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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Mood Platum wd D" mwm In ParedWOW P pobvyuot" arn4tal tv R. oostm. ca"'Ims PWO AOU- Md,- nnump Vol 8jr 2962jo pp 329-3311F rw 9i r 8-8-a &_ - (- 0 C- 7-.7 E 0011TA! I:w 68 368A3 Ivne ftot Gor=an Braun COMI lv&wtry, t7 1 -1 Julius Goetz, 10 pp, GEMM, per, M Archiv, So 1), Oct IJC5, Pin. 3W-3(Ao - JPF40 335 A -i j 1 41.s (- c C' ~ z =Aast Germany som jan 66 293,703 "It a""* I - jautv"itraft *ad NUMAI-MUStS OF to &O"Ve valrokTrattowat lb*ML Val so 4161460 bak ""So 11 - Uql&id mitia"" subse by F. L~q A. t;"ts. FUMNI, par$ Tull, - t Tbem~wiw Val 20 J"Y-Amg, U64, Vp W79. Alst Ws .1 ~'. - /, . I .1 .1 - ,11 A~.I SCA-W my " W0953 sat ifths III - Ult sat" f4w UM '70 Twount of Ughe3M" St"Iso by P* Asawo 16 Gawtu YMNS fort Tftium Timm Vol 20 xare Apt* lm* pp 930J50 o161 460S - III 41 /a-t, ~, SCA.V414 Ju I b6 30bl'I" r,cwes MCI Cloir ~mtatiftlsj, by r, K, Cwtxe, (I.WAJO amot the iicmUione in '4atwrlichsT und iWaustlicher Zuditaw-l"e Vol I,, Morp if, IM, pil 99-107. "TC 71 C uov 711 ,;tructxlre gnd p%mctl on of ote sexwl Orgms, C, ~, L, In Natwrlicher und die ilmigbime tgM10", VDl is Chapt. 5, I'Jt)4 7l i :iTc 'P~-13423-36C n av 7n "Pit 'Aructure of Iler(stIfty, by c~v is'. L. Coetse alp 0 Wl,mano, die ilculfbioas in *iatuerlicher ;md Kwustucher Zuchtauslose Vol 10 chapt 9, W41V PP 66-72. .tTC 70-15424-%C scl/b and z, itoy 70 ! valuation aad ~,elvctjtm of ikm colonlesj by G, V. L. (*100t2e. CLAM',, =not die :'ionigbiene in 3&tuerliWaor und rmenstUcher Zuditsuskss, Vol 21, IMZ,, 1-1) MI. ci /b M, d 6:10V 7; Possibilities of Canetic Analysiss by Cl i., L. I"Oetzal fx%`~W." MMO, die licnikMem In l4atuerlidier und Wanstlicher ZuChtauslose Vol 1. O%apt R. MT p", 70-13425-0C scit-11 anti v-, nav 70 b, ~o umyl&sm in the orvo jai ibo nums of HoU and ftt fttuW- Ch8W8 aur Tow DAF irndutiOS4 bor 1, 00*t" am",, a" a Acts Big, MR4 RIM-P-A vul 390 196T,p Py 519-60 ow Em &1L%.&3 C., 7- z E scl-mm A195 .ujg 63 C-~ Observations on the 'salt Content of 31 / Peat, by 0. Goetske. GERMAN, vier, Tornfoachrichten, Vol 17, No 9110, --,- I'LL Ref: 9022.27 (1004) Fcl-,Agri Ong ,'AT 01) 3770 of the or the Nuclear tabu =0 VC andL VQ2 with Mqt&U# by D. Goetzmm 4 l966. 0=e, rpt, W-tm~K Trow. 278) NIL Fef: 9091-9r PXWMY A, t~ (,L 6 TZ ftj4ftcbsnI=a 3(e&23rr Avg 6B c ~ e- G-- C) e- \! P~ L Mod= PUldodbU Aocld& OmMut in Reowraim, b7 0. 1. GOM,~ RUSMAN PW# Tcau- INUMAMAIMONAWL m-A&&-A "4 Val als 1965f sp 30 NTc ?i-14A-13K Feb 7 2 Intc - P, tlation of the Conductivity of Po- ous and '?