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Deha. Georg and Sauer. Martin. TELEPHONE CARBON NCROPHONE 97. 12p 5ref5 Order from SLA $1.60 TT-64-16587 Trans. of Siemens Zellrbrift ON'"t Cr--rrnany) 1963. v. 37 Ino.'71 P. 532-S~. _ TT-64-16597 1. Deba. Q 11. Sauer, M. (EggLaceertag-Electrtcal. TT. v. 12, no. 3) 1 1 o"l- .1 S.-.- Emd-Type Pabx in the Bureau of Telecommuni- cations of the Germaa Federal Post Office,, rpp. by Franz Wirsing, .11 GERMUT, per, Siemens Zeitschrift, Vol 37j, No 9, 1963) pp 667-669. usm TT-64-186o4. 3~"1618 Sci - Electronics & Electrical Engineering I'lar 67 86 1002 C - Ai Ow Tsuvft for UU& sift Band MFL- - Osed Inoxnavisa malsomamlaatdon vyst~p by J. Hall GCWANj, pwj, 81~ Zidta. 3 a P, lb 9p 3,963,9 pp 684-ft. NM lbf: 3M-5 (1756) scl/kav Mar 69 376ogig F-Indl- - the Xnt Sconcide Matobod of DdYing sl m a I-om*z*Uod BoUer Yea Pwpp by Po lawk. am",, per,, alamna Vol 38, so To 1964P pp 566-Wo- NU ftf -* 3M. 5 (1752) sci/anerg conv mar 69 3T5.672 J-1297/62 The Berlin Wall, by Inigo Laviada. ~ .1--. ' SPANISH, per, Siempre, 29 Aug 1962, PP 10, 70- ~JPRS/M= DC-8173 I. ZEur - E. Germany Fol oct 62 J-1 P97/62 The Damage Done by the Lackeys, q V, "i 1: SPANISH, per, Siempre 29 kug 1962, pp 16, 17. *JPRS1DC-SJr13 (4 BBur - E. Germany Pol oct 62 j-657/63 The Confessions of Yevtushenko, by Antonio Roclriguez, 'Biempre, Mexfco City, 17 Apr =P,W r ~,~ i_e 63, iaj'?E t S / D C - 8 6 4 0 USSR Pol 23 MaY 1963 J-762/63 Message to Soviet Artists, by David Alfaro Siqueiro W. S/ SPAIMSH, per, Siempre, 29 may 1963, PP 32-34. 411P~M/I)C-8674 USSR Lat Amer - Mexico Pol 13 jun 63 LA ROL S Ep 63 . 341-55e I t 3 J-1090164 The Chou En-lai Talks to Simepre, by Mario Monteforte Teledo, 5 pp. SPANISH, per, lim SisRre, No 572, Jun 1964, pp 26, 70. FDD/NY-9331 FE - China Pol Sep 64 J-1090/64 To China on Mission for Siempre, by Mario Nlonteforte Teledo, 8 pp. SPANISH ~Te No 573, Jun 1964, ,, per, S!~ie 0 pp 28-29, 70. ' FDD/NY-9331 FE - China Pol Sep 64 J*2150 --- mm zxpcu to Morme Socia3im an a Waidd V&&Sad,to Ad=* by 4Ton ftdvldad RowUsl 7-#. am=$ pro &Wwmt 28 Oct ]A* vp 34o i5s i zi~~UA4*0~ YA pa ym 65 J-21 9M I ) NO --l-lIJ( ) p I Dws 0 cc ClIVp 20 Got Coj A6~~,Uavopwa LA a Aa wr 65 Sierra Mecanica Portatil de Cadem Disston, Modelo G-10, con Hoja de 3611 (0,90m) y Motor de Casolina Kiekhaefer Mercury Modelo KB6A. EICLISH to SPANISH, Training Maunal, Saw, Chain, Portable, Gasoline, 36" Blade, Disaton,, Model G-10, with Kiekthaefer Engine Model KB6A; Tm 5-4bo2, 3 Mar 1,a45. Sales Agency US Govt Printing Office Eq, USARCARIB Fort Amador, Canal Zone $.20 Fouticai: Aiiende vs Feel, vemanct tor Nazis Party-Investigation, 11 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SpMIS14, np, El Siglo, 9 Apr 1964, pp 1, 3, 9. JPRS GUO: 316 LA Pol May 65 Mawd CLIAM6%- RaFn to PIM7 smick 26 pp, GOVERMW LU ONLY spj"%Io iWo Ft SkfiL 24 May 1"4t Vp 6v 7o 8- JPRS dws 3= LA-Cbile