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December 31, 1983
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Actim or"'Amomftz, A* somtowdwf A*: U-pp- nump pwo ftuo am* China YXIMMI Val ==a no ho mot pp 2730me 4~Aol &I so CM A. Towers for FX, TV ad Fadlo Stations by2 3taniRl Bn%40 by Stmdalm Bernlk, 5 pp. POMSH,, per,* Tae-ftaoj Vol M) No 31 1-958P pp 127-133. AGM B-8820-A ID M644" Sci - llectrmics / 5-Y. 73 ~/ Jun 61 HERNIWis, F. Analytical Study of Decompooltion and Conversion of Methods hn the Heating of Methane-ContaLning Fuel Gases,, ARCHIV EISENHUrIMMSEN, vol 3.4,, 1940-1, pp 581-6, 5800 words. Brutcher No 2055, S 1. -26 ~ ~ C, -1 '1 Measm-ewnt of Flow in ftbmt:Lng r1cmat Theoretical Principles for Determining Erroris and Actual TeatBjq by F, !Miffa Co Schiddo GMM, Z. Ver. dtach- In9v Val 82 (38)2 1938.o PP 1107 - 11'140 V M MY OF Fum& and Power L.T.S. 507 P 22035 T See also TPA3/TIB P 22093 T. Apply for Trmm to Min of Fuel and Power., 7j, VMbank., Londo.n,, S. W. 1 62-16315 Ifernin Fritz and Schmid, Christoph. DMIARGE musuRchim wrm PULSATING 1. Herning, F. FLOW: 'nIEORETICAL BASIS FOR DETERMINING H. SchinK C. THE ERROR AND SERVICE TESTS (Durchfluss- messung bei Pulsierender Strbmung). (196211141p. 13 refs. Order from SLA $1. 60 62-16315 Trans. of Verein Deutscher Ingenteure. Zeitschrift (Germany) 1938, v. 82, no. 38, p. 1107-1114. DESCRIPrORS.- Nozzles. Orifices, OViscosimeters, Pulse analyzers, Pressure, Errors, Hydropulse en- gincH, Reciprocating pumps 4 (Unannounced) Mes of Tsc6" Swtkes go Ne"Wmat-at 'Blarmeft 'Ll4malcrAthAs brAlbW; lavlao, Pie YOU tip mlatlame n=ML Vero 2mat, Us. Val lkwo VATS. v9 24-250V ABC Tr RM Scielatific - amistrys "ta"ta wriae Ju 53 Dissociation, Pressures at the A;kall Wdridea# by -%.I ADert &-rU-.U% 3 PP- USMMIFM Full tramnlatione O=Wln FMCH, per Conyt. Kjadw Vol so=# 1949, py, 6W-M,, (W.O. 2891210 3 Sclentif le - memistryp Alwi hy&ideg Jan 53 MAU Impommummmos: ,in, m -. .&A.ffik -W-111lMjmlll~ Mams "Atom, ~&~ 9 ==23ML-, 00 NOWAM D-tw--- OHML M& away# 0 so IN. ms 1^ W*h-o w m 17P WJR a OUMM em - a NU 63 NUA9 (DC-5436) The Banking and Currency by Dieter Serok42 Gnmo, per, Deutacbe Finanxvirtsebaft, Vol Y-rv, ~.!.o 210 Nov 1960j. p 426. im ?Z.