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Registerod 53Atas for Jvno Elections, 7 pp. SPANISH, np, 14 My 1W, pp it 8* i i,ft5 45748 LA-.'-.cuador Pol Jul 63 361,565 Orients Hits Great Future In Uveatockq OUs tv S"tiago jerviso 8 1w. SPANISH# npo & 2gMMAqp Quitoo 11 Feb 1969o, pp 11 30 MRS 47v605 LL-Scaidar Eam Har 69 378P170 National Convention 349 Forbh Principles of PNo by 1b3go Antsiria Co 6 ppo SPANISH, np. El comergio. Qtdto. 29 Mar 1969, p 3.2. JM 4MO IA-bm3ador - mmy 69 POI 381o623 speoch to FoUowarm by raaiclant valaaco. 7 PP- s~-ANJ.,>ji, np, La goineLcloR QiAto, 3 Aug 1969, pp 1, 12. ii-Rs 48673 LA-Emador Fol Aug 69 39097Z4 President of Ecuador Reviews Ton YA*rths in Offloet 42 ppe SPAHM9 per$ la C2mrdgq Quito& 11 Aug 1%90 pp 16-171 12 Aug 1969# pp 18-19. JPRS 48816 IA-Eouador Poll Sept 69 N2070 . . . . . . . . . . . Pay 6~ 7 -. -,7 77 97. VWX WAk 4 , M1 -pL, 12 Political Leaders Comment on Government Plan, 7 PP,, SPANISHO np, El Comercio, Quito, 15 liar 1972, pp 1. 13. ims 55632 Apr 72 Judicial System Reorganized by Decree, 5 PP- spAjasH, np, a Comercio. Quito, 24 1~;ar 1972, PP 1, 13- JeRs 55709 Apr 72 honetary Boani Sooka to Stabilizo Curroncy, 8 pp. SPANISH, np, IL'_qomercio, Quito, 18 lkY 1972, PP 1, 15. J RRS 56245 June 72 All Waters Ationalized, 5 pp. SIANIS11, np, za (;omorcio, Quito, 19 1-4y 1972, PP 1. 15. jilRS 56271 June 72 GDII ZOM)Kdmt CM OtIbm lbre4M Traft WIth th* oftlalst CmntrJLU Kahl=W. -P 47 ftnther p 20 pp. OPABZW# I*rv C-aDftvlO RXt*r Vol IV., ion lor No 1-4 JM 31W LIL-Cubs zcm Au,g 65 price p2mEning for Cubom EVort Comaod- lt:Les* by Pedro Rioso 19 PP. SPAIMMij, per# 2mrolo ExWrlorp No L-2j. Vol 4,p Jon-Jun 196.5,p ypo 13D-3A9* JPFG 32" IA-OA* Bbon Aug 65 285,9731 o,lblLn Forelf ,n Caummog, 6 PPO r s Jano SPANIM, par# Clm=lg- MULO . Jum 1965y pp 172-Mb JFR5 31755 IA - Cuts Econ Oct 63 zwo,390 2=00do ftyw OU Meadcop 52 pp. u= a= SPAN=, ap, comerclo ftter PP * 330-332$ .or- aw 1909 359-36o. J-134-wo 347--3-Wj-- Y#9-356P JPBS GUO 8Z LA4kKLoo so= Aug 65 2e%631 Consoq,Ances of ColonixLl A4;riculture, 9 pp. SML%I,, per,, Cowrelo Exteri9r, Vol 15, H lo 6, Jun 1965, pp. WT--Wg. - JM 31-735 Africa Econ Sept 65 289,4M Trade botween )b3!dco and the Central American omw YAdwtj, A pp. OOVEFSNW tw aw SPANWHp perp RM!MLO Exteriors j= 196% PP* 450~~3 - jpw aw 861 IA-Mwdco r4= Sept 65 2B5*955 Chile's Econamic Agreemnts vith Great Britain SPANISU, par,, pp 563-%9. JPM GUOt 94~ IA - Chile Econ Nov 65 and GcruarW, 14 pp Comercio Exterior , ItWj,. Fmice., oW Aug 1965,, 29i,.8o8 ; (,Pcjr*t mi ArCentilA. 