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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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(NY-5100) Dft-alopz-jnt of River Tramport in the RBFM, by K. N. MAmko, 7 pp. yuU -Tsjdk-~, M8,67M, rar 3 M D Informatsii,, 2., 1961, yp 6-3-67. irw 11122 uss 3j-z &VU Dec 61 Machines MVSh-l and 3 for Unloading RR Cars, by A. I. Yefromov. RUSSIAN per, Byulleten Tokhniko-Ekono- michesk;y Informatsly, No 2. 1961, pp T7-69. *ACSI J-632S *FSTC-IIT-23-OS8-69 Sci-Mach Mar 69 " (1(y -29001'46:49 Tachnical Fxvpeoo in MocM Toa SUlddna at Enteryrisee of the lb"Wo Oblast MMM Suv=lboz, by 1. V. Gellerto 6 pp. Pma jh.Xkm 17 2jp MWrM, per,, %Iwmmn Magonate jL~ 19G1,, PP 75-77- im 9" mmm us= p4= Jul 61 (DO-5683) lyftaulic 110ttWO Of NiUU* Co&" 'a Co"Im"t Cbim# by Yu. L. ZWY*Ovo 4 PP- Mus, w ito 2 a 1,961, pp 78 - am 8444 em / ST'A ;1, 8'4 Be= jui 61 (NT-3m) The an-MB ftedw, by A. S. Pktg*,p 3 VD. RUSBIAXp _pwi. OF jwvw~~-!;j No 30 1961j, vp A.- 59. am iooe6 UWE gm sv 11 1j64, 7?7 Oly- 5J-00) New Tranoport Amilitles of the Marltim Fleet and the Pros,-Yacts for Their Dewlop- mentp by A. G- Slymv) 7 pp. HUSISM, par, By~ 'Nkh-WA &,on pp JM 11=2 USSR 74, Krj 3con rte 61 (NY-4-moll) raperle=e of the lgw4n=-%dsmy Sonarkhoz Kochlme-bAlding =A lastrimmt-MM" k"MiGes In Introduclag Group" Operaftons., by L. 0. Shermhoul., 7 pp. nl Takh-Mm Informtoll B RUOSDYC;lr a No 3 j, 1 pp 73 10,21 ftm Aug 61 (Ity-3=) The Mmmfactm- cC Ikonoolals IblIed ProtUes and liauir Ukat In PAMIm DalldlM by 1. R. &w,, 9 pp. RMIMP pw) D"I %I& famau .14.0 No 4, 1961t ~W ~~~ - im 9"T 6 C " Z USSR / / -7 Bean (NY-3000) Moch-o4zing the "Otiomp ptep"14 the ~ Metal for Sollb* ad the ?WfUng Sectlonso by P. I. Bm"bkAws A. F. Uovoy", 4 pp. RWrM, per, ftal TW&-Nm InfamUlls No 41 19as vp 3.= im 9m USSR / /0 C/ zy z f (NZ-3wo) 'the V-MS 4UUVSUW UWAWS V I. so JEW13FIXIMP is' so mawkwv 3 30 WASIMS JW1 Ito 4, 19U$, 0 W-M. im wo um 11f eV 61 (SF-1855) The Developwnt of Press .&-k A.-- in the GIRO by 0. K Rodov, 1. M. Podrobinnik, pp - WSSITMY pw4AAA2N!~ ~Infm~wtxll., No 4, .1961 pp 88-91. JM 4789 mw - Gftmww &0n Ig '21 1 ~? Aug 61 (NY-30W) Now Toohnolw bftodu"d In the IM Md Stftl Maftstry, by Ps Ge Kosto*,Ol 5 pp. RUISSIAN, par,,'Byul Takh-Ekon Wormtoll, To 59 1961p pp 3-60 - im 9w um / 6 C/ ~, Z. 3 ftm S" (a (NY-3000) god satoolum Fowl" vat at mwbwdsiog --- -0 N*BOU- :00uuautk-. 