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December 31, 1983
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of Ow V* C.0 Mo- twom rnme aW Wifloo by go -Callina We cosame PUMO P",o SO -in 01 imrmp Sw 410 Tel 40 K* 47* 1"3* pp swo-6790 - 60. Set-Else Sept 69 392o156 pormulac? ~for the Fxper ntal n Tuor,,- (~.y A. cad 41,clatkee ]Roy.'A Turill, Vol 19~4-193:5v Pp 46-51, TPONIM-T .990 Sucientific .,,Em~lneeriag CTS/bzx C- mar 67 'noli7a SCL . . . I. - -. .... %~;~ ., -: - .Iimmmiag 3cleatific - Engnaering APr 53 CTS I o 93 ~ 4 I I .., - . -"-~ --i. " M~~ 0 Effect of Lateral WInd on,tba Dowdaz7 Lagrer of a III&-6peed CoWessible 129v About a Cylindrical Obstacle (Wing at an Avila or WIth Oweepixick), by Aldo Cas!=, 21 pp. IMUN# per,, Aerotecalca, Vol XIVI.. go 3,, Jul 1956., pp 152-159. NACA N-54676 iici - ftsics, Oct 0 (3, U. so Go"Olmat use only stio4un MW 66 297s'.Vg lmmmmm~ rowo,lp$r. VIO slectrmic no prese"t 20 v9 a 3()uudU* p by R. ewrt" 9 Mau= IFORMs proo Conj lmdon Tr 32T3 sc, Z,ectron S&P 58 Tal OIXY Applica tion of Mectron Bea= to; a: Ifethod, aDa Cryatallographic Awayelp. at a pointir I)y Full translation. R r MINO, perj, Begberche Aor2g No 23o qteP-*:t 1951., Nova Scotlag:) 202 SCjenA, if JC Aug 53 cm A, Ilisib* it, 9 wows, may 6s Ou the PbVical Aspects of a PoLut Analysis-,by X-Ray Spectrograp4p by He Cowtaing, Acques Desem,aps. FM , per, Is JowmI do Pbro at 1e Radloso Vol XVIO Iftr 19550 PP ~dw *ft" Tr /NRL Sci - Physics 02, Jm 57 'y C-IR4, I I9MTWHs 1 Xntm Conr Xlmtm MicroscoMp No 3, prm .9 Lon&ms 1954,p PP 379-383,- sai Jan 60 . W-99u8p Vol 2, No 6 AT~I- q~~ -FS 7..?.2 %M~K= ~ OF RLSMONC FROM TO A MffrHW OF PUNCMAL CHBMWAL ANOLLYM AND CRYWALLOGIt"MY. (19M LV6 ( Owk Ogdft fim SLA $1. 60 TIM IUM cl b Rodartbe Aftomawl" (Frawa) 1931, IA A P. 41-3D. DWYEMNS: Oweettamadf-we I-MIJ. sx.fty , - I g. NOWN Opwafte. Sbam bmm. abmm bwes, Ochemw "a"K Ocnew 7W pftd aW the ftat ap&Wm on of a ww msftd of tl iftudcal m"s i n brkft m ft& roexpedmomlqp I rft"d&tO6K&XA. amablaim of a -,- -dw cl a nicom cded at a specim a Pro- (ChmmhM--AwlydftL IT. v. 9. em 11) Ono 62-18M 1. cAmbl& R. 1~ ~ 9 q95 emu al Tames Isme" 092outullc - ma"Clue M 70/JUX 55 filoam PSOO Lisot dooluts by -to Cwl&&Wo J& D"emps FlElajo, pwo 21OMPVdiW-.A*MI 140 63* Mgt Ipp t, Ui'%' NASA TT "Oil J~ 66 Awlimmm at xLeatma pi ot - to u"I absel"I wA &ptl3lograble ANdplas by ROMWOUtafti, 163 w "~# a ~ io ot cru A~A 8 U-som4pe AM W&aW*-7 ad g6 ftr 61 Dealoa and Dmlevmmt of -an Electrmle X-Ray Probe for the Study ()f IIIWO Ukd Of the st=ture. of mataby by Rvmd.,Cwt4jj*.