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ThcuZhtu at the Completion OA" the Automation of the Last" Svion Local Net of Scuol-Sch',Llv, by Chr. Ba-d-m,=, 11 pp. FRENCH, 1er, Poat2pjjNn~Vh -larhonen. is. ".e..t T~ 156u) pp 20-25. T-SMIA H-6767B/60 WE Switzerland Ecan - telephone net oct 6o Postal Fee Booklet, 55 pp. UWLASSVICD % GERMt;N4 bk, PostgebuhreWaft, Berliu.. 1 Jul 1957, pp I ~Va JM/DC-L- 298 1 . .10 El - Germany Econ - Postal Rates Wy 58 'er 4t'; / .7 / Die Potent A' altbooric und anv Anstandung auf Grun&ufgabon der cathemUschan, Ph_isik. 1957., bj Gunter, N. M. Wwmlated from the Russlan editl0nj (19-1. DSIR 517-547-42 Lending Lib Unit G. 11,r(;2/0 Gravitj Jyatw. Ito C(rplvtn :X~V~P'itloz azo~ C;or-,-.-.t Zxteu~;--Icr., by B. Pttcc3.=snn SCj= R4c!:+izc PP- Nc ''c A The Potsdam Gravity System, Its Complete Defiaitionv and.Its Accurate Assignment, b,, E. Rieckmann, S. Ge=an, GEMAN., bk, Das Potsdamer Schweresystem Seine Vollstandige DefinItion und Seine R.:chtige Ubertragtmg, 1957, 35 PP. *ACIC Sci - Phys Sep CO TRIAL OF SPIROG"HIC SYtlPTOMATOLOGY APPLIED TO PNEUM.OLOGY., PY M. CARA) P. SADOUL, 13 PP- FREPICH,PER, LE POMON NOS 5-6, 1553, PP 2LI~5-327, I NIH (3~34-62 ~ I SCI - IMED 21 ~ " 7 4 -,j OCT 02 PHYSICAL LASES FOR A VENTILATORY l,,E--liAi '!ICS TEST WITH APPLILATIONIN TO ~INESITHERAPY~. THE CURVE OF Nkj.-ED EXPIRATION, EXPERIMENTAL RLELATIOfiSHIP WITH 1-1AXIMAL VD:TILATi(;l;, UY M. CAI-.,A, 11 PP. F R-Ei ,'- Ip EL E P 0 U! -io."u p p 4 o 7 - 4 1 -1 MH ~;-10-62 S'~' I - MLD 213,720 OC'T 62 Uirwic J,uh.cutary Jefloidosis, ily J. lwiller~umu Ot al. 231f. cr, Vou-ion Locu., Vol 2U, 1564, pp t '"vy 51W',' 1171 17,70-7 Standnrdization of Functional Respirntary Tests in Countries of the European Coal and Steel Community (S70C), by D. joureset. FR4'.'ICF,, per, Foumon et la Coour, No 10, 1960, pp 1145-1159. NTC 72-10342-06J Apr 72 For the Unity of the intemational Co.-mranict 'eloveLaent, by lierre Vi-Ilon, -)~C) pp. r, t, I'c~ur i 'Unitt' du -iouvt,aen-,,.- lritcmati,Dnai. Debit of Languages North Claroiina "itate College ici Feb r-,4 mwddow TroUI4 6 M PREWHO fte bagg I ou 1964, Ead to OAIRA Brame" AF iiiA264 CDW V. Eur - belskum Mil Dee 64 270#M Miy the War in Vietnam. FRENCH, per, Pourguoi la Guerra au Viet-Nam, pp 1-31. .JPIZS/L)C-15241 .1-22US/O Aur - France Ai I Jun 07 ~ a 6 1 1(0(s Interview AWM Tabombe an the Drath of Luuwmba, by Pierre Davisper, 16 pp. FRENCHO pas PTggd Pass 31 Ian 19649 pp 4-70 9-1L JPRS 23947 WE-France POI Mar 64 2S3,088 Ma bnuenoe of Caton an the SftwWQ of the BmA Betwen IV= and MAte and Outift RbWt by B.I. popels N.K. Dahemll". NJBSIAN, rjptj, Mayarkhmostme Taylonlyu v N*UU. PP I)O-INN 801/ikt jWy 69 3BT-388 U.S.A. by I... !Iedlteyj, 16 jm~ . 