24ampm- maddus"( movouifta V. Ian 11 as" RUNM 82. Off-3wo) Agrim,twml addma Swann 1A #0 awtafew SovnutWzj by U- L 44*14* a pp. RMIMP PWP~ "a-mmmWatells J~ls 1. To 6j, 0 im 1007 I, U38R leo f, sm soy 6L preoudm orlnftr Naftl Ulb-Mp W L. x. ftdmmo 3 o. .r 2=~MADZ~MCWWJ So 70 MOM loj IAI vv a Miff-61-0 $a - no mw I.P6, 4-f I a mw 69 oct Q (MY-3000) tatroduation of Now Splymwt azA Pragmealve Teclmlogy at the ftborWIses of the U14ninckly and Yaroalavddy Bovmxkhozes., by F. V. Dmwvj, 6 pp. Rwswx BY4.1~-~Ikcft Teolustsil, Ito 7, ig6l, . gr,",,. PRO 10963 um elpf ~'4" t;ouiPment -cor Oil-Refining, by V. il'j3S-&AN, ut--v, BVU3. Tickh-11jEors IuCorrr~tttsii, US S.V Ec oal Disdwgo Mmit"ing Media and SYstsm of Automatic Charging of Alkali Storage Utteriest by Se Ve MalevaWat Yu. I. Plotnikovs S pp. RUSSIAN. per$ !WI Takh-Mm InfbT=tsii No 8,, 1961, pp 18-2Uo PIOUU632" FTL~-TT-W-1896 Sci - Energy Convwmion Oct 66 S120879 (Nr-3WO) rwging Zquipmnt mid Prooless, ay A. A. Bodwrovp 3 pp. Rmuls. vwt VW-d -Takb---X= zdmvl,gltmfls, lo 8s, 10fto w 309 JM U277 t= *7 swu /74L /-2 f Doe 61 Off-M) VW2DI MLectrlo Vacum ftmmm for PkdUag Monocryotale,, by V. Yu. gbvlrblyanskiyp V. N. Bukovo 3 pp. 71,11-ftoo wollotall Rmlm~jrp ekb Moo rufaMtldi., No 9., 1 im Ise? Lm 19(0 1?7*4 ]bon Sol - mw Sky 62 (NY-3000) igmzxxkx NEW 2KH-6YE AND KHT-VIOO PUMPS FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, BY A. N. KORNILOV, 4 PP. RUSSIAN, PER) -LL' TEKH-EKON INFORKATSSII) NO 9) xpzg*xig6l, PP-22-25- jpRs 141l3 USSR ECON JUN 62 199,915 (NY-3000) TRACTORS FOR REGIONS OF THE FAR NORTHp BY N. S. KUZNETSOV, 3 PP. RUSSIANs PER, BULL' TEKH-EKON INFORMATS11, NO 91 19611 W-71 ~-72~., ~~~ JPRS 13892 USSR ECON JUN 62 197520 EQUIPMENT FOR GAS-ELECTRIC WELDING OF MAIN PIPE LINES WITHOUT SUPPORTING WHEELSt BY YU. N. MARCHENKO.. V M. YAMPOLISKIYj 11 PP. RUSSIAN., PER).BYUL TEYtH EKON I WORMATSIII NO 10j, 1961; PP FTD-TT-62-521 SCI -ENGR AUG 62 207j,993 Automtlon and ~-nlzatlou of A&Vteultmsl Machins Buildii3g., by B. S. B%Ybwwp n pp. RUWDJ., per,, ByU3.1*tAMI -jft4jmm&kGCkMd !bay yAMLUJ -jo-M7 1961j, 6200. pp JM M32 um Econ mar 62 Mectrolytic Slitting Machine, by Yu. V. Astakho~j -q PIP, RUSSIXTI, per, Byul Tekh-Ekon Informatsii, No 11, J~~, pp 42-44. ~ ,j - --,-, ~ r 1~., I - I -- I ~~' I) D-TT-63-153 Chem7 Sci - Mectron, 12 Feb 63 The EMU-2 KLacU*mic Iagical Recordina DeVice., by P~ N. Kopsy-g=* 4 JV. RWSIAN.. per., IbMUI Tvkh- Infmza+.44 - No il,, ig6l, pp 49- 51. JPRS 15506 USSR Econ .1711.2 " -,la ? Sci - Mactron oct 62 (Wf -3M) A C=Unwxm Um for fte Ptod=Ucn of I a Wide-Melf r:Beauj, br I ' V. 0. Okamp 4L US Mwwq 3 lp. RMSIMS YW i I TIW&-Ikm MWWMt4dl,.