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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Furtbor Studits on Tarcabocytes under the Slectrou Hicroscoye. Thrombocytes end rlbrlo-]Pomtion Under the Rectron M:Lcroocope,, by S. Bmumtetow,, R. $ebm, 6 pp- OERVAN, per, Acta Awastologice, Val III,, no 3/4 1 IMs PP)17h -178o p A A.i J. - M~x~ Tr -502-503. Sci - *4icim, aWiml reonrch, bamatoloo, 31,343 Pr*sawe of fteulimx Corpdscular CaU nemmt-tts t- Aeuu rAuc"Ytosts or M", by C. Oberling, si. Scrmhard,, IT. Dmumtelcor, 6 pp. ?MR, yer, DuU Awe Ynuc 2tuU war, Vol XCMI" 1950, pp 15-19. f MA Sol A 5 9 Acute AD=Am and Malarla, by L. LaWron., L. Croccel, A- Brauro, 5 PP- ?,.RMM, rar, J. Sci. Mad. 1-4 11 , Vol =Vl, rio 8-9, 1.958, Pp 326-329. EM 10-33-60 sci - Mod Doc 60 I-F3 j , - Proceca for Maki% MMan SW ids, by a= xarl anma 4 pp. M)") Pa~iat So 558,432. Do" CC Camarce Meat Office act LLb igtfq, Be I - CISOU 6- '~., " 7 Now 57 rhosphates and AlunIns Froo.WeveUltes Report 226; Experiments ou Doc ItIc* of AIUMI= Phospbstea Thermal Decompo Ition At UO-IP& With Carbca without AdditLy"s by Dr. Sm"t 19 Doc 1M, lo pp. UKUM17M GEWMs rPts FS 7=s VMS* W*-1179P I- G- F&Awns, A. G. Bitterfeld SGIMUM I^bamt=7. OTAIMA-IMS Flicic,~ixtes and Alumins A= WavellIts, Report 231; Obtaining Trisdodi= Phogpftta wd AlmIrs Irm Crude Phoor phaten (SaIdenbs and T=ulWm Phwphste) By Decotaposition With Sodium Hydrox1de, by Dr. Brausep 17 Har 1930# 10 yp, UPMMI= GIMM, r9t, M 73833P From$ 1253-lMs L 0- A. 0. Bitterfeld Scientific Ubamtaqe CIA/FMA-1" I A-* le, 'A., C;L .. 1~ I ;.A NdIIIW4 0 $t M114 . -110 .. 1. ld4ARIbUm in" I A Armlyale uf the Probabilltiea -)-f Xrroi, in the Location of 06 Point, by A. Bravais, Ranp Inot bi DIV691LIM Integrated Map kio&6" Sands Prordag -around- h", wav NVRLW ~;C I - Math Apr 56 pe ~ I U ~ f , the Twu Facton, D -,n o. 4 i n tc potent! I t C'~~ P. braw,-nj, V. KratAj 11 ;xpt v4. i - - per, Axch LIM F'hyt:J103 VC11. I-VI, Mcd UnItbiol A Cobalt An%U*U# A. 1. Cb"*" I.rp, RMUN* p feww"i 1 2WOs b.1 p Tel we 110 32 IXI gal - Wd O~Ituu SMUG Apr ,,, j 4,34--- fs~ the Thetry of Shape Ro4opItl an and a-similar 3yetmaj, bjy X. A. Apes- "Irswl. &t al. 6 EIMIA31 per, it A Kah SMP OU*l lk& hu~%, nbC-:.-UetU&,, SO 5 # 1965) YP um- I im sai -3k, Cert.~kdn Froble--'! 4Ln the L~eajgn Cf Closuify Cbje.-.ts Atinrding to an :UdentiffiU3 Feature Which Ie Not Sperified A Priori, by E. M. Brayerman, 8 pp. RMSIAN, perj AvUwat 44 Telemekhs Vol W3, No M, 1960t py 1375-13%. ISA Sci 31un 61 3 ~I (DC-3901) 171-raininL? a *nhlxe M DdaUjup-dM vinual at"s.. by R. V. BMV61VAnp 43 PP- MWIMO Derp Avtowt I Ttlawkh., I VU No 3, j~6.. Pp 349---464. JPRS IV594 sai - ulac NXIIW TMGIAtICC -zj/ 62 bm" at in mum& ac Folnua rasums ~in the PmQbUM AbMt 1 12 aC Aston"* WochUms AboUt SIVIAMUM Ot s4 I UtowtSom bW Omm"s b.T,4 A* w- 33 op- ow WIM Rouxill biLl TewNudmklp OMM lifto foleat"41- a3uh hmkt"y v ra&m*w ob Mudwtdl Aftmobw IYU V300600 KIMMMY m UnWo ammws 1)638 iv 1-46e fim M-04A-255 eci WVIT Uff am Doe 269p6n Dc-!)Jg,i L--fects ot the Utpromprceit, iVancl Kila, by M. E. !:ruve.-A-2, 3 pp. Kcr=lka, ;iA klV, l'67- pp i~8~ 29. 