1p RCur YuZoAavia Sociologiml (sr-.uoo) HarkinV of Fire Rrigade Chiefs, 4 pp. CZECH, ptr,, Potam' Tochulot No 12, 1961, p 235. ipm Igooo ZDAr - Czech Ku / '5- a .z Mar 62 THE FUTURE OF WATER MANAGEMENT AND FIRE PROTECTION, BY KAROL FORGAc, 6 pp. CZEC,Hx PER PO L-TECHNIKA VOL X~ NO 62 i~621 pp i4lw 5- JPRS - t6316a-i/II. " " . EEUR - CZECH ECON DEc 62 217,125 it-goo (NY-20A ) To Reach a Destelve 2Wwvw In CoasUrmUm, laulav Xabsum, LO PP6 W& Men wain on RDW). CZ= per qv*"*& TOL "P No as PIrsow, Mw cffth Um Ca"tMatlan Doc 5a Coutruction in Ostrm Vaj (Oxacbm"Taklal., by Cyril Bucht:UL., Stanislhv 8=11m.. (wk rem rtpt cm =I , 234). c2m.. per, Pozowl ota*yo Preaws Oct 1958., py 505-510a CIA/= &a 2073 130 a Cmeboalovakia um Feb 59 p1, ,///f (949x-*) Bt4Sp* WMCh RMM 3k WM 0=000 L* t0 501W the SWULM ftgblol4 tW Oldrift VAbor, gyps on, "r lu Vzo PISDA's ldvwwmof-~; go U's JM IA77-9 jimc a Cw*oh am - O=S*Vcticat Natmin 45r fty 59 0 W/I (4140-13) Sme Corbalusima frm the ItUand UNUM ON b"Gt- mmt OopstruaUccj b7 Zwusuv umnas a PD. 020M, port TOMMI StW*Yjp *a Wo DD no hugms 19~8p pp W~;~- ~-- 00 A77-9 gem - cm5ftwums somia 00mcni"s uff"twt comtruatim MY 59 yil~ 11,11,9 Stendea-la for the amith of Ubor "ad tba Groith of tmerz4r. Wa4r-.-) ina th-o Co--~ st-ruCtica 1"4 =-7) by Mroslav Lu"wea. (vr4 E-coa Rpt ou mr, 253) CZECH., per, Pox Stalby, PraVe, Isar 19c" rp cm/m s4a :2266 Mur - Czeahwlovakis Econ J~jj rg Mmelop---nt and Chiaf Twks of the -Pramtav- =ztimal M31.6orprzioaj, by Aloia Axler. (WL He= MPT, an Xhir.. 260) MMS perp Found Btpbyo No 3, Frasm, Wr 1959, pp ~IU6. CIA/= On 22M -V&lr - ftatlwalovakla 3= Aus 59 F3,1 9 --=rl E. (NY-30T9). ILdustrial Investment Development In Uati nad Libe.,a Kraj for 1955 to 1960, by Petr Novozq--rk,.-,. J L 6 PP. czXEH, per, Pozemi--Stf%voy" NO 7, .1959, PP j4'3-353- JPRO-2071-N SEur - Czechoslovakia Oyer -Peon - lAdLwtry r--,z 59 bmatumt cwoju~ in du Nm Lobw smi a by Lub=ir Pariki POIA a 0 P.Orimwl Buftp Do 19590 praval pp 618-6m. .. , FM Sun 2W XAw - CaschWovWda X= - c=strucuou ///, .2 ~~ mw 6o cowliot Stavloy, No 1, !,,16-j, P-mole, "'Eur - Z celhoalova Ida Eco" - Con5truction Au,g 