- ND 12, 19UP NP 3*5* SM IW3 am AW., .2 a/ Imn Ajr 6e (Iiy-3=) Electro-Vacuum lwteLUatlan for the Thermal Pmeasing of HeW Sped p by D. X. Bonkovt 4 pp. RUSSM, per, Bya Takh Zkon Infomtsil, No 12, loilp W-29--310 JPRS 13508 USSR / f ;~ t, 0 .f' scon (xr-3wo) XodeU A522A, A5W., md Ma hAmatic, COVUOS-2~we ascloo-cauum muftswas by A - L trylw.. 3 pp. RMUNP s w TW& am Mdbgumuuo lb 12, ~rl im 1303 U&M Age", 131f ft= Avr 62 Railroad Tank Car CC 904M 0 Load CetpetcltYs bY P. No ftwPj 3 PP. IIUSMAN.q per., Imikm Informtj So 3.2;, 1961a PP 75-77- - PnWft'-~21.5 SCJL - sw /4?#, /#0 4 fty 6e (SF-1 Bju-') PRESENT STZTUS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS FO GROWTH OF THE SCIENTiFIC ACTIVITY OF AFFILIATES ""'D INSTITUTES OF THE ACA'DEMY OF SCIENCES USSR TRANS- FERRED TO THE STATE COMMITTEE FOR COORDINATION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OF THE COUNCUL OF MINISTERS RSF~ BY V. 0. RUZHITSKIY, 7 PP. RUSSIAN, PER, BYULLI TEKH-EKON INFORMATS11) NU 12) ig6i., PP c JPRS A24o rf- 201,267 Sw - misc (NY-3000) Remats of the Off"Nout of fte Flea of Ifew lquipma by the Raterp4ses of the YAM*ft Mut Sovnarkhftp by i. V. aellert,, 5 py, RMlklq, yer.. ByaL Tokh Aw WormwULL, NO 1.2~ 101., IT-osei JM 1303 UMR soon ftr 62 (NY-3000) PRODUCTION RESERVES OF LIGHT-SECTION AND WIRE ROLLING MILLS OF THE ENTERPRISES OF THE RSFSRj BY P. I BEREZHKOV) 7 PP. RUSSIAN, PER,, BYULLI TEKH-EKON INFORMATS11, NO 2, 1962,, PP 3-5. JPRS L3843 USSR ECON SCI - ENGR 1973A (NY-3000) SCIENTIFIC COUNCILS IN INDUSTRY) 3 PP RUSSIAN, PER, BYULLI TEKH-EKON IN DEMAIS14- No 2, 19620 P157-- JPRS 13843 SUSSR ECON mAy 62 197,315 (NY-3000) THE FERROUS METALLURGY SECTION OFTHE ENGINEERING AND ECONOMIC COUNCIL OF THE SVERDLOVSKIY SOVNARKHOZ., BY P. V. VLASOV, 5 PP. RUSSIAN, PER,-BYULLl TEKH-EKON INFORMATS11., NO 2) 1962, PP-83-,-8T.' ' JPRS n841 SUSSR ECON SCI - METALLURGY 1)7.,316 001-macial Rectifiers, by V. a. mitin. RUSSIAN., per., ByU Takh-Skon Informteii,, NO 1962., pp 23 o 24 - SCJL - Eleatrvy amer- USSR Scon 27 Noy 62 -Tr-62-1646 S:m-'I-Size Electric Motors for Automatic Coutrol ancl SipaLlng., by B. I. bz-ahteyn,, 4, P,-, FUSSIO., per,, B~na Tekh-M-= IgoTmat, 110 3, 1962) PP 34-357. JPRS 15336 USM .2- /. z " -6 -X-f " Reon oct 62 (SF-1630) A REVIEW OF THE STANDARD PROCESSES AT THE MOSCOW BY V. YE. YANIN) 6 pp. OF TECHNOLOGICAL CITY SOVNARKHOZ ENTERPRISES., RUSSIAN, PER) BYULLI TEKH-EKON INFOWT.. NO 24 3.. a 1962 ~ PP 72 '75. jpRs A638 USSR ECON JUL 62 205p6Q (sF.i83o) IN THE KALUZHSKIY SOVNARKHOZ, 3 PP. RUSSIAN, PER, BYULLI TEKH--EKON-tNFMTJ NO 3) 1962, PP 73, 7-C.