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ktw Cdlowls Wood SmIa Attituse amord ftr and PaWo Against a*uw Cammmist Q*n,~eo~, 10 We 31MO nps, Sep 19638 pp 2-3o JP.113 aM9 Asia-ChIna Vol Coiaributlun to Lne Chailges in the i,!,oxv ivdvanced Larval .5tages of ilrotustron,f..ylus ka kufoscens in kelation to its Lpizootc-lo~:y, by 1. Zzaorn . 11. Sva-rc- UA:W~gjll.,, per, lielviintholol-ia, Vol Il. 1960. Tip 209-220. CS11IMPNO 5946 ")Ci-biol 1, Hed ici 14 On Ux, Theory of the Distribution of Roots & Aazcbrulc 10 P2. RJSSIAN per Iz Vyqahikh Ucbeb Zaved, Matemt: 110 t (" 1-1), 195% pp '46-63. KF Z-125 Sci Jul L/ IN 1111-1 'IREAMILNI 01 t. 1'l I I I': Ihil I' I rigton" k '11. -Z C.t I P !N I INC, 11 IN", ,*I iOiU A (1-:1 ik~ vfjM!),- I ,om~ I, I c at ri,.tii iv jt la Chottv d., litimin',ttm). I 4h 2! 91 T ,I ~'. A 1. Ht 11 ! I, - ~ ,. I, , I f, 1, 0 1 , t1i ; ~Fh,'Jfl~ ~,10, 71 !11~ J 1--Ac~ 1-1, I-. J- tl%;,. L- f T-6.kaf 5-1... kt, il "lly ,I, !i1. 101t A1% it vjlfl~.1111, ps- k~,k~f I ji~,j t tji_ I~l [o thv ~x I ML-1~ kIll L h, I i t,) Alit, h r im !h o, t-j tA~. T1 IV I-h.. J. S. - ~ui'll %~'t' CLA-1 I1t1% I k d I PL , !III I A It L '[I I I I I I I it I II ',' % t I ,I. , .ow., at which i ti, LIO ~ ~ 'A : i I I L I ft W I CJ I t t I 1 1) 1 v t ol! t 11 r "api)ca I a TIC" 11! 13 %11 ), - T k t r i~ I Ll I-t I I 'I '1 10 ' ', W A " ild 11, 1 C, i 0 A 41 111 ',11111 L' ]IJ 11 C , 11 )~ I Aj)% .130111 thu [1131% InWin atid I Ike UP111111.0111 jll,-~Llgl_. ~11011td N 111 J I V I I I L 0 1 I.1CJ . III '111V NO CaSC'i I c f, r r t j ' , , I Ilt 4 lilt I ITI kIJI1 LJO.1113g~' 11DOLIPIC11 i o 2 and 7 I i ig. tb j I v, I c , p, c i I % t - I N.. N t ) s c I- i ow, c, ~ -11) 1 j c a I i I )it s occ Lit I ' J Jur-ing tht. !1 catim:nt. Ncithoi llic blmlpt L,,- ,01 t: 110 1HIL' IX Ok. I ( 111 J)" I- t1 I' I LIT1 J ~ I - W V 11 t d n a [Ip I L' CIMA, CIIJ114C. I)LI[St. l',111V J011111illcd Silghth, ']'I)(- [I L oull-Alt 11.1d 110 InfILWIlL:~ 031 lhu intOlectuai dt- IJIL'IITIII Ak-~Olllpmlylng Ow 11%, ak:tmg on lilt ~JIJ)L-(Q it,, I U"'I J)HIC 011L tivi-1). comilint., ("L- It aj'~ I LITILILiAl ll%jW1 klill 113 In 01 IiUntlllglOll':~ A11110ugh Ih,- J~xlg 1, not kl~ghl, lo-c. k-,01, f- 1 11 1 $111 1111fik 11111,1111-MiDU Of Mquwina Vie livquoncy-ftS4 ChmCiAwistics of SO*etivo Feedback Azplixli-o= rcw mwmivL. De-ftminat by V. lo ft4AoTp 6 pp. qpA %I . Mlotebh,, AN-0 mb 8., 2~~wp Vp 33- w pp bei - Apr 61 194~e5-6 --5 rp. jr, 3 ~f 713 .j AMWAM soof Is =am as"& MW4 - "'' w AM= auk 5 Va rftWjl~ We U"WA M06 -26 Arx'"q* P soJ on t" Prepam-,'-.I= and Chamical and E=ymic Propertim of Rhosphate Eaters of I-D-SlucoZTc=yl) Urracil and -lbymUm.. by Burbars Zma?Jms W. Szery 22 pp. PCLIMJP Dws ALbta Biocbimica PoUnUal Vol IX., No 4,, i932. om 6e-ilon -4 Sai Zw 63 P-31,841 Types of Distribution of Raftoactive JbterIals iu P*Usb RocJw,, by Plenkowkip S.