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December 31, 1983
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or tia U feet or an Aridt"ri 117 .17nmdn lAnd on A-rouUw and Umul-w PUtoos bV l5a. AN. Gardmnov, 9 jkQ Q per, ~~x. q . NO (>,I lyws pp 363.3r- Pol,yhedre.l Viruses in Closely Related SPecies of Insects, by S. 1.1. Gershenzon. RUSSIAN, rpt, Zoological Institute oi: the Acmd(=y of Bk;ienecs of the Ukraixiisn SSSR. mc?Pc- C-4-766 sci jui 6'r 334, 653- Z. ..~ - :01 ~~ . 0-t,:.:" 'Pic Sraz and Imal Self-Coverimant, by Or. t4on Gerskavic., A pp. CAWL0,, per., lb- L1,, -lee 1)Ws PP-b 4-3. iplis 3))5U, ')r,. LEON C,'1~SKGVI( M.-Yaroolevia F40n rob, 67 317,2(T( Studies of Soft-rot Fungi Taken from Nooden Stakes in Field Experiments, by Aartin Gersonde. GERWAN. per. Material und Organi3Men, Vol 3, No 3, 1!)68, pp 199-212. ACSI J-6351 FSTC-111 _23- I b 1 -69 Sci - d&M Apr (0 380,555 Wind Tunnel for Accelorst*d Testing of Evaporation of Wood Preservatives, by R. Oera*nde. 3,WWN. per,j%terialprufum. vol. 2. ?10. 8, 1960, pq 307-308 i) j ~ - t /~ '~' " 1'~ CI i Sci - ~ uj: ("1 335-259 1~' & e P- S i e ~) UmntiQa WA SXP~ftal InmdigaUon, , Flwdble Wings, tq K, GGZZtm GERMil rpt, OL Lut+-t Todmucto Howbodude 1965 "*r RMMAM~~- Bop=t -65-T27, I= 71-152Y~-om mar 72 AM Murosis aftr-r uslM a Quaternary A=xmdum Salt for Disinfection of Injection Needleap by F. Gexatl. GM4M., per., Wicm ZL-d Woch, No 114, 1964.. PP 6-95 GB 2 r- ,, ~, 7-4. Sci - Aug 6y 33GP543 LW-I - Au Al,~;ol, for tht. Calculation of tjiv tutr~y 6,,vctra of ta cattorvj C4zkga-gays ill A pluna Snieldinl. Lzyer, by !;,, A, bl, Canti,, 41 t-ERIAN, ri~L, W4jl.i-111-K69-45# 00C L;61.10 AE C / 0 W% L-T r- 2= 7 0 scifilly uct 7v Jtl&~Irt AcLo" anyla, the lotanet I '11-3311tta. wit% CarLcr. In Thic. Lixvars, o.. Ile - r j1A% 1"70 427-4S4, -0 One Method of:Deteoting Malfunctions by I. B. Gortabakh. RUSSUN, per# lonely& PROTZ& behannaTra D va Radio (nos-221 kjg4Z& lsmlgiovaniyA 2DAIAlsiso 1966# pp, 7-8, WTO 72-10957-17B May 72 -CattA,I-M UL i-ailun-,i, ,~ao j* mcrtxAi~ruyp 16U Ap jo~,p !~,Lull Jtkuwv, lj.'