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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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~,Mow -.110" Awed *a Imlopmwo me bw eredject 'sd~q a a)* f q-xlio rpto vr 19690, L Cl 69 A 05M Sen&or's Views m Sawgulese4ftlian Palo'. tious., SmIallom and African Unity,, by Pr*so Leopad pp. 0 up, DakRr4fttin 11 Dee 1965, pp 4. RES 33514 Africa-Intre-Africa Pol im W firseciplas of cascautu&q Ratiama parombMs, for batka of Itlectric stmelawki" ftmumms, oy 1, Go Kharch*nko and 1. Do S"LkLa, ROSSIAM, por. Inv. VUS cbers. not., Vol 120, No 1, 1969, DIS1 6416 lici/mat c Oct 70 r--1 how for lum4mww Iveds ULOOmsedo .., tw me Sadao 10 we Rus"s perv Eam2bw*m Asidassmadno ibs"We No no We yp vs-24 ift 4?064 WSR HM J#A 69 YAo8ft Z, -,-~ -1 -7 - -~- Analy*La of the CoodLtiom CocktrLbotLea to the uLgration ot SWIm to Cotbaft AIORL~s, by Y. m. souLa. - WSSUN, par* Tomt IdAlls Tel 40g so Sq 19676 pq $3-57o ATS U-s"I 75 sci-chm Ime 30 solutim or tb& anumdA nabift ftr a Lwgo.Xafts tj 26 go 3odtddy, a ops ROSSEM6 pwo a& 29 go 3, 29" 1-16=1. - Mogg im 65 Solution of a Dynamic Px*bUm for a Flat 5perical UA110 by TU, A. Sedtakly. AMIAM, per, PAM Uskit, Val 11, No 3, Iwk 0 P? 15-20-, *FT"T-66-797 T ya, ski, sci 0 phys Doc 66 /10 MW *w lalkhm CbWtwg IW Ap Smatkop 12 pp. AMBUX&OWS Roseau. we 8. *w 196e. pp am* am 49ft .!1- 11 -4 , I --,& Aj, '-- USSR P& Am 69 388*9D9 rolo I'bwlto of the 3wdot Antorcuo lassalth In the Lact Ton IfeW44 by -110 q. R&rUGh*wq Vs X0 "A"llhoo J, -AXI :9 Pero 4=san gAtEll list* 9 -71, !7 67 IV71 Ir J 2 Seventho lioths, smd Ninth Soviet ft*aratic Upeditionss by P. K. Bealko, W., 253 PP, VMTM, bk, god9waya, Vos!mn i xOntinentalt- as luglatflys Vol 591 19W9 NM TT 70-50099 P- k- S e A3 'k 0 Jme 71 Fwt~ Ingo '0 - -1 an Slip Ift wilm valmse tv As Ao 3069hWUh & Go D* =.%Pul* dumb MLL Net 9=v03 OVI) Sal/use & nee ftw 7066 um F~ 2" pwtAh tr am* swkmm 0 5 FPO PM.MN41;& 0 - 4 loglydoganda- WWOM# 29 oet # p u0 47o 104 JM Eb/csseh so= Jon 69 I I- -1) ) t feet cif Particlc: iiaiji.-ter Atatio. c-ij t itz Frictio4i and co;a~sicm of Powacr JT !er, J.~yaneio Journal Powuur t a 11 ur,, -t , 15 I.. fi-57937 "$ci/L.,Itur .- u,; 7J habbw Sosm4 tv le somwat so tabafte 31 GEMNO ywo A AwtbffA6 Vol at UNSM Md 1964 yp IW-030 NLL Heft M04F (12084) _!-., -lu)vi-k& 5,L - SCIP-LAH am 69 3739648 .All the byers of the Future .still use '..uter, by ',emaer. I,cr, Textil-Praxis 'it.) 240 1069, rr 98-103. %U kef: 58:8,:c (!I 76V5) /V C- Z Dec W 3980870 -11 Al.