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December 31, 1983
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Mw Sma lea-Rumufts Xatural Oss P4ellm,, bw Im varlor a pp. so per# Nolm&Usud~ WBUD W7- can no Sh-*153 Vol 7 So 22 AMB Llb Tr gait ; Geopbrics 8 71, fi/!? R-90D W-190) Pftviw OC O&W PmjnUj, b7 JWwb owdor, 13 pp. (Sol soon Tmw an nur). tIMAWVM HUMARMI Pro mast VOI VIns 110 3a - --. . us ipas/W-99 MW . Ruagm 7 '17 4! J~ Seca I Dw 58 Dtl-M3 Thi TaU A=Iywua ct t le-slizatica of Clvil XrZlnp*rAnSs 2X pp, ZU33A=o P=t ~ Vol Till NO vp 133-t4. W4283 Tin TOM cc - pinning in CIVII, - - MMP37 -p by UUM (Map 9 pp. mamams p"s lamdas vca TM. a pp 14&155. m am/w-l'-wr Now zccm q~r 7s-f &a 59 The bw %W Soction at StAto Rtsbwr lb 7 lbtv"s sauto and Soakwft",* by Attal ftmot Artbw Pergp Sts"m Se"a"Is 13 PP- njZWWv bkv "Cimiteat4domma7l Szoles ft4er 1958, pp 351-357. AWIt R-M3 lur 0 BMW" seen fty 59 g (:, c " e 6-9-1 ft"M ftad C=St"w%UQg by FAIMD I&bCtSky,, t&Muky galow, 29 ftelloo ocrt NumaARMS p"s Ity W4.497. ACSIV 1.315e zem vlgbwmys rob 59 F/0 (E-4281) Repar on the plantral Asso"u-muca* am the lkpauLon of tM VWWWt forLboa Alrpwts b7 l"SU I&AVVIs 39 Vpo MMUMNO pwil wl"#"AvAQwwl sunup Tca Xv No ho lWo pp- W;~Mo- im 5798 zbw - M=097 Boca sm 60 4 o (W-5UB) squipmat of tutwplm BeSwi Is tbi cawtrwuoo cd? 1"Uitwo by Pmstav Does",, 10 I xOngteaw, of Val xa so go im MUWU7 vAy 61 (DC- i225) Sxperiermca& With the Use of the Nev C~)atlog System In Planuina Civil Bugimering ftets., by rare= Fort, 9 pp. MARTO., per, Mal UdOMMY1 81-AM19j, VOI X; t 2V ~Iteqt -- No 10, 1960p pp 474-476* -- JPRB SUB nur - NUOSM7 &con Apr 61 (DC-52 17) C.o=aets on Articles by Foreac Fort, AatItled "Rxperiewas With the Use of tba N2v Costiog System In PUmulag Civil Ingluearlo48 Co4ts"j, by letyan Oyorgy,, 12 pp. KWMM.. per, M94vpitestudomeal SgenlAs V01 Xq ft 11, 1960, pp 5m"-5w.-, ipp's 8118 Slur - Hungary Econ THE FIRST MNGARIAN TURWIKE, BY SANDOR JAKAB., 20 PP. HUNGARIAN PE MELY ZD LLE) VOL XII: uow., Oct I 5a 0 W290-0. JPRS 17138 EEXUR - HUNGARY ECON JAN 63 21)J,451 EE-MWARY ECON SEP 63 342,,935 - KCH-202 V" ileld 1311. IJK 1. A &&-PdAwd recfnlol~ Sorykes. Ift., Ifunyadl. F.: 441mayer, A. raol Orarge. \- J. VIJMATV,N AN NLI,,tS O~ NSIF ~LVIIWIS LA113 k.~, FaVE17t fltl-~. 1"4.. IIP. A r-~T". t Onter frmi 4 rli 121.65 at A P-WSAM I trus. ot %Lpwt (liw4ary) vl3 oll. j,546-50 1963, Accuracy (Precision) of Aerological Soundings, by L. Malet. L V, FRENCH, per, Memoires, Vol A~ 195", PP 1-~!! *AEC Lirt - ~.eophys Nov 19',zR Gas marjapt by c0 "s P&M. per, Mmins, Vol 1179 1964,0 MM-521, si-=O~=4. *NASA TT F-109023 Ut So GOVBXNMW USE ONLY Sci-Fuels Oft-op Apr 66 61-16641 Ptilt-Dwalffix. 