~Gt I-Ii6. -4.LV-V6/ t--24;: =)I:-u7 376,,506 --t lbutlan to the PxdAm of the RemoUam Beftum Pig mm =a an in tm mwt Ro3ams by IL et 4# =MP pw. Ibleffinoxmibm, Vbl I-# lb- I 2969o pp 81-A Nor 70 **;062 On the TmAirmat of %be P*Mmm SyWrore With mmo"Amim OX144" ubit4un Uaw ma la Coaftlaition vith L-Daps, by IF. GMtm*roW. Gawal P*rIv prxzis Vol 54, 1*, VP 13T3-1377- RTW-mm 1049-67 e ri Jo ra-ri Sol-W. Doe 67 167 Mra kfflcimt YOMC AUWCG"Mt k t. Gerstmberge G. 1;chuU* 12 pp. kW40,o port, k_j~emUmuls rAtwhrift Cer A0411=hAlL SOf lihlWlin, No 3. AY Wme 196~0 pp A~319- 4wq & r E. Gem. AUC mapwc lovewtsuoia C'm lund Cryo" 61 Pd um TranaMm 9WOM by D. Clormenbwe, GLE5"AN per Armim dw W.0 19A. op 236-k 933111,27 & Vol voo m 6* 29%484 stamom or am fts or &Auu~ or -41 Ott Is 8*WUGMJP tr V. M6 Quamiju rv4atafts.ess v" Ift so 20 W4 0 20 An ftft am Va 9v lb 6a Xq68 V - M - G- ~: k),~; &~E xw 69 300s44 LeAIA!rad Infamatlan Juram Cldef -Arasmw 41 Value of kch Sorvices for USSR Toohnical L-; ;3e lerst,, 5 pp. np, bgftndsks" PiXLdl. 4' Jan 1.967, p 2. 6- T . 0 lar 67 tne '~Jjt ji"t u=- c u- -,suat iaists ay 6-o T. bc*Itz. VdAl LLuup Vol 64, 27 tui IJ,N't At .~7'w of t-Le ticat qi4mtico., by ."A "A"40 j-3f ~'taal ~is" vel W, v :A 4U..' 10, LAN4, ,ItA 41bz~ fte Callaulat'013 of the Mmdowd Vb2oftty FASId 97 or a Wlq;, by Rlow Owstan. OMME.0 rvt, amit m vim Gas zafwwt yp M-190. MM TT F-12.,436 , " Sol-Asro oat 69 393,3Tr in tho Calculation of the Inducej Volocity3/ p4ald 66 a Wing, by Klaus Gersten. GLIWAA, rpt, Iiissenschoftliche Gese.11schaft fur Luftfshrt, 1937, pp 172-190.- 'INMASC-ff -F-ff.426 A-io-z'L~Cz, Scl-Auro Junt 0.9 I T rE-l I .1A la - in t, t 71336 qAl Aut=Uft DICOWIM Md -MWLNNIM zwtsi- I"Um far W^ ty 0, 0-nift- and V- 2*09 IT Gamov w for Morulwasulcuds. Vol 180 lb N JM 33=0 W-oftam 91ciAS/A Dft b5 29ep" An Automatic Data Collecting nd Tnosaitting System for Meteorological Parpossev by G. Garth 0 W. Hahne. GERWM per, Zeltsthrift fty Noteo"logiev Vol Is: No 3/4g 0990 pp 132-141: Dept of Movy Me, 4922 OMI tr 2171 Set/At2ospheric Stionces Jun 67 327,629 r"Wport eolley in Aril IV --L'rich -.. hundn, Arnt, ~t; -BO pp Av"tim Ise~v C*TU*r* 16 Pkll* 10 10, 19~3. 372,715 AU03ONUk L3&r eAUMMAMM Tubes by gsgdtMK- Gutwa. por, . Vp 320- UL Hii 6390 C~~44 ptiur-Ger '"dIA144 m ikor 6r, 1 Of Aedocwx;&-Vf*lftd IRA As M to ~i* 1964'. C, i~ z S-1 A" e ~- 277,119 Is"ic Anjay3is of Plutoalta by Optic Spactro- scopys by S, Gentenkon. GEVWX,, per, Actao Val is, 1%2, pp 353-362, 9232&73 A&C seusuclear sci JUR 66 3019127 'Al #a ,in the Cormrgewc of tho Baylei~,rh I~estbodp by S. Y4. Gertmembteinp MWIAN, per. Wk. Ak. 1*-tk SSSR, Vol 