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Electrokinetic Phenomma Applied to the Electro- Dialysis Process. by I* I. Zhukov. RUSSIAN, per, UspekhL Xhimii Vol 120 No 4, 1943* pp 26S-286. NLL 5828.4F (11848) Sei - Chem AgW. 67 338,651 178/6o (NY-4703) ChcTdluminescence of FlamcB, by V. Kondrat'yev, 25 PP. RTSSIAN, per, Uspekh Kbim, Vol XII, No 41 19431 PP 308-317~ JPRS 5539 Sci - Chem ... - ~'e'p 60 1o2 61 '~ S-7 TT-63-24293 Finkel'shtda, B. N. VISCOSITY OF SOLUTIONS OF ELBCTROLYTHS 1. Finkel'shteizi. & N. Bertha P. lGenova, tr. 13 Sep 62. 1 1p [TVAI-3992. 11. TVA-3992 Order from OTS, SLA, or ETC $1. 60 TT-63-24283 M. Tennessee Valley Authority. Trans. of Uspe~kfd KhJmil.(USSR) 1943, v. 12. Wilson Dom, Ala. p. 472-479. DESCRIPMRS: *Electrolytes. Solutions, Viscosity. Equations. (Chemistry- -Physical. 17. Y. 11, no. :4 Offics d TnWcaf kr*ts 61-16892 Petrov, A. A. RECENT PROGRESS IN THE FIELD OF TIM I Petrov, A. A. CHEMISTRY OF HALOGEN DERIVATIVES OF 1.3-DIENES, 11961137p. 234 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $3.60 61-16892 'rrans. of Uspekht Kh1nW (USSR) 1944, v. 13. p. 203-233. DESCRIF17ORS: *Iialogen compounds, *13thylenes. Physical properties, Chemical properties. Synthesis and pliysical and chemical properties halogenated derivatives of 1, 3-dienes are rev=cd. IL (ChcmJstry--Organlc, TT, Y. 6, no. 8) d~, * , . 64--t /:5 , 14r .2 3 el - 4- ZL (I I (-~') 4 h V, e- P, 5 ~te t n . l1,!'6 -71-3 Balardin A. A. D. L.MENDELEEV, ME PERIODIC SYSrEM OF ELEM7S AM) CATALYSI& [1961] 4p. 36 rds. Order from OTS or MA $1. 10 62-10823 [Condensedl trans. of Lapsidil (USSR) 1%4, Y. 13, no. 5, p. 365_37V`t~ DESCRIFrORS: *Chemical elements. *C&WySIS. $Pwiodic variations, Isotopes, Memls, LAttices. Ex- change reactions, Hydrogen. 62-10M 1. Iltlei Mendeleev's periodic system 1. Balandin, A. A. 11. Mendeleev, M 1. (ChemLstry--Physical, TT. v. 7. no. 11) of"...f T.Ch.1c.1 S-I..* 62-10824 Elagina, N. V. and Eldue, Ya. T. REACTION BETWEEN CARBON MONOXIDE AND 1. Elagina, N. V. ORGANOMAGNESIUM COMPOUNDS. f19611 3p. 11. Eidus, Ys. T. 26 refs. Order from OT'S or SLA $1. 10 62-10824 [Condensedl trans. of J~epeklhl Kh1mii (USSR) 1944, V. 13, no. S. p. DESCRIPTORS: *Carbon compounds, *Monoxidesj *Organic compounds, *Magnesium compounds, Chemical reactions. Grignard reagents. (Chemistry- -Organic. TT, v. 7. no. 11) Office of Technical Svvlc.s 61-20131 Nazarov, 1. N. CHEMISTRY OF VINYLE-niYNYLCARBINOLS. 1196111 1. Nazarov, 1. 