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December 31, 1983
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ftow Tlemn to OsUl or ft= M. Didat (18M) to T. 84vam (1839),, b7 L. MAutp nXIC4 pors Be Gnu Ilato Vbl =36 1966,, pp 7T-W- W IM 5-3"7 Sol-Bw J~m 67 329.,061 Vox~.C)"flvlt' Oy I'Llut, ur, oquatanu "isto Vol I'll, U2. RelatIon Between Ifeat of Transport and Erfective Valence, by G. Brebec. FRENOI, per, Scripts, Metallurgica, Vol 2, 1968, PP 323-326. *NBS Tr 71-55252 Avedlable NBS Only Jum 71 Influence of c on RadLoactLve S MobLILty Ls the GraLn Boundri" of Blectroytically Pure for by T. Rosso. FREWR9 perp Script& Mstq Vol 2p 1968, pp 393-397. *Nat Bur Stand Tr 75-sMq ScL-Phys Jul 7u Itirluenec or Traces or Oxygen and St4phur on the Self- Diffusion of Silver, by A. Brun. FMCH, per, Sqlp~a Meta.11., Vol 2, 1968, PP 515-518. *IrrlslNW TT 71-55333 Available M Only JU1Y 71 Diffusion of an Element of Very SiuLll Solubility: The Came of Fe In Ag., by J. Berni6rd1nt. rRINCIlp per, Scripts. Metallurgica, Vol 3., 1969, pp 59.1-596. *MS TT 71-55240 Available NBS Only June n Concentration of Free Vacancies and Bound Vacancies In Dilute Alloys at Thermodynamic Equilibrum: Influence of a Supersaturation of Vacancies an Solubility,, by 0. Moreau. FRENCH, per, Scripts. Metallurgica, Vol 3, 1969, pp 727-730. *M TT 71-55254 Available NBS Only July 71 Avg 72 722F,1) 14111MAIIA)N ANil UYVEWSAL 41F 1110-:11111. (111,11 \I Eh IN Le-to). Michol; Mis'AlIv, Joan-111t.-t-ro; firichet, Claude. 'rrAnS- lA4-d for Smth,t Labs.. Alb~vltleSJLIV. N. MeN., rrom Ser. Met.; ,1: 1111-16,(11971). %p. thvp. NTIS. mutalVirp; ttawslations I I F 11 I"'A 0 San Marco Project, by LuLgi BroglLoq at at. ITALIAN, per, Scuola dL Lfkg. Aeroppaxale AttL 621 Contra RLc- AarospauLals, Vol 15, June 1967. HASA IT F-12,815 ScL-Spmce Tech May 70 Trmsistartsed Analopw Cmputer NEVA 40T by Bahuall Mirtes., 12 pp, CUOI, per. Sdelavaci Tochnika, No 2. L%S,, pp S7-10. ACSI J-032S ID 2204037166 Sci-Engr Aug 66 307,372 provw=w Aw TIM-ftawaft Plosmuatr:io CryOtftl TubO, bV J. 7alefta, 20 ]pp. 5 Am, per, &It 1 Tachamp ED 5, 190., PP *-16T. ' ACS1 J-3" ID 220k*7%7 SCI-Zlsct"sdcts Doe 6T 3WoU3 3oms Experiments in Using the Atalog-to-Vigital Converter ratra IIR 10. ~y J. Ubj jr. 4 pp "Ecut pwp 44fiomci NOWM No 6, 1965p py 215-216. b70-ifr-23-848-67 sci/zloctr ime 68 3390317 DC-12295 2 nay 66 An IMlti-Cllanncl Apparatus Uaia~; Pulse ~;adc &'-:odulatior~ by JirAL-ich Ceima:--.) 15 ~=Cll, per., Sdc:Lomci Teclmirut, Vol 13,, :;o 12, A-a~;uc, Lec SpecialIJI'113 DC 321,820 Sci - Electronics Apr 67 Tet"ratUre Reanuxvmnt by a Thadel, by B. Camial and Z- MMIY,, 4 YP- CZWH, per, Welovaci TechnU-a So 2# 1966p W pp 52 - PlOOL155268-Y FTIWIT-,.