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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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proj4"Woo Ifpo *,.* (oftace4ed" Awd Ufo 7t), of tta i-ojrscltwry "tws ot $last ftsuscoms. vr Stabi 40A U*wa Val 369 Apt* ~19 IJU64 44904S7. )AIVOStigatIOU Of th-C UWkI CUP&CitY Of k"I" u1jiversal Joints in 131camwx CUISS LW 16-1~ ".10 60 4"Ient u~i4A,jg part Aavbo LisaM. Vol ibs 1446 19650 USI 42" z"g 65 ervblcc~ caufarstaug um catiunc ch~Arcr, in ~~r,xmtina Viewe" Lty tirasilixi tarjur, Isy QUO L.11,' 01, ~ jy. WV9k3;'IIEiI LU. UIAY VuMi~u,--L, U,.,, Juraul ~;v 6rasll, i1 i~vc Vobu, *: S. jh.:i Otto Engel L"~-,sa,cat,i-ija ~A" .:4r 0 ,us" axwmntrAutw in cia LAsw interior* tyj / e. zr..,eL 6 V,)* w"LIA..'r t)"s 'bitramidixt A*ftmtsdue Val 20v ~) Juj:--.u,, 1m9, ,v ;F:=. ";,% rr F 12,PWG -R. CA--~kt Jcth -,ao~ was 70 139 um um aft"Wo v as awl* ~.A- ___A. --A ~k ymp Ta gDo Ims vp 99 - *am a F-M l. 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IL amou MI06 pwt ML ftt 14 out 19606 w 3OL-30. dtkt.s. um 6411. 8014" gvb 69 4-k so want at -l"allm 11" ma Md - -- - mm~~ an us Ha6mm"m or MAS-69- -0 DOW% 1w & IL MC J16 %I w lb TV 1"s ~ w wmem p ~H /77. -4, -,C~k;b 7 solpm Fab TO i(ORNL-tr-2599) XUDIES ON THE DIFFUSION OF METALLIC FISSION PRODUCTS AND HEAVY METALS IN THE COATING OF FUEL PARTICLES FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE RE- _ l(Kernforachu ACTORS. $Er&!~ard 4RQMon ngsaWage, Juelich (West Germany). Institut fuer Reaktorentwicklung). loTranslated for Oak Itidge National Lab., Tenn., from report LIJUIr--752-1(G. 20-101p. 1413ep. NTIS. 2f,reactor fuel: reactor materials: traulations 1118J ,MN-25 ,P NSA .:ban-o~l ~srarAcrs Affect -,vildints, ount6r ngolh*rdt. pp. -it I t, 'V 1~0 ---Acti- -Alt J~ rt ~I'oats, ITY Avar !'".Unt A !CIU,CQ zlo- iit-* visitirsi *Ixvestiyao liurwr) CA : %, Llcalu-,i 4, t ~ lo 0 ! n-,cl'~"ax4Aq ~ k- ~ 1. ---, I 69-66 ,(-- I -p '! - ,~. , '-L 6. ~ - ~ e, lyl- 3i*041.. k-.. t bb du n 0 c1 istAo-i of Ea~W In esdadal Swoumms - f tV V. hqpl"PV4%9 22 pp. litWSLV4~, Pwo LOAMI I-IMIa Mosens Do 6t 19699 pp J~~ im Qw *d-Cybormtios A% 69 3%*146 ~. ~-~03ej 18CLzcii- so tr*2" of Ltz's In tim yalm y ataft, / D sdamet v vo awltowd% 13 0, FRUSUU' PWO 3.v5.-- ob lg%pp AWEMA- NIMM. 2e I ON d. 9--Y~ 'e,- aAot~ usm Pal l6w 69 3?%W Prlwplm at noxftlw KQuwj au&w of malamt Ormftj, by Vo A* Jklollordto 115 ppo Woms Up !!gjql&M ZIAMM F Iq 0 25b PPO JPW 33966 V I y k, 2: UBOR &-A- Abe ?*b 7 2958,619 a? 3 90" w1upwou is ftuadw Kama* by SWAIWMo 6 It. :No=# of* 92 k4 2Wj, P. 2- JM 1906 A Fhcied f6cl I-JI -) Vlczj;m I r ad-ma & *a* ftl aw 67 At= Lavo lqag* ftab:LUtr of a nooo4wUun User, IW I. adena". OXWX. kpor Vol 20, No 5. IW. op 7- w CXM/ft $n0 I- ~ 'r. . 