- Korea soon 7'0V Apr 0. xoUidon loading, a YAtbod for Testing Rewl Peivimbility, by L. Herold, 14 pp. GMU., per., Illu Wachro bo 33., 1955, pp 900-903. Nill 10-29 ;e - p 'T~' ,-' - Scientific - Wdeina 'qf4 'Ito 57 xov 56 cTs Y Tha Xafluence of Beasyl Thi0ayemate on CUortetracycllno Pzo&=Uan by the Direct imricbmen of Qndded Barley, by H. Herold) Zo 41motaloky a$ Nowak) V. Aitilikv 2 pp. WMIM, per, Antlblotlki, Vol IV, So 5, Im 19599 pp 33-34. CB sci Aug 61 Effects of 5-hjd=WtryVtudne (5ST) LymergIc Acid Dietborlmide (LSD 25' )jo PbenObarbltOljo Neautal and 2 Pbenotblax!me DeriTat1ves on Cerebral Metalolim in Vivo, by X Cohn. JL Horoldp M,. Dubrasquet and J. Pe Buret, T-Ppo 7 IMCH, per# Ccuptem Rendus Snc Noll Va CLI!, 1957) PP 82-85- SIA 57-2954 Sri 7/1 -~2 76 ,Au,g 58 Procese for Biological Production of Woroorpulm Metabolites Containing Vitamin B12 and an Antibiotics by Bduard Dellks Milos Serold., Jirl DookocU,, U pp. ORWO, pdent 1,,074,,824., al. 30 ho 60 international al. a LOA& appl. 3,5 Jky 1956v announced and laid opez to Impection 4 Feb 1960, issued 28 JUI 1960; priority claimed, CzachosloyakU 26 My 1.955. iaA 6i-iomo metliod-for tba ft*AttAian of AUibstic (!arboxylie- Acdd Nitrilmev by Pha Hmld Burst-Distriabj, 3 ]pp* a=u.. mat lb 0,9406 MA 60-1610B sci Vol 11j, -NO 5 mar O~ /".. -/- 0 0 ~ z .L On tho Reactiam in the Iron-Niae' SuIxuroxide StorMa Batteries. 111. The Action of the Iron Electrode, by F. ForNvtcr, V. Herold, 110pp. 0--~ GEMM, per Z fur Elektrocbemie, Vol XVI,, No 1.31 -igio. -n'9. 46a.496. mA ~3-1.44oj Nov 63 (;rjLuqn cc nwagqruc Dmtdml pntwuvb Appe"bm or Anthm aWmIMO by L I" I L s. ggrmius* 12 W mm mum, vwj, I Glaum" at's t I dousla 0 mmmwq-oos vol Ws lWo pp 33-39o ACEM 1 32 i;r sa - Wd )9310 ft 61 7 7 On the Datect-iou of Trwe M a Simultaneounly Uning Spectroscopy and Paper Cbromatograpby, by Marguerite E. Horos, L-acien N. AxV) , per, Bull Soc Chim Frame, Ito 3) 1955., PP 367-369- AM Tr-3997 SCI - Mem 14v 60 //?, 361 Fluorescence -- I,.-opertios,, Applicationg, by XaMeri and Rend Iftrov, 15 PP-t UBCLASS171M iw6nR) Aria. clilm. anal) Vol MVj Dp 118-1210 1-37-139, 1952. ARC-TR-2010 ru I %~ ~ 4, ,k, I *-4 &Y if A, C 1; /;. q ~ P.-opertiest Applicationg, by YArgueri one, Rend 136coop 15 pp.# USCLAWIFIIM t to' Ann. clils. goal, Vol nIVj Yp 118-121s 137-139P'1952. AgOoTR-2010 Itlf4,- - IY:.' ca .6 .6 62-0364 Hermill L nd Freudenberg, A. W-E-TtiOD OF MANUFACrURM EL.ECrRICAL COW I - Hercult. P - DUCTORS OF SMALL (CROSS) SECTION. 1196215p. II . FreudealmrS. A. (figs. ornined). in. Patent (France) 659 676 Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-18364 Trans. of French patent 659,676, appl. 20 Doc 27, granted 5 Feb 29. pub. 2 July 29. DESCRIPTORS- *Conductors. electrical equipawnt. Manufacturing methods. t5s (Engtnecring-lilmrical, TT. v. 9. no. 8) 0100 w TKh" 5wvk" Recent A:Ivances in the Cheri5try cf the Sesqui.terpen,,- vy