~3-863-67 Sci-F.Ilycies Oct 0,13 366,174 neliability of Dattorieul I:W J. Itzbes. Ca=p perp Cdclv%-aci Toebaks., W "s 1) ~i J. ACSI J- M - Scl-LncrtV Cunwro-Icz NOV 'j6 31~,O, li restures of Czechoslovak-Produ.-ed Gas Lwwrs, by Ymntisek Patrus 7 PP, GOVERNMM M ONLY CZECII, per,, Sdelovaci teahniks, Vol 1966., No 6. June ;iz-,--P-p. 2W-209. JPRS GUO 2177 EE-Czech Sci-Methods S Equips Oct 66 312068 Thert,tcvIvctricity. It:. ti-portmi ties, ii), zjclkek 1'0).It, 'rccmakd. "o 1z, jg(jus ......... 4 pj" u7 324,747 Thernoolectricity, Its Possibilities anti Prospects, by Zdonck POSIt, 9 1-ji. WVLM,'Vi'r USL UAY CZE.0i, per, Sdelovaci Tcchnil.a, No L, 1966, 1,r. 445-446. AILIVRITC/1,T-23-2188-6.8 Scifthys At% 69 386,756 Mlarapbows fa ma covmmw MSC16 POr. Bd*luMol Techalka, pp 370-3730 AFX/FBTC/iW-23-363L-68 & iIA!r (i,itic; Ux -,~jLiuca lL-(,+-L-cjj !IVXI.-;, lby " 14 ;-,. CVJ.Cf, lk-r, 'A!ijusik c 12j, 196 7, i I j tt . ,%, 453-4)o. -- ,;Ci/ "'l;~4t;- Ljoc 69 YJ7j,343 Iftla DlgLtal UtW*W Gate Ciredto IMAIII, IMCIlls IGMIIIp and XWII* b7 J. 3bach. 22 pp. CZIMMMAUM pw ANVU4 Udka Vol 172 No 20 1969, pp f4i ' LTA -479 AMOTDAIT-23-341 70 fti mw 70 The Fixed f-fewory of the ZPA 60C Computer, by J, Kninan, M. Masak. 9 pp. arcil. per, Sdalovici Takkniks, Vol 1711 '40 89 1969, pp 236-237. AIR/ M--Irr-2.US62-70 sci/elect feb 71 Linear Integrated Circuits fosla NBA 2250 2A5j by 1, Stahnov 7 ppe CS3CR# per# �4910YAGA a"# Vol let So 3-49 19709 pp 73-7 AIRIFTD-KC-23-393-71 Mar 72 ums U a mra Mam TO v6s. wr I m=a= am OM To v MULUM JUIY 72 .-~4 w, .,.Al I.: i It Sept 71 ., i&Alwi way 71 , ~ f! VI A I I t oll"I'l t, t c I C ':'e n t, 0 is Do 110' o n o) (.1, by IT?- *O.,l I ll,-, I,? .7r). r- . :., , , , 1~ Jdcluvaci '-'ecllnil-a, ,ra,:ljo, ..o 2. 72, on - C~ r- , i -,, ", ,, 1' 72 A .1 kUdilcatim of Mawyltridilmm,jans, by Ve 'N. I'd-uliviov" S. K. lqlmmhwjuu 1s lip. U-244N, iqt, 2. Inbeputiamaua C-Yupcaium tutotin ri, Assurisam dal. 28 Ar2 M 1965.--Jm~~ Jarlin L%6 pp WI-34. ia~;rr-?.;-13D-7o 70 Culture in Vitro of crustac~!an Cells, by J. M. Quiot FREUCII, per, Secondo Colloq-,iio Interna- zionala Sulle Iture 731 -Te~-Iauto-Djj7 i Invortebrati-I 1068, pp. 102-109. CFSTI vT 70-58050 AVAIIJAWIM"' ONLY FROM IJCP Sci/l)sln Feb 70 403,269 Ponvation in Vitro of Cellular Immunity Peactiow; in Insects, by A. Vey, 10 pp. FlU .X11, per, Secondo coll~quio Inter- nazionale Sulle Culture di Tessuto Degli Invertobrati, 1968, ;.)P. 254-263. wdv.7'Yf sci/bmil Feb 70 403,274 Studies on the Development and the Biology of Sporozoan Parasites of Hake. by Lothar