7 PPO CRIC) pal., Jc.,-Ior,~-Io zxtertor , Aug 1965, pp 571-R3. jplil; -"UC'l 9.5 J'A - AM01' i a !",-a. 7 . ,w 65 291,76~ M&JdcO: X00OWdO Repor , 29 pp. oown~ m wz RPARM & ]Mr. *-n-my mto Ixterno Sept 1965m pp. 635~45P-055- VA. im w0 978 IA-Mb3doo xem Dee 65 292, 5Err Reforms in Exchonp., Fiscal and Soc%l Legislation in Colombia,, 5 pp, GOVERONM USX am WAX=, per, Camercio Externo, Sept 1965, pp. 655-656. JPFS GUO 978 LA-Colombia. Few Doe 65 292P526 Development of the Cuban Maritime Econosys bV Manuel Novos. Igusqulzs,, 31 pp. SPAKW# per, Comerclo Nxt4rior Vol V,, ND 1'v Jan-jkr 1966, pp. 49-59.. JPHS 35837 IA-Cubs Noon Jun 66 303P040 Statiatics on the Bcam=W of Cubsp 5 pp4p IWASM., per, ComrcLo RxWrior; Val vo No 1. Jim4br 1966, pp. 9T-103- JPFZ 35837 IA-Cuba r4on im 66 3030041 Mexico's Foreign Trade in 1965, 6 ppq SPANIM.. per,, Ccoeralo, Ex UM, Vol XVI# No 2,9 rob i0., PP v W5 i .tgr_ JM 35709 IA-Mexico Econ jun 66 304953 Behavior of Mexico's Economy in 196% 13 YP- SPANISH,, per, Comerclo Exterior, Vol XVI., No 2p Feb 19t ~,pp~.72-76- JPRS 35709 LA-Cuba Econ jun 66 304954 School of Foreign Trade,, 11 pp. SPANMI, per,, Comercio Exterior,, No. 2. Apr- june 1966, pp. 51-91. JP13S 36428 LA-Cuba Econ Nov 66 312 ~, 818 M%tWat1cm of the Automotlve MWWft7. 5pp. SPAZWp pwp C, 1, m v , io Rxteriorp Vol 16, No Ti, ady l9bbills IV 494-495. DU in 677-66 scl- TA Econ Feb 67 319A47 Hmmnlan Dmestic Tmde to be IRWOveds bF IOn RASUp 10 ypf BUOMOO per# 2ENNI . Wohnnato Jan 1969o pp 3-9,, JM 48= E&4h=WLU Soon Rot&U lft& Conou Figures for 31 Dooembw 1966,, 16 pp. Ru~"UNO p"# Cm-wtul Modwnt &whamort, Jan 1969,p pp 49-;5-7. JFRS 48022 U4bourAa Fam Noy 69 3820012 1966 Hot*U Trade Notwork k4sults Giveng 13 pps lau", part . rtul Moderno Bucharest. !.jLr 1969. pp 49-57. - JPRS 48349 U.-Rumoda EOM jui,y 69 3870988 Methods for Improving Domestic Tiede CAAllned,, n pp. HUUNIAN, per, jaaq~ul _Mq~qm, Bucharstg July, 1969. pp 3-10. ji-Rs 493.82 ul-fbmwlia SCM 100V 69 3939866 SWUUgt TAWS DwelOpmnt Reviamdo br &Vn Bamto 12 pp. Maw,wo per, C-0-ma-tul No v awharest, No 11/12p Nov/Doo 1969t -p-p'5;-16. RES 49906 &-Rmarda soon MW 70 4029240 Got .70 .. -11 .... ~'. ~ PwWl~- ~.." " ~, - - - ~- ,.. .4 _- :~ "10,17 I . '' , " U ~ .1 . - - - W., .:-..., ., .1 . Lp 1967 and 1968 Investments in Domestic Tradeo by ioan Bucan, 9 pp. RURb.NIAN, per, comertul socialist, 3 Feb 68, p. 1 and 10 F;S 69, p* 1. JPRS 44,843 EE (Rumania) Economic March 68 355,156 PEC- 1,11/0-2999 Uncl. STUDY OF SOME VARIABLES INFLUENCING THE LABELLING OF 1331-10DOANTIPYRINE. Suner, A. A.; de