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December 31, 1983
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A Simple Method to Isolate Vital Loukocytes Frout the Periphorul Blood, by P. Procaccio. ITALIAN,, per, Boll Soc Ital. Biol Sp!r-, Vol 44, No 180 1968, pp 1536-1540. IIEW NIII 5-22-69 sci/B&M Aug 69 388,786 Contribution to the Knowledge of the Correlations Between Olfactory Bulbs and the Neuroendocrine Systemt Part I. Body Growth and Development of the Genital and Endocrine Systems of the Rat Subjected to Removal of the Olfactory Bulbs in Prepuberty, by S, Giamanco. ITALIAN, perv Societa Italiana di Bldo ia V 0 jj~ Sperimentale. Bolletino, 01 44, V 1965, pp 1802-16UT.- NTC-70-13172-06F Feb 72 Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of the Estimation of Fatomaternal Ilomorrhage, by A. Cattancoo ITALIAN, per, Boll Soc Ital Biol SpE. Vol 44, No 22, 1968, pp 1876-1879. HIT NIII 9-16-69 sci/bqm Nov 69 397,156 Checking the Neonatal Ucliango Transfusion by the Kloibauer Test. by A. Cattanw. ITALIAN, per, Boll Soc Ital Hiol SperP Vol 44, No 22, 1968. pp 1879-1981. 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Bellido 1969 Improved d1guotibility of bhe Pumvisn N*h meal (DigestI1,11.1dad oorregldm an )iarlns d& panoado per"na) Pol*tIn de 1A Sociedad Qulmica del Peru, U(1)t 1-13. In sj~vnlsh. Transl. by TPH for IWIFS, Nov. 1970, 14p., typeacript. Avail. on Loan NMFS, Waah., D.C. h T/S 77- -7 5- 2,2 3 S' Original Article Chocked.k Ilk ItAL pe R0 3 it-lb ve 72. 9~11-3 06 Waunft) at vwawmda r_-- - (Oodqpqft wA no") tW AWmft JMD# VOWBOLMS dm CMQAM awatim /.49 is soole" submwel"t XD*3* fipw&A Type"r lTn"ld; gas am IVAA- tltlO in orla. uqpqp &us$ zolm pp- ao cat astile"t PORE, J. Foam and anti-foam in the tanning industry. Boln tec. As oc. quin-i. c sp. Ind. Cue ro 18 (8):194 - 214 (1967 (GB 118/T/3333 (39)) i"Zlex Lopez, J.L. and a. JoRbaholmn 1970'1 m,vrotion of a omit trash-ftsix awal pLant on board a uhrtmp trawtur in 91 Sulvudar. A toohno-cconomical avalwtlon. Oiperaalcm tle wjuuna pLanto de 1wrLu LniituLada a hordo & bardo 3amaronero on 21 Salva(lax. Unn ev.%luacton tachnloo-ocolmica) PAP; Pro~.mato fiegional de Dat;aarroLlo PeaQuero an Oentro Amorica, Solotir Technico, 2(3), San SaLvudar, 32p. In Spanish. Trawl. t)y T:S jr(w *7.53, Ray L771, 34P., typescript. Avail. oti Jor~;. - Wr3h.. D.C. OrIginal Article Checkecl,v~-, mom Cool 0943/72 v 10 my. 19T1 By sah~tlc catlim of the sons of nmzlls bar iftreelo N. cmwzp a Jaimb I 1 0 4aft Ith 1 .0 KV:i*W dilk poda0sta-0 AM 4" @0l" Vol- 1" Igms, PP wf-71~ Ad I= s"alml tyve 3 ]30 wt powish muimi plus ozo Terminal 1-ishing. 11arbors and Markets of the Countries in the Central kierican, Isthmus, by J. L. Gonzalez Lopez, 74 pp. SPANISH, per, Boletin Tecnico FAO tCa/Fi/68/24), Vol 21 No 1, June 1�99. Dept of Interior Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Office of Foreign Fisheries A-34-Dec 1969-No 17 On Lmi LA/Econ 14011 Plate 1~,Jill wid Auxiliaries, by R. Bazuro. ITALIM,, por, boll. 'fee, FINSIM-Ro, do 217, V:ar 1965, pp 281-294. 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D w OWAIM f DC .43 ~e.