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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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rILO oevelopment of a Souber, by- Chlions Kang. QUKESL, 14r. Itang Omh Chib Shih. Vol 11, 40 60 19650 py 8-100 *FTLI-4-67-166 (~L ~ I' I %~ --J ~~ v \ '~ 2 Sci - Aeronautics Mar 67 Jim. ~ur Nav Forward Stop Yew= Saw ~,eskAnlud or jQWv, Oy ciden VAD&O 3 pp. vn?mM=p up., SEE DOIL magm.. Jvm, Ij liny 19W pp I & 4. JPRS 45~M poi Sept 63 j65,~'3o Ltow t,,urnnts ilves-Dimasicial f*ob-I jmq by Cht in Toong-hwo 20 pp. QwAiS4 pore illl::= ru !t:gLog ?skim# vol 59 lio 4* tjow 1965* pp 2855-M. Jk*S' 5M35 Soi-Lar Scd Lemarsog Apr ?() 405oh-41D JRPW~l VFW-, _WVW j.A ... 4% jm~umtrisl vevolopmmt Lw4ns iAlon )Iws-bcngo 45 Ppe ,_oV.--s~. rpt, Jan 1~69. PP 60-79. J: ~~ 4MY -~:Om Apr 69 1968v tw Taipei, 10 3799344 -2- LimUgation and Study of Electric Power Industry of Commist China,, by Chlien Yuan- heng, 18 pp. , so 4 CHIM., per., Fei:SUM Yen-chiu. Apr 1967, pp. 74~~. JPTG 41515 FE-Mna pCon Aug 67 ht 14,11 333#242 -:01ar !spectrograph, rNuple Mountain Observatory, by Yu. ~;Uen-chli. i1su Yin-lin. 8 pp. .al Ll". ~ 6 1. , per. T llen.!y n '~ h:W, 1 eldng, % ol 10, . I _j _q .io 1, 1~A2. pp 34-,-Q. J - " -~, 530W , Ay J-1 Interviev with ELwoo Senator ~~iTars Alcimiste, by OulU CbIffletts 3 pp. GOMM= USE Qhw Si-A=))# npq Lttfto FAntavidoo, 24 Yar 10,n, p 116 JPRS/L 4141 PAY 72 ftvf"om Lookest EdufttlMs =mt I tr Gu'Uwm Cbltr2st. 5 c;ovm'Ruw- uss 0= SMIS11, npo *w*&vldwp 19M RM/1, Y)80 IA/UrWpay rNdtw Feb 72 1, . va&.~.- DOP:6-Y -4y8 Tupamras c"" Understandingg by GuLuerno cbi:rflet, 8 pp. OWUMENT WE OnT SAMISH. np. ~Atqh_&, Pbntsvidoo. 17 kar 1YJ2. pp 8, 24. JPP,,;/L 4119 Apr 72 $d0 71 -Zi, Aw .10v if oot 71 Zi tro, (6 mum JOIN=# Mori go So Imp sp ME J4ft 72 The White Heat of the Pre-Election Fever, by N. Chigir', (DC-11235). SOVETSKAYA IATVIYA, np, Riga, 5 March 1965, *JM LA - Chile Pol Wr 65 A I-we-** aw" structure of PaptLdyldiphosphatidylgiytarol Crm the Lmollae of Bean Chl"lastal by V. S. Chi&Lrev. RUSSLAH, pary Dak Ak Hauk SSSR9 Biochem, Vol 191p go 3, Jul L968, pp 741-749. CB e- Nov 70' Xetbod ckr DoUraid-406 Lme- lim ftra and Cuftla Date as the Vertiod -A. or Tum ~M Swordnob la the Paelrla OOGM,, by As Is 0 MMIMP Iwo ft%~ mosmaub %143,0 1b 5,0 loo pq 4244# *Dept or lutwuw Flob ambd WWUft lerfUo X70 Dovm or ral"a nsbwuw USSR