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December 31, 1983
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Palmn of FUsUm Pzodwmta of Oltan or OdAiW Mxt] FwUp br No 1!~~# IL No LwUs 25 ppe -V==,, 3;crp DJU&tiu m C I , time am= saidawigp" at Twlniqwgp No 63j, PP 83-93- AM-Tr-3WO fkd - Mial 8(d ~ --A> Aug 63 3~ 31 1 Ptdenocarci=m of the Cerumlaow GU&W , by J. M MontpaUlarp P. ~Aff!EM 7 PP- FFaMM., per.. BuUetin Assoclatim Pftnealse pour Vetude da Canew,, Vol XXVn., 1938., vp 774-783. Nu 3-OT-62 (LOW) Sci - *A Am 62 Mm-losive Van In a" Vxtunap by P. lAfrittO. PW# DUU*tln d0 IA SOCIOUl Chladqw de ft"n"'t VOL XM# IMP VP 7n-7". D"a at ut w 3w or Minn contal Ism m 43 yt~ S-97 am 59 (DC- Self-Criticism From a Former Cas=ova Admirer, by J"u W f U404 5 pp - FROM., r4p., llawwAte, No 5176., 19 A3r 1961, p 4. JM 8736 119 v3kw - Fro='s / 6 j x 3,3% poi Aug 61 On Nitriding Sme YAtalss, by P. Isffitte. rmmt per, ampt amig-, Vol 200# 1935v pp 1039-1041. *Rm/m TT ff-;;;955-m Available 06 Ody P. L 4 -~.;; c. JMIY 71 Expwrimntal Sttx1i" Of thO RKPI"iVO WA" emd tb; L6ck Wm. a. lbtmtim of Solid Mg- PIM t by P. TAffitte. FRWMj, pwp Am3R]m do Bqslqnp VOL Vjs Sm- Dole 1925,0 Dab Of 21t TJB Imw of via" OmtMI ager aft pIttast ras Ir 45 Sel - Cbm J= 59 McparimmWI Studies of tbA xxploslve wave aDd the shock wave. 2. zqawive wm in Dwto=t. ing Ono Mxtumo by P. LeMue. I I q I I# pw# Anwl as da Papiqw, Vol IT$, &W 10 IMS pp 5ftols9k., Dept of mzt us war Of mime contmi aq?or ou Pitts.# Pa. 2r 44 Sol a Cbsm,, Jda 59 The Inflamability of G7mgen-air lftturoe. Tho Influence of Hmaidity, b7 Gq Pannetier, Paul Laffitte, 5 pp. Full translation. FBUCH, per, QgIMIge rInduat Vol COMI, 1948P pp 341-342. S*L*Ao Scientific - SWAU 4~~7 chemistry 'e Aug 55 The Spontaneous Combustion and Explosion Limits of Cyanogen-air Mixtures, by Henri James, Paul Laffitte,,, 5 pp. Full translation. FMCB,, per, rAwt., r-ergd.-, Vol C=I, 1953p IM pp 811-813- S%L*Ao Scientific - Cbemistr7 Jul 55 The Kinstias of Long-delayed Flame of Cyanogen-air YJxtureo, by Henri James, Paul Laffitte, 6 pp. Full translation. FRENCH, per., Elga. nnds, Vol CCXXXVI, 1953, pp 1038-1041. SeLeAe Scientifio - ChnAstry Jul 55 Study of th-e-Accuracy of Rock Analyses, by P. Lafitte; U pp. FRW.B. per) Bulle= do la Sm Gcaogic%ge do Fraaces Ser 6) 1953j, pp 7R3-745- Library of Oeological Bw"Y Of Can&& sci my 61 5*6 Combustion and Detonation of Kercm-y Ful- min&t,e; by P. Lifitte$' K. Patry. ROM., per.. Comptes Rmftn do lAcademie des Scis IM Vol C=M., 1931o Vp 171-17h. Dept or Int M Sw of xfz" Contra Expa Sta Pltts. , Pa. Tr 42 Sci - Che,-A J~M 59 Comparieon of the Explosive Wave in Mercwy Adminate.. by X. fttrys P. Witte. FMCH,# per, Coq**s RemAss do IAcademie des sciences., Val IM.9 PP 1339- 1342. Dq& or Ut us JAW at miu" oaftul sxvw VA' Pitts. 