34- Up 01 340,245 61huratury LuStrmmt fur t* L%ftt lvj~ulisuaa of Taqviatususs by tingelbartit at al, k14A~ . por, Qv4, 1 4" P. /A "-6eruca N-ir 6b ,c~b Supply of Agricultural Spam Parts improves, by H. Engelb4trat, 6 pp. GEWM# wnthlyo RM!&sqbq Agrar tachnik Vol. lot No. 2, gut Berlin* ra 0"~;. 49-so JPRS 44#573 3Ci/A9riCUltUrQ Marcb 68 351,9934 JJ -(~- 1-4--A -i*),,-:&,- Autoanslywra for Heasuromt of OaWw Air Contmdnants, by He ftplhwdte (IERKANI perp Idtadvitk an jWdMWt*i2k=Ag- Vol 75, No 69 1967v VP 178-190. RTC-71-11966-13B NOT 71 A UibloraWry lastrumnt for the llx4ct t:* by Li. iA,014&rdt, at 41, per, Cae" lul , *110C.4's Vol 17, V6,~. S2 ,A ~! 4EW U0, "a-1,4-stcrialz ~ ct 4.14 subet of Iltaftuaft" laftim = Noted& tw vlaftwup asalberfte Mlkb&U A11400" ,RUWTA & -.- - 19 Now 19T. p M JESS 49M USSR Pd im 70 MAO j~ ctl^. Z ~7, -a-7"~L Diepleatie Glass** la the Drecolas of the lies Basta as a symptom of Shookwave Metamorphosis, by ragena"t. EXCLIONg perg ULAI AURUWZ8 Vol 150 1967l pp 93-10 XTO 72-li629-080 , G~ OM TrF,11 June 72 A Diffaxion Model fbr Bodlin DDt&Is-Xt* Islamttan in F.C.C.0 by R. IWIU. Gums, per$ Phyx statu- solldlt Vol 36p 1969a pp 231-244. *NM/M TT 71-55315 Availablx MS Only A/ - E i~j e t.,je , JW7 71 ftstr at *no womftr botom a= abom am 7(7 1* "Alft 28 4k ft" ftMft. IW g. S. 2~011. =044 qw, AlUb ftl ftt " - w 7n-?73, 3r* UK =I m a"-uxtmtau D" 67 AW96 -- - I -- -- a- 1-- AWK--A-.A lavomitotism ft 00 COAS" Pa4males xww~ V, by list &* Steel$ ue Tomb i in* 16 a* ftolu Gow"s oft@ !Mft 0 Tel It so 20 Iwo op S-14* stag Sa" '-.4.i ~ ~~~ SrA - ki( $"go 67 340olU C, V=-iatiow in pff Valuo at Metal S facee Providod With Cathodic Protection in Saawator,, by 11. J. Fagoll. (RI-3100 W. Corrosion ScUgge,, Vol 59 1965s pp 479- IMe (Mats -SuZa. No 32, Abotract HS966, Aug 19710 C, r, trana 5703 aci/mochan engr 3ov 71 7Y r" Ith" Of dw SUVUW* of go *W nwm Pm = " aw isimum aiaeum ot w"""8, OW ". J. ft#OU. num pa, ww *16 aLoo Vd 629 way W. ;; me IL31 4659 1) I I V ; -- S, J ~7 C ga-Gon"y Set-Usti 5~ so ---A --A"- =19 sumanum" of Sme 13 - - alup i0 amm assom %v V* ramm & & Wo" In* TaL 06 39% alum oft.11afto 0 N&W* na atimbs Me" /l/ ' L . i L d . I e - L L -lob so TO WROM use at pudda OI&W um Ammus In Aca"Um And34 4q6-yjEjgmft Faim% rpt 3p a ow AEC ORMT-Mu 922M kl4"T Cll . i~ 'Al/ qe / W/m/ "t/ rkm 65 mom Pcosibilitlas utfavod by Qmw speaumssy in Vw ViON of Nva-wsttucti" mmmveumu OL Fuel VIOLWOUS, by C, C* -jrol)mts ot ale Fizio, pvor en 40-Dotyuctive Tosts in I# Rpto liuclear IAtirAG!!!U 3"Olamis Irbso DOC 65 2920811 Determination of Oxygen, Carbon$, Nitrogen ard -:5-3 Sme Other Inrurities iii Berylliump Calcium# .Wium and Boron by,Gawa Ray Activation by, Co Frgelmanns 25 rre GUM, Colloq on Moth of kadlochen Anal. 0 rrtV Octab*ro 1049v CE-C-DoTT S112D Jun 69 sgs-fts S~~ , -dLl -CV-N CL-,C.,.f r~_ Saolay Researcher Discusses Nuclear An&IYSLS# by Obarles EngelmAnns 16 pp. GOVrRNIMM USE ONLY "FqqCH,, per, La Recherche,, Pariag No 19, An 72,P pp 28-W. JPRS/L 4079 mar 72 ActLv*tLou Aselysis with Cbaqpd Particles &ad cm~ pbotomm by Ch. ftpl~ . 