60 0 Qut c k pp ViaIt-Alc ty~,,XO'431~- -,tavby, 671 uyac~uL um uijiy ZR" ver, Vpzermi Staftyl NO 5j "11,:60) pp 231-23h JM 7633 Mur Czecboelowkis Neon Feb 61 Prospects for Technical Dovelopment in Construction. YOM CZWH# per,, Pozemal Stavby,, 1960# pp 235-240. FM Sum 2651 llur-Czechoslavakia COPYRMHr Econ-Construction jul 6o (Ai -4552) Techaical Development of IndustriAl Coustructiou, 12 pp. %?ICTI-L USE 02W u%=, per,. Pozemni Mvby, No 51 1960, PP 240-243, ims '1633 E?,= - Cwchoalorskis 3con ;~ub 61 (irl-4552) rilcohniCal. DaYelopMot to FubUc and Apartment Eoulng) 16 pp. CMCAIAL USE CELT CZZC:H) p*rp Pozqjq;4 8~~ ~Wj So 5,p 1960, PP 243-248- JM 7633 ZTU~ - 'Jw~:ho6lov"La Ezoa Fab 61 cop"MM On the Developme-r-t of Private Apart=ut by ulosrupll ZM oldriebL Stibor, 16 pp. 11 VIDIL, U= GLYY per...Pozemni Stavby, go 5s 1960t PP 263-26'r. MAS 7633 =ur - czcchoalomkia Econ COPS. IGHT Fab 61 Al iN r, tv n i n Gail e T." - Swwby D/O= 278-2 E ;tujz Gri (DC-5397) Hav Our Construction Ibdustry Cbaapd in the Sea*W Five-Y*w PUn,, by Diadtr Sttljw2cw,, P. Rwd~~jp Cyril Dwbtikp ftvel DMe. 13 PP. OMOUL Um =I C=R,, Ver,, ftem" BUftyp So 22; 1960p pp W-621. JM 8127 Itur - Csochoslovskla Boot 7,t) ',(-'L!J L (DC-5- i Construction in 1961-19650 by C. Beran, 8 pp. 0" IC IAL USE MX U V CIH, per, Poze-mn,l. Ste-V-1.4 No li 1961, PP 1-3 JM 8436 CCFTRMBT IMur - Czechoslovakia jun 61 Tr,- Ktarf,'i k I r"T 'I L~lv ~Lnc OUD I CC i3mo ExpCninciltv-1 16 Do* I'vi-, ljo:emi Stivb,!, iol lio SN t5-3117~ JN~'~ 115W 62, (DO-5965) A Comparison of Pre-ftoduatlattPrepamt1m ln Cmatructim and In Msablm BQlldlMs by Jlri 3t4rba., 20 pq a OF== UEM OW =M,9 Pori, pozmi stavw. No lop 19fto BMW - C 4/(o 7 Rom Fab 62 (Dc-~965) EvalilatUm of Experlmmtal Ocoatruatlm Object. ivan,, 24 w. wn= ta a= =Mj, Per# IN990li-BUAWs No 20j, 3.963.p PP 522-324j, 541-545. PM 319% Mur 0 CM- FIC(a I/If-2, Id-or Fab C,.2 (De-;5_965) For Iqpxvvint,~ Vork Discipline aud State MjcjpjAli,,~ in Cowr truction., by Aloia Lo:;ccl:., 6 pp ~ oinicity, USE ONLY CZEM,, per., Pozeml Stavby,, No 11, 1961, !M 565-566. JPRS IM12 EZur - Czeehoslovakia Econ .2- Feb 62 3-5c''; "ion c~ unlti..C~ Cmerate, by Jzn Prulik, 19 pp, 0-MCLfIl ME W~,-.'Y WAK, per, Pozemi Stavbys No 11, 1961) pp 606-613. ipra 12012 Mxr - Czechoolove3dr- 44, ~72.3 Leon rob 62 THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR MUST ASSUME MORE OF THE CHARACTER OF LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION., BY