9 Pa. Tr 354 Sci - Chm Jun 59 Propagation of Detmtim by inftuence; bY P. wittel M, Patryo mw=, perp Couptes Ren&w do 1OAcademia des sciences.. Val CXCIIv 1.9312 pp 94"51. Dept or Int us Bur of Mims central IqOr m pittaos Pao Tr 36 Sci - Chem JUn 59 7 Vol W., T&53,. 90)349 SWU of Uftatimo by the SM Vl*",'!tiy IAZOeVA lanWo N BerWrA %rUDWAI4 IMMs Wp Candin XW*a stica Vol LMMMS Boo i962,p pp 1367-irth. 3= Is-19-63 Sol - Diol/Jbd Od Jul 63 r.zmdlUV of Lim amS Samp In Ot*alworhmms by A. r6 lafCce go Gabrialu. VXL Froo, rot', Fm tba latemtloml TTAwport Confe"Wel, Llsof Ju 1938, Bfttfsb tm WA st"l DA 2wT NW 15 - prom (91-1060 We alo 59 -,7077 01wetic 1wCuipitiou Uud its 1.1casuregmt. by J- C. W- fans 37 pp. FULNLi per, A-anales dos Telecoummicatious,, Vol Is: No Ia 1960~ up 27-37-- AR: V 161 C/Tr- bb" 8 WVEICULUNT U!iL (NLY 4 QCilcorm 3740197 Fet; 69 .=Oiu-~PW-Lis of the Carebrosplual Fluid; Aaw,;e Curable Meningitis With Bosimophilia., by R. It!~on, R. labuuge,, X. Ribstein., H. C. Barjon, 31 PP-0 MCLASSIFIM FRMH., per., Revue Netirologiqua,, Vol XCM., ft 61 PriTiop Dac 1957) PP NAVY 2643INWs 493 Sci - Medicine Fov 6o 7AY niffuse 21 Periventriculm AtroPbY After IWIO- tb=Wutic Tmtsmt or >"Uml NwpU=,, by ft. Lofcn~ p. Pages# R. Lsbw*e.- J. MinivloUej, 4 i F7 -, p?_v~lo, pe-", To=n de RuUolqae VXLectraoole, Vol XXXTI.L. Ito 7/8, juL-Pug 1956p pp 607-a0. m NIB/Tr U-20 Sci - ged j -,~- -7;77 Den 57 m M-atrIbutIon to the ftuay Or the an of Rt& Voltoge Votors, by P. taftat. nom, per) HOT Gen ELOCI.No 10, 1955t 1y 485-490. AMU4*3 Bel Jul 59 4? *7 f PC/ -3~3 Ic/ WARIMI Revorption of Calcium Wts by Normal and Tub;rcular InUviduals. FaVorable Action of Mapesim Pboophats, by A~. ir- 1 4 pp. H, per, Ccmpt Read Boo Bial, Vol CITM, 1%89 py 1089-1M2. SsL*A* Tr 4W56 Sci - Bloloa Ang 1956 sawy cc ft Pkill Pawk2ow of phMMIM, w0 do pumm cc uas"" r4b*Ad=(o4l Pug 1k I i i Ii, 'i . of -1didd Phadbog by R. BMIM4 L IA I et 84 26 pp. GENAMS. rm MORE&= As~ som, MAZr-207 SrA-Chem Doe 64 269o%2 m Nym.,eekw for Owmis ArtWtin of fte Mw4,, by Z. I. &MM., &W Latm*,p 33 pp. m til A q - 14 q- Vbl MMVJLJLP Olt-%a 19no, PP 395JW- EM 340 sli. - "" Apr " X6- 44~z 7- of 4inm TetMdb3M-J4ej, "&vj=wQ"w %Y Ddepimp :. TAgIrml 4 ppe 15=131, pm, %a w do orm"), va rr, 19M., w W-M. s.LA. 2p io-A956 Ekd - Mal m 7( M/du 1145, 4rS7 V jat,*rAiu#dtm of 4 lkwfa got ad and vi tiw Cormsjocodiug Nom in Ow Oise oi~ ulif) ooltzuv= wtim in Sp4urical Gev*ftys by j.Lorra iafora. rpt, inten"Aiam bfuna Use do ikocticia PXW,~IVS Ot ~E~"U=af- ip~fo c..4w jv Ll!