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Compart)tive Study in Milk and Casein or Isolated Bacteria in Hazewt-Tnv Mating Room and of a Nwber or Enzyme used In the Tanning Industry., by J. Prevot. FREH,j per,, Bulletin de L'Associetion. Franceise des Ingenierns, Chemistes et Technicipm des Industrieo du Cuir, Vol 24) No 9110) 1962) pp 30 -249 csim/No 6864 Jul 67 334., MB ad-M lkz~ *at 66 so^ Foliage Diagnoois of 1'emmts and Level of Yertilizera, by P. GiUler., P. Prevot,, m. 011rpier. FRENCH. North Carolina State College Unk Tr BIA Tr 3 /, 7 P) Scientific - BioIcMr RMONEM Comm, un Allow fxmsuw at par* oweism $tme. odiew -4 or Mineral Nutrition of the Peanut in the course of Its Growth, by Pierre2a.V.Ot. FRENCH USDA per NC State College Jun 59 Alumium Caps.,~by Plerrelprevoto 13-pp. EMMSSIFISD FMMCas part ]QgWlamp Vol XX# 1950p pp 27 -30, QW 428 WEur - Fmnce Econmic - Alumimm Cape Oct 53 CTS lwmn.-uligwbion of Pro)pertlea o:V Vubed Reffta- tory Clayrj by V, YA. Prowner, 1. A. Shilov, parj Dullol,,Z3 do L'AcadmIc dot; Sciences de I'MM.. Clazat-, dco Bei Ifechp No 5p X~16., pp 753-758- -D*pt of Int. Blur of Kim,-, M.ectrotech Exper 17 N 0 58 ufiucwe a tbe Spood of UtdUg ca the DOWndwtion of %CkWU lbrOmm, by M. Rmt1u, R - pre X1 - QMNI per.: AMMkoggM Vol 13, No Uy 1964p pp t;7-9D.01 CSDO/It) 7332 k. pa, - -, L- Sel - ja 67 334473 Curowato 'ruijliy of organic substances, pt 4. lhiki-Lay r Urojiatoguphy of Carbohydrate. by V. Prey, 6LW-AN, ,)or, r'dirochimica Ana,, No 6, 1961,, vo 8 ivLL 114i: 5828,41' (7620) A New Structural Constutuent in Fe-C-Si A1loys , by K.K. Kasymbekova and A. A. Zmniscalv, 6 ppe RUSSTAN, per, Metal i Term Obra, MetcLUov) NO 7-8; 1961., pp 15-19. Acta Metallurgica. Sci may 64 258,525 Cancer of the Zimbal Glandp Leucosia and Other Rat Weaplasm Called Forth by qplO-Dimethyl- 1,2-Benwnthracene) by B. L. Preyegoseyena. RUSSIAN., per, Voprosy Onkologilp Val IV, No 5, 1958t YP 536-542. Parg=ou Presu Sci jan 6o 61-19282 Preypich, N. Kh. AN APPARENT PARADOX IN THE APPLICATION OF I. Chronogaphs--Errors THE THEORY OF ERRORS TO THE DAILY RATES 2. Errors--Theory OF CHRONOMETERS. 7 Apr 61 181p. 4 refs. JPRS: R- 1. Preypich, N. Kb. 114-N/37. 11. Title: Saviet... Order from LC or SLA mi$1. BO, ph$l. 80 61-19282 111. JPRS-R-114-N/37 IV. joint Publications Research Trans. of Geodezist (USSR) 1936 [v. 121 no. 6, p. 58-62. Service, New York Offico *F Tec6l"l SoMees (Unannounced) Ou CyWrmtsice aid BMoVp by 1. is F"Zoutb M.SSM. imar AgroblologLA, No 4, 1960, pp 624-634. JT .0 CIA ". um ,ci - Blolw Apr 61 / AIS 44:~-/ I r~-A i 61-,51~5T 5 Double IPWtUuatlm Od vitaltyl by tp MM, 0"0. Is A %* MRS Ow Kas No 19'AWW~ IVA, of 59-730 VI-\.