ALOIS LOSTAK., 6 pp. CZECH, PERs POZEMNI STAVBYj NO 10, 1962: PP 505-506. JPRS 15902 EEUR-CZECHOSLOVAKIA ECON. OCT 62 215..052 LET US INSURE THE FULFILLMENT or THE TASK OF TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT BY INCREASING PERSONAL MATERIAL INCENTIVE, BY DR. MILAN SKACEL CZECH, PER, POZEMNI STAVBYj NO 10, 1962, PP 507-508 JPRS 15902 EEUR-CZECHOSLOVAKIA ECON mov 62 215,1111 CONCENTRATED Ell EFFORTS MUST BE DIRECTED TOWARD THE MOST IMPORTANT COf4STRUCTION TASKS: BY KKKi= BOHUM I L VONDRACEK, 7 PP. GOVER44ENT USE ONLY CZECH, PER) POZDINI STAVBY: VOL X, 140 11, NOV I)u-2, PP 565-566. JPRS 1702~ EEUR - CZECH ECON JAN 63 215)126 ReducLng the Excessive Number at UnftWshed Coxk- stnictio= Through the Raod L%Mndon of C=Wlaw Facilitle , byMiroday Baloblavok, 19 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY - CZECH* per, Pozemn' Stavby,, Val U. No 12, 1963, F 629-633. PRS GUO 244 EE-Kczochoslovajda Econ Apr 64 253,787 ORGANIZATION OF PRODUCTION UNITS FOR MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION OF PANEL BUILDING IN BRNO AND OSTRAVA AREAS., BY OLDRICH NOVOTNYq FRANTISEK LAWLj, 14 PP. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECHO PER, POZEMNI STAVBY; VOL XIj- NO 5j, 1963., PP 27&278. JPRS GUO: 143 EEUR - CZECHOSLOVAKIA ECON , JUL 63 2371592 Planning the Productivi of Work In the Building 12 pp. --- 1W GOVERYMWT USE 01, y CZECH per, Pozwnni Stomby, Vol U, No 2, 1964, pp 53-A. JPRS GUO: 278 EE-Czechos Econ May 64 259s994 Problems of Work and Remunerations by Joad ZikhoTik, Zdanek Vodeltas 60 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY CZECH, per Pozemni Staybys Vol XU. No 4. 1964 pp 65:U. JPFJ GUO: 398 EEur - Czechoslovakia Econ Sep 64 266,396 New Structural SyMp for Tall Buildinp,, by Vaclav Rojik, 21 ppe GOVERNbUM USE ONLY CZECHj por,, Pozemni Stayby,, Val X11, No 4,, 1964 pp 141-147. JPWA GUO: 398 REur - Czachoslovskida Econ Sep 64 266,395 L.oadtng Care for TraospwWon by RaUs by Alex Seckar, 12 pp, C7.HXM per, Pozemni Stayby. Vol XU, No 5. 1964g, pp 2W~21L - ACSI 1-5417 M 220034764 HEur - CzechoBlovolda Econ Sep 64 266,876 L~amt Formations in the Julian ") by D. Kbwaa-.