* FROcip'l2walsi uaiv Of PMU), 6 Jun 1951. OsHfoluu mut of Itoloology (C=t3raat No DAJM-014) um, n savoir Tgw Sol - Z Min/lbt mkw 6e /Vto-O 9~14 0-WiAl Udf 71iosc Who Make the Major US Foreip Polley Decisions, by Carlos Cutmeda~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY SPMISHO! per$ Bohomia Portoniqunap, Vol LV# No 66,, Jul 1964v pp 48, S. 60 $30 S7j, 63 64. PDD/DC-10632 NEUR - us Pal Jul 64 61-X9 54 OF := Alants, Carmen. ,nlll%l Typs By sm- FACE FMATIML [1961180. (1 ft I tWo 2 rds. 2 rds. Ordw hmm SLA $1. 10 61-20054 TT=s. of an unidendfied Smlsb Isagme wildo fm an unbwwa saiwee. a. p., a. d. DESCRUqWS*. 91lood mushnim, 9ismogtoldoss llost -4diods, IWO& A poslible sp*Cstion cc do B-b" flnum RIKW IN pmentsiS, to thol dm A, 16 nd 0 tym d blod wed tw trosaftsion can be dowminaft*ft. ad amt r"y. 71w velocity vd& ibidi ft raudati Is m arA die rulstom which Me &b" adw to ft w- numat Iwo 60 CEPMUT am maw dw ft nmtw wwch is mud More iielm" *u ft soud-do (NOW" SdOWAN-Potholoa. Tr, Y. 7i a& Mom 1. Caltu(101K AL R. U. Audi, r- Office 01,10cloical services M MWMI11M R" SOM Rabal 90 ottlers. 7ME DISSOCLA71ON REACnCH OF UMS IN C(*A-,: BINATION AS APPLIED TO THE 91109MATION 0 PRCIMMS OF BIOLOMCAL LIQM. [1061112p. (4 Rog. refs omitted) I rot. Order from SLA $1.60 61-20OSS 61-31M CaMa?feda, H. Sato. R. Trans. of an uddenfined Spanish bagualle article from an unlaum source, A. P., a. d. DESCRWMRS: sProwbo6 Myse. Biochemistry. Mood plasma. *Urine, *Blood, Tests, *Cwexosphw fluid, Poidtatrics, Dissociation, Body fluids. A now method is presented for the qualitative dKw- mination of proteins in bloWed Hqd&. lu'prind- ple is that the proteins NO to dissocists do GmW nano of a mixed dye: am of the *u then will ac- - (Biological Sciences- -Biochemistry, Tr, v. 7, no 4) Office of TwAs" SaMms -2=4 61 RuIz and Alanis. Carmcm, Mj~xImIHanoj Qqjgjpg!x 1 , . QMMRMNATION OP IIM MOOD TM BY SM- 1. GUNIM& AL it. FACE FIXATION. 11961180. (L as. I ULNe 2 rds. R. Alimals, C. ornitted) 2 refs. Order from SLA $1. LO 61-30064 Vans. of an unidentified SpWsb language article from an unknown source. m. p.. a. d. DESCRWMRS: *Mood transfusions. sHameglutimins. Test method Aposilbleapplicatf presemed, so th2t the A, 0, and 0 types of blood nod for tramfus Ion can be determined rapidly W &=t ratelY. 