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ai the Mieomtical hnalysis of the C)sciUatox)( Prq.)acjaticn of a rlajre in TLbesg, by S. K. As laacv. 5 pp. IWSM-1, per, Li2fiewnio-Eizicheskiy Zhunial, Vol 7,, No 3. 1%71 pp UB-120* iui~,l:T2D.,W-23-392-69 /96 L/ s r-ci/L)rqjuhiLn and fwls way 69 381r267 Nonlinear Heat Conduction Problem of a Plane- parallel Wall With a Temperature-Dependent Sources by Le Mo Galonon, RUSSIAN, per, Inzh. Fit. Zh, Vol 7, No 3, 1964, pp 124-127. 9P(/OY~2/67 - (0AIC 41V,4 tL IlOg sci/Physics Jan 67 Grr-~hs Tlor tho Detanainintion of the .amerature Field in Tine in i'lods or Sheets of -'-'initc Lorq,'L-,h With Internal J.'eat Libevation, by "essler. M3I,A!.'j por, Inzhenorno-Fiziches] I .1aurnal, '..""ol 7, "Yo .-"pci/Ph73 3 9, 01.1- ,j c t ~)3 Ule Effect of a Wonisothermal Surface an Heat lixchwige of a Plate in a Longitudinal 14m, by A.A. Mukaushas, A.B, Arbrazyavichyus, et al. 9 pp. RUSSIM, per, Znzhonerno-Fizicheskiy Zhumal, Vol 7. No 4, M4, pp 5-7. P100026s66 FTD-W-65-P-M Sci/,,kch, Indust, Civil & Marine Ungr. Sep 66f 309j,422 hivesti.oution or' Influmice of Inlet Conditims on iieut Exchange in the intial lAight of a Iiije, by Ps- N.- Rummenko and N. V. Krylovu, 13cr, Inzhareno-Fizicheskiy Diurnal,, V,L,L'I vai-nu,'ao 48 11364,, pp 8-17v P100142166 Sci-'5cdi, Indust, Let Feb ~,7 318j2A Study of the Transition of a Turbulent Boundary Wor into * Laminar One,, by M, E0 Doich, 4 Yav Laxam. RUSSIAN,, par$ Inkhmerno-Fixichaskii Zhurnal Vol VII j, M 4' " 19640 pp 18-2i. Dept of Navy Tr 47"/APL/JHU TG 230-T470 Sci"Phys Jun 66 3020192 Generalization of MwacterisUcis of aectric Aro Heaters. bV S. S. MmUteladme. 0. 1. lasikot 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, jazhenerno-Fisichaiskii Zhunal, vol 7. Eo 4, 19%, pp 23-27. AIR/FTD/HT-2~-1~0~7 AD 6T9 731 Sci-Pbys Feb 69 372v972 The Question of the Calculation of Viscosity or Real Gasess, by A, A, Vamrman,, Y, A. Rabinovich. 37 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizichaskiy Zhupal, Vol 7, 1964. pp 44-50. M0941 ~Oq FTD-MT-65-182 Sci/physics Aug 66 306,269 Study of the 7bemophysical Maracteristics of Materials in the Form of Plates or Coatings by a Method With a Constant Power Source, by A. B. Verzhinskaya. RUSSIM, pert Inzh. Fiz. Zhurnal, Vol 7t No 4, 1964, PP 59:69. NLL Ref, 9022.09B 1966 (4181) e1 sci-Phys Aug 66 309,141 Differential.methods of Investigation of Radia- tion Heat Transfer, by Ve No Adrianuy,, Go Le Polyak. 37 pp., RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizichaskiy Zhurnal, Vol 7. 