 8 Sei - Phys Jun 58 On Sbmk Wav" In Fiftl ftWo by,W. B. UmtkIn., MWIAN, Pas, MW TM& ~ nao WI XMj, No go ftb f 'Mi-:Yp nwasma mid= Pftvlm 24"m VbL It Ib 10 Sol Avg 59- ?3,~ 'r ~r5 The Structure of Shock Waves" YJMA. P. Lun'kin, 4 pp. MWIM., per, Zhur Tekb Piz -;Z j, no 6., 1957, pp L276-aft. I Amer Inst of Phys SOV, fts-Twh Pbys voi n.. wo 6 Sci - Pbys YAY 58 01,,e 117jf ow zwdtxtsm Shcak Vms IW v4 WN"01860-Tho Po UMONS4 moll ymos VWA, saw *a us,* Vol M= Jb 34 lop TW& rAVS vus no 31 &d Avg Ce "183T ftbropy Chw3ge During ReUxation of a Gais Behind a Shook Wave p by ---Lunki4- 3 PP - RUSSIMp perv Zhur Sksper i Tooret FIz# Vol MrV, No 6o 1958p PP 1526-1530- Amer bet of Pbys sm plos . im I Vol VU (34) s No 6 Sci - pkwa Jan 59 Doundary Layer Equations 9nd Boundary Conditions for Mation in a Slightly Rarefied Gas at 3upersonic Speed; by Y. P. LunLin. UNCL RUSSUM.. per, PrIk Hatemat i Mkh, Vol )7,1,, No 5, 1957, PP 597-606. DSIR LLU (loan) M.470 *possibly *ATIC Sci - Math Sep 59 ~oo'.'o The Kinetic Equations of Gas Diesociation Including Diffusion, by A. 1. Gubanov, Yu. P. LunIkin, 6 pp. FLWM, per, Zhur Tekh Piz, Vol XXVII, No 11~, 1957 pp 261~-2639- Amer Inst of Phys Sov Phys-Tech Phys Vol II, NI 11 Sci - Physics Jul 58 Antimony-cesium Emittersj, by, P. V. Timofeyevf Yu. 1. Lu.,a'kDMs 7 pp- RMSIM, per, Zhur Tak-4 Pit; Vol Xp No ll 1940: pp 20-23- Sci Tr Center Rk-1514 I Scientif ic - Physics / ~?, Y 49 0 Discualm an Os Natwe of the ftilby-terr on the B"Is or upwisum Vith Npr) Xft&Us p 5 Vps ftm~s- by B. !M Gams per# Zf 't va ICLYP X"ko pp 92p 93s X", * 5 F 0 cl:t_ hl 58 6 f, d / S Obtaining Caqplu Fertilizers of the Ty" of Nitrophos aid Amiovboo, by A. N. Dubcwit4)dy and Z. N. 17 pp. L ka Zbur Eft Prom.. Vol JIV., 1937o RUSSIM pp W96-5 mA R-2416 Sci Aug 58 / W%. / 7-/ lho mulm poluft or. satmAm SOIUMWA In the S"tom Ocow0n.9 M.)x by, S. 1. Aronvvp., Z. N6 LaWmyw,'22 pr,. RVEMP par, 2w aft Prm, Va TMI 1b ]A, 19A, pp 23-27. MA R4rM .001 JUL 39 PrePration of Potassium Nitrate from Ammium Nitrate and Potassium Maoride, by 8, 1$ Aronova and Ze N, 9 Ope RMIM, Ver, Kalil UM9 No 2,0 1"30 pp 24-28. STA R-nO8 sci Aug 58 The Reaction'of Potassium Chloride With a Mixture of-Sulfur Dlwddet Water and Steamo by F. Go Margolis, Z. He Lwwlmyap So 1. VbIfkovIdh,, 6 pp* RUSSIM, parP Zhur PrIk Milm, Vol XKVMp No 5., MaY .1955., PP 453-458. CIA C 39706 g, ixe Conmatants Bureau Scientific - Chemistry Rov 55 =/DZX THE P-ADIC ME~HOD IN THE THEORY OF SEQUENCES, BY A. G.%.