1). and GoInard, Pierre. NOVOCAINF-INVILTRA'"ON OF DIR STPLIATE L Petit-Ilutallifs, (I GANGLION By tim, f:xrERNAL ROUTF JAND) IL Ool urd. P. NMOC-AIN17A'nON OF '111F SYMMML-M CMAIK III. 'Mr. Novocalnization... 119611 8p, AvalbMe on kon from SLA 61-IbUt Trans. of AcOemic (k t;MMM Pllf* MhWres (Frowe) 1936 ly. 62. nm 7. P, 258-26!t' DUSCRIPMRS; Trocaitte. *Stellate ganglia. *Autorm%nkc nervous system. 184035 IWII~ 91 TSAWWJ IWA"G (thuUmAwk,d) PNVAspofdmg Biolosiml ptatowe in MWAII mis. - -1 , we due to Mbwl. IntadmaMme tW At DOW 26&"o 0 Fannoolle ummA4uam. pp 6MP609.o ODOlpt 0 ;;;y7um6lm Saima aid K am 68 T"Stmat of the Txom* Foots Itith scurocdael, by T. Stricker, F. Back* a ppo nual, pair, mm Aced chir Val LMRO IM& pp Dept of Navy Tr HU/NNC NO 1069 scies4m WAy 66 3ODv7Sl Frown Bm Beter*tftnsVlavt9,, by R. 4AIlsts J, Judetjs J. Uvsm*,~ et alo 16 pp. FM=p per.. -lbsolms do AcadeMs Cbirtrgle Vol LMMIIR 19528 - -, IRTY Tr 3115/M 667 scl - wed ay (e / I P C. , ~ /.*.?- Actite Car Pulmonals La!t Palmawry ArterlotmW,, Partial Ratrogr6de EmboloctoW. Recovery,, by Pitrre M3rlon.. U pp. YIUM, ;or, J*,:v~xlad do I'Aosd do Chir) Til LXX , go 10-12" l" - - ~ JkTY Tr 302/20 637 3ci - Md Peb 62 146C, 7.Z 9 A SU* of SM 132 C""" of Ommer of -am Tave ftudnA st +AK, antomkxmw luutu" ft !;(4 tO 2.958, t7 i: NM UmdX, JOW Uw=. 6 pp. IXNIgk pwp Womalm do AsMooft Cblnrglop Jan 19"'t vp 1%4a. sm Tr "Am , s5 502 - MOI & Wbd ?j /1 9 J? p JW 63 A ~Ust ~U" ~Lvevsto in wu" Typ" a, sm" p"Crogutisto by $4p Gomes Pausslarip FmU40- ow, Mw AaW (4drol No 89& 1963, w aimr. Ait (-46.w ,..41- U454 ~Ay b4 2M07" Tm Nw Cs~ at Atdmdmt IF, -49 'ry' at "= With Livift ntabas W 0. mm at alo 91% p A4fiL Chires Va ago N=ov.MlZ*so 'ir 0 913pt cc am 493*10 2XV W-M Oct 66 3LOAV. i A Btu# an Vw CAN of Mmfttft br IM04 psrg ~ MESM ft I:AWAMN ummuu 4" vvs~ " no POW-Maw Vol 50 Imp pp 331-Y-0 it 69."Wk &d4" rob 69 Apparatus for the Study of Gases and Vapours From Explosives at Ordinary Tezperature~ by D. Zisaviglio, 0. M. Corbino. ITALIAN, per, Mem Accad Lincei, Vol XXIV, 1915, pp i2o-i26. *TIL T 5173 Sci - Engr jan Q Mesdor an aw UW7 Deam" or I"% WbIch No md Aulmls we ORphu at swistim~6 %7 W 21LUOR 0 Vt. . bk Ahmmd~ to 3 M-MbAdme v 4* 968, - - wfaw ITEM. pp am. 4w ad-not OW 63 J* 4 (PC? The Allpbstic ffyftoa Sitriles W Their DeriVS- tly", by L. S"wyo, 4 pp. I I in a, , jw, Yam Aqa4 Roy"A~940 V61 LVII,, PP 1-225. 