1964v PP-74-8(). 9700941 ~,-O q FI'D-MT-65-182 Sci/Physics Aug 66 3060270 Turbuieut iju-Imi"j; Of &.1athune-Uxygen Uixtures, by F, j). ,.Ioill and Ve Us Shevchuks P%WSIM, 1,~er,, Invionero-FiziclioskU 7luxuals Vol V110 No 4 1964. pp 111-113. PiO0142166 0 Ff D-r T-65-558 sci-Phys Feb 67 318,235 General Injection Equation for Mixers During Work With Variable Stream Parameters, by A.Ye. Yerinov, B. S. Soroka. 37 pp, RUSSIAN, per, Inzheserno-FizicheskiX Zhurnal.,, Vol 7, 19640 pp 114120. M5941 '" q FrD-NIT-65-182 Sci/Physics Aug 66 3O6o271 Boiling hech&nisin of Liquid Sodium ,;md Heating Surface With Free Convection, by V. I. Deyev, A. 11. = Solovyev. RUSSTJ~111, pei~, Ing Fiz Mur, Vol VII, 110 6, 19CI'4~ pp IiEC-Dowirewy Tr 11o 166 Available on loan only.- Jci k---V 0 -T-V - ks 5 - 9 0 rl Dec 6 1 ~ A Study of Are-PUBmtrOn OPemticn v bY V. B. Mhoridrov, I. V- Varlamav, ? PP- RUSSUN9 per@ jla~erno-FjZIchelmx P-9nal, Vol 7, No 6. 1964. pp 1&19. AIR/FTD/HT-23-1361-67 AD 679 663 sci-plWil Feb 69 372,964 characteristics of Film Boiling During Surface Water Cooling, by A.D. Akimenko. RUSSIAN per, Inzhe Fiat Vol 7, No 6. 19640 pp pp 32- . AEC WAPD-Tr-9 ~Ai -/010 ay Sci/physics May 66 301,072 Effect of Rarefaction on the Processes of Gasdynamic Friction lkwing Blowing or Suction '11trough the Wall Adjacent to the I'low, by Yu. A. r%oshmarov. i'WNSSIAN por,, Inzhenerno-Fizidieskiy Zhurnal, Vol 7,, No 6,, 1964,0 pp 48-54, 9231617 -IIASA Tr V-406 USSR O'ci/Illysics Feb 66 2940665 A New Ittliod of Investigatiog RmUative Ifeat Trwisfar,, by G.L. Polyak,, VA. Adrimov. 12 i3p. RUSSIM,, per, Inthenerno-FizicheskiX Zhuma.1 No 6, 1964, pp 63-6U. PIOOOTIZ66 r,rL)-TT-6S-2024 Sci/Physics Sep 66 309.354 be,premtation of the Equation of State of a Real Gas by Elementary Functions and Wthods of Their Detendnatim,, by Ya, Z, Kaxavchinskiyo RUSSIAN, per, Inzh Fiz Zhur Vol VII,, No 6, 1964,, pp 129-04. :=p NASA TT F-100078 Sci-Phys Jul 66 304,,2n ft saw* or am vouatr at odmolad VAW on CrlUaa Bmt ZWxmi# br 14 Aq, Zo*wldko Emmas per'. Imb As - nkwv Vol To No To uo PP 43-W- P92119=bT ABC Vm 32T#903 Sol J= 6T measurement of the Speed of Gas in an Inflamm- able Medium,, by G.D. Sajamandra,, I.K. FcdosvyvvN 19 pp. RUSSIM, per. Inshenerno-Fizicheskiy Zhuraul,, Vol 7,, No 7,, Jul 1%4,, ~p 47-52. PlOOOOM6 FTD-W-65- 184 SCi/Phy3iC3 Oct 66 309,488 M Characteristics of an Are Heater With two Cooled Electrodes. by V. L. Sergeyev, et al. RUSSIM, per, Inzhenerno-fizicheskiy 2hurnab No 7,, 1964s, Pp 62-64. "FTD-IIT-23-1308-67 Sci/Physics Sep 67 Application of the Zonal Wthod of