7 pp. FROMp pert ftIl tlfta SeL ItAp Me 140, 19sts pp 65-7t.-- Sti-Cbm NOW 70 Muklois of ~Vtsllolds by ActIV4Uon t4th Motma and Chorod Pu, -telesq by Ch, Enpl r, Pmented at tho Cmftronco "Podarm Tim MM ftwis. vr Iz. r965 . Tox", -%C R;-tTw4S JaA 67 ustor.Anation of oy2wo Carowo AtrQw &W qg Cart4lo uther Lzuritiss In toryluum calciua" l-' and uOlva by ("Onua-way Awtiva"m, by UA. "j,;OlrAma. mto , OetwoAcal tMhods of 'I"alysis Vol 1. laterustiosal Owc WSW AkvftmA AmLa 19650 A~C .-ar 07 L"ai-.aruele md Gma ~hctm AoUv*tAon Malydog by Cho RagalwaMe ILO AP* 09, iRSIAT M"! ~mu FEL-SCHO per@ *4044a"& It Twhdq*Ab -arlso S~pi 1*6 pp 4~ i ~ 74i =5 sti.-Mucl Scl - ~-A~ fob 70 4W9946 maly"s of smb Ught aftm*4 in V*jm tAtftlals tw AstivatUe vith Marlod A ad P Wtialeft tv Ch". LnOllonae imic"- ADAMS m mogghum Mho 9t = 1965o Ipp 40!i*418* D%* of Ma" N.M tr 2578 June 68 338#ZDD -4~~ Dwmiapmt and Otmetma Owwtalstles of Sam Soviet Miss In Codtral AsI44 by G. V. Gauft-tra 0. sw2awkst 94 pp. I'll. r.l. , I % VW2 agmwom WO& Vol 441 go 39 1967. Gr L ri A- AJ wwt on Ge" M, 1~i ' - 4JORNL-U-2553) 1PRODUCTION OF NEW ISOMEIUC STATES THROUGH PHOTONUCLEAR HEACTION'S IN AN"I'MONY AND IN THALLIUM. g,!Ln&eIrnann, R.; llepp, V.; Kluge, E.; Kroh- blel, If.; Meyer-Berkhout, U.-'-j-QTr-aaslated by R. Gregg I Mansfield (Oak lUdge National Lab., Tenn.), from jjZ. Phys.; 16b: 544-52 a962). 20,13P- 24Dep. NTIS. 26physies (nuclear); translations ItUff 20%IN-34 ,P NSA U, - wisnom JA the 3hapb* of r-A.M.Ma"a- 4 P Gzlmw34mww&*us IV W, ftedmome IJPIP 9 1, 1 ~- - -m- Vol 8?0 lb 170 19670 elm " ')'/ ~, ~V, /,- ~ -, t,.)PI.-dl - sol-mAt am 67 1.4tj%jjiWft"iou I' A~O wworleuts Ift tw cauttwQtw castibu "Itals uA a 140=100 for vomit "I"I iAA" 10 vu t 04 U-J . IZ rn c,--n Y, 74 The Sw ReplatLow asowdiM protectias Aping 66 "Lasion od ocavatiout awwoft dad uwar seftets ols Fmoftl"o by a* Molsq. Gaw"s per$ aLtHad Vol me Oct 1900 vp 621- 624. SISI 8273 ScL41ftf5 c' "" 1 Jam 70 G-. 1L rr, Garudw witil ct"la Lust L~Atractiou I'louts OsLng Variov$ ., Pwm 16 by 4a-jkjvLu cUsserel voi .4i2o 14, ZI jwl 1A50 -B 646S t"aft cormu LJWZL"WS with cwois ?C1 i)wt ixtraction jjouts Wag VaAaw 4st#av,* Pt. Its by LaC~i, ;~or, 2 Jm L905o I-e 3-16-37, & ;.L 6!i44 ,Oct 05 Coments maAasossinj- the Steer Ukaracteristics'I of Vellicless by iie 110 Eni'also cr.RMA;, Iter 10 Autombiltedinische Zattschrift, Vol 69. -.-0 12. 1967. 