1W. SLA ~- ., ; 3 2-81 scl - cbm Avg 58 ,,,c4. 0 4 - V / Swe Cretaceous EcUmolds From Tripolltenia, by 0. CbeccbU-Rlspoll. IMIAMP ver" Mw R Acc#A Ital, Vol M; We 2, 1932, pp 373-393. - - DOIR/30313/CT Eci - Bloloa .f -f 9 6,1 Fob 58 Elastic Stresses in a Plane System Witb a Reinforced I openir4j by Lo Sobreros 33 p9o, / per, Hom Class* Sci Iris )bt # ftt, Vol X" so 40 1939. - BIA Tr 57-1341 - Fb7sics J-wj 4 e ('v Oct 57 ,&,~T,eeme,it Memorandump 4 pp. SPANISTI, rpt) Memorandum Concordativo, 1962. (C&U No ?) (Ebctract) Army Map Service LA - Spain Econ 14 jan 63 I "Memort.ndum", (Private Shippin4 C~xnpany Report),, 3 pp- SPANISH, rp~ , "Meworandum", Valparaiso, 11-1, Pay 195'6. Dept of Commerce Maritime Adv?iu OIL'flce of'Prop and Supply Div of Off Serv (Loari) LA - Chile Ecc-.n Jul Amuca itaport of the AWcan Secratm of commmicatims F4 TrwoponatIQUIP 19 n.). RXI OMCIAL USE ONLY sPAINIS11, Imors Majorlas 2 May 1%4& pp 77-830 95-97 DIA 6010135165 LA-tkaiw-L-'cm Jul 65 265sS87 w Who ftp 69 mr mommul yomb~ a Us &AS, Islas" oil, voommou bw *boa a G~~ vqpa 2. a - - , -A*n oft& UUM In ftwAmb es~-Wu se, to us' v ems"MOVASO-Aw AM *m" "evommiL iken pus mis so Norm at -.own& at NIMMIS JWM 19-ft 1004 masilmfts Gravimator measuremoints on the European Calibration Line Datum aW lUwzbun and ~Immt Eta* Observatoryp by L, SoUbl,, et al, ITAUAN, per, Hemaris., No 15s, 1961g, lip I-S9. ACIC-TC-923 SCUL-arth sci Jul GS 294g638 LAKE TAPPING OPERATIONS IN CATALONIAp BY M. H. BUCHERER. eKt FRENCHO RM 14DOIRES.g-;WTE RENDU DES TRAVAUX DE U SOCIETE IDIES-r?~I. 'I'' L) DEPT OF INTERIOR TC823 A358 NO 398 SCI GEOPHYS 2c$).,605 uport to me I SPAIUSH, IIP4 19K w I 84 &" ACSI I-W3 3 LA - cotombla Pol Jun 65 20,6V W. w 0 UPOM W7-ZM aMPIDUM 3730MA W-WI 396-35% AS-35% M-X% 32M= ACS 1-64U W 220MM LA - Vanazoda Eam Jun 65 3" Jn ',h-c -Dii-~ctc,:-rAc -)f' op. SMISE, rpt, FreaggrAaa al ',~onErcso MXX Nacional on sus Se-siones Ordinarlits Cbapt,--.r V, 1962, pp ACSI 1-2205-A ID 221WI W!~ur - Spain Apr 63 In the IbUmal Telepbwo (r.;porsUoia olo. VenezuelA, 21 pp. SPAvmm.- rvt, Wmarla 7 Cmft del Walstaria do jjjM- waso Wdo- W- ACU 2"9W5 -D ID gam LA - TOMPAU 9 loan AW 63 ilit twe of ~etaoritic vwst in the Ternstralal Atmosphoro, by F, Unk, FREI'd [,or, ~~.tloiras do la SOCUCCO l'u4le des Sciences do Liepa, 9;ries 4, Vol ISO 19is. 101) 47. Nk.,A TT F-110217 FT '~ci--t-~105 "ci t"6v 4 542-0643 62-20299 Ippolito. Felke. CRITERIA OF INVESTIGATION FOR GFOWFRMAL 1. IPP)Ilto. P. ENERGY. 