PoOko 64 2679139 communist Pam SM awlie Faces Oldy TvD prd" - busq, a pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANW4 qh CUL.4- XWO No 414#0 MAY 19K JUL JPRS GUO: U LA-Chda Pdl Sep 64 2670151 Sixth Nedond CAmkxunce al Commumbit Youth bQnwaen4 Jun 25-28s 5 M GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPAHM4 np, M 81do, 12 Jun 19646 p 9. JPRs GUD: 362 LA-Ctde soc SM 64 267,137 ve 6di NsdovA Codft=o d ChUela Couffaaft Youtb. 16 qp. GOVERNMENT UM ONLY SPANONg r& m-m- 29 Am 1964t pp go 9. JPRS Guos LA-ChIle soc SW 64 267.1w New lReaostmal Law Scbedilled for 3 Nownber, 7 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANLSH~ a% El 7 hl 19640 pp It, 4L JPRS GUOt 38F- LA-Me Pal Sep 64 267,181 IA-Chile Pol Feb 65 273,919 m Otosclaroads, Report an the PatholaSiua AnatmW and - . maosmesis of ft"droxiss by Otto YiMs 13 PP- SPAN=, parp XL I __Ljla Poo VP k35-43T. Flwy Tr 3326 No 756 Sel - B163. & W Sei -7a ~; OPO-.~- Mr 63 Baotollolrolulp by No sauftrp ]A ppl, MUM., pwo a JPOO vka ummlIr ""s pp 205-WIP ~A r. MA 04" sal Avg 59 OP,r, 49 sa SiPAI Bridges In Modam Doolgam by W. Robro Ommx# Pwo, Blom].- v, D,mhtp J%n 195% vp 1o-14. mwwoflo Sol - mw JIM 59 gr? ,q, /~ The Introduction of the Now Gauge 1-M ou the Stratcbes of tha Garma flaihc~ya, by 0. Bp=k., ff~ Dobnj tula"m QMMN Sij!!1 und -u4-vL- per ~-~o NO Ilo Boy 195To Berlin'. py 247-2~0. ACSIO B-0429-A U - Oeramy Econ Apr 58 (e344-9/m) OBOD Mecosims cm RMIroad Al and CoxmicaticM byi. aeumtt, r. yiwwt ii pp, MMS pers 84pa Md 804MMj,- No 10# BWU14 1958f pp am-wo-, JM 1306-9 mctw - am I= Wr 59 4r02 / ~7z? (9195-3) Ac ad Mans of the = railroada, by Mutwia NUtfts 5 pp. =010 evo irsk. no- ib 14 Bw=,* 2VAI, pp 9U . im Ift-S zwx - But Germw som No 59 -1 4, .1 /0?., '? %.- *..~ The Section Signal Cable and Its Electrical CharacterAstice, by H. Steinkopff, 7 PP. MICLASSUnD GERYLO, per, Sioal und schiene, No 7) Jul 1959P PP 151-153. Acsi, H-4793 Sci - Electronics,, Electricity Jun 60 SETEE (BY-3223). Long-Range Plan for the Mechanization of structure Work on East German Railroads, by Srich Fluelzenbecber, 17 PP. GEIMi: per , I -uud Sch-ienep Vol III, No 9, --Q~Ep~ 1-959) pp 199-2~- JITZ -2085 -N EEur Econ Doe 59 7s-~: Local -Ea:t-~;er~t Telep4onc instlz~uatjcz r,-f the [Eutl Gorman Railvayn., by Herbert Burkhardt, pp- WMM, per, Si&gq"4 Val III,, No 1-0. 1959, pp 220-221L 4. USMIA SC-136160 Sci - Mectronica Aug 60 ~Dc-56~,16) Tasks of the Technology Depq~rtmeut of the Main Administration for Railroad Zastallations of the Deutsche Retchabahn, by Heinz HOPPP 5 PP. GERNO, per) Signal und Schiene, Vol V, So 12 1961p pp 9p 10. JM 8340 EEur - Germany s-5 Econ jun 61 MC-5646) Tasks of the Technology Depurtment of the MaI4 Administration for the Security and Telecommunications System of the Deutsche Relchsbahn,, by HeLiz Hauptj, 12 pp. GMW, per, Signal una Schiene, Vol Vj, No 1, 1961, pp JPRS 8340 Mur - Germny 5-5-07 