37p. 74 refs. Ordcr from OTS or SLA $3.60 61-20131 Trans. of UspekKlUj~hImiL(USSR) 1945. V. 14 (no. 1.1 o. 3-41. DESCRIPTORS. *Carbinole, Mnyl radicals, Acety- ItneB, Condensation, Synthesis, Polymerization. De- hydration, Hydrogenation, Isomeric transitions, *Hy- drocarbons, Ethers, Ketows, Diene synthesis, OEthy- nyl radicals. A review of this field to made, covering 60 references for the moot part studies by the author and his collab- orators and dealing with synthesis Of these carbinols, their Physical constants, dehydration to hydrocarbons of the divinylacetylene series, their esterification, (Chemistry --Organic, Tr, v. 7, no. 2) (over) Office of y6cimatc-1 S~Ie'% BB& A. A. aw E`9uwv' T. P. Ryl 1 62- L0825 DETERGEM FROM HIGH MOLECULAR PRIMA . Dqj A. A. ALCOHOLS. [1961) (31p. 25 refs, U I ESUMI T, r. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-10825 [C~ndewed] trans. of UspeW Xhimil (USSR) 1945, v. 14, no. 1, p. 56-6T-------'-- DESCRIPTORS: *DeterSents, Wetting agents, *Alcohols, Molecular structure, Catalysts. (En&eer4--Charn1cal, TT, Y. 7, no. 11) 1 Office ofrechnical $e-Ices 62-10826 Mohnatkin, M. P. USE OF Sl,\JPI-F- OFFICAL METHODS GROUP I Mokhnatkin, M. 11 ANALYSIS OF GASOL WLS . [[96114p. 1) refs. Order froni OTS oi SLA $1. 10 62,10826 [condullsed] u aits. of j".pekili 'hilm, USSR) 1941, V. 14, no. 2, P. 1-18- ')j. DESCRIPMRS: *Gasohne, liydzo~~irkm~', Quantitail anatvt,is, Rnman ~,,,,ctroscopy, Refractive hidex. (Materials-Fuels, '17, v. 7, no. 11) Dfhc* of T*cwk0l S"Cel III -V 't1tPUPTuld ']I 's "Ankil.l.-ri LZBOI -Z9 (11 U C11 I US u -)p UOD :S)10JdllI,-)SRl Z-I;gl 'L 't 'ou 'i I ',% 'SW OIS%fl)-,Tt jo 'Smuil jP.)qll~)pUODj LZRO I -Z9 oL) V, is Jo S,w I lJoij .1,)Pj () IRI dt 1 119611 'AILLSIK-M.') JINVD~10 141 NOIJ.V3 -I-ItIdV HI-111.1. (INV S,I.SA'IVA,VD '4;)jAajsrA PLIV -V 'V '"!Pulltld "'-I -S 'A"T'J'I 62-10828 Zhabrova, G. 9 MEETING ON METHODS OF INVESTIGATION OF 1. 22)abrova, G. K CATALYSTS. [19611 3p. I ref. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-1082B [Candensedl irans. of urm!pekhi Khimll (USSR) 1945, V. 14, no. ~, P. 255 23F.- DESCRIP'17ORS: *Camlysts, Electron m1croacopy, Asbestos fibers, Electrochemistrv. Conferences. (Chemistry- -Physical. Tr. v. 7, no. 11) Offi.. .( T-66-1 S.M Noteue, by A. Y. YaWbOl-ichj, 42 vp. pijeST", per, ljsl)ekhi Mimi V01 MY NO PP 301-3229- rt-lo4o sci - ch"Astry Mr 58 J~s 1.214-1 P "WO (I -Otl '$4 'A '.IA, -uoud,ul-p% NT~Xjviro lsiu~iqio~pV. -d -OLL 'tj 'St6l (lISN11P-MTt-tN"fqZ~'n J(l 6ZKI-Zq (11 'IS V-I~; to sj.0 uLoi; iipjo SP.l QR 119611 *ST)VJllCi.S l.N'J9lloSGV JO v 'A;)IllKl '1 .1 NOLINNINXIM1,10 -10 SCIORL-TIN NOLIJI]OSSOV