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,Uatvrsa Lar of ftuvu ma I Dftm,, 74 wo Alrylft ovf=min* va CWT "ME PP* 13-1-96m,M' ftMdLftMIM 4 1-b 1,Wp JM 000 lur U-ftuvu POI AW 66 20.,173 Stata=wt of Purpose and Draft Constitution of Bolivi&.. 105 PP. OOvzF4Kw Uax MY SPANMs nvp &-amft Amublicap 27 mar 1966., PP. 7-22. JPRB GUO 2006 IA-DolivLa Pol Jun 66 301#93D ~ojliiij~ ut Liquid AlkaU :Iotals, by G. Grass. ial~'INI, jjt, Las -oiden von Flusiikoji Alkul4vt- it, "W 1966. '1110 AAL-C 'ater ,I.ci/- ials ,Iuv 64 Deodorizing and DIsInfectlag Air VyVs and WAir Perfuait%& tw 9. marwasin. aCFMM,, per, Selfsa- Oelo- Fatta- i -'.=&# Vol 91P No i9., 19W,, VP M5-M- cbom Tram s-.- 2945 Sci - ChecLtotry Apr 57 32502V bonding of Textile Fibers with Rubber. by H. fladert. GERMAN, per, SeLfen-Oalo-Potto-Wachse, Val 94, No 1,- 1033. PP rr-nr-. MLL Ref: 5828.4F (13016) Sci-Mat May 61.4 380#613 Vol 940 74 On I'maIIIII Oxiiiatimi. Wax Alcohok an ~Uthi Product:;' by k.. Peter. GEMAN, per, Scifen, Oele. Fette. Wactise, Vol 94, 1968, pp 573-576. MIT 71-1'1027-07C Feb 72 Apr 72 Oil Hydrogenation: 2-Myceridee, Structure of Cottonseed Oil Hydrogenated With Different Concentrations of Nickel Catalyst, by M. H, Hassan, GERMAN# per# Asifen. Oslo, xe$jes Vachges Vol 97, 1971, PR 63-86* XTC 72-60058-07C AmalU. or. Hay 72 Apr 72 ... _- 1. [:'~ ~, - ~~ ~ ~ I - Ttiake. ". 1971 "Ien"Ist AilvArops 11). ~hr ! IrAchitie, of oil& And ruts Awsm or 49.1%,U led I ja a (V er urier- Prkrnr rni at a 've I d*r lei chung volt Ot-r,~ und Fe' I-4ort wit, uktl,.tarter~ 1,4chord-r.) 0 ~-klnchs,-, 21 (2 1: 712-7t5. 'n 'emun. ra" 1. 1 k r. , ".tr- &r . DI F. , 304pt. of 300. or .114'r ef for 11-pt. of Tht- ~~,-c ,alirax '&L -'allfax, 1972, 4& mr4l. 3s-rls-j~ !;o. 2186. 1(p.. Vpesaript. Avail. rty~ nar, W,4n., 1), C. OrIgInol Articlo Chockedgy-N Statistical I'cho Detection Criterion for Long Hange Active Sonar. by K. Ugriuovic, 9 pp. VVGUSLAVIA, per, Scith Elektrotcknika, No 2, 1969, pp 119-123. iNAVY/NIC-33.13 Oct 72 kuUm~ut MA Ananibm fOr!botiM At..tl. 1=9 MOMM MaLilag Mradlg., bV P. MWUW. Gnu"" PWI an BROWMabum) Vol 131, NO 4 X(xi5,, pp. 96.�-.- ac 69-lLnz.,17B Sal-HaviiPtim ZUI.V 69 388j,816 Colmr-CadIft Methods SA Cable tedwdvwj, bu No StJaU am"'O Par. am ashadiftip To, lhp 31o 10 19660 vp uL raft goe2-81 (2299) glai.1clectrumus Jdy 68 360,970 Visual DOaUMWt BWPW ODS 9 p by To P o ftersevski SM No No VQJAW# U ppo ON"# per, M mohmaht", so it 106p PP 39-" - ACS1 J-2477 rR 22ohol9767 Sol-Riectroulas and Ilso ZW,* rob 68 34TP433 riatt-I.inf. vismn-In - Itintiliation With !0TWO111 1%0 ol 1!