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January 11, 2017
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December 31, 1983
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rwz"OdYNOOLC Study of SL02-FOO-00 SIOSSO by IN. Wayssomp A. RLst. FR=Mp parp Rev Mato Val 66g Fab 1969p pp 115-117. DISI 7769 ScL- may 70 1. Comparison of the Endurance Uwdts According to the I*thod of Detemination and Type of Stress, by 1, P. Rabbe, 11. Estimatioa of the Nedian of a Response Cureve by the Inerstion Method for a Small Number of Tests. by T, ChIpillotaff, Fe 5"tenaires FRENW, per, Rev Hot No 66, 19604, pp 129, BISI 77" sciAlat may 70 4060773 Study of Origin of Aluminlum Incluslano In Zlooftle StmUs by A. MDhn,, at alo Mem, per, 11". 1"01 Val 66p aw 1969, pp V5-339 BIBI 768T Sol/mat Jkr 70 **.oO58 ;oi.-l Ci i:ifiev,!lxl AppLieationu ur a Grade of ,Leell wi Llh ~i" Cv. "-!" Mo, Van& ili= and I'dubtir, for juleriteater Tibes, by M. i!subo. e..' de Meta I l" .*.7Le, V~~I- ftuo of SlIgbt Deformtictus bly Creep In Sbort Dmr&Ucu. Influemm of Yield ftlut AmUa2t T.Werst 1 9 by as FMC219 PWx RAN, MA, VOI pp 375-368. =I 8736 ICUU8840 Ot 66s My 19698 Testa of at 81. SdANA fob 71 9 ~ --v--n and A31AI"p bV L- CoZaablW. ORROM PWO Am upt Vol 660 J=* 1'r4(o pp 4M-4.U. Z=Z.Ml= p 4= M6 W4ktwd&U Jm 70 Study ot the CmVmo#Lve Stmogth ot Pellets of trock Or* at TarLou Stag" liurLtkg Their as- dactLon by a Counter Flow or Gas, by C. Offroy. MOM* Part R&T Moto Vol 6(,t JUI-Aug 19699 pp 1161-517. *BISt 8760 Sci-*st DOC 70 22M Pramos of 4MMIs conta'a or aq OMT*nl*12# by We re D=q- ot ales wn AM=,, pw- an. at., io-i 66, J4YIft 196.9# pp 5396-5w --- *=I 79e5 Sol/jkt Nor 70 Rmidity Idessureftat for Coko and Blast ruroace Gaso by L, lackers, nXNCH9 per, Rev Not# Vol 66, Jul-Aug 1969, pp 557-S62. BISI 7976 ScL-Mat Jul 70 The Ph"omww of Passivity, by J. M. Dafranmx. FROM, par# Rev Met# Yal 66, 1969, pp 641-648. Bial 8286 ScL-Mat DOC 70 The ApplLcatiou of Mass Spectaustry to the ContLnuous Analy*Ls of MetallurgUal Gas&&,, by G. HaLtx, F. Thamas. FREWHI par, Rev Not, Vol 66, Oct 1969p pp 641-652. 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Ito 8261 sciA4&t NOT TO NechaaLsw of RopLng in FarrLtLc 17% Chromium Stools, by 8. Fouillard# B. OsdoLt. rRIM01, per, 191 Not, Vol 66, Nov 1969, pp 763- 769. BLSI 8192 sci-mat Jul 70 Research Concerning the Influence of Silicon on the mochanical Proportion of Nodular Graphite Cast Iron, by T. Dumitrescu, FRENC11, per. Rev. Met., Dec., 1969, pp 831-839. "IS1 8655 sci/mat Jan 71 two SOL-at a* 70 ow 72 . ~-A t,;:-,~ . ~ II.. , - I ; ., . . June .71 i.A - . - - , 3g~~ & . k ~~:. i~" NOT ? I J. Fritscho at The Effect of Certain Residual Elements on the Hvxdwzbiltty of Steals with C.70% Carbon (REV, =-) SePt. 1970, PP 7.-9-759 BISI 105W . Jan 1973 M 71 wc Jan 1973 . ~ 11 - -.. :- -,. , , t, ~ .