-ric., S pp. POLWH., per, Po"g ftiat Vol VM No 8,, 196op pp 12-16. (cau fte ;;S ANS M" - Mloulavift IUL,147 100 -1 -/ kpr 61 Problems cf Lic)rgunix PiEpents with Respect to C,--tiL,uls, by I.I. Ki-cnz. POLISH) per, Pozncn Ifuze= lkrodxo-W Pommitz- Studli, I'lu--Cvln'C, No 3, 1,157) pp 55-lf-,-I- CSIRO-Nu 7616 u Sci - Jul LS7 3311,107 %oftimsum md aw NWVWM most=* bw JUI ZUWA4 U JPV - ffil a m "".,A . - n bkp plww~ P 13 my i~- IMv W-P W-W- am kl9a am 9"4" 5vt 67 Wow? The Growth and ft"onal amwa in Coate of Fur-Brood R"WO by.T. Gedyn" POLMR. per, PoznAnWe Tow&rAYSM Przy*w Na* Vol j[, No 50 p; I-M CM/No 6M scl - Bloll Fab 64 2WO406 jDD ieaw ~ae L'.6tt Secaltivity or Ibloacu-sl1w salts,, by ~:aclav Ilojciak, 32 pp. =SIR., per, Pommuskil. Tovartystwo PrzyAj ii .'--'Uk, YO-1 VIV No 0 Ww"ZO 19510 pp 1-26. CIA/FD*-" -ur - Poland 1-ientific - Cbemistry Jon 54 60-212" Szczefbinaki, W. and Szymanski, S. RESEARCHERS ON THE IRREGULARITIES IN THE 1. Szererbinski. W. MORPHOLOGICAL STRUCTURE OF THE YOU!i~ H. Szymanski, S. 79IS L.) (Badants nwid SCOTCH PINE (FLNUS ~It.VIES M. PL-480 Agr (60-21229) Nieprawidlowosciamt w Budovote MorfolGgtC2nel IV. National Science Foun- Mlode) Soany Pospolitel (Pinue FkjIvestrAp L )). tr. by dation. Wastilngton. D. C. Fanny Flarwi. 1,961, 17p. 29 refs. PL- W Agr. Order froin OTS $0.50 60 - 2! 229 Tranfi. of Poznanskle Towarzyetwo Przyjaciol Nauk. [Bulletin, Ser. B. Sciences, Mathernatiques et Natorellesl (Poland) L957, it. 4, no. 2. p. 1-66. DUSCRMORS~ 'Pine, Age. GrowtN *Trees. Plantc Of t%e morphological irregularities caused by ex- terrial aFentti the most liarmful economically are lvrvsha~vd ~kluble topped trem which are the result o, ioury or Jr.-itruction of the upper bud or leader and (ALgr,.cult.1re--P1,;nt Cultivation, Tr, v. 7, tic. 10) 0;4-,+ T-k-4-1 (o ve r) PrZyjaciul. 4L r (, Z; I w rlue I,racu j.06dse ~:ilt, 11'roz 'ff" r Uo 'Z I-L 75-~~,- ~,U,1'-, I ~~,i I , ~.,; 1~, I ~,;. I to ~~j, t rzy. Appamtus for InvestUatijon of Elgatron p&=- mgnetio ResmRnmg by J. Stankandd, 21 pp. POLISIII per, fgeEwdm-LcWNawgam 2w LW*t Kade-ja &USdEas 9"as- Vol lit NO 29 1964p pp M7-243. PlOOM868~q FTD-HT-66-333 Soi/Pbys Sept 68 364,9i8 vroton !Al-ibtert Uy B. Sanniecki- POLIjil, I)or* oznmskic Towarzystwo przyj- cioi NM7. WoUsia f-:atematzczno- > a---Prwas Vol XI,, No 7. pp 245-249p I rzyrlxbucz 1-V4-. *YFD-Tr-65-2052 sci- Jan 66 won@ In the ambarso tv re 000" wremp 26 pp. WMp Vwp Lbaw ftl != 19391 ) pp I.W. ((*u i~tdiMb 3t I ft m a 170, 'IJ-7 =/A ows Oct 6L (DC-1982) Construction Materials: the Dy PrdbUm of.our Construction, by Renrik Pm1e, 6 pp. LIMMIPM MXAKO 4 per,, Pmea. SCL24,, Bratislava,, 28 &mowy 1958, p 4. A~- US JM/W-L-424 EEur - Czechoolovakie Eco - Conotructlen Wterialgi //,~ -4" lAbor Flucaotim Rmo=s RmultBs by StRWAlaw soom, 11 pp. LMH vw...