~A . I" RMOMMOB Of thO OMIUIM VAL27 by n.. 3amikovs 3 no RMIM* poro aqt?At . hombow r-youlbL So Is Jm 1972~ pp 6-8w JM MM ludu4r7o Yboome Apr 72 Bw#W Qftl4da Commuft On CUU&S P*dJ3AM In pharm"WadmIl Dowaik fW IOTS by Po 1. awip 5 no JIMZAIF,, pro Vbl ms no. 3p jbjr~p jum XWv ppp 12-M9 an %2219 Sept er 339PW3 CC sclentim OMMuch In rallawsm somata ;;7 - tar 104p br P- 16 SOW# 15 no linollp'l 0 ymp rhalfl. VOL- 3=0 1b 5j, W, p L. slej,)OV. um ec"M 9919" am 66 ElcieAlM %saulch in AMMAy il-I I"s by P- L. Sanwo. 7 mo MMW.* two ARt!MM-Vol*j Vol XIVv 3b 4,p Vp 3-o. JM 32..573 - act- BiIli 5,e Y-,D ~) ?, t , Aar 65 MS5(4 awlu" ONVOW"I rwt UL the %tim DafttM Mmpndon of coloum at C040- doatelm 4md of AnVION IM BWNMI Aso Spo In Apom Solxft=4 by 9- BOOM* Val uns vp 5*3u- smber or , autwe" 4*j9ftW to 19e?q by 1212- Kuea banuct 13 ppe 6Wtd---CiFtuMJAh, Pal'* ilmm-m~dmp L*Igradee ba ,3-40 JU4-Loc 1968s pp UA-194* J.iib 48a26 ~4 t"eeIJ Lb-Ingo - Fam Sept 69 3919906 - p L . . ar-fo i (, CL R e v Iq The UMUM of Mzahvdwdca Pzodwdm of socuum awmital 1w 1, P, smvmvn RU3SW9 Pure !U"&&a YXWWQ Vabebmft 2goodanUm pdldya i madombn momagas Vol n# 1968# pp 573-576 YX 71-16537-07D rar 72 solid ;4olybdonua-bisulfide Lubrietats. 17;z by L. A. Sentyurikhina. RUSSIAN, bk. Tvordyy* bisullfld-Holl- L$49nonyre Snaz 1, 1966. f-Dept of lavy-Wrc Sei 44at Way 69 MlYbdow DLWfidN4Wft SoUd Lrmbvto 63 cmtso bY 16 36 BA*Swso Lo So 5084wikbl"* AMIM* polre Efta i a a mm"A JW AAO Ap"o PF 4104be A~ J*l xftw~ ISLAL.-AMALIrgh- WM~ dL~ rw if go 46 muft & LSD -,--. - - =80 NW& A --- -- ums .1 17r.1 - Moto ZT-P Z--. /~/, -Wo 245 ftlo Aa OT 1-7W Appliestioa of Solid Lubriesst Matorial t6 Friction burface3# by Le No 5vntyurkh1na# Ze So thibuovao 11 ppe RUSSIAN, per, TrudX VassoVuVabs Nauch-Issled Inst Mlpeftrabotki" NOU. No 10. pp 299-M8. AIR/FTU/I[T-23-177-69 Par 70 Solid Lubricant Coatings For 74J Titaulum, by L.K. SentyurikhIna, Z.S. Rubtsova, 8 pp. RUSSIAN, rpt, An SSSR. Nauchnyy ~_Pvqt Pe 19681 Pp 103-197 Sci/1'faterials Apr 7P 40S,93S 't-A 1W.UIA 0,; atin --i i-i ~ja -4A ,xcoi epare zoti in 13 1. %140 d- Tr. 0,; v N"100 by to me smtrodkblu* RMIAN: to ailkiya i Takhaeloiks Wiv guml No 1, im pp A W%WZ3-lIS4of7& 11 Zc Ct. c Sci/motho" Ewipmat Aull 67 Investigation of the Change in Properties &cl of Polymethylmethacrylte Transparencies Under the JAction of Ultra-violet Irrad- iation, Vacuun and Temperatures, Ly Ye. G. Sentyurin. RUSSIAN, per, Piz Xhim Rekh tiat, Vol 3, 41,11o 1, 1967, pp 37-il. NLL reef; 5009.95 (T.5766) Sci-Livu-M !"Ay G9 380,709 met State of illapkft am Ankuwt W UO L. Smyovskiyo 25 ppo PIMMANO perm YgMvW, lotgfW Momms Feb IMI, pq 5-18. ji.Rs 479011 )ell fty 69 AOW9 "j4;UlAtjVjj Ot Oft0eliS ati$;411 JU$CIS JU t6U ~4josl 5y V. Ct ale w. 4. hk.