~twtiaa H~Uft~-Mtiallo do alltuama I a We Masse 0t an Gmwtria ;, 4 jo c q>tj Of Dlleznvma,~ vtc, by _u Vol per durs I.Aforque Kant , Denise. Cd;~ INTO THE STUDY OF M COW STITUrION AND IME RELATIONSHIP OF POLY- AND METAPHOSPHATES. [1962190p. Order from K-H $112. 50 K-H 5093-b Trans. of Ann[ales del Chimile] (France) 1950 fier. 12] v. 5, p. 819-881. DE,SCRIFrl'ORS: *Cbeinical analysis. *Phosphates. 62-17444 1. LAtorque- Kant zer, D. II. K-H-5083-b HL Kresge-Hooker Science Ubrary Asocciates, Detroit. Mich. (Chemistry- Analytical, Tr, v. 8, no. LO) Of4k. .1 Prouiems of Heating the End Flues of Coke Ovensi, S. I. Wt~~kij G. M. VolfovrkIY2 5 PP- RUSSM', per, Koks i Ylim, No 4$ 1c,)0,1.. (~MRA Sci / ;7,2, ep 7 7 oct 6j. Col -Q, Qcs C,i Dla~posia and Treatment of a Local and Aftervarda Gewralized Plutonium Coatamination, by 11USSIM: rljt, Proceedingn of thp- Scientific Meetlr43 au Dla&awls aad Tzeatnent of Hadloacti-o FoiBoning, 3.5-18 Oct 19W., 1963.. F-ID 381-335, 9-2160,56 ARC-W-6028 jaa 64 012 1/ Repeated Polsocinct by Bubituratu Accomma'ad by PaUncular RW"Igk 1 Is., bY J. 0. TrC1168s Do LAPOPs 8 PP- , qw,:AmAules DWI -Ps - Iftod nee " Vol xc, 1932P Py 565-572. M 3-71 -ft 3ai - Mad / VJ-', 4 of jun 62 Lagac-tw Nlich-J, Cluiteau, Marcel, and Pomev Ja-equl.'S. GRAFTING-CROSS'.11NIKING OF ALLYL CELLULOSE H. Chatt:ju, M. WITH VINYL MONOMERS (Grcffage-Pontage de 1i1. poincy, I'Allykellulosc pat Ics NlonvmL'~rcs %linyliqucs). 11962) 1611. 2 t0s. Ordvr from 51, A $ 1. 10 62-1431.5 Trin?, (if (Acadt~imc des & ivnzcs, Paris]. Compifes] Rend(us I (France.) 1960, v. 2il. no. 22, p. 2353- D55, (pub. by Gauthier Vfflars ct Cie., Paris). DWAU111'ORS! *Vinyl radicals, *A110 radicals, ' *C 1l l Ch l b i Fib emica om e u ~rs. osu, s, The sPecial propcrucs of allyl cellulose are associl aiW ---itber % Ith III ~ double twj Ior tlit: reactivity of th,~ nicti-Meriv group between the ether oxide groV andthe dotablv Ikm,:. 1-.~pvciallyq thk: latter group can bk~ acti- VJ1- jiV ulnvikpl~t light and initimes the grafting of vm) I rv'unwv~ t.,. (Author) ofil" (Ghvnilstl.