~U-T~s~ PP. RUSSIAN,, PERs DOKLADY AKADEMII NAUK SSSRj VOL CXLIV, No 6, pp 1241-1244. JpRs i75o4 SCI ELECTRONICS FEB 63 221:305 Application~of Boolean *trix Algebra to the I%na.Ly,aiz r--nd Syntbesis of RQUW-Vitching Circuits, by A. G. Luntsp 5 pp. MJSSIAN) var. Dok Ak Nauk SMy Vol M., No 3., 1950p pp 421-423. Norrit b. Friedman 42-50 DSIR lAuding Lib Unit 'icl - lwcjh Phr 59 It2thoS of Synthovi3 of (1, k)-Poles, by A. G. Lwtv 4 pp. RMIO, tbrice-= per., Dok Ak Ibuk SSSR., Vol CXII., No lew 55-57. 9 bi fa9 174 Consultento Bureau Sal - ftsice Dee 57 1- x - (Mr-5502) The Effect of Repeated Weak Sti=li on the Division of "Young" and "Old" k6bae, by A. N.JSts , 8 p-p. BMIM,, yorp Taitologipo Vol lit No 41, 1960. JPW 7680 Sai Ag f, X7.r V Fab 61 Ch the OwreoWtswee of Cort0a Sorwin, -by.,r,. L. RUSSIM 1 ser.I pis - -Mq Val is$ Ne bs 1962'r pp 11-260 NLL M 2642 sci - math Oct 67 1342672S .. sci - Ivise Oct 67 v 342glIg of Vw "20roNAublet Oulu for RedMUng tb* b=000 Of TMOSMI PUbCtID% by Go Le LVP*Ap RUM% pw* A& Am 'M On AM rorl4, lip NIL RTS a641 on low or Puthese) -'0. to - Aug 65 2B8~822 Oa the Instability of the Axis of the Gyroscope Figure, by Ya. L. Lunts 6 pp. R,USSIM, per, Prik Hatemt i mch, Vol MV, No 4., 1960, pp 763-765. pp Sci '1~8- I'V7 jun 61 Y N c-, -Inertlial. Volt'fion Of a GyrozieciRe 13 a by 'Ya. L. ILLMts, 0 PP- -oar, Iz Vyschikh Ucheb &,-ved, PfiboroatroY, No 3) 1959) pp 25-121A. jFj~s :264*1 gg - in,-trumeat3 Fozmln,tjca ctr The PX*bl= or Blooplam of ObjecW Withloy Pw~bw atd Vatboft or I ftIvIM It# ty Ve Lo 'Brailavoklyl, A* L, Umts 18 ppe BMM,, -per,, In Ak Ikuk =Mp OlWj, TW& Menwtp No lp 1964p pp 20-3L. JPRB g4536 ad fty 64 Bending of LongTlates With Clamped Elges, by Ya. L. Lunts. RUSS IAN, bimo per, Prik Hatemat i MeBL Vol VIIP 19-43. ABC Tr 986 Scientific Nov 1951 CTS 0. 04 , a w * no % L w"w;Vl =-Pow, :M116"t 1*00 6 M, mom" WA" 10 qm tv on the Propagation of Spherical-Waves-in an Elastic- Plastic Medium, by Ya. L. Lunts. RUSSIANj bimo pei-, Prik Matemati Me kh 1949., pp 55 - 780- ,3 Vol XIII. ABC Tr 1~69 Sci Physics PA 39/49T5A June 1951 CTS A -7 3 Luntz, A. Ya. and Sedw4 IL p, GEMUSLVTrE FROM PEGMA7TrW ON THE KOL.A PENINSULA (Gentplyin 1z Pegmdtm to Koltabm Poluostrove) tr. by ban Mutlu. 1963 [lip] 4xWs. Order frm M or SLA $1. 60 63-2360D Trans. ot Vsesloyumm) MinexaloWcbefame) ONShch"tV01. ZAPIWa (USSR) 194 V. 92, " 1. p. 61 -84. DESCRIMIa OblinexWe. 09egnuilte PetrdlW, Geod%etntstry strucmral geology Gedogy Cbewkd analysis 63-2360D 1. Wift Gendwhite I. Lu=4 A. Ya. 17. Sm1'dV4 F- F. M. Geological ftmey, Deum. Colo. 6,- C&WWvtte belosqu to ffie hdvke graV of ndrArWW wWch form isomorOms nd=u*m widi three =d mem- bers, he.Mm- &wUte mW gmthdYK& Godwhim to pliWsh-lilac in colox~ mm rarely pinkish-yeUvw tD colorless In tho same apecim"L 7u Lod= at reftw- tion Is 1. 