-w L., I faa7-1 L V u7 .-.atural isocyclic i;yestuffso =d J, 'Vasicuvag ,or, P!adj~!l Vatz-alwin 2710272. it J-1348 ,;ci At by A. 5wpitka 7o S. 12 ';*,c. 1%6. -Itj f7 Processes, y 'N. U3,274 21A ass" *"oats sex Mus I 3-37G- 19"s 17 Popt of Navy Tr be 30"/QMI Tir Z276 FGb *I Possibilities of the Applicau0b of Swor- ccoducton to Forticle Aemleratwso bY A. SopItiM FRUCHO pars Le VLdo Val 20, No 119m 1%$# pp 328-3429 P 11061167 AEC NPotr-1464 Sci/physics Sar 67 HJ3-4bM LUdWg ftpolW godg3 ld~dAVO tw AlberW 3~pavo&g 5 No aftusme q?v Z'sm 3=4106% W wt 996a~ m $ I; #*.ow W"mw POI am 69 3M 172 ",-Z-/-, - 1619 cxj Soluums to Trade FAI Problem Met-Mme by Carlos Sepulveda Vwpn# Marialo Carvalloo 0 We SPAMS89 np, 29" UNUagot 5-11 A;r 19720 py 1345 6 JPRS 55B78 May 72 )iwtiM in 14m an Andmn Subreglaul Arm- wrao by GWIM ftPave& vwvsftq 5 pps SPANISH pert italj& 3M*4ag% 3-9 On 19699 Ipp 20-21* MRS 4953f J- L"hus pa ion 70 399o313 Tolb-low Irawopua 1) 1 mitsmam-L P2M ontaludo kV CMV2AW 50~~ V-rwmpo* ? Ys". MPARMOV rvv Sw&iaga* AftA Soft 1969o Ipp LA-Chua Oot 69 41 350 APeGM=t tO PAMMILUSO COMW HLnm Anslysede br~ Qwl(w septLlvW& ~ my ga 9 ? We brAbIbfig porg IgS&IIAO SwUsp do UAloq 945 494 3.9699 pp 3.9-U* 4m 46309 Ca,e- /0 e' &Piwk;Ule VecSa A o- rbi Aug 69 3900A 'to i corxmdc UuUook for Dcat 20 M817swe 4,Z tw Oarloo ,*pave& ~, Orem I, a m b&AWkiq "*9 kumllso ant1w ~uao, Luia -Ar 1.900 pp 37=7 jl~t~ Apr 69 fttw= ramwh bmmmtto pnftimo "VISM94 tv owl" SORIVO& Vwwuo 7 ppo S"154 per* Elm&, Sentlaps 4-10 im 1()69# pp 19-me am Pot Aag 69 8 A L&Un Anwim oft in GWIGO ssplvsft urpras 5 pp, SIPARM9 par# WSJUM S=U"% 5wIl pp 2D4tlo am 4m IntW-Awr Aff Pd aw 69 aapwso q-01 Mw 1%90 lour Isars of Agnpian Pefom In Ctdlev by ;~srlos -14pulveea ~ wpre. 5 ppe 31-AMbe Pero, Treilljo Savttar~,o de CMIes 23-29 Apr 1969. pp 23;Y67, J I'T-4s' 4M8 june 6o, 3839652 1"I'llan of zw notmou t=wa*o lpavs& Ywoust 6 m~e WAM4 pw. Jt#jML NOW 9-13 Ap 19690 pp SO-Us JM t -,t 3ftoOS3 '-' "%I* In' ~-I-V'a9 Ar 116~, - , "t"' -oppiev 12 PP, 4 wilt 40Y01) 1).4 ArIgs Moves Tomud "GoIcad IdWMUOD* bw 00 Carl" oopolveds *rpm* 5 we SPAraLL,, ni, usAL116 -,a~@ 25-31 Lec isms pp 20-no JPnt, )&?301& LAP-Chile 3m rob 69 374o606 c,Ptkk.