22=16. .,TL 69-11413-13F July i)q 3W9146 "-I- The Touporal Course of Protein smi Corbs- I bydrate Synthesis During 006gesesis In vi. the llesey Do*, by 9. BuSels. GERM, per, Bestscke Zoelollache Goes Verhandlus one 1996s pp--M-251, MTC 69-11 -06C 0 Sci-04M May 69 382v380 A ~4bts Frequency Capacitive Volta.-O Dividor 40 at lpgWO KVg by F. U. Llngel*sborg. GOVLAN&I'Ver USL UILY CZ&VAN, ;.,or,, Elektrotokhaika,, So U1,, Lo", 1y Sb-41. LIA X-GS57 cilior, i; _-tgort~t, cr4 i-ucl z.,i*;cr., ~ol 31. 3421 34",:, r-2313 -7- The Permission of General Pr"ariptions, in the Permit Authoritative Froesdure for Kineral Oil PI"lls" In Germany and Austria# by Je Ingert, GZMN, per. Zagal unA gghlgc Ps%roehg" Val 199 1966# pp 832 STO 72-10532-21D Apr 72 Device for Injecting F-poxy glues in Cracks When Repairing Reinforced Concrete Strwtural zlewmts, by K.I. QwLnears, 11 pp. RMSIAN, per, Eaton i Zhelezobeton,, U0. 10, 1969, pp. 39-360 CIA X-12" Jun 70 Ik-1. T. C'K-3, I'': ' 4(T3.1,'WL-tz--77) -IRRADIATION CREEP OF TWO SLIGHTLY ALLOYED URAMUM MATERIALS, 6E_ !ander, do MontprevIlle, C. Thomas IffCommissarlut a I Energie Atoml- que, Saclay (France). Centre d'Etudes Nuclealres)). luTranalated by E. It. Appleby (Battelle- Northwest, Richland, Washj, from re- port I)NI-TAIT-108, 2022p. 23(CONF-67060-1). 24Dep. NTIS. 25From 11. symposium on metallurgy (creep); Saclay, France (22 JLin 1967). 24metallurgy, radization effects. reactor materials; translations 2111F, 18J 26NIN-10 2,~I' \SA ~rkAls:'- TAtIO ClbkrAaftl, by 4. V, Faglelliardt. ;,or# 1,.1.4 d k It r. Ailerula an Petrel., Vol lip I!AG7. i-i 9j.1i"M *~,; V A' TT r- I 1#5Zib .-tr 6", AeUvatim AuayMs vlft not"# tV /017 0. 2GUM26 =ON# ISO* =4k-33DTO Ow IXTo VP U39- fum I - ad-Aba Sal Sw 69 ~ 140 XOIM COWNSMA St 00 KOMI 2WW 08d IP "blutim ftr Ind ~4 NAmucas by 0. UOWp 15 no ~4 Iwo lb 6s, 1060 pp W-eus ACU J4M3 ID L v Fab 68 347*434 Ell On ftrooloaaf AJ~~ AUor. [Part 11 ftsle agpecU md - -- - ~% Restalts on eqpuvA" and Pore AIwAm oa~dam-Aiuainwis- YAOftium and AImdn=r9Iw4bmmI= AlIp"s by a. Ew . Omni, per, AU=dniumaj Vol. 45., noollo 2AS PP- 6Tj-678- RTC 71-22878-237 J~a2y ml jr~3 imp"Vament v~sedad ilk Food seleouens r-awaging, bw ,&I bzglert. lAmlo bak&y. 1.4 pp. ~W,,APJkllo p"9 Nor 19W9 pp 146- 153. J~Its 459o9 ~qL EiujLEkT Sa-~'Isoh -;YW *06- 68 363,W4 an ul"m ad awas" vewuft at oum at XLWO Moullow Row tw so. IL amemaro 4L Z. 9 pp. a MO -; A ~~~ d3 SODUV A um" (IM)O Vol up lb I xqot 0 "057, WC =604"T 31&9(;5 an a Oct 66 01 ob- -V 3womb Allutak bdo"s W Le - Gat"# We nuamilado va so No 6: ow 106s pp SL3-jut. AfAl 44?0 ID UOQlM? I - I- - w ft -T C-I-K.41-40--~-, vn :." Dw 61 MOW BdAUM of ftvW~ t9p So, &*0014 (j, Made,$ 13 we 9/ 40 v .