lkan Doe 6T aydroaCourtio Notbod of DotermIntag 14W I Form and Cortaft Dats an the V*rUca3L LUta%bu- tion of Tuna ood OvordtUft In the Peafle Ooear4 by A. 1e , 6 pp. RMBW per* NNW xoogrm*"-O-j vo 89 i96T,, yp 42Z. JPFS 42556 Y SCA-Lad Ewe Oct 67 3hesOM :'rcolj: Lx- upti-ir, ~;tructtav PIL-,tic Lj JAWI of ewAuticifi, D', iruriki~tq 7 , "Ito trikladur"a ., a , %, . .Q~~' r%.-(~ -.I, Investigation of the Relationship Between Canv erter Lining Life and Steelmaking Practice and Refractory Quality, by I. D. Chigrai, RUSSIAN, per. Stal No 9, 19712 pp 798-801. BISI 9890 A~r 72 ~,~ts ju t;mtt~s C"t (sta4) %,I&bo c)d -3~ys of AvolAtrz -,bots4 by 41 * I A* AlyaWUO per, Vol V, !;o 3o 196c, cp 17-160 7416 4t U. CA/-ka///) I Aa n ol A. it: it SAWS ,,-=,4 ',671 DIM QL t MW Deceralustics of 00 'Comte". Hey 72 Omtxal *Oltmtl% oc Rotarmuve CAW In a P*CDTM Room* ew mostftr ON*.Ml,,5 by OWmm opmv 'wwqws at oalo JMAMM4 per# Amestb"46220 Vbl xvv I F lb 3,9 iq65s PP 234-2WO Dapt of ftv Tmas 5316/Wjw Tlw2 my 67 325V173 Sixth rlest iieMrted en .- iterrsne4m pp. Apr pp 40-41o jLkorjbWL :kwowg tio 4, i lt-~ 48235 Jan* 6r;, 4 3539&h /' - : - t(UCIIL-Tran&-10570) %THIRD REPORT ON THE IN- VESTIGATION INTO THE ACTUAL CONDITION OF IRRADIATED PERSONS IN YAMAGUCHI PREFECTURE. $Chikazaj%~a Keiichl; Fur=u, M; Yamaguchi, Hisrongtou. j0Tr&nif&-TW&rb-r U~i'v. of California, from jjCollect. Treatises Fac. Hum., Univ. Fukuoka; 2: No. 4, 871-(M&r 1971). 2462p. UDep. NTIS. 3sbiomed; translations 2106 UNIN-48 111' NSA 0 G.A. (Z'~-i4 1~j Calculation of the Duration of Operation of Ion-Exchange Reactors In the Decolorization of Refinery Syrups, by 0. A. Mkin. RMSIM, per, Selthanva Prowshlemost, 110 lot 1969, pp 14-17- Nrc 72-141w-m hsk-sh Awlth Offialal Dimismil I.," apan lAwq by j. (,Idk:Lng 5 pp. RUSblAli# Imr, Anit*tm oomov, Ito 240 196go pp 27-29. 49,9% 70 402*2W A thO TEDIDU* WA pr'=" ltion of VWVjajan% bF me (ak" ? We ;Sxj6io pwo W 19699 pp 33-36 - Sept 69 waltli tohlovas In the -ayt lAve-Year by Vs. "'W'dTi. 5 P:)* 1;, am* U-no io nr I? T, Z,jbUc Health in fteahoolOvakiat bY S-Ya- ChIkin., 5 yp. ) / IUBUM., per., ZdrwxWim99Rka NELAM Ftftratem, Vol 9s IG 11, Nov 1965j, 31- X#* Me 3YJ22 Sk)c Jan t-,6 2')5o135 Trainiag of PtOmIclaw Lim N*dLml RlSber Iducatioml ImUttitlons of the PWORp by 8 Th, CWJda w3d Be He CbettWvp 5 pp. MMLO, 1*r, MOM229main MuLnnx Feder4ttail. No 2v Feb 1966, pp. 39-W. Me 3015 Apr