- 4. jpRs 14638 USSR ECON JUL 62 2095,663 Machining of HetuU With High Rate of Deformation, by S. M. Kolesnikov. RUSSIAN, per,, ByuU Tekh Bkon Inform, No 3, 1962) PP 78-82 *FTD-m-62-49 Sci - Bagr Sep 62 (NY-1830) STEELMAKING IN OXYGEN-BLOWN CONVERTER., BY V. 1. ZHIGULINI 12 PP. RUSSIAN, PER)_B I TD94011149 riKQlAAlIGIIEGK9* INFORPIATSII., No 4., 1962~ PP 3-9 7- jpRs A590 USSR ECON H/m 205,167 SsbL-6-e (Dc,i83o) LW-POWER STEAM TURBINES, BY M. F. SICHIKOV) 10 pp ~%EN - TfgHN I KO-EKOtQI I MESKUY ~,JSSIAN2 PER, ABYU N 19 INFORMATSII, o , i9 71 pp 46-51. JPRS lWq USSR ECON SCI - ENGR AUG 62 205,867 (U DC-1830) DUAL-POOINT ROTARY VANE HYDRO TURBINE OF THE UCH-KURGAN GESp BY S. P. MIKHANOVSKIYI, 8 pp. RUSSIAN, PER: nmilil-FTENI-MKHNIKO-EKONOMICHESKOY INFORMATSii, No 4., 1962$- PP jpRs A689 USSR ECON AUG 62 205PM (NY-183o) CONTINUOUS CASTING OF RIMMED STELL TO PRODUCE HOT-ROLLED METALp BY G. M. ITSKOVICH) 11 PP. RUSSIAN, PERj 5YULLETEN' TEKHNIKOI--EKON INFORMATS11 NO 5j, 1962,, jpRs i 48Q USSR ECON Sc I . m/m AUG 62 M 208,398 (NY.i83o) OBTAINING HIGH-IRON MAGNETITE-HMATITE CONCERN- TRATES, BY N. A. ALEYNIKQVO G. A. GOLOVANOVi, ETC-o 5 PP- RUSSIAN: PE4R;,BYULLELENI-JEIQKLKO-EXQN-XLNEQBW" NO 5.- 1962p PP 11-13. jpRs i48Q USSR ECON scl - M/M Aw 62 208 Ono .4 1 .7 THE UTILIZATION OF NEW SMALL UNIT-TYPE MACHINE TOOLS IN THE PLANT IMENI LIKHACHEVI BY S. M. ZONNENBERG., 5 PP. RUSSIAN, PER., P)rULLETERI TEMEKQN.JM2RMAT~II,, NO 5) 1962, pp 38-43. . i JPRS 15509 USSR ECON ocT 62 2i2j864 SESSION OF THE:SCIENTIFIC COtfi4CIL OF THE QIAVNII (MAIN ADMINISTRATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.-INSTITUTES) OF THESTATE C"ITTEE FOR THE COORDINATION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH WORKSO BY K. M. GOREVO 14 PPO RIJSSIAN.p PER, LLETENI EKHNIVOw- Om I WORMTS I I j, NO 5o - I pp JPR5 IM9 SCI MISC SEP 62 209..550~ (W-1830) USING ALKYLARYL SULFONATE IN THE FLOTATIbN OF' f,.PP.. I's KH. U. KOVALICJ:JKt i PERP MILLUIN' JKRtq2LIWORMATSIl No 6, '1962P PP 3-5. - 1. JPRS 15207 V, ~~--M, I E T 210,141 SEP ReeWe Spwk Sed-AwknUe lbdilm M 9br the Polloblng of the WorkLog Cme of Pulvwlzwes by D. 0. OMWA. meow elm= .0 wp 104- N0 6, :Lgm, pp NL-T. JU Wt. 3M.11 1963 (5 3h6) (Lm) Ang 63 Impectioa of the Level of Teelmol cal, Pmeeacen at Enterprises of the Moscow City