V Suohy, V. Hermit.. RU'--ST.AN, per Uspekh Khim No 3, 1962. CS C 1, An, r ? ),~:Il GmeraUsed Infection CC MUM by the iiwpa aimplax T, ims by To Vonals V, Harout -P. -- 1 11 m OMM,q pas Patbal und Pathol Anatanda, Vol =11o 1057,p VP 51--gA. mm 4-0 fti - 3ba MY 59 Y~ " q =--, The Physics of Shock Wavesp by A. Herpin. r&MCHj perp Hey 5cIj Vol LXMj 1947t Pari93 PP 817-826. TFA3/TIB T 4441 SCI - Physics 30,071 Contribution to the SwAy of the kinetic Twory cf Solids# by A 11arpin, MMM., per,, Am Pbys.. Val VII, No 12o 1952., ASLIB QM3 (If, "%e General 3 Theory of Shock Wuvus,, by A. Berp:tno 46 pp. UNCLASSIM FMMCB,. per, MbmrUa dc 1 'Artillerie Frq=aIse,, Vol =17; No 94,v 1950v pp 851-W. Navy Tr 8116/ML 0449 Mur Scientific - Higinwing 7f A SM -- - 11 &A_ 4*8"d Is"-ckmul64 p6 is ---- -L.~ ... A-& "nostm:b! W~ vW* Now. . ..., r.-V www-mm*333F~ v4 UMM& w mallwy P40so 9 U. a. ammomm U16 ME &4.R. not on 66 3r--0)46 Thc Perielz of rixation of Animl Organiame Later- mining the Fouling of BMV#l DAUp by R, Herpin, 4 pp. ?MCH, per, C=ptes Renduvo Vel COZY, 1937, n4ay u43. SLA 57-1148 Sci - Biol 0? rob 58 Irte Role of a Microbial Xembrane In the Efficacy of Faints for Rw ftotectIng the Bottoms of Boate Apiust Youling Orpuisus,, by R. herpjj6 it. Dullocauet, FPZPCE, per, Comte Rendus, Vol CCVX1, Jul 1938, pp 193-195. SIA 57-1149 Scl - B101 A. Feb 58 ,,-X~riwuto on a butsriel' *xbrom M&.b De"lops I* Dollsems and Be swmp 4 fps YMMA, pwo It ompt" a 0 Vol rallif lot vp 67-059, of Lo A. tr 4m~ Bel - INSIMwooffin Avg 56 0%/GU TM Role of Wsof ad 8WpdlW& In tke Yfdft 1 st 6MPt NaUs, br. Am NoWup 3, py. 111* PWO 0 To, colvo 19ps pp ImIlma sai so -& SAA. 2r 734/1936 ..* 4 17/0 Dot 56 P Thermal Stability of a XLxture of Salta tMad an a Resting Mth, by M. L. H. HAER!!!t p ~ 6 .p. FJMI;CH) per.. Xnd CbIm Belzejq Vol XX,, Spec 110) 1955p PP 5P---594- Aseoc Tech Bv M37 9f scl AuS 58 07 RaCCA Results of X AW InTW,144PUMS by A. Bury 15 Ve OMMY9 Psro OfeSSOral Z41% IMp Val 27v No 21p pp M-50. SiA 59-0*78 aci )kr 60 Vol 30 so I / 1;,47, f7o'-fo Development and Use of Vacuum Devicea, by K. Berr, 6 pp. I Vj xv)l/, GERMAN, per, Die Tachnik,,No 5, 1963, Y-P 360-363. ACSI 1-3241 TI) 2244418 sci - EW Sep 63 9,6 AtttivRtlan Ana3yaia, by W. Herr, 25 pp. %nownwoft GZM., per.. AnVv Chn.. Vol LXIV.. No 24,q pr. 6-~)-MW 685. SIA Tr 3029 Sci - Chemistry jT Feb 58 L Mwe Anelpmalt at the $40 369 UtumU Activitr of Wadvaq by As we our* OWNWOO, aNNAM, per,; 2- Vol In* 2&50v iv 569 - . - !ds!La-rg!hF AN fr IW scio - yuc2mw pb7vice Do J51 M A.,Zsqji 62-18702 Har, W. TZIMOW-FREE SEPARA71ON OF 7M RADIO- 1. Herr, W. WrOPES OF 1;ii.