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. i (a-1857) at mw ?out ammetwistles of Adws by 6. awro I. 'mn"&EL U IPS MW a ~i lowwwF va =C# -p 1;~ MOVOR-2 b 90.9m. we Uv VaLl, IW im Igo ON . mWouds AM 6.2.4 14M ar 69 110V 61 (SF-1762) Hm1th Considerations in Metribution of Few Czachool-m-ak Wustrial Facilities,, by J. Carach, 12 pp. OFFICIAL USE ONLY CZECHs per.4 Prwovni Lekaratvi, Vol XEII, go 1~, 1961, pp 27-32. JM 10&L2 CmTtim Mar - Czechoslovakia I / 7 al, **ad 4L RMCF20-man"MT Ub l . Mkv TOTAIM-AM, ITMTXK L, : It. cmd~.V. - 2 C#Air bw &A IL wum TAM d MWW bdo~W Uft, 00 A 2 4,117 8 3 ObboW hd~ Mumodia Tt fte d %dad two High-Speed Aerodynamics, by Elie Carafoli. RUSSIAN, bk. Pergamon Press Jwi 64 I -Nil 0 64 MAO 4A Oak its ow 'byls coded -717-, L .4i 23 PPO o"Ims Port 0~20 *Conic& JVUOWAO Vol ,pp Aug 63' Present' Prolems pf 5~~ot Ammmticso by Ilb-CarefoUp 6 pp. 19"It Ubmv Me "a 25 Now 62o p 2. Aug 63 &2M and RaLbw QPMtLCUI t7 Ito OillililL411 26,'PP. 31 mrs bk# ftVW Ooqp**U.Alpft lp pubi by Inetit&A of AIPIM ftagt*Vtwo rw4vaikolp of 002 Tr Becuml jan 56 =)~wt .Sci OCV71A90 . . . . . . . ..... Aim R, CeL r'cv in o., 7, Za-, ScAmMal 4 Wd Sel USY 6s 2780361 ---, 11--l -.. f9sk *.nm lop (DC-5642) Problems of Forest-3conomic Dietricting and the Role of Forest Planning DiscuBsed by Polish Foresters, by 0t~~a ~ 8 pp. RUMMIAN, per Revista Padurilorq VoI LXXV., No 196o, VP'A7'5#50. im 8511 is" - Poland Econ vwmtigu of. cwt D= on UW-Bul"Ity siavii . )y IL L. LffnvnU~ws I. V. Otalalkov.9 P. P., Aen!aw'o et alp 4 ppe 3MIM, per#,, MtaEWM No 9s I*s PP 3-60 m 301 lus 61 7im Det*CUM iU the AIi~-'mIcr*Soop&'Iw Regularly, ArvanomA Pmteiu onwatm in uo nuaft -Partiaegi of tho rIGOMM8 gas OR MUM of %W4 omtnat In the Rectioi. MA of p6 pp W) ci*t8o.sman a" swam$ I IAOMMIS NO 964~ 1957P 4w MOMS) Ta mwp pp 2%7-45: 00 Sol v IMICIM Doe 59 ef.? Investigattons or the FmdamotAls of Thmm- dymandes, (;Ewa$, pwip )ktbomtlmobe Amalng Val Wns 19090 py 355-3m. SIA Tr Set Physics APr M7 on Pwmmlo RKWmw On Vmrj% by : co 9 M2M,, pari AbBdoWle der WIMMmOb , rio 31t,, 10 JW# 19190 IV 579-5&, geD3664 ummm2r-8793.) sai - mith Mmr 63 ,P;2 ~~ -5~g -5~ Determination of Energy and Absolute TecTemture by z Means of Reversible Processes.. by C. aMU"=A.9 PP- UMMMNO b% Physical Hatbematice Sescion., 29 Jan ME 1925,, Pp 39-47. arA Tr 1439/56 Sci - Pbys OZ1.4-- Mar 57 CTS I - Savus brist 04"Mo Oo T"VU Foolip 35 ive mvxm awnwd^ 17 *& .m 4-T-60 I" a lbolfam //Ij 9 2*0 ift do Fvolution of surgical TWorculo"s. in. AfrVans in their Countsy of Origin* bY 4-C614YOR& Ao~U$rv** 109 ppe FENCAII, perp Red Lne Vol 190 1952, pp a-too. WPS11411 