dp 7~e Econ i= 61 (DC-5647'P! asks of the Office of Research and Developmut at or the Saf ety sad TeleacounUiAlow System of the outache ftichobahn,, by Raw Clausamitzer, 9 pp. ~6", parp Sip%j-3md_jahiouej, Vol Vj No 2p 1961, 0 41-". im 8a6i Bur - G*rmvq A S-3 :on ,Y 61 6450) TEH MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE OSSHD FOR 1962, 5 PP. GER~%N, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE) VOL VII i~O 11 1)62, PP 12, 13--- JPRS 13588 EEUR - SOV BLOC mAy 62 ECON 193,101 (N'(-645o) WORKING SESSION OF THE SEVENTH CQVIS')ION OF THE OSSHD, BY ERICH HENNIG, 7 PP. rv GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL-UNa-SICU4ZUE, v0 1, NO 1, ic62, PP 27, 28. JPRS 135'A.-.; EEUR - SOV BLOC ECON mA62 1,2,102 ThaorY bo 16+-, attempt at a G=Sral OAW of the 7brM*bM of Omala Wwoeoj, by T. Sum; 10 pp. GBTMj perp SjlljMt"PjMl~j. Vol M. No 6., 1952, pp 265-~Wj'. - -''- MA 57-2393 set Mg 58 (a q.- 1191 1 ( Tasks of' the Department of Technolog y of the Fain Administration for the Security and Telecommunications System of' the Deutsche Reichsbahn., by Heinz Haupt, GERMAN, per, Signal und Schiene, Vol V, No 11 ig6l; PP 11-15. *JPRS EEur - ~--ermany Econ - Transportation 27 Mar 61 Tasks of ~.-he Office of Research and Development'-for the Security and Telecommunications System of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, by Hans Claussnitzer) GERMAN per, Signal und Schiene, Vol V, No 2, 19(l, PrI Ll-~j, . E:E'ur - r ma n y E-lon - I,Pransportafion 1 '.1 7 I,',-?rf 2 oz.-~~ t-,r .'.Inth rjcn-idasicn, of tha ~(tdlvo,,,) l'4'mTxittcc of the 0551ii); (JE-RkO, J'Qr, Signal und sc'aicna, 'J'A V, i kns 10822 D-,c P-P (xy-6450) Railroad Comminications and Safety, by H - Haupt, 7 pp - GEWAN, per, Sismal und No 2, 1 962 , pp W JPRB 13492 EEur - Geramy gem / 1 .2., 3 r (0 Aur 62 ik (NY-645o) 1961 Sessioa of the 9th Ca9Mi63i(M Of the Ccmittee for M.Uroad Trafic of the OSZIaD,, by Chrlista Gaertner, 8 pp. GEWM, per, No 2, 1962., pp 49-51. JPRS 13492 HEur - Germauy k 7 soon Apr 62 (NY-6450) MISSIONS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CENTRAL TESTING AND DEVELOP14ENT FACILITY FOR TRASNPORTATION (ZPEV)) BY HELMUT ZEILER, 7 PP. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE VOL VI, No 4, 1962~ PP 137-13 - JPRs 13869 EEUR - GERMANY ECON JUN 62 EE 197,543 (NY-2700) AUTOMATIC TROUBLESHOOTERS ON SAFETY FUSE EQUIPMENT, BY W. KOSEL, 7 PP. GERMAN, PERj SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, No 6, 1962, PP 230-232. JPRS A697 EEUR - GERMANY ECON AUG 62 EE 20.5)93) (SF-2900) APPLICATION OF GOST STANDARDS TO THE EAST GER4AN ECONOMY, BY HORST POKER, 6 pp.. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, No 6, 19621 PP 232-234. JPRS 14562 EEUR - GERMANY ECON EE JUL 62 (NY-2700) SAFEGUARDINIG THE TRANSPORT ROUTES AT EAST GERMANY'S WESTERN BORDER, BY A. G. SCHUCHARDT, 9 PP. GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, NO 6, 1962, PP 234-238. JPRS A69k7 EEUR - GERMANY ECON AUG 62 EE 2U5,93b NEW ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION AT THE BERLIN INTER- J~"RAILROAD, BY KARL-HEINZ RINCK, 7 PP- GERI-IA1,13 PER~ SIGNAL -UND SCHIU4E~ [40 71 1962) PP 277-2&j. JPRS 15584 EE - GERMANY EGON OCT 6-2 21lt,i45 HEAVY REINFORCED CONCRETE RAILROAD BRIDGES AS PREFABRICATED COMPONENTS, BY WERNER NITSCHKE, 5 PP GERMAN, PER, SIGNAL UND SCHIENE, NO 8, 1962, P 300-3501. JPRS 155811 EE - GERHM4Y ECON 214,A6 OCT 062 TASKS OF THE STATE CONSTRUCTION INSPECTORATE WITH REGARD TO THE EAST GERMAN RAILROADS., bY ARNO BOELKER, A pp. GERMAN., PER, SIGNALUND.-K"j);Y~; VOL VI) NO 9: 1962, PF-333-336. JPRs 15857 EEUR-GERMANY ECON OCT 62 215.,059 LONG DISTANCE TRANSMiSSION OF INFOR~IATION- PREREQUIS(TE FOR EFFICIENT DAT PROCESSING1 BY HELFRIED PORTSMANN, 6 pp. GERMAN PER., SIGNAL UND SCHLENEo NO 11, VOL VII NOV l9k, PP 4-0-7---469-- JPRS 17102 SCI - ELECTRON JAN 63 aig,437 228,537 -.1 .....................- Clearlug PtOfUe I-SK.M. WWP POr., =d Sdil", Aw 1964o pp 159~-162. ' DIA IM 228-70 scl4duc Feb 70 401p641 Implementation of the New Economic System in Railroad Construction, by Kurt Sobotta, 10 pp. GEDIAN, per, ~ipaLaadj~chiene, Vol VIII, No 9, Sept 1964, pp 292-295. JPRS 279886 EE-E. Germany Econ Feb 65 2720921 j-986/64 Register of Iraqi Officials (1959). ARABIC, bkj Sijl Al-Mmddafin, 1959, 112 pp. *JPW MIEC IAIVITY-9 289 ME - Iraq Pol jul 64 Tr-6(-14032 ZVOLLMN OF SULFURLMD COhMUNDIS OF SO- L plownar wim IN 7M COME OF THE FUSION OF CLASS SulftrtG do So&um au Cours 119W 136p] (foredp te= iwlud4 5rds Order hm SLA $& 60 7T-64-14032 Tzlus. of If-rem Triduarriodk0elgium) 1949, v. 14, am 6. P. 0AxteA&6--Cer*rnlLs, 7T. v. 1Z x- 2) 0"k, f T~h.k'l S-l- W-U-10542 Pacriaux. Gabriel. WrERNAL MMOD OF CALIBRAI)M THE 1. Pecriaux. Q DELATOMETER (hodwde borne d'Stalomp du U. TWm NatIonal... Dllmmdtm~ [hpor fimm] National Science Cowess (m 3) %russels, 2 jun 50. (19631 111p] (forelp to= includeo Order from SLA $1.60 Tr-M-10542 Trans. d reprint from Silicate WuSd a C(Belgium) E- __ _~l 195D, v. 15, no. 10, 3p~- DESCRWMRS- ODU&mwtm, *Calibration. Metals, Staniards. (Research Mediods, Techniques and EqtdpnM Tr, off" of T. 11, am 8) PadMoM, A. A. EVALMATION OF THE COEPPWMNT OF EXPANSION OF A GLASS BY MEASMEMENT OF THE MESSIRS OWASIONED BY IMING ff TO A STANDARD CLAW. 21p. Ordw from SLA $2.60 TT-64-16925 Trans. of SlUcates lodustriels (Bebdwn) 19SI. v. 16. P. 139-143-. TT-64-16M 1. PLdmon, A. A. (Mat"Im-C4ramics, TT, w. 12. jo. 4) 0"l.. 0 T-hnleol G."Ic- A Yxthod of q=titatlys X-Ray Anal.7sig of the W Polymorphic of 813-' cal by W. L. de K iler. IMCHP per, StUcates p Vol pp -2990 Sci Aug 58 Crptallogra~lalc Trwwformtion xvit vmjj;~ 1951P 171, Some Applications of Radloactive Tracers To Glass Problems., bV 1. Feyches - it H, per, Silicates Industriels., Vol 17., No 7: 1952: pp 243-246. siA TT-66-io685 Sci-M&M ju a- 306..009 63-IMM Fom Marc. CERANOC BODIES FORMED FROM A1103 AND 1. Foes. ML V203 Ow Qw4ws Prqwxtlm des CalmlWes Formou per I'Abanfne et le Seoqjimy& de VMS&Wn~ 119631 6p. (Alp. -ained) 12 ref& Order from SLA $1. W 63-ism Trans. Of Illicor Industriels QW91um) 195Z Y. 17. p. 326-329.