-B HARM ORTAMM BY NEU- TRON CAMR.L AEAMON. 1196216p. 11 rd& Olft from su $1. 10 62-18702 TAns. CC AWwandto ChaMIC (West CCVMUY) 1953, v. 63 tom III p. 303-30L DESCRMR&, glemm wradm 0 Rmffmctive iso- topm Tram wudegh OFAm eardis. ONonm cgmtre, Noutzoo roacticos (bkwlmr PhyaLco--laotope Sep&3xdw4 TT, v. 9, = 11 toks do lechp" swvlm On the Isolation a the Radio-Isotopes of Ziuaj, G*Ulum ZZ ludimm, Vamdium, Mobbdenum, WIWI;;, Oadm, Irldims &VA P3At1VM W & Pr4atjodly OMi*?-YM WAte by the (ay) recoil Pmese Fm urtauLa OOMOJO 6 ml of phthaloaya- nine, by W. nr .4 10 vv. mffmp VOTO Z aturfWacho Val TM) 1952) VP 201-M. 6 MA Tr 57-46& Soi - Nualaar Pbysias Avg 57 t SlmpU Radlametric Notbod for DeteruUntlou of the lootope compoeltlon of Lithlum Seats., tL~Ufrld "er .444 71 go 4 pp. &AMp per,, Z. Fatwfcwocbo Vol Vlllao 1953o pp 305-307. --9; AJ-RA, I!r 1113/5/380 ,I.cientific - Cbemintry ivxl= 70? f 1~ Resulta;of Treatlzzg U ipartmeloi With ApiesoLine In Pemom over 60 Yews,, bv 7,, 9 12 pp. SPAM) per# Praft A&= Arlrixftdmp Val XLls 28 NWgr 1954, pp 3.502-1508. S.L.A. 2r 71/10 ~3 91r SCIMUM - *nciw If Electron Mcrosoopic Studicw on TAttico Plbers, by R* "IT tho No Dottmar# n ppe P%xU translation. GERMANv per, Uschr.fwipsenellikro., Vol LX, go 5p Sep 1951, p-p 2W-205. c 1,9 57e / 7W~I~e Scientifte - Biology Blectivolas .IQ 1g, '49 IPTIV/ Nm. TA. 7/3 C. a? -00V 55 CTS/M R-416/66 DC-12390 9 Am 66 The Sense of State, the Care 6f Independence, by Philippe Herreman FRENCII, np, Le Monde. Paris, S1 May 66, pp 7,9. *JPRS French FW/Econ, Soc DoscriptAou of Dowton 0 31, wd G 31 bY MrtWA HerzICI& Pwqwto Yam's Ca-M Mt. AIW Tr-43ft Sol - Bw Mw 61 /,/,?. 04;L 7 Twelve-Chanin I Pulse Code HAaation System of the Soeiete Alwwienw de Canstruprti= Mecaniques,, by P. Berre%,, 18 pp. FMC p per# Qmde Illectrique, Vol =aVs No 326s WY 1954P PP 413-417- MA 57-1380 sei My 58 G 2 "Ind G 3 Reactors Design, b~- Mm. Tierrena, E"'laud, pasquet, 51 pp. FTZE-1.1CIT, vPt CIIPL-952, Deserlption dvi-~ Re tc: Lieuus , 19-501. - M.7 K ,;._i - Nue Phyn ' , . .0 V*thM of Preeipitating topperfrom Boluftons Con- taining Sol or Cobalt,, Nickel and Coywj, by F, La Ferrenschuddt. 2 p1. smisR.Patent mo 3761. ATE sci Aug 59 live yeam of BW vocaukaum at the LAG=ft Bospital U&XMR t amters by B. D&Mwao J. L. &." 0 1 LAGOMP 5 pp. am FFMR, per BW Mems VC1 x7j, No 12.* 1951.. pp U50-nK. STA Tr 2635 sci - 964uuim '74!~ J& Nov Tr-6+-165do 11014- E=MUY AND FOSMUMS OF ARMOML L Hown "M M01= BOUL lop L TWO ... Ordw tram SIA $1. 