sci/d&m Doc 69 3980089 a- C4.e#zxoLo on the Qrot~Ulm -qtxmtmo of ftv- PIVRIWAM*o IW Go A ! vhim- I MwA* PW, admISLAXibiffild& Vol, fs6 v IN NW Igat a 3U.:W7-' n. rM 43256_ ?1,;zq to(-t- ey" SeAF. ( var 72 (SF--597()) MATHEMATICS AND A PLOT OF LAW.. BY KH. CARBj, 4 pp. p- RUSSIANo W., IZVESTIYAo I APR 1962s, P 2. JPRS 14819 USSR ECON AUG 62 2o6..97i I SOVIET RESEARCH SIS OF MBLAMD UMRATURE JAND17WIRM IBM OF THE MMAL. NAWRB OF'GPAWff K Ki P. grANYUKOVICH'(PULL TRAWLAW". ftmq*w Ch. K. P. U Oct 601MIp. AID rejt.-,:G0-6l,-AM-24b 70IL-.: AMIN-61 Orderfrm OTSSS-00: IV. Air jdOrm tion Div., WasIdWo. D. C. Based on a study of Iffilmor, d c V. GubellIANOWC11 FGUMU-~-, f i S i C l o lu m a trm~ Of V*6mwww7C--- -' loy am a ranc i t ew. ., on, 0oodwsicbeebop0l iiim~7pr&imm... , , mo. 24(31) p. 3-17. NO - AD-266 7M, The present ISOM was UWWk tit, order '4 statommots me& by K.-P.'~ pumty of aftiRK4 VW* Ifto phoomm aid "domwo 41d'!pq Soviet cop"Utift porttment to dw of a spsco vehicle propelled by,= Intsidolist =UOIkCtgr&VitY- 00= of TGJWCW SmIces pared with views Of cum Soria scloold" (pok., olitysics-Theandcal -Tr'Y. 5~ (bmW The Statisti Lou at Atmospberles m a, Mmi"i Twed to 27 lo/sec" by PPMCR#' per, CompUs Ptendtw" #01 virmillt 19510 pp 949 - 950. Sol Aug 58 N pgqpptim of M40i-FmrjmwW Vaves AI=g Powor Lim"j, by F. O!n!m so 1p. FXINM part MU. ftea . ANG, "I To so 90 ov 39390 im gn-W. B." Tr 57-3-32 eel. winumba --W AW 57 # 7 9 7,4 to&" m4poutLas 1*Ahvwl=AO jal, III I guaila oulww ft I-, W ~im t:qr " a by amwwts ~-'es-A&M a 3 5 1 Ell *0 jm~mmw I Ilk MdOW I=W"- ft rmWrl~tdml so 3# 3^ 0 IMW* AM ft . su* I.A to JP/ x Ap 63 us DOW Do"" = - ANOWA POI an 59 fsf 101 Meeting in Honor of the 15th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Republic--Speech by Adil Carcani, by Adil g~:L,, 8 pp. ALBANIAN,.np,, Bashkimi, 2 Oct 1964, pp 1, 4. JPRS 9UM 27o262 F~'-Albania Pol Jan 65 271,763 Virus and CadiameaW ByeUme ~,fts-,Xa!;tro- camoamlin M~- - on ~,of yfyA* HMO With ~Ccxncme Group a vims by U. caremasis A, Tuverim Fe PltzWs 35 PP- :mAiam perv awwwa *aoaq vai zon, :L936, PP 1 378-13 - *65 M 12-30 8cl - )bd i= 58 FMt IFAbOUM bUiM the Omm of Tmum tol the Fatreidtlesi by J, Somml# X. Cacessoom, B. comsono 19 pp. Fmcii, w.1 amius mdrp va xint wwjlApr 19610 pp 101-UO. I I .* .. lkvy ir 33U/= 68o set - Had my 62 - 1,941 /.Z # on th~ putbasodc ~ lot Powtatics of %M, So-CaUed CochIm Blmko by P429ingaig Pp. ln=sl-pwo,L$Oto,ltieo,lmgtmgoUgin Vol its, 1.9no pp W.