'Me vektity with Which the reaction Is rw4 and the resisteace whia the SIoNdas War to the ea- trainzoest Lao 9be capMary flow &bow that the mahod Which Is mwb nme I mskiv* d" the 60-m-dom (BiWo&d Sciences-fatho1W, TT, V. 7. va~ 4 Owl" 44 T6161401 Swah" Rdul and Castageda, MMAJWHAW ituit, Sam 1. CasiaNeds, M. R. THE ommmm Rucnm ov DYES tH com- a. sow P.. BINATION AS APPLIED T(t THR I)MMOATION OF PRCfMINS OF BIOLOMCAL UQUIM. 11961, 1 12P. (8 Eng. refs ornitted) I rd. 61-2DM Order from SLA $1.60 Trans. of an tuddentifted Spawmb language article from an unkmm source, n.p., n.d. DESMIPTORS: *Proteins. *Dyes, Blocb6ftnigtry, *Blood plamm. 'Urine. *Blood, Teas, OCerebrospinei fluid, Pediatrics, Dissociation, Body fluitis. A now melltod Is presented for the q-11tadve deter- mination of proteins In Wological liquids. Mw prbd- ple Is that the proteins tood to dissoclaw " comp&- nents of a mimed dye; aw of the dyes tbm will ac- (Biological Sclemem-Blocbernistry, Tr, v. 7, no. 41 WaftelTeAmw (am) %xImmem, IkL FA" cr ,,In= WROL413M THM IN 7HE MAMIM wwnm poi !U* Ordw km ILA $1 ?SSW 0=16 d WAD. MOOPW NOW do iblift L L Doscawmm ampo" *Am"". sawdimis, vry*Ai4 *nAhm fever 7w sda do dbpmb of aloft of I'mangod SWASM Aftmossiop wil" JW J. A. RLdOWs T. a"", U ppe olfta~ ww~=N Firs antswomwWag mAdwo 11j, xw~ 1"s pp no-U96 MM Tr 4-39 ftl - uWaslAw 7/ *r Im ewam BOG VaCCIMUM iA gomors by J- pom, J. giwwp V. eastmeft,"12 ypo I TISIologlica, IbI Xt 20 9# SpM=,l pwp lb 4168 am 1950j, vp 199; NAff M I SeL . Nowlsw t~-j la2 (o .1 , i= 58 Scientific - AatrobcW CMA= s J Si 5~ ? '/- . 11 1 . 11. :..: . I..,...,. . Castel -R~~PAWTMLALMAIMTWMISPMBRIC RMBIMONS: 1. :M. ractka- IN rdH MANAMON OF 7W FIBLV XBMV13D- AT A GREAT DWANCE. (M) 780 Wei& 2. MOCUM" Order from L.SA $8. 05 Analysis 1. Metal. F. do Trans. of Academic des Paris. Compt" a. Misme. P. , Ronda@ (France) 19581 v11 p. 9244. M. Literature Service Also available froal SLA miSI. 8% pb$l. 90 as Assoclaus Bound 59-10%0 119581 5p. BrUd4 N. J. (Physics- am . 1). Partial Pteflectiefts'" tb.* Atobaphers and Long-Distance Propa4tIcift?.Vart 3,,.Bafl*c- tion in an I d - Dgensous mmum " by Francois du Castelr Apdto Splaxichiso. GOVEMMNT USE ONLY FRENCHp per, Editions do I& Revue d'122tiqm~., 1960* NAV/NZC/TRU-2677-68 Sci-Atmos Jan 69 3-72,167 Owface Mmumaterg by S. bm; ~--Covt'olp 4 PPO pk~" V-IA IML% tto 4 mebwdws ontn ati ftdkwdw ftl,JAbe Donev" (ftria)., no lo., :L950" pp ~M42. AW Tr 3131 sci - up am 58 4 6,01 ~Y:Pzl Petroleum and its Derivatives in the Service of Agriculture, by L. WW,, 44 pp. FRENCH, per,.Rev. Inst. Franc. Petrole Ann. Combust. Liquides, kxk Vol XIX, l99W-q7"pp4-666,, AEC-tr-6524 Sci-Agriculture Nov 6S 292#661 7`70f (MmBurV--Carrosion, TT. v. 10, no. 6) 1 Wo d fftbkd I ', 1. - ~ I I ~ 1- - : snow cez, Leaf Blotch of Job's Tears Millet, by E. Castellani. 