~'vli ry .110 il*:111 D1.11trtbiltion, Iv Si:L-:.*, --hiAchten Vol 10 'To 2 Suicide in Two Metropolises, by Farberow. GEARAN, rpt, Selbstmord in Zwel Grosstadten, 1968. *ACSI K-3426 3i~t, Jan 73 KO lab 26620-1 R-OL73-D 16 Feb 68 NIO-YWA4 adtlvws fec Um pro 89VOWN Pzau 84aedLe"a I mdftw so 2t13-48s IOT 6 pp) ."t rar v"s Rowe tranaUte md *no I eumm zeaft caff. ' am be cut* MOO COW as sampU attacbed. T-620-il. Ko LAb I-6W4 2-%76-D 26 70 60 Let me U-make vsateuos rar and=* p4" scum JWI , ma= Soldtdjga b0 I lb 211942# 1967 ( 4 pr) Am"Ok - met rar Wass Pl"" trlsslAe =d tm I i m- m - r*W wpy. In a-eat an be aft. mdw cova Os =via attab" T-6" Ko Lob T-620-3 A-%TT-D 267068 AWIYIM tbMetbog at Id" nasal" in broodim vlmw Idmat IV3 ljffc~ Ptm ftl*aUa I - mm alstra lb 203-30p 107 ( 6 pp) bass&= - "t fte go: pift" trwals" ad tm I ea=m raw cow. I - - --l am b* mt. Mk* OMW ft Mole attasbM T-"3 KO Lob T-6WA 2-%7" 16 too 66 EW ww vark - or PIA" woman =a a" pmftaum lavo now art Lammy From ftlakoua I %vu lb 2:71-74, 1967 (h pp) M"LM - set for vAst uwuaate ma Ow. cm In =to N** www as =691* attadied T-6WA. The IX IIJS Congress in Ulan Bator, 27 Mar- 1) Apr 1110. FINNISH, rpt, !;vIojItvW O%alli5tiuniscsta Rks: n Yfideksanteen Kougressibi Ulan Batorissa 27.3-9. 4 1967. .11IRS CSO: l()036 S aept 67 Tim Wvelopuent of An'Tml Husbandry and Fodder Pv)duction on Cooperative IA&bor Farmsj, by Dimitur Petrovp 2J pp. WMARIAN, per, Selskustopanska nauka, Do 1, Jan-Mar l)(j6j, pp. 35-46. JPRS 366)3 Re-WaLiarin Econ sept 66 306,P304 Importance of Hard Nhoat to the liational F40r,o,*Y and PossibiUties of IncreasiM Its Production, by At, Popov and Le Mitove, 7 pp. MARIAM, per, Sqlw-wltOR4n&kA ALA&$, NO 21 Apn-Jun 1966. pp. 34. JPRS 38282 U-Bulgaris Econ NOT 66 313.586 'Me :-rospootn for Use of Synthetic knino Acids In Anl-ial Husbandry, by Sasho JaMay ad Trifon Dardshonm, 17 pp# MWILRIA'A. por. .3alskostopanska nauka, ';o 2, Apr%.Jttn 1966, pp. 27-')9. JPRS 332~32 '-:F Rdlearla sci-B"ll sci Nov 66 313.587 Tho 4()tll Aradvereary of the Cotthn InsUtute In chirwo D*,aria, by T, 4ii1mvsld and P* Konieh&v. 13 pp. BVIDAUMI. per. salskostopan6m nikuka, No 29 Apr-Jun 1W,, pp. 103-109. J1,16 392(11 UL,Adgaria Zoon i; o v 6,() 313.06 maeurq; or use Preoidiam or tAa Bulgkrian Acadain~y of Agricultural Scidneeg., by ZI, AMtar,ov,, 5 PP- BUIGARIM, per, ekelskostopwiska Nauka, NO. 4, Oct-Dec 19W-, pp. 35-tl3- ipHs 4.,)376 ZE-Balgarla Sci-Agrlc Apr 67 32's V* Pmblsmgo of Fan Kwhodution in Wlgaris DismeaW, by Mmitr Koev, 18 pp. PULOARIAN, per, Saftstop akj no*&. Vol 6, ~jo - ', Jar*.Mar 1967, pp. 41-52, I JPRS 4:330 U-Balgarie Eaon Jul 67 323,697 aww Aotmal Pwablows In Pro&*tUn l4walaUvow Uan In QwVdftUVw t4"r Terms, tV A. Toolov. 