3 ~j grayernun. CERTAIN P14MEXIS IN TME COWrAUCnON Of 1. Tuift FWC&W-OL MACULNE4 CLASWYM 08JEM W1711 RWWT 1. Dromin~4 Yc AL TV A CHIrERION M)T IN ADVANCE DULNEa C19611 f 'Sjp. 2 refs, Order f. , 0 rS . q-A R. W 61-14*11 'rrans. 4 Froornekhanika (VSSA) 19tA 'AS% If Y detrwas accogdIN to c I v t^:,ejrcrw*;. I'ha* is pointed 4AA & htions When the PCOMOM can be .1th stimulation (L a.. machinn 4V~ :nt I-'1110r.Al IMUM011010 UOM UW OpCr&' cut). It ;& t%v vxnwUn" madAo" wuhm (.%LUhCMA:1,J CAmnputing Ljsvtce& 77~ w. 6. mx 19overl A ~-, thA Tbeory of the i~ur.~ace Tewsicn..; ef snj~itlnnn o" StronS Electrolytnm# by V. Z. Drnv,l=, 6 P,-, 47 RU W-TAN, per, Dok M. Itmu)( SM , Vol M, No 14, 195C, V's 815-8!8. Consultants bArtnu se I - Chem e-1/6/59 'y /j ~ /I T 11 2 5 -1 11HAVINSKII V. 0.- BRA~TNSKAVA k:- G- An an-vIrratkA metfuA of determining the thermal expansion (if soijiv nictAs. alloys and ceramics - Zzw)dskava Lab- 25, No. It. 1336-1338 (19591 F n~,, I is h 3ffect or the Scale Factor on the Tim Dependme of the Otrugth of Ceradc Naterialsp b7 V. 0. Broxinskly, H. v. OsIpw., 3 pp- a RUSSIMO part D4* A Nuk SON., Vol IO=V p Igoe .1-3, 1961, pp 53T-559. AIP soviot PWSICB Vol VIi No 3 Oct -Zip sop Q Qr Ceraric pp IV OWFUMOUTION ftAft w vVixo"All"Tows SWIM#: W JM AIWO$ ~4UQ MV% 216 PP& ~06* 84 ftAut St miam IR L" awic-las K mmicArAommo to PP. AM 101* -,41,J 191196167 LAW)GLIVIA Um 13 AUG 0 206o* couiRpted ersumo Z=. MW prdam at aw Or6w at AMitim at ADA Vjl chdit" to Tertim vuwlwdyisou Alod4oo by A. A. ft%VWV 'IV 0 To To a a. 00 so - ; SYMMOLVIlm,1160 4 Vve RON=.* no pwp Zbw Obdob MUso VaL E=p 50 72 Jul Im ow w 0 -- *saw 11 Mm - ~. 0 scienuft - owds" /?.,0 Al 15 M/M Chile= AxW TmIniD& Directive for 195~ by Lt Col Rmd Remn Bmvop 23 pp. SPANIW# doe, ftal to 2, -92 99 R 82-57p OMM, Chile, 1957. ID 2D55016 LA - chi I HilitOX7 - Oct 57 J ocl / ;7,? (N't-4341) Circularl$ Polarized Surfnee Waves In c,rrw~atcd Systems, by D. M. Bmvo-Zhivatovskly, ~-;,QXAN, per, Iz VysehIkh Ucheb ?Aved, WO MR$ .r Rudiofft, Vol M, No 5, 1959) Pp 829, 430. JPTC 547,9 % t'7 r - 4 i~ aw Moon am A4 79 1'9!~z ?~, --.A Arpw I LLISMI Ve ImOdK-mums 4~ - RewirMl" fOr tho QwLuty at Cotton MW 40 Im Q= Tr, OW . I F& ats X0 M=AMD= il lei , - .-- Compilation of )Up& of Israels, by litshaq Brwmr,, 74 Py te JRWIDC-Isoo MJVA - Isrool Geo - fts f:OY .78 Study Centre to Orgenize an Itallan liwtitute of Matrology, by As br!Ly. ITALIAN, yer, La Ricarca ftlautifica, Vol EM, No 9, 1959, VP 1847-1857. CSIVO 4931 Scl - ~~rjgr 1,71, (, -/'/' Apr 62 modod at at cutposto a - - - I a" 1w uo IL BWO to IL 26 P. Yell yet" - MA 721, ~W~ , ~ 4 t4IN4tj- W-M Ad 66 W.%VM 1611" ce Disym" ct CurbMat" of poly"aAmt NrtmU in 11-isbricalfta Oluo U. B. L, So am- 16 -P. I JS 775 MA 21 ~ 4"~ Sol-MV4 &166 3060002 cmtriuam to tu ad a at owbal&w M. go gAum cc aftrim Mod CW W. BM. =WI bk. Beitrww_ Mw Mus"Is d*r MR C3 AD-W 332. IL e, Sci-Cbm ja 66 305o517 ro, n o I 13, by Yu- BMYC%"-"k~ ;CtA L Vol 'f', No LY Concentration of Non-Esterified Fatty Acids in the 11ood of Newly Born Infants and Its Relationship to the beginning of Breast Feeding, by Ernest 1.,~rayer, 5 pp. PUSSIX;, ner, Byul Eksper Biol i Sedit, Vol LV, "to 