10 Tr-64-16560 7V&a& & Ps)06M CbU C?ram*O 1956. v. 133 1=6 11 p. 7-I(L (Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry, Tr Y. 12, no. 3) Interview With Josud do Castro, by Enrique Jerrerav S ppo SN.NISII. per, littl CIA*, S"tia2o 06 Chile, 22 ~Ihrch 689 ppe 2-4. JPR.& 45,045 wAlitical i,prril 68 355,563 by Francisco Gorigoitia, Herrera, 12 pp. -1 SPANISH, rpt, Memorial del. Rjercito de Chile, Santiago, 1962', pp '19-90. (C&11 No 7 Eng Tr) Army Map Service V-3, ~ 9 .2- 6 3 warovaov wA RWtopUwktan of the castal2an .00mat yzm xv a Jay no to J=o IMP by J. BMWO* R. OMPISM amm sw lommob" 74"Woo 3b 10, pow 29.ffs vp 17A. olm Ir xv LAL - ftmn am 171,337 oat 61 Attralive a titc CU4-a SOCISM-La, jl,6t It"vi ;oj 274.275 ilva3w4t An"4 of 'Nov Liu4f 7~-94'4* L7 'Elie kAvlayunt of (AqtIon-4cmlectmic CoWaumts in Llactzical &*.-ssuraa.%~ bq"ie- by J,, itertfurw, per, lUmLio aud Fensahm Vol 1111 1:0644 ;em=744* 2~40777 bY J- MWtfMA6 3 GERNIAN.- = xd vel Xv, N6 240 742-74ML * ~, C S 1:4,90JA 10 Mar 66 Bad-Candwtor Rua@ MLV" at tm 00 822j, 00 823p by jammm ~~,p 4 pp. mm ~kp pori Udlo =I P*Mdmo Be 16,. Avg 1960., pp SU-94. ADU Sam ID glamb gkd - lUmatroulas mw 61 /' ~ Kr," , $ ,-$ PJ f7 youd ~w bwkaft ~ - .-dm& A - ftva wpo -a - PAV*AOU Imumt I* go Delp* & nw3fte 4~6 2 1 M& &-.m a nm4w K, fts-M JAW 66 300" IN Sw.Upox.- Japmalons About an Spidemic In Bombay in Year 1958, by Prof Dr A Berrll:h, 7 pp. URW,, per, Deutsche Hadizinische Wocheaschrit, Vol 110 At 92 1,06 *%s PP LW-IW- =Bit 11-33(9 Sol - Mid War 59 on iml Prosao-a-l-A of poot-molod ~j wj Ao W. Mram*s J. wd)a# 18 pp. aswo I wwo iWaft ad Rubw No 98,0, 2 Mr 10# pp 15&159. Jim 9ple 7,' /13 sm 56 The RMP at APPUC~doa at the CW Modad for 0-4 oldmv~p by 0. Hwamome C. P. WdM4 a GEM"N is- M lbvcavom Neat 443-4m, 9W74M FTD-TT%" -Sci - PIVO A49 65 ~iL ---- -- rz-7 Udw a AAgod ~~ilmmcia- as $mew am amm"Wo or G. klrawsm~ G. "OnloWS6 -A We Immoolud 63-12202 FRICIICN AND WEAR tN MkCHDMY. jum/py 6Z 1. Herrman, G. 2w 12. porgan"Press, Inc., Or4or fron American Society cd Mechanical Eogimers. New York 29 W. 39th St. , Now York. 18. )L Y. Trans. d 7V=lo i Imnos v Mosbinakh (USSR) 1959. V. 13. DESCRI.FrORS: OMachines. Mcdon. Lubrication. Bearings. Mechanical properties, Deterlorado& Cootains articles by A. A. Sordo-NwitsIrAys. I- F- Val'dma, G. A. Tashkiwo 1. V. Elh4 IL V. Ly&U V. K Marochkin, E. F. Zomwer, I- & l0wisanova. i*d L IL a vi (Machinery, FabrWationsudAccessoryliquipment, 7T. *MCI d TKftkA Seimn Y. 9, am 2) Module for Smoke-stack of Annular Cross Section, by Herrms.nn, Voigtmann, 4 pp. GM.Wi, Patent