# Hyclerovap D..v BZwacka,, C, J,m Tvarovolms B, and Zvyelo%~akap S. 8 P. POIXM, perp FbIeks Aked. Sauk. Kom, Geol Arch Mineralogs Vol 198 110'j-80 2955. Asse Teeb Ser 3SMP jua 58 Ca7c',dations In PL-V"n Zxr.slowski Obliczai. ie Temperatur W Reaktorach 'liejedwrod:-,-, ch 0 ij'outronacli TerrriczL..,ch FOI-1511Y pery Nukleonika, v. III, r.u. 6~ 615-6~o. *PL 4d0 UTS D'0-211jO Ic 41~ 46 Gamma-Ray Scintillation Spectrometer in Use for Simultuneous Estimation of the Concentration of Uranium) Thorium and Potassium in Specimens, of Rocks and Soils, by S. Zmyslowska, 12 pp. POLISH, per, TMdeonika, Vol IV, No 6, 1959. goo"8485 AE:c-T.r-4155 Sci Jan b") 220)528 NkpistAL PmMaIVITY W sm FOUIN SM4 By N. Gowl amok 7 PP, v so -aff PMISI# PV4 FW#VV RM WWCM* VOL I i I# w 6o 190s, PP 1140. MN 6460 ul a ampm AU G' (18 NNW 7he Synthesis of Some BowlOp of the ASlucouea of Car- lise Glycosida. 1. Synthesis d Two Isomeric 6 -PhonantbryieVO47,#wA4utenolidox'I by 5, It Kanevv", .~v Is UlkaVat -TIML4M# vo per# Zbur Obabdb Map Vol Map No 9,, Sep 1951., *P lv6u=. emnatavto umvau Vol No 91, 60P 1951 im Scientific - Memistryp cardisep glycosides, homaoi!a The interaction of Different Kinds of Conditiont:d Connectione in the Formation of Switchings bY At N, Znamensk"a, 5 PP, RUSSIAN, perg Zhur Vysshey Nerv Beyatel imeni .1. K Favlova, Vol X1j, No 4. 1961. bl3nier Publishing Co-spany L~Oi Vov 62 :2 33 -1,4 1 LX 7u'i Vol AS OVA IA4, concerning 13131mination Sources for the Rowt DetenvInation of the Color of NM-Lmdhm ObJects., by G. N. PAutianj N. V. Ldbanovaj, X. A. Zammulaskaya, 8 pp. H=IM,, per,, Zhur Takh ftzv Vol XXVI# No 1., Jan 1-06-) pp 193-M2. Amer Inst of Phys Soviet Pbys-Tech Pbys Vol is so 1 ,, 71 Sci - Pbys 4-11 Aug 57 is- - ~j Autoeefti"tlam of RWWIW -- -1 1 assave Ptot*lw IW M. P. Le Be GOAGONTap RMUN,, per., Dak Ak Vole ft4p 1938.- pp M-5w Aver mut at Bial a" Sol - D1010a, ch" lu 59 fd.1,7~pl Data on Complex Formation of Reser',ve Proteins With Nucleic Acids, by M. P. Mazenakayaj A. N. Belozeroky, L. P. Gavrilova, 10 pp. BMW, per, Bifthim, Vol XXIIt No 5, 19571 PP 765-'(75- Consultants Bureau Sci - Med Jul 58 661 V 7 Mx-"Zes in th& P=Pfttles of Deovribmwlele jwlfA P10110viOg ItG ROaCtiOn With Accorbic Acid, by S. A. Boptyrfta, M. P. - - - , 3 pp. Emal".. per# bok Ak ank am.