-IZabezalecnmiespdec=, POLM, per', No 31,1964applir. JPRS 24612 EE-Polmid sm May 64 2590920 MY-$ " ppe ' 'n 'u wage Strucam In LUAh"M90MUP BWOZ=W. 0! POLISH, per, No 381964,, plok2M7. = JPRS 24612 RE-Pollm soc May 64 239t921 ,1--u 11olich Tentative Standari f or the Sampling of coel for Cbemical Amlysts,, by W. Budryk, P=aff., p~w,, Prace BaAswcza G.JamesD last Gow- Mictwd KGMMLutV so 61, 1M. Dapt of Int US Bur of Hims central ftw Su Pitts. 0 Pa. Tr 230 Sci ft Chem J= 59 Covem-Ing Peak 14ade tUr Overloading Afta Tur- bines. by J. Tr*. CZECEO pert Moe M'Uf Pmea Vol 2, No 3,, 1964, pp 43-50. ITLL Ref: 90M.09 (4640) Sa-amM Ccnv. Aug 68 3461o731 oc-u64 Mcasurement of Vibrations From Blasting Operations, by lumost Dvorak. czall, )or, Prace Gcofyri'lmlni!co U~,taou CSAV (Geofz(t . u ~' ';' '.I Sbor I;u 4,-1, Fraeue, 1)5'., r43-55'. 00-1164 (DC-1968) Measurement of Vibrations From Rlasting Operaticas, by Arnost Dvorak., 14 pp. MICH., pasoolet, Prace Geofyei%&Mho Untswu CUV (Geofysikalni Sbom-ik'1~56), No 49, Praguet 1956, Pp 543-553. us jpfls/bc-L-656 Scl. - Geophysics, seismology 191.1 1 IV ~r The General Stoke3 Function and the Functions Derived From it, by Milos Pick. CZECH,, per, Praw GeoWsikaluiho, USUVU Ceskoslovensre" AkadealO Vedo, No 1960, pp 1-34. ACIC TC-1151 Sci-E. Sci Jul 67 3310443 CloWijwss in Poland, by '.A'incenty Ok-otmicz. 1, 'or, Pracc (;cogxaficziic -o 54,, 196" I 1 .1 ~p r- ~Y 1_1~; 11 Cl-~)T! '17 6'~ - C. 1') 3 1 _*~ Ic! - '..j 'Ct ")U '0(' - , ~',Jj zzt=ti= of A' On La Acit. frca Voialcu3ALr Scaveed (Pww vimleaUmm), by D. Omcbelake, T. Urbomki. PM Ws Fra" GZWSj V4 IT, No 2.. 1VAl vv m4l IM cou"Is ommos V so 64 Sol - Cbm my 60 hidvioa. katul. I A~ Tj i 1: -D li~ "l-) I IJOO.~~ AjLk_111,L ARIA L4tLLhA (VAN,) a 'I'veeww.. I I.afx)td!m )~rw rvt-l 0, v';ika I t kM" 'o pjuafLa M~J(a(VAIIQ '~Jel) 'r- toy S'flqall Luk~xiiiki. 1()621871). b2rofs. PL-4WAgr (-Jr,ier frurn M S $ 1. 01) 60- 2123S 1 c)s of Inhly"Ut Qq0O%vq-q lwe-sniowa. Prace (Poland) IIJS~, no. 1~4. p. 1-96. D1.'A KINIM.S. *Fowtony, IiLes. *S4)rtkv, Diwalies, *Pjfjihill~ irofecwl~M' 1-unguoil Infectio"E4, Etiology, 'Pebt cwlrol' *Fungl. "Culture media. 