Szidat, SPANISH, rpt, Secrataria do Estado do wi. cultura 4 Gwiaderia, DiWc-cion General de a y conservacion do la FaunS, 1966, 6 pp. *Dopt of interior dish and 'Wildlife Service Bureau of Coamercial F13h*riG3 Sci-B&M Jul 07 71to Argentine Industriai nahory and Its Possi- ble Contribution to the Problers of Nutrition in the Western Hemisphere, by L. R, Vazques, SM1511, rpt, secretaria do Estado do Aari- cultura y Ganadem 3; 1; Nation, Ldre:ClN_On_ M;-Fral do Pasca y conservaclon ac la Fauna, 19660 11 pp. *Dept of Interior Pish and Wildlife Service uureau of Comwercial Fisheries illur-Spanish 1: re-,n The Fishery for Hale in the Argentina Sea. 1965 (areas of capture and otimr data), by Le R* VasqU~3s lie 54 Lastapaq at &I SMISH, rpt., SacMaria do Hstado So Agri- cultura z Ganader-il do la Naclon, Urmccion General do resca y conservaclm do is mma, 1996,, Xp-r,-z PPO *L)ept of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service ijureau of Commorcial Fisherie3 sti-Bul Juk167 f~ - I C), t 3 Agency: FAA "A P.O.No. WI-9-01282-1 Tltle: Secretariat General a L'oflatlon Civile DirectIon des Tzansporto J6=lmx letter dated dm. 1 27, k968, no. I 6i(A, Laaw"go: Z~ French Special InstructAous: Please, translate and type 1 copy Armod Forces Communique No. 1/73 Issued, 5 pl,. lip, 0Seculo, a Lisbon, 29 Jan 73, p 11. JP-.'iS 58436 Mn r 7 3 Priact;lv~; of Wrwi Lj.A)r (Pri,ici,d lavorn tralo) St-I dslav .A, ":Curitts, 153-1 Law, c,:, tia!slat.,. Visual "W al l.;". -.014 talt tiectth It. Inho'Ush Title ftnom, by Dott. 12ALIM, par, Securitas, No 7, 1968,, pp 5-46. *7T-69-52029 Available frcm Departmnt of Labor cnly july 69 EhgUsh title unknown, by F. P. Branca. ITAUAN, per, Securitam, No 11# 1968, pp 57-76. *Tr 69-52030 Available frm Deparbnent of Labor only July 69 A.:- neyle iAA 8-1=0-D P. J. Awl)"r OA~-450?4 U 13 Jan- 70 11U": 3$a1 de CaeOU183 anti-fum4a Author: Xkmxm= W a du SAPL L-16mmts, G. ArxmirA -oQ=^t Securlts at Sauvetap LangW,et Frw!nch 6pp ixmcial instructions: Type one translated copye One 11ne of DW three Is admdng. Plow love MWe f, U M In. in 8ch1*sw:LgaojsUln. GUMN# pero agoldste lb 6j, 1969* VP 239-AT- MA IM 60-'(O Sal-Moab Ocrt 69 395094 Ndv Dft*p in 19640 tW x. ump 5 pp. Co""p POrp 500vgriwbr-. 20 Alp AVr 65# Iv- 22D- gig* ipm 3oekg =-GerrAZW Sam *w 65 28103A3 NOW adpwildin(s at MWt Go ' &dWU'lr3Aj, by Be ItaftrIsdi, 6 pp. MUM, per, &wmzteh Vol 5p No 5,p *W 1965, pp. Oro-'YM- JPM 31003L xg-carcow Icon 111 65 203,153 AmW Adjurbout offlee &ftdlto T. tj. Osa6er or ftz*4p Tru&# IW X- OMmu and A. AQVnmht, 7 Pp- =�",P P*rP a-mmllwhr VOI 5s SO 5, MW 196.s, pp. JM 3200D IR-Gerrany scan Aue 65 233,016 