* Vol cxrjo No 1" 1961.. pq 23&a3?- AIM sci mr 62 Af l?, A 17 Effect of 02ygen on Desoxyribomielsia Acid in AatinoaWcetes Weellum, by fi. S. Demyanovskaya, M. P. as 3 pp. RUSSIAN.o per., Dok Ak Houk SSSR., Vol CUT, go is, 1957, PP 856-SI5, yf-S, Conm1tants Bareau Sci - Biology MY 58 6 0z" 71 r camm In Famm or DSWOIW 40a atom the as -I- of a V:tth 8.1 a P4rptL9-oW3Mo- Moolps 22-4. -j" RS/Astron L;~,/ Aug 66 ? 30*65T Stratigmphic Position at, the 14= Madze Deposits,, by 0. 14. ZvamenalaW., 5 NJ - MIMLW., perp Dok Ak Fmik -WM; Vol No 2, 1959j, pp 4U-4&. AOT Sci jvn 61 /v 7 S-552/60 (NY-4570) Aminorastin -- A New Solution for Purenteral Protein Reeding, by M. Ye. Depp, T. V. Zriamenskaya, 9 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Vest Xhirurg imeni 1. 1. Grekova, Vol LXXXIV, No 5, 19601 pp 64-67. JM 5547 Sci - Mod log 7 "o Sep 60 Tj Itsatcal 41 T. V. I parev Ho 2. 19571 pp 41-45 Pergamn Inst Sa )Sed o Xaz 59 D 0 0 !~-rob (ma in Iworoving Wage Planning at ;4achiao-Building M2terprises (Uoing the Example of the ItatexTrIses of the Novosibirsk Sovnarkhoz~, by V. Zzwmanzkaya, 12 'rip. RUSSIO, per, Dyul ftuch rafmmatsiio. .Lrur: i zmmbo+.Wa Plutta, vo u, 1961, pp 45-50. JPM 13136 LMIQ T~aon Apr 62 Distribution of titanlim, nioblum mad tautalum in granite rooks coutainiag spbenee BY hammkill lil B~ I VP Y. zorqsova pp. 7 RUSSIAN, per, Geokhim, No 9, 1962. Geochom Soo ':~ 3/0 , -/?j sci Aug 63 Developmant of a Systom of Control kbasures Agaiwt feaW and Discasee of Grain Crops., by A* Va 9~-/ -RUSSUN., Inat 4ch Rant It6,qi muchno-isaladovatell- ckikh rabot. 1935;91-97. 423-92 L541. usm mmus vo 146 .:Icicntific - BioloCy, pl4nt, protection .1-:xnanic - Agriculture, plantf protection Input and Output Rs&aUW4 CjnUjt# It AvpWlarS with a Finite Ru*er of Cirodt lisments,, by A. 1. - ZrAmnakiy. RMT-AN, porp Maktros"up 10 110 2"8# Pp 4-5-51. Plm Da Press Sci VA? 60 /// ?" DISTRIBUTION OF RARE ALKALI$ ANDD MINERALIZER ELGCNTS (8,0 F) IN THE GRANITOIDSS W OF THE KALM MWIF (EASTERN KAZAMTAN),, BY 0. 0. STAVROVj E. 8. vw*mlyo 7 m- RUSSSIANs PERS, GEOMINS NO l2'9 1961. GEVJo soc scl FEB 63 223#734 A Coatrl'uuLiun W Guachamistry of Titanium in Intrwive Protess of Granitic Series# by I. B. zrgLwUfikiY, 9 pp. RUSSIAN,, per,, Geokhimiya,, Ho 16 1958,, 9y 90-95. Geochowleal Booiety Scl - Ceophys Dee 58 7 d09, s-4267 (NY.166o) The Use of Aerosol Smoke Pots (VM) in Disinfection Practice., by G. A. Mamemeklyp 3, D. Uspenakiyp V, T. OsiPY&zj 7 pV,'uM;LK9WI3D. RUSSIAN., mo per,, V2Lgzmo4%d Zbw,, No 13, Moscov., Dec 195hp Pp 50-53. uB im Arr-i&267 Sci - Biology Insect Control,, Aerosol Smahe Pots i Af Acid Zi= Densitics, b~ G.11. tc.