60- 211135 1. Title- Artrull4sia 1. Manu, K. 1. FLASO Agr (60-2t235) N&tIU(191.SC1e11CeF(XUkJA- tion. Washipgtoro. D. (7 lhio,i%urk, perfurmedun the teritorytifthe Andryclwyw F ui v*.try District, and In the laboratory of the Univi:rPo(y W Poznan Phytopathology [*Mrtinen: em- bra~:et- investigationio on the symptorns and reascons for the Jying out U spruce forests. *nw principaA method 116 IN111111" IWI*" (Agriculture- -I'Lant Cultivation, rr, v. 10, no. 1) (over) Studios in and Observations of Armillaria "'Ollea (Vahl,) ,xiel. as Cvze of 41ass ~,tand lNe-crouse,, by Zenon Tuarwski, et al, POLI&I,, por,, Prace Ins$Xtutu liadawczago Lesnictwa 192, 1959, pp 1-629 *CF-141 Trs 57031 EL'-Polund Sci/kart% Sci Fol) 66 A I-seth6d for WfUing tho Translucency of the Stand Canopy$ by Stanislaw, 80 p, POLIFUIR 14r, Prace Instytutu Hadawczago Lesuictwa. Ao 202, 1960, P 1-90. *CRZTT-I~ C-6-57027 L'U-Poland Sci/Earth Sci Feb 66 Morpholooe and An&Uvda Iffestiptims of Pine (pinus sylvefftria) Mycorbize, In 7brests of the National Park of bialcrA*z Pbr- Res. Inst. by R. Packlevskij.4. Pachlevskap 48 309 pa= Wq Prac* Inst. Sadmezy Le NO.& 205 pp 1:i~ *ms TT 65-50352 SYMI MI-IbIr Sci/m Apr 65 The Development of Shakes in Beech Logs. The Analysis of Causes and Preventive Ecasures, by 1. Pefxitny POLISH, per, InsUtut Badawczy Lesnictwa. Warsaw Prace, iio 66, 1961, pp 12-4-9 :,,Tc 7i-16767-11L Feb 7z itibridizatien of Pcplars, by S. lygZki0wiczp 'elewski. 177 jr)p. rm 0 lmjU,cil,, ~x-r# Prace InsUtatm Badawczeclo M- Iesnift.-iag, No 1961# pp 3-190. 7-5026 sciA) and rav 69 380 g, 166 U11 Elk(; :4jCjtrwj-a) of t,'Jailt in tile Ne!d1l), -,vatiunal i'Uh ow LySi It: L.U, C~ttf~~,, ,itkk ~41UCIA to Vic 11ilifui, u-,r Tadvusz uu~ijdt, 3-14,15i; Studies an Ifycotraphism of Sprucep Picea Imel" Lk. In Poland, by T. D=Xdk, Mff - . per., Prace inst. Dadxn!!Z No 209,. 1961., pp 59-102, *ON TT 65-50356 am MI-Pol SCI/M Apr 65 F-Veriments with inoculation of Agricultural Lamf with Nicrobial Conosis from Forest Sollss, by Tadeusz Dominiks, POUS11. per. Pre Instymu Badwasgo Lqs~ mutma S No 210,, MIS Pp IQ3-16z. CFST1 65-50351 Vrou ObsorvationS of tlic ,w3 j%ppoprancc of the iiesteni spacia of the I-line Saw Fly. 6y Jerzy i;urzynski, 24 1). NLI:;ii, per, Prace Instytutu i3adawczo~.O Wsnictua, lio 214, 1961, pp 89-112. W 66-:MS3 sci/cart"I :Jci Feb 66 An Attempt at Natural Isolatice of Mycorrhizal Fungi From Arable Soils and Barrow in the Environs of Szczecin, by Tadeusz Dominik. POLISH, per, Prace ln3!XtUtU B&dSWCZ*90 14$niCtWa No 227, 19610 pp 3.3 , CPSTI TT 66-57019 Sci/Agri Jul 67 331,341 ~Audics an the :Ycotropiiyp of Plant msacjations in Via "raborz Piuall Aiature P43crve, by T, Dow-biA antl ,. ..pjciocliousku, POLMI, par, 11'raco Instytutu baduumago Lasnictwb ,Iu 228, Did, pp St)-55. *CR>TI '171' U-7-56024 "16-111.i~ri Dec 66 I.cological lavestirations on f:~ycoflora of ,.