29 Nov 61. 25p. 87 refs. Order from SLA $2.60 62-20299 Trans. of Naples U. latituto de =Geol 08 Aollcatk- (Italy) 19 le An, MlherarJ4 gig c (Italy) 1951, v. 4, p. 17 - 32. DE RIPTORS. *Geology. Heat. *Fnergy. Power, Steam. Water vapor. Volcanoes. OStrattgraphy. *Mining engineering, Geological survey&. Geophysical prospecting. Nbliogrophles. (Farth Sciences- -Geology, T1r. v. 10, no. 2) mks so lKmk.-! $9'"m betection of Underground 11'ater Sources taid Ilioir Incidence on the 3ottori oi Lakes, by Bernard rhissart, FRL.Illoi, Tier, iltit Inst Ital ldrobiul, Suppl 8, 1955, rp 63-32. ...- '. , .- .1 OCC Sci Jan 64 Ndpicapbalus * Songtdmeus as Vector of Plro- plum GwAv In Brwdlp by P. ReSendum, j - Mdz. SPAMH,, pm, Mom lWtltuto Oioyal& Cruj6 ~. xv-r;--L~ '101 M= 0 P~P- W.- CSIRO 4767 Bcd - Blol -2,. ita 62 . 4 7, 4,q~ Ixodological Notes. V. Aprops Um VaUdity of gme Opecles of the Genus A04xLem of *2w Amricar Continent (Acarl: lx0al"Oh. by 'H* be Arwo., 7, d& Fonseca, 15 pp. PWMME., Mmorlas .do -Ust OM*o q 04 51., 1953, pp 485.49e. in Tr -a Oct - Dick ~Z )by 57 T 71" 6bt,fM Study of a Nov StcLbMiw (:-=ad 6WAMed %]Jul 2WW A;Wmtim to Us flUlOy dwbe cc Uftcoonvios". ow Prim vi ft VIU T"t, by J. Ocojm .0 rzs_w__, Msm*PW do I'ArtiLUrle rnw"". Vol vn%#-Yo 32j, IM# IV QN-W. - B.ToA. 2r Poa ScIeDUM - Omd8t'7 CTS /= Tientrite or Hexopn? by A# *JrUb Iminlift- malm-) M%,Iy%70.vy j; .7 -1 -7 I ~ 177- B.&As Tr To" Gq$w*Aft* - 14atfwmun CTGAIM oof~ 016-d MLPIL"IAL uF Th~ FRENCH ARTILLERY ON THE EFFIC ILNCY OF PR~iJf:Cl ILES AGAINST SUILS P, ", AC! Alk);; LANWAGE-FR CCUNTRY- J~, Lott Fj(~A,-lTr rILS VKOJEL7 LES C(,NTRE LES T T LL~) 00UNS )i. LIA~01LLEKIE FVANCAiSE VOL 23 194 3- The Cemoral 3 Mary of Shock Wavos, brr A. IbrpInp 46 pp. tn. CUsSIFID V.-IF21"CH) par., btwrlalAc 1'Artilluie Prancaise Vol ;LK-A.V, No 9k-,-1950, pp wavy Tr Bl16/m hhq V.'Eur - ?mace Scientific - Engineering 6,5 7Y Note on thc EquilAbration of Artillerj fteces in Recoil, by J. de. Bmn, 9 p. 1"'PLINCII, Par,, Wzwrial do 11JU-tillerlu Fram-aise, 1.351, v0- XXV, "In 3; Im. 625-633- SLA 59-20072 Sci Y--x 6 o Vol 210 No 12 /11:11 r, 14~~ .m~ Wdern External Ballistics in Frauce,, by N. Garnler. IMHO pars -,.. I do Vol VnII# No 107o 1 1 ppTbs,;-o234* T.I.L. Tr 4h38 Sc I - sup jz V- 4:21" ~? (o fty 57 . Tboorr of the rocUoulng of OarbUr- 0"" During ftriagp br I#. rwaVU, ]A pp. FMM,, per, Val xxill so 29 3.901 IPP 333;30. OIN Tr S.L.A. Tr