tk \11,1( ,\r~ LIII-. .tasUdov Amusses -RussUa L-Xluence cn Jabok Development, by V. ChiUng 13 pp. R=IAN, nyp GWkW ~P 4-JI, ro=ow, U OAY jt, o 19'(2, pp 1-2e J! 56163 Jmo 72 so C"W at avwt cc 2*07 IV ve A. chwpa ft Too VOL jb AD 4&52 I" WA ZN424= m 2SWQ4a AD"7-70 aw 67 nant Lid~ CC Soilsp Rocks and &ibawfwe Waterms BUted 4 A. 0. Chikiabev.' MMMS bkl 3.965., 209 pp. CO=ItAmts Dn'ma, N. T. lu Sci-S Sci jul 66 3o4,.419 An Interpretation Houtine for Tranalation Frob- lama (BESM-0.9 by 0. B. adkoidse. 6 pp. RUSSIANs per,, Akedgda HWk gEMjg&o-v SSR, = Vol 54 SoobWNhg 9 No 19 19691 pp 37-40. ADVM-11T-23-527-70 gar 71 Ono ;l4thod of 71, asmtatlou of AIPPIUMS of Tranaza, by %1. B., Callold". per. All omsss& oayg. voi 480 2, 1967, pp 2-93.M. 24.411,.G4 &nd ~bo '.~Oi IntaTreting Program for Prablew in Translating (B=-4), by 0. B. GWW 6 pp. 103M.9 pws AN W"SM2 300babehe" Vol 54, No 1,0 1969.s pp 37-We AIAMD/~T-24-158-70 ion 71 LWW ]MUM CING Is tW ftibpbw fturUja Pa"nurt %w T, &IWO IRV 4"s ft" of zxbft*W rub ma wluuft aftwim aws ftr4m at ftwo nwarim Oct 67 JA3 To Ftttue Engineers - Zconavdc Knowledee, bi,dn, 5 pp. r H. ~T-- HMIAI- ,, np,, Pmvda 25 Jan 65P p. 2. JPSS 29~)44 USSR Fl=-, May 65 .-- (9"i-T6 Autmiation of -loctric ixive ;~Aulpment. by *'-dUldne 1e 1. ~Jstrovo 9 pp. ,ere Uq,,t-#(-lAOatvO, I OVIOU'l ~io )s CW. U~-,- C Y-3 3, ~27 17~* ipplicatim of CagVuter Tacbmiqw for the -kutamtlon of Selwtive hake-up$, by 0. Ve Dut- kevichj, ZV. G. Ctillikin- 149 A* Dowth-jemolovskiy and V a F& Sabatow., 5 pp. MWIAIT, per., L12~~tsiyq i Artmatizataiya Proizvodetva,, Vol* 210 go. 2a 1~*79 pp. 49-50. JP,I-S 410eO USSR :;ci June 67 W*rs JV6 IMg I by *qMjM U per, MMUGO "40 349s 17 Jop 1967, 22-,26. F~; ~;, 260p, ,Ahri-6. C, 11, rva ov 0 343,M The Party PcLUcLow cc C=VUanm wlth Lw &W Oiftr Wwt be IffOctly*U Irplamtodp by C. Chimed, 12 pp. YOMLM, per,, ffeW Auld:-I& So Gopt. 1965s iv- T-16- JPM 339dO ftb 66 606 113 1, mura3zatAou of *vvA4,% Wmm PnIaws tv t6 6 We #.WQLWO pme hIft Ulan Datort -No 20 1969* pp 33-36, ifts 50542 r-. 6~ ~ / Me V t Se- re Al 0 WAt - f--, t - Pal i*y ?o a, i4car Last; tvotjd% iiew or an Intausificution? bo &.asscr as Lrake=u in the Intra-Aral, rolLf-lict by 14WO1111, chimlli vsf~ 'u~;es-Anzei ler; a) 19 J.'ov 66, b) 5 I)tx 66; b) i,2; Jil"Ll'o C:-',O DC 12927 PO I Jar, 0 316,1us .0i0 w ABB&Ilbll AanCing ~,GTIMOCS t)Y -~. :L&-d,'. Li 13. Ll Ju2y SMI&USt ca"ution Impmes Itsins" kW D. OdulMWJO 3 PP* hM40LL4dfs pWq ~W AaIJCW6 Man Bator$ No go 1968p yp 27-3D. JM 4?,256 USSR LOW Jan 69 3?39676 io ~;-zotto tho -,.:entrvi I..t1bovi ',Mlutior. -'=,-~o 1-3 t~- be -omtev6-~#mlutimar y, by ~Iawy ~)bq 20 V r.