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December 31, 1983
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PI pi) fT Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration and Altenatin6 MaGnetic Fields on the Dompiddn Structure of Sil-izzmxcon Steel, by D. A. Laptey, V. S. Cherkashin, 6 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Iz Ak Hauk SSSR, Ser Fiz, Vol XXV, No 12, 1961. CTT- Sci Jan 63 Mgwtic Temperstwe Hysteresis in Single Crystals of Ferrosilicon, by L. V. KirensIdy, D. A. -Laptey, A. I. Drokin, at alp 6 PP. RUSSIMp per,, Piz Wtal i lbtallov, Vol'IX, No 3, 1960, PP 337-344. PP set /ff k 0/ Apr 61 I R, R. I)ISTI',EJ-11ON INCAS DIYOSI-IN. 2 1 p. I rc 1.1i, 1': -111 , Oi,l,r fr,m () 1, or 1: I'C St.",S 61-17`01 f ~Zft- i tvi, (t *Y3R) IQ ;7, 'C 11~-, ry, ~, I - 17901 1. 1-1pok, B. B. 11. M iWL-241 M. stichthig Mocilijk T., Y", Heat-Treatwnt of Petrola= Strata Ai=ed at Increasing the PetraleM Output,, by B. D. rApuk, 18 ppe RUSSIAN.. per) Azeibaydiban Neftyanoe Xbozp Vol Xnp 19392 PP 10-15- MA Tr H-&09 Sci - Cl=istry ~-w /7 Oct 57 '?~%atupea of the behaviour of aitrided steel 1W8119T licId Zor a. L-Qng time at", HISh Teopcratt-arc, by A V. Kcatenko, Ye. V,,Lqpx*Uu&p T. M. Pogrebetakayn, 9 pp. ;-IUSSIAN. par, -Vi2 zwwt" :L metallov, vol !X, no 6, 1960, pp 868-bTt. pp 'run 61 VA 1:~. 4,1 B B. Lapuk 0 iY-51 Ou) D~2L DIESEL TRAIN, BY S. A. LAPUSHKIN, R P. TITOVA, IL PP. RUSS I AN, PER, ELEKT I TEPLOV TYAGA, NO I I , PP 32-,4. JPRS 13567 USSR ECON - ENJz 1 1-3, 314) or aiia 3 PWI tMM]Ati=o ling I "r, swr ObAch Rj& vol ma.- xo i2p Doe IM# pp ZMO-en6. um ScUmMle - Cholitryp Wifts, tom;watwm / fd/f Wrrosion Protoction by L*lj Fjv*j-.hjtiQ~,, by it. S*- Lapou"lat 17 jj~., ~ Du N) Awr Prikl!tu ~"ol XXIv * ,~,,r lip 373..v,,bZ. ;A~'l 1-9170 r Lk punts fair amdeamd" Optis&& C/A *rlAt"wxs 0t C41101"m nbon't by u Abort SAWSUWWVSS, ISMt LAqu4s 6 rps POUSH P Xa 4hH70 1"s .; tw,,~W- Patent office SCA-matertals gay 0 326o004 COO On the Spectral Character of Dpark Disebarges,, by K. Laqu Full tmolation, GmW,V,ggr# Spectrochis Actes VoloW. Ito 60 1952.9 PP W- . A.9-R.J. Rarvell No 11/3/51* OTA98 Scientific - Physics Index Aeronautics Jun 53 The Lifeepu of laoUUd Hs=aliav Organs With Automatic Function, by E., !!I "our 14 pp, DUTCHS per,, Nederlandsche Tijdschrift voor Geeneeskundey Vol L; 19i4p pp 1&6-1852. NU Tr 10-00 '7 Scl - ftdicine 0 ct 57 LAPITSXI, V. Teoriya I Praktika Metallurgiiq vol. 9, Nos. 4-3, 4 figdrea, 2500 words; 1939- Top pouring of killed steel. Drutcher, Tram Order No- 731, $2.50 /) 6 6 ~--- -"/ 1 -a-,*. IL and Hagmh. W. D. OWROMENCAL ANALYAS Wni TTME X VFn SPECTRA OF SPARK DISCHARGES. j196211771p. 22 rvis. Opier from SLA $2.60 62-16684 Trans. of Spectrochemlical Acta (GL Brit.) 1962. Y. 18. no. 7, p. 183- 1". DESCRIPTORS: Spectrogrophic analysis. OChemical analysis. *Electric discharps, Sparks, Time. Resolution (Optics). *Copper electrodes. Aluminum, Zinc. Bra". Generators. (Physics- -Spectroscopy, TT. v. 9. no. 2) of TabAkii ~j ~,.Itu,~Atlon s.4 by Source ar by _!oTI.