Calculation to Asymetric ProBlows of Ttwrml Conduction, bY Yu.V, Min,, G*P* OWkuv# 19 ppe RMIM, per., Whenemo-Fixicheskiz Zhumal Vol 7, No 7. Jul W64, Pp 75-79, PIOUO FrD-MT-6S-l94 Sci/Physics Oct 66 3090489 Applintion. of IntISMI AMIM40=420as t4 &auuon X~w Pnblm Vift a moving 0 by 0. A. Swftvo V. 10 9 pp. FAU0.0 lar, lash Ils 24m-rs Vol TP ft Ta, Vas pp OD-~~ AM ARL W-2ft 326jAn may 6T Som Experiwontal Data on the Effect of Pressure Upon Oscillatoxy Spreadng of a Plamo in a Tubo, by V. V. Kurzhunov. 8 pp. IUMAN, per, lnzhonemo-Fizidieskiy Zhurnal, No 7, 19649 up 01-95. TIOOOTI FM-IT-65-1976 sci/Physics Sol) 66 309,338 mteria ibnm" fw adual amit rim= in Forced NVU*n of a Od)wolsd UwW6 by L M6 Aret~evs 1. A. ftWzas 8 pps Poise=# VWP 1001h J22 Zkw=L Tel Ts, No Q* 3$96 PP 3-5- p9lu9zw AZC WAPD Tr-48 32T*9M -Tvm R-4991-D, Determination of Coefficient of Longitudinal Turbulent Diffusion.. by V. V. Dil'ww,, T. A. Zhilyayeva, et al. RUSSIU, per, Inzhen Fiz Zhur., Vol VII., No 8. 1964~ pp 55-58. *JM/Air Force Semi reb 63 Origination of Condensations in 6tTorsonir. Flows of Rarefiod Gasess by A. A, Potacrantsev, 8 PP. RUSSIAN' per,, Inzhenerno-Fiz Zhur, No 8, 1964. 1)p 59-63, 9698195 i,'TI)-Tr-GS-62l Sci - Fuels 4 Prop Nov 65 2919896 The !~elsdopsWp Betwm lien Comm WW Vviocity for the t4adw of a G" *t the Sm*Lry Low. by 1. P. GrAftag. j?lt;S%NN pq M M z yol %lit 440 St 1964, WX NAS;~I TT 1-92W May W, 290,180 I he Vibridon Modmwdm of a CAsooca Wslure CMUM104 Asumt V. V, Kwftwv, ti,U~3AN# pao legaLft 2 pp 124-1;rf, UEO VOI V14 No 86 19640 TT V-9347 ,~Cl-f-b" Jun 65 2UPI Calculation of Prowss of Evacuation of a Gas Volume, by N. P, Beliko N. K. Belyayev, et al. 8 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inhonerno-Fizichaskiy zhurnal, Vol VII, No 9, 1964, rp 25-29. FTO Hr 65-329 Sci-Phys May 67 324v976 Critical Heat Fluzes in Annular Channels ~&th Heat 8apply from Two Sides) by G. V. Alekseev, et al. RUSSIAN3 per, Inzhenerno-Fizichesk-ii 2hurnal~ Vol 7, No 9, 1964, PP 30-33. q 2.2,9 ~ 8 7 NTC 71-14olo-18i 4 C-, C, \NOO -Tr -1-1 Fab 72 ~Lql C1018 1 Heat Exchange Between a Moving Dispersed Medium and the Wall of a Pipe, by Ve I. Nalyukevicho 10 ppa RUSSIAN, per,. Inthenerno-Pizicheskiy Zhmial Vol Vil, No 9, 1964, pp 38-43. FrD MT 65-329 Sci-Phys May 6 7 324,977 Heat Transfer in the Inital Sections of Flab and Rectangular Channels, by J. N. Sadikov. RUSSIAN, per3 Inzhenerno-Fizioheskii Zhumal., Val 7., No 9., 1964., pp 44-51 - I I I 11- NTC 71-14000-20M a IEC \N vo?,b - -,,c- - k Ct Feb 72 - Ckk lk~l Non-Stationary Probiwa of