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Equipment of Operator's Positions for Routine Mdatenance Operations, by 1. Petrov,, Ye Lozbnikov,, 4 pp. MWIUP per Veetnik Vozdushnogo Plot-A,, No 3j, 19551 pp 53 57t Encl to n-i124-55- CIA D 332106. 1 AF 698019 USSR 3ej 93a M11- I~V / All ~~Al i,lffect of Gibberelin-Like Substances Ertmcted From L--aves of Different Plants on Growth and Flowering of Rudbeckial by M. Kh~ Chailakhyan, V. N. Lozhn:Lkova) 4 pp. RUSSLAM, per, Dak Ak Hauk SSSRE, voi Cmin, no 6, 1959, pp 1309-- Pmer Inst of Biol Sci Sci jui 6o s-72/60 OIT-M)- A Notbod for Rrv" I* Nydrom zwtop Ewbulg* In a Llqjuld Douterl= narift by Ym. )(. Vmbmklyo 11, 9, pp. =SM., W, nw fts OlAs Vbl Xl=, No 4, 1957j, pp 911-9A. Sol ft Chm Apr 60 Influence of the Special Structural Condition Produced D=ixg Rl&-teuperntum ftermmechmictil Trectment by Bolling on the Reat-resistance of Nickelt by U. 0. Loxinskil. RMSIAN, per., Issled. Po Vys- 2&,VVn I Nitevid. Krist - an SWR bwt - Not. In A. JA .- IkikoVa. 1963, rp 10$-M. NW5828.4 1965 (5614) M-6:. 402 //1/ 3 Ki'll sci Aug 67 335.9826 Def ornmtion of the Gas Disk of the Galaxy, by T. A. Lozinakaya, N. S. Kardakshev 7 PP- RUSSIAN, per) A"ron Zhur, Vol XXXIX, No 5, 1962, PP 833-839- Amer Inst of Phys Sov Astroa - Ai V01 VIi No 5 Sci Apr 64 254)139 The Thielmess of the Gas Dzisk of the Galaxy From 21-cm Observations, by T. A. Lozinskaya, 11. S. Kardashev, 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Astron Zhur, Vol XL, No 21 190631 pp 209-P'5. Amer Inst of Phy5 Sov Astron - AJ Vol VII, No 2 sci Apr 64 254~,496 The Influence of Certain Factors on the Reactivation of Paramecium Caudatum After Irradiation With Ultra- Violet Rays, by L. K. Lozina-Lozinskiy, 'to pp. W---- RUSSLUT, bk, Voprosy Tsitologii i Protistologii, Sbornil: Rabot, 1960. oTs 61-31olo PL-48o Sci jun 62 PST 545 197,6,11, (Dc-6314) LABORATORY INSTURMENTS OF ORGANIC GLASS FOR CYTOPHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, BY E. P. ZAAR) L. K. LOZINA-LOZINSKIY, 5 PP. RUSSIAN) PER, TSITOLOGIYA) NO 3, MAY/-juN i~6i, PP 359-361. JPRS 12323 scl FEB 62 182,84o Viability and Anabiwis In Aulmals at Low Temperstuma by L. I. Lozina-Lozinski7s 76 pp. MBOW,p bk,, Mm"t.- P. Ift. Anabics, 1955.p p 436. (PartW Tro pp A-430- CU 9049%5 M31 5 - 3-60 sci - MMUCIAO am 6o /0'.2 J, f 3 f Vimbilit7 and Anablosis in Animas at Low TWersuma by L. K. L*zlna-loOZius4Ts 76 PP- WBMM,g Us Muddt; P. VA. AmMos., 1955, v 436. (PartI4 W. pp A-430). CTA 909545 UB 5 - 340 fti - NNUGIM jim 6o 10-:2 '0, to f Microstructional Investigation of Palladium Deformation Under Tension at Elevated Temperatures (abridgement), by X. G. Lozinskiy, N. Z. Pertsovskiy, 5 