- Dispu SA Mcdb With the Help of Cubic Cellula.. , ! Gt-mnct 1c Modi,49, by P. 1e q2% C. P-,Ost. FaUXII, .pt, 67 pp. *JIXEC Scl-phys Jul 0 Observation on the kn:ymtic zrfect of &Uiimry Gland Secretiona of Plant-Parsaitic Nematoden, by H. Goffbrt, A. Beiling MMH, Per., NemtOlOac-a, Vol. 7, 1962, PP lTj-1T6 csno/no. 7o16 /~. 6 v11-j)A'T Sci - Aug r1i, 335-965 Mmr-v-r,tl-.m -tA tba Enzywtic Effect of Sclivary Glm; Soer,-tl~;w )f Flezt-P~rrnsitic X=.t~,dus., by t. Hoiliw, R. GiTart. D=, per., 3(=V4.fikq.~ IL 7.- L-162i 6-173 CBIM!B.- Jul 67 3 -3 42'j hvgma of liauve AMdmll-atinn DIsouseede bF Joan,-Flemm Gotrinas 7 W. mWas pwo ftMM Ablo&Uob ["as" 20 ja 1969. pp 3M-329- JFRS 48725 .,/~ - Fa"At-,, )U~ AF-imanbique Pal Sept 69 389o285 70 on Bra=., C.D.S. W 36 x :Ln,-=. ,LftMI 52-i1 A. G0,2ilot lr*daalcda~ ICAUrtmea. Aalm CIV14 am istelm 66 opm-~~ ftlting stops by A. catlot. FREM* per, C.DoS. CIM., DISI 3201 Jul 67 CANdalcm, No. 1, 1966, pp 171-211. Serlal thmher Wrap and Trmwpwt of Idqtdfied 4dMm and ftliumi CwmAiW for Llgdgied-O" Stanp Cantalnerst by Pe No 00fton-Zathwovp 3.4 pp. I men j, bkp WE I- d - - - I-mtt[lE= amman agamgmsm tokbnicbeMkb MM* X966,, pp. W-133 md 141-M- JPJB 4220T Sept 67 339#153 Ib- T, July I A&,, r ^,,4--2' -7 FAeun (oc .-)I~vf )t; CL j!-: Tetrahedral and of No& Transition Amouipilts"P.1y one% UU per# .--arm -4v 19710 Val 201 AS;-l 1446j: pp 137-140 0q, AZT 00e;Qt4wp too -77C Smw eathods in MAU"Aa PMt4ift ChOdotly- bir fte lb, oozmor4* 9 ilda, RWMO We maw= dda Juhumw. 1904. pp S-M i,~ 67 3"t292 Seismicity and Tectmics of Transcarpathia, by Is D. C-ofshteyn, 2 pp. Rl~fffM'q per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Earth Science Sections, Vol CXL%IIII, No 1-6, Jan, Feb 1963. Aner Obol Inst Scim Jul 65 = govowors, at am analog amb WA ams vmpW RX41114 IIRL- askew so 09oftl Udaboom VAW to OPIVINAOA AW* &A as WAPASOD at 1406"a mosesslosso bw annual Pq* An vu"- 16 ftwduw;1 1.6 AD 10 EM AM Ub at OWWroft 3*9" ft 67 M* of vo A a- it 10, d- w pgqputlw at tm m -A 16 ad (6n- awl- -- 5700 %w V. MW -.*i Vt. .. . ~ *ILO Vapso-3% L. ffA4K6A-20&3 )~, ~) - Apo-'k-) chm - Avg 66 %Zw Agi?v.7goj* tt'le '!arte7wite of Iron, Obra.-ruci and i'lickel and Iron 11. ,, bj Gogatev 1. , I,V.',*SIAI;, per, Fizika MetaUov I Iletallovedeniile, 1969, 116Z 28, Ilo 6,9 pp 999-1006. M-IIT-Speciat 71-76 !,4% the Tficoxy of Fiald haission in ~;tq,er- CU"d"tir.;,, by C, A* Gogaftes, 1, 0, Kulik, W.NSIM, ,~er Fiaika Notallov i ~4tallovckui a Vol 23,. w 4: pp 63=6 13: .ir%;,~A Tr F-14281 'ici-i.loctr JW1 68 348sG74 me"Ures to