-~t-*!z,,~Lta 3.6 nv:)~ The E=z=1C and 7iunzelal Colaerver" iol IX; Fo 101, c-oun 1944, VP 53-63. SUL 57-229171 2--i v It AUg 58 / 6z*l jr.,Iiaat,.vlvs et Tn-,al-lit A. ai~ Jul iji:kij pp 473-4'('1. Amy Mc-..g Service "be Rdocc-cmimIcations of Cameroun, by 14. Laranco, A. -Par. indwitries et Travat-r- d'Outr=cr~ No 80, Jul 1W, pp 479-482. (M11 So Mg TO Army Msp Serv! c e kfrl--a - Cnirnroon an .3 C 6- Notes U on the ftlf-Llfe of I-L~, by F, BamIrm., U. ;8maim- PMUU==.. paw., P/979# Pxoandlx4p of mater- natiowl Couftrmoes on Peaceftl Uwe of Atemic lbargy HWA at Genm 8-20 Aug 195% Vol Vn. Dx+Arnatl Coa -- UK Set - Vaclear Molas CIA 1-669.9.162 J-191-IF d -0-!? Deml-InatJoe Of AtODepb"lo Padlomtivityp by F. Bomiras X. Pmdumm, "r P/9T5.9 Pmamdbp of bftmtioul Omferw= an Pe&oeful Umm of Atomle NbwW Bald at oeneva 8-20 AM 19550 Vol IX. Wankstl Conf --- tm Sci - Naclear Pbysicis -1 910% CIA 1-669.9*T i-a"a 4-/ Detargat 01" aad Their Dispersive Properties) by J. Larbrap 17 pp. rR=cH,p per) ftv" de 1 -Ina t1tat Fmcals du Petrole, vol xi,, 1956.. pp 1998-1312. srA 59 -io66o Sai. - Chm ft 59 Vol 9 " NO 1 Test Validatiew by S. Larcebeau,, 20 p. FMB, per, I'Annae Pqehologique, 1953, Vol L1112 No 2, yp 55346e, SIA 59-20168 Sol Peb 60 Vol P. j, Io 12 ~ eg Iq 7 4 . .' , .1 . . .1, J-1224/62 A Revelation for the Africans, by G. Larche, (DC-8138). FIR94CH, np, La Presse du Cameroun, 17 Aug 1962) pp 114. *J'PRS Larche, K. THE NEW XENON HIM PREMRE LAMPS. (1961) [10)p. (4 ftgs~ 10 refs. omItted) Order from SLA S I - 10 62-1=4 Trans. of Vereft Deutischer) Ingenifeure). Zeitisch Zeltischriftl (west GermAny) 1952, v. 94, p. 453-455 DESCRIPTORS: *Xenonlamps, Design, Operation, Airccvled. Water, Cooling, Ignition. Pressure 1 1 Larche. K. (physics- -optics, TT, v, 7. no. 5) The Arc Pays of a N&Is Go High Pmume K$dwirpt by K. Latbe. amm, wo 14!j M&'s Vol cunis 19628, pp 544OU30 NASA Tr F610,208 U. S, GUMAMW USE CHLY Sti-Phys Aug 66 309*646 b4vessure Arc listiO12 16 Uwobol PWO bl of Rub U pps &jet rWiks Vol vwj 10 pa J;p "t9. - -" , 'A 1~ 4&c, 11-14 CUPO/Z.30 evsac q " rd, scientific 74 Arc Form of the Rjgl~-Pftssure DivcharGe In .bare Gasea, by K. _j~r~q. 7 PP- per Zeitachrift fw Mysiko Vol III 19-52P PP 5U-552- A 41A. Lill"t 111tulsityl Ly lAwt larct*o cl ~ er* lif-altu6mik't w1 7" "o C. 1955" 221-224 68-C Lkil t oi: ; navy .IC -Truz !z 2X6 30,4UO K. Larche A Nev luxtrmmt WIth a