AUN bzso I -z9 62-10830 Tsiklis, D. S. RESEARCH UNDER HIGH PRESSURES. J1961115p. 1. Taiklis, D. S. 138 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $1.60 62-10830 [Condensed] trans. of LIspekhLKtLM~iJiUSSR) 1945, v. 14, no. 6, p. 476-SOO. DESCRIPTORS: 'High pressure research, Gases, Liquids, Solubility, Solids, Surface tenBion, Cheml- cal reactions, Polymerization. (Cbernistry-Physical, TY, v. 7, no. 11) M.. .1 T-61-1 S-i- 62-10831 Frost, A. V. FUNCT10N OF CLAYS IN FORMAT10N OF OIL IN 1. Frost. A. V. THE EARM'S CRUST. [1%1] Sp. 34 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-10831 [Condensed] trans. of UBp[ekh J.Khlm[q~USSR) 1945, v. 14, no. 6, p. 501-5 DESCRIPTORS: *Clays. *Oils, Earth, Hydrocarbons, Petroleum, Geology. (Earth Sciences- -Geology, TT, Y. 7, m. 11) a-eAff, --e >, V, r ~ J - Tu -m U--~ 4,x-~ ~ >~~ 0~ 'e" v.,c-. ,~~c .9-,, 1"- -24s-- p dl ~- I Korskik, V. V. and Kolesnikov, C. S. TETRA -AETFIYLLOOD (Tetra-ethyl Lead) 36p. 146 refs. NMVL: 128. (text in Dutch). Order from OTS or E TC $2.55 61-17733 Trans. of U~i~j_K~LnQ~il.(USSR) 1946, v. 15. p. 325- :142. F)ESCRIVI'011S. * Etkyl radicals, *Lead. 61-17733 1. Korshak, V. V. 11. Kolesnikov, G. S. Ill. \flVl-- 128 IV. Sticking NI liLke Toeganke J~Netenschap- pelijke Llterarutir Offic- .1 T.A.1col S-4c.. 62-10832 PREPARATION OF AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS 1. Shuikin, N. 1. FROM OIL BY CONTACT CATALYTIC METHODS. (19611 9p. 37 refs Order from OTS or SLA $ 1. 10 62-10832 (Condensed] trans. of~~l ~t (USSR) 1946, v. 15, no. 3, p. 343-M-8. - DESCRIPTORS: *HydrocaTbons, Production, Petroleum, Gasoline, Kerosene, Pyrolysis, Decom- position, Dehydrognation, Platinum, Catalysts, Alumina-nickel catalysts, Catalysis. (Chemistry- -Organic, TT, v. 7. no. 12) offIce of I chnical S"Cas Tetraethyllead, by V. V. Korshak, 0. S. Kolesulkoy, 35 P- RUSS1AN# per, Uspekbi Xhbdi, 1946, Vol XV, No 3, PP 326-342. BLA 59-M42 Sci Doe 59 , f J/y 1.45 Vol 2.. wo 6 '1 Shuikin, N. J. DE KATALYTISCHE BEREIDING VAN AROMATISCHE KOOLWATERSTOFFEN UIT AARDOLIEPRODUCTEN (Contact-Catnlytic Production of Aromatic Hydrocar- bons from Petroleum). 26p. 37 refs. MTWL: 33. (text in Dutch). Order from OTS or ETC $2.37 61-17677 Trans. of UspckhLKhLu1L(USSR) 1946, v. 15, 1). 343-3587 DESCRIVI'ORS: Petroleum, Monocyclic compounds, *IlydrocarWns, Catalysis, *Polymerization. 