7 ppo TUMARIA710 pwko 4ftdmlaft Bakilo no 2. Apa-Im 190-1. DP. 25-30. im t9w Fr-ruir.04a Fam 9"t 6? 3"09M Tandeacles in tho Dwvelopmmt of Gotton Pro- duction In Butgarta, by F. Kanishev mW V. Topalov, 14 pp. B"ARIM, per, Selskostopenska &SM. Sofia. No. 3v July-Sapto 19679 pp. 9-19. JMS ",034 Sct-Agrl. Jan 68 347s"l Problem& Ln SpeclalLzationp Comentrations =%d Hechauduation of Vegetable Production(l), by KkrLato Daiskalov, 22 pp. WLCARIM, perv Selskostopansko H*04,1 Sofisp No. 3, July-Sept.67. pp. 19-36. JMS 44,034 Sci-iigrL. Jan 63 347,992 Intensification of Production on Cooperative Labor earms. by Kadko Gospodinov, at &1., 11 pp. SULGAIM, 1wr. Sclskostoee!M KwAA, Sofia, Ho. 3, July-ScIA. 67, pp. 57-66, J?kS 44,034 Sc I -.'.i;r I . Jan W- 347,993 am kesda"ma and Cb-- - 21 -1g Hembom of the BoUntan Asodaw of Agrimatwml SdGIIA*119 bF ZI. Akhtamv, 13 pp. MAKWP Pws Ifidladmalft Me I JhU sor IW. pp 97-M5. im 037 Sod.-Sol sad Sod. Oft Jan 66 3"9913 Savlot Influence on Bulgarian So*d Selection, by Atatias 11opov, 8 lip. SUWARIAN, per, SelskostoragSka HaMM, Sofia, No. 4, Oct-Dec 67, pp. 3-9. JPILS 45,391 Scl/Agri. 3dy 68 357,841 Status of Complex &xperimental Stattonst by Pavel Popov, 13 pp. BULGARIAN. per. Selskostor'llnehg Mauk4, Sofia, Wi. 4. oct-vec 67, pp. ll.;:I. JFF.S 45,391 5c i /Agr i . 1 611 357,842 ' !AY Labor 1roductivity on Cooperative Labor Farum, by Todor renev, 12 pp. BUMNAIAN, per, Sallkostops ,qoka NAtik4, Softa, 4o. 4, 'Act-Dec 67, pp,, 47-58. JVXS 45,391 sci/;%Gri. ';dy 68 357,843 Agricultuml InaUtutes Report an Activiti". b7 Zle Akhtarov. 11 pp. UWAdAh # per, . alskostamalka Y&W%. safft. No 3, 1968, PP 73-7d- in"S 47061 Scd-Agrl J&n 69 MOM Advane" NoteLl In Control of Anima 14mossoog by Ivan Lliancl*v. 8 pp. BLIUAUXio per, jL9;AkR;toL)sat!Lca ARW%p 6ori&p lio 3v 1969 -6 DD '97-10. J. w 4~44j slal-li aw:l li voc 69 397.800 oot 72 COntWenco DISCUSSON Agm.tnftotvuz O~Iwle=*' by No Minkov,, 15 pp, WWARZATT. per, Selsk"t sofft NO I, 1971s, pp Tr JPM 54846 An 72 IBM 0 DOW010PAut of Af~l as &dd to Depend pvl~ 44 *ARM OMPRIMINS at, by Jam 13002,vivap 5 no P PWO IA glmm~& 26 ftt j*' !e-!!!W Val xivj, so 6820 JPFS 32542 lp. Afrim-mmtra-Ag-vico low Oct 65 2900965 lu, PtowLra, u~t In Africa,, tg 0 9 pp. It P"t 1, L Vj - 4 682, ~& , INX)v 26 -4,p ~5 o. p p 13. jpi- 316W 65 2919591 bftt3A WAM md P"Or Pulp F*aWrtft To be The capsaAm oovormmt With adtigh Dwkwtria