~--Organic, TF, v, 8, no. 7) POMM Or 0 MT MAIGO P IL LUMNo 15 PPO MIMIAM a aomcgo VOL Xvs NO fit I ^#a. ON 171% UN a AUWAIA VCM - wa 63 N*M An Attmpt to Famulate S SOM7 Of MVU Fm-mtlon In Maciers.. bY X4 Le , IS pp. IMMAW MU; per# ZASUck-ift tW motedorkmde, Vol MCI# Ilm 149 50 Mo IV g65-3m. M D I&Mh ~?J, A 0 = so 47 saientu%c - oeqftslu or 55 nitriden and the Kinetics of Dmcrrposition of Ammcnia In the Presence of Iron Cataptes b.Y L. A. .. .......... RUSSIU,, mo per$ Zhur Fiz Dinp Vol XXXVp go 3.v 1950j, pp 3U-320. Research Information Serviee R 707 3 7,~ 7 Jon 56 M/M Scientific - Chemistry ~'~camavment of Zliec~wAcal ami niotoe3zsUc Cilzractoristics of a Flastic Matoxial Subjected to Unumidal Stxew at LDw Ftwuonclas (Low Than 50 NU) by A. lezarde n,MCII, per: Acadwda das Sciences. Paris. Co=tem A - got Vol 250, 19W9 pp 969-M YiU-11-15551-ZOIC X. lob 72 Uso of the Me~~of Harmonic L)wItation for the 'Iewummont of Ilechwdcal ard Hiotoelectric 11ropertios of a Plastic Materials by A. iSSDxde F114UI, per,, Academia des �S&.9jMg3 i~dm- -Comptes Rendua# Vol 250t 19609 pp Z796-2V8 71 I. 7-qr45550-20K f c~j 72 Omtri1xition to the StAy of the Talwity of Beful Wayftj, by R. Dubnodess X Mnvr4y., A. Logazda 15 PP 7=030 pro INvo do 192=Uftk Framoslo 4a Fotmls at Annul"* a" Oeams Um"JAsok 9 va XUP so 4/5.v 1959P PP 535-08- SOL - pbpdm an 6o 1/ 05 Vol mp 100 Single FrequeW Lim Hinging Set for 7b=-- vl"-Ciroults of tbo Fromb P.T.T. by N. LaOwMa* 7 ZaW=t =d 0. FOAM% 13 pp. IFOM Perm Edlo hwherdms Vol. Vjlo Wo 7# Apr 1952v P T-19. MA 57-2398 58 ev 91 The Effect of Radiation on the State of a Gas Ahead of a Shook-Wave Fmnt By A. N._~ ~garlk~ov wA 1. T. Takubov pp. 5 k1luss D V IAN, per, Optiks, i Spektro,, Vol IIVO No 21 1963, ppa 199 - 207 OSA Sci '0 el 41 . r,?S Aug 63 03a Jbclmnleal Oonsolidation of Soila For Coro-U-tictlonal lbrko IW N. I. LaMrlkov, ed. RU;S=, bk, Gruntov v UtroltelostuL 1wi, 3.15 IAM) Ora Aue 65 2a7)W Chile: The 2nd I&berrvutional Congress for Uaiversul Brotherhood., by Ida Colombo de Lagarrigue,, Jacinto J. Rouco, 5 pp. SPANISH) letter. FDD/J-5037 LA - Chile., Uruguay Pol Jul 59 Measurement Dynamic Bond FRENCH per, 1961 CRL/D 710 of the Brittleness of Steel by A-6Z Tests, by P. E. Lagesse Revue Saud., Irux Vol l7&: 76-93, Q C'\~k J July 69 38S.802 The AppUcation of a Practleal Method for the Memm-Innt Of Mmalon Of W&OPU nuvagh MM St"I Sheeto by P. 2. I&Wao, L. Idlet. PBUM, 1w, PAvue VataLlurgle Newireis Sclan- tirl Oct 196D.. 99 729-740. RTSI 2DG7 Sal - Cbm may 61 the Rapid ~,'tq)-Farmivg T"t, by P. 2. 144pa"s L. Wet. 'jML vribution to Umn-natimal D"q OmiM- , ; Doc 1938. British Im and $tOMI 10 )42 (L2 158. 