61-17677 1. Shuikin, N. IT. VrWL-33 ITT. Stichting Moellijk Toegankelijke Wetmqchap- pelijke Literatuur Office of Tocknicol Sr"ices Obeid al Bases for Present-Day Trends in lavestigation'.9f Medical CoWmdop by A, Cl. NatradZe,, 43 A/., 4. RMIANp biw IWO am!n xhim Ya xv, so 4l 1946) pp 427-455. CTA/FW/X-1457 Scientific - ChemUtry,, / S, 7CP-1 Biradieala,$ by M. Yo. Dyatktua; T. K. Krun, 1h PPO HUI ISIA .9 parj, 73spekhi MAm,, Vol XVI,, no 1,0 194-7,0 pp 25-68-. M-A 60-13885 sa 26 ft 62 / 91.vp / Vol Ivo Ito 8 Vowtskii, S. S. and 7-fltseva, M. A. 501IJBILISATIE EN I [AAR BETEKENIS IN DE EMUL- SIE POLY MER ISATI C (Solubilization and its Significan- I ce in Emulsion Polymerlzation) 22p. 35 refs. 11: NMYL: 31. (text In Dutch 111. Order from OTS or ETC ~i.89 6L -17675 IV. Trans. of U5 . pekh! !jhjwUjUS5R) 1947, v. 16, p. 69-82. DESCRIPTORS, 'Polymerization, Colloids, Solubility, *Hydrocarbons, Catalysts. 61-17675 V ultaldi, S. S. arseve, M. K. I%nVL-31 Stichting Moelli k ToegaTmeUjke Mtenf;chap- pelijke Literaraur Solodar, L. S. and Markin, V. V. VORDERINGEN OP HET GEBIED VAN DE CHLORF--- RWI VAN KOOLWATERSTOFFEN IN DE LAATSTE 10 JAAR (Advances in Chlorination of I-Ndrocarbons in die Last TenY ears) 41p. 130 refs. NMVL,. 22. (text in Dutcb). Order from OTS or ETC $2.67 61-17686 Trans. of VspeUjLKhjMfi (USSR) 1947, v. 16, P. 83-109. . _ DESCRIIYFORS: * Flydroc-ar bons, *Chlorinadon, 61-17696 1. Solodar. L. S. 11. Markin, V. V. 1U. MTVL-22 TV. Stichting Nloellift Toepn~elijke Wetenschap- pelfjke Literatijur Offi.. ~l T-6.4.1 S-A... Bochvar, D. A, FIET GRONDPRINCIPE EN DE GRONDBEGRIPPEN VAN DE 711EORIE DER RESONANTIE, 1. HET GROND- PRINCIPE VAN DE THEORTE DER RESONANTIE EN Z I BF.WlJSGRONDEN (The Principle and Fundamen- tarConcepts of the Resonance Theory. 1. The Princl- ple of the Resomince Theory and its Arguments) ix. by 5, Kruyer. 17p. 13 refs. WWI,: 4. (text in Dutch). Order from OTS or ETC $1.85 61-17703 Trans. of L.J.5peMii Kbimll (USSR) 1947. v. 16, p. 129-139 DESCRIPTORS: 'Resonance, Theory, *Chemical 61-17703 1. 13ochvar, D. A. 11. NITWL-4 111. Stichting MoeffiJk Toe nkelijke Wetenschap- pelirke Literatur Catalytic Synthesis of Hydrocazbono Frm CO and H2. by V. A. Karzbavin, 29 Pp. RUSSIMs_pqr~ UETekhi Xhimii, Vol XVI, No 3,, 1947, pp 327-352. Sci T=s Center DT-.e2 (7--li Scientific - Chemistry / 01 100 CTS /.DM[ Addition of Phosphorus Halides to Oramde Cozipounds'# by M. I. Wabacbnik., 22 pp. RMSWGr, Uspeldd Khimi& Vol XVI., No 4., 1947., pp sci Trms center BT-563 Scientific - CbemistU 9ff-3 CTS/DWI 11 757 GE-1 RYABCHIKOV D. I., TERENVEVA E. A. Method of separation of rare-earth elernents Verfahren der Trennung von Elementen der seltenen Erden Uspekhi Khirn., 16, No. 4, 460-490 (1947) - -German