Thermoolasticity for a P;ate and a Cylindrical Shell,, by V. F. Kolesov,, 10 pp, RUSUM, per, Inzhonerno-Fizichaskiy Zhurnal Vol VII" No 9,' 1964, pp 64-70. ETD MT 65-329 Sci-Phys May 67 324,978 Solution of Non4lomogeneous Equation of Thermal Conduction for Multilayered Bodies., by P. Ye. Dulavint. ~V. ~u KashcheyevP 20 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno~-Fizicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol vii" No 99 1964, pp 71-77. M HT 65-329 Sci-Phys May 67 324,979 some Results of Temperature Field Audies in Cooled Electric Are Fmater domponwts an Compositie Electric Models, by L. A. Kosdoba, Y. 1. Krylovichg ? pp, RUSSIM, shenerno-TIAchesAy Zhumls Pers In" Vol 7, 140 9, 199-opp 78-82. AIR/nDMT-23-1309-67 AD 679 368 Sci-Phys Feb 69 3"9022 Block Diagrams of Measurements of Parameters of Flows with the HOP of Thernistors, by A. G. Shashkov,, 9 pp, RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizichesk*y Zhurnal, Vol VII, No 9. 1994, pp 83-87. FTD iff 65-329 Sci-Phys May67 324,980 Influonce of Temperature Conditions on Stability of Rotational Motion of a Liquid, by S. K. Aslanov, 7 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizichaskiy Zhurnal, Vol VII, No 9, 1964, pp 39-91. FrD i-rf 65-329 Sc-i-PhyiEs 324,981 May 67 Concerning the Use of Two-Phase Systems as a Thermodynwaic Working Medium, by T. T. Ellpe#n, V. A. Ankov, 9 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenezno-Fizichesk& Zhurnal Vol VII, No 90 1964, pp 102-107. rrD MT 65-329 Sci-Phys May 67 324,982 GriticalMeat Flwces in Annular Cbmmels With BilatiraO.-HoSt Sapplyv~'by Alekseyevp wssim, per., bizhen Fiz Zhur, Vol VII, No 9, 1964.. pp AEC/asley Tr 751 On loan Only Apr 65 IR-5536-D 8 Jay 65 DeterninatIon of Materialo Budsidvitar frm Their Imfrared Reflection Spectra 33Y: N.A. lax*otkin ana B. P. xozyxw From: Jmmal e a2sinewing RwAcoi, voi vn No. 9 sept. i964 POMS 108-= (5 PP) Ruwdm-est for vda: Type an original copy only, On the Cause of Noise in Boiling of Liquids and Metals, by E. I. Nesis. RUSSIM, per, IZ~en Fiz Zhur. Vol VII, No 9, 19649 pp 113-117. AEC/Dounreay Tr No 183 On Loan cnly f ~'-" 6 3 0 93 Sci Jun 65 NCH-202 363 (p.240-244) Field 201), 13G Kosterin, S. I.; Rnatev. Y. P. CALCULATING THE HYDRAULIC RESISTANCE IN 1. American Institute of ANNULAR CHANNELS. Apr 65, Sp. 14refs. Chemical Engineers Order from ICE In InternatiorW Chemical Engineering. Now York, N. Y. v5 n2 Trans. of Inflienerno-Filictieskil Mmal (USSM YLUILDL-ILIQUI 5ee oleo 'Translated or Abstracted PubliCations.1 In TT Vol. 14, No. 8. Calculation of the Main Portion of an Axially Symmetric Turbulent Stream of a Real Gas,, by V. 1. Bakulev. 