00 Sol - AW 59 3 61-12724 Lapose, P. E. and Ulet, L. THE APPLICATION OF A PRACTICAL M13THOD 1. Hydrogen- -Diffusion FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF THE DIFFUSION OF 2. Steel- -impurities HYDROGEN THROUGH MILD STEEL SHEET. f L9601 3. Sheets - -Metallurgical Order from BIR 1 6 5s BISI-2007 arAlvsis I . Lagasse. P. E, Trans. of Revfae del Metfallurgiel. Me6joires) U . Wet, L. Scifentifiquesl (France) 1960, v. 57, Oct, p. 729-740. 111 . 6ISI-21J07 IV . Brit i i h I ron a nd Steel Industry Translation rv I, C ON" efr"11.igal (Metalljrg~--Ferrous Metals, T-17, v. 5, no. 7) 'Pz,:~tj aM Prq~oeulsv oZ BetyllAim, b7 as-.Im iaet-bsr-ap 55 PP. CTOMB., per,, A:.tleb*Lsgpt Alkamwrgl,, 19510. Am 331rr Isel - M= ILly a 9 .0 ff'~ , /"/ 6 T. LP,2cebe E~ Cw1ophom Fwdqmv4 A. Sopropnle Fungus of the NorrlW Pine.. by T. Lapxbwe. 3W=611.. per., Amlande ee[E3Ld ~orbu~nft Tidskrift, No 9. 1944p pp 13D.132. NRC C-11483 RTC 72-Wll-MY Jan 73 I._q ia Pnellun In TetozUAWY SweftWtko, by M-M ---Am WAW- s Yetertwip, Val M=g No 60 PW &D 1 0 pp 44-ke. um Sclantific - Wdlelm : , /f 't 6 33 Furuleat Asningitis Caused by Bacillit -Pmteue, I oy Ummia Lo%-,vermm, 5 pp. U-NMISSIFIED PcILL,r*l I wrj, Pediat Polska., Vol XXUIlj, So 6. 1958s IPP 708; 709- X&V 26N/MM 505 Nov 60 Effec,,.tveness of Combined Freon P.(rc,"o2- wit;) a Bactericidal-Insecticidal Effect, -7 1. K. Lagerts V. N. 3peranvVdya RUSSIAN, mr per, Voyenno, Yrd Z'.:,.;r, No 8, MoSof:-4, AUg 1960, PP 107-11C -.~) jPRS 7609 / 9,71 ~ dS bacterial Freon Aerosols and Experience in thair Use ider Ship Conditions, by I.K.Lopert RUSMAN.9 no par, Voyanno Hed Zbur, No 80 HOSCOW9 Aup 195B. Pp 52-55 US JPRS 1030-N d'CL - -ry"44 ;7 t' / Y-f -Xa"-j 61 9 62-MIS - I Lspm._Cario. MSTORTIONLESS HLECMCAL TRANSNUSSWN OVER NONUNIPORM UNES. 11952)127 Order from SLA $2.60 . ti-WW Tress. a( Alta Propwas otaly) 19M. V. 2. SL 4. p. 5OD-515. DESCRIMRS- OTrammud"Som lines, Ekxtric ca". Wove transmission. Trawformadow (MathouaftalL Tlicory, Dismortift, 1. L&SOL C. (EVaecring-Ble"tkal. TT. w. 9. so. 13) oft of %saw swft. Resulto Obtained by InUmittaft Lwdwue Stimls- tion With T o UnIvitellim InUviduals, by Po Colstj, P. Lagot, 6 pp. r==, ;or.. R*vI hurola", Vol I=VIO 19520 pp 121-1240 CIA r3695 AT3X; F-TB-W31V Bel - m&-1 Oct 58 7,5-11 6$7 lplue Daz2gara, E,;v to flecogalsa and Avoid Thou) by idml I&Wr, 19 pp. UNMABST " IT 45. QW-348 Oermarq Jul 52 cm The Condensation of Acetate Not-ere of Certain Polyhydric Alcobols With Arantic Vy&ocw"m in the Presence of Aubydrous Abmimm ChIm-ide, by R. IL lagIfte , 11 yp. R=IM,, yer,, TrWy lut. Ibla. Akad. Nauk GrwLinakoil saRl za =0 1956l Iv i57-i6B. I Assoo Teah Bar (OW15R) Sci A7- S- te, T - ~~ 4 J%m 58 4 ~3j- p.5 Rowtiona of AlkAstion of AiMSUG COPMO Vith A"Wento Glya*U In tM Pyesewo of Aubydrow A1013) tw R, N., 140 p so as Toolafte'l RUOMMp perp Ak Xm* Oxasin ON# TIOU pp 27-34- A"-7%35R n sai Apr 60 Val Ms No 2 A New Method for the Synthesis of Alkyl Dirivatives of 2-Phonylnaphtbalone, by Re He Lagidsel iis ho Loladze. 