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The Dynamlo Thermoslastic ftvbUm of Plato& and Mm' I ln the Pmseme of Radiationt by V. Ve ft+-4 8 pp. R=UN, perp Tr. Koof * T*Wo L40. Nam 19lbO# pp 27-32. P9U4M67 AND BC-T-67-M8 Sol-Physlas rob 68 347o5OB Growing of Single Crystals of Calcite Under Hydrothermal Czaditions, by N. Yu. Ikornikoya. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Kest Kristal6ov,_ A Nauk =Rj, 4* 1964s pp 92-94., *FTD-1iT-23:#k3-67 Sci - Materials Mar 67 T~J- t. '"" 4- tQa X-R *,,-" I-a':L= of tho Crystal S-IojI'uct-uzN!: of 41L WaAu(c)i 2; by '?, A. Shugan, 0. S. Zhasnov, RUSSLAX, par, Trudy inst Kriat Ak Nauk SSW., Vol ri, 1910., Hi- AEC Tr-1;032 Sci - Chen may 6o ) 3-;q 17 (rDD 27621)... =wtric: t tons ct the Coloring "=Ytu at QmrU, bY G. G. yup 34 pp. fuslu~-6racpw" "DIMM ale Ak&-SA MR 6.. 1951j, vp 09-2m. CUPOD U-68W USSR Sci - Chemtst~ry., Minerology Oct ~6 ., - ~, L, - 1- '--- e I I, A. ot t?rti-f:~ oxki Corurd-onA, by U. H. Grum"G,-:,,t!wilo et L:I. -TESL02 per., 10153~ pr, 5-12 I.Ci Co-op 'PC set! !.W Rudnitskaya, E. S. FUNDAMENTALS OF THE CRYSTFALLOGRAPHY OF CORUNDUM fosnovnyeSvedtniiyaoKrisEallografiiI StrukEure Kristallov Korundal tr. by B. W. Kuvshinoff. 2 Oct 62, 9p, 6 refs. APL/JHU TG 230- 1-337. order from OTS $D. 50 63-11507 Trins. ristallo_ -ALAWemiya Nauk SS~~tiws 13-20. DESCRI 17011 S: *A I uminum coin pounds, Oxides, *Co- rundUln, Ruby, Sapphires, *Crystal structure, Lat- rices, Symmetry (Crystallography). X-r2yeliffraction analysis. A (Physics- -Solid State, Tr, v. 9. no. 6) 63-11507 1. Ru~hiitskzaya. L. S. 11. APL/JfIU'I'G 130-'1'337 III ~ Applied Mysics i-lb., Johns flupkins U., SilvLr Spring, Md. IV. CorirraccNC'w-62-06(M-c D1 ledmical smices Properties of Isowrobous MixtAfte AL tw s. v. ormaarzhimilo. ,03-CrA RMIMP Pero, TM laptltuu xr1stallogwilp 19530 PP Goop Tram fthaw Tr 1811 L2*8s. (8a.0d.) Sci - Chemistry 5a" Jul 1956 17 The Density of ArtificlAtl Corundum, by E. 1. Slaynova,, et al. RMIM,O irreg per, Trudy In KrIatalp No 81, 1951, pp 35-40. 1- - co-op Trans Bch Tr A5 0.2.8s. (6o.od.) Lj~) 'g IZ Bel - mallow%le 17 a Lj /t.,0 Notes on the Problem of Beating a Corundimi CbArget by Be 0. ValyesbIwp et.,al. RUSSUN,v pero Trud lwtLtuta IrIol'al I NO So 1953a PV Coop Trans Schwa TZ 182 L4.16a. (128.0d) 4~ sci -,Ninerals/Metals, Chemistry Jul 1956 61-12774 Grum-GrAhImAllo, S. V.. and UWns, Ye. 1. THE FEASIBIUTY OF DEMRMINING THE 1. Chromium--Determination AMOUNT OP CHROKGUM IN WAY BY AN OPTICAL 2. Spinels --optical analysis ME-MD. (19601 lip. 1 Grum-Grzh1n*1Io. S. V. Order (romATS1117.10 ATS-61M47R It Uddne, Ye. I. 111 . ATS-61 M41R Trans. of Ak IV. As sociated Technical (i T Kristfallogra!'i Trudy.