21 pps RUSSIANO per, Inshewino-FizicheskV zhurnal'I Vol 7. No 10,'1964,, pp 14-20. 9700M FrD-MT-65-195 Sci/physics Aug 66 3060241 Flaw Propagation in Laminar and Turbulent Flo4s., by A. P. Kovalev, A.5, lppolitoYo et al. 21 pp. RUSSIAN, per,,, Inzhenmo-Fixicheskiy Zhurnal - Vol 7,, No 10,, 034, pp 18-376. ~700945 FrD-MT-65-185 Sci/Physics Aug 66 306.242 NCH-202 363 (p.213-217) Field 13A, 20M Parnas, A. L. AN EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF THE 1. American Institute of EFFORT OF THE UNSTEADY-STATE NATURE OF AN Chemical Engineers AIR STREAM ON HEAT TRANSFER DURING FLOW New York, N. Y. PERrENDICULAR TO CYLINDERS. Apr 65, 5p, Brefs. Order from ICE: in International Chemical Engineering. v5 n2 Tram. of Inzheperno-Fizicheskli Zhurnal (USSR1 v7 n10 p37-44 1964. See also 'Translated or Abstracted Publications.' in TT Vol. 14. No. 8. Ye. T. Artykpaev On ithe Theoinj of Heat Conduction. RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal) Vol 7, No 10, 1964, pp 80-84. SC-T-722505 NEC 72-ilic)69-201.1 Hov 72 The Effect of Wtial Dlwharge on the Developmem of a Submerpd Nonlaotbermal Round Jet In 4 Noncon*ressMe Flidd# by F. ARM. RUMAN, per, Inz. Fiz. Aurml. Vol 7, No 10, pp 106-1U, 1964 NASA Tr F-9495 scl-phys NOV 65 291,667 Computation of the Trajectory of a iet~ in a Drifting Flow, by S. V, Vaklilawiv, 8 RUSSM, per, Inzhon-Fiz Mur, Vol viis No IVO 1964,, pp-T12-116. PIUOOG1766 FTD-TT-65-1977 Sci - AeronautiCS Oct 66 312,868 Experimental Method for Determining Attenuation Coefficient of Selective-Absorbing Media, by 1. Selivanova, D. Kokorev. RUSSIAN, per, Inzli-fiz. Zh. Vol. 7, No. 10, 1964, pp 117-120 CSIRO/ No. 7737 Sci - Aug 67 337-219 Samd All Won Conferimce on 7hermowand Mass Exchange, by I. T. Ellperin, G. D. Rabinovich. 21 pp. RUSSIM,, per* InahenernooFizicheskly Zhtumal,, No 10,, 1964, pp 130-11U. 9700766 FTD-Tr-65-1475 a f---; -/) X? e, Sci/Physics Jun 66 303g775 NCH-202 363 (p.336-340) Field 20D, 20M Gallullin. Z. T.; Krivoshein, B. L. THE NON-ADIABATIC FLOW OF A REAL GAS IN A GAS 1, American Institute of PIPELINF, Apr 65, 5p, 11refs. Chemical Engineers Order from ICE in International Cberalcal New York, N. Y. Y5 112 Trans. of Inzhencrno-Flzicbepldl Zhurnal IUSSIAl v7 n11 p47-54 1964. gig-M-0 71 Sansiated or Abstracted Publications.' In TT Vol. 24, No. U. Distribution of Drop3 According to Size in Atmi7ing Liquids by New of Centrifugal Atoidzers, by 4 G, Golovkov,, 11 pp. lauslIVIJ per, Inzhenemo-Fizidioskly Zhurnal: Vol VII, M 11, 1964, pp 55-61. 