- DESCRVTOR& *Cerandc matftials. *Ahmdmn com- Pounds *Vsna&Lunomivo=ds, OAdes CryoW allucatre, ElaMdCKIPrqNXtIM MgteXWfbrMb3& eDleuctrics, esemicandwWro. (Materials --Caramics. TT, Y. 10. no. 11) Plumt. E. CONrROL OF ITIE COMPWMON OF GLASS BY ELECTF1C CONDU(7rivrry (Cmtr6le de la CompoW- tion du Verm per Conductibilimf glactrique). [1%21 [91p. (foreign text InclodaA Order from SLA $1. 10 62-2D238 Trans. of SWcat IaWXxjdL(BcWum) 1953, v. 18, [no. 11 P: 17--fro DESCRUrfORS: *Glass, Electrical conMctance, Qtuwry control 62-20238 1. Flumat, E. (Materials- -CerairIcH, 77, v. 9. m 10)- W. .1 Tnktg urom CoVewaLng QuIcIr Detmrmlmtion or the magmaltm Oxide In a Doloadtas by P. Remy-Gerswrte. mm 0 PGF. stugates'lodusuLsiol Vol XVII-To p 151s 1953. --, . I'--:-- -.- --- imaoc-TIM S-ai - Cbem Aug 58 '140 Plumat, E. 1 62-L6236 STUDY OF CONTACF RIENOMENA BEIVEEN GLASS t, T-itie: Eit~ctrorix)'Iye force AND OXIDE AT HIGHTEIAPERATURE BY MEASURE- 1. Pluinat. E. MENTS OF ELECTRIC POTENTIAL (1~tude des Ph6orn6n" de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde 1 Ilaute Ternp&ature par les lytesures de Potential E'lectrique). i (19621 (31 ~. (figs. cables omitted) 6 refs. Order fro m SLA ~3. 60 62-162,36 Trans. of Silicates Industriels (Belglua) 1954, Y. 19 [rKx 31 p. 141-154. DESCRU'TORS: "ides, Mixtures, Processing, *Glaso, High temperature research. Measurement, *Electric potential, Electrochemistry, *Sliding contacts. Electrical equipment. EWrfinental inethods were developed tor deterridning the electromotive forces originating in various electrolytic chains and for observing the phenomena WNA c4 ToftaJ Ss,,~rti (Materials- - Ceramics. '17, v. 9, no. 2) (overt I Study of Contact Phan=ww Betnan Mms and W at a HI& -- . by RIMtris Potential YARWOMMMUs by 2. P2n=t. PW* - p Vol 19.0 30 ho 1954 P-P=- 53- Sci4faterials Feb 70 403,tn9 TT-64-10395 Plumat. E. STUDY OF CONTACT PHENOMENA BETWEEN 1. PlumBE, E. GLASS AND OXIDE AT HIGH TEMPERA11JRE BY T14H MEASLJREMENTS OF THE ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL FEtude des Phenomenes de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde a Haute Temperature par les Mesures de Potential Electriquel. [19631 f44p] 5refs Order from SLA $4.60 TT-64-10395 Trans. of Silicates Industriels (BelgLum) 1954, V. 19, Do. 4, p. 141-154. (Abstract available) Another trams. to available from SLA $3.60 as TT-62-1623o f1962) [31p). DESCRIPTORS: *Oxides, Mixtures. Procesming, OG12 High temperature research, Measurement. *Eloctri potential. Electro-cbemistry, *Sliding contacts, ElecErical equipment. (Materials- -Ceram Lca, TT, v.11. no. 