E u r a t o m Yak-ubmich, A. Ya. and Zinov'cv, Yu. M. SULFOCHLORERING. EEN NIEUWE METHODE VOOR HET SULPONEREN VAN ALKANEN, EIGENSCHAPPEN 1. EN TOEPASSING VAN ALKAANSULFOCHLORIDEN 11. (Sulfochlorination, a New Method of sulfonation of 111. All-anes. Properties and Uses of Alkane Sulfochlorlde4 IV. 251% 40 refs. NTFWL: 21. (text in Dutch). Order frcin OTS or ETC $1.95 61-17685 Ik Trans. of jv5pe SSR) 1947, v. 16, 581-598. DESCRIPTORS: I Hydrocarbons, Sulfur compounds, Chlorides, 'Sulfonates. 61-17685 Yakubovich, A. Ya. Zirov'cv, Yu. M. MTWL-21 Stichting Mocill1k Toev;ankelijke Wetenschap- pelf)ke Literatuur Topchiev, A. V. and Pauslikin, Yn. M. BOORFLUORIDE VERBINDINGEN ALS KATALYSATO- RrN IN DE ALKYLERINGS- M4 POLYMERISATIE- 1. RrACTIES (Boron Fluoride Compounds as Catalysts 11. in Al "I'lationarO Polymerization Reactions). 48p. 111. (I P. foreign text included). 98 refq. N"L: 14. R. (text in Dutch). Ordcr from OTS or TI,:rc 52.79 61-17698 Tra ns. of U,%ie&h I- KhiW i i (USS R) 1947, v. t 6, p. 664-689. DESCRI17ORS: *Boron compounds, *Fluorides, Catalysts, Polymerization, Alkyl radicals. 61-17609 Topchiev, A. V. Paushkin, Ya. hl. MTWL-14 Stichting Kloejli~k Toegankelijk A etenscliap - pclijke Literamur Me-( T-61c.1 S-1... chcnimm Of -he Synttiesia of Aliphvtic Hydro- cznrbona by tbc Contact V3~drogenztlun oP Carban -1 TIUSSIAN per V pqhbij~h IX. o 6 1940, p gg, Vol V 673-68 CIA/FDD,/Y.-111:8 , ien-lA`ic Che-mictrl Sc- cv- 13 Avullable in CIA Library a6 Ohio State Univercity C 27630 71 Vinogradov, G. V. and Ivanova, T. N. FLUOR KOOLSTOrVE17EN EN -SMEERMIDDELEN (Fluorcarbon Fars and -lubricants). 9p. 5 refs. MTWL-7. (text in Dutch). Order from OTS or JETC 51.55 61-17706 Trans. of 410.~~J,Qh a (USSR) v. 1.6, t 947, p. " 44. DESCRIFFORS: Lubrication, Oils, Puts, *Fluoro- carbons. 61-17706 1. Vfnogradov, G. V. 11. Iva nova, T. N. 111. MTWL-7 IV. Stichting Nioeilljk Toegankelijke Wetenschnp- pelijke Literartiur 'IT-63-208M Vinogradov, G. V. and Ivanova, T. N. FLUORINATED OILS AND CREASES. [1963j 17p! 1. 11(4iograduv. G. V. Srefs H. Natiova, 1'. N. Order trorn OTS, SLA, or ETC $1, 10 17-63-1;0806 Trans. of U=kht Khimlf (USSR) 1947, V. 16, w). 6. p. 744-7-18. Another trans. is available In Dutch from OYI'S or r--,rc $1.55as7r-61-17706, MTWE--7, 9p. DESCRIPTORS: Oils. "Fluorocarbons, Greasus, Fluorlroarl6. Chemical ~xopartles, Palym~rs, Poly- merization plastics, *Lubricants, (Materials- Lubricants. TT, v. 11, no. 4) offl.. .1 Technical Services ruchs, N. A. DE VERDELINGSCHRONIATOGRAPIRE EN DE TOE- PASSING ERVAN IN DE ANALYTISCHE CHEMIE (Distribution Chromatography and the Application of it In Analytical Chernisrry). 