7985-44 f,"M-7-1-65-176 Men Nov 65 2910447 On One Mathematical Problem of the 7heory of Heat Mass Trmsfer,, by Ya. S. Rabinovich, 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Inzh-Fiz Zhur Vol VII, No 110 1964,p pp 67-72. W9034 r-1l)-TT-65-1137 Sci - 111att & Data Proc Feb 66 294p748 solution of A i-axed steady-state Ileat-conduction Problem for a Cylinder,, by R* A, Pavlovskiyt ItLISSINN, per,, DwIellarno-Viziaeskii Zhurnal, Vol 70 No 11, 1964, pp 73-76., i4avy tr 49671PTL JIIU TG 230-T492 Sci/Physics Nov 66 311,S60 11'~pplicatiwi of tlie Integral Ona-purumter I,bthos to tic Solution of Ileat Conduction ProbleLs for ;,~Odia -i,itlh Variable Menw-physical Maractor- istics, by Yu. L. Rozenshtok, et al. kLBSIA-11 13ar. Inzh-Fiz. 7%,, Vol 7, 174o Up 19640 vp AL I.C I ,ci/fwsics Jau 67 i,~.-asureraent of Swiconductor Marmal conductivity by a Nonstudy Probe Uathod,, by B, I.I. hogilovskiyp A. F, Chudnovskiyo, 15 pps RUSSIAN, pcr, Inzhen-Fiz Zhur Vol VII. No 12, 1964, pp 23-31. O-A3 IM-77-65-1257 sci - 1111y!; Feb 66 2940310 Reteimination of the Optimm Dimensions oi Radiatigg Fins, by 0. Yu, Kovosallssidy,, V, L. Ukolov, 9 ppe IWGSIAN, per, Inzhen-Fiz Murk No 12, 1064, pp 54-S9. 9698958 M-17-65-1032. Sri - Phys Feb 66 296,397 Errors in the Measuremont of Temperature at tho Surface of a Solid by Means of a Thermocotq)le in the Case of Heating and Cooling in Accordance With an Arbitrary Law, by B. I. Hakarov, 8 pp. RUSSIAN 0per$ Inzhen-Fiz Zhur, Vol VIIS Wo 12, 19649 pp 60:Z5. 9699633 1-"FD-TT-65-1257 T -r Sci Phys Fab 6G 2949811 The Flow of a Liquid in 11iin Layers, by P. A. Scmenov,, A. V, Solovlyov,, 7 p1j, RUSSIAN, per, Inzhen-Fiz Zhur, Vol VII, 12, 1964, pp 35-39. 969963.5 FTD-17-65-1257 /1,6~c Alvj- IA-3191 Sci - phys Feb 66 soiution of the 'iltormal-conductivity Problw for a Somiinfinite Body In the Case of a Variable liout-Transf-er Coefficient. by V. 1A. Yudin, 7 pp. RUSSIAN. per, Inzhen-Fiz kur, Vol VII, No 129 19640 pp VO-94, 9699633 I-TD-IT-65-1257 6ci - Pilys Feb 66 2940813 L)Ctonnination of Linearized Perturbation I-lows in the Case of an Airstrema Flowing Past Nonaxigym*trk C011iC Bodies at Great SUPOrSOniC VOlOcitYv bY A. m. Kkhita:ryan, W. P. Ovsymutikov, 15 pp, 1WSSIN-i's POr, InZ11011-Fiz 71url, Vol VIIS. 11,0~o 12 *1964v p"Ins-105. 9699633 FI'D-TT-65-1257 5ci - phys Vab 66 294,814 Generalization of the aiaraderistics of Electric Arcs, by 0. 