4 ITALIAN SLA per NC State College Jun 59 lit aidt 13. Caste 41 PP4 Vol W/ 2~,!perj Le ChInSw e L'Indutr.las )kf V IM, pp 64. ,f scieftItIc a mamistry CYA/MAi-&W ~,y C.- 0 4((. Now 55 C708 I Congress Speech, by Castellanos. RUSSIAN) np, Pravda, 30 Oct 1961- FBIS Wire USSR Pol 30 Nov 61 w opt" Of Natal wldjncrx~ for B:ULII?i,, , wsko" Coating Of, VLUG Of FAUtbrold oQuagetwl Silo Dim With obub4m, or, go kvortlft Stmwtums by Zola Out '3mrJ,,%MIIqftjo 2 Ive IMAITAKI patoat hasl* mpt of coisafto Ment off"o fti Lo Wft) ')Zrocess for tLc. pmPaMion a -,o P4rao.ris, of BxtmUcIle mid 1"roducta Obinirxd by T.Ibis P:ecceas~ by Carlo Castel-Ii, U V. F. Cro,~ej 20 ffpo -I-'-.IrGMTTj Fatent 110 573P680o sU 60-142336 F o b 622 0.4 hp? vol al, r0 11 Ne"i Stereospecific CaUJ4,sts for the Polyac-rizatirm. of Butuadicna, by C. Longiave, R. CaataUi, G. F. Croce. 1TALIM, per, la Chimica e 1' InduAria., Vol X1,11I., ro 61 1961~ pp 625-63o. Chemical Tranalating Service 2243 Greer Road Palo Alto., Wifornis. (M-Mem 230) sci IW6 Mar 62 mlafte 211 ~ I 1w, To cobdu =am pw As am sd~.q adr 3.967 Castellino, N. MODW-MMONS OF CARBOXYHENUZ AFTER IN- HALING TOBACCO SMOKE. [196219p. Order from K -H $11. 25 K-H 4036-a Trans. of Folia Medfica] (Italy) 1955. v. 38, p. 1014-1024. DESCRIPTORS: *Respiration, $Hemoglobin, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, *Tobacco. *Smokes, *Cigarettes. (Riological Scicnces- -Pathology, TT, v. 8, no. 7) 62; 17871 1. Title: Cai-bDxyhemiz 1. Castelflno. N. 11. K-H-403(-a 111. Kresge-1 looker Science Library Associates, Detroit, Mich. C223026 Office of Te"Col $"m The ftuslida comutgetimin ce'em loodmetwis'o by G. Cutpum"m A. - GoWUM* 95 AV piwi L9 . va, =, It Ims 39 IL-17. 10440 Sol - Im Dft 6o In"Suptl ,Q= our Ps s mn%tA*ss Aptut DIM staut br V* smadmiums, Be Osetwo U. pe go imp VOL X# so pp yrdo* va go No 10 a* btlxmn at outas P&VWMAMI an a ftdam nood vm DXUBU~ ft= a vmp ty ftemms ftstoxo smomp ad Barthats 16 pp. 