1,37, Ilio 54: Au,; 190- , ~xq liw-lm. &-rrican imtitute ol, Pb~mltap Vol A, INO b, Feb 1970 kir "J ~11- 4,J~ s , j3 . I ~ 1~ 01- oil Three- D Intensional Wavas in the Boundary Layer, by S. Ya. lertsensbteyn. "-usSIAu, ror. IzV AN SSSR, mekh Zhid i Gaza, ';o 4, 196.8, -- CIA X-GR25 17.0c C 9 371,0()l -0v :070 ,,Owiwlratll* I mro iattow of Failwmt bop I* Be OnUbukho 4.0 Lo r.aftmany. 166 Au M.,51"s PWO OQTWK,~~o x966# 101 Ase i I Lee 67 -.. I I i, _i / " - A Cmfermwe an Uramot Problas of ScaacxAc Inmtlve for ftchnical pwqpmgd p by 0. Ant"MV sol 0. OWtOW40bo A op. MMM, yerp it im 1,)66,, pp. JM 35153 pffroatim th6 AAWAAB am liAragamnt of the fistional Lao~es of the Oti2spom Q-TIA Comtries. by % -lortgovich, 25 pp.~ JL RUS"a Fl. per, temay-ow rapt ',L906, Irp. Tm'~, 39122 con Jan ( )7 3 1 r. 09 5 6w,Atal Use Cftpgo LmmlicUl to w-,-A by tio 4lertsoviche -* lar""BUy, 16 pp. ~-"I# pers igoroo pp Cm july 69 333,865 CZK:i~ ForelLia TrWe Problms Sumwwlzed., by Go GertWTICh AUd TUo ft=vl 19 pp. per, M92M D=xdki No 4p Apr 1968, vp 5,3-70. ipps !!con J"ay 5 0 Ol ( ' r- - - ~~- . ) -'. -~~ - , i.- , '~ "~- r1anning 9 zocmwdc blAmuUtion of Productim in CENA Countries Discussed, by G. Gortsovich, do lakb4kylov 0 16 ppe r-EISSIM19 per, Vow--om 95MOoWd, Poscow, No I 1972 9 pp M-l". j fRS 55)w fty 72 Uw Diffesim or U*a in adbkl-BM alarp Iby D. NM SLIOaffifte MLNN-t. Rossi% a lmwwp I I I IN I 0--m I . UDAUN ]VOIM-ITIlb mbv%W&2-Q64 kQ', ~Q ZIM-t~L-l m4mal Ann 66 307#717 Study of I-Jectric3l Transfer in iothod of Inert Tars, by S. D. RWSIAN, per, UkrzAn* Fiz. Mi. *cr..sTi TT 7o-5T6U- "ar 741 Steels by the fertrriken at al. 60 IWAI, pp. 129-13S. 4(13,282 JL %hivldirs~-. ..casurefvtits in the N%einstmrj.,. ~iuclear PI-ttit, U,I:, ~."Jcltaejjs, bll 27 croo Lenscncr~je, Lou I:p V(&-Au. ALC/.t",.NL-lr-z.U.q-7U . ay 70 in i;erullitio Vol :Icibucl . ~r 70 6-c-~> The Five Meter MUlmoltar B*Wlea Autsum% by P, N. Owwlp 21 We EMIMS pwo q4b-*MWt" P C"I , G e- 0,- , (,:, t~ set/meet Sept 70 1-11 1 / , "I a" - AV MW 67 3200570 oe t.~ir '.va* 4,rogsa, A,,,lliuu Lo 'iuunal i.~ro,ruw ssuAilicri crv,~isv, utiltii!.'