SomarkhoZ , by V. Yo. YanIT, - 4 pp. ~40;j RUSWIi. per, B.,Z~~ Tekbx Wormataii., No 6,0 i962, pp 84-86. Jm 15293 USSR Y 3= Oct 062 Use 9f PAM Ewth Nots" In 8 by V. F. 0 1. V. amwjp 5 IV* M- null# pers RvdLielft, Ismoko4lkyl 1 1010% 20crilmal- N a* 3 - JM 2643 um Dm Noy 69 a III 13:rs, - Presom (it the VMVWsb BW7 POM Prms PJ=ts by 46 A. Dnl&Mp 9~- 4&-,k -&~ I dnbaabff =MR* Per# -49ANdM. -- i*s - WIS lb To usmt Em &d - BAP O~t 6R GEAR CUTTING MACHINE TOOLS OF THE YEGORIYEVSK WASOMOLETS MACHINE TOOL BUILDING PLANT, BY YE. V. GARANIN.. 4 PP RUSSIAN) PER, BYULLETENI TAMNIKO-EKONOMI.CHI~SKOY INFORMATSII,. NO i.0 hi A. JPRS, 15821 USSR ECON NOv 62 215..130 Equipment in Agricultural Production, by V. I. Lozovoy,, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per,~Byulletenl Tekhniko-Edonmicbeskoy lnfoMit-d~t, No 7., -1901 pp 57-60. JPRS 15853 USSR Econ Nov 62 Minsk Tractor Plant Production., by P. I. Boykov, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, D.MLUetenl T&kn1kn-Fknnomjcbeskov Infonnataii) No 7; 1962; pp 60-63- JPRS 15853 USSR Ecoa Nov 62 Machinery for Animal Husbandry) by G. A. Lobanovskiy) 4 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Byulleten' Tekhaiko-Edoncmicbeskoy Info mats1ii No 7) 1962p pp 63-66. - rm~t-sllii JFRS 15853 USSR Econ Nov 62 ROLE OF AFFILIATES OF THE ACADEMYOF SCIENCES USSR IN DEVELOPING THE AGRICULTURE OF THE OUNTRT, BY K. P. DRACHEVSKIY., UX L. A. POPOV,, 6 pp. RUSSIAN) PER, BYULLETEN' TEKHMIKO.- KM0ffLHE!%0Y I NFO"TS, I I I NO 7) 1962s PP 7MO- jpRs 16777 SCI - MISC JAN 63 2181973 MO-Straoft AUAP fm DIWJAM VDQU* bwA S. Pollsk,p 5 mp. ulahms ll~"- wwwo Iwo 2dmw in v -man# lb 8* 30% w ~V& me IM3 usm ba NOV 69 a 11;.3 Ty - THE VPU-L PORTABLE VIBR04ETER., BY V. P. PRIVEZENTSEvj, 5 PP. RUSSIAN., PER., MLLMFA-I-TEKHNIKOEKONOMICHESKOY INFORMATSI-1, No 8, 1962s Pp JPRS, i66og 19URX BLLXKXKW SCI - ENGR 218,365 The MT6 Transistorized MetalJ~ocator.* bY Ye. L. Kritekly, M. N. Mineter2 4 pp. RUSSIAN, perP Byuilettnt-2akhnikgjlkonomicheakoy Informatsii, No -8, 1962, pp 47-48. jpRs 166og N Sci Engr Dec 62 CONFERENCE ON PROBLEMS OF RUBBERIZING OF EQUIPMENT BY P. 1. BOGATYREVO 5 PP. RUSSIAN PER BYUL TEKHNlK9-80E!gg"lCHE- SK0 INtORMAtSil' 19621---Pp- JPRS 1%65 USSR ECON Nov 62 215P099 SYSTEMS FOR UNDERGROUND QUARTZITES AT THE KURSK BY V. 1. TERENTIYEVO G. 7 PP. V0ORKING OF FERRUIGINOUS MAGNETIC ANOMALYo M. BABAYANTS, ET ALo RUSS I AN, PER,,. B'YULLETLU I TFKliN I Kn-FKC*rM I WFSKOY INFORMATS11, NO 10., 1962., PP 3-8. . ........ ..... JPRS 17423 USSR ECON SCI w ENGR FEB 63 221.,268 THE ElECTRIC MOLETEN-SLAG METHOD OF SMELTING STEEL, BY G. P. MALIKOvo 7 PP- RIJISSIANj PER., BYU ETEN' TEKKNIKOmEKONOMICHESKOY INFO RMA TSIIj NO 10o 1962p PP 8-13. JPRS 17423 USSR ECON SCI - ENGR FEB 63 221.,269 IWROVING THE "LITY OF LOW-CARBON STEEL FOR COLD-ROLLED PLATESq BY D. A. LITVINENKOj 5 PP. RUSSiAN) PER16BYULLETENI TEKKNIK06-EKONOMICHESKOY INFORMATS11, No io, 1962, pp 13.16-.- JPRs 17423 USSR ECON SCI - ENGR FEB 63 nIS270 Z-- ; I I -, , w ." , 1~: I . : f Fl~ ~~ THE CONSTRUCTION OF FIXED GAS TURBINES IN THE RSFSRj BY M. F. SICHIKOV, 9 PP. RUSSIAN: PER, BYULLUSAI-TEKHNIKO- EKONOMLQJESWY -- INFORMATSIINO 11, 1962) RR PP 65-69. JPRS 16961 USSR ECON SCI - ENGR JAN 63 218j,942 EXPERIMENTAL HYDROGENERATOR OF THE VOLZHSKAYA GES IMENI 22ND PARTY CONGRESS, BY E. V. SHKOLINIKI G. B. PINSKIYj ET AL., 6 pp. RUSSIAN, PER, BYULLETEN' . ----TQKHNjLQ- EKONOMICHESKOY INFORMATS11, NO 11j, 1962j, JPRS 17238 USSR ECO14 SC I E14GR JAN 03 220,626 PLAN FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND RXPRACTICAL CONSTRUCTION WORK FOR 1963 INPOWER AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: BY M. 1. FUGENFIROVj P. N. ZHURAVLEV: 7 PP- RUSSIAN, PER, DJULLEIE111-11MIUM- EKONOM -ICHESKOY INFORMATSII~ NO 11, 1)062) Pp cz:~-O-- JPRS 17286 USSR ECON JAN 63 22o,625 ON THE WORK OF TLE INDUSTRY OF THE RSFSR PAVILION AT THE VDNKHj OF THE USSR IN 1962,p BY A. F. GONCHARIK, 7 PP- RUSSIANO PER:_BYULLETEN' TEKHNIKO-EKONOMICHESKOY INFORMATS119 NO 11) iga- pp 90-92. JPRS 17471 USSR ECON Fm 63 221)313 F '01"I Iva .1, Ell RI N lr P H EAT I NG OF OP .TWAL EN-;HEARTWrU"a$v lTli~j GAS, BY L. M. . , . YEFJMOT.~-~ RUSSIAN PER, BYULLETENIJE. J~ E%Ot I NFORMATS I I No:: 12 19 Rs: JP , USSR tCON t4AY 63 Ai _17 PARTIALLY DEMME D.- A. LITVINENKOj~-,--7,-E RUMAN, PERo,6YOLL I p ,ANEW SERIES OF DAZO. I -d BY.I. L. KLEYXIflAN -I "'s LY, RUSSIAN, PER, 8YULLET I W TEYN I 1040M.1 ic~v INFORMATS11, NO 4 -;k :P0 06 p . , JPRS: 2 0079 USSR ECON JUL 63 7~7777-777777- HFAT RECOVERY "CEM.,' TITS OF FER 4; K RUSS IAN.,, PER' :...~ I i0-04 KON of 4 6 - 2. :PP 3 ,. -11P USSR ECON SEP 63 - - '. , ; I- -i.FII'..- - - , - - . - I.; , ~i. - ; - , .... . I ", ~~, i .- - ~ I I R-2931163 In the State Committee of the RSFSR Council of Ministers Concernin,6 the Coordination of Scientific Research = Works. De-4VWe- 9WO. YU RUSSIAN, bk, Byulleten': Tekbniko-Ekonomicheskoy Informatsii, Moscow, 1963) PP 76-79- USSR Scon Sep 63