745,~ spmfflc gravity Is & 6L The nwdu of Wo d TKI*v 14r*#1 (FArth SCIMM-MIMMOSY, 7T. T'. 106 txL 14COM) ufect of tht~i Pitch Dgaper on rdrcrafr, Longitludiral Stabl-*,dty and Controllability, by A. A. shcherbakov, V, 8. Lwnyakov, V. V. Solov'yevp 7 pp. rx"LISSM., por., "lest Voz Flota, No 7, 1.961. 9673*0 Ym-sT.61-6 USSR Kil 62 On the Similarity of Hypersonic Vicous Gas Flows Aronud Slender Bodiosp by V. V. Ltwyevo 8 pp. A RUSSIANx pers Mk Mat i Hekh, Vol XXIII, No 1, 1959ja pp 193-3-97. pp Sci - Math Oct 59 ~ ~, //b~ -~ (NY-5236) A Method of Splicing Line and Lead-in Wires of a Rediffusion System,, by P. A. Lunyov 2 pp. RUSSIMI, per, Vestnik Svyazi, No 10, 1953- JPRS V-00 W-05M (W4W$) 8*2Act*d Xwepow Artl4as -4m lowls Uy IV Aml qwp*o Duo !!!n&- 7 PPO vlotamimp so,, so,Do# awl't lb yop lo 08% met an A", - 72 a TWOM Poll 0 &a Ayr 39 .4 -" d r j~ / / (1,!-,-64-00/1) 4 Apply the TeabnIque of Grmdna Short-Td= Hicay by Luong DInb Cmv 5 pp. VMMAHM) ny~ Sm Dezp T mr 196Lj. P 3. im 942D FB - Vietnm Econ la /f 4,1 Jul 61 (NY-64oo) Visit to a Frontier Post, by Lwng 81 Cam) 4 pp. vnmA=B, np, man Dan, 8 sep ig6l, p 3. JPRs u442 AAa - Vietnam Soc / 71, Wff Jan 62 v (NY-49M) Tbs First All North Vietnam Surgery Ybetingp by LuM Tan Truoug) 5 ff. TUMMW.a) p"j, Tin Tuo Host Doug Mica Roop No 7., 1960, OP 32P 33o JM 503 Sci - I%d Dec 60 uraiva~,*-. 6y k*auss Of plastio PiP"41 by 76- 1. , KILL-~-p ~V-rv Gwo&aaa vol wvo :h~ 60 I'AA- 0 1.q? 20, ILD. *U)STI $,,,r 67-5W47 :~Ci- Doc 66 ~,Mlains IV i~-Uztio raglapipos, tw Azbwt ~-AP&* ?~(? ? pp- I- -) t4 1 Gowpodarla , ~ Z'-U, -wre Va 249 4o 6v 19"t pp 2W.2-1019 cf1m .1-167-5604? 6 ai- ;-at see- 6? 367s257 lavestigation of the PermablUty at the W&LU of metal miwa for neuuao by 1. S. TA4XLWVp Y. S. Hamicbeve EMIAN perj Atam a E~e~j Vol XMj. Jul r9ap pp 491~2. mcpiadscae Tr 16D On LOW amly sai mar 65 IAM FOC* Rw 65 gn*547 Cartain Asmats of the Tacbmical and Taahma.lwnm)ic 35 WOVIew. lm tin Producticm and VaUsetion of Freftst RnEromd Ca=tte RLmonts for Cwtrwtiou.. by He Lupwjp 92 pp. RVWIM,o parp PArlats CowtmctMor al a do OMUVGctu) 3b At so 19612 pp JM 13787 NEW - RWOWA swu ( X-300-0) Clvm.,.C~ (),r,Url in thC SOCiO-ECO-qC'rliC St'2-UCtUr'~' c, popLilaticn, in t1lac Li-_bt Of t-- sj-.j,c:cl aato., by Ij. Lupan pp. -~ol villa pcr, Cercetari Filo-lofice, 1~ jci,.-Fcb 11,161; pin Ill-L27. JPPS 1132L', Soc itul on the Possibilities of MsjPL4m"4ru:Lts Out of Various Me=ts.. by 0. B, Lu ,1-1&42Y~~5 PP - RMLO, per, Dok Ak Neukp Val Cln3 No 4., 1955o PP 561-563- MW L-109 sai 'o P4 Jul 61 / 6 /., f "o, o Oa the Principle of Local Coding and the Realization of Mmetions in a Certain Class of Networks Ccuposed of Functional 31ments) by 0. B. Lupaucrv.. 