- 1953, no. S. p, 99-110. Services, Inc., East 1_t Onulge. N. J 3 Q"g* of To"cof 6--f"% (Physics--Solid State, TT, V. S. no. 61- 12671 Valyashko. Ye. G. and Grurn-Grzhirnaylo, S. V. THE COWR OF CORUNDUM AND METHODS USED 1. Corundum--Color IN IV SWDY. 119601 17p. 2. Corundwrn--Test vneLhods Order irom Al-) $23.95 ATS-6OM47R 1. Valva';Un Yk., C. -1--_ 11. Grum-Grzhimaylo, !. V. .Trans. 0 Ill. ATS-60M4711 Trudy. 1953, V. 9. no, A. 1). 111-12h it . l K ristfai IV. ABso. lated Technical ~ - l . Servves, In,:. East Orange, N. 0MC. .1 T-W-1 (Physi,~s--Sulld 5iaw. TT, v. 5, nu. 7) Appazwhw for the stW of opUceaAnmO -1 as In 8jutbotle Oorw%&= and of Its Mo2ftUonjo by G.T. 4 I.Wwblwlloo MWIMS pws - IdA ,Ak NS& SBSI I., Vol VMS 1953P IN 0 - 66 RP 2147 (loon) ml ~ .9.3s, / 1.1:r Jul 63 Bendiug Strength of Corundum Rith Tracei3 of Plaotit: Deformaticn and Mosaic Structure., by G. R. Towllovs RUSBIO.. per) Trudy Institute KristaUograrli AkeAezii Ikuk 9881-7 166-9- -195T-WW5- j, P CQ--pp Tr sch so 183 Oluir - ,as. (80.0d.) scl - 045=10P Brittlewus of Corundum Crystalep by No Yue lkarnikovat RUMIO.. 2 per., TrudZ Inst;Auta_N!Aq~&4oSraf 11 A~k~~ Coop Trans Same Tr 184 L1649. (48.0d.) 13 Sci - Min=als/Metas, Chwistry Jul 1956 Pluztic Del,omation a Synchat--;c Co~.'undim by K. ct al- vo Co-rup ir 0~-h NO 165 317 pily c S So Bobavlow - at .'"m Vith Optima AsMly VDW RUS"Ut Webustal Tratontsp by L* 76 Mlow I*U. BMW# in" wo ~!Q~Imfb tlswf NO 82 1953P PP 261-973- " ft= fth Mr gkh ftl - Pbplcs 4 ~ 4.1 # -T/o ir-i-matigatiaa of the of Varioun oil Impurities on the FlqFwer.0 Neklyudova., Strength of Synthetic Origins and the Effect Strength, by Vo M. A al. 11 ."USSLO-1.4 per,, Trud lusti~uta KrInUMografii A Nauk MR., 10", PP Coop Trana Scheme Tr 186 L4. (109.0d. Sci - Chemistry 0016 Jul 1956 Zarduan of Syntba,'Ac Corundim., by ff. Yu. Taltornikowc.., 10 pp. Rmivo Pero &gLhmtltut& Fauk SEMP-11. -YZI V13:lp 1953., 293.02W. NO sa mw Lib 56/n56 SCI - Cbmlatry., "lee Tf Orix,.-JW and Follehing of Syntbetle Corundum., by 1~. P. Xachalov., et al. RMSIO. p6r, Trud I SA .11II&W ~-I=O Vol Vills, 1953PIP 3 5-32 0 ' Goop Trans Schme Tr 206 L5.12e C4 LI jul 1956 cf ArrnctjL~7~- ~ - ProD;4-:rtj.r33 of C-.t--atm 3,15 - 13' 4~ 1 rt 000C On tbe 1%,,~ha-leA. Of Synthetic Corul;-',ml, by PIUMLAR" per., TKKgy Yus-tituta.