IM WSW - Frms )&Ut&27 I= Risk Arising Pkcm Misfires, Vy Yngve ;'~oUof, 7 ipp. MUM,, "r., WumUl do IlArtillarto ftmeaisel Vol m=a, so 2 ' 0 .1 pp"~- Ulm - -du 9",6- P14xtIM Armeal Tr 1.1 ki . mv ~4f A , Id.Y Jum 57 Cartridges 'Without Cases, by X. UVer iA le Barbees, 21 pp. I I Op I .u., Pori, ILjb saw"NO Vol xmj, no I p PP CIA jaw4g.v PLCwtIW Arsenal Tr 10 UP 9 7 The Cbolce of a B&LUstic Standard Atmtw#kor*,t by IL R. WIUW. IMMMI 13 zu YMM.. Wrjo Nu do I#ArtUlerle Frawaise., 1957. In If we WNW - Frame NU aw 58 act - opwo Res 6 1/1 AI~6 ,t,wfjuaaae ia Redo Propptlmt Oos of the Aspests of ftalamtecroloat by U. P, Nbve. 'IMASSV= FRMI pms, Mmmial do IAwtillerle IV606186, Vol XXXI't Im* - 19mv -w- %&;w- ~- - -I - .- - - I - ftvy 19"1140 541 - slastreaus Jan 39 .70 4f(# 7 f f,$ Course of Physics of Explosives, by L. Medard. FFMCH, per, tLemorial de 1 - t-n^n4se) W.W.* - Vol =CV) 1961, 3~ No 137, PP 5 --544- Dept of Interior Tr 110 1757 Sci jan 63 FRMCH#pwp POW 4 a ad #0 ACM I-3W 4 wEar - From Mil Jun 65 = md Accoooft by OW mb*W cc Ham Woh%M ow 1%4 u SPANtsms V4 ow" am Ream dw qWMHWJKMAWd~nQ4ppl-W. 102204000265 WEW - Vemzuda soc mar 63 M978 Process for Recovery of Sulfur from Waste Gas Effluents. PRENCII,(request for patent) Memoire Des- criptif depose.a Vappui d'une demande de Brevet D'Invention. *TT 70-58029 AUAILABLE FROM TVA ONLY Wt-IV ~7----v Feb 70 401,303 ft= Considwatim of a Loostle Cbsractir Pftftining Ccmbat in M=taluj, by Lt Ca J~sn bxmawl, ,AMOp VvMhlav-, del Ejarcitoo ita/Aug lL93.r, 140-143. U , Chile Al j= 58 General Report, 4); pp, Supreme Geographic Couincil. SPANISH, pwphlet, 14emoria General, Madrid, 1958, Call NO: GA 10OZI.S-115, 1957 PIC WE - Spain Geo May 5,14 RPI.mmlpvww-ww"7` 7 _m* TrIl rm A y Wo wBtw - spmn Econ Jan 65 2700840 Smm al Wmt an Uno tow 1963, by U~jo &4mtw cooplamo socromria Tecnlc4 6 pp - MOKUML 'Porg" ,, . No. GAJAU - A.. -me G" 'S".9 , pp 19, Amy mV sn"Ce SCI-Mtw, Aug 65 298810 Anatotdcal and Histological Studies an the Sub- fami4, Triatominae (Hoteraptern., Aeduv.Lidw), by Part I* The licad of Triatoma Infestaul, by Barth. SPAI"I., per,, Hea lust Cruz Vol 59, VS2, OF 69-107, NIH 10-L9-" Lt c 66 3140696 Anatmical and 1U.5tological Studies at the ~Abfaaly Triatoadnw, by D. Luccrabel RM010 pers f*aInst Crm, Vol LV, No 1, IWO Vp 69-i11. 