ftv* Ysftv ?O~Uxk Overoftg port'. IW R. Mw4oro 5 pp. CIMM* P*rj, fteverkahr, uo 60 j= 196.50 YPO 3r*-357 0 an A3% X94k*t GenoW Ram Aug 65 aupw I . RMIGN C=tzld =d Autatatim of Imt G*r=A Edo*,, by R. Stuck,, 6 pp. CXW75.90r, Gwy*rkOLro No To, Ad 1965j, pp. "it RNS 31965 =-CAmamw zom Sept 65 2B9s535 ftLaOr of the SepUsUaa of owdft IN&V ()Iln. tty P. Home, 10 pp. GXH"o yerp eowmrtalhir, SO T,, JU 1965, pp. 4M-W. JPF6 32UIO It-cerroW Bel-prals Oct 65 2El9s797 Mtus or Port Service, by So Beheunemm= " 0. Ulbricht,, 5 PPO MKO, per, foreerkahr Val V, No 10, act 1,)650 yps JPFG 32A5 ZZ-Germagy scan jan 66 291,653- Now Mdpe Deliv*rvd during My-Mmiamber 196% by Go Kalvelt, 6 ive OMKAX, pw,, amwe Vol 6, No 2, reb 1966P VP- 55--5-6-- JPRS 34919 Must Germmv scon Apr 66 299.,093 ftp*d1t1oau7 Flahl" In North Atl"Us Timblag OrovaU, by Nei= Roemer. PWIM, per, Sewerkshr Vol 6, So 3, 1966, pp 121-123- ferm TT 67-5W4/104 fti-zarth set & oftasogmphy D" 67 Notbods ror Uw 9peaMeatlas or InvestmeaU *ad Tor the Selectlon or Uw Type ot FUMM Vemal In Sea Plabarles, by Jaa Wojewvdk. PCLM. P", 8-0-wormbr vol 6,, wo 4, 1966, pp 145-149. *CM TT 674124/103 ftl-zwrth Sol & -0aawlebiv, Doe 67 ftw Tank ClaWrAg V68862 DW*lqped by W..,,w Bhlp UM,, by PostoCk Bollmol, 5 pp. G=M, per.. amgn= ni 5.. lky 1966, PP. iw-ily3t jpw Y~n3 9&4er=w,y Neon JU 66 yksw Ow Methods or RvrrIgarstlas au Flah1ft Veawls, b7 N. O"hkies. PCLIMV part Vol 6v no 5p 19661 pp 200-201. 4CWT Tr 67-561A/107 sal-Ewrth set & OCOGADSMphy Doe 67 Tim Yee" Joint z"t Gerven-ft=18h Mdppim Line Service,, by B-Nd-na Sarufalds and Karl-Heins Conrad,, Tpp. clEmN,, pars, j2g=Ek!&E vol V1, no 6, June 196G, yp- 227-M9 & 232- JPMO 36627 Mftst GerwwW Econ Aug 66 30'1.-132 IMInarlaa Pwm-Ulm Fiddogs PMM, jers forrostAhr Vol 6, no 6, 1966, vp 25e453. semi vT 67-56uh/io3 fti-muth Sol a oveanognq*v Doc 67 Now t4dVa BjIIL ill ?AOL V-vl.Wv?Ltj' .. IT. CloaW, per, Scoverkahri pp- 7176-."No jPW "13 X0 FX-Edst Gergany &-in Sept fx) GOn=n BhIPYIkrJ8P bY ()- H - 7, JAIY lgLpb, u0' ~m InrumatLon on X)tor Fmighter Type VI, by it. Krause, 5 pp- GXWM, par# Seevorkel N.) 'I, JAY lAk, pp- 2 ~ JPRB )1606 EF,East Gf,-rtany F.-.,>n Sept 6u 310,607 by The Flabary Wydragrm1mv and Its imports"*, by Seibert Mrich. Pam, per. Vol 6, go 7, 1966, vp 2W-M. *cm Tr 67-56i2k/la8 Sal-larth Sal & OP-plan-m-gs - Doe 67 -iownd Aai~n of Vio ;-ev ~wnwdc System for Ocean.., *,oing Transportation, by Dr, 4erner Jww,* and Lrnst.Juergen ldchter, 7 pp, GERL-IJUI. per. Seeverkehr, ro 9, Sept 1966, pp. )64-366. JNU JJ534 Gernany Ewn rby 66 313.951 or the QLI&]Llty Or T"sb nab Oaboard an Tolopeadent Fiddag Yeawl, by V. outeshow. ?MM., per, ftem