No 133)533- Patent Officc- Sci - Eri~;r.j? oct 62 212,774 PIM ja of Pro&wu or ot IWOOMP b7 IL HUTMMP W- Schi)2dlerp I Pulvwp mmp Pw- p Hwuolm IFW. top Vol I? 19va PP A-03. ft4 U4 Oc=co sel - am A. i)ec (,e Mm Metabolism of the Psychopharmcon Tofranils by B. Herramm., R. Pulver; 23 9p. aMRKW, :per., Arch Int Fharmeodlin, Vol CMM, No 3-4., 1960p PP 45W0- ham OcrIce d~e~ Sci - Amw Doe 62 A 01 ) 9) So= Itrfeaft of N-(*( imloodi-benzyl-HMeand Its IM"Ites on the NotabolIM of a" "gxumcm p by 2. Aavws B. Ems B. smlpv~# 17 amom,,W, rme4mlttol4Pcr&dr=gs Vbl Xs No 7p 1960p 530-333- ft'Imt OMOS a4nj 4 set -~ Dee 62 .2z r, ar ~Irittch Irou siocla Steel lba (no vuxbor given) to WIN 11 wo* If-'so' *9 Iwo 225mM WA old - Waft au (I Residual StroZ30S in Alloy Tool Steeis, by 99 11, Buhler, F., flerrmann, GERNM. per, Verain Doutscher Ingenieurc Zeitschrift, Vol CIII, Sep 19610 pp 1229*1234, BISI 3448 Sci - Engr Jan 64 ~2 4L JV 6- 9'/ 63-AlM RerflrmwN IL COPPER AND OOPPHR AUOY& PL 2 of Develop- I. TWic: Oondmaiv cudog ments In the Pleld at Continuous ClsdPff Of NW- I. H"ruwal. F- Ferrow MCMIS. (19631 l8p, (fts aWmd) U. TUIC Developmerls.. Order from SLA $1.60 63-3D6M Tnum of idea) MaMH (Wew Gemuny)!%Z Y. lk nm 5, p. 413-419. DMPMTOR& 40opper. *Copporalloyw *C&sdxgx Topics twAudc coodnion C"-U%t Imm","on "L/L"; Werdl'b several bar muW-% - llazcfflett-machine~ 16 Properid nacidne; Carmn wadmi= caging wachUm. ft coedwamis cond uwchba; d- 00avlady OOKIMM LOMA Cuft madd= fustalkdon of dw roUlng millm and w -f the )--Y CyUnder company (MeMUurV, Tr, V. 10. am 12) 63-2DiD2 Herrmank L ALUNMM AND ALUNMNUM ALLOYL PL I d E*- 1. TWk C=dM= CM4 velMmentindiefWdolowimclunCead ctNm- 1. Hernumum, IL Ferrm memis. f 19631 22P PIP W*t4 IL Wk DwelopffiledL.- Order from 5LA $2. 60 63-306M Trans. of [den) MetaU (Wes Cennmy) 196Z w. 16. no. 4. p. 293-3= DESCRMM *Alwntnum. sAlwnhwanoym. ecAsdvg -%pics Lnclude: heavy castingr. MUW* coodmc Coll - -timuclus CgLsdng '*Ith Ways In Vereirips LdduvAmg- 6 Werke; Huntar-Dwgias &wL=W cantmam camft nuchIng Hazelect nAcbd= rotary camdmg mactilum (,%Ia&Uurgy, TT. Y. 106 no. 12) own d IKIN" 30 Inorgan-I c Pigwmts jcf KUO*9t Light and vmbber I'Maistancep taf, E. Herrmm. SWUM,, par,, Schwivur Archly fuer Anro- vmdto wiseenwlmft und -bnike Vol 30s Ito 3.- laL.-."$ Pp 66-74- MA TT-~,6-10335 r sci-Iftta--lals oct ~ I U-0 MORI Some Notes an the L&test Devappmato in Ccutinuo= Cmstizi& by E. Ham==- GEMN, per, VetaUvi"Omahaft und TechnAp Vol ' XITI,, No 100 1959) pp 949-. Sai - Fzv / 5t, w4 ju rA 61 V.!A1. 