6 pp. RUSSUN, per, Zhur Obahch Khi;% Vol XXXU , No 3, 1962. pp 1627-1632. co Sci -T Har 63 '.' j? el es, I 61-12287 Lajd,17 . R. M. and I rt:madz,:. N. K. - AE-K YLkt1ON OF BENZENE WI-nI DISEM-DARY 1. tAgidz . R. M. V-ACETYLENIC GLYCOLS IN 7VE PRES&CE OF 11. 1,emadze, N. K. ANHYDROUS AIC1.1, 1196217p. Ill. Aj.~-82P61R Order from A15 $10.35 ATS-82P64R IV. Associated Ttchnical .Servic:s, Inc. FaRt Trans. of Akadfumlyaj Nauk GruzlinskolISSR [Tiflis]. Orang,-. N. SoobahchItniyal 1962. v. 28. no. 4~ p. 409-416. DESCRIMRS: *13enzenes, Alkyl radicals. *Glycols. Catalysts, *Alurninum compounds, *Chlondva. Acctylenes. b (Chemistry-Organic. TT, v. 4, no. 2) Ofte at 7rdmkw 3.,,kn 1 Alkylation of Beasem with kt3-Butonediol Diacetate and 2,4.6-Hemnetriol Trucaute, by R. m. Legifte RMIAN,, per., Dok Ak Neuk SM., Vol LXXVII, No 6, 1951P pp 1023-lo26. An w-1666 Sci - Cbem Jul 59 ,!-he Alkylst:on of Deazeme With Di-(l-Hydroxy)-Cyclchf-x- :-YiReatylene ity-1-oacatate in the Prezence of AlC13., by R. M. Lsg=eo 11. K. Irems"es L. P. Qdgogidze, 4 pp. RUSSTAHj mo jx.~r,, Zhur Obshch Dim, Vol XM, No 10) Oct 19561 PP 1'2754-2757- C=sultants Ruvau Mar 1-)8 Tn-., iak-,flfjtirn of Bentow With Bydroxylsopropyl- 1jdraxycyc1ohe2q,jlacety1er:* DiaccUte In the Provence of 'klc'3, by R, M, lm6ldsep Sh, D. Kuprew pp. IMSD 1 14, thrice-wo per, Doh Ak Hauk SSSR, Vol C-1, ffo 5., Pp 795- M.- stp/oct 1956 convultanto Burvau Set - Ch=- P-~! c 57 P-OPI&CMI%t of blopo la ASO-CoupogMso.lo DepUce- mout of cb2crim In L" 3 so naptha by ALUM (M o vis #~ by S. 1. gtmp~v# U. A - asums IT. 7, lfttdftj~ Le Ao DodyliftlMe 6 w - RMUNs Priv zbw ft" Mao Vbl IMVM ft To 19"s pp M54M. sw SOL - cbm .961 g-re STUDY OF THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF HUMAN CONNECTIVE TISSUE WITH RESPECT TO AGE: DERMIS AND APONEUROSIS OF THE ABDOMINAL WALLO AND THE ACHILLES TENDONA BY R. LAGIERO B. EXER, 10 PP. 0---~ FRENCH) PER) GERONTOLOGIA,, VOL lVi, NO L. 196o, PP 39-59. NIH 6-37-62 SCI - MED 2o8.,775 AUG 62 ON CHEMICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF THE TENDINOID CORDS IN DUPUYTRENIS CONTRACTURE. COMPARATIVE I NVESTIGA- TIONS ON DIFFERENT KINDS OF NORMAL CONNECTIVE TISSUE OF THE HAND, BY R. LAGIER, B. EXER,, 9 PP. GERMAN,, PER~ VIRCHOWS ARCH, VOL CCCXXXIII: NO L: ig6o, PP 6&E5o. NIH &io-62 SCI % MED 208.,748 