-M. SIA 57-35W Bel - nvt~o &:~-. ift 59 (Lc--;Wl) RevOlUtiCMOXY Amuent Uudcr Mode= Gqvitmliam~ by Prul q~~j V2 pp. YMEM, per, Socialisme ou Bvxbnric, Pait I &. iij Vol 'Ea., No 33., Doe 1960-ftb 1961p Pp 51-Z1; ftrtr, III-V, Vol VIP NO 32, AW-Jun 1961., MOM= pp 84-3-U; Ports V:C-VM, Vol V:E, NO 33, rx-c 1961-ftb 1962., pp 6o-65. JM 12590 .TlEar - 04 POI 77'4.4- 2029, a C. , NNI I M V t C)F: SMUNUUN tgul Is Sirmurs,' 1. ftwoullit delloft*Adlon) 1. b6niad. C~ D. A. Unclair, rx. 1963, 7p %We N= Todmkd U.-NIOC-Tr-i07S Trans. Ims. Orft- from NRCC $0. 50 NROC-C-44W. IV~ Ntbmil .. '' : - I.- %; I ~~ ,, Tram. ot Accedlemb) 14~4bsale, deil I Awd- ~ Ciamse . I (bufj&U at Canada Will sd[em) Fiskbel UtIoneddie CI Wdira l: R04towdl Ctaly) 1958 [&Z 81 v. 24,~,p. 4U.49 &,,:- DBSCRVMRS: 48bloskal products, Chisr" andys1s, Molecular structum -8 8 OKOIO*d se labeft-awchowstry, Tr, v. 11, no. 5) offmcof Techn1"I smim The Manufactme of Forging Ugots at Ito Teral Steelworks, by Me IlIgnorap Be Cardam%,JL. Tonto ........... ISLUN,, Paper PmmuW at tbs. Confeivoce on Heavy Forging,, Tlemlp Sop 1961- XM 2521 Set - EW 1 JU 62 list 129 to Wejtmwm~ Test In OdUfto& WMWIolicip by C6 A. Oellmk~ A. Dd Yftbt 9 pp, mrlp, say O*m Lob clut Val 31# 110 10 1948,, vp 165--179- - , CA 2F gn Sol - maucim mV 57 s~r e-02 S bj~ Dre SAM=,, vwrsl~;Aroboitl : 0, 1041 19p# op 3- J" 53 MAU CardocirmWoW SpUali AMOSOW tW ITALIMs I*ro Attl so !l&2kgwp IMI, pp 3&S-36L Factors Capable of Wdityft the AVpuuoe wid Fumtion at Adrenal T=w InOmstrated F&Uq by A. M. NOVAMOYO A. R. IL Plato# Inwun,, VR,pr, COMVW$ ftt.d%o L OW IKQIl , '101 =,VM, Dft 1.95hp vp M23-2M. ftIL - xamw m I& 4.$-o2j f 3 3 8057 Practical Method for the Of rmww in Intermittent Heating,, by R. Cardlerguos,, et, al. . yer, Anwles Inot Tbehnique du BatimentAst dw Tmv= RMIcap Vol V, ]b 51" 1952. OBIRD .2 J~ Bel - ftys Aug 62 A I e4 k- C/I ~v sci/B4m Mar 66 .2960309 m Not* on the I (I,UCO,) fttsmctje~s f6r Uquid C"10" With a Free Swilms by Ae Cardo* ITALIAN, per, TwAica Ital No 33, 1968,p 17. hu Ref: 9022.05 (trans%Z) cap-& c Dft 69 3980307 a rms mamm in At 493sa4m of atnomme madmam ~40 -&"NOW* - toom of VMS %w 2. foam, P. as"WAK. '' lowwo no* . sffi~- ~ a& 't-12 Agri 1963 W" 16% 'S - C'q N de'v'o Sol - go$? 340,215 Nuclear Energy and the Imp Lecture by Uc. Salvador Cardona., 17 pp. UNDWSIFIE SfAIWRj rpts Iml to Demp No 1307,, Amliflassy, Mexicos 3 May 1960- Dept of State 4437431B IA - Mexico Pol Jul 60 A COMPUIM of the Blood'Upid lank In Didwdo CtuU*UW by Ditbtm't 7bmfAssm by 1, J. ftidwafto iv 4 stameri. spmxsfif~ PW& SOMP ".04 owes Vol we iwis"Omp~p-,Jmr, RTC 70- m4M lip scib =d a nov 70 ftsudmMvAtl= of SM, by D. OLIOWO 0. Imado's .1. Plariat Do AMmIs W. AUKdILp 12 pp. FEM=j, parp, Fav Breen 0 Vol X(a 3b 143p *70*t IM.. pp 583-592. MA Tr 9W sa - mb ~ 6-aw Nov 57 5-61 Seas Rewlts I of the Applicetion of Boolian AUeb" to the Synthesis of Relay Clrqltx, bv C. Csrdat, 16-0. PRMH~ I or, Am Teleccmm, Vol VII, No 2, 1952# MA 57-3523 set Jul 59 911 .?