~- ~!- ~' I mi adua lea 3.PA C40 Pharmacological Researches on New Derivatives of Selicylic and Gentisic Acids# by P, Presioel. MUM,, per,, Arch Ital Schi Parmacol,, Vol Vo 19551 pp 174-189j, ABLIB-02 Sci 71, .1/;7// Aug 58 f -uy -e1 e. i-,,. tlcl-i'~N, L I socc Ital B." 0l spor, 192-195. 61-10814 FrEE "os P., Marmo, E -, and Miele, E. 'Mcrs oF CHLORO- AND HYDROCHLOROTIIIA- 1. Reserpine- -Physiological ZIDE ON THE HYPOTENSIVE AMVtTv OF RESER- effects PtNE (Efferti delta Cloro- e dell'idroclorotiazide t. Prezioal, P. sull'Activita lpotensiva delta Reserpina). [t9611 (61p. 11. Marmo, E. 19 refs. Ul. Miele, E. Order from SLA ml$l. 80, ph$ 1. 80 61-10814 Trans. of Soclieti) Itallians dl I Blolfogial Sperlimentalel. Bollfettinol 1960. v. 36, 15 AUg. p, 790-794. NAM of T"4C.1 S~Ic*s (Biological Sciences- -Pharmacology, TT, v. 5, no. 12) ImpriLlse Tests of N.V. Cablesj, by ~- G#PrA- Oggla. ITt,MM,, perp Uettrotecuicao Vol LZIp Jtm .. 1954,t PP 2B9-293- ASM-0225 Sci Aug 58 71 of AnUend Oftno ky A. 1, Pria&o and S. N. vylakawo RUSSIAN* p" 101 119 IMS pp 74-45* wCPbTA IT 070SU41 Nov 66 Key to the Ttiua&pdins of Blister-Beetles (Coloop-tera) Meloidae) of the Tribe Mlabrinl in the USSR Fauna., by M. A. Priamikova L. A. Yulchneviah., 7 PP- RUSSIM, per, Entomolog Oboz., Vol XXXVII,. Vo I., 1958., -pp 176-leP-. Sci A= / S t~ , wo) ~.? d ion 61 The De"Jopwnt of Eleotrm-cimwoopic Methods for Obaervation of the Nicropamtry and buiosion Centr" of Omralmlo Catbad"js by 0. V. spivakp Z. M. Dubininap I. S. SbItalkovs, 1. A. PrieAk. vap D. P. Vinogradav,. 19 pp. MWIAN.. gerp ftdiatek i XLeXtram.. Vbl In, No 8, 1958,, pp lD77-1083. sci Aug 59 0 Conaltants Dwreau Sclent ifte - Chadstry Iq , qf. Nw"lqpnnt or Ampu ftedINP salesud looft I rmto4p %w " rAwwklm, zmwp Iwo AsmMoloo-y-up ft 3& M6j, w LA-wo Oet. 62 (DC -5642) Making Forest 3.%plaitation Profitable: The Central Task in the Administr6tion of the Forest Reaerve and of the Wood Mass., by Gb. DLjbeanuL c, pp. RUMANDS, Per,, Revista Padurilor,, Vol LXXV~ go 9,, 1960) PP 551-554. im 85U Our - Rurania Econ Jul 61 Atmes par m f I (cholataintrie) X6In- Ok-latlcn dt divers mftm divelento a llaide dlowgbmmtbr*llne, SolooW du plamb et de l'talmdaump,ty R, PZibllp F* V.Vdltp 21 pp* MM to PMM, per, C021W~- ct the Czechm2ank clemicol --- -- - Omi, Val uvp No To lmp pp 33D3-3W8. Femme MA-A-1578 Sci oct 64 A lWw Rmpld 10thad for r-lolng TborUm In the Prwom of Urcontus bimp LuMmat Urauium,, =A Other "Vt Xot&Up by R. Pribil.. IC. pp. ~-w LTS-IM-840 ==Ws w..Vft--!Tp M is, 1960m pp 8-12. AM Tr-498 scl - min/*t , ( .1 -~/ ; ---,." ~ .. )^.M-~ aw 01 - "I ~4 1./Spq .: - / "I /, ;~ 55.f 7 fil if"; lAdlllL-. tttmmm %~b~bvv)r Zme 8; uw vassral"614a of cqwo IV414 AIMIlMe ftA fit0dat IW L KWP It- PO"s 0=34 pro am uOrt -ftL w aso". ASM *4 IM MIN The Application of Complexones In Chwdoal Analysis =. The Gravimetric Determination of Phosphates, by R. Pribil. CZECH, per, Offprint from Chem Listyy Vol XLVIj 1952, pp 400-403. IWDOC-T1803 Sci p" ily Aug 58 63-14239 _2dWJ. Rudolf: Cohaltk, 1. and others. RK 0 LEXOMETRIC TrTRATION IN PHARMACEUTI- C . Title: Complexmetric CAL.ANALYSIS. 1. DETERMINATION OF MERCURY. analysis 11963112p. (figs. fmnotes tables omitted), Pribil, R. Order from SLA $1.60 63-142.39 11. Cobalik, Ill. Title- Determination ... Trans. of Ceskosloylenska) Farmlaciel 1953, v. 3, p. 38-43. DESCRIPTORS-. *Mercury, *Titration, Chemical analy- sis, Pharmacology, Mercury compound N Chlorides, Oxides, Acids, Diuretics, Determination. A complexometric method has been worked out tor the A 22 .2 6 7 determination of mercury in tablets with mercuric chloride, mercuric oxide, ointment with yellow mer- curie oxide, mercurtealicylic acid anhd ide and oo~ne ;, diuretics containing mercury, such as iions. 'Me principle of this method In based on the (Biological Sciences- -Pharmacology, TT, v. 10. no. 5) WAS fA Tub" In I . (over) complexametric Titrations (chelaUmatry): survoy and Introductionj by-R!Ngl? Rcibilp 19 pp. C720% per Cbem UstypTol XLVIZ,, 1953j, pp 1173Z93. 81A 59 -10980 3c I - Cbem SeP 59 Vol.20 No 2 Com,lexor.etric Titration (Chelatomatry), Part so by R. Pribil, Z,, Roubal, CZECH, I-vr, Coll Czedi atom Com, No 190 19S4, 1162-1170. UL Ref: 9022.401 (7461183) 2 L Sci/Chem. Mur 70 4010884 CaAP1WWMOtriC TitrAtiOng,(OUgAtmetry) 1. Introduction and Review., by R. Pribil, is 14 NO CZM,, per., Collection of the Czeeboalovak Omical Com- municessum-sy V,01 x7mv No 6p PP 783-7979 SFA Tr 1510/56 Sel - Cbem -2 6-7 Mw 57 CTS I III 10:21110illowm, ow mollp "lowsm 1 44~mwpw 1. lol-skosmIftft . I , Iw -0040 aw ~ AWA Wo IM lb - 9* IWLIW- - ~ - noI ~7 oe~, I - 9A - cfimi~~~ am 67 .396M ' The Use of Complexones In Chemical Avalysisj, by R. Pribil, L. Fiala. CZECH, per, CMz Llgi;y,, Vol,01,195oll PP 331-337. TIL Tr 4748 Sci - Chem , 3 -'7, 'g, a S Jan 58 63-18159 Pribil. Rfv.lolplij. COMPLEXOMETRIC TITRATIONS (CIIELATOMETRY) 1. Title: Chelatometry IX, CONMBLMON TO THE DUERMINATION OF 1. Pribil, R. NICKEL IN PRESENCE OF COBALT [Komplexo- 11. Title. Contribution ... metricke Titrace (Cheistometrie). IX. 1. [196316p. 9 refs. Order from SLA $1. 