'will 1111 p Up PP 563*M, Anw Mo guvlw TMBPO]rt Mms p ANN mldmtuw 41ad, thO Botbe-Tmb4mmits &tRdo America Roultall by H. G. Mqpro Be odatozo 22 pp, ylguuis rpt* Mr 10, 90.6n5 spi - )Ott'h J'an 64 1.2 $14-f 131r Study of the Vibration ot Sm in a Setm (TvaA Rm*) C=sOd by VW ft=ftloms, by Le PmUrm arts Uft"GUM4 hwov- istion for 7ft lkwItIftip Usbom 1957 Pro* Call, pp KMA s4-Ew Awl 4w3 Do I . I !il. I g .,- ~ - I I I I A~l I I , wa 3WO70 I A 6 r)(-I- AcUvIti of the Valm CC 519vok ILas Artists by L. Goderms D* Cast!NMEM-9 6 DP* MM vws ft*dvqp Tal "* no 19* RMIUSISml Boo D" 58 (nD 25010) The Cwmic Alps# by Itton CostUllosip 160 PPO rfALIAJ,, bIL, pp 81-0. CIA/M)V-7220 Wor - Italy COMMAT 0406mwc CIS 71/Ang 55 Long Tem Stabillty of Cwftin IkSastic Y&tsrlalgl Used as Corees, by 0. Castiglioni., N, Valeatinj IMUaANO pw~ R. C. 55 Rl=,, Assoc Biect ital uiugio.v Vol xMS i"k. Sci - PbY01ce &Y 57 CM/dex PossiblItty of BraWwslm of Noubrouss by )4.. G~q_map 17 pp. , pars AUSUm fis y *fts Vol I=j 1947p pp 655-1670. OIA Tr 2PAO aci - yw2mw Pbplas Avg HE PLAN FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE 114 TOLIMAs BY PEDRO J. CASTILLA: 9 PP- SPANISH., MAGAZINE., LA NUEVA PRONSAj NO 79,-, 3-9 NOV 19620 PP 3-7. JPRS 16544 LA - COLOMBIA POL%, DEC 62 2Wmg,o42 90 n6 Ireli --wft i ~nmw ftv% %W ce T, *own* IN awo:l IBM: 1 Iwo, IP3v IPP sm 5631L ad gas m 69 IA-ftr4 ow ftt Co 9wh32 IftLuls &W Vergara. 7Ac&rW. NSW THE BIOLOGY AND COMMERCIAL 1. Caatill~ L. USE OF THE CIULEAN OYSTER. I"I, 29p 11. Vergars, 7. PROC Trans. Series no. 360. 111. PROC M-ans-360 Order from NRCC NRCC-C-4201 IV. NRCC-C-4201 V. Fisherivs Research Trans. of mono. Apmes Biolojlcos e Industriales Board U Canada Sobre 12 Ostra de Chile, a. fj.. 1907. VI. Btweau (it Translations DESCRM 'RS: *Oysters. Biology, Anatomy, M(".Pbology. Growth. MoMrIes, Reproduction nysiology), Biological enviroment. 10 4 63 (Biological Sciences --Zoology. 771~ v. 11. ao. 3) "k$ d TKh*d Ser&u TT-6d-1212D -SA14116L LUIS. BXMaMMM IN OYMR CULTURL 1961, lip 1. C&Wlo, L. (tip omitv4 FRBC Trans. Series on. 367. It. PROC Tram-367 111. NRCC-C-42DD Order firam MROC NRCC-C-420D Trans., of mono., Ensayos do Ostriculturt, Santlap do Chile. 1910, 34p. DPMRIMRS: 00ysters, Productim OStorsse, Containers. (Bioloocal Sclewes-ZooWgy, Tr, v. 11, = 3) IV. Fisheries Research so or Canada - V. Bureau 0' Tra"Istions (C*Mds) low C. Tab" AwdM Notes oa the and Commulal Use of the Chilean OpUrs. by Ude c"unop zaaarlas Verpm. vANumv bkj, jawAtwio do wustriQ.. 56 up. nAmm, -- 1%0 DMVI Oc awkeft ft Aaftwds 1101 - xa/ho& &d .1 3if ,.Tul 63 /3? (W--6,754) Milean Student Leaves Oxmunist Qlar., by H=te3 ocstUlom 12 pp. r-~ 1 W-71 2.1 par* Not 4 Quat., Vol XIV., Ito M., 1-3.5 Fab 190, pp 23-26. JM 13" LA - Ch-11 pol / Y.2, ~ Il Apr 62 1. W" Jr. iFEW Mi%OD OF ELECMOLTnC REGORDW 1. Castle, W" Jr. OF IMAGES. ft"21 16p. 40 figs. omitted) 4 refs. n Patew t3elglum) 606 697 Order from OTS or SLA $1. 