//0 62-33189 CHAM R. LOOPOX and Nongbe, P. 1IM-MOVAL OF GASEM commumm, L Cardomo. 11. L. FROM IAR WrM A SORBAWr Dq=ON SYMM. It. DejoOlIm. P. Special reM no. Z PrewnW at the Internatimal M. 71da: InteirAtional... Air Cleaning Conference, Brookhaven Mdomal lAb., IV. SURAEC-196 10-120ct6l. 11962116p. 2refs. V. BURATOM Oclglum) Order hm OTS or SLA $1. 60 BURARC-196 Tram of rept. tmn Centre d'ituds do l-&ergle Nv-Uaire, Bruaselsoalgiuzn)11%1~ DEBOUITORS, $Air, *Doow=dmdm On". tmml- AboorpUon. Towerw(Cbeardst"). CMW- cuts. Qectors, Cmwdmim it Is won dw a morbw boection, sy awbe usw to a man of Cleaning Pose ft= comminants When low or intertnodats Ination factors an sllow4 for in-to in clossil circuits. 7% sorbant injection syum,4 In its akqdm tam Is ;Tamp(=) C2) 2 6 15 4 *f T-A-" Swwk-b omms wrtabou * an*# Vol I=p so 9, la Jan 1951.., it 64-?u I M"" tm ad suml ba (UG U"w CL"G) so - Bw Ig /02 4f ft 59 :p -W733 6 1 Cdreddat P., Merm T. and Aiiol~~ URINARY ELWWA71ON OF:N- ACSM-P~ Cmi edd I AMMPHENoL WHEMORNS AMR-1M. WERE It. TREATEM WITH ACETANILIDJL-'~ JMIJ 11pv (211gs. oulo'~:T. M. Aodl L2 refs. imnitteo, : . Order from SLA $t 10 V-.20135 6 Trans. Q~,*Idh ItAl11WA at BWO& %WrImer"le.I ~Dollettlw 1961, Y. 37 [no. DESCRUYrORS. *Bue, Pigmem, *Auivftv'H=etl*n, Olatanta, Hernoly". Amluex~ Pbeiwls; Ace radicals, Sil"In, *AcetsWIW, Glucarmic add;. (Biological Sclences-Pharmocolwi Tr.. V.. 7. rim 9) Presematim of atembrd Regdators at tka Hawma Mectrotechalcal Lmutate GaMeo remwis.. Turin., by M. ChEMAjo. :WJZM., mer, La Hicerca Scientifica, Vol 1; No 21 1961) PP i52475- CSM/lo 6246 Sci - EW Oct 93 .2.ell (PM 252631) on the lielcopmeryt of ftilroad Transport in the vm D=Ug the FUMh ]PLve-Year Plav~v by W. E. A 35 PP. PCI vio pors ftess.9v Vol . LMO No ID., W&Vsw$ Out M5) VP 3N-3w. CWM/U-7374 Boon, - wonoport railroma CM 73/Oct " or 1 1,01 U4 31 A40 im 3 U6046 so ja 65 a SONTM 'I . I mm, "-I A .. I . ll.,,,7,-~,.,.~~t $fA- 30#ASI 'Aft 66 __C&Le 1_1 &j._An ton 10. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCHES ON INAMIES 1. PRODUCED BY CLASS SPLINTERS (Ricerche Sperimentali sulle Lesiont Prodotte da Frammenti di Vetro). f19621115)p. (foreign text Incitided) 7 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 62-16415 Trane. of Zacchla (Italy) 1953, v. 16. p. 370-376. DESCRIPTORS: *Injurles. *Glass, Wounds. 