ruise the Qwditr Of Bow"Ot FortiUnre to the Bmt Vorld BUmdSz%Wj by 51,~~ 5 PP - so W, vinall S~~ Be M# up,, Mmad Im 196% pp. 20-a - JM 33754 um Icon ion 66 294,p9DD ')I,A Ly"chanalkly ChwtcAj CmbivA in E'Ivct,-Yww ?Ian,, by V. C4Stuv 7 M. M,:V--MAN,* PW. EkWMj~an$ttgjf lals Nb !so 3apt-Oct IM, pp 71-74. MES 29257 U~;SR '.'con for 65 275,570 Product of Liquid Amonia at Lisichansk.. by V. Goginj, 5PP RUSSLUT., np., Ekonomicheskaya Gazattal Moscows No 38, 19 Sep 1964, p 14 JPRS 27487 USSR Econ Jan 65 274920 measuve to shim tho %A"tv at owlat P/ Fortulm" to the Nat World etwgdsrdos ty Ve Ocala# 5 MP- so 46p mo=p apt am9limmim ftr 19",, ppe BUZ6 JMS 3" u ~r. /~~r um so= im 66 9049W nw ftvwfov nxwucm of Ctntaft %bw Takim rato ADD=* illowt Dium*rp by TtU A. Cogin# 9 pp. WEMNs, pw, rz Ak Nank SOSR Otr4 Tdtb No 1,p JanArob D"s pp. 64-69 MRS 35v873 '(W mm-t 303o391 Jm 66 ?OVI-Mcal"m 40C do praft" 4 '44dmtmd CMZWt IV ','be 'ZIMANP DWI -man Val 22 10 3a 1907* W ~~5* 3a 10063 ~-k3dllaticn I~t-laxaticti in Taybulait intendcticti 13Y L. V. lUISPLN-If dar, Izwstiya PI'l SWP. Moklimika I C-ama, 'Ilo 6, 1969, 1V T-M. M." --acial 5-5-70 kir Tj 404,435) Approximate Calculation of the Critical Attachment and Separation Pressor* of a Turbulent Boundary Layer In a Supersonic Flow. by L. V. GoVish. RUSSIAN, por, Izv AN SSSR, 4*kh ZhIdkost! i Gaza, No 4, , PP 103-108. D-eFt~of Navy APL/JHb T-2237 I-CC, 7 scl-phys Nar 69 r 378,636 ImnwtigaLtUn of Ebort Supersonic Nozzle$,, by L. V. GagUh., 15 pp- WMAN., per,, AN EMRo 1MI&M. ft9w&t 4Agwl i 1ga 90 2j. 1960j, PP 175-160- Sci/Propulsion & Fuels July 63 35o,,3o4 6,7-60664 rr- c - ".JW I dmo" Vathad Aw IA/) 1560 the PMftb at asom al"Ims by &s T9 0000 04 so fte 0la-IJ6~4 ML nomd6 pws - OMIL - 0 2m %a Sa.aWthoft and ZWSVMgt sm 67 31AIU9 CA bY Ater- ine-rl."Dt "Or ~Otcvinug V* it,mut: 0:, .Ac ~01- zs*~. mc -xin maw Vile vurr-lu% rAD toe";4 aLtir- ry Weer NaMaLss of Steel and Im HaterLails for GuL" Statwies by R. 9. GogItL*hvLlL. 12 pp. ROWWO Per# mmtj GaIMLy PoILtskknLcb."kiy Imatftat. no 5, 19", pp 140-150. AIVRWIM-23-452-70 Doe 70 .. I contact Lmm for F"Ua" the lyes 0t Alwwost by Ldoard Uftler & Pwa Asprim. Aus-ritiAill, ment lo. 167*2?3 Lept of Go= I-atent Ofilm sci/; " Plar ~: 35LgL23 I t-PrAdril-WO 1-4093= d U* -b"M 4 lq~ ,-%4, V. moo coko"'t Ve 06 t-f)VL]d*. lf~* pus I Imm rjA4--,%-37- mag~,aft -s~,r in i-actine _7AL-ing Am ~.'tw I I , f " - . , , 0 ~, - , in -1-, 1- " im 68 3w,an `:ystc~;; of 4,ccurste Couparlson, by pp. per, Tnidy--f:ruzlnskiy Aolitckfinf- ci.mskiv Irstit'll I 1 7 ID-67 Vo scl/eiect !,t,1 71 