'ici-D(114 Jan 67 31( J,912 MUMto on thO Valoolty of PmpsptUs of Mmks VU4= SolUj, by F. ftuTas X. IAVYp 2L PP. ~ -IW) ums per,? Xba inst rxwmwt Vbl =. I. f "'. ~ I ... I " . ., - M 5&1919 dw Ocapb7olxm 59 M7.27 SCWMcwtlaw UWa AMS oftooln TrLbes Of Dohomy WA lwthm ftpp by j. C. Froallchp 31 ppe lifteir" as VAMMM6. FIRM, p*r, - - - A I &4kwt S-W 195% Vp. 25~~- - 407M 30M Africso-DabOM-TqP sm oct 65 9139o783 ZusAy on an Application of Um Wes of IftcUm and Ulaimm to Sow Problem ol Statics, R61ative to Architectwep by X. Coulccbp 46 yps FRM, per, *m de Math at do ftsp Vol 121) 1776, PP 343-3620 MA W-10319 Bel - Slectron Sep w Vol 2, So I Research into the Causes of the Peculittr Structure encountered now and then in different parts of the Human Body, On the Greater and Le.,;ser than Normal Number of Ribs, by M. Hunauld, " pp. FRENal, per, Mem Math PhEs Acad Roy Scj.. Vol 57, 1740, pp 377-381. NAVY/INNS-1588 5ept 71 atratim of Notamstrotob FDahlu'l Jovimt. TXM., 90r., riftl 4AM F*UaIMS, 101 19M* pp 664r.------- D&A Of Zatu W M Dar of Wres omftal 23qmtmt Pftt&btuSt$ I-IL. Tr 119 fti - Chm -1 S~ 7 Aw 59 Datermi"UM Of Cjp~~ ad mapalsous In COW= QpMal"s tv S. awgummL. P. lautus L, DeUTOrgm- llr~ wl 4~4 va wwo -i pm - Dept of 2Rt = l1w CC ume cmd"a mw VA Must fas Ir 311 04 im 59 SWAY Of Various StabUIUM, b7 JL NUVWynlp 14 vp* I no 14 Poo was POOMM, Vol XKWS 1906,0 w 15&M --- ATS 8W3r as Avg 58 f jmi~,3 .000 /0 . I b7 scy r"'i-Ceno -Cr the proplxatt= of 103.4 mr, 25 Z6;;t Or TE Czat-ml Tr W nl-7 1:1 li 1, AFF .:Rid 1 $i 9 If I . I al - - 9 d *- 1 ! I 1 11 1 1 Id a a 1 111 1 1 . k 018 if lisle aA I I j I I sw 11 II 1 8 aL ft Ia I v I 1,111311i 10 11 Ll A 0 0 I I I! Ndm at I* --I--- .0t Utomm swas"ft an 2, 1 A Iw VMA 33muh by OUR In===# *t la.. 43 Pps 0 Wo T4 xvx# Rip Imi, IOIJD 10A B." ad ebadjAw out 0 m Tjpr~-Uou ana nmvwtuw or vorla"- vp - ym Podmp To. =0 vp SIA 3m oet Avg The Bftvl(w of Alumlow towd Amolow Nitrate Under Various CoWitims of Purity of tbe, mowtltw2UI In the Moome or Ab"we of Wo by Z. Cbey2mg 6 pp. 7RWMy pay You Pm&os, Vckl SIA 3289 Etcl - Cbes Aug 50 mmmmmmm~ I Tho SUM Hitrat roy"ation, prWrtift, subuit, x" I p by Oftrpes Plmry, LoWU Briamd. Plif" Moo%, 22 pp FRICHO PWI - 9 Doti. 1950. pp IM-120 S.L.A. 301=tlflo - CbMIOU7 0771 A Study of the Explosive Pmpertlea of Polyvinyl NItrates, by Albert Le Roux, Robert Sartoriua, 10 pp. FaMWE per,, Men Foadres Vol ZUV* 15*2* pp 167'-1??. =-;~ AW Tr No RM Af6ft -rw.N% Cf. r". iV& 1 A F q-F Scleatific - ChamUtry Feb 55 CM .4,1 4-19 4PI /,/ 0 U7 ? Solubility ~lf i~-oo,losivoo in several 2o"Wentsi 'by F. M. lone) 5 pp. FPJM, perp 9mrial des eouaress Voll XW# 4539 PP 2-13-22P.