PP. RUSSIAN, per., Iz Ak NaukSSSR, CtAel Tekh Nauk, MetaU- i TOPLIVOI No 21 190621 pp 136-151. sic Sci Nov 062 216) L~~2 (NY-5502) The Beat Resistance of Isolated Tissues and of the BWies of lake Frogs Found in the Waters of a Hot Spring In Zbelesnovadsk, by 8, N. Alaksandrov., K. F. Galkovskaya.. L. L Lortina-Lozinsklyjs pp 9. ]RUSSIO., per,, Tsitologiya,, Vol 11., No 4., 1960. JM 7680 set Fab 61 (Nv- -6117) Productior of Colorless Cells of Eugl~~ Gracills by Means of Short Exposure to High and Low Temperatures, by L. K. Lozina-Lozim E. 1. taar., 6 pp. RUSSIAN, perj Teltologiya, Vol 111, No 1,, 1961. JPHS 9339 Bei jul 61 8-5m (NX-03T)- Radioresistme of Parmala ftm Hadlowtive Sprlnp . by, L. S. N. Aleksudmp 12 pp. MMIAN, per, TBItologlyss Vol 1~ No 1, XM# pp "-70. Sci - lbd, CYtalM 9.51 .2 3?7 Aug W 017-Rizwlljlollv~' cong-eu of the AU..Ihiion 141cro- biologia,al Society., by A. B. Lozinov. RUSSTAN, per, Vest Ak- Hauk SSSR., Vol Mp NO 5., 1960p pp 104-106. 9073223 UMA Sai - B;Loloay I)ac 1.960 NH~ Cxidation by Nitrite Bacteria as a Function of Certain Factors of the Medium. 1. 7he Effect of (MIO gSO4 Concentration, bY A. B. lozinov, V. A. Ermachenko, pp- RUSSLW, per, Mikrobiologiya, Vol X)M4 No 5, 1.959, PP 724-729. Amer Inst of Biol Sci Sci - Biolo~y jul 6o ", Pigmented Form of Nitroscmonas Europaea, by A. B. Lozi Qyj V. A. Erwahankol 4 pp. ~ "A. r,USSIAN, per, mikrobiol, vol xx:EX, iio 4; 1960, PP 523-528. AIBS Sci Y ,,un 61 1.5- y -)- -16 te Bactcl-la X~C-tjoo ,T;-, by T ntall t.P LOZJDOV bY arsbvill P. el Mikmbiol, Vol XMU~ Ho 61 ig5g, AlBS sci 60 2" 6 / 5 Acv4mamt-ica of Organic Vatter by Hitror-.=aam D=opauca Cultw-as Grova on ViaogiwIsky 14adium,, by A. B. Lozinovp V,. A. Exmahccnka~ 6 pp., R-t7a3Va- I p-j, Uil~xobiologlya, Vol ~9-71) NO P.) 1955T~ mo 154-159 ~ Amer labt of Biall Sai Sai - Diolop Alor 58 Sam Comments on the Content mid Design of a 1:25.,000 Topographic Map, by V. M. Lozinovap 5 Pp. RUSSIAN, per,, Geodez i Kartag., No 2. 19619 pp 19-27. AGIJ Sol a4 , lt,4 w/ mar 62 An E*eriment in Radiogeodetic Position oorre.,Lation in Detaned Aemapetic 8u.YT*(7,!nG2 by A. 14..~~a . L. H. klWlin - RUSS.T-4N,, Prik GeoPiz: Sbornik 3-1cately '1701". MV, .1960., PP 213-2M. fiLL HTS 209T Sei - Earth Sci & Astrou mr 6:5 - 1~ 1 2 e~, (- v ;;I oxits, of a r Res- -Lorial Servey in the Caspiaa J~i:t ith UndervaLer by A.