Salas, G. N. B.; Mitta. A. E. A. (Comiston Nacional de Energia Atomica, Buenos Aires (A y rgentina)). ransl-aW R."Brightmore (Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Eng.), from report CNEA-258. Sp. isotopes; translations ND-23 NP HC REVISED CARD Unlimited Automatic Flight Control Systems, by T. Hajduk, SPANISH, per. Comision Nacional de Investigacion es Espaciales, Informe de Contrato No 9, BuenoS Aires, Argentina, 1969, pp 1-33. APL/JHU-T-2586 Mar 72 Dissolution of Fuel-Element Jackets of Aluminum and S,A.P. in a Recirculating Dissolver, by G. Bewoo 41 pp, ITAUM. per. Comitata Nazionals Energia Nucleares l"S. 92MMIS M ORNI TR-1247 Sci - Fuels & Prop Jul 66 30S,618 Build-up Factors: Coefficients of Me Equation of J. J. Taylor,, by G. Buscaglione, I,,. flmzilli. 1:141;joij, Ipt, Cowitaito .4uziunalo L-norgia Auclearu I Due 6S. 14T/P7r6S)I-T.- .. Jan D 9231663 AEC-OML-Tr-SU Sci - Nath Jan 66 294s288 1-"t Fuel Llemmt Testing Reactor (P.E.C.), Preliminary Design Study, Section 1, ~y P. Aleno, 71 pp. ITALIAN9 rPto Coadtato INaziorale, per 1102W2 kM1_09re C.11-E-14-BURATCL4 As"OUtion for Fast Reactors, 31 Ju3,v 1966, 79MO-IX148 AbC QMIL-M-1786 sci-Nucl Sai ~;ar 68 349,33(> Past Fuel Element TeatiM Reactor (PE.C.)g Pnliml=7 Deaign Stutr, Seation ]as ITAMN, rpt, COMitatO KAZiOrAlG pM 1'Enotgla Ngeleare, ARv-66-45, s ation M, Val 1, 1966, P911176768-V AEG-MRL-Tr-1787-Vol i Scifikiel Jul 68 361,224 Fast Pual Metant TesUM Reactor (P.E.C.)q Preliminary Design Sb*l socuon n. nALWp rpt, 22MItato onale py 11 MML_ _ lhwlaare -2oX5-,- IZ~nm Val 2, (Figures). Pqn176768-v ABC-Mleerr-1787-Vol 2 Sci/Ilucl Jul 68 361g223 i)otonianntion of 'loutrori spectrr. in il COUP10d Gx*nPIlitO - L'20 i'mactor, by F. C"Isali. ln-,:-~J,11~7, i-pt, Comitato '-,azionalo , 'iticlortro, ~k ,;,ber in 661301 `Omen 1966, 16 0 0 t 0" Preparation of Particles of Uraniwu Carbide by the Sol-(',el Method, by G. Cogliati, R. Lanz, at al. 29 pp. ITALIAN, rpt, Comitato Nazionale per M-nargia Nucleure, Oct 1, 1966. MUM Tr-1782-69 sci/Nucl Apr W 377041U Calculation of Jeutron Spoctra in Themnl Aotactors by Monns of Var.-Lous Codas, by 1". Grestano, F. Pistella. ITALI.".:J, rpt., Comitato Ilazionale ~2er l1r,nergirt llluclearO2 ilone 1979 3 60il'T'Llel Sci 369,102 Oct 68 Nondestructive Method for the Determination of the Ratio o/u in Sintered Pellets, by Ce Ferro. ITALIAN, rpt, Italy. Comitato Nazionale per l'Energia Nuclaere, 1967. NTC-70-12704-18J jq e-C// 1- 4 s Z 14 ti/ L 14 - 7-A - 1// 6 4) - ',7 0711~/p . i Feb 72 A System of Automtic Replaticn