- PiestinnY ArmuuAl Tc 52 42 A7 sci Nov 59 417f The Appannt Worlsetric Value and ibe Volme of the ftees Produced by the DecmVomItIOD of Propellaut.e.. by P. Tavernier. FMCB,, par,, Res doe POUJ16res, Vol IDXV 1953, PP 233-272. TIL Tr 4836 17 Set - Chemis" mar 58 Saba on the Un at the Onto at Cmsostloo of Pmden as a mum of 1ID9 tomir &a__ a bw IL N"Sourv L. You top M. 2b=". P IN in s, ftew Pow* Val My# 453v pp ,mi. iim3l 3S.., -fez Bel - amle", Propertles of Cyclc-ftUntbyleno4'rLulizosoodne., by lowls Modard, Nuwlce Dutour, 5 pp. Ffd=g pw,, NmcrjljajjpWj*Wq*,, Val XXXVUq 1955 a pp 19-A,M-603-Uh Plc&tUM Arainal Tr A Set - CbmUtry J; Oct 57 Resistwxe of Penthrltes PM to HeatinE as Determlmd by the Induction Period of the Rx- plmlon,, by A. Shangar cmd J. Grodsinskly, 13 FRUM., ner: *= Paudreso Vol XMI3Jj 1955. PP MIN Scl MA 57-3101 Aug 58 RecrystallizatIou at Peta for CaNism by Joan Tranchaut., ? pp, YMN, per,, Memorial do# Poud"ap Vol IMUs 1955" pp 121-19.~MSDM-' PIc&t1mW Arsawl Tr 13 Sci - BuglawrIeS J~-I, j Oct 57 Heats of Combustion of Seven Explosives and Allied Substances, by Louis Medard, Maurice Thcons, 14 pp. FRENCH, per, Memorial Des Foudres, Vol XXXVIII 1955, PP 129-138- ciA 646543 FDD/X-3497 Ficatinny Arseaal 23 OrIA 3109 Sci - Chem May 59 The Omadcmtsy of 11 pp, ftil Aubertein,* ValwUl &m Poodres,, oil-IM6- CU 6297t5 MDamment by - rm-bal once of I lm voutLuty of Prwel2aut MoUcUmrsp by C, fteJacqwsp H. Leclercql 13 PP- . Per, Na Poudres., Vol =T.Up 1955p Pp 153-164. SLA 57-2778 Sol Aug 58 0,744 117 Calorimetric Determination for Twelve (Vpulc Substances Whicb Caa Be UsW to h-opel!Antsa by ftul Tavernler, bkorice Lamouroun, 1.5 pp. 0 per# XIWWW des PoWrop, Val XXXVIIq 19551 pp 197,"S- -CU-603W.'---- Picatimy Armnal Tr 12 Bel - MaLstry -.5' 3.,, 3 do I Oct 57 3-50 P. Tavernier, C. Napoly FitENCH, per, Memorial des Poudres, V,,.L XXXVII, 1955, pp 217-223 *JPRS for Picatinny xsenal 21 Apr 59 The Exploolon Temperature.. the Calartwtric Value the Force and Coefficient of lzentro~,I(.- Expansion In the Barrel of Propellant&,, by P. Tarernier. FMCH per, Mom des Poudres, Val XXXV*Cl,, pp 225!268." 1 ' TM Tr 4837 Bel - Cbemletry I-f . . / ;7;? Max 58 R-51 P. Tavernier, C. NaPOlY FFENCH, per, Memorial des Poudrds, Vol XXXVII, 1955P pr- 331-338.. *JPRS For Picatinny Arsenal 21 Apr 59 184L- Effecto mA Toxicity of 111tru Cardiovasc"4w Compumdo in Relation to the nplosives Industry# by R. Cbarys 14 pp- MM j, pert mem Poudres, Vol MVII., in, 351-363o 1955. Assoc Tech Bery-13IM4 SCI - Ch" 70/ Aug 58