croditso 5 PP. Flowc Vk)l A, no M. io T .5 9o# Lo ft"AM im A~W- I a" 40 AtrUs so= act 65 g9ot96T Democracy In AfrIca Mist be Based an Afrlcm ImUtutlaim and Charactvrlotteso 5 pp. THMOt,, up,# La gemsLasp Val 15" so 69d" 16 jan 1966, pp. 1-2. RES 33990 Africa ftl P*b 66 295,,569 Cooditims foodi to Coup In Coutmi African FApAbUc and Necessary ftfcrm, by Bxum Calestin Nuidaki,, 5 pp. r , Per.. IA Somineo Vol 15, No 699, 23 Jon 1966, P. 3- irm 34u6 Africa-Central Aftlean Rqxk1Ic pol Feb 66 295o799 pmliminm7 Work Complatod in Comtrwtlon of Knuilou Dam in Coqp (Branwillt), by P. No Evells 7 pp. p ngs La Samine Vol 15s So TUs 17 Apr 1966, Vol 15s, So 713o 1 Ma 1966s P- 3- JPRB 35,)a2 AfrICA-COV60 (BrILZZWL11a) sm Jun 66 303s085 Pr%Mrsm to lttmltxe ftiestim in COW (Drazzavil1a) Discussedp by P. Truteaul 6 pi). FM=,, np, La Semmism Vol 15.. No 720,, It) June lt)66, pp. I Africa-Congo soc Aag 6o 307 18a C lrw,~) (Brazzaville) Poupla's Trlbtama Pri- co,wlt%o t)r 2T July., ill J,ily,, an4 2 August liewrtea, 5 pp. YMWH, ap, LAL Semlm 1~Xk, PP- lo 3 aml Vljl Ww, pi). 1, 3- JPFS v 3tyl Alvica F)l Sept ck VA 15, M~ 727v 7 kig 15, K) T23., 14 A,% 310p965 Yassambap-Debat Discusses Alms of O*qp (14-asta- fills) Hmmlutlan and Oandems Impwiallame 5 pp. FIMCH. rip. La Savdne. Vol 13. ?b M, 21 wW 18 Avg 1966. pp. I aM 3. JPR9 " Afrioa Fbl oat 66 311o796 A Trip across Togo and Dahomey, 16 pp. YMMU,, per,, I& Samsiwo Vol- 15, Bo- 731. ld Sept 1966, pp. 1, 3; No. 734j, 25 Sept 1961b# PP* 1t 2; No- 7350 2 Oct 1966# pp* 11 2; No- 736, 9 Oct 1966, pp. lo 3; no. 737., jL6 oct 1966,, PP, 1s 3; go, 7SJ, 23 Oct lgbbp PP@, 1p 3- JPRS 311,)40 Africa-Intm-Afrlca gcon Doc 66 315.,762 Resolutions PasaW bty Oonxtitmmt Oongmas of cww (Bra"aviuo) MIM Ww*era. 10 pp, rmca* "Ps is NAMA 9 Apr 19679 P. 1 16 Apr 1967s Po 51 ?3 Apr 7967. p. 31 wid 30 Apr !967, pe 5. JM 4-003 0.04ng* Fbl i= 67 328,537 control Arrican )4v4bl1a cb-rum Has Planoorirw Ar,rlmlUtral De"lopmint Progrivi, 5 pp. MICH. np, LA $Guin*, Vol 16# NO M 'I Jun 19670 P* 40 JPRS 4174t$ AF-Cmtral African Republic Sci-Aeric Aue 67 332,563 &,"lotiltural Dovdolnent Pronra-i In Oontral African R"bllo Lb-wz*o 5 pp. FTLSM# np* LA 9=Ane, Vol ?b 773, 23 Jun 1967, P. 4o JPRS 4170 Af-Contral African Ropublic Sal-Agric Aue 0 YJ2,564 Tbo '.:w-,*n's Rural Develolujunt Organization, 6 pp. AaC.11, por, L& Senalne. Brazzavilde, 14 .April 68, p. S. MIS 45,2113 Africd(Contral AfricaiLiReImblic) zxxiol. :i4y 68 3571642 fUnIng School InwWwated at lUkabana, 5 pp. FRENCII, por, L& &Mtn*, Brazzaville, 28 April 68. p. 6. JM 45,498 AfriC4 (COUP (BV&ZZ&V'l Ile)) sociol. 