.orcs, j Wolo~j"l gad ~*CtAm**Aeu Ut"Os Oil Vw SO$ (W Ac*Aloraturp J, ,* trwaise, Qio Maine Jl/ J., 17 mw Im. Goologic mW Gootodaled StiWias an Pnpood Sit" for a 300 Gn Aawlentor,, by J, Gorvaisoo Cho wisto U ppe FOMI 0 rot. Etude* asolodam" ot ce set I" sit"Imm Fourg AMuralsor do So mv.17 now is". ABC WRLwtvmlM SciA-arth sci Jull 06 3010140 "Imlito at Impostion at 0 98"ac Wwo frm a Tlevel-am CwMel, tW U. L. Oft"r mod To M6 Mail )Mb I - 1 atko 9 pp- Njeems, Ver- B$M Aad"l Vbl 163, so 60 Imp ];P- IM-13jo. im 32M 8cI4181A Ak)v 6,5 "a 72 tit jwl, by I. c ,V,ol 6# 3~Z* Nul. Inc: L"Ci.., ecE, f\-, ~ Auc: W 36)t565 ye. ye. 6"esketc. Dmage to S=t-Infested Plants Caused by Stem Rust, by Ye. Ye. Geshele. VES= BELf-SIONHOZYM ri. Am. NO 1, 19681, y'- FSTC-HT-23-710-70 Fab 73 Prison Sentence and Crime Pepetition Correlated, by 146MRrdo Goache Muller, 5 pp. GOVER'W"' IT USF WILY SPUT-SH p np , F1 Mercurio, SantiaEo., Chile, 26 San 7?, p JPRS/L 4100 YAr 72 Cortrol L!Ilti Aut(,=tiuti of iot !)trij, Cciler 4o, No ivr, I'le Lc:-al i'mar of -ftepresentation of the C3PtSin um,Ar !,xistin~, '-inrittm Law and Prq)osals for a 'iture Xdjustreut, by Hans Geschwmliltner, 18 pp. ,jar, ~;cevarkehr# No So pp 210-211; 0J! V, %0461; Un 70 pli 302o30311 19676 " 2C i PSOOW2766 Popt of -,'avy AC 2S85 ~Medited Translation Sci/Larth ei Ocesn. 68 lay ,hadited Translation 345.0S7 New lutmont3 wd Eqaipmt for Ctmt Jwpryo b7 A. N. Waalevich AW N. S. o=tin,, RMOZ% bk 199. V/0 *de*ort. V U.v Wmv A. M. Geselewich sci-M Ma r 6~( 321#4-3-~ ikllprisn illrv~TA41" Ilmom cenrem" ror %"Ll Owhakov# 9 y-1)? A No 6. i= 19630 71 Intornastl "I 3 6 3, no now Aw Actim of a izotlpltas ACMA U amosattw G184wv CIO A. 13-17 --aftb 1967. at 68 Wow Awdeatmul cimbw in i966s, by Prwounk / ~? Gomm& 6 pp. PMM# wr IM NO 3,0 1-15 ftb 1.966, Vq. ". iple ffiSO6 ( E F-Koa I Ze ~ ~~ e c I 1~ I I M-ftland raw Apr 66 20;154 Ignition of Combustible Mixtures by Single Impact Sparks and SlwulatiOn Of Spark r-ormation. toy S. S. GesLift. 1. 1. Strishevskiy. RUSSIAN, per, Bt~zopas Trud Prom, Vol 12, lo 4, 1968, pp 4-T--so. fill Ref: S315.4 (5614) Sci IQ Ch 'lay 69 380,796 !rw,Aoto at 'Adft camtoopom,7 ,,.,,)jo9bwue tim" M -SWOM. by Anfmsllw, A. ? MINIMUM Awed" M 1 pp aim - at 167 Pladuction of iM Or*-fuOl POUs", tV B.A. 00" , RUSSM. per. Z= LULOmch IlWa, go 22, 196-,, PP,O- v6 CFIA 1807 L .1 ~., ~l -*-, , Sci - ~-40,,00 Lisp 67 qwwt4riuum or me "Uoloftralpur, 37 rff*eW of Totrac"Ums by 0. L. GWea- T-Aukt?s par# r1oll 5m ltQ4 8103, MD 1:01 360 1960,0 pp blbmblt)a . r 9-4-68 C_ 4 scilrqly f.'m 08 3608473 i'Osuibility of DistinGAalaing Two Uodes or Libemtlou of PoraArenaUn from tiw Tissi*s by tk*#c Use of by G. L. Gecs,A~ IT,%I"N,, per, Ball Soc IW DOI Sper, Vol 3)'v .1,)6jj, pp I - DWI: 7;3. .