*S ~O-P.Jpef~ Analysis of Finewing of Now Budgott Pay Raises* by Carlos sepulysu verprat 5 pp, SPAWH9 Perv -LW-illav Som"oo 8.14 IIAP 1972m, pp 31-33. im 53M..5 ."*Y 72 *rob Is wd*da~4n UN Idth Incom Two tv ~arlom supolvoup 5 pp* .L;Pmisdo rpLo imawas son" de ChLls 9 1 2mJ I,ab 1969 pp 20-M - JA6 ;R? Lhm~'buv POI Apr 69 3?9*n9 4-9 B&dtp=d of Genowl VlwWs gwwkwt DMWIbods tw sails sopd"des, V ppo SPAMMO part Havamq LIOV-D" 1969p 2OL-e&6,, JMS 5*16 L Pei fty I'V14 I*h~ *w fm pme sp" ft..b. m6 go bwarumf 7 0, WMARI". njp~, jw2hauchumv )D 84W Agme p 69 Sanav ift lq#215 se P- 4-, K ./,~ 7 c j / S4d-dpm To* Jan 69 3?2*53D 'TAW .i's The Latium Retreats of the Leaders of the PCI, by Arrigo,-qerao '_9 PP. ITALAN, np, Il Tempo, Milan, 9 Jun 66, p 1 DC-12603 Sept 66 311,380 To Control the Buddhist Convents, the Communists in Asia are Becomeing Monks, by Arrigo.~.erao, 5 pp. ITALIAN, np, Il Tempo, 16 July 1966. J-206/67 Aug 66 308P576 Reopm" of Titamism AIUW* to nmw Tmostment, by L SermUs. SS M pu Omem t" OMY Fw-me POITO *404" sd"t4#&".qA"0Y!P- &lung Vol Lul -71 R, F2 t, ~-Yj " ~ Z9103M MM MEMO Sci-phys Aug " 3070276 .i~ac lainmetiam --arvieft ucxler the nev c3n. st,lt%x,a-on,, uy 'AtIviren Pev*Ulc,, *1 Up* MWXDIATIM',: Dero R!Lmft no 52 ft 1965, wo Q-13-M, JFFB Oct U5 WAV 6n, ~~olutioa an cc=puters QV rrQz, Avt;-rag" Axially ~iymwtrical rlcvwa -4url-.-Jrs"o, 4,f L. A. Doxf"n, per, Lnergoir-asidnostroecie, CIA X-7176 Jan 7C. 1~qloit I =e Iff icienUy the Advantagm of the '7 ,xv nxx=,Ic Systarv Ly Oe 'WMM;,, ~er# Pylpoe Hinz, Vol 45v lb 5* 1969s pp 67-70. *DLVt of Interior Bureau of CmamcmLal ~Uierics off im of romign Vidxwica raj 69 Utillsatim Plate of HacbLnu7 wA kaLymmt lz Zmterprises of the "23 Augmt" Won- Dxhamat, by Gboorghe Sarbw., 7 pp. NMANW.. perp 1WIR, !M292AC&P S) 19P 13 *W 1966j, PP* 19 4, JPRS 36331 GVieo,~~e- Se~r~~Yi a-ftmnipl Ecm Jul 66 At 534 C " Role of Contradictions in Development of Socialist Society$ by Ion Berbanescus 24 ppl, 1ROMATU-No pars IRta-de C404s Bucharest., no Is Jhn 72# pp .33.--4z* JPRB 55539 Apr 72 /I rr"*Umlm 4RUMUorallo and W C=toopwM im]Af tw Im 5aftwomo u pp. itUANIAtit We WM Jh 9M AW We PP 2?-35t, ims 45*866 Pal Aug 68 36L*462 Now-, q & low tw Pnftutim a ftwo 2m /0/ in ftbm ainop tw 16 slobleop & mmuw. =1116 -Iwo Emma ROOM Mw -1 T" a& no no 2m# 0 Ww ft.69_3034V y -5 0- R h e ,V-~ Sol-MIRt 81069 ]POW