1:my 68 358,598 iiarty Structure and upmtion in Gtdnea, by Andre r"ble 5 pp. i RMCh, np, 4- Samaing 5 kvY 1968. PP 3.5- JPRS 45749 K -Gulnea k1ol Jul 60 ,46lo573 iwdari Lvoeanc Center PrommoU &vudrgodo 5 ppe Ilf"Ho npf La Sgo"o 15 Sept Iwo pp 81 29 Sept 1968, p B. im 46,695 SaVA&ri 14a 68 369o992 Pmt4a,m of Afriman 1)t donto VAt rnkg f MI FOXV16p Ca'Iatri"t ? pp. FP.k.:CHD rq)b IAL am I '30s, Sim Ckgrg juiss go an., 910 17 J uw and 3 J,:IY 19659 im 31572 Af r1ca I;w S*p 65 2E79M Zrv~,unottlo rney Of C~Ujcers. mid fulck %.31JIL i'Mcatillm, vort 10 c"St's Prellmillarv 140- Per, 40,La jbY L. Is ruo 1. Vol 42, ,;0 UO Lee U(, 3160168 tau dlu 0.0 IN Ift"ve mtb"W (My D. M... .,." Or 2*00~ftwlft ar 'WAhmo ) sit Asuft toubsoduw,p bw Oo Matbep at dae Fin=# PW dkm no. - -~~ Vbl 43, Jb Tp 2$670 pp 4 mw MM = fti-am Oat 6T 343oCA ~Wgak*ryocytic 11y1terplasis wW QUalitstivo Anomalies of the ~*gskaryocytv-PIjktel9t Ling In the Course of Acute ~"loblastlc LauLamin, by 1. Zi-ztoun, at al. fulliai rer, Sew bop Paris, Vol 44, 14) 3/10 1968, pp 180: 163-186. Uls NIN 3-22-69 SciluffV J& b9 383,10... O'UU Disturbances of Water and Electrolyte Metabolism in Decompensated ',"irrhosis. Pie Dangers Inherent in the -Ise of Certain Drugs, by F, Bodine FRENOi# per, Semaine des Hopi.taux de Par Vol 44, 1968, pp 1591-1598. NTC-70-12797-060 Feb 72 The Ptace ot Sustained-Actior Nitro DerLva- tives in Therapy During the Acute Phase of Myocardial Infarction, by G. Nicolas, FRENCd, per, Semaine des Hoptaux de Paris, Vol 45# 1969, pp 755-756. NTC-70-12795-060 Feb 72 FRENCH, per, Samaine des Hop:.taux de Paris, Vol 45, 1969, pp 1754-1757. NTC-70-12794-06E The U.,;e of Proi-cz;tutvitc DorlvLttvu:; In tho uC Advatictul OrewA md ~;cultal by :. -'.7'. jucrin per, ~cnialne des 110-0i-~aux de Paris, ol L :11ar 72 stuo of -thollo-gy =d Wistion, or chronic oem1patiamd-Zoagy VamtlfAs *I* the Fisprep by T. Lavott et all it pp, YM 2, perg Mass Ily- We tParls) Tol. 46v No 13t Mr 1970,p PP 866-876* 1726- 0 -06,T Sept 71 Study of 226 Cases of Acute Bimign Lymphocytic MdrdngLtis, by G. BeWscb. Vol. FMCH, per, Semaine des Holt-Aux 1970, pp. 1�6-0-1972. 71-12924-06E Treatment or Advanoed Canoor of the Breast with 2 AipM-Hethyl Dilwdroteatoatenae, Pnpionate (CS 1507)l by S. PORMtaU FMCH, por, ggmuw. age Ifoatauc do Puiag Vol 46t 1970s pp 1982-1990 inc 71-15243-o6o mar 72 Peritousal, Dialysis and jutiblotio Therapy. Personal Data om GentuWain and 09neral Dosage Tables* by Fe Vachon* FRENCH# per# AgioUgga do rAdIS, Vof 460 19700 pp 2529-2533 NTO 72-11665-060 