Sphwleal MwUmmt for the MeagawInt of UV-Radl&Ucn Incideaft at on Artitrwy AVIO. GEMN., per Ljout Vol 12, 1942,, pp 110-111. IMA TT r it, in Oct 72 K. Larche On an Instrumint for theyleam-1 MIN -I of Ultrwdolet Radis+Acn EWdPPW Vith AL SPbWlcakl Attacbmmt for tm Rogue" ~it of RaUsUou Zwddent, at a Lwge Ang)A. G=Mj, w., .Z4d+oschdft fmr T*cbnincbe Pbralk,- Vol 23., 19421 PP n4-n7- =A TT F 14,0 418 Oct 72 Wtial HeatIM of Pstrolem Froducto in Rail- road Task Cars, ty I. F., Larohanko RMIANO vo per, Naft Khoal No 12, 195,49 pp 73- 76. 2z Tech and Com Tr 2135 Spruce St. Phi I Pa. USSR - Zoon=ie Scientifio - P"Is Jan 56 CTS 71.~ on Errors in the R*Imlto of Mo"uremt of D"es by Tapes With oraduationop by To. lAwchmkop U pp. RUWIAS, per, OwAtzist, So h# 1930P pp 44-51. im a-ut-s/36 Sci - ftg - Gowev r,ob 61 61-19153 1,archenko, Ye. G. 'nIE CALCULATION OF GAUSS-KRUGER COOHDI- 1. Mapping-USSR NATES BY L(X'Al. COORDINATES IN CONMING 2, GoexxIesics-Ilit-orY INDEX MAPS AND CIIARTS. 7rans. on Soviet 1. Larchenko, Ye. G, C,,-%Ac%y 1925-40. 17 Mar 61 18]p. JPRS: R-116-N/7. u. rtuc: Soviet ... Order from I-C or SLA mi$1.80, ph$1.80 61-19153 Ill. JPRS-R-116-N/7 IV. joint Ptiblicarions Research Trans, (if GcoilLrzist (USSR) 1938 [v. 141 no. 3, Service. New York p. 66-70. Office of 7-4.k.1 S-i... Use of JR Nmogrem Iz IArge-Scale SurvWB (1:1.,000, 1:2pODOp 1:5#000)0 by Yes Go Larcbenko I. G. .-.. . , , I UsbchlwklY.- 3 PP- MWUN,, parp Geodes i MrtcSp No 2p IM# pp 56-59. AW Sci / 6 7, Y,:f -Z jui 61 Focdiiq, and Diapause I,otatu Beotle, by K. per, Itoczniki ')arsmi 1957, Vol, 74v '287-314, 60-21412 6s of tic ColuraLio Larezeam. 28 lip. NaWk 1-1101niczycli, 41o. 2,, 275,,754 I MK - . Cernia, E - . and Mori, A.D~ 163-14706 6MMNI~ICN OP VINYL ACETATE IN MIXE . Lardera. M. R. POLYMERS OF VINYL CHLORIDE AND VINYL U. Cernia. E. ACETATE. (196314p. 2 refs. Ill. Mori, A. Order train SLA $1. 10 63-14706 Trans. of Annalt Idil Chimica (Italy) L956, V. 46, p. 194-198. DESCRIP17ORS: *Polyvinyl chloride, *Vinyl radicals, *Acetmes, Mixtures, Chemical analysis, Reagents, Ethylenes, Dioxides, SodlLun compounds, Ethanols, Hydrates, Silver compounds, Sulfates, Sulfuric acid. 'Me aLthore discuss a generalized nHmhW of saponifl - cation to determine the percentage of vinyl chloride in inixed polymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl smatc. All the methods heretofore Wwd and wblcb IW to reprodw-1 Ible results for mixed polymers produced by solislon or (Chemistry --Analytical, TT, v. 10, no. 6) (over) Sxrtneo in Vater Consumption WiLh CoolirG Do-vicuzi itor Op*u-11cafth furawea, by H. Lardy. UML GERA R~ pears Stahl U Riaens Vol LUXIII, 30 Jul 1953, PP 102&1(29. Britiah Iron and Stool IW (aa maber gl"n) 3w,,r LV AS XTK,, lb 4x I~W,, NASA TT F-54 National Aeronautics and Space Administration. CONCERNING A METHOD FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF VERY HIGH TEMPERATURES IN NEARLY TRANSPARENT ARC COLUMNS. (Uber ein verfahren zur messung sehr hoher teraperaturen in nahezu durchl.