~A: G. Wiet weighing at Steelworks I fMV. M, March, 1971,pp 171-177 BISI 1921 Jan 1973 B. Domel Results Of Chab Calbration, Of Belt Conveyor Scales At Usinordunkirk MV.WT. Vol. 68, Mar. 1971, pp 217-222 1151 TO 8 Jan 1973 Jan 1973 J. C. 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CUIL., Vol 5,, No 6, 1969 j, L ~.) 2 76- 89. !JUL 7GUO sCiAvIt'UL!'-d.L; jim 7U 399o930 wvw PF m,"rArrimarfi.,. oripwrFr(wip.,; AUIXIn ,,,F , morwr REVUF PF METALVIRrUF A. combuz The So-Called Palynofecies. ra~XF, per, Revue de Mic ropal, ion tolople, Vol 71 1965v ry ^05-21F YrC 72-13357--08G Oct 72 Revision of the Genus Claspopollis Eflug, by E. Boltenhagen. FRENCH, per, R -evue do Hilropalsontologiap Vol 11 P No 1 " 196-8 p - pp -29-44 NTC 7-1-12147-OAG July 72 Air Trwisport in by Amadou 110141M.U-, par, *ACSI I-oS72 11) 220401240 iiLur - ~ortu,.,al :;i I [AM IU5 tdlitary .,.:oaouvors Forralru, Itavists Ailitar, itt JLul 1965, Air Trmsport in tho Angola idlitury (Atoration. by AtAdeu Ilamira, 15 1',)o PoiclUMISE,6per, Novista idlitar,, Januarys I si, ppm"-Tr. -- Wil 1-6871 P ID 2204012505 '-Lur/Ni I/Portugal .';ar 06 297g.';30 The Terrorist Movements of lagola, Portuguese, Guinea# awl K,zambique (Fomign Innuence),, by delig relgan.. 61 ppo PORTUGUESE,, bkIt, Revista, Militar, 1966, pp, 1- 930 JPNS 39343 Africa Poi/soc Jan 67 316m9T2 General Idea of the I-tratogic Value of the Guinca-Cuije Vordo mAd ',;ao Tmio IslLuid t.&x.%)jox, by Witi d Ca"ar:A P1114A VlsXAA;U.A., vr, ~xvistu !dlittr .,.'o 2-38 Fab/' ar bub, =~ 1 J-O!)63 ID I ~vt 06 Turrurist Activitylin !bzambikjw,, by ,w l.stavus rvigas. ;or, !wvista I!ilit-x ,.u 4, Ukib, j-p l7o-l:)~), *1 ' ,,C,l j-uA4 et ('6 1,3iOcts Of '41itary Activity in Guinea by ojliU 101,.USI vor, :oVi:5tu I!Lllt~ir, No 6, Julle 19000 LU Oct Influollco of tho ',.nAod r-orces in tho I.canouic loovolti,vot of loortu'-sl's ovorsous oy 41olio 1~014A3, ,or, ixmista Alltur, No 7, juiy i!)otis pi) MCA J-UA&A 11) 2.1U.lV:A,-Ajv oct ()b Ir(kl*:4s cumtoctoti ati, t1to stru"Jo by jo~ujula ~;Iwooso ,.or. 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LIC-ru, I'jua' f.;6-7m-c 67 , pp. 45- , 6PIC; A.41509 LA (Poru) Political Feb 6b 351,782 possibility of auilding Rocket Missileg in i4eru, by Jose Castro Hendivil, 7 pp * per, Havista Milit=del Peru, Lima, z1ov71Vc 67, pp. 51-56. jm,i 44009 ici-.-Iissile Technolorry F CI) 6 0 351,783 POtOntiality Of the StILte alld tbO Military, by Lt.col.Hilton Delfin Cataldip 6 pp. SPANrSH* per, Revista bilitar g2i Pt"* Lifto NOV/EeU 67, PP. 110- JPRS 44,509 LA(Paru) Political Feb 68 351,781 Container Technology in Surfmw Transport and In Conjunction with Air and Maritime Transport. The Situation and Prospects in the ~d,`.Jtsry mud Civilian Fieldo by A, Attilio Vio,!,a, 40 pp. ITALIM, per, Rivists Witare. Vol 2S. No 4. 19690 p1) 4S2-486. AR.%VFSTCAIT-23-390-70 GOVEMEn USE ONLY 1&/Idl $if/July 70