of Fhotcmlti- pUer Clain and of RoUtive Chain linear EUaU=dcs 9 by C. Bacci. ITALTAlls ~ptj, Comitato Iftsiona3a pw Imagaga ftaftm Fftocativ I-eport UW-67/Ul 34%7j, 23p. TABA TT P-11S792 sci Doe 68 368o78D fi j=-, C-, *M-Skit., A(LIB/Tranw-11.0) MATED 101*'TS IN SPAIN. joTransl"i'l by E'. Montaloono for Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment, Lucas Heights, from j5qq~n. z. Ene-rg, . __~ja N4q Nc~ .114: No. 4, ~.~ kt~_ 57-9(Apr 1968)- 2011P- 24Dep. NITIS (U. S. Sales Only). 26chemistry (soparation); translations .T07A 28MN-10 25NP NSA 11-se- PiC tiazictor, b7 Paolo Aiellop itbvd6o Zcna. Lu w. PbUAINA, J.erf (AX.I. ~iaz. 1:~wrkj. Jucle, Vol 14, Jo 3A, 1968 1-1.) 150-179. i,EC/ /A-7084-69 sci/iluclu"Ir :;~ oct 69 394,254 4(AE RE -Truni+-l 120) 5118b, OF NEUTRONS IN I(A- DIOGRAPHY. aDiana, M.; (it Palo, L.; GiannIni, M.; Frazzolt, F.; Haniorino, M. C.; Sclutt, S. joTranslated by W. G. Stripp (Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Eng.), from 15: jjCom, Naz.-Kpti~& D~u z No. 4, 46-53(1969)- 2017P- uDep. NTIS (U. S. Sales Only). UK 15p. 2donginoering; physics (nuclear); reactor fuels; translations j 13, 14, 18J 28MN-38 2VNP NSA Control Rod Reactivity Measurements with the "Roul-Drop" jklethod, by U. Furinelli, A. Musco, 19 pp. ITALIAN. per, Comitato Nazimale Energia Aucleare IzT/FI(6'9)24, Rome, 19b8 AEG/Ok-14 Tr-2084-69 sci/Nucl Apr 69 377,393 A(I.A-tr-71-44) SKINETICS OF A FA51' PULSED RLACTOR IN A PERIODIC Oil QUASI-PERIODIC 9VATIr. Trombutti,,1. . T(Ct;m1tato Nazloaalu_por Plitiorgia NWACM-0 Rome (Italy)), rrawskoud by C. DePuorter (Los A1ZW6S- SLientific Lab., N. Alex.), from report jtIlT11NC,(68)16. 2023p. 24IX.p. NTIS. ,great,tor physics; I ranslations , LHK T 28MN-80 29P NSA 6tudy uf Tornary Alloys of Uraniur.-Niolybdonum- AoUium and Uraiiiui~i-,'~tolybdeiiuni-Zircoiiiuia with a low -Alloyill~; Content. by C. Fizzatti, S2 pp. ITALIM, rj)t, Comitato 14 -azionalo I'Llierija Is'uclourc, II,,T/,',IET(68)S. ALC/UML-Tr-2252 Sci/1-laterials Nov 70 The Role of the Haemogran in Assessing Fitness for Radiation Work; A Survey of 1673 Subjects. by E. Strumbil Sl pp. ITALIAN,, rpt 11 Comitato Nazionale Energ Nucl RT/PROT (68)12;-TT6-8. AEC/NP-Tr-1780-68 Sci/D&M, Dec 69 398,073 lJolp'FC- b1111,ASMA ]MAUK.S1. 61bloill. Mal'oul ?(Cornltuto NirzkqRLIO 001, M"nuridu-Nijulval-L., Fruscuti (Ituly). Laboratorio Gas lonizzati). 10'1'ranslure=y A. D. Cernicek (Los Alamos Scientific Lab., N. Mex.), from pp 59-74 of report ILGI48/16. 