1. Yasiko, 8 pp.' RUSSIAN, per, Inzhenerno-Fizichesk~Z Zhur, No 12, 1964j, pp 112-116, P100134467 FTD Iff 66-397 sci-k1aft hys May 0 324,984 jbwma at Artl4"),p 57P- roustL axert tram* V4 7# IMF" 'T, AD-W! %awl LL ne M2s 303 OWL ja 67 f-I F- (~- 4(SC-T-722505) DTHEORY OF HEAT CONDUCTION. oArtykpaev, E. T. joTranslateO by Patricia Newman (3andia Labs., Albuquerque, N. Mex.), frOM L51nzh.-Fiz. Zh.; 7: No. 19, 80-4(1964). 206p. 2ADep. NTIS. 2gheat transfer; translations 2T20M 28MN-38 29P NSA 0 ll.,at T'ans-fer to Liquid Mctcls in Turbulenlu- Whea the I!.--at Flux _rq DistvibuU~~d Sinvisoidall-,, A-lonry ~hc L,2nr,-bh of tha Pipe, by V. I. Pctroviich, L. RM'13LZUT; per, Inz-Fiz Alk Nauk-B~--lo-us -,q , Vol J1, UO 12; 191~9, pp 20-25. *AEC Phys 3111) 1-j0 investigation of the Effect of the "Oongy and AmplitWe of Flow Pulsgtjoo go CritiCgl 116&t Fluxes, by Z.L. MiropolOskiy,,M.E. Shitsman, at al, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, lnzh. Piz. Zh. Akad* Nauk Belorusske SSR Vol 7. No 6, 1964, pp 13-45. tft; 04 r- 7 sci/physics May 66 3010071 T/bj and bk reviev ftOnee'ring Calculation Metbods For the TfthwlogU&l Processes In Pressure Foradug of NeUlBw IW 10 pp. RUNIM.. bk.* I remq*-W"~- ckwklkb protzw;8!;;=--=I, matalim Heado Ub Sv See Air Info Divo Ub Gwg Aug 58 C,.~2.culatiori ~Y,--Wiods for the Toclinolo!,-, of MeWls, by V. S. RIT~IiSV~N; bk.~ TcMli,nologi- l-'tj;z4,bo-tki -Natallov -Davlen-i;Fev-,j God T"auchriotc~:hn, - Ize, --,ro Mashinostrost - Lit-ry (Nauchno- ob S),,--hastvo Mashinostroit Tallnoy L6~z.,A-zoeoii~ aia tr o rr vi, - y MoscoWi 1957, 214 pp- ATIC F-TS-(,0-P-2/V Qc i - Xiafi ct hi M D~~c 59 Engincering Method of Calculation of Elastic Systems for Free Vibrations,. by ri. A. Sol-JulinghVili. 3551 pp. IMSIAN, bk, Intheneniyy Metod Rascheta !I!rup,ikh Sisteri na Svobowo Kolobala-YU-1 1960, pp 1-346. 970U3b4-V Ff D41T-64-377 Sci/U~igineering .,iay 66 300,446 ~ -. lm lpiffig ps"U"Uo 4t ON QrMd for ArtILIM 7 PURPOMs W Te'Ve Malso No L bkikovp 1136 0 *11004,00 IMMIMp bk T III II jolgowo" N~Sto"tl dlp PxtlllwR-;', Alft ID 20MW Mft mu jo" 7f le 7' -7,o, fts 09 Engineering Calculations of Nuclear Reactors# by A, Ya. Krawrov, RUSSIAN, per, Inzhonerniye Rascheq Reaktorov,, 1964, pp 234-297. AEC ANL-Trans-270 Sci-Nucl Sci May 6 7 3260231 R-356/64 Engfilftr 4W R"M waft in Atomic EVIOBion, by 1. D. Vout~ Y. (SF-3380 RUSSIAN, bko %^';~ a WJMMWO - - Moscow# I PP 39-124. *JPRS USSR Mil Oct 64 61-11433 Karev, G. A. INITIAL PRMIING OF SIPHON SPILLWAYS (C) Vklyuchenil Sifonnykh Yodo8broeov Y Raboty), 1961, 24p~ FL-00 Int. $0.50 61-11433 0 an's of Inzhenern StroiteKny1,Inqt;#j,_Toms)L ~L_n Ofa Naii~hriykh-rrwov_T1DSSR) 1057, v. 2, 4 N p. -123. 