$oLe Forest Types in Ilialowien .'ational Park, by 'lenry): Orlos. 49 ij. PoLl Icr, Pram lnstytutu 6a4iawcze),,O Lcsnictwa. ,la 229, 1961. i)p S7-106. *CRITI Tif 66-S7023 il-Poland Sci/Earth Scl Feb 66 Controlling Cryptorrityuchus lAq)uti.1 L. an Cultivated ..illows, by Zbi,,;niew ScJtaudder. 2s J,q V~,tLL~sp per, Ilracc Instytutu lladauczoj~o Lesnictwa, ~.o 249, 1962, pl) 225-ISu. *LFSTI Tf 06-5703S oci/,'-~artat ;ci Feb U, Investigations an Ifycorthizal Fungi in Dying Forest Stands on Arable Soils,, by Tadeusz Dodnik. POLISH, per, Prace Instytutu Badmezero Lesnictwa No 257, 1963, pp 3-27 CFST1 TT 66-57020 sci/B&?.[ Jul 67 331.342 Occurrence of Douglas Fir in Various Polish Standst by Ta&usz Dowinik, POUbkl,, per, Trace Instytutu Badamemo LOSIO nictwas No 2550 19630 pp 29-59, allTrTT 6S-50353 Sci-84M or A&A Nov 66 313g932 Investipticas ad Weatrophism of Scotch Pins Association In Ywestry Mstrict StarzenJm,, by T. Daminik.. T. Jgaftjp 9 pp. POLM, Pero Rm]!ta DRdmozy Umnletys Prue., No. 259., 1963s 99 61-69- *OW TT 65-5035T By= MI-Pol sci/lm* Apr 65 Investigations on the Annual Dynamics of !Vcorrhizao in 40-yoar old Spruce Stands, by Zenon Tvamski, 32 1), POUSil, per, Prue InsWESUH Badawczego. Lesnictwas, 40 260p M39 pp 71-102. *CNTI Tr 60-57030 LE-Poland ,~;Cipnrth sci Feb 66 Suillus Grevillei (Klotzsch) Sin,-. and SitdIlms Auruginuscens (secr.) Senll Fungi Bialmie2a CArdon of 8otany and In the !-faltagod Part of Dialowieza Forest, by Romm Paclilowski. IS p. PUIIII%I,. per, Prace Instytutu Hadowczego Lesnictwa No, 262,, 19639 pp 103:117. *CFSTI 'ff 66-57024 0:-Poland sciAzirth Scl Feb 66 Illsects Fcoding on Polish Lardl, by Jan Jerzy Karpinski. 43 p. VIOLL3,11, par, Prace Inst8utu ~admfczcgo Le-saictita, No 2b5,, 19631, pp 3-5 . *Cl*!;*rl Tr 66-57021 ~6~01wld 3cl/fArta ~;*ci Felj 66 EXPUICUCe ftUM the pro&K21M 4 pirm - - EMM*"GW Groundwood Jw by saddaw G"H. POU% pas Prm cddo=wa-plpaT*aws% EEH Val 4 Nb 29 1955,, pp 1-1.CmmwAqw No 75. OTS 91-11381 Set/M&M May 65 2790483 Calcium Detendnation In Modca PuI&o by Ibew (C a r2m Pbotamterp by JaUIM Doq=kap 11 IV. Vol IV# Ift 2.p M5,p pp 15-60. n NAW an aft - Nit h jbt Jun 63