-Ldcr' pp. RMIAN, per, Zhur Prik Kh1m, Vol )DMIII, N-D 61 de r '01 Yhlm v :~Yy "I" 'Ic ana "'r- pr, 'Vo Composition of Titanomagnetites in the Gabbro-Series Granitoids of the Central Urale., by N. D. Znamenskiyp V. G. FomixWkh., 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per,, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, REarth Science Sections, Vol C)MVI, No 3, IS S-p, oct 1962, pp 686-668. Amer Geol Inst Sci oat 64 The=al Reactions of Acetyl=e. In. XLnetic Theory of Acetylmo FlormUon L4 tbq Tm=l Do- coMosition of Mbthanop by No No vmamnnkt j Do Ae MWIMS q.,AV01 XX,, No ni 19V-s PP 1319-1323- Aneoc Tech Berv Oqjl6R Jul 58 #7 6, 0 0 .9 ExporLmuntal GtudLV of the Dme "k)-mocut of Sed.tmnt., by N. S. 7xam=zkvWa,, ' 3pp. RUSSIXI., pe. 0Gosudarst2Tr i_qA~pko I S1 V 0l E 19t:3-., PP 3, 333 Sci Sciences Apr j'[ It-drogen Overvoltage on Alloys of Zinc vith Nickely Iroup Cobalt and Copper.. by G. N - 7-n nskii. RUSSM, per Zh. RLI mpi Vol- 37, No. 8 ', 1964, pp 1740-1743 EZ 0' v A m Sco- AuZ" 67 337-626 (BY-1m) Cavent State and Tsas of 7brest Protection, by V. S. zaamnskly., 3 pp. MMUZ; perv Ushchita Butwly 0% VrOdit*147 I Bolemeys No 6.9 1*,, pp 58-59. im l9w9 w - Dia 0 m 62 /S,;2, 0* On the Separation of Low Intensity Waves With the Aid of the Adjustable Directional Reception $*thad (ADR)a by L.A. Ryabinkins VV. Zmammkii. 19 pp, RUMSIANP Pere Prikladmiya Geofistkal, Ho, 34g 19620 pp 3-22 OTS-rr.;3-27103 V V A, id/Forth Sci lay 6 7 326.768 Kinetics 4e Acetone AdsorptUz and Dr-nim-pUm in DAwtr4-al Activated Carbms., by Yu. D. &mewkly,. V. M. Kismwo WSSIMIs pors Dok AN 880,9 *=a; vol aun, rto 5) 196-0., pp 1156-1156. M, N 3935 Bei - me -r-) 3 MrMeb 63 -%.w , .5~~y Kinetics of the Mtrification of Calcium Carbide, by W. A. GoIldbarg, Yu. D. ftamenskiyj 4 pp. RWSLW,, per,, Dok Ak Mmk SSSRO Val CXXj, No 1# 1958., pp 148-150. Consultants Bureau Sci - Cbem Jun 59 .Fj~ .; 6 7 5~' ILrice Algae, by Yu. P. RUSSIAN., per,, Nauk I Peredo-voi Opyt v Sellskm Khozo Vol VIIs No 8o 1957, PP 38-40. CIA 9016609 USDA sci - Biology May 58 -9, .' '~j (w4ft) A rdM CLIM-06 W V. F. BCOXKADW* IL P. r p FP* ammo PWO i mil - oll 11-9cm- NO 30 19ft'v PP tok on Aft um cm AN 62 U9000. .w~;t~ " -i~rufllcrown) Fztrie F C L bac' ie liarzedzia -ul.