152019p. 2ADep, CFSTI, I--* 2gfbsion devices (thernionuclear); physics (plasma); translations 2719A, 201 ,JAN-20 ,P NSA REVISED CARD Thermal Shock Behavior of Uranium Alloys low in Alloying Homents, by C. Fizzotti, A. Masperoni, 26 pp. ITALIAN, rpt, Comitato Nazionale Energia Nucleare, RT/NIET (69)1, 1969. AEC/SC-,r-72-2461 Feb 72 Transformation Processes in Some Uranium Alloys Low in Molybdenum and Niobium, by L. Custuldelli, C. Fizzotti, 39 pp. ITALIAN, rpt, Comitato Nazionale Energia Nucleare, RT/MET(69)2, March 1969. ALC/SC-T-72-2457 Fq) 72 H ( " 4 (SC-T-722458) jTRANSFORMATION PROCESSE'S IN URANIUM ALLOYS WITH 2 PERCENT CONTENTS OF hIOLYB- DENUM AND NIOBIUNI. lCitstaldoffl, L.; Fizzotti, C.; Gandint, A. G. T(4~onlitato Nazionaic poor I'Enorgia Nucleare,_11orne ataly)). loTranslatod for Sin-dia- Labs, Albuquerque, N. Me-x'., from report 1MT/AIET-(70)2- 2036P- 24Dep. NTIS. 2,1110601(it-Ky; UORULUl' maturials; translUtIOIIS 21111", 18J 20MN-25 29P NSA 4(ANC-ti-72102) 5ltl6*1-1()11'1' oN AC'Hvrr*,s, YE'Alt 1969 (C J1111tuto Nazlonalu po~ VELW-11', TI -Q . --- (Ital;). LW)Uratorio Ga8 lonizzati). loTranslation of report ,ILGI-70/22/1. 2080p. uDep. NTIS. 2jusion devices (thermonuclear); physics (plasma); translations 2718A, 201 28STD-20 qP NSA REVISED CARD Beta and Go=& AuteradLography of IrradLeted Nucl"r Finlo by a. MareLao, 9 pp. ITALIM, rpt F -(69)5. j= ABC-MP-tr-1867 sci4k* & F u*Is Oct 70. 91 Internatiousa Recommen"tions for--the Deoigwand- Construction of Large-Panol Structures, by - F"MHO per,, Inf Bull No 609 CONAte Europe" du Deton, Paris, V051.., 9670 198 pp* NLL,Ref 52097 (137) sci-methods 4 Equip Jul7y- 969 38S-373 st* am Pnvamtlm of Smiphift in fln Cow, by P. Sooont, and ft. Aub3rm,, !MIRO camite , I - - 1 laml P401 - - -1 do lmk Conmw Sal/Mat Aug 70 Gravimetry: Absoulte Determination of g., by A. Sakuma and J. M. Chartrier, 6 pp, GOVERNMENT USE ONLY FRENCH, Comite International des Poids et Measures, Proces-Verbaux des Seances, 2nd Seri TO-1 36, 57th Session , pp 46-50, 1968. ACIC-TC-1678 Jun 71 How to Judge the Reliability of an Airborne "System", by C. LLevens. 21 pp. FRINCH, rpt, Comment Porter un JUgMant our in PLabilite d'un "Ensemble" Acroportel May 19699 20 pp. AIR/FM/9T-23-,533-69 Sci-Aero June 70 On a Generalization of the Rademacher Orthogonal Functions, by P. Levy. FRENCH, per, Commentarii Mathematica Helvetica Vol 16, 1944, pp 146-152. NAVY/APL/JHU-T-2659 Nov 72 Problems of the Accelerated Sconomic Expansion of the African Nations,, by Dr, J, 0. KLWWP 6 pp. FFS=, per Lie Couperce du Levant Vol 5., No 56., 15 Apr 65, .-38-39. V JPW 30040 Africa Econ My 65 279,864