20p. 23 refs. MTWL! 2D. (Text in Dutch). Order from OTS or RTC $1.85 01-17694 Trans. of Uspekhi Khimli (USSR) 1948, v. 17, p. 45-5- DESCRIFrORS: Chemical Analysis, ChronmtWaphic analysis, *Distribution. 61-17694 1. Fuchq, N. A. II. NITWII-20 111, Stichting Nj()ejjj~k etenschap- IX-11)6 Lite'ratuar Offic* of T.CWC.1 S-Ig.. Rozengart. N1. 1. PRlNClPFS EN NiFTHODEN VAN RECTIFICATIE OP LABORIUMSCHAAL (Principles and Methods of I-aboratory Rectification). 47p. 82 refs. NiTWL- 142. (text in Dutch). Order from OTS or ETC $2.77 61-17712 Trans. of Uspekhj Khfmii (USSR) 1948, v. 17, p. 204-234. DESCRIPTORS- *Distilling plants, Laboratory equipments. 61-17712 1: Rozerigart, M. 1. 11 NiTWL-142 111. Stichting Ninefl[ k Toegankelijke Ztenschap- pelijke Literatuur Office of Technical So"Ices Concept of Condensation and Polyme~i)jqtiou in Organic C~&miatry, by D. M. Vaskevich, A. A. ftlandin. Full tranolatioa. RUSSUM, mo per, Uspekb-Xbim I Vol XMI, No 3~ 1,048, Pp 346-350. ASU'Tr 11aT Sci - Chem Apr 52 CTS Vladimir Mikballovidah Ro4lonovp Acadmiclaus by V. N. Belov, B. M. Bogwl%mkilo A, 1. Ecrolevs A. M. Fedorova, ard. M, M. Sbomakin, 45 ppj,. (AV 8103-7)/ R70SIAN., per., Uspekhl XhImLij Vol zMy No 5p 19hes pp 521-0 3. AM F-TS-4499-IM USSR DioGraphic - Vladimir A* Mballwich Itodionov Blematary hrtldou and 'amir Intmactim by D. D. Ivamuko (mmem), 39 Py. RUSSTAlip bUo p=0, UoyeMl XhIvdI,, Vol V17j, No 5, 3.948# PP 545-5a 0 , . _-- AV P-M-6699-m USSR 13 .3cientific - Pbysicso cbmiotryp Interact4cma particles Chemistry of Antibiotic Substancea, by Y. 0. Gabel MarkcM) 0, 26 rp. OF OMT). E=Wj bUb per,, UspsAi RhIall; Val VUO No 53, 1948, PP 565-k 577- - - Am r-as-6699-m USSR Scientific - Mmdatry., autibiotics, wAstawas On Sam ROPI=Wes lu the Flold of OrgomotaMe CcurpotTrAsp by X. V. Astakbms L M. Mitbalwhi (Hoscow)y 15 pp. OF 8M037)- r RUSSIAN., bfto Am 0 UbpW Mdalls Vol =0 NO 50 194B.- PP 578~w AM P-M-6699-M usm Scientific - CMWIN Cospowds, cramnametaUic lpomu= or spimuldes w slidlar Cascuds at Mdh awpratims, by P. P. Badaikor (Momm)p A. S. Bmzbnol (Miartkov)., 50 IV. (M MM). RUSSlap bim pers, tT g miiniio am va vn, NO 5a 19W,, VP - M, F-W-669�4m USSR Scientific - Cbadotryo C=VourAs.. spiasmaes 7he GIbba I Pandom nd tba I&V of Wan Actions by 14. P. Vzchnatkin (Suatoy), 4 pp. (A? 61037). (An Aid to the Higb Scboa Teacher). HMIANp b1 w peri wall, VOI, =v Vo, 50 19488 pp w4gif - AM F-TS46994M USSR Scimtific - Chmistry,, Gibbs Pa%zdcmp =so