__M. Taimel'--ons V. 11. IaAina, 16 P'p. pcr, ilriltlathiuya GeofiLli I o 14, pp 115-1-09. ATIC ML-19/V scl - Geophys Feb 6o 4R-2h63 (W-W) String Gravlafter for $ or oravitr at Soaj, by A, Me ;ELI ~mm 15 pp. RMSVJ,, per., Is Ak Is* MR# Ber Gooftsp No 3, IMS PP NO-4". am LAT30-D sci - Gooftelo$8 gnminstry Jul 59 Yellow Fe'ver (Notoo for the Physician),, by 0. V. T-Imroyan, Losinskaya, 6 pp. 4 "Mam- RMSUN,, p--r,, Zhur Mikrnbiol Spidemiol j X==Obiolt Vol XXIXS, No 3,p 1958s, PP M-116- Forgama last Sci - Vied F--b 59 Observations of the 21-= Ilue for the Study of the Shape of the Galwtic Gaseous.Disk,, by T. lodns.'m~. I BMIM) per.,Vltoscow. Ws. Astr=. Ust. im. Bhterubgg. Boob.., N-6 131P 19-&P PP 3-7M, CS -7331 r 4-- L) -z- / ^/ s A-"9 y /) Sci - J'al 67 3AP ZT4 te Epidemiology of Yellow Faver., by 0. B. Baroyunt I. M. lozinskays., 8 pp. ,UssLU,, pers Voprosy Virusologiyp Vol III# No 18 958P vp 3-11. Pergawn jwt . Med 59 ,~j q ~5~-elj . ~ DateMom at JWm In aLUeste Om br a Trltwmu,=jW%M4 by L P. OddWs, T. IL wtmm~ - If# -1 ....... XXWU,p Iwo ow Aul Mktpp WL vie lb 3$ *Up pp 315-318- as ad am 62 xm#853 A Id Vat mdbod af gmmmmtivg dry and vat amtool. Cal IN Brno-I I In I I I'll, - tie mainsp bV Re Aldmms- ftvmild76-* so zad"1&4,p 4 Ste 4""Mov-porAW04 pbua YmOdageso VOL M=* lb 24, 2963. 00 O-UX3/2 PUJM Bd MW a Amvbmdaa maWs from IndnKbwj, 1w IR. A-.U as .T. Lmdr-1&4 0t gap 3 P9. Fous - - algd=p VoL M=j lb 2s V63. ON 63-UhU/2 PLJO od my 64 w#0 I the Fbotoswphy of Spam Boalatup by A. N. niuskiY.- 3 PP, MMo P*rt Ast= Vmr, Vol MMV s No 5,, 1960s 9371 938, culno X-408 - ftyslas 61 / ~qf .242 B-4747 (DO-M) Optical *mwft%I0W at ArtIfIstal Bulk B"Oultoll to tw 9=0 tW A. X. LMI,=4yo A. 0. NNWVUb,, 10 pp. U*M- pro wouvowada nuvis WY OMWIS Doom 3yous go 50 IWj pp 2340. 98 JM W-D Bet - opme Be# Jan " On the Relation Betwon the Indentation Ewdneze wd the Normal XWt1c MDftlus of P= Metals at Elevated Taperstgns, by L. 1equ&u.. s. Feaotov. RMIAN, per', Uvest, Mad Neuk SMO No 3,, 1956~ pp 59-67. um a 4. T/1050 Feb 58 Peculiarities of the Deformation In Menecrystalline and Polyerystalline Copper on Heating to High Temperatures In a VaCIMM) by M. YJU"j S. Fedotov. RLMSSIAN., per., Izvest Akad Nauk 0. T. 3f., Vol KII) 1954) pp 92-96. um aB 43 Sci - Minera.1s/Metals Feb 58 (SF-:L&)O) All-Won ScIlentifle-Techolma Cbefft-me on the Application of L2ftation Reetin6 In the Beat Treat. mmt of MetaU.. by M. G. Ingpskib 6 pp. RUSSIU,, pwg Meta- 1961s pp 59-6l. Bei - mwNet I Tam Obra Ustallow, No 2,, JM 4841 7 up 61 rag zffect of Rlolj~~ PIMUC Def=Mtiw 00 Vw Xedm'cel proywtL" of Rest aftiftent NiWOl-DOW Ancysj. by 86 To Idobldn, No 0. Losimkiyp 0t Set 7 vy. matalovedeniye i TerfiaDchesW& OWabatka gftt&UOV, so 1, *62) pp 38-hO - 966T340 63 An DwentisAim of tbm Poln=dJmti= a Volybdo= by N"M or RIO& Tawftw-,= $V. by U. G. Tomd L et allp.0 23 PPO Vwj, Ngt4lovedear j r-673ho oumbatk,metauov., No i,, U062, iv 57-64- Sal - .Tan 63 -he 1 reasinc the Strength of Steel Emid- AUC;Yf5, by M. G. L4zlnski .Y, 3 PP- RUSSL~W, pero Ve3t