-.e w Fcl~-ce i Kra j ach sajie-11-ici,- -~tu--A-a 'ciontariwn Toruilel.j~zI.-I,, -~U~:,,;Iemei.twn. toruir., 3 *I~L 450 c,r~~ 61-13.q67 I-lercury Vinerelizatim in the Scuth Siberian Platforn, by ''. N. Znarirovskdy, 2 pp. RUSSIA1, per, Earth Science Sections, Vol CXUJIII, No 1-6, Jm, Feb 1963. AiTer Oeol Inst cci Jul 65 1uLra,;;S,, by J. P=O~bg!Ad CJC)M JCZY. To! ZIP 30 Dept or lzu&-Ior US Dur of Miace &stern &VOrimat statim college Pait'O ia. .oo ~-V%7 5 9 Rq,-ularitles in the Commcting of Copper-Grapbite Pouders, by T. N. Znatokovaj, V. I. Likhtman, IRMS10, per3 Dok Ak Hauk BWp Vol XCVI; No 3~ 19511, k Rp 577-580. Uvtcber Tr NO 33a2 L-1-N Scientific - f4in/Metals,, Chemistry )31717 t-,/ I-avo amernins covacting am slawring or wppor- Bafe Nctal-Cermait MLYtu"s, by T. it. Zr4U*m,, V - 1. UkhtWo 8 pp. MMUN, per, Fls M081 I M&Us VOI ry,, No 3v 19w, pp 5U-518. Perpwn Inst Bel - Kin/Not Sep 58 *7,q 911 Structure of a. IV. X-Ray and m c 1mvestigation of the System UMAh-P&UAdl=,p by N. 1. Zhaavleyp 0, S. Zndanov., 10 ppe =slat wa MM Mwper i Twmt Flzq Vol X)LYp so 4.. 1953,, IV 485-~- sLA it-097 Scl Aug 58 X", Synthcui* of - Nnino Acidr, and C, by V. V, Per L lin, M. M. Zobacheva, 5 PP- RLSSIM!, pe.,,, Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXIX, No 9, 1959, pp 2905-2909. (;B Sci 111P 91"~ Sep 60 Zc.b-i- if Ica, ,Qc ului~3 (if thc Df the -;.pecipj ~ -,c-r, The -,ocieu , of Israel--' V~)re3l-ei%;. Au -e f7a Ll.*yL=trlcq.. Bodica f--^L bmst '.11, el' H!, -Speed 'X-Ught,,_~;j ZI:-li)-A c-J'X~171.. --var.. TIM M., no 18M., 194';~* 'Act'l Res Ccxmcil Canada %lil 39 so.iontirle - Aar=utics J,O. CM/MM Ple-ce 0.215 14 / / /11-~' %MOW of D"Vw of an 09, OWW Zob0l- Cbmraod vol 157 p 30 GM"p pp TW500 393,93U ()et 69 Depaq 0 of U:s Trawfamuou TeaparimtUre r,: 14 If 6 oWs on tb!o Mrious Pat Tr*stmaut W m UbA- CoWlti=s at tho Mcparivents by I. R&Wa,, 1. P, PAW. UMMISVM GZM,j p6rv GIW%"h Derlobta, Val XXVIZI# No 1955# v9 310-312. DSIR/32470/C? Flow Heasurment by Light Inte?fermeel Iry T. zoobg~,. -- 000,00' il67j, 1940. Gm4m. pert Im ZWB FB - No KW1 Res Cmwil Camla TT 20 Scientific - Aeronautics ~a Ms %. /DFX Price 0.50 16-611 of N Develo9mmt and Cmstr=tim of = lateTferometer for Optical Hoao=emonts of Density Fields, JZy GWAI(j yerj RLUHcb,e koahnLorse bericht, No IM. DHM SIL.A0 Toa Scientific - Phy4~6 Laimal Control tr Spoilwo at the DUt by IL Mraw.. Th. SAwid Zobels C. 0, Emboo 82 pp. TAVNNM =0 Zentrale fuw IH i Berichtvmsn C;w der latfaWmWbungo Berlinj, Aug 1951. MCA TV AutIlor, s