10) (over) 77-64-10395 Plurnat. E. S'rUDY OF CONIFACT PHENOMENA BETWEEN I . Plurnat, E. CLASS AND OXIDE AT HIGH TEMPERA71JRE BY THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL !Etude des Phenomenes de Contact entre Verre et Oxyde a Haute Temperature par lee Mesures de Potential Electriquel. [L9631 [44p] 5refs Order from SLA $4.60 77-64-10395 Trans. of Silicates IndusEriels (Selghun) 1954, v. 19, ao. 4, p. 141-154. (Abstract available) Another trans. to available from SLA $3.60 as T-r-62-16236 IL9621[31pl. DESCRIPTORS; 00xides, Mixtures, Processing. *GL&ss High temperature research, Measurement, *Electric potential, Electro-chemistry, 'Sliding COnt&Ctb, Electrical equipment. (Materials- -Ceram ice. T7, v.11, no. 10) (over) 63-12756 Brichard, E. MWENCE OF THE CHARGING METHOD ON THE 1. Brichard, E. MELTING RATE IN TANK FURNACES. (Feb 6316p. It ~ ATS-61P64F Order from ATS $9.00 ATS-61P60 111. Associated Technical Services, Inc., Trans. of Silicates I Igium) 1954, East Orange. N. J. V. 19, no., ~' P. 20MW�1_8_1111~ . DESCRIFTORS: *Silicates, Melting, Vurnaces. (Materials- -Ceramics. TT, v. 9. no. 7) ofts fA Teti" unk" polarization of lenWtWY W&W bnumd In Ylbiten Glami, IV P- IS MWes, 1. ftebes. Imm.0 Pw, suaft -- Vol 290 A --~ No 21p 29. P PP 379. NW-69-16475-IIB 5014ftterials 403AM Feb 70 PlasticitY of Rav Haterialo and Ceramic pastes, by A. Baudran. FMCH) perp Silicates Indualriels, Vol XXX, DO 5, U &Y 195, PP E9--229. ASLIB-GB105 Sci Aug 58 7,)"77/ Pmseat Day CoucopU of Cammt lb%lratlmj by J. Brocoxd$ 15 PY. Ff=oo W., olnesUs Mm&wtriels, Vol )=j lg%s pp 271-279. STA 57-2286 I- sci /"// /,- - I--,./- I-, -,--/ ftg 58.. , to 9, 7 16 Influence of Clays on the Formation and Fusion Behavior of Coal Ash, by J. Ende" . FRENCH, per, gjjLqgjg~ ~-V:)l XXIII 1957, PP 156-159. Dept of InterJ,:r Tr No 1727.T Sci jan 63 of the Development of Autcoation on ization of the CompwV and Organiza- = tional Methods, by R. Gaudy and M. Maylon, 13 PP. FRIM, per,, Silicates Ind.. Pay 1957,, pp 291- 299. SIA 57-3407 Sci Aug 58 Furnaces and Temperature Regulators For Physical- Chemical Studies up to 1TOOOLC.; by Urbainj Georges and Gilbert Cavalier 1 1"4-P rRENCH,, per, Silicates Industriels, Vol =, 1957, PP 527-532. r, ... / 91-/ C, 4M -sc- -I- Sci- Phys Nov 63 Study of Hydrated Hydrwlic Binders by Diffemtiea lbaml Analp is; by M. PAy., 14 pp. FRENM,, par. 5 licatm IMIUAtx-iols$ Vol mms Rro 5, 1957, D.;~i 5-33-540- SLA 60-18447 Sai jul 62 Vol 4, So 12 On the Causes of Electromotive Forces Between Vitreous Systems# by E, Plumato EUROFEANp perp Silicates Industriels, Vol 22, 1957, pp 657-667; Vol 23, 1958p pp 17-28. NTC-70-13069-11B Feb 72 Rheoloff In tas Cameft Indwtryp COMIUSICUS by Rialml ftmdWdap 10 pa I wustrials, Im'? Vol uns No .2, ,Nrfifti Cato 0 SLA 59-17648 Bel Feb 60 Vol 2 9 go 10 /CP 9, I?U 7 Siutared Alumina Cuttind Tools. 