huhinostroy, VDI nT: WO 1, 1561, Im c6-63. .0 PM , a.1, 3 /,P/ Sci ,Tan 62 Righ Temparavare Yeatallography, lby M. 0. I li4ozinskI,Y~ 484 pp. MISSJM#~ bk. Pergemon Inut Sci - Phys g-0. ~ ZL 0) may 61 1 ~ 7-0- CIA hat) book C-TA TR 690 !A5 E5 p . -, lyj by 11. G. ,,IT . ,tur! bhp fYsokOtc-P8rllturnaya Vatallografjyal viomcows 1956p 312 ps) - C-111 6 4.15 ? l< F AT= r,-,S-9)420/v Vay 59 Nouvelift Tondaufts Dam la DeveloyVeMNA Do I& JOUlleWsphle A IbUte (ftw SO Tandencles In tbs. Beft2opmwt or Nigh- Tempemtwe 11 11 q )p by IL Cl. loduskiy (Losimly)p 61 pp. IMCD from BURTM, per wt metal No Up 1mv yy 18-49.- PAVW*-Oe framUtion ASCVCRA-ft%*77 Kinetice of Menge In MicrostrLwture of f%tals wA AILV* During creeps -linvaving Righ- Tempwatare Heatins Unftr Tension and Vacuum),# by M. 0. Lozineldy, 1. 1. Antipows, MWIMj, mo pw MALUav i Obrabotka MetaUav., Vol Ip go 5p TS;5, PP 9-14. Renry Brutcher J-- Tr NO $5.9D Sai ;704,;Z, Aug 57 Industrial Induction Heatin1g) by M. G. Lozinskiy. UNCL - ,JUSSIAN, bk, 1958, 470 PP- DSIR LLU (Lendin6 Library Unit) (no translation number given) AuE 59 Industrial Application of Induction Heating, by Me Go Lozinskiy, RUSSIAN; bk. *Pergamon Press Aug 59 CharacterisUce of Thermal Softning of Allayed Austeidta., by X. 1. MAster, V. F. Omvhkovs, RMSIM,, yer, Metal Term Obra MotAalovp No 7, 1959y pp 2-10- n 4652 Sol - mu/vat Apr Q Iftcradxucture and &Mueem Variation of Some Precious MetaUlburing Vacu= fleatiugo b7 X.G.- Lozinakiyv S. G. Fedotov. RMSIAN, pers Is Ak lauk SOm OTN# No 5# 1955a PY 109-1136 Bmtcher Tr No 3594 $2.90 Ct NM Scl - mlowale/Metals Chemistry 5 3~ cans Hardness Meaasurw~erts on Steels at High Temperatures, b7 G. F. Felyayeva, M. G. LosiDekly RUSSIO, peer, Matallovedeniye i Obrabotka Metallov, V61 I,.Nc 3, 1955, pp 54-57. Brutcher No 3733 $2.90 Sci - Min/Metalo Jan -57* M a4 .1 v 4 7~6 .4 mon -Spalling Indenter for Mar-azripg the Ha of l4etajo up tc, 13W' C In Vacutm, by M. Go/"' Loziuskly., M. B. Gutexuan. RUddlM p3r, i4ayod Lab~ Vol X111P 1956o VP 1358- 1363. Ileury Brutcher 3 GBO Bel - Filye V", Jun 56 VacwM Hatau0sraphyl Its pZ096fitIttate aw put=e Tronae of De"lopoiat, by N, T. OW*ms and H. G~o LozinskiYj 23 pp- 77 RUMSUANjo MW ba wi IMS Tot =12, No 60 pp 905-=. - 6 6 -4e- C, IAI sci &a M No 52/= Scientif Ic - Ificroscow 27 December 1952 -L -37,,-o 5 07. Vol J= %o. Ice Mar 1953, 5740. MP Tr 19 r1clentifIc - -Pbysica Sep 53 0733 ? Temperature Dependence of the Hardness of Iron- Molybdenum and Nickel-Molybdenum Alloys, by M. G. Lozinskiy, E. P. Sinodova. 4-!-..