~, -- awiftw INMArisrsu =a*. mners I pp 1&190 AD/ftjq9j J,~, sol-moons Tba i= 69 3MOV3 Ow SUVO9 Are We?. V/ 10 Ipp 'W 0- 14 Md.. v ~ ro=& Pro AM bwm~.Tnftaa - :xo;~ two Ipp I -- I vwiv;44TO~ ,-) ta-fl'?v j wr , Sai-ftesue TOC& iv, 69 1~ OF99% *=IV Ndhoft ct ood awlebmiN4 IF No so MWMNS OIL 90.1 imov in JR. -- I II- .. f ;ii -- II -,. 'r~ :J - .". I .-~ 11 fti-M PW 66 300456 Ascass&U Pria"o bv Tbwnt I.rgr* vlwl;iair 4411*0 a pp axw MAW so a k w 19651 I goo op 65 awe"D 3004M Wo Noon ma aw so *a ftk #W *A* SWMW~ V 16 OdMw% ad 2 OkW 36 We 66 m q I us AM340man or -- I - eel I& Im - -- loss br J. *SAW* a 990 un am O~p -0 wd 9806 Vbl 930 go 1969# DO lWaN. NUA " IN 0%6 1 scd-~~ 9" 69 30,50 7be Of .4xwul a at low 11 lbq wo by Do &VOIW# wilwo Ow n5tall und Tachniko, Val 23v ho 2v 1969# Ipp ILA-Tffrm-~ ft=A It P-120526 July 69 387*746 SWAUty of the ftot *=hw of m AndjUo n I P-M p otj an MAP i ftItA of Its AmbWe &W Urn"ato"s br To go 0 Rmsuv* pwo PA Ak Nmk SSSfkv Vol 1739 No 60 196?f pp 1251-12.%o As IMIL Sao Vol 89 No 29 V. M, EA)i Q~dftl Familew ON in tr KUU hdbm IUD 0 9 Ir. m"Ni"t PWI "--- 1-148- UD 7-50 aa-ft Mew 40-42. - am 4" 4~~ "WAM9 ~F Bogus SolpApd Oet 69 3X9633 61 Sdwftfto ftnnn w4 the or AMdeatwe In SmUnia. br ftvn ftibww, 8 W- MWOUn, 196?o M4 PRS 47 i20 imi 67 328t607 ibmeaws I P& lW10% w PrAb 2wwadmmL lum NX& am a "W) 9m F* TA 20 is* 0 " -vs - m/swo v ofto Agr TO 4007a /(i ~ &4149" st us --- -wmm~ Of 90 WAN69400 pleop Im --- - -- now# ZmlbwLma ft No lemooks swim lobm% ?AV To L ad% MMV4 =L~ ib 4p apea St.. W& Met rq... -V~. ad/Wo SW* N. %~ . ~- , mw TO The Calcareous Mountains of Modes snd Out`61434. by Houl Enjilbut, 34 ppe v OOVEmmw USE 01W FMCK, per, Armles do 2pjMWb&*p Vol ixml No fal Jw~-Feb Me Me 251-794 JmS GUO 2473 C- A/ L 6 eq 7- LA-Mwdoo and Chmtemela Osog Aug 67 332,,457 ;I Smiet-GDR Trade FdoUtlmsp by Mirt ?Ak*l- news 5 ype =SIAN, per, MMQ"4bef-kuy-%L cqlzou no 400 Oct 19670 pp 18-19. JPAS 43329 rukf C,;jk1ej--1X4rJA1 UNR ft= p.a,% jasi 63 347#U" Study of Heat-Resistant AIU)y Contsininq -6~; 50% Co and 30% and Conparison with Heat ROSi3tant Steel, by K. Znockl, GXR M , per. SHM, No 11, 1969, pp 351-356. UISI 8628 \\ C(- sci/Rat Jan 71 74 .AAAA-00 La), .16 ~ juor# aq atocXl, ;erg -.~vwx ~~Quj* 3 & 4,p 1967j, L;--," v~;78 399 " figg ,*,~ \xAk , ~-, - ~ tm-~~ I TWL of 1= tw RU-' to janwo UAM* by M4p4 E;rara;~s 97;:~ 3PAWIfio Wo PUS IMJL UNUNP9 27 Apr 19?2# pp 8* 9e JPIW 3500 fty 72 at we - - 39 at i ILqpboW - In a aww"aaft sums bw 91" RMONIM MOM 04 MW ft 3636 V6& *WAA 11 A^Tll 7771~~ 6014M ftw 69 rpt, O"r Pmcutu-d at i~Oyul A"Ofillsit3c StwAoty Cimtomary C4*gftss in Cmiuamm, alib vo FIN4 Agvu ut tim IntumWoual Lixwcil of CaA Lwm so::t 1 Lb, j1hk. ~;.mcul4ttt~xi w!' ~wr"va"ic ~iwvwtvvisuca ot' i-,tg LAIcul ti" Luracturis l,uo5 Attv- "J:~~,juW ii'm MOTS ~%Il; uw!:!i2 on CC- ~Ajlczcut 11-S IT-F-100430 Nov 66