123 DESCRIPTORS: Water. *Hydraulic systems, Struc- tures, Madiernatical analysia. *Dun, Storage, pressure, Valves, Automatic, Sensitivity, Ducts, Primers. Theoretical statements are presented based on re- search on models of flat profile siphons. The main factors determining the character of priming of the automatic siphon spillway are: (1) the sensitivityof the (Engineering- -Civil, TT. v. 7. no. 7) (over) 1. Tltle: Siphon spillways 1, Karcy, 0, A. 11. FL-460 Int (61-11433) M. National Science Foundation, Washington. D. C. Offi-I T-64.1 S-1-t Ba. of RecIamtIm R-750?-D 7-D-766(2) 6 sopt. t966 WSCREP WRIAZHENNOGO 306170IMP AMMI MTIVY 0,.,' SQKM.I SFIWC MRS, WGRUM Authors Orekbovs, V.G. %,Weal In2henerno-StrottelOnyi Inatitut, Sbornik'ilraekws. Kosomq No. 46 pp 3.5.4?s, 19& 13 PP Largmses;bn Eat ror wdss SnKwUtte md Vp I vow a=* Wt frm 1 mpy i -go dtl= ad the rob= oft Intaft. (Trpbw -M 4tm~bd) Handbook on Electrical Commmication - Radio Cmmnication, by G. A. Fedunin RUSSIAN, bk,,Inzh n_ Ro,,TqkhpAch p,4ty,-Zpr4yoq~nik z r Po Elektros loqvyd~.`) Viol VIII) 1958~7 &W M os6 , pp 1-500. 9678191-V ATIC F-TS-9992/V Sci - Electron 6 3 u - 4'7 70/60 March 60 ii-5/64 31.6 TT-17P Tonal Prequency Telegraph Equipmont With -- CW - RIUSSMj bk, Inzheneimc)-Teldinicheskiy SpIravoclinih po Elektrosvyazi, Telegrafi , pp 84-97- *~~RS/SPECIAL/MC-9125 Sci - Elec, EnGr i,iar 64 N-5/64 equi-pment 3-7 OTT-2 Single-Ohmnel Tonal TeleE;ralp i With M,T? Mff MISSLUT, blc~ inzhenerno-Teldmicheskiy Spravochnik Po Mektrosv7azi, TeleE;raf iya~ pp =o, 8-1o6. A--*" *JFRO/OPECTAL/Iff-9125 Sci - Elec, Elicr mar 64 N-5164 1.8 ChVT 'Frequency-Ttrn Tonal Telegraph Equipment XLISSLAJT.9 bk,, Inzher-c.-no-Teldmiclieskiy Spravochnik mpo Ele!ctros%-.,mzi, Telegrafiya-, PP 106-113. 44F-I'-S/SPECIAL/ITY-9l2k5 Sci - Eloc; Engr m,ar 64 Engineering and Technical Handbook on ulactric comunicatims: Talearaphyi by V# V# Noyikovp 1.1 11 Zubovskiyi 727 ppi RWSIAN; bk~ -T Sparvochink PO - .. - a : TeXeyr4fin Moscow, 1963, pp 1-657. FTD-Nfr-664SS7- Sci - Navigation, Coamunications, Detection. & Countermeasures Fab 67 320,054 Engtneortzg-TochrUal Rderem Book on . Electrical Cumm#cadon (Chaptar 3 and a)$ by V. V. NovMw. G. F 1 2105 pp. RUSSIAN, bk, bzb%jM2:Tekhnich ddv SW~V.Whdk pA V*XMSM- T 1963, pp 292-327; 471- 5201032. VOY7373 FTD-MT-64-182 Sd - Elec Aug 65 284,385 Detection of Cavl~tion in a Pump by 06011lograph Readings of Pressure, by K. K, Sballnevj, 16 pp#. ~ per., ~wh!ner=Ay-OWAY, Vol IX0 i951-j pp 27-44. Sel, Mae Lib 53/1494 Scientific - Engivieering CTSIDEX 6-