-,- RUSSLUI, per, Metal Term Obra MetaUov,, No 5, 1959., PP 35-40- EB 4582 Sci - Min/Met oct 6c) /-:-g 'q d 5F,7 (FM 24839) Hardwas Chanzes of Pare Metals During Ifeating.. by 14. O'.j~qZiukiyp S. 0. Fedotov., 13 pp. RUSSIO.. mo per Is Ak Nauk SM Otdol Takh Uuk no 4 OWP mos c 4APP 7. CIA/FM/U-7045 Usm Sci Mnerals/Hotalo., motoUurgy, bardneue CTS 69/Jun 55 Irrenh in t1m Dmlqmnt of RIO bmpmtw* Net&UcgmPV,, b7 M6 0- Lost"MYs. 30 PPO tm=t .Wzj'ibtsl i ftatboUm Yotanovq No U,, Ymcowp IM, y# ISA2. LM Sclostiffe - r%-,r.. ale - metauwv 174- 7Y-:;2- On the Structure of Austoutto at HI& Twqerat=,*,, by I. A. Odingg M. 0, Losirskiya UNCLASS3733D RMSXO.. per# rs Ak Nauk SMj, 0t4el TaM Nauk,, No 7t 1953s py 1035-ICh3- Rrutchar No 3274 49-40 sclentif Ic - miuAbtau )-:~-Y79 Procedure for Detexidniag the Rudwes Variation Pattern of Alpha aud go= base in St"i Doing Heated In Vacuo to 2000.0-.F, .#'by X, 0. Lozinshl RUSSIM# per$ Dak Ak Sauk G=p Vol Lymv- -No X# 1952, pp 63-66. %4 Y, 7b ~7f I Bratcher Order No ;a5 Wits $3.10 Scientific - minerals/metals Jun 53 CTS A'A 36 NEW w [10I)S CiP INCREASINGnir. STRENGTH Or 3ITH'I-S AND ALLOYS USED IN 11RANCIIES OF niE MACHINL INDUSTRY. 14 Mar 61, 3p. AID Rept. 61-:32; AD-25-14LK). Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 61-19633 Abstract trans. of Vestnik Mashinostroeniya (USSR) 1961 [v. 411 no. 1, p. 56-64. [)ESCRIPI"ORS: *11cat treatment, *Steel, USSR, Plastic flow, *Duforrnation, Austenite. Rolling rniflK. Forging, Exirusion, Aging, Cooling, Mcchanic-11 prorvrtics, Processing, Alloys. In the therm -;icchanical method the steel or alloy blind treated is plastically deformed by 25 to 35% after homogenizing of the y-solutionat 12000C and subse- qucnt cooling to I ](X)-IDDGOC. PAformation is immedi- (Metallurgy, 17, v. 6, no. 9) (over) 61-19633 1. Lozirlskii, M. G. 11. AID-61-32 Ill. Air Inforniefflon Div., Washinffton, D. C, IV. AD-254 4(X) 0111- T-Wc.l S-1... Investigations in the 1,5-Diaryl-3- flaloformazar.e Sories, IV. Reactien of 2mbx1i St Substituted I,S-Diphenyl-S-Chlorofomcz;,.tie With Nucleophilic Agents, by M. 0, LozinsYiy, P~ S. Pellkis, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Obstichei Khim, Vol XXXIII, no 1, 1963t ppnb5 113-117. Sci Doc 63 Increulzig the Accumay of Observatlow in Ntwlftr Photogm#de Platasp by 0. V. Lookin., 3 pp. F41SOMi MO P=p Zbw TOM lUs V01 XXTs No 7, 1955., pp 1,*1-1342. CKrA/FW/XX-116 1047' Sclenluf ic - K=lmr Pb"l= 3 Apr Olk the Ulgratim o,:r the U, Awtodto Onlu Boundanoo# by M. 00' MISSWs Wri DAAk Nu*-MU# Va aaw im zo Ix pr 53-56. sm4aw odw 1w- 30kh Scientific w moulumv Deformation Maracteristics of Single-Crystal and Poly-Q7stalliae Cqnsr at High Temperature in Vacuump by M* 0. Loaluski. MIAN, mo per# Iz Ak lbuk WOO Otdal Tekh Nauk., No 22., 19%.. PP 92-0. UKU OB ~q MY 58 Studies in the Series lv-5-Diary1-3-Ha1ofo=7.anes, III, Reaction