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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Al foulbs Israelis Knm 11me Is no Ivaco* by -in= ~Vl~ ? m lu-'A"O pwo Raw* 0 feb-1969* pp Is 12-13* Ilk-lk- 40tor mmb All tal 1-4* to) NOW Literary 44viimm Cftticizod r(w tau-4oness". by A. ~Iwiftnv ppe do POr clm 0c An INArstAmriar_, Ao A 'F4r lWit rv L24-M. Better OrSwAvation at Production in MwUw~ -~7 balldln& V lo Cris=,, 7 ppo FOVJW.. p"J, Vista 2229mesp Vbl 4, no 16, 22 Al.'lr 1966, pp- 1 & 4. JP FE 3%kP Econ Jun 66 )02.. ITn ;'he =Vmtivo a." FrofitabiUV in C;*Altjono of rrmh=lon 4vuralSication of Industrial c-quir-Anti, I= ~;~Mnq ~ pp. ~,.U-A.olk.. por. -.crLAoU 6- SY 1968, VP 1, 3- 4554P 1.1 aumnia . con jurm W, 3149*4yj . II I~ z -1.I- . I~ la. . f ina; citr of --v~lc-L nue- cultura' ,.ztivitics, lj~, :Iiilail Cxt&un, C i Fob Ca, Iluu,iArect, 3. 0',,Q L 4.414 1; A, 4 I tvrto of ~*Clsl w48 00 Mal ~aem Anal~aeol by ~IIAII 0 ~Advanl 12 rpo n~ -AoIA;vs P(:Tg 'AnantO _~reoL4,ta 1=hsmstoo ;u 6. 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CristofWp 5 ppe 0OVEMM UFM a= perp 4r at Comop 1b 1141, 12 Var 1966,, pp. 20--2T.-- JPRS GUO U51 VS-Froace Scl-Aewro 354 C~"- tr c~.o JA iA3 Xcj Dewlapwn or Ramm"a jpwslp Tn& noo=UWI, 11 EW fitus Qdstmvanue 6 ppe kwi"Lu viol- w2mos. dwb&"Gto 22 jag 1~ per# YWO pp 210 230 ins 46996 'i f". I .-Ir/ij "-itumnia tow Oct 63 YA*692 The C-- Fund md Orcow Uxam on vano"im LI) ftsto Twm, by F. C*v&j 10 ppo cmil) wo I" etow Vol Ixt No 39 ftr 1966v YP'o 40,434 JM 35799 Jun (56 302,9M f Rise in Coats of ASriculture Analyzed$ by Frantiaek Crlma, 11 pp. -SF ONLY ClrCF, nor, ?Ianovane Fospodarstvio Prarue, -0 3, M~r 72.- 5P IM-77. 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Diarrhea' (from review of.tbe literature)14'' Somaine des EeeLtawe'do''Parie ~31 pp. Vol 7 494-575$ 1971 Navy/IMI-TR 1620 fob 73 ,.-ii iAxmtore idtli l4clmC4mducUve -loatrodoo ,?Ohlaw arsa 4vopwus bv zo cratmuo 11 pp. mtr TVAAS~*A Jum Is W, R pit 0- ~- ~-L NLW 9 C, go + 0 aw. VY? (IFFICIAL USF (';~IY MSI'. (~11,1 r-T OFPT OF CL'rl'Nr,t* MLY -Mwrccmtlm tie CRoj4DkLA- It ALV 1-,1,t V, r, M4amramat of Surface PotentLals mW VetamLaatLoa of the Pro* t;ntUlpias, of Focustion of Preftol Defects in A&U, by J. L. Crolat. _r ra =Hl rpto CM-R-39730 Mul pp 1-39. *hat Bar St&W Tr 7,J-37955 Sci-LAM -~ . Lr ( - ( - L Jul YU - (-'. -1 G~. CeaLL e- 'sota- on a Uaw of Favi= with iiemrrhaGic Idatheaa, L-y G. ~4vlle L~71QIIA.,v part Inom kWISAI Vol 60# 1900 prp 4923-JOZ6 ATC 71-15699-06E Fub r, lot*,h urgt,-- to IftematAoma ROVOIUU=mr~ bUweo bly Jalm L; mobot# 12 Wo .)rA,NDt:. up. ilvagaLljoixto 196-)o, p p 2. -7 0 ,j aw~,Ubs AW, .A Crombet vlammoss YoUth and COMMISL socteLy, by J*Iw I;romb-t* 13 pp. PAMU, daily, jumm W, Havems ~4 mivw 67j, pp. 2 mW 3. JM 43s*36 LAC 0") FolItIcal t*c 67 3479733 Cuban ComuUst Youth OMCial A&O=tos ILpmiwarAo In tha XD~t, by Jam Croubet, 29 ppo SPAN=, app Amentud nebelde 3 ftr lqw, 1). 4; 4 HL.