-oblems of the Chinese nor=unist State Counell Reviowed, by Cbir, Ch'ien-li, 27 PP. cHlnF,S-,,,np Hsi!~-9-tao Jlh-pao, Horig .'ont-!,., Tan 11 Tan 771 in 4; 13 Ta' TV, I Z , .1 72, p 4-, 15 Jun 72, p 41; 1"1 Jr-n 72, P 4; 18 Jan ',72, p !~; 1"'; Am 72, p 14; 21 Jan T", P 4,' 20 Jan 72, r) 4. TPRS 55321 1,1,ar 72 I #-L, 'to le . -1 Vietuamm Peon, -1!~L Trl,,w#i in C1)4 go of deRIOL"a, "t A&ulmlou i0 cme co.istry, '~4y Cain C.11,1;4 (t`o.o55 25 )41j, .vus "K ,, -cilimt. Chin HAng-ping We met Preservere in Rarciting Total Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the Bealm of Ideology, by Chin Hung-ping. 5 pp CMMS3., np 0 ! - ~ Jib-paoq 12 June 1971 Survey China Mainland Press., No 4W9,, 2 July 19n ~~/ * '/ ~ (.- -e X Case of Corneal Abscess Caused by PS- Aeruginosap by V. Chinaglia. ITALIAN, perp MinarZa Ofialmoloricap Vol 10, 1968v pp 200-208. NTC 72-10946-069 May 72 ,mrlkt; Autwwbils lant Lippo%ing 1,V,(x'ucUcn. 03~ i-1. '.-hirwhmko, 2 ppe par* '011, 196'51. pp 2-4. &r Ak jar .14 Alre't-All, "ro- -Arit ~t i v: n 13 Flil' -4u, Fat" I July 4 3 214 a awl -C~ u. vt; A 3.-' a 3 At** In the lboft CIC Aiguatusi SCICUUxtop bj, Q= 2"-Ua (72W 0035 332))p 6 IV* calomp per, KIP-h-MAh- 191%0 PPO "s JP.I,8 3170~) IS-CUM &A.Aq-1c. Sept vi ,Itmti*n of A,.-4me In South r4r, 'lm:dmo 210 no :1.3 srO 24 ;ul 1~67. v, 4. i"t ct t,7 340,7)5 '.)h N't.c. par, ('.Adl-fFM- VA-dli4ij Communist China's Nuclear Base at Lanchovq by Chin I-Ilung and llUWg JuDg-Mleng, 20 pp, c , per, Chin-jih Ta-lu No* 241, 1 Oct 1965P PP- 3-15- Me 41810 FE-China Sci-N= Sci Aug 67 333048 rob V~, 5~ ~Jano .,oatirT, I Ifi ~.;Iib) i-ais -,.U "simi rion Chi sba, 7 - J-37~7 11) 2?W55167 c, v-, i jk cL k' -:Opt C, H I A) 0 U ~6- It lit Neceawry to Cwn~f Out rdoological Work Penetratingly and Usticuloualy, by Otin Ou, 6 pp. HUNG-CH11 No. 1, Jan. 1, 19?3 Select-to from ChinaZand Mainl4and Magasines feb. 6, 1073. Fab 73 Some AVaical and Cbemical Characteristics of TiL)c)X:Lsh (Ming-tlai-yu),, bV Chin Shm-toe (6-355 7311 -V,19)# 6W CH , rpt) T'ai-2'lnS.7ypng Hal-ru Yu-yeh Yen-cbiu We!:nEm:bui Ti-chli-tzlu Ch'uan-Vi Hui-I Lun-vm-:54 Feb I pp ~ 7~ -77 JPRS 3~ 3; Sci B-lc;l Wd Apr o'f