of Arylazoehloroacetic Acids with Nucleophilic Agents,, by K. 0, Lozinaldy and P. S, Pel'kiB2 5 pp, RUSSIAN,, per,, Zhur Obahch Mim, Vol )=I., No 2, 1962$ pp 526-530, .2 Ott. Feb 63 Pecul'iariticc of the Micro-StUructure and Regu- larities of the Hardness of Sow Rare Mta:Li3 When Heated in a Vacu=, by it, G, Lozinakiy, S. G. Fedotov, RUSSIAN, per,, Izvest Adad Sauk S&qP,., Vol V, 1955~ pp 109-113 U12C Aug 58 on the initial stages of ftsion of complex retuilic Systems; by N T. Gudtsov and M G. Lozins uz~mnw .~'--Idy RUESIM per, Do; A Neuk WM$ Vol W=Up 19:;0# No 4, pp 639-692 Brutcber Ordtr No 3043 Price 70 Scientific - Metallurgy Sow Relatimships in tAe Deformtion'% of TeeWcal Iran MAer Cyclic Tempmt7are nuatuatims,, by M. Qje"k msswp pwp Maui I Tormichest"s obre moulufft Jbu IMv pp 15-16. 3=7 Xmtcb*r h476 SW YF6" 7t,4.,gl may 59 Son-Uniformity of Cre*p, by 96 G* LosUukiyo e.It al. - IMMsW, per,, Jbtal I Obra *UUoyo No 6p T95-fj,t pp 6-9. ROW7 Drutch" 4245 43-40 sci W, Chas Ifty 59 9, ~096 Displacemat of Grain Boumda#es in Annealed Xatal,, by I* A. Odln;~p No Go Lozlno*o So Go Fcdotov) zIIPk. RUSSIAN,. thrice-mo perv No li 19531 pp 75-&'t. A -7 7 USSR Sclentif ic - Muerals/vatals Dok Ak Vauk SSSR,, Vol XCIp 3 MP Tr 74 e/ 13P 4 All-MAon Conference for the Stu6,7 of Tendt9s., by V. A. Lozinsidy, 14 pp. RMIM, per.. Zaehddta F4atcdy ot VreditelV i- Balmnip Vol VIP No 1., 196ip PP 62-63. Sal Biol 'Tun 61-18135 "Wpi, A. V.. D'yakova, M, K., and steRintseva, 'r. c.. 1. IA)lovoi, A. V. SOM MIYSICAI, CONSTANTS OF HYDROCARRON U. Wyakova, M. K. mixTURLS. 119611 [81V. 8 refs. Ill. .1kepantoova, T. G. Order from ars or SLA $1. 10 61-18135 Trans. of Zhurna I Obshchel KhImIt (USSR) 1937, v. 7, p. 1119-1132. 2 DESCRIPTORS: flydrocarbona, Mixtures, Physical properties. (Uninnoun"d) .1 T-64.1 $"..t A A TeChnique for l3eginning &ad Erld'ing WelAS )I%& bY Three-A= AubOMUC &.&wrged Are Processj, by At A. mzlnirov; v. P. Lozovakijv~ V. V. Mbobkovv 3 pp. rmsiat per, Avtm% STUMP No UP 1%00 pp 49-51. WA sci sap 61 Is Not National Co=uuism Also Communism?, by Stasys LozoraitiB.. 4 pp. UNCLA533YIED GUIMAH, a npj Basler lachrichten, Vol CXIIIO No 473, 7 gov 1957, Baael, y I. US JM/DC-L-43 WE - Mtearland Pol - cowunism v Mar 58 A. Along the Routes of the v1shumwe NDWwa-cadpivili an Stru ProtectiTe brest Zone, by A. F. I$ Tvypnemko; B. Agro- teehniwl Bases of tba Ibreat Planting on tho StaU Forest Bat of the Vlshwvv~ya Mountains- Caspian Sea, by A. A. Losovoij 23 pp. RUSSUN, per, Is Vgi-s Geogmf Obebohp No 6,. Moscowo 19549 pp 550-32L 566a AGSJvIq G-62D5 Scientifto - Geopb7sLINS &Ographio E00nomic LMM01. A. v. and D'yakova. M. K. HYDROGENATION VELOCITIES OF AROMATIC AND UNSATURATED HYDROCARBONS. IV. [196117p. 18 refs. Order frcxn OTS or SU $1. 