W the General Deftnition of the quantity of Infor- mation, by I. M. Gallfand.. A. B. Kolsogorov, A. H. Leglom, 7 pp - BMIAN,, per, Dok Ak Nauk MR, Vol CX1, So 4, 1956, pp 7h5-74B. SLA Tr R-810 Sci - Hathmatics J-'j 3r/,3- Aus 57 S-4208 ;.NY-15321 Iafluence oil Pantoxyl ar4 Thtuexe Gn the Ptr!7heral Bloc-1 Picture in Rediation Sie!:- ness, by R. N. Abdullina, Z. ia. 9 pp. PUzZlk4. bimo per, FatologicLeakaya F.J*Lzlologl~a, i EkBperimentallnaya Teraplya Vol IT, No 1) moacav,, Jan#eb 190.. PP 39-44. US JPRS/NY-L-285 Sci - Medicine -1wL.All, srau al j,-.cratiutj 6/69 tor " tic I)v i;o L-j" 19 ;ipi. r~.t, oxcru ~,M. u r.~.eraticw 6/69. -4cm 1969o 17 -,,jJ* TV-i "12 0779 Tj 404,452 k ikt&=U" tAW ftM CC 04 NMV-4-SUMP by R. 146"jq 10 pp. MWJ6 ro but MUNMI-C s, *A L=j, 2"50 1WSf3'4M0 fts AU ft P-aA3 &a 58 ~ 7 ~s 0t j 1'. Lwmmt I%. D. LaVvat snuoms od canarp by I- 9 YPS VWjt Alt VAdit U* SMS ,Vol. =110 mmmus Wo lo3*103- am 20ffi ad . sta & ma smi my 63 22Y o1 ft EstimtIm of Troms of Oalllmo Wb= wA 7W 1 41= by JUM ~_ - 1 1. Its A;pUcatlm Ding if In the AALlpis Of RLO-POWW UIVAIMs b7 A. 1. SPMMS popr P/imi, Promdtw- 09 m2ftz"mc."l cb"em an PftcftNl Us" of Atoode MwW ftld at Ouwn 8-2D Aug 19% va VM. DatezvAu Cmf fti - Iftelew Pbomics 3-02/ OU 1-99.9.162 Absmptim of Sulfur Oxides br Natal OxIda and Siltoateop by P. So ledMyeVf Be U, Lsaovbm~sjp 6 pp. RUFFIA' . per,, nor A=Q Mdup Vo IXp No 4,1 Je-Aug'1954;, pp 2*-MB* c X~ z "I Q. q / Wantitott" Dlitendostion of SulAw in Oronic isrlals and 7=~s Using Mwod4 WA " CaUapto P. It, IL .6 pp. Is b1no per$ Zhw Awl lhft$ Vol IKO So 11 pp 37-41. Commataato Bureau LAgUYU, N. D. ww Konop1w, V. P. MORMOLOGICAL CHANGES IN A TRANSPLARrABL8 1. CARCLNOMA OF 7`HB ?aWMRY GLAND6 OF RA73 I 5: AFTEa HORWNE THBMFY. 11963JI16p] Ings omitted) 32refs FASEB Mkmwjtpt = S 18-& M. Order from OTS or SLA $1.60 63-23MI IV - fts available on loan from M Tz=s. c( AM& Patologki WK) MA". T. 2t. M 10. p. 38 -44. V. DESCRWMRS. MorphdW, *0ucft=v4 *Wmmuy glands, BAta, wHormow44 7UsnTy, eAndneogiestic mrown. 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U--ofty. re"fla". 4 4 -5 1 MoWcW Sclewm- -Ntbowv. Tr. w. to, no. 6) DOM at Tftk*W Serka 63-148M jAzaasp, E. STffDM'S_T)N THE AVIAN PLAGUE OF EGYPT I Lagrange, E. (budes sur la Peste Avialre d'Egypte). [19631 [501p. 34 refs. Order from SLA $4.60 63-14800 a Trans. of t itut Pasteur Annal~A(France) 1932, v. A.." , p. -267. DESCRIPTORS! *Plaguv *Birds, Egypt, *Virus diseases, Immunity, 'i tigen-antibody reactions, Epidemiology. (Biological Scicnccs - -Pathology, TT, v. t0, no. 6)