1W Pikop-,RZI C-_IrrNZ;V.! 1. Ttz%~- Prvpcr7zl nacthod (:4:_6 IN;--- A::" "101AING PAOCUS. 119hij 20P. (reta.j Herrmann. L. Orc-- 'rum &_k $&.60 DI-20494 Trau. of Aluminium (Germany) 1960 Iv. 36) Oct. P. 568-5-,9. USCRIMP.St IAlurninwn wire, Castinr, Rolling mills, MwnufacturixC awthods. Wire. (,Metallurgy- -Light Metals. Tr. v. 7. no. 7) mommom LV . ftoo To* was** I* vwftl~ MAU ^- AMF%ftlftoKL go IMAOK--~~ lia Z' AC, r) I(,- AJ A.) Lk-*w 'A'Armau 14AY 45 214pni r,nodized MUM Oll A3.VMb=p W go Dwrom, n pp. -~.ftft - un a _*---mup pmt &umml'fd M.- J6 ~) aw 19532 ~;ps 1WI97* S.L.A. - wo/ a5 a I - -WRMM - I oientific - minemls/matalo ja 55 Oa the. Varia*Llon of the VAgnetic Pra:=-tiec of -re2O3., by E. Umms Herr==. rU22 IL- GIA-%A-"j, per,, Arhiv z& Kmijtt.. Vol XXIn) 1951: pp 22 -29. mvy rr,- FO 144-0,tam co-'0'20 jj 5 , v 40 A~ jazi 1557 The Seetions of Concerned With a Single %Iftra Subject are Denoted With an *s, by E. Hernmm. asam, 11". Alualalm.. V01 XM=m, No 8s 1957.. VP 54&, 5W. ' C~ t'A 2 % ~ ( NbrrIs D. Frle&=m 3-101 $3-50 Set. - Pdb 58 0 .conluuous Costlus ot AluWUdmi TM Com, A poetions by 2. vn"~. mm a==, par# MaUp M Z*.JKX me. pp M-we ,W #48"m 0 1", Sol - fta Apr 59 PIJ 71r1l., The NoPetic PropertUs cdr Y-70203,, by 1. Herrmn. rmu tr RMXZ.Ms pws ArCkv a Zmljup Vol Malp J.W,# pp 85-IMO Nm Tr 1041mm 60D Sol - ChOWSU7 f4.4-.o,4 r m" w =/0m The Electrotbermal Productlom of Alumini in t~e Ught of fttent Litmmtmm, by R. I;errmanu. MMN., Per.- AltmWdms V01 =(M.- No 3s 1961P P.P .143-149; 110 1&.. kw 19611 90=9 215-M. Dept or Imtwlar ST "T Ito 459 Sol - zww / -7,4-, 47.Pr Doe 61 TT-44-14M Harrmaw IL NEW DVU4PWM4T M TH8 FIBW OF COW 10 NUTWO16 IL TIWM CASTtNG OF NOWBRAOUS MSTALA (Nouts amt dem Cabiow d9@, I "a 1 1~p ow iwjwb* 119641 (4 Order trw SLA $3. 60 Tr-64-141M Trans. at IdLel NbtBU (Won C4rmwh IM W. 17. P. 00) (MmIbM--Nmftrmw Mmls, TT. v. it. w it) o"In of 'fosbals" Be k" IcIlow F"Gm-ta: mmsurwatuxe., cbeldcal caq)osl- tion sud Usesj, by B. Berxu=l 15 pp. MM, pert_Mb, und Lack, Val L"s No 11, 1959, pp 63 MA 6D-1,4531 sci Aug 61 0533, Val M., So 12 Colloid-Chemical Problem in tba- Separation of the lied Mud From the Aluminate Solution in Bayer Proceon Miming, by E, Herrmann., L28 PPO GM4AN,, per., Kolloid-Zeitachrift., Vol =III., No Is 1951j. PP 22-33. S.L.A. Tr So 24Z.P'/1955 Sci - Chemistry s4v, "V/o- Jan 1957 CTS/dex Vincomtric Investigation of A3.kyd Va-mizhes r-nA PaIaO With Special lRegmrd to Structurm-1 by &-vin Elizabeth Katz, 7 PIj- OMM) per, Deutnche Farben-Mitsebrilft, Vol Xjj~. 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