(X & 103"/70 16 Jon 1970 or conce"low DommWWA 0ay or the went# oW,, bouvsr fbadoebms Dwas 3 fte OR 3v ft*CW TYD9"B"lTS*DAl* dfOn VIM OW AM Paw-retum laucto The ftonomle Literest priess Will Become An rorce in the Sconcw., 6 pp. In FWaQt9 of Zute:~-. bVartayA Ubving ' by huntleek MMJOfrj, MMO-CRQATIM., npt 4 Apr 1966. JM 358W 384mach Econ jun 66 301,101 Forty Years' Friendship with the Danube, by Bratislav Savovic. 31). RM6~AN, rpt, Borba, f-lay 1966, p S. DIA L.N 583-66 r Dec 66 315,608 International Cybernetics Conference -- "Science and Society" -- Hold in Harceg-Novj, rugoalwz", 13 Pp - emmim., up., Borba 6 & lo july 1966., p. 8 and p, 12 respectively JPRS 36699 EE-Yugoslavia sai-mise Aug 66 308.-324 An Evaluation of Science and Scientists.. by M. KI"JanovIc, 7 PP- BMW-CROATIAN, per, Borba 10 & 17 July 1966j- PP-P 12-13v JPRS 37226 BE-Yugoslavia Sci-misc Sept 66 310.,312 Npwt of as MUna IMOOSVO OwAwa Atout fte MUM in owwo DOW-30 ot'We seewl4w savloss 3k fps. 10 No 2.Q(A,, pp 9-17. &OZZ0,19 67 Popovio Intorvivied an Smade flefeno 10 %). ShlM-CR=ONv per# MM 5 oft 1967p p 6* JFM 4= pa-Yvgo w= NOT 67 343s.363 Sosse Problems of National Defence, by Valimir Potrovic. YUGOSiAVIM, per, Sorb S-9 Nov 1967, pp 11, 5053,505. CIA X-6454 L-Eur Ki I Doc 67 3440733 ujgon=U Woods &Gd NOM=dc POUW in los" by Miks gpilyak,, 7 VP v lot# p 4. jilla4NIOATWO cps liteft 9 AN JPIM 43W mr.-Yugoolawla so= 346OP7 Doc 67 Sym&ozW in a CwWon, by R. VuJovics 7 PP- OWATW. per. Bcrbat May 1968, p 6. DIA. LN 910-68 Sai/misc Oct 68 366t730 --- .- . - -, Thaaes for the Electoral system for the Federal Assembly. GOVE RNMENT USE ONLY YUGOSLAVIAN, per, Borbaj Aug 1968. 4ift-A X-6840 Dec 68 371,618 Bases :Car the Change of the Constitution of tho GOVERNI-IM USE. ONLY YUGOSLAVIA14, per, Barba, CIA X-6639 Dec 68 Sone Provisions of SrRY. Aug 1968. 371,617 Are the Swa and Dmbe Overflowing - Tel' CentiXoters to nood StaV C- 1969 BERM-CROATIMs Per# March DIA LN 1261-459 oet 69 394#252 Udvorsity Admissions. Ifteing Policies Meted# bF Ivan TOM* 33 PP, waw.cwmM, npe &r~& BelgWet 7 ime 1969l pp 21-28. JfW 48,-V4 1-1-lugo Muc july 69 3889044 Urdversity Adad adon Ropdromnts Surroyed, by Ivan Torovp 36 ppe SE-H 6C"TIUO pwo barbs ftlps&o 8 Jun ig6go Part 3:1. pp 21-28. JM 48428 EN-Yugo E&O Jul 69 qQA )tAQ ViM and Critlolm= of Now Hwaing law Allreal tV Nedeljko ftplo, 19 pp, SOWD-CIMTIUt PW# BWbs BapWbg 9 Jun 1969, YP 17-24, .J?xs 48473 a-Xugo Soo I- Changes Anticipated In WA Age Ponsimso by Uvorad Ziftovics 18 pp. SUBD-CROATI&N. per. Borba Belpade, 14 Jul 1969o pp 18-24. JFRS 4%" EE-Yugo Scon Aug 69 389o167 Qurioh* Rel4aan Omipn staghuft.'o YlugQBUvla ftowibW. 1W MOO-C , VUdlnip muWmft.. 16 pp. pp 18-e4, - P" -owb* BOSMU. 7 Aug 1969, M3 48763 BE,71ugo Soo FiNX Changes in Rural population Structure Noteds by Mahmut Mujacic, 7 PP. SERBO-CROATIAN, np, Borba, Belgrade, 16 Apr 72, p 10. JPRS 56199 Jan 72 Tito's Statemonts at Meeting With Croatian Leaders, 7 PP. SERBO-CROATIANj np, Borba, Belgrade, 9 May 72y pp 7-8. JPRS 56090 Jun 72 official Disouaseo Problome or Markot and planned Economy, 5 PP. SERBO-CROATIAN,, p 4. JPRS 58176 nD2 Borbaj, Belgradej 14 Jan 73, Feb 73 Leaders Stress Long-Term Outlook for Solving Liquidity Shortage, by J. Brkic, 7 Pp. SERBO-CROATIAN, np, Borba, Belgrade, 10 Feb 73, P 4. JPRS 58387 Mar 73 Clumps in Theatrical YAmgemmt ProPosedo bY Lojse Filipie. 9 pp. SaBC6CROCIANg part t2rbo (Roinektor), Belgrade, 11 Ax*_ig6g. pp 18-20. 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