shr irol 6,, mb q.. 1966,, rk -, vp '383-395 ag lb 10,, Vp W-heg W no 11, pp W94fo. saw.t Tr 6T.36w4/io6 Sol-9&rth fti a oft"ogmpby Doe 67 Bev Ships DeUvered by tut Geruan SUPYSMS durtrg-, April-Aupot 1966, 5 yps GZIUU, per, Setworkefir No* 12, WC 1966.. PPO 495-4)()* JPHS 3,,," n-Gerukiv Kil Mar U7 317#323 WorldviA* Trvad ftr the txtemloo at the Bous- d&rl*a of Some f1sherles, by W. Fm*A. PM=o per, vol 6, no 12,, 1966, PP 513-516 - *cysTx Tr 6T-5&24/ice aci-sam Bel & oceawgmow Doe 6T -41410 for 7:3pcprt to Uke .1lovict Inim, by IWO Dabbertj, 6 pp. ~"TZVW:p perj 3orrortatrs 1967, pp 469. Dept of '.1avy '10" tr 2W I-s-d-lanarr Fcon Sep 63 363#230 GODUla C"M -7M&twvp TAM 17# bV IINW Oabbwt,, 6 pp. C;WVSV;# per* 1%7,o pp 470. %vt of I;avy = tr w" W-dlsr=w 3= S" 60 363#231 Data on Lost Garman Freight Motor Ship MS hallerau, by 11ons.Dabbert, 6pp. GERNMO per, Seavarkehr Vol 7. No 1, Jan 1967, 111) 25-26. JPRS 39847 EVE, Germany Sci-Rech. Industrial EnSr. Feb 67 3186900 Conviation ArevA or 71sherl", by 'W. Rtake. PM=, per, S"vwrkehr Vol 7, So 1, 1967, pp 31-34. scmi IT 67-56124/n4 Sol-Earth Sol & ocomogmpby Doe 67 Com- Fish. #3D It-&46-D/55 27 Nov 67 Satlonallalcrung und Xoqpwstlan vAch In der Hochsee- fischeral BY: rrGal Sceverkehr (ORSt Barlin) Vol 7.. 1967 Febr. pp 49~-50 Germn - eat for wds: PIG&Se trvaslate MA type 1 criGLasl and 3 carbon copies. (not for printiU) Rewmetor vm= like to SM tbIs tranalut,lon before final typing. 115 V*omds CM&wdflod in J966v tF AIW SOhWfdt w0 Ouentor lbafgan. 5 pp- GERU no 4. Apr !967. 11, per, 221=11%br, Vol 7& 4 pp. 157. '58- JM 412% F:F,.Gemww ~;wn Jul 87 .670 HOMY RmVbaM an Rgarts in 5 ppo Omms Per, 8-""Tkohr,, Vol 7a No. 5. 1967j, pp. 197-xqs. JPRB 41957 scon kw 67 333#423 The Lcgal Power of ROPT03antation of the Captain Under Wsting Maritime Law and Proposals for a Future Adjustment, by Hans Geschwandtner. 18 pp. GEDIAN, per, Seeverkehro No S, pp 210-211; No 6, pp 260-261; No 7, pp 302-303s, 1967, P500092768 v 1'4 -, A'/"> Dept of Navy NIC 2583 Unedited Translation Sci/Earth Sci & Ocean. May 6 8 Unedited Translation 34S,057 Problems of ftd&Ust Ratima.Usation in the ftrther Tootadola Davolopitent of the OUR mwahmt n"t, by Ouanter hdbags 14 ppo 0910TI or, ;290!0k, vol 7. )b 6. i= W. pp. Zas.