10 61-16860 iYans. of Zburnal Obshcbel KMmiJ (USSR) 1940, v. 10, P. 1-10. Another translation Is avallAble from ATS $17. 00 as ATS-58M40R [19W) 12p. DF-SCHIPTORS: Hydrogenation, *Hydrocarbons, Mono- -yclic compounds. The relative velocities of hydrogenation of benzene~ napbftlene, cycictexene, I-methyl-l-cyclohexent4 1-[:;1'."L)-1 cyclopen1k:ne, ft-hew-~e and sty-, one are ceported, as well as date on the kinetic order of AydrogerLa0con of some of thern. Benzene is hydrogenated in tht presence of nickel-alumina 150 61-16860 1. Izzovol, A. V. 11. D'yakova, M. K. 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ANTHRACENE, 9, 10-DIHYDROANTHRACENE, SYM- III. Title: Anthracene METRICAL OCTAIIYDROANTHRACENE, PERHYDRO- A~MIRACENE, MENANTHRENE AND 1,2-BENZAN- THRACENE. 11961 )7p. 30 refs. Order frorn OTS or SLA $1. 10 61-18224 Trans. of Zhurnal Prikladnoi KhImil (USSR) 1945, Y. 18 [no. 1/2) p. 35-42. I)MCHIPTORS: *Ilydrocarbonm, Decomposition, *Hydrogenation, 'Anitiracenefl, CatalyBts, *11henanthrenes. Hydrogenation of 6 fuwd ring polynuclear aromatic and hydroarommic hydrocarbons was studied under an Initial hydrogen pressure of 80 atm. at 380, 420 and 4751 in the presence of 51A molybdenum sulfide, and the S-4- (Chernistry- -Organic, TT, v. 6, no. 8) (over) Daccmposition R&teo of Yordrocaebons in Destructi)-c I j~ydrogenation. Part Ill, by A. V. Lozovoi, S. A. Senyavin) RMSIM, per, Zhur Priklad Khim, Vol XVI17, No 1-2, 1945, pp 43-49- es RJ-2m Sci - Chem FAy 6o The Uydr%c=tlw rAft Of ArQMUc WrOcu~b=- VUL iiydrogemucm of cmdismad Arantic Md:ocarbozw 11, tLLa pregmea of T=ptAm Dimafide., bv A. V- Imowd, s. A. Sevyavft, 6 pp. RUSSIAN,, no ~ pw Zkmr Obabob Map Vol UIV,, No 10p 1954., yp lW3:i*&;. crAc hein Burs= Set - Obeidstry 311r Ju= 1.9%/ d= on the VelcAlties of Oftoomt-im of A"-Cmtic HydromAons Vn. Nydrqpztim of Sonzem =d Ita HawlW Lu the Presence of T=Ptm Dl-.uIVi&j by A. V. losawlt S. A. semwsviu,~ 20 pp. IMOTIMP P",, Sboralk Statel ieo Tjjshchei M2imdyt Vol 3:10 1933S pp 1035-1042. CM/FM XX-221 NOT RMEASABLE ITO FORSKM FAITOdUS -"7 B--q 56 me Imms" USE cwz The Activity of Cwtsiln ~ alm"am - 1 J'4-%- catauvus by A* _I!-j#Myplp Be A9 SGW&Vl% A* Be VOI-Z~Whteynp 8 yo. Rmemi, lip Fw* EM ftft~~ VOL Xv=v No 20 tymm" 1- - AU loom oily, as 69100 Coirmolous of Bensew,, 9, and 160octsm in Destructi" Hydropnatim In Preseme of Alumimallicate-Eseed Catalyst# ~y A. V. ~~~ S. A. 86aywrim, L. S. Sovetom., a pp. RMSIMO pas ftr Pra Mdoo Vol =n,, No 41 1960, pp 947-952. Sci my 61 cB /P ~ Z L.. Muselevich, Tt M, P ri 1r 'j_ i Z'Lar ~'rik Klilm. 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