~59' ~' Statto old ADIN or WWW or the COU146d NOW GrOW )A CUUMes by AXdSW G"fttg4 31 pp- omma I un onu I r I =WpWho aMM �#MftM NDU Is V ILXOt vp. 23-50. im Guo 2"5 Soo Juiy 67 .7 - The got& of Plastic flow by DLelocatLon MutLom ')'~ in SLutecLngp by G. Go"LoW. GERMAN9 per, Zeit betallkends Vol 60, 1964, pp 233-243. *Nat Bur Stand Tr 70-SVISS sci-41isc Jul ?U" C-~-' cr F- :~-!zz, ~ N cr 7-7 i~ Contribution to the Mwwl6d&e of Staphate Mps with Iflological Proputies - Morpholoa and Condition of Svelliagp by R. Oessler, G. Jaym. OWE per., Des Misr Vol IT., So 1) 1963,, pp 5-i4 Ob 167/3533 sci - Jul 67 334,156 I ~" I, " \A, ~- - ~' '\ 5 .~ j -, " k Non-Flatness of Strip Dm4zig RoILW an a TWnty Roll RMj by Tue V, Gowler, at al, RUSSUN, per, motan v No 5, 1967v pp 26-29. BrSZ 9505 110v 71 W of oUbdw= AU9p an a 76, socuou PXWPMU yanftW aal~bWj, by L ON=W* am"s ~ ~ -Rftuwp vu I,, 29as vp 79-W- 49/1714 j ~ " - I'/ ow"Notarls" 398,,208 Doc 69 3(--v SJ Ilz rtectV.3ar 14cowtLvea 1. 51 for the ccrmi~ 111i'tional Railwyo, by J. Owt,, U. Espig, rkj;eu~,oltw-, C. Lionert, U. Weber, H. Bmhlctcl 11. Kruger 7ad U. Sdwl--, 54 pp. GEMM, -~er. DMkPS4c isc;~~ Itirch 1936 A_ _ q AchpI6 I 99 1,17, M t11, M-114. L15-118, 135-137, io., , i4xj jr~, D V, W 3 1) :-, 7 - V, Wcur Gem a~,, 34LBS ~: _. a -, " NOV s It% V f S L) 0 1 S t J T I L ? 1 . N zr uwra ioliticaI The ~Inem as a iw-lum of itevoluUanary 4Ao by AU-do t,*Uno, [smando lialmme 25 pp. per, M~qftjAnqoa -v,,anag July-Aw4 1969s PP 107-132- JP;l -- 4;,,265 69 39)sr.46 ALJAAL_ Wow '~Wuticv zu cm~ Cl.,.%~ llrt)blvx,s with Increase-1. inctic-Field :.,trcti~,th, by 41. V. Getli1q,* I-vr. Oak Ak isiauk Vol IV.7, 1-o 2g July 1909, pp =-304. T~'c AT- Inst of Mys Vol 14, ".u 7, Jait 1970 Fc-b 71) 4 Ul 0.3.5 0 I" --- solution of One Mom of INS A- &SOM ViQ apetic neld - - by A. V. GetIb** A ft"- sm; Vol 187; 3 o 2# Pat D* 3U-37.,- 1969t pp 4dM-sP-IO86D-C9 Avai]AbU CFM V Zjjb~t I 3913A wt 69 Preparing the Youth fbr Service In the Boyiet Armed Toren,, by A. Mmj, 6 yp. WORM.. r4p,, Smetskiy Patr:Lot,, 26 sept 1965, p. 2. JPFZ 32949 tv t UaSR Nil Dec 65 292,296 --~asp~nalbility in Civil L)ofenwj I~y A. Get--an,/Ibl- t.o Pr, 0 JX.-SLAJ,, ,vr., Vi)xm=e Lgwyft, no, I) W-.0 PIJ* ,L)v