~ssigen bogenakulen.) Rudolf Wilhelm Larenz. (Presented at the meeting of the German PhysTc-ar- Society, British Zone, M(inoter, April 15, 2950.) December 1960. 20p. OTS price, $0.50. (NASA TECHNICAL TRANSLATION F-54. Transla- tion from Zeitschrift fUr Physik, v. 129, no. 3, 1951, p. 327-342 (Germany).) The report presents a method of measuring the tem- perature distribution across an arc column by use of a spectrograph. An equation is developed for the determination of the electronic temperature that cor- responds to the point of maximum spectral line inten- sity across an arc column. A graphical solution is given which relates the various parameters such as 1. Laxenz, Rudolf Wilhelm r[. NASA, IT F-54 M. Zeitschrift (~r Phys1k, v. 129, no. 3, 1951, p. 327-342 (Germany) (Initial NASA distribution: 30, Physics, atomic and molecuLar; 41, Propulsion systems, electric; 45, Research and develop- ment facilities.) CopiLs obuinable from NASA, washington (over) NASA Tcaperatum meamarvasnU In tJ* colum of it Gardien arc, by R. W. Tareaso 27 VP- ORMS, P=9 X. Pkvftj 129p P 343-364,, MI. I ABO-SM64-M M %-" ftl "g 59 91l- I?f ~ joe f Larenz, Rudolf V ithelm. CONCERNING A METHOD FOR THE MEASURE- MENT OF VERY HIGH TEMPERATURES IN NEARLY TRANSPARENT ARC COLUMNS (Uber etn Verfahren zur Mesaung sehr Hoher Temperaturen In Nahezu DurchlIssigen Rogensdulen). [Paper] presented at meeting of German Physical Society, British 7one, MUnster, 15 Apr 50. Dec 60, 20p. 7 refs. Technical t t na, F - 17~4: AD- 247 295. Order from OTS $0. 50 61-11135 61-11135 1. High temperature research 2. Electric arcs- -Temperature I .Larenz, R. W. 11. NASA TT-F-54 111. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washington, D.,C. IV. Title: German Physical Society. .. V . AD-247 295 Trans. of ~.eitschrift fUr Phyalk (West Germany) 1951, v. 11.9, p. 327-342. A method Is presented of measuring the temperature distribution acroan an arc column by use of a spLctro- graph. An equation is developed for the determination of the electronic temperature that corresponds to the point of maximum spectra] line intensity across an are column, A graltical muluilon is glyen wKIch relates Office of T"hnical $*"kes the varioum parameters such as statistical weights, (Physies--ThermodynamLce, TT, v. 5, no.7) (over) I/ The DWO Raft of PWMMft Plocam of dw OUM Bdf* by YiN Ys- Xo"Iffv A. V. -Lu-ISbM =Me V== 2tvam 1 zm6dj" r 714;24, 1963, pp 105-IM sd - Eas Apr 64 2K n8 lbouwdc" to Pausnu at Halth Beewu in the MraLwo by Zecold Owswrich ~~-Cmvp V"MY NUWI"Wich Smetow., 75 PP- WAS=., pwv P&mv&tlm dlya Lachaubehfthe" I Ot4*bWwbcbJkh as Ikavrtakb UbmLtWp ,A., ft w. JM 1074 Ba - Ned Z/z I --~ Oct 62 On Polyinvariam In Autanuc Control systems, by V. S. Kulobdb# 0. 