- rp. -41-7~* amo, 35,n4 IA-Cata P-A A p r 2)9v255 and"* M~ 4" me n4m" I& va" Md PWV*o by I* an"s, WN04 pwo Am bdK# %a 190 06% it 7U-90 NA U6"-WM , 11 C*17 a" ~w Iftfierjau Jul 67 39001 Recina, Wrxes and Me Present in Wood & Pulp by I. Croon, MOM, per'-Imkr' Vol - 19, No - UA, 1.965, PP TU-T-19 ItRC C-- 5754 -7 ~ C, /~ I- O"c I 8c: I - AuG IoT 3n-168 Z- 4 ~-wi lultuull 6it.i. Lyutisiliteti vsv;,Ul-j,,oa!i a; La Li"su-IL. ocitr lruij~,,4 uit , ci,, tilcli~,, Wi 14, IjO *., -~,jMo7 I (~, Clll(-A-d-%~~-t,'r '. tkIv ).ikj " ii 1 .4 ski oil k 44 tic el (,j .TvvW- peak 3n r"mt ;,caAUmol mn to.""MAS JVAU Zen Cwttogids 6 ppa 30 Apr3mf Xlnetlc Study of SulfurizatIon of N1. by Hydrogen Sulfides, by J. P. Cro=ler. 7MW . per, C. Be Aced SrA., Vol 266, 19689 pp 1442-1445.- VM TT Tl-53026 Available NW Oaly Juns 71 Sulfmdzation Stuttr of Va Between 850 and 100 Degrees C.t by J. P. Croumler. F p per, C. R. Acad Sci., Vol 260p 19659 pp 6903-6906. *M TT TI-53027 Av&Uable MS Only Jur* 71 t(cs; I o -I rans-10757) I M IN I I (;A-r p, N "I i('I(F'A ~,' ll~ - IAL DF,'-l EICNIINATIt~)N Of c"EFFICII.- . - F. . .., I I ) 1, lo N() r-, 6Crouzet, Edith; fluivrt, Pierre. Olive. Phillm--; ',ivwrtz, Ertk; -NUrce, Adrif-ij. g Franslatted b% to. It. Vdd% NOVIltific and Indtistriiii liestarch ()i-- ganization, Austrifia), from lj~~ HASA.; 11: 217-2~(197()). 20~,p. 24Dep. NTIS (t'. S. Sales OnJA. 3thYdrulue; tram-.14tions :10611 "Nis-51 21"' NSA Chin"a and Son*t Siftvanive Activities in Africa., by WiAm Crosier, 6 pp. up), Lumlw* 7 Swo 196% p 31 and 1"Uso 3- P*rt One in isom of 31 Oct 196% wA Part Your ir. isisue of 21 mov 1965. JPRS 33325 Arrica poi Dec 65 291-505 - - I I .. . ~4~~ttal Reaaar~h on Qiosdcal Fi=UlDn of Metallic L'ndopmvathwds to Bone in ArUmoplasty of the Hip I by 11. R. CxvazoU ITALLO, part Mass L)r~w~o Vol 16~ 1965, PP )95-)99 i,TC 71-16653-062 Fob T2 5tudy on tba -,vction of Vario" t=mmoomppmesiva MaMtS 00 FUIQOGIVY AIIOSC#ftS ift U060, by R. Hnevnchd, %. ~;tvcbasdq st at o, 6 ppo M!", pare Hely ChLc Act&, Val 3S, 1)6dt jV 327-331j. 1upt of NaVYAW 144) Sc JUIM 77 OUS rob 78 ----------- Ar4oo~~O'Aft' ft* Of CVft Fi=mi, P". am. I w M~w - Md. op &WX MR i, 9"Abt Nw TO by C. ftwuM, Vol 66 *7 1900 "I'91a 8"Uns of Hist C"Wa TASU of U" U,O,b".&a is "0 thervy of vesical MOWN31"Up by " A. 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Cr is, L,* ;439 Rlfx'~IAX, per,, jtnz Jun gig 4 J,,' r7, f j ft Jl~ Caamdi Add~esi~ses Agaemblyte Ind-astrIal committoey by Pyorgy Gmanadi. 9 po- T7--lQAaIA%J, per, Kozlonl, nudapost, ','o 9, 27 Fe"S 727 149-152. -T"7s 5,5902 may 72 iyorj, A, ~!o* 1-T jvx~r,* 0 117.1"74 294 Vt 2 lra:is c~rvt3oi. it-Ale), C-~vtaincrfz~ttl~-.v er, Ariya~u -t-Z.,,aws Lsova olts vul 140 1 1 -2 -~- 12 2-741~ c Vc c 1; %in Ti 39 b Ths, ~ - rtotA-- pbuqy led cor"IMIMU00j, by Qiwa Cnmft- T PP- GOTOMM cm Butdo No 4" 1"., 145-14T. AEW/==/M-23-4T6-6q LA~- tt-ytrteb, Mov (9 by ~or..Y C"I~Zlui C i;,LY ,,ur, Auya,-..,uZ~:at;iS L:iuz&q,olas Vol 149 i I ,, TL/ i i7-2 5-4 fA -0 cc., I vi) P, CmUln"llatum to aldwl" Frolot Formwpdlzw, tW Gyma Camnadig 6 yp, Hu4mwil Pat asaft LOUP611% APr 19699 pp 14,r6147. 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Cseh. 4AAAAN, KPT. lAiedqnarodowe Sympozjua T -bb r-011-1-TI S-pl-mS-T--2T- 2 7 ataloviabrS twa 7 Alk/FTU/.IT-23-29-6; Sci -,:It Ap, r c; 9 3 7,.' , j~ Aptftltwel Lww*bVmwt cad the Sord, omit for A. lml~% by t4A C440dog 14 pp. H.,X,ikdAs pw, I ohmkdma a&" No 140 19679 pp io6loam. 43139 :Enput----d4.p--A Table Use In FconLoic Planning ,~'xikmlned, by L4jQo Coorvap 19 pp. EMMARIAF,, pers 3tatlazt1"4Z 5.z=lop tiudaT)o5t, No 3. Rgr 72-, PP ZeY-e-3V*