60 62-161" Tram. of Belgian patent 606#7. by Kodak S.A.. filed 29 July 61 (appl. U.S.A. 20 J* 60). DESCRMORS: *Blectroploop"by, *Pbotoconduo- tive films, Pbotographic film, *Photographic paper. Photovrapby. Comes. An image oValectricil conductivity is formed to a photoconductive layer, the layer to placed in contia C1 IF) with an electrolyte wbicb a.-Vas depositable tons; an CU2860 image of chemical reduf:4_i~nt to estabilsh4 dis- tributed according to said image. by passing a current throuSh the layer according to this Imp of conduc- tivity and causing the deposition of add tons: a color- ont which can be bleached by reduction is ap&ed to OFfict of T"%alcol S"c.* (Materials- -Motognphic. TT. v. S. no. 6) (over) r~d i ~Lu ON 7wa-MMMUrION OF EXTUCnON 71MES IN BIOLOGICAL DESCENTS. [19621 Lip. 3 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 62-3D228 Mrans. of Unlow Matematica Italians. Bollettino~ 1956, ser. 3, v. 11, p. 158- 167. DESCRiPMRS: Distribu*c. *Bvolutim Survival. *Animals, Probability, OMathematicul prefttkw. The behaviour of the average number of genentij= for =01action (-Average time at eztj=dau-) of the nnie offsprings from a progadw to detesmUned with re- spect to the mean value M of the distribution of thenum- A. w-~ 1. 62-M= 1. Coviogill. L. W1 50 LiSit Of PhSISUME441bIntrits" ~ld; RAW Pamat4o Lom at ady %I*t la to 'the QmIlty aw fm out=# TI T" :MWMs W# UWAS at trium Vol UI Mos. VP 336-3390 6. AM 1-"-BMA an Regulatlom' for Heabaniml Ionmatim of bbe Natioma Standwd-ftW Lim, by Jalmr UosU-m, 60 pp. F j, bkp Mjeotj publ by Rallmd MxWistra- tioo,, Bela "I nrjA . '19396 003 Tr 3,oj A~ &4 3 obar - Flulaua inutor C-C.0,11041co Saimtific - Boalnearlm JOA56 cu/nix A Source of Error In the Chealcal Dateralratlon ol Nitrogen in Byacial Steslap by CamiTy, Swig=- LDUTCHA =wmp pero Anal Mix Acts Vol XVn go 60 Doc 1957, imp 530-534. %I eog Bel - Mi ts Chm Feb 58 a/m Excerpts of Cas Speech Concludi National UU96~8 production Congress. (ir-6;18 SPANISH, np, 2nalu-C-ion, 31 Aug 1961,, PP 9-11- LA - Cuba Pol, Econ - National Planning 3-2 sep 61 Your Friendship Is Muminated by the Great, Ideas of the lmwrtal Lenin., by.Castro. RMSIAH., np) Pmvda, 3 jul 1962. FBIS Wire USSR Pol 16 jul 62 Will vp Anhydroui Amonla and. The TOChniqUe Of Its App"Llcatiollp by ACWU=) 2i~sTILUsuovj V- P. SF=H, per, Agriciltum Teanicas ( en vadoo)o 10,55, 7,61 1y pp 7-15- 1 SIA 59-17250 Sai Dec 59 om voi 21 iqo 6 LOCAL 