1. Theoryt by L. Gion. MWEs part Silicates Wutriolot No 5,p 1958,v pp 241-247. - - WS-T 458 (L4.100.00.) Sci - ZzIgr //a p gi~ )hr 60 61-14470 Alegre, R. EMI.SSION OF SILICON-ALUMINUM REFRACTORIES 1. Alundna-milics-- IN THE INFRARED SPECrRUM. 119611123)p. spec"Mapitic M"s Order from SLA mL$2 70 ph$4 50 61-14470 1. AIWO. R Trans. of Let glum) 1958 31 no. 5, p. 253-2w. Diffuse reflection of stlicort-sluminurn refractories was studied in the Infrared spectrum between the visible and 12 microns. The study was made In the cold and in the neighborhood of MOM. In pneral these refractories preacm beyond 3 microns a zone of weak reflection. They are therefore particularly absorbent of certain selective names, like those of town ps. The chemical nature at the refractory reveals itself especially by the reflection bands situsted at 9 microns for $111CS and At It microns for alumina. (Author) olk" 44 T (Materials- -Refractories, Tr, Y. 5. no. 12) SivW-.M Al=im Cutting Toolso 11. 'rebrio4lon ?motors# by L. Glana UNCL rMM 1, wr', atlioates Udustrials's No 6,0 1958.9 pp 327-332. DMI 1559 (L7.108.06.) 801 - Bw Pa ~94?7 *r 6o Non-destructive Control of the Texture of Refaactory Products, by A. Baudran, C. Deplus. FRENCH, per, Silicates Industriels, Vol 23, No 11, 1958, pp 561-572. NTC 69-10796-128 Sci-mat May 69 382,564 on c pjj~,,qCR, per, Sill V01- xx,-, PP .3--olcen Hill Frorictary -Co Ltd (C Kifi".1C. 4719) E'ngr 57 61-IMOI ruw. M. Von. QUANTUATIVE ANALYSIS OF PORTLAND CE- I. TUIL- Clinker MEN'T CLINKFR BY X-RAYS, tr. by David Kantro. 1. Euw, M. Von 119H) 1141p. 3 refa. Order from SLA St - 60 61-LBSOI Tranm. of ~Ilicaten InduntrieleLLBelgium) 1958 Iv. 23. __ no. 12. P. 60-601. DESCRIFFORS: *X-ray diffraction analysis, *Cc- menw, Magnealum compounds, OxIdes, Prvessing. Klutallurgicalanalyalo, Slap, Aluminatce, Mate- riala. Mcialn, Chrmicalindu"try, Industrialproduc- tion. Intensity, Silicates, Chemical analysis, Crys- tallization, Sampling The crymalline constituents of a clinker may be de- termincd by Lin X-ray diffraction technique. The per- facted metW consists of comparing the Intensities (EngiacerInp-Chernical. 7r. Y. 6, no. 12) (over) The Di8tinction Between MMita and 'SUMMUta 'by Tnfvax-ad Spectroscope, by P- sari;ev 2 5 .P~cj lmmin, p-,r, c as %101 MVP NO !7Z59,, pp-7-131 - SM 60-16844 Vol Tv, no 7 Ap! 62 A Now fteary of the Viscosity of Vitz"m - Silicates, by S. N. Imp. ' I . jar, ftlicatem IndustrIeU, Vol XMV, No 3o 1959, pp IX230- sa - pan Oct 61 171, good Study in thisAltuation of MwUnite by Variou Chadcal Agental by M. C. Gastudbe. PREM,, per,, Slllc V01 24,9 1959) PP 23T-244- CS30 30 SrA-ftteriau fte 69 398,186 Texture Analysis of Refractory Building Materials, by Le Zagare EUROPEAN, per, Silicates Industriels? Vol 24, 1959, pp 306-312. NTC-71-11796-11B Feb 72 GASTUCHE, M. C. Study of the alteration of kaolinite by- various chemical agents. Silic.ind. 24:313-20 (1959) (CSIRO/No. 990Z) -pp 191, Cad 0/ 7 J 1) Oct