-23L. JPBS 42339 ES-Rast Gormau SGS."isvigation OWN SePt 67 3770927 -- ~ at *a" Guam** 8440- ps" U~ awmagwo lw nww UNOW# -A NO IMM", Pw, --- -- - - 4; am : -%Nm F r The imp of 0 im 4"s =ft"w 94067 339olO Tv"Port &w the ftatory shiFe mjw~p welts WA "Jurce Garde"$ tv R6 W"6 GEPJ", pert S"yokebr Vol Me No ?s 1967s pp 290-292. $=I TT 68-50014/30 Soi/Lar sci & ocearme Yaq 6 8 no Earileat IN nall of OM Research Nor Southu"tem Afriem,, by & L~W)ert. 16 pp. QIWAN,, per. se"Wkshr, Val 7,, No 8, 196T., pp 340- Dayt of bitwbw Bureau of ComardLal Fisharits OMOO of rbzvl~p Flsbwuw A-30-JulY 1969-so 49 on imm ScI441sc NOV 69 397..267 k.onlo,nt anc' .'ago! bligation of the Inter- flati(Aml Aw o1 Uto O)"A on, I.,tuestions or its :~yatomtizatlono by '.w'4 lrenzal, 7 nT,* V. ~01-, ;,Octcrkei-,r. ol So S !,Ug 1>67. 3W~-345- t o n,..v NI tv 2533 my 356.185 Now ConstrwUon in ths OR ShiMaydat tir We Mardmkit 5 ppo OEMAN# pwo 3""rkebr Vol 7t No 9o Sep 19670 pp %2-363. JPW 435" Sai-~h, We Civil srA WAne &p. JAN 68 3470010 'rho klshiI47, Imustry of tho Acuth Amorionn Countries. L'art 2s Chile, by Ualter RaAce. uj,lui", Per, S!2W-kehr Vol Mt 110 9t 19671 pp 386-368. CFSTI -r~ (-3-50014/33 -5ciA;ar sci 1,~- wcwoj; . zty 6C The ft-ocess at xntsviiitiowd sti~~tic-n In Ywritim Iaw and Criteria fo- the MxLluAon of Rdes of Intercational Faritio law in the law of the GIR. bor ftft Fr*nwl. G&RmN. per, Soevwiwbr N* So Sept 1967. pp 389- 392. Dept of A'i&VY Ric tr 2529 USSR Econ Mar 68 3AP982 md" MWorted to the 6ovist Xtonp by a. Dabbert. 16 pp. GMMP pwo apavarbalwo Vol r, so Up 1967, pp 460JM. D~Vt of Mmterlor Damu of COMM&I nobvlai Ofriae of Foreign Fisheries A-30-JWLy 1969-3o 36 012 low jbv 69 397p259 Thoughu an the Comption of I Nm &W laws, t7 its yrwmwl & As Nmwp 14 P;. wuuu t mtsnzk& Yd vas No Us Nov 19670 pp MC3, F"*W DWt of Nny NIC tr 2"4 Sol/Ear Sol & Ocemog )iv 68 356t732 Tho.W,hts an the Coampt of a I low Sea Imrv by Be hensel & A, ftuar,, 12 pp. MRWS per, �"-Wrbkt No 1;'* Dso 1967l pp 518-M, ?3DO115368 Dept or Havy 14IC tr 25% sci/Ase Jme 68 3590419 of l'iyu)4-arialit aL Vvj Lkxn).~;Cj, lulwrloas kv I.- ~;cluwidvr. pars -Ijeevezlc&,r Vol Bs ':o 1, 1963, pp Econ Aug 63 'I~w Finhiz;-, #iefliodo in :)oep.4;oa Fiaherion aM 'Mair -uturv Donlopriont, by Fritr. Illarturk,',, GMIATI# per$ ';cmrke?w Vol 3,9 ANo 1,, 3968,, pp-34-37. -1r,,. .1 4^ 71 -- 63-50017/t TT.-Gerr-wt, F-OW Aug 68 Pasearch m -qi*Anr, la(mtion I OW C oncepti= Of rlzh!JC Todudco at the VIM il-sch Cacbirs I -4atook.9 by P. M-affohn. ,011%liv par, Ssevw*ohr 1.7ol 30 :,10 1.0 1968j, pp 37-3 8. *CP>'TI TT 63-50017/3 Oboarvations on Yoreign Trade Trans- purtatiOn, by Gerhard Bain, 6 pp. umwui, journal, Swwarkebr, No. 2, Last Berlin, Feb 68, pp. 57. JPRS 44,674 EL(East Germany) Economic March 68 352,703 Iceland Cutter for Fishing with the circular Moorad Nat Fron the EIbe Warf, by W. Jvnck-ol. 11 pp. POLM, per, Seoverkehr, Vol 8, No 2, 1968, lip 66-66. Dept of laterior UCF/OFF A-3S-J" 1970-ho 29 On Lovit Scifileth ~ Equip Apr 70 K1XS 40S,S47