3 pp. RUSSIO,, pw,# DA Ak Nea* MHj Vol M., go 2j, 1961, w 322-325. AIP Sm Fhyis - Dok Vol vi., No 9 Bei mw 62 19e, On the Synthesis of Contact Networks,, by 0. B. ~~qauoy, 4 pp - RWrANj pers A Dotlady Plad. Nautp Vol 0=~ no 1, Wroh. 1958.. 0 93-26. 9 6 1~ "I Autautim lipme Vol Is 16 3 Intemtll P491681 Index Jun 59 ~LF & . '51, Lilllllll~ tilt, j m-'s, -'i- 0t '06- zr-, iio IT-a 6~7 t, r i), , , -Ziat Nkp'v 1.11 So # 12 (NY-3316) Possibilities of Synthesis of Circuits Frcm Arbitrary Elements, by 0. B. j~ 21 pp. RUSSUN., per, Trudy Matemat Inat imeni V. A. Steklov, Vol LIO 1958., PP 158-173- JPRS 2643 Sci - Math oct 6o ~~Ic RL'alizatiOn Of FunCtl= of Logical Algerba by Fomilas of Bounded Depth in Basea and V, by 0. B. Lupanov 4 pp. RUSSIM, per, Dok Ak Nault SSSRI Vol CXXXVI. No 5P 1,061) pp 101-1042. 4, JFA-S 10&1 3c-1. - Math Aug 61 IC31 (IiY-53.62/a) On the ABymtotic Evaluatim of the ~J ll.?.,riber of Grapbs and lietworks with n Br=ebcs 'ny. 0. 13. 'jamnRov .4. 28 Im ,Fossim~ bkj Fmblcny Klbernetlki~ no 4. 196D; pp r-22. Sci - Math .w,g 61 (DG-Ww6l .)n- the emplexity of -Realization of the FuWtiona & the AlgebTa of Logic by Huns of Pormulas, by ;). D, Lupanovs 28 pp. 7-48310,~ bk., Prablemy Kibercatikl., No 31 1960, ,pp 61-80. 3ai - bkth im 667o ///0, ~f // Feb 61 L B. 'fT-64-13109 . OR-N-MMOD OF SYMIMIS OF NETWORKS 1. Lupanov, 0. B. S. W. Gol(xnb, tx. 26 Aug 63 [27p] 2Drefs ;PLAI/ryans- U. JPLAI/rmns-36 36, NASA CR-52251: NW-10M M. NASA-CR-52251 Contract KAS7-100 JV. N66-10090, $2.60 Order from M, SLA. or 917C $2.60 77-64-13109 $1. 01 Inf Trans. of 1weadya Vyaehft Uchebnykh ZavedenH. V. jet Propulsion Lab., CIE Tech. calM Inst Radloftzlka (USSi%) 1958 [v. 11 no. 1. p. 120-140. . ad P (Abstract available) as ena Vt. Contract NAS7-100 DESCRIFrMS: *Cybernetics, *Networks, OC[rctdta, Synthesis. *Cornputer logic A description of x certain geDemil method for the Byn- thesis of networks-for eample, contact netwaxits, cm- ?C 7 tact parallel -series networks, and networks ot func- tional elanents -Is given. ad the previotioly known esti - inates at the complatity of these networks are Unproved ETM (Author) (MRthenatics - - Computing Devices, Tr, v. 11, no, 3) COMPARISON OF THE COMPLEXITY OF REALIZATION OF MONOTONIC FUNCTIONS WITH CONTACT CIRCUITS CONTAINING ONLY CLOSING CONTACTS AND WITH ARBITRARY CONTACT CIRCUITS) BY 0. 0. LUPANOV, 10 PP. RUSSIAN, PER, DOK AK NAUK SSSR, VOL CXLIVj NO 6'y vox1962, PP 1245-1248. JPRS 16235 SCI - ELECTRONICS t,:ov 6? 