1. Luicheva 11 pp. RUSSIMg per, UvestAya AkadaU Hauk SSSR9 Otdaleaiye %~ Navko Ruer&etiks Avtomstlka# No S# 1961j, pp 7-12, 9678920 FTI)-Tr-62-971 Sci-Elec Dot 02 r)q,3c 3 On p-n Juwtims In Photomaitive Films of PWs by V. P. &Aotarev, V. N. Ur~ 9 pp. yn, Fisum Tw:up oaas vol n., PP 1741-1-750- AV Wv M"- BoUd SUte Vol n# no Sai mar 61 Ock the PIVWM of the O=ftou= ad UmbasSM to fttrap%UAN Impa ot Up Pb84fmp as - ; r 2. wuftkWv V. N. I&Aabavo MOMS pro Zkw Ism map Va X, "Irst No 6# 19A PP Awr twt Ot Pbp fty rms "Ob r4p 6 34 - PbPlft Feb 59 cc! no in pleaw" pavow" Qc Bad- -AA- JIM coub9ban cc *0 ras I Go* 1w to by. .3. 1. Xa=gmft ad I" W. tWidw 30 MSIAX, zbwfsnnss voi mms no Amw ZIW% OC TOP SOT PAP - 144* UP Val int No 5 Pb7d Feb 59 7f " -1 'k 6 1 1111111 1 to uooowft a su- p 11 -- - - - *Tft~~ 16 - , aULtinim ml bulmAkma =0 Na 904 w 7w4% YM 24M Sd - ES 5L Astrw May 64 2370 02 The Effea of L4m& Acid Dieftlandft an Swo Ampma of Beb&TW In Mks WA Rates by G. 1. MUtdaiM K. A. 1~L 7 M lattumg.&Ipwa team" I Tokobalm Val XXV4 No 6* 1963j, pp 753--7M. JPRS 23533 SCI-Cbew Mar 64 231.487 DesorlpUm Of dD AW I pladwou mxtxoa by Lpargo A*M I 1 11 Amm"s by Ro J. ivownp K. A. Laricbms 35 qj;~- wwm; per$ mmm, on- Iml a. a. Kmvstmjp va ims so 9* pp lYDA365tv me acd 7 SS fty 62 rT-65-14442 Fleld X I-Aricheva. V. V.: Rein. NJ. V. ON A METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING SOLMONS OF THE EqUATIONS OF PL.%%E PERTUPW MOTION OF CELESTIAL MECHANICS. 101p. Brels. Order from SLAt S1.10 as TT-65-14442 Trans. of Kosmicbeskle lss3odovanlya (USSR) Y3 n3j)359-67 Set also 'Translated or Abstracted Publications,' In TT Vol. 14. No. I. AvotMr trans. Is available from CFM or ETC HC11.10, MFSO.50 as TT-45-03762, ]Op. 11 r. 1, /, a A MR 111111 Noalinaar DaMing of the Natural Vibratione of System of Arbitrary Ord".. by V. V. LarIcbeval. 5 pp. MWIMS perp Prik Mtowt I WMI Vol XXIII No 4, loo) pp 536-538/. Por8w= Iwt SCI - Mth jUz, 99 90, - 5 -e 9 C? MACHINE FOR MACHINING THE PALMS OF BLADES) E.G. OF A COMPRESSOR) BY A. 1. LA.RKIN) 3 PP. RUSSIAN, PATENT NO A1381 (69iO8V25)., 2) DEC ig6c), PP 1-2. 