62-'~4 1.5 Carella. A. Basing his observations on the results of experimental researches still in progress. the author illustrates the characteristic tralts of Injuries. produced by glass -fragments. He states that these wounds should be Included among those produced by pointed four- C 87 edged cutting means. (Author) (Biological Sciences- -Pathology, TT, v. 8, no. 9) Offic. of Uchaical Semicos The ParbUa WA ToUl "W;7~1 mullffimaj' by A. CamIlls, 14 AM. ?A%U,AmAINu UAw:L Cbidn fti rb IM, c2d Ift'b's Val MM6 19390 IV, 664471 o, Sol (Urelli, V..,Llquwi, A. Lt ud odwra... A IMSORPTION OF POLAR UDLAWLES BY LINEAR POLYMUDES. U. CHROMATOGRAPHIC SEPARA71ON OF PHENOLIC LSOMERS. 11962116p. Order from K-H $20. 00 K-H 6178 Tram. of I& ChImica e I'ladustria (Itely) 19M. v. 37. (no. 121p. 960-96S. DESCRWMRS. OUblecular Isomerism, Aboorpti4 Polymen, *Ak&s. Orn WWW"W udyall, oPhawls. 62-17W 1. carcui. V, U. Liqtxjrl, A. M. III. K-H-6176 IV. Kresge-Hooker Science Litwary Associates, Dravit, Mich., V. Tidt. Chromtographic 172224P7 (Chemintry--Orpatc, Tr, v. 6, no. 5) cat. a i-"w S.M. orl cam fttauly~ Moo In VaberculwUa NAA 1. ODUMPU and *on" for Wozkbw up i mAnis Data and OffIcIA ftstletimp by 3. ggla 5 pp. MALM., par# Left Omtxo JA =0 No 3/4.t pp i,$T-161. MA Tr 2M Sai - Mdlclw NOV 57 0. CRrarl Ion d1scrUdattles la =am spectromitwo. 9 Vp ITALIANt Wwwo Cbmto (WoM) I Vol 7j, No 1, 1950, pp am MU TT IF 14 p 326 72 Carette. Sylvain and Losson. AW"o-Gauxt PROCESS AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCMN OF SHELL MOLDS AND HOLLOW CORES. [31 May 611 1p. Order from OIS or SLA $1, 10 61-16753 Partial trans. (claims only) of German potent 1, 069. W. by Cronft &W Co. fpub~ 1064 DESCMPTORS: 'C"flup, *MoIdWg materials, Coati* 7T. V. 6, w. 6) L carom, S. IL Losaw, A. -Q M Patent (Germany) 1069 W Offict of T46"Icel suvices I )p 11471111-~ - l-,- "i a so .. . .- I 4. SOPSO 67 1 ~ J04436 . I ~ i :, w i TT-66-17078 Field 7C 1. TlUe: Complexes of Copper 11) ... .Cariati, F.1 Naldlul. L. COMPLEXES OF METALS OF I GROUP B. NOTE 1. COMPLEXES OF COPPER (1) WITH TRIPHENYLPHOS- PHINE AND MTH BES(DIPHENYLPHOSPHINE) ETHANE AND THEIR REACTION PRODUCTS WITH SODIUM HYDRWOBDRATE. 12p (tables formulae omitted) 13refs. Order from SLA: $1.60 as TT-65-17078 Trans. of Gazzetta Chimica Itallana. v95 n1/2 P3-15 2965. MR zoo TT-65-17072 Field 7C 1 1. Title: C3mplexes of Silver 11) ... Cariatt F - Naldini, L. d~MW'~Nis OF THE METALS OF I GROUP B. NOTE It, COMPLEXES OF SILVER (1) WITH TRIPHENYLPHOS- PHINE AND THEIR REACTION PRODUCTS WITH SO- DPJM HYDRIDOBORATE. 5p (fige omitted) 11refs. Order from SLA: $1.10 as TT-65-17072 Trans. of Gazzetta ChImica Italians. v95 n3 p201-6 1965. Mit 700 vp 00116 im 2aft 4 ..i / , J~ 1. 