Now 4*tlwd md Dwi" bp RwU Dadm*UB&nwy ODUVWIIS,4 tv GO.O. 6 pp. RUMANO pwo afts"a tammtr r4 Umumm" Aham" at 19614 pp IM-10% w all* ar"Mm nw3v FTD6M%A" ion 68 Assn A iligh-SpeOd Serial Adder of the 03 IntormdiatedType by He G. Gogaberidze, T. V. Volidso, 10 pp. RUSSIM, rptv AN GRUZSSR. InstLtut Kibernstiki. "gleighenty kibernetichs3kikh glaterf. metsair I pp 163-171. PIUM64767 M) HT 6t)-403 bci-,'4*thws and 6-4uipmeut liar 0 3200737 SOVLart llo~ wd tilA towam of Ulle Vonwils. uy D. ooeol" 1-3 pp. flk-61777-y-or; Polittebosipm NO iii A-ic, I.Y.1, 5 U~!:12F- Fe 2 A I. FICO I I Nothod's of 4jwftrchjM comuq*A(YA and bF B. Gogol's 11 PP- Now0wo MY xiz.,aui. pc-ro loprWL-A-~-M 1,*90 pp y1-449 48756 Metho e gencralisce pour la. determination proprictes theriniques des solides, sur la de la theoric du transfert transitoire dc by, 11. Gogol. CZECI i -f -F-F-RENCI 1, rut . Reverse Translation CEA-X-S6S des base chaleur, Sci Jan 65 o"Olov, D.L.. ST yo 'LA'= Nowlto of TWUNS AxW 20MAM SUP Was wift , , Aww -U~ of an 04ft mobst by Z. (6 Omplfflo ~~,p PWO 0, i % V 0, 1 1 - - va 24P no 9p 2968, vp r-!A. .. . - . . . L -... IM ibf: 9M.31 (43%) SdAl" UP I- AV 70 W0726 60 6f -ctin- -*Vf 1907# 62-67. nor 9 31) 6 49 Correction of Mated Tvrbime Blades.. by 1 - G. c4kgoiev. HJSSIAR.. Per,, rvtr.* -F-mr~--mtIlta, So 196f., PP 6e-67- *rfu-2T-P3 ,,jr Conversion S Test RemIts *f NodWs of an A3da]L Tuxblm SUP vltb a BodU%l ZmW4 of the Mosbromp by 1. 0. cxm~. =SIMS pwj, Itilm ammom ajotxvyeniyep lb 90 2868p pp 196,M* CIA X-70% Aug 69 389*9V Approximate Equation of the Smto of SoUdo, by V. bf. , et AL RIUS,bUN, per, Zma Prik tvtekh I Tekh Fir, No 5, 196.eo pp 9L~-98. *AEG scl-Phys Jun 65 la a* AM or as lm* mad tAm ftak so Aqw tv so. A. polutums M. a. empan. 143 NNW# MM Vbl 16* " 25-1W. 010 at latmur &Ann or ComweW ndwrim offue or Foradv ftshwift A-P44Y 1969-ft U3 oft 14M ftl4X" am 69 397..292 Tb* 11"oot of Ow ftse %t oe 1"Ung ftemw /,-1/ up.)a Uw CrItICA jltnt ?low to the CA" of &Aling ia Lwge Vf3lw* (it lAodl, IW 0. L &~brwteb, I. S pp. RMTO por, Doe 67 346,115 lamt1gation of Shon Supersonic Hosslax, by L. V. Gagash. -~6 RMIAN, per, lav*StLza M SSSR, Nekhadka a Aldkosti i Gara's No 20 IMS PP 175-INS 4MRT.23.1079.67 Sci/Mechan Engr Aug 67 .rvofit ma ,,4W role In Teabdeel -**rmv IW t.. C,,~~,r L. zotme 10 pp. MSIAliq qMk hbp~~ "beems pffs jp Alkv 19699 po YJ-60. J.