219,703 on I~bctifyua and rieotif~rln-b%,# 0, Be IAR90, 6 ppo Circultsi by FWSM., perp DWaady Aked Unk Wn,, V*l (=s Na 60 1956* PP 3171-U74- MATU D* Prioibm (L-1-U) &1 58 A Comparison of Two Types of Souroes. by O~ B. jey.~incv 10 pp. WSSIAN, bk, Problany Kibernetiki, No 9, 1963. JPRS 21448 Sci Oct 63 2 q1 - 07 0/ On a Class Rtmqxft of Circuits With Functional Mzmmta (Pa--tial4kwry Fomulas).. 0. B. U4mwj, 69 pp. RUBMUp gory Pmblw Mumauu., No 7.- 1962. im gom Sol Aug 63 ,4,,V ? ;?.10 f Paleozoic Conglomerates in the Nikitina Ravine (Malaya Labs. River,, North Caucasus), by 11. P. Lupanova,'14 pp. I - RUSSIAN, per, Iz Ak 17auk SSSR, Ser Geolog, i-io li, 196o. AGI Sci Jun '62 198,875 Characurizaticb cif Paxiaolds bj~- Mxmtrograpby, by F. _IA~ipwb-A~adre ~12 W. rM2=., per, Anim Sm Rvivae Ned at Natur do Brtmnes., ~d-Utj, 1.5154s. PP 129-138. S.L,A. Tr 897/1956 Sai - CbAtistry The Domut State and Physiochamical Propertlee of the Calls In Roots and Buds of Bed Clover -Flants, by RMSIAN, port Fiz Rastsaiy,, Vol VO FA> 1,, 195% pp 75-76. Awr lust of Biol Scl Sci - Biol Jul 59 LUPBERGER3 Es Corrosion Phenomena in Heavy-Duty Steam Boi2ers. CORROSION SYMPOSIUKp VDI., 1934 pp 1~~136,- 5900 words. Brutcher No 944., ~4 -7 3 Eccwzzdc Analpla of Bousing Comtruction A. lAvAccus (Wk Scon Rpt an Zlaq g38). RUNAMM., perO Arhiteatam BMs Dwlmatj 0--t-Sav 1958, -Dp 22-26. CTAIMM s= 2105 Mir - aa-mmny He= mar 59 MxU4)duang Advanwd Experlenw in the CZention of Bulk Patzvleum Caviers, by- H. ~~cbevj 6 pp. WARMi, pw, Reabuoy Tmnsport., No 6o 1962, pp 14-:L5. JPjtB 16M10 mm z= " ) 7. i"Y' Nov 62 C>'- X-Phy Pmstiption of Iffects Aceovonying ProlonAed Extension or Steel at Elevated Temperataresp by IL Ye. Faks., N. T, 83.cuovsU., L. I. Lupilov# 5 pp. RUSBIM, per, It Ak Nuak No 6j 1956P Pp 673AT5. S8SRO Ber nz,. Vol XX.. Co3xnbia Tech Sci - Pbysics Jul 57 X-Ray Exam1nation of . Pheacmena Acccmpanyiug Prolonged Tension of Steel at Ki& Temperatures, by M. Ya. Puks,, N. V. Slonovsky,, L. I. Lupilov, 9 pp. RMSIM., per.. Piz Met i i1stall.. Vol II., No 2.. 1956s PP 0-338- CIA/Z-350 '7, scl - ma/metals Apr 57 ON/dex SCi-Api Jul 67 330#6" Y,,., - -Z , ~~/ 1,2;pe O&A II. scl-z Sol sept 66 310#4W m TestiiW, of Amlytical Weightsp by A. "PAL . omt,w,, Am~htv Four Technischas Viesseup No 281, 1959., PP R57-61- ' c.s.i.a.o. 46w sci-phya May 40 //t~ / ;7;? 105' U04 AbWak 00 IW a- I amor GNW* -1 --- -1- 1 1w 135-25&- SWAP (UM) Q M 69 376*9& lAevul< t rptwlt oi mothe" of oofeawwfy Of -C, I :Lata" vi'th Appututua of ijw~wa ftAatifts Uypov# 11 ppe p-p M.-tile