J.C. Croisier Multiple endocrine adenomatosis (Wermer's, syndrome). Report of a case. Review of the literature. (Only the following part o this article is translated: 11. Diarrhea (from review of the literature)]. Semaine des Hopitaux de PaAs 31 pp. T5777 494-5Zt), 15-11 Navy/NMTI-TR 1620 Efficacy of a Cephalosporin in Infectious Diveason in Young Children, by J. -R. arislain. FRENCH, per, Semaine TherapouticLue, SMlement, Vol 44, 1968, Pp ILS22-HS24. NTIC-71-12437-060, Nov 71 The Uno of Caphalorldino in a Department of t1ouroum-1,ury, by (). Leflonia. FREZICII, per, Samaine Therapeuticige. Sumlement, Vol 44, 1968, pp E1337-H543. )ITC41-123438-060 Nov 71 DerMaLological Treatment of Ulcers of the Legp by Fe Ps Merkleno EUROPEAN, per# Semaine Iherapeutiquep Vol 45, 1969, pp 427-428. NTC-70-13232-06E Feb 72 GLIjiltmL Aw~y ,r :, rrutouLivu ModLantion in 01=tru (kaitro-Wodonal Pathology., t~r M. Cachin . FRENCTI, per., Semaine Tharapautiqw, Vol 45., r6q, m) 985-986. UTC 71-11tl2l)-OW Fab 72 ColonblAn "dnivtor or Health itatoo Mat Thon, ~.:an lie No Alk of I*mmcy In Colm.. Was 6 pp, WV4jI8fLrT Is-I ow Sk%ba~,Ho part --;4-vam al LUt Val 1. No 4z, U J.Im 19650 pp :B:.-3- im (U0-812 LA- Col*-,JA& Pol A, T, 65 2839485 PrafUm of and tmtorvlwv vltb Mlowl Pastrom Borma, 8 pp. oovznom un a= WANM,p per., Boom& al Dlg~, 95 am 1965P pp. 14-a9. im ow 8m IA-Colambla POI Aug 65 2fts0o Intorwiew With the How of the ColombdL&n Liboisl In op*ndent Movemmto 7 ppo Soram al Dia No 461, 9 Jal -PA:= 11, per 1902 pp .im:-. G 0 84Y LA - pol 65 287A70 MMtArdft WIth *nL#Wr CC ConandeaUaM, 5 pp. 600SMI., perp commia la-ma. 23 JU 29650 PP# I5-17o JPFS GUO 369 IA-Oolanbia Pal Sept 65 236poW ym"'~w ulth AL"* nulmw AYNIALs 7 pp- OOMN&MT Va Wj MAN=., Ver, oftma &I MP.* 6 Avg IAp pp. A-M. ipre ow am LA4kgat*" fti Sept 65 236,90o8 ft4AW PLRUU =d C*'*NM~n ftllt"wp 13 pp. OQMNMT M Mx ormuff" "W, asuaft al Diap 2965, PP- 13~JLT-- -- 20 53v 27 Aug iple ow 910 Lt-CQIO*L& pol Oct 65 2900936 D*ftvsm at IW zowkm cc r a oftowl" 10 W. uw two NN=WP IV* .91, ~a. 17 ft* uep aM 32M uwbloma ra Oct 63 RpNe" ?Is= of MInisby or PAUc Works OatU=dv 3.3 Vp GONNOM m a= ~IMPUNWR per, Smans-Noonged 29-95 Jftr 65, wq"O"~- ipin auo 69e IA-Vewsue]A ZOOM Apr 65 M059 Chile. Cgs* #Iiovot2l do LAU ProteLRAS (Antoccoonts for an stLmataTy and wArttlowl loolLey in Chile. Supolal ca-3t of Prot4tnal. 1-m.,1-4rr1U ?rO,'*Ctl Male. COnC*ptl9n UnIV., Con"pition. 114~ . ; 0-91. In Spanish. Waml. b., TM far IMS. 'us 1771. typ,.-acrl;:t. Avail. an Loin - xtjo:~, waa,%.. D.C. clfllpt~.J~ Atild" O~Ockodj)/