10 63-18159 Trans. of [Sboraik Chekhoslovatskykh Mmicheskykh Rabot] (Czectw3slovakta) 1954, v. 19, p. 1171-1174 (also pub. In Chemlickel Usty (Czechoslovakia) 1954, v. 48, p. 825-827). DESCRII'TORS: *Nickel, Chemical analysis, Titration, *Cobalt compounds, "anides, Complex compounds, Chelatc compounds, Potassium compounds, *Sequester Ing agents. (Chemistry- -Analytical, TT. v. 10, no. 12) (over) 01fles ol TochWcal SavIces _tEL%I, RudW. COWLE)COMETRIC TITRATIONS IMIELATOWRY). IIL THE SCRSENM OF AUAMM. MAGNESIM AND CALCM WrrH AWAONIUM FLUORIDE [Kamplaxometricke Titrave (Chelsommart* M sdnetd Hhdku, H=ft a Vap0m Fluoddan Amawym 119631 Op Order from K-H MOD K-H 6233 Trans. of .~- Lisw (C~~ 119U, Y. 48. no, 1. p. 41-441 DESCRIMRS: OAlumiaum, *Af~pWwa, *Cdclum. Voluinetric ualy&U. *Ansmonium compmands, eFluorldes. Ccmm COMM-6 (See also KH-6mg) 7T-W23M 1. Tide: Cm*kwnoWc 1. Mik L 11. 7ule: Smwb&.. M. Tidir. Stlse&.. IV. K-H-6233 V. Knows. - Science DsbviJ6 MkL -0 (Cberntstq--An4ydcal, TT, v. 11, m 3) 0"$- j T-hnlcol Se"tces Pribil, Rudolf. cohvi.Exommmc Trmmom pya-Ammmv. 1. 111. THE SCREEN1240 OF ALUMORD4 IRON AND 2. MANGANESE IN TTMATIONS USING MUREXIDE AS I - INDICATOR [Komplexometricke Titrace (Chelato- it. mecrie). 11. Stfneni Hliniku, ZeIPZA It hilngAnU pri M. Titraci na Murexid]. [19631 Up IV. Order ft= K -H $11. 00 K-H 62D9 Trans. of Chemicke Listy (Czecixelovsk-la) 1953, v. 47 [P. m-13M DESCRWMRS. *Chemical indicators, Volumetric anslyda. LWvnese. lm Aluminum, chemical compounds, Metals. Chemical analysis. 7T-63-224U litle: Chelatoinetry 7UIc Mureodde Pribil, R. K-H-6209 Kresge-Hooker Science Library Associates, Detroit, Mich. 280559 (Chendstry-Analytical, 7T. v. 11, w. 10) office 0 T-hnical 5.-j... Use of Compomis to Chad"I Amaple XXIX. Me AaldmtrU Potaulwtim of Bwlc Actdo bw a 10 L. vwwcb. (IXAPOL PWI WAM I"% Val IMs 1"2s n 337m v ToLL. T.46W act. awsuft7 36 2-/ .4 q9 Avg 190 Complexometric Titrations (Cbelatmetry) XI. 1,,2-Diaminocyclobexane-NsN,vN'pff'-Tetraacetic Acid as Miss Reagent. Stepwise DeterYmination of Iron and Manganese (Magnesiums Calcium); Determination of Copper With Iron,, Nickel, cobalt and manganese,, by a. Pribil, 8 pp. GMYVAB, per, Collection of.Czechoolovak Chemical Comwnications,, . Vol XX, 1955t pp 162-169. N CIA/FDD/ Z-218 Sci - Minerals /Metals, Chemistry" 61-2M51 MNIPLEXOMURIC 71TRA71ONS (CHELATOMETRY) 1. Title: Erkdwomblack-T V. SCRrIMG OF ALUMENUM AND IRON DURM 1. PrJbL1, R. 