action From the History of Ch=Utry N, Yet DmIjanov - A Classic of Soviet Memistry.. by A. S. Onisbs~benlw, 40 rp. OF 81037). RUSSIU, birw per., Uspe~hI.DIm,, Val VUI so 5p 19h8, Xscuw, pp 608;01. AM F-75-6699-IM USSR Scientific - Biosmpblc Blogmphic - V. Ya, D= 13%,w The Stalin Awards In the Field a ChemIstry for 1947# 30 ppp OF 81037). RUSSIAN.. b1m per$ Uspekbi Kb1xJLq Vol XVII, po 5p 1948., pp 624-634. - AXV, 7-0-6699-IM USSR ScleutiXic - Chemintry, avards Bibliogmipby :from Prwass Im ChoutatrYp 22 PP- OF 81037) nUSSIADs bimQ pers UOPOkbi ZhUdi., V-1 XVUP No 51 3.948.. PP 635 tO end- Am P-m-6639-0 Scieutific - Bibl;ioaMPbY# bioGmpbic 13 219 MIKLUKHIN G. P. Ca-l Exchange reactions of hydrogen Isotopes Uspekhi Khim. , 17, No. 6, 663-691 (1948) TT 108 - English Euratom 6 leduction of Nitro Caqotv%4s of:AU-41111r~ua lerles, by v9 00 xmmwwvlcb, 36 VP Rusams P41*0 Vol vn'l No 68, W-f UFO .1948; pp 692 Iq L L ~Icientlfic - CbudqUy App 55 CTS Silicon Orpuu Comblmtion'-p- ftrw%* T; E~vdrolysis aW CorAsoatwo or alliconsormult Moomwal by K. A. -Audryandf RWSIMp pw,, VWkh JM go 2. lbr/Apr- 1949. OQw Tir Scientif le - ChOlstry ,le-Y f 7~ The Uzz of Deuterium In the Invastiggition or the Mechanism or Rmetion of Orgazie Cospomas by 0. P. Mi 111khju RUSSIO, Uspek Fh',q, 18, 2, 1949, q 237-257 ffbe b1bliography bP4 been adttedj Sci Museum Lib No 50 3275 Lmdon Scientific T'-/ 5 Concern. iug th-2 Nature or the Self -Adbes ion (Auioheoion) of Rigb-~Molecular Substancer,) vy S S. Vc,, yutskiy, Yu. L. Har-gollaa, 30 pp. per, 1-01111, No 41 1910) pp 449.-46.*L. SLA 59-15938 Dee ~q Vol 2, No 4 !.Uttropmus band jb~.- 1. vairkoideb, md : "404 Um&IkAI> Vol. 0=;. 23~'Av- Ift ftl RIM= Llb UD Berlin. A. A. and Parini, V. P. ME SYSTENIA71SM OF Mi-MOLECULAR CO?64- POUNDS AND FUNDAMENTAL 7YPES OF INORGANIC AND ORGANO-ELENIENT POLYMERS. 11962118p. Order from K-H $22. 50 K-H 6144 IYans. of UBpekhi 10iinill (USSR) 1949, v. 18, no. 5, p. 546-556. 63- L2917 1. Berlin, A. A. 11. Parini, V. P. III. K-11-6144 IV. Kresge-Hook-er Science Library ABBOCIBECS, Derroft, Uch. DESCRIFrORS: "Polymers. Classification, lwrgWc substances. Organic compoLaids. 77- (Chemistry, Yr, v. 9. no. L1) Office of Tubmical service, Vol'fi,ovicii, S.I. and Loginova, A.I. ~TIKSTOF-EN PIIOSPIIORMESTSTOF FEN OP BASIS VAN DE ONTLEDING VAN PHOSPHATEIN MET SAL- I PE'ri.:RZULJR (Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on 2 Nise of the decomposition of phosphates by nitric acid), tr. byCj.?,f.Fritschv.1Q p. 10 refs. 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