9678217 FTD-TT-62-841 SCI - ENGR 12 OCT '02 212,605 2b~rmsl- @on== at W IL L larom =03w* pft "a a lupm me& ftm sw MW Abu&= AUWU& Ta I 1964P E. 1. larikov 3Uo638 /P & 84 - Cbod$W Aw 6T Effect of Alloying Elements on tbc 'Iecryatuallization Kinetics of Nickel Alloys; by E E. Za8Imchukp 11 Ly. V. Kurdyumov, L. N ILA~Ov~- PP- RIMSIAH., per., r- AL, Sauk SSSR, Scr Fiz,, Vol XXIII, -No 5, 1959, PP 615-619~ Columbia Tccb Tr Sci Aug 60 &or* of crystau in t2w &U6 Than$ I L. 1. tarilmi, u VP- mom VLS at i *"Lbw-. mean., vv , wr ~j, vp 2U-10- Aboalalt, so lo., 19 1 1 1 W# %r-135 ,elf 90929t,b sci ftw 61 m of &avbu ImWit"s cc go Uum lanumme owsbmt V OEM Istact ii~~Zm*loo To. X. - v 2.0 VIP- WU-Lqv own., or., varow n% at t mauum., Mmzdk, lb W, 1959P 70 In-M- MW L-336 9092967 8d lbv 61 ft tb* 00 1 HIM t Ot AtMO La Hotels La the RAgL*a 13 of the Tempratuts awrptsliLsstlows by L. S. LacfkAw-~ UUMUMO pulp Ukr via a ?al, 3p 19Sa, pp 668- 671. *CFM TT 70-39077 3ei- Jobs 70 L. ~. L oc iZ'l k v v # 18 (NY-3815) Ukrainian Republic Conference on the Theory of Metals and Alloyaj, by V. M. Danilenkop M. A. rcrivoglaz, L, 11, Larikov, As As SmirnOvi, 19 PP- RUSSIAN., per# Uspekh Flz Nauk, Vol LXX) No 1, 1960p pp 191-198. JPRB 2904 Sci - Ketalap Min jui 6o nuldnov Near the Batt= of the Has During Wdraulic Formtica FracturLog by Yu. M. SheRbtamnj I. F. Xuxanov, A. A. 7 P. RMVJp per$ left MWS., 1958,, Vol XXXVI, Wo 12, py 40-45. AM 35R SCI Apr 6o Vol 111, Wo 2 Win treado in COMIS2 w4haulation wd outomtlon of refrwtory pmewtion.0 tr a. S. awasu"t -A, P.- - n- S. Q. FlukePma., 3 vp, R=7Mj pwo OVOOPm7s 10 9.# 10a, 100a, VP 4"J". set /,j /a " /. z / Nor 62 61.18170 Larin. A. Ya. CRACKING OF HEAVY PETROLEUM STOCKS OVER I. Larin. A. Ya. HEATED SURFACES. (196115p. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 61-18170 Trans. of Akadernlya Nauk SSSR, CA&IL!,ne 'reklmiditLS. k1kh Nauk, lzvestiya, 1944, no. 1/2, p. 42-47. DESCRIPTORS; Hydrocarbons, Decomposition, *Petro- leum. Fuel oil, Processing. Experiments of Crulting of oil distillates over elec- trically heated metallic apIrals established that a gas is produced under these conditions of a composition approximately Identical with that obtained from paraffin wax. However. the yields of gas per unit energy con- sumed are the lower, the richer is the charge in cotn- pounds with a low hydrogen content. An oil distillate consisting essentially of ngphthaues gives a yield of gas per kw. -hour whi,:h Is half that obtainable froinparaffin (Engineering- -Chemical, IT. v. 6, nn~ 7) (over) 1-4 1 A. Of AestAm ovw AOUVO kbmlw- -:PI "Uastnlp by A- U- IWIU- son" 54, igh6s Isom PWO comptes Vol 99 WT-W. fm a (. / sci-cbm me 69 (NY-183o) USING ALKYLARYL SULFONATE IN THE FLOTATION OF IRON ORES., BY F. N. BELASHI KH. U. KOVALICHUKj, A. YA. LARIN, 4 pp. PER, BYULLETINI TEKH-EKON INFORMATSI I, No 6, 1962, PP 3-5. JPRS 15207 USSR ECON SCI - MIN-MET 2io,i4i SEP 62 61-1M LArIn. A. Ya. CRACK14NG OF MAzLrr OVER AN ALMIINOSILICA rE 1 1. LArin, A. Ya. CATALYSr. (196115p. 12 refs. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 61-IM Trans. of Akedendyn Nauk SSSit. Otdolamle Tekhrd- cbeskM Nauk. tzv*stly&. 19", p. 724-728. DESCRWMRS: opull all, ormoleum, Decomposition, Alwainum ccimpounds. Mllcatts. *Catalysis. Cracking of mazur over an slumlaosillcatc catalyst was shown to be po"Ible at temperatures lower than used [a cominercial practice. Distillates were obtained by cracking mazut amounting to up to 60 per cent on the dwsrp. froca which gasoline with 150, and point wse dist-Illed off, amouming to 15 per cent. and psohne with 2W end point - to 26 per cent. The octane numbet of the IS11 and point gasoline. when treated with 3 ml. TEL par kg., was $9. 1. The alurninosilicate catalvst I used resembles aluminuin chloride In its action, but exceeds the latter in Its life open and simplicity of (Chendstry- -Organic. repseration. (Atithor) TT. v. 6. no. 6) Aluminum Silicates and the Con-Avraton of Xtumts; by A. Ia. Larin, A. V. Frost, RUSSIAN, per, MW Dok Ak. fiauk SSSRs Vol LIVp -so 7s 194, pp 1297-1300. Res Info By R.587 Sci - Chmdetry a 0" 6-3.~ 'an 1956/PTs No 77 53 Wassn" 8t-, Now York 5. R~Y: Surface-Active Substances From Petroleum Distillates) by A. Ya.__~A~j' __ 4 pp. MWIM per, Vest Ak N&* SM) -so n , 1*) pp JPRB 4506 0 Sei - Chem mw 61 Me "NwkvIchJ4 " PaspeDger Car to AMW T J Shortly an U* RAM of tba Sovl*t Unianx Irl Bp LarIn ad Le BerhMs 7 99 Rwaux,,--Wr.. za so no, vp 1p..131 JIM aim Law X= Mar 1.,5 D )0 g76,1433 crk BOOk :'Int-rmiuction of Trumlation", by B. A. lorin; ai pp. rieej Test Lenin U) Ser ic-toril, 'Vizyl= t Literatury, Do 1959; PP 135-137. Tbe ToNlIGAiK Geodimeter-*ypa lustniwmt by B. A. ~~,# 11, H. Nazarov., A. A. 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M-31 195 1 TV I- uEM i r G41f.; fAl 11 gI ~'-Tl itl this wxzlw,~Uk on thF, )f I,ragc plants (Chapter 1). ~MO s c, L,! i for 111k UrLdo-ricanding of the cotticr ,,I !Io 1-ixM,r . rops, I-x)l%onou s, aml noxi-- ptan: i-. (Uhapter 11). A cleir picwrv o~ )n in V& ififfl,renT nd?-Jral Z~ C, 4, r,o. -, ) ('wer I TIChW34 S-- lAriui I. V. Grasslaiid Nh[Lagemeit ai,d Pasture Farmirig. 9MM, bV, Agr. Press Moscow/Ieidngrad, Illus., 1956, )44. 48o ars 61-31195 190-1 i,~,ure Hatutlou., t7 1, V. Lorin., a* pp. H=IMI bkj ftatblabobwborot, 1960. ms 61-31-194 PLJM usm Eccm -1 _,-a -7, Y 6-.3 ,Iul ;p 11,03 -wincuq for u3e 1)ovelop=-~ or F~;dder :1--A tha 71-:4.r 7.11*klmlo In tha USSR, by 1. V. (3 RUSSM,, per, Veott~ Sel'skokhozyaystvemoy 3, 1-959P PP 21-26- USSR Scou; Ta~ - Agri, Agri mwAdnery, livestook w 0e 59 ,,J,r,e ~;nrrr,-, Volcaw In Lako Uopaqp., by Jo,c(P.,v lara3 y lArin# 4 pp. SPAW153, pampMet., Analsis dal Mmm "David J. 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