-Mll 480?4 (,. I :) , , , , U-qs p lom Jme 61) 3836364 Innau"s PtOMISIN fOr TfthuiWa fivVeass by ir. GO&OSM, L, zotowat 6 We amul-t per, xQmw eadido Jul 1968. pp IOS-112. ww a JI,RS 46v314 \J, C-,,- oj C) ~s C, ~ ZILI&-~ 44M lJopt 66 36560K /0 So -01 'ot ntenia"lowil ]I-", j-Ljj 1?4 one-dimmiaml rim In jjectrobVdTo8y="Csp by V. V- GOOMWV- mat i mP movi, PWR EEW p Vol 33,, do 2p 1969,, vp 2324W--- , - *Dlpt ar MM APWJW J-:Lh* ") -1/ 1 /1-- BrAaptp Jon 70 iTD-M-67-195 v ,, I ~- f, -, Cl.'~O k/ __j swpbys ,~ZgTt 68 3(AIIW 160entLou of Hydraps and AssiaLlatLan of Carbon by ftrple Bacteda as a lowdou of the Ught Intemityl by z. a. Goptow. RUSSLO, pee, Dak A Sci, Vat 183, Mo 49 Ow t968t pp 954-956, an bMelopMt CC DZI~WIASU Coapxw coo" tjqwts, 1w oscroL GOJPDVO 7 YPO go. ho MWAKM,, Nor* Ygmdm.-IAN~w o Ayr 2967" I;po ic- ~o im %A79 6, t: i, f, (A t(I .! t, o V 94hassriA r4= 329,965 jay 67 -tric lie!; ft~ 'CINJU."i coito C t -.2a I CA~ -~lLj*"Ica*R~fde A! 1 C,-" -SY3ttUS Of Intugral I.quations in ~cWit SI,aces L, by 1. C. Cohherg. PUSSIAN, "rare bol AL :.auk ISSSR, Vol 180, No 5, 1969, lip 998-IMI. The Ain !Iath Soc Vol 10" 30 4~12)--Jwjc 19419 Nov 69 3%,901 on mm%,Bw iuwva-wmmm Aps"'llamp by 1. C. Cobbell& 1. A. ftl'&= mmump pwo D* Ak 50* Vbl 283# No la " pp g5-M 20 to mom 80* vai 9, No 6. 1968 --L c. G c H 61--ei Mw 69 376#433 It m Fhc~~izstioob ProIA&-- for (Vamt4o TULxtiorja, ~ 1 1. C. cow-wre" 14; fUl-j"I'Mil L-vnat~j*A44111 %W. WZA, cer 1:,P-4, vP 1055-W-20 fir. Paul Soe Vol XLUI bar J ur. Lx Triangular Hn"MITtAtions of Ulmr Opmators and the ltiplicative Relveowtatims of their CharwUrUtic Rmationso 1w I. C. G&~o me 06 Kroing RUSSIU# pwp Dok MLSSSRJ Val 1750 No 2o 196?9 pp 272-n5. Am Math Soo Vol 80, 110 4,, 1967 --Z , C. - (~-o t4,6 & P, (r 77, Criterb fc.-r lvtemss of the ILysttts of i.a.)t TWIkU Vmtors of a contnctikm. 013AA-s Y cr, Ulrulk, mt, x Vill XVI, 1~0(40 TK-6~2. V'A 22 16 9 7 Normally Solvable Operators and Ideals Associated with lbem, by 1. C. Gohberg, A. S. Markus and 1. A. Fel'Dman, 22 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Proc. ~bldiavian Branch Acad. Sci. USSR, No, 10(76), 1960 PP 51-69 Amer Math Soc Tr, C- 'Q Vol 61, Series 2 337.017 Sci - '~Iath Sep 6 7 savable mo, io, voi Ikth Sm Vol 619 Ser 2 Oct 67 agwatoxv end Uie&U associated A. B. ad I. AO MMI&IJ." Mad AvAd.-ki, 76p 19WJ, Ipp 51-690 ur 4Lctrw- t~,' ii; jil-ur Intejel t.:, eraturs in --ccs tit'L " ci"!;t' Il. 1. C. flohbcr~'. er, ;oi, Ai Vul ISS, o 4, t: .-cc Vol U'~. 'o Z. Ps"t, 1"ct 45 1 Simultane Impul3flucrimtrio des DUS und Protainge- haltes von GOhd0* GERM, per, Z Anal Chc% VZS201970, pp 328-330. 0- 14 4 /7-?v - 7 June 71 roblow in ievelopug is" T"aspolt ViscusseLlf, by .. A. Gobermang 10 ppe i~iL!~IAU, Pere P IL io Us 11) 1, pp .ar 403,496