Now-uloc Ical Metiiod in Treatnent of laryn?aa.1 Tuberealosis, by 1. S. Zobin,,2 p,.o R R U3;lAii, oer Problony Tuberk, No 3, 191~2, 36 S' LA 11-ICY/2 6cl-Feclicine (bly-5369) Lumbar Sppathectocw as a Mothod of Tborapy of Obliterating Eadarteritis.. by M. X. Zobina, 10 pp. RUSSIU, per,. Vaprosy Boyrokbirurgli, Vol XXIV,, go 5s Sep/Oot 1960, Pp 39-43. JPMS 7421 Sci - Ned jan 61 !~icctrorcductlon ckr Vetirm: at the Droppin-,z- 1.12rcury Cathode in I-L-dln vith Different pff lyqluea, by B. V. Zobm V. A. TaiplYukova, 3 pp. P MMAN, v,)Ar,, 2bor Obnhch Khim, Vol M, go 5, tq6o~ vp i.417-14*ig. cB L jul 61 Anpormstric Titration of Aldebyas vith 2., 4-Dinitro. phomy1hydratonel by S. V.-ZdboysIYu. S. loslikov,, 4 pp. RMDJI, binD per, Zbur Aml MAm SM,, Vol XI,, No k,, !W., pp 459-0. Colaultsou Bureau Sci - Chandstr7 ,~4A,4 War 57 , fl,' / as** muffidd" vm~d aww a li~, r a-, I I I G wmsp~vjb~ v ILO I- - -,.. -- qIddr W M Gd- III I Ap" , -- Investigations of the Fine Structure of Nogd. ftrt I , TheVolum MmUlng or Spruee Wood and Lignin in Various LIQUIds, by H. Safthtling " R. Zoeberp 7 PY. OEWAN, per, NoUold-ftib, Vol nt lft). pp 429-434) 447- W- MA 57-32% Avg 58 63-18678 7Ax-.her, H. and Saechillng. 11J. cRrricA,L INVESTIGATIONS ON TlIF ANALYSIS OF I* Title- Hyposulfttev lIYPO%LFI f`E PREPARATIONS. 119631 16p. 4 refs. 1. Zocber. H. Order Irm SLA $1.60 63-18678 11. Samhtling. Ii. Trans. of Zfeltschrift fUr I Anal(yullochel Chern(liel (Germany) 1939. v. 117. p. 392-400. 1)17',Ck IM ( ~10i: *;,ill ITC.,. CUmical analysis, Titration. InvastigatIone of the Fine Structure of Wood. Part U 9 7be Vapor-Pressure Lowering of Various Liquids on their Absorption by Wood and Lignin# by H. sasebtlIng tUA 1. z0oher.. 19 pp. On", per, RoUoid Z. , Vol LMaI . No 3, 1935P PP 336-345. SM-57-3292 Sol - Aug 5B Stannic and Plumbic Acids Baits.. by H. ~~ GERMAN, per,, Z Anorg Chem, Vol CXII,, 1920; py 1.66. TIL Tr 4768 Sci - Cbem "~- 7 Jan 58 1 01- ': ~- 3 -, - (Ff -5642) Organization of the Work of Scientific Research Zustituts f or LWaving the (bal It ications of Medical Persoamls by I. X. Yakhnkbp V. V. Zodlyev, V. P. Vikturim., Z. To. Troltskly,, 5 pp. MBSUN, pe-r, WravockbratenU* Roesiyukoy Federateu, no 8p 196o, pp 16-i8. JM 7943 /~ 4 (NY-4613) CItnical Changeo in the Cardiovascular System Dar5n.jrt Tnial"tion ReMati,on Treskt."ntF;: I-sv ir. v Zodiyev., I. P.