1 . Vb'b 65 27NM .I On the Moory of Local3,v KIpatent Grown IMR W4Vnmw4!bcd39:kk.. by V. S. Carin, 22 pp. 11USSM., tar., Matamt fto=,tk., Vol XM(71)') 1951., PP 4jjj~~ Amer YAth Sm S-i - math Dee 6o qA 3 A51 / 3 ~ 716 V. 15 04010&04 "A Bel Aw 60 5 L h : w"" 0 -M ~~ , I //.: c vl v 7 1 The Visible' Aft*3rglw -,-of Attive Mitiroge by G. Carlo. GBRU"v refs ZO&S !!Malt Vol, so, 19290 pp 769"7$Oo X"A TT V-129003 SOL-Phys May 69 382'fim R=ltation and Cum an PUMUOn Of TIM Df tht Aurora Aftaglow In Altropn.. b7 G. CaAcl tet al. OERMJ, pwj, Z. bar Phyalk., Vol 3.952j, pp 209-298. IM Zilbrary OttrAwns ftf C'Ounk '7' Set - Chem pf .2, 741 Ap: 62 The Grawtb of Thin laprs~ by 0. ftrio, J. ff. malvelts 13 PP- oo__~ OVM# I*rp z pupik., Val VjLo 1955s. pp 47-56. IUA 57-3-999 sci may 58 6 q z J/f j sm maemvmw of surfam towmwn on Drying Cylinders p by A. T. gy*jAw 0 /If, -- Gums VWP Do pqiero Vol is lb 170 A 1956P pp 413-419- 'I..- ABLU-Tl.5 4., . , .. "- 001 Aus 58 70, P'd miuk V= ad ""I Sid (00~ smobw st"n) &i - min/ot ff. /O?f Sep 59 v Corragim Process" in tv C. CSA=. ojR.mAxe ~wq IA&&)Mo 341. 61,61 04M 3ci,.!,At 66p 68 Copper-umt"pue ~3tealsq Vol 220 c4 1930~ pp ~3?- 3651,6~4 99 0, Oqei'a S scaling Prweeo and Aadolorated UfO~wbluq of BeatIng-81mot AU*pg. by R.. Mmttwr$. L6 Wetternik, 0. Cutue. UM G=W# *S Arab V4 X3=S msr/Api 19513 vp 103-U04 witish Im at ot"I Ind (00 mm"r Sim) The Asgrptioa a 11t*cpn T= Aqu~oui: Hyd~rogen Sulpbldt Solutio no by Iteil and the Formation. of Cracks of SUmIlu ftddtoil~ M. DLecussion,, br-P,,K. NaMp4s UNM GMM,p per# Arab Bi"OhmUlmseup JIM2 1959, pl?:.361-3TOO BW 1413 (L oat 59 The Significance of tbe-Corroalon. PracemOes In Aqueoun Hydrapn Mgphide Solutions for the Pormation of Crwks In stools., by, F. X. 1humnli, Y~-qeriua- UNCL OMWM., per,, Arch 31se, WOMMImp may 1.9592 pp 283-M- British im am Mel XrA 1390 Be i - Cbm S&P 59 .Crack Formation in Mels Under the Inf lucace of Aqxwous ftdrapa Baoide. Solutlows by ?,, K. Naumanup W. Carlus. MM per$ Arch Ann1wittevesen, Apr ).95,9, ipp 233-23L bdtL*h IM isud St"I Ind IN3 (A 258.0a.) AV.., Sol - XIW*t; Mom Z~9 3 ftp 59 nchirs pr~yc~ for Ulf rawtiatus Be- tdoon CbeftIcany ItesisionVOr-NI Stools and Or-ViAo Stoolsp by F. Ks Dummy W.~ cariui. Gnu,, pirt, pxchlv 31 ---- Utemm"no Wa. fNo 10o 1957P pp &1-kk 0 Brutcher Tr 4231 0.60 Sol - Cbm Aug all/ Mauger. in the Buffer Ompoity of the Tlasuea naring rmlocrtw Disordus azxl Growth ot Tmors, by FMD3., per., Ryul No*= SLoL i bbd., Vol XMj. No i~6oo vp 57-59. CB Sol Doe 60 v1 MR IN P"" Adow XWU* IW A* to -to V4"*o 399 M OU 300 U Pdojt tm 310,16 40i V* u -Do ho);Iw 0u Al *a bows TA zo lb IT"i