'nTRA'11ONS ON ERIOCHRO&OLACK T (Komplexo- U. Title. Screcib* ... nwrickv T'Itrace (Chelatometrie). V. StIneni HUniku a Zeleza pri 71tracich na Ertoduwwern 71. (1961] 13p. (foreign text Included) 7 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 61-20251 Trans. In manuscript of Chernficke] I-Asty (Czechoelov- akia) 1954. Y. 48. p. 3a3-385. DESCRIMRS: *Complex compounds, Oritration, Amines, Bbyl radicals. *Reagents, Iron, Alwninum. Zinc, CadirAwn. Manganese, Magnesium. Deternil- nadon, Chcffdcal IndIcators. ~:i 7 (awinistry-Analytio-A, Tr, v. 9, no. 10) afte 01 Tockskil ServIcal as StAMS at ~ an 00 alwall I I P-.-:, 0 kawam am*' tv 1% ftvww~ J. -ftftu a=,* OWPOWAIMM& va * go x-i4 X*Ihp W 70307w0 am 51W J. Pribyl 3045% sal - ft"Oft am *p%ml* jam 47 Ila 610 A &oWm 4* V. coo T*Yblts 16 go PtAb4moo, WMIN't pra, I A" ox Ak ang 1n& mm. I JIM N Jug I: (NY-6944) Twat a gwory of Puplalo0eal Psycholoat by, L Piribmt 36 pp. ' Raw-u-so wo V%wm ftmoloal) To, TO No 2.- l9a., pp 133-156. JM 13302 ftl - Ned 1?eJ143 ftr 62 Reduction of Maebine Wsl&t- An Maportant Ecoamic 2 Task& by S. ftacbmMs, S. Pribs,p 5 pp* WMASSIMED RMIAN, per3, fa MME" Phterbim, No 3; Oct 19529 pp Ub" 15*20., Ewl to lAl-170-34,p ANOXII-M. A? 61%03 USSR v3ef Eeonawl - Machift4xMaing industry aun 54 cTS CIA D-aft A Dipstive Imm ft the G&U-MAdder Wall vith a Lipolytic Activator Effect (Cba6G7Mw)v by B. 0. Pribrm, Y P. GMWM9 per Umb lbd Woobamebrj, 193% Vol I=Ms No 46, pp MA 59-WM4 sai Nor 60 Vol 3s No I 'NY-6218/3) Research ThAs In Study of Wectious Diseases of Swfte,? by Imll PribylL_8 PP. WFICIAL USE ONLY CZWH: pw., Voterinand Hmnolm,, Vol vi (xxm), No 112t Folo 1961.p pp 1$-17- JM 9765 Sci - lied Aug 61 A Coatr:tbuUca to the Tftvlnoloeyp wA to the IV 904S 0 of lubmgs=WIW In Cut Bafteas by J. ftivi. MM# VW& Namik Vbdoo4lb Pftft Vrooko mz&v w 83 Fsb 63 Aft~ A OONTRWUMN OF THE TERMINOLOGY, AND TO THE EMANATIOK OP DMMMENsay 1N CAST BODIES. Aug 61. Order from MU 8 So MT Trans-83 Trizim. of Vy9oka Skols Mmuka. Sbomik Vadockych Procl (QcwbamlovAUa) 1959. V. S. " 3. p. 20-261. DESCRWMRS: Sub*t b"&P^ *CasioM czmwswva" (mmucturinz 7T. V. 7. m 4) 61-2630 1. hlbyt 1. U, hrr7,rarj-g3 W. TbIlemaebs. X do 0. (Gt. 0411" 44 T.A.I.J %.M~ Pomation of Suboutanams Blowholes in Steel aastings), by J. Pribyl.,-... GMMAN, per, Giessereitechnik,, Vol V, go 9,, 1953) pp 216-222. Sci .- 2ngr - Aug 62 " 1 -11/56 ou-p no 133 SETDC (DC-4021). More Effective Elimination of ShorteomingEi in the Preparation of Investmat Construction) by V. Jancar; C. Novotny) L. Pribyl) 10 pp. FOR OFFICIAL USE OBLY CUM., per, Kontrola., No 3: 1960., pp 13-20. JPRS 3757 EEur - Czechoslovakia Eeoa Aug 60 COPYRIGHT MM AMMS WaltA*# sW PUMMp Sobwt Ajoh ftftubuttanwem% Mw Q*Wm of Vold OnakIn In Qhrwd=Hl*%vwlw4"~ NRL 20 Z7 7 ;~,O Antitank Obstaclea, by Id. P. , Pribyl I skiy) 50 pp. RUSSIM, I=) n-OUvotailkovy-ye Frepyatstviy~,, I',: 411~ pp 1-79. ~6 707e ~ ACSI 1-3313 ID 2246274 USSR Mil The Effect of Alkali Metal Oxides on the Activity, Selectivity and the Phase Composition of Binary Catalytts Based on A12 03.9 by A. M. RLfbinstein, 11. A. Prib~-Lkova, 6 pp. RUSSI&i, per, Iz Ak Nauk SSSR, Otdel Ehim Nauk, iio 9, 1961) ~~tl ~5~~- CB 202,796 Sci. jull 62 Decomposition of Isopropanol on-Alumina-Cbromium Catalysts,, by N.A. Pribytkova,(8 iiN . J?.iws~tz-w, RMIAN,q per., Iz Ak Nauk SSSR, Otdol Khim Naukp Xo 6s 19610 pp 996-100h. GB 7 0/ Sci Apr 62 Properties and Structure of NN A 0 C ts. OZP- Y10 Iat'llys Com=ication 1. Effect Of C 08 t n and Con- ditions of Thermal Treatment on Activity and Se- lectivity. A. M. Rubinshteinp A. A. Slinkint N. A. Pr~ "Av~a) 7 PP - RUSSIM, per, 1z Pk Nauk MR, Otdel Xhim Naukp No 'It 1958) pp 814-821. Consultants Bureau Sci Apr 60 ACt4 -Vftj~s. jj~~ of'M' ZIhC =Id ChIVNIAM W4000 An.doop =d 562=Mas In the Saftaftm of MUCbmsene I and the Selective A~--.& UFO --- qpp --a Mo3afIA ILto w~ Olenuj, by A. go MEWmAn, & A. DAMIJ, a. Ga. MUM# IN At NZOW4P 7 PP'- YOU t r RAWMS w0 y4r.0 X& Ak Hw&j. Ot4al M" oak& No 39%,q 0 596-603.- BMW 57 MB Structure and Texture of Aluminum-Chromiu-m-Potassium Catalysts and Their Activity and Selectivity in the Decomposition of i-CaH70R, by Ao 14* Rubinshtein, no-Ac trj~ ~k Vo Aq Afanaalyev, 14 pp. RUSFIAN, per, Kinatika L Kataliz, Vol 1, No 1. 1960, pp 129-143o G. 5 /C/o Soi Jul 61 Use of the Method of Ultrathin Section in the Elec- tron Vicrmcopy of Catalysts; by A. M. Rubinstlemp N. 1. Dasbevskiyj N. A. Pribytk~ 11 pp RUSSIAR, per., Iz Ak Nauk SSSR., Otdel Khi pp 431- 435,, 1957. SIA R-1616 Bei - Cbem Aug 58 2 Catalytic Fropwties of the SyBtem A'203--Fe2o3$ by A. H. Rubinahtdas lie A* Aribytkovas 7 pp RWSWO per,, Is Ak Nauk SSSRO Ot-del Kbim Naks No 2. 1960s Pp 173-181 OB sa / -. 3 "7' / Apr 61 Effect of the Structural Factor on the Catalytic DecompositUM of Alcohols VaryIng In Molecular Weightt by A* 14, Rubiushtelao N. A. Pribytkovap 4 pp. Pun trawlation. RUSSIANt bino per,, Iz Ak Naukj Mel Kh1m lauk) ffc~ f, Jul/Aug 1955, pp T70-772. ciA c 4A76 4 Consultants Bureau Scientific- Chemistry 56 cTs/dex mar 3 ff-ect of the Dimmima'at the: Zle=t=7 Crystanites j CatLIPts'()f on the ParosIV imad ActAvilty or A~20 Dsdhy~Ux Reactimso by, A.M6 Rubbbhteinj 74H. Vdoserbera,, VA. PrOytkovas, 8 pp. Russint b1mo pwp~ Iz Ak N!kL- No 2p Nmr-Ayr 1952'# PP 323-333,, consatents Bureau USSR Sclentific - Chemistry NO 54 M/M A41 a? 41~ (NY-7108) I NIGERIA IN THE STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE) BY L. N. PRIBYTKOVSKIY 218 pp. RUSSIAN) BKj SjGL&n V BORIBE-ZA NEZAV I S I MOST PP 3-1910 JPRS 14363 AFRICA NIGERIA POL JUL 6? 