- Yakhnlch, V. F. Belyaym, .e. A. Tasiyap 14 pp. RVSSIM) per$ Vtot Rentganologit L RMiologll) Vol XXXVs No 3) 196o) pp 24-29. JM 5939 .2 -3 T;OV 60 priwig" a the Of lAtbt. VQrt &- DO* Ct=CPLG 4e mo cuttus Pwomp It. A. Wnwirs, 7. IL ZO&Wj SLUM."w still$ I (m UAX CC. K"Com) ,e '7 - "? - 1,) Z End mw 4 I To MAAW, . da~- 1 -1. ~11 I I 1. sia IMF"WWD ww rd "W" jwt m tk IT 1) Q 6 P- 7 9, The Regional Differencea in t1w Decline of Small F&=s (Germany), by Dstlev Zoollnor, 19.pp. GMIN qu per.. Raumfcre~h-m und Rw-,wEjEZ&;, Vol XIL No 4. B-on-n- 742 pp 202-Z00. OTA/FM/U-7530 WSW aeam=T Eoon Agriculture (FjD 26276) ImreasIng the 'Rim of &nall FarmB -- A Problem of Structural Area (Gmwxq), by Dotlev Zoellner, 29 pp. GMANS qu per, Raumfornhung Rp~ Ra=o&-=-El Vol XII, No 1, BO=t , pp 7-15. CIA/FDD/U-7543 Gmmany t Ij - Air rPycnQ,--:ctcr, Eo:- "-'eut Gee, Vol -1-1K, 1953, pn IINSIDOC-T-17bl: A u T - ft"61 =a , -r, - wolings UY Z. wairs M. z0aijaw., 5 pp" pJau"s pw# Zbux mmpw l Toont ?",I To, ]=,I go 3,p 1961,, pp 83!;.M. A& say 4A- Mp ;0.7 -ftl xvo sci 2MpTA Jm 62 Disparulcm itslations ana Maw.Lmr TyW SquacUcar, for Lialaotia YAsm Prowaves In the Find Source Camej, by W. Zo*L%wr.. romsm, per Zhur Zkqw i Teant 71s0 VO-I =91 (91, so 4., :L959.. sp noz-luo- AV saw no NOV 59 ,,, (SF-1855) 'aic~ Industry Breach FroonojW as a Manage- mezt and Planning Tool, by Achim Wolf , Wolfgang Zoelluer, 61 pp. Gp-,.Nklf, 1up brochum, Verlag Die Wirtoohaft Borl1n, 1961. JFM 13375 SEw.- - R GermwW Scoa B71 Stsal Spring Timj by 11. P, 1"p2oAb RMSIAN, part AmtoMiobll-5a~C$CW9--Z# NO 19430 pp 1-7.r RASA 7T FoIOpQI6 U. S. Goyggff.NT USB ONLY sel-VAM Apr 66 2960814 Wegral Equatims for m scattering, by J. Wolf,, W. Z~cye;b-erj 5 pp. RUS8IM.. per., ZhUr l3kUer i Teoret Fiz, Vol XL. - pp 163-169. No 1, 1961, AAR &M Fho - JEW Vol xm.' NO 1 Aug 61 De t of Interior TW7' E57 Zgggla, Jan. no. 294 Contribution to the knowledge of catalyst 10927. [Washington? 1959'1'1 8 1. tables. 27 cm. ([Enghsh trans lat"' wis of Lterature relating to the mineral industries. No. 2941) Translated by Clyde M. Frost. 1. Catalysts. 2. Hydrogenat.-LoTz. ~Series) 0 rw 10 by H. Z,-~~-* "Der Blue ~,!--d ~~f I."cbacc,p . ,el , bacs" - f PP - - . irT de:3 Ira N~)rth Car6liI-a StaLe C(.:,J'Lege ip,n 62 Verification by ==am ties= of T&Wd Alwbolp of the Dehydration-Candemation Macbmalem of the Fomation of 4trocarbou Chains in the G~mthesla of IPOM Hydrocarbons Frm OD ana H2 ~)O. A. Golovinao Aosmiste Mwber Of the Of Science USSR 81 Z. M. Sakharav an& Ya. T. Ridus,, RUSSLUp thrIce-mo yer,, Dok Ak Sank emR,, Vol CVIII, No 2, pp 253-255. +z -q, / Z, .54 Consultants Dareva Bel - Cbealstry Jan 57 CTS