13OUNDARY DISPUTE SNOWBALLINGINTO NATIONAL CONXTROVERSY 3 j, BY EFRAIN PEREZ CAITRO, 5 PP. GOVERWENT USE ONLY SPANISH2 NPI EL UNIVERSOI-10 JAN 19631 p JPRs 17513 LA " EQUADOR POL, FEB 63 221~293 Television Interview with EUM Fidel Castrop 24 April 1962., (DC-6797) - - spAilisli, npp-Revolucion 26 Apr 1962) pp SM 9; 10. *~PRS ~ -1) P3 I U, - C%iba Soc 3 IIwj, 62 (Dc,.24m) SPEECH OF FIDEL CASTRO TO BUS WOW(ERS ON 17 JULY., BY FIDEL CASTRO (SPEECH)., 45 PP. SPANISHo Wj EL KMO VOL LXI$ NO 20.-398., 18 JUL 1962s pp 6s 71 10- JPRS 14972 LA - CUBA POLI. AUG 62 20%198 Havana Speech, by Fidel Castro, RUSSIAR, nP. P.-avda,, 29 mar 1962. FBIS Wire USSR Pol 22 may 62 lw~~ (Im.,-~3W1) Cutto ArUck SQtG HDW Periodimlle FoU3y# by tldel.q~s~tro 5 pp. 13PAM, per$ Bawla, No 38m 17 ft 1961P pp 6D., 79- LA - Cilba /,Oi,' *.Z. z POL Fab 62 The United Socialist Revolution Party, by Fidel Caatna. RUSSMIj np,, Pravda., 5 Dee 1961. FBIS Are USSR Pol 20 Dee 61 Simple jboh4 a for the DO 1. testing of StWas and AlIcysv by Gamesters Ofistro. jrMw%aO"jIO%c& v Rev Wt,, No 2# 19579 pp lol.-IO6* Co-op Tr Bob Tr 90T Set - Jul 58 L.~ 7 to-7 I PR o?by -L'Unita Repo str by-Arminio rter Interviev6 Fidel Ca Savioli, 5 pp. ITALIAN, np, l"Unita, No 32, 1 Feb 1961, pp 1;2. jpRs iift 6803 141,.982 (Do-38Dl) W I for AdaptiM I MMU: "Itw a J"S Om- =Mist, Pam"s IW Gown mouct 7 IN- PAXMa 36r8 Nom DMAMUM PoUtLows 22,1 adoft ]oft, 0 a-SL am law TA qo OdUmbla 1e.2, POL rob 62 010, a +r I a ~ as =-. V~.(/ - azt~~ 24 a am aft 41T ids not Deformakity of Stools and Alloys using Tousilto Toot, by R. Costre, *ad R. roussardin POLISh per,'CITC.InfS, t*gb.C*&tT* DOCSS- 314.9f- ar Vol 19 Ni 1: 903-27* 1062 N f/ D 6 7 4 Sel-nat July 60 385,796 '1F9 I I min Matboft at Ift as - 0 UvduwLcmlI An&, md s of NrbdUe AUMOV by V. nwm *wtmo 95 NO ~ .1-2ames "L Zc= ~~$ Piro ftm do . v 19490 vp ". go"* Tr A 302 7(040, liew . 3p, m ewsatlflc - ot Am% Novi vat masm 62- f,,!strq. R. and Pheline, J. M. SPEUrRDGRAPMC DETERMINATION OF LOW CON- 1. Castro, It. TeUrS OF Cu IN IRON AND STEEL, (1962114p. It. Phellne, M. (rels. figs. tables omitted). Order from SLA $1.60 62-16939 1 Trans, of Spectrochimica Acta (Gt. Brit.) 1947, v. S. p. 18 - 39. DESCRIPTORS: 9ron, *St,:el. $Copper, Spectro- graphic analysis. Alloys. Determination. C 136 (Metallurgy, Tr, v. 8, no. 9) offics, of Tec 101col Services and Its Alloys, by R. Castr( Gases in AlmiUlm 14. Armnd, -71&~ XL FREN Iq '1q, Uum Laboratories Ttd ii lcjM-260-5h -29 OT/1267 WEur France ~?q Sci Minerals/metals