-Kris 110 aj!iI, lqo 8) .1953, pp Co-Op T-r Sch 167 ,cl .. chza~'~Avy Grystallochemistry of AD Compoun& oi ftanition Metals With the Elements IV., V and VI of ZQ Wbgmup B, by G. S. Zhdaaov, V. P. Glogoleva, 28 pp. RUSSIAN, pero Txudy lubt XristaU Akad nauk GSSR No 9o 19541 pp STA R-1032 Sai - Chemistry Mar 58 Atomic Stl?wtur-o Of SCM WtQ1340 CCMPOU:Afi Of I'lam-ths bv, (.3- 3, ndmaM 23 PP- U=.,W77F-TZ~~ R=Ikg,twr,, vo 10,P 29,M40 8et On Lib Tr 5714339 BC;L - Chem 7,~ Sep 58 9 Thema Co=tanto of 0(41uninium OAde# biy A% G. Cheateovs. FMSIO.. pat Trudl I=tituts xristall2emgii, SO 80 195% pp 21.4%0 --- ------ -"- - co-op Tr Bch 198 sci a amistry Alsioal (65wods) 31 1, ;7e -'/ CmAst"lowl fro t o= a t1w vp no 79 Irovisr v BerLeap by D. X bte"I 0. N. whahsaws 10 pp.. OfilpUtWA IMCrUts"a dit Ak R=jMq WO n;a lank SMv So a 0 pp OU/M MT HURABUM "I U XA21000 got - chamutry my 60 WD rMURM = OUT Rlectron Diffraction Investigation of the Sytitem Cadmium - Tellurium) by S. A. Somiletov, -RUSSLILN, per, Trudy Inst Xrist Ak Wauk SSSIR.~ 121.125- Vol xi~ 1955, ~P- 4 - AEC TT-866 Sai - phys ft 6o 117~, 3 ? 7 lacroam in C27stal Qvwth Rate by AnUestlim oC Audlo vretmcy Oficillat"rAp by Be Vo VitovWy, 2 pp. RMBLAH,. per.. Tru4y Zut Wet- AkAd- Vspk.AlkE~;. No Us 195.5, pp 221-M2.- " A716). As Ri-i-161 sci - Pbysics Apr 6o 114R f f I 62-16428 Melankholin, N. M. NEW APPARATUS FOR THE OPTICAL ORJENTA_ 1 1. Melankholin, N. M. TION OF A QUARTZ PEBBLE. [196217p. Order from OTS or SLA $L. 10 62-16428 Trans. of Akademiya Nauk SSSR. Institut Kristallografij. Trudy, 1955, v. 11, p. 239-242. DESCRIPTORS: *Quart?, Crystals. *Crystal holders, Piezoelectric crystals, *Optical analysis. (Mys ics-- Solid State, 'IT, v. 8, no. 10) Offict alFecheltel Sw~rlcv. The Dependence of the Creep Strength of the Single Crystals of TlBr + TlI Upon the Deformation Rate and the Temperature, by V. R. Regell, G. E. Tomi-lovskiy, 13 PP- RLESSIM, per, Trudy Ak Nauk SSSR) Inst Kristall vol xii, q63 ABC UCIIL Tr-837 Sci - Chem Aug 62 2o8,443 Grouth of Silicon Carbide Crystals Frm t1w Gasoous Phase. by Yu. M. ' hashkov, V, V, Rozlidestvanskaya, 11"USSIM, pers, Tru Inst KristallograRij, Ak Nauk SSS11. Vol IV, IR64, pp 117-12le '; 7.15-Fr-65-476 sci - ~ i/N Sept 65 Crystallization of Alkalime-Laxth ZiolyWates lbider Ilydrothemal Conditions, by 6. C. Litvin, L. N, Demlyanots. AtWSIAN, per. Trudy Just Kristallograiii, A Nauk S&Sit V-01 IV, 1564l pl) 162-167. Wilb-fal-055.4716 11 Oci - Earth loci 6ept Lis X-Rcy Study of the Structure of Anosovite and of n Nev Isoraorphous Series of Double A2BO5 Oxidcs, by A. Rusakov, G. Midanov. RLESIAN, per, Trudy TnstitaLa KrystaLlografti Akademii Nauk SSSR, No 9, 1964) pi) 165-210 E515675 -o7593 Sci - Jul 67 334~114 Swelling of Wood) by P. X. Odintsov. RUSSIAN., per, Pmdy Ak Nauk Lalaijakor SBR Imt Lesokhov Probj Vol M, 1957, pp 4P~t- *PL-48o om 63-.U0324 PST-666 Sci Jan 63 Hymenoptera Chrysididae of Tadzhikistan, by Semenov-Tian-Shanskii, V. V., M. W. Nikol'skaja. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Leningrad Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol XV, 1954, PP 89-137- *oTs 64-11o8i FL-48o sci Feb 64 A System of the Tribe Hedychrini Moscs and Descriptions of New Sptcies, by V. V. Scmcnov-Tian-Shanskiik. RUSSIAN) per, Trudy Inst Leningrad Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol XVj 1954, PP 138-145. *OTS 64-11oW PL-480 Sci Feb 104 Comparativo Evaluation of ~Iethods for the Determination of So in Chrome Nickel Stools, by A. S. Andreev. I~WSIA.N,, per, Tnidy Leningrad Politekh, 1115tes 1959j, (201),, 24-54. *BISI 4141 3CI/ ~bt & 'at ,' ~ar 65 Influesice of 14'oiequilibriwa Dissudation on tIc I" 'low Armaid Uunt bodies, by Yu. P. 1"I'Lift, A. P. slitangall, 5 lip. i ALS, SMN, per, Trudy Inst Lcwb-igrad Iji0No 24U, ID64, pli 7-13, CIJVFJ)i)i)XK63254 ov 65 :0R, OFFICIAL LLq!., ijiLy 2J1,876 The Effect of Aminazine on the Functions of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract, by A. Ye. Aleksandrova. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Leningradskogo SanitaTno-Cigiyenicliekogo Medit Instit, No 37, 1958, pp 197-213. NIII 9-44-64 (LOAN3 Sci-BUI Jul 65 -rp-. ~ ~. xcvLI6 ~s Sk Tos,Uul- ~ Pravdin, L F. THE PRESENTSTATE OF TREE SELECTION AND SEED-GROWING AND METHODS FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT (Savremennoe Sostoyanie i Puti Razvitlys SelektsU Drevesnykh Porod i Lesnogo Semenovedenia). Dan62] 42p. 136 refs. PL-480 AV. Order from 01-S $0. 50 60-21910 tstitut ~Lese. G4J~1951. v. p. DESCRIPTORS: vrrees, Selection. *Seeds. Growth. Genetics. Production. 60-219LO 1. Pravdin, I_ F. 11. FL-460 Agr (60-21910) 111. National Science Foundntion, Washington, D. C. (Agriculture- - Plant Cultivation. rl~ v. 7, no. 6) Offtce.f T~61c%f Swvices 'be Present StAte Of Tree Salact4ou and Seed- 43rowiag ana Wthods ror 2beir Develapant) by Le IP. Fravdin., 42 pp. RMLU) parj, I Tmdy Imt AK zm* mm, Vol vm~, Mr;-w 5-35- 9*715~ m 6o-agio PL-4w Sci - B101 jun 62 The Breading of 1',brest Trees in Uzbekistan, by 'v. i~. '~ovskii, 20 pp. RWbl,k-i, per, Ajad . -- flauk SS5R. Lrpqy in tituta .4wa, li'ol 8, 1931, PP 132-151- Cf~~Tl TT 67-513V~ and :-Iar 6S 351.973 ALack-miya Nat* S;Stipo T'nm~j likstitutu Usa, Vol, 9:W-O.3r" 1j;53, a r 27i,p 759 fte NaUlng Pressure of Woodj, by 1. K. lvuovv RMIANI per) . Dwt Lem Mad Sauk Wmp Vol IX0 19531 py 636-4u.4 