202.,3o6 ENTERPRISE ORGANIZATION UNDER DECENTRALIZED WORKER SELF-ADMINISTRATION., BY BRANKO PRICAj, 11 PP. 1~ I.. .... CROATIANs PER, TECHNIKAX NO 110 1962p PP 2202,2203, 22o4.. 22o5. JPRS 1734o EEUR - YUGOSLAVIA ECON i. JAN 63 220J,982 Lrmqw Actim I& ftud ard Mbfiladal d" swetlaws IW T pp.:. amo,, per, Gnftto &ddv fw Wftalndt Vol cult 19"s pp Oct An L as% YL a& son&. A of now lqw IN so As ftq~$ft 060 v4 4;t 62-18656 Price, C. C. FOLTWE'R(ZATION OF OLEFIN OXIDES. [1962121.p. 1. Price, C. C. Order from 07S or SLA $2.60 62-18656 ti. patent (Belgium) �07 024 Ill. patent (Belgium) 566 583, Trans. of Belgian improvement patent 607,024 (im- rev. provemeni on Belgian patent 566,583) by General Tire and Rubber Co., USA, filed 8 Aug 61 (filed USA: 8 Aug 60). DESCRIPTORS: *Synthetic rubber, *Butadfenes, *Pro- penes, Butenes, Pentenes, Oxides, Polymerization, Manufacturing methods, Vulcanization. CN79 03 It is a purpose of the invention to prepare a solid co- polyrner from olefin oxides which can be vulcanized or hardened by classical rubber vulcanizers and which is water-resistant and applicable for the production of - article.9 analogous to rubber, Another purpose Is to obtain a production process for copolymers from one (Mate ria Is - - Elastomers, Tr, v. 9, no. 5) (over) Offin of Tockkil Senins or several saturated alkylene oxides with one or sev- P11- 62-18656 eral unsaturated alkylene oxides, these copolymers being capable of being worked on rubber machines and being produced und vulcanized with the use of a classi - cal rubber vulcanizer in order to result in rubber arti- cles possessing good properties. (Aurhor) gc&gu 'rmebuoloal in Mmao "Wifts by vo utus 0 PC* I Vol VILI, yvice 14V pert A w 1944. Pp W~"* tio 10, Oct jVy~q 28b2b . . Mosel& f 9 jj;-A I Uxa r,aj~ 65 275,117 Machlues for the )brking of Bloams and Blabs,, by Probedin, Pricbodko, RMIU.. pery Stal., no furtbar roference. Co-op Tr Sch Tr 717 Scl - Engr :3- ?~4g, Jan 58 7 4 05, XAY 59 I I Tablo of Costents and Abetract of "ClImue SUMY Of the Kara 0". by ;11 it. Prick, 17 pp. RMSM. CIA/P=/X-MT Scientific - Coo ft oleo LWOEX 00, 4 ~ 0 7hermocoliple for Mwt-Duratlon T&Vmtura Mwmwements RwbjM 2,93Wj by N.I. Svedo-Shvets: M.Vo PrIdestsevo, MMTAN,, bk.. Sovesbabsolle Po Inoy Takhaike I Matodim VYB*kl)teowa,,tmTqkb raeledavoul., 1956., 19591 pp gL9-635- OQW9. AIMC MM 4WJL sai - M14yat jun 61 Ileat Transfer and Themphysical Properties of Miten Allmli Metals* bY 1. 1. Nbvikovi A. H. soloyev,, E. M. Khabakhpasheva,, V. A. Gmzdav,, A. I. Pridants M. Ya. 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