mm FAf C-22xo SOL lby 58 ~ J" 74 J-0 Tbstlm Compreasion Strength of lbod Across the Grain,, by V. A. Bubmv,, L. M. Perelyginp Ye. A. Semenova., 92 pp. hk RUBSIAN., per, Trudv Inst lesal Ak Nu* BM., N01 JX? 1953., PP 315 - 0% 60-513,U PL 4w Sol - Chem ftpt 61 M No 163 7" proodmate Orqpbleal Determln&Um of the Boiwdoxy -tvwn Two Defomation Fo4wa In Wood Testing- Dloarwo,, bY Yu- M- I"Mvp 7 PP- 9079581- i,;-.6SIM, per, Tru&i bot Ims., Ak WS& SM, Vol IX) '53, pp 332-3 OTS (I-Uhm KAW 61 No 164 Rele.-mtion &M Cre" of lktural nd Denalf ied Wood UAder MaWressics, by P. Kbukhryangkiy. MMIM, per, Trudy ImtlAaam Ak Muk SSSR, Vol 14 1933s O'M.,,346. 7 e1-' C' C931RO Tr 4802 6-T 5 sai - CUM Jun 61 sistaws of Pinevood to Cowession at Mfferent glee to the Grainy by Yu. IL Ivanov, 34 pp. 79577 SSIM., perp _TnW .y--Am# Imses A lauk-OWt Vol 3X., PP 347-370- 531 00 61-11W4 PL4m -1 - Bial p 61 f T So 166 Vskin, A. T. PHYTOPATHOLDGICAL CONDMON OF OAK OROVES LN M TELLZRMAN FOREff (Pitopsto- logieWskoo Sontoyanit Dubray Tallormanovskogo Len). 1961, 6p. PL-490 Agr. Order from OTS $0. 50 60-51020 60-51020 1. VaIdn, A. T. 11. PL-480 Agr (60-SIO20) Ill. National Science Powdittlon, Wanhington, D. C. Trans. ck ktdemiya Nauk SSSR. Institut Len. 34, v. 16, p. S-9. DESCRIPTORS: "Plants, *Pathology, *Treee, Fore", Fungi. Insects, Mildew. (Agriculture --Plant Cultivation. Tr, v. 7, no. 4) Office of Ischeical U"ices Shumanov, H. A. DISEASES AND INIMIES IN YOUNG OAKS IN THE BORISOOLEBSK FOREST AREA (K VQ"U 0 Bolez- nyakh I Poyrezhdeniyakh Molodogo Dub& v Boriso- glebakom Lesnom Massive). 1%1, 23p. 29 refs. PL-480 Agr. Order from CTS $0. 50 60-51011 ofAkadmniya Nauk SSSR. histitut Use. ?2Z 10S4. Y. 16. p. 110-128. 7Y DESCRIPTORS: *Trees, ODiseames. Bata". Mildew. *Fungi, Wasps, Rmles. Moths. Oftodents. Mice. Rabbits. Grasses, Injuries, 01nmects. Forestry, Pathology. See alto 60-51020 60-51011 1. Sbm=m. R. A. H - PL-460 A;r (60-51011) III National Science Foundation. Waslilogton, D. C. (Agriculture- -Plant Cultivation, TT. Y. 7. no. 4) Shtraukh-Valeva, S. A. WOUND RoTs OF srEms OF CAUCASIAN FIR (Ranevye Gntll Stvolav Kavkazakoi PikhtY). (NOv fl] 13p. 14 refs. FL-480 Agr- Order from M. SO. 50 L%0-51006 60-51006 1. Shtraukh-Vale", S. A. ll. PL -480 Agr (60-51006) Ill. Natiorud Science Foundation, Washington. D. C. Trans. of AicaL11y&N~ukSSSR lost __~.ewa. 1954, v. 16. p-_'3W346.--- ---- _ DESCRIPTORS: Mants, *Trees, *Fungi. *Pine. Mis,eases, b9croorganisms, Parasites, *Ecology. Histology A study was made of the flora of wound rot fungi. and the composition of fungi causing brown rots in Cauca- alan ftr. Isolations were made from 33 sWimens, of which 20 yielded mixed cultures of bjqi and bacteria, while 12 yielded only bacteria. (Biological Sciences- -Botany, TT. v. 7 no. 2) offi.. .4 T.A.k.1 S-4.. Mw Blolqaad Biwas of the Floverfm and Fruit Berlm in Omkv Ye. 0. JUM . NMUN" per, Traft Ak ba Em ami in" Val lTs 19549 PP 5mWe OOMM TT 70-57225 sei/m OePt 70 7he biological Cycle of Nitrogen and Ash Elements in Forest Plantation, by ii. P. Retvzov, K. W. Dykava, et al.28 p. RMSIAIN, per, Trudy Instituta Lesa Akadeviya Nauk MR, Vol 24,, 1955,, pp 167-19Z. *CFSTI V 66-S1125 LWR Sci/Agri Jan 66 Studies on Forest Growth Conditions on Peat-Bog Soils of the Forest Zone and the Tundra, by N. I. Pjavcenko. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Lesa, A Nauk SSR, No 36, 1957,186 pp. *PL-480 OTS 65-50054 Sci Sept 64 60-51166 Kucherunkn, V. D. SOILS OF TIIE CENTRAL PART OF T"E URAL 1. Soils--USSR RIVER VALLEY (Pmhvy Sredney Chasti Dolirty Reky 2. Soils- -Properties Ural). 11960145p. I I refs. PL-48n-PST-Cat. no. 191. 1. Kucherenko, V. D. Order from OTS $0. 50 60-31166 11. PL-48D-PST'-191 Lei_a~- Ill. National Science Foundation. Washington D C. ~_T~r:,1957, v. 34, p. 345-375. . . 51779 (Agricufture--Pistit Cukivation. rr. v. 3, no. 9) The Interrelations Between Density of Stocking. Grown Closure, and the Number of Trees in the Stand, by P. Sarim RUSSIPJI, per, Trud Inst LeesaioW, No 14, 1958, pp 251-25-9. *PL 48c) Foreign Sv Sci Apr o1 Studies on Forest Grovth Condition., on Peat-Bog Soils of the Forest Zone and the Tandra, b,,,- IL 1. Pyzavc~ien],,o. RU3_131M, per, Trudy Inst Lesa, No 301 1W PP- *PL-48o Sci-Agr Aprii 64 Vasil'ev. V. N. THE BAIKAL-SAYAN REGION AS ONE OF MiE MAIN RECENT CENTERS OF FORMATION OF MiE GENUS BETULA L. (Baikalo-Sayanskaya Oblast' kak Odin 1z Gliv_wlahikh Pozdnikh Tsentroy Formirovaniya Roda Betula L.). 1961, 24p. 10 refs. PL-480 Agr. Order from OTS $0.50 6D-51021 60-51021 I. Title: Birch 1. Vasil'ev, V. N. a. EK--490 Agr (60-51020 111. National Science Foun- dation. Washington, D. C. Trans. okAkademiya Nauk SSSR. InatituE Lesa,5:~-Dbl 1958, V. S7;-V.-A204*k-. DESCRIMR& *Trees, Growth. $Classification. Genetics, Ecology, Asia. 7bis survey of birches occurring in the SaAW-Sayan region shown that -lm at all the large genetic series found In the Soviet Union. with the e=eption of the group of Central Asiatic species (Series Turkestan- Icae) are represented wIthin the region's boundaries. Offlm.f T~W-J S"c.* (Author) (Biological Sciences- -Botany, TT, v. 7, no. 4) Sci - Agri Jan 65 . I 271,039 Transpiration of Trees ond Grasses in the Central Taiga Zone and its Relation to Meteorological Conditions., by I* V. Guildova, IMSIM, per, Akcadwdya Nauk SSSR, TrtWy Instituta Losa Vol 41, 1958, pp 111-121, M*rl 'rr u-50651 Sci/Agri Feb 66 294,704 61-31225 THE INCIUiASU OF PRODUMVITY OF 511AMPED 1 1. Tide: Eatonia FORESTS (Povyshenie Produktivnosti Zabolochennykh 2. Tidw. Latvia Lesov) tr. by A. Birron and Z. S. ~'.ole. Synilmium 1. PL-4tj0Agr(6L-3l225) papers from a Conference held in VosLow, 9-12 Doc 57. 11 - National Science 1963. L53p. 102 refs. PL -480 Agr. Foundation, %VasItIngtoit, Order from OTS $1.50 6L-31225 D. C. Trans. 1959, V. 49 I DESCRIPTORS: 'Swamps, Trees, OForeotry, "Drain- age, Decomposition, Crowtk "Soils, Soil meebanics, *Bacteria, Roads, Railroads, Hydrology, Effectiveness, "Transportation, *Aerial photognphy, Mechanical cngLneerIn& "Agriculture, "Mosses, Inhibition, Economics Contents: Preface Offics a# TedWeal Service. (Agriculture, TT, v. 9, no. 9) (over) ~ Applylft WaSOca MMOb'IW M~VaXtl":*W ematAaw ill Arm *Awed" low I IW At A4 madlowe - ,XL 1~ - XMOW., bkt Traft Dwt To=* --9,0 pp 43-53. an hft DM4 2at '141- lar 61 253.369 Transpiration of Trees and Grasses in the Central Taiga Zone and Its Relationship to Meteorological Conditions, by I. V. Gulidova. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Lesa Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol LI, pp 111-121. ,PL-480 OTS 65-50051 Sci Sept 64 ftwerative AmUmde-Al Anm4gds of the Mature Wood of Roots and Stem of Sow Woo4y Plants, by L. A. Lebondento. RDSMUs pwr 2MIOY 2mt Left Ak NW* SMj Vol LI, 1069- fim m 9194 (low) 001 ja 63 ALPINE FORESTS OF SOUTHWEST CHMAJBY XXX A.I.V. POBEDINSKIY, 17 PP. RUSSIAN, PER, TRUDY INSTITUT RH LESA I DREVESINY, VOL LVI) NO 1961) Pp 91-103. JORS 20085 SCI AGR) XWKJUL 63 Physiological Characteristics of Two Biotypes of Young Spruce Trees, b~, I. V. Gulidova. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Lesa i Drevesiny, Vol L111, 19062, PP 87-98. *PL-48o 3-1- r !~ -, - . . ~ t - - 4~ ~ " - ~- Sci-Agr 'I Aprii 64 Towards a Scientific Basis for Certain Silvicultural Measures in the Northern Part of the Vologda Region, by G. P. Motovilov. RUSSIM, Der, Trudy Inst Lesa i Drevesiny, Vol LIII, 1962, 254 pp. *OTS 6S-SO122 SFCSI our 65 2.60W.0 32 oat 65 DetnuinaUm CC NOW vrwUve omml 006maients of WoodL. Bys B. S. cudlnov Frm: TWD, IMT. IM- 651 4"5# 1963 ( 8 pp ) awudw - est ror vdos T"e on origina oVy mly, DXUWVt an be cut for P"te-V Fruiting of Pinus Sibirica in Last 3iberia, by A. P. Shymoniyuk. RUSSIAN, per,,TruL!y Inst Lesa i Drevesiny, Vol LXII, 1963, 190 pp. *OTS 65-50123 SFCSl ,Mar 65 Physiolog of Uoody Plats of SiVeriam by N. A. klilebnikova and Others, RLESIAN, bh,, Trudy Instituta Iosa I Drevesia Akadumiy Nauk MR, Sibir3koa Utdolenio, Vol LX,, wascow 1965,121 pp. EnUI 11rogrmu for Scientific Translatims sci-Biol 4 S;bd Sci Oct 66 313,053 Fruiting ol: the Siborian Stulle Pino in East oiveria, by A. P. 7WmmYuk,, 111,LUSIA.4, per, Trudy Listituta Lesa i Dwvosiny !jibirskoe Ot&!-rcn~o UMM17a' Rauk MI-to Vol 01, 1963, pp 1-2049 CFSTI 1-4 65-50123 sci-A,k"Ti We W 31r,,ris Problem aC the Effectivenesn'of Forest PlGattuM in the Protection of Crops Frw raugw Dismserip by I. G. Beilln. EMIAN., perv Tndy Inst TAsa fi~qcbx 6 gm Vopm y Polemaghthitaoin igggram diyaj, No Is 1951s Po 252-264. um Sci Nov 58 176, / f 71 Plantation Density With Scots Pine, and Its Biological and Forestry Importance, by YxxblxxOs Ovsjankin, Yu. N. Savic. RUSSIAN, per, Trudy Inst Leshohoz. 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A comparimn of power consumption In different systems shows that, from the point of view of power conemption, the most profitable systems sre those with & non-ditlere.ndal om" of TOILS" 6W.6". cylinder. (Amhor) (Machinery, Fabricatiom and Accessory Equipment. TT, v. 5, no. 7) Distribution of Stresses and Strains in Plane Notched Rods in Connection with Volumetricity of Stresse.d State, by V. S. Zhukovskiy, UNCL ' Im-i" 09'0'- -t-, I ' A, RUSSIAN, pear, Insti*ut Mashinovedeniyj~ Prob Prochnosti v Mashinostroyomk*, No 2) Moscow, 1959, ---!5t PP *ATic mm-61o/m Sel Apr 60 DC-4 IiA'r',- Vibration Proofing of Dynamically Unballanced Machines Hounted on Elastic Beans, by L. 1. Shteinvoltf. RMIAN~ po teoriii'SlUnilinm .rl&vy Tr -i~/BuShips 633 Sci - EW z-,O 7 Jun 57 (ne-663-81 .-oblems In Modern Maohi-,.vi Dyn=ica, ly, 52 P-p. )alwde:);ya JAL JI-TIS 1-3393 of Ameti= of MW Variable by Using Adderop WItipliers and the Slivlest Funda- motel Appmtus., by 1. S. Pinskerj, 17 pp. Al Int Muklu Send= po FMIANs 1*rs Trud Vol vnip IN Wwris D. Friedman P6-130 50 Feb 58 - I I.. ~ . . -, :.- . I- ., ..l... I , ., - I - m ~i- . . - . . - -, - - - ~1.~ ~; ~ .. .4. - ~ ~ i, , - I Optimizadon of Otw SOhom,~for-Diiiii,_ .. -l-FAwt-# i* (FDD 25111) Tharmobaric Field of tAm Tropoopbare Above movirig Anticyclones, by V, A. quaWyp 0. 5. Cberupbaw~p 7 pp. RUSSIUs irreg Vwj Ak Nw* Uzbek M 19" -71- NO 121. Tfw-bMa pp crA#w u-Sug .93Z J-77 USSR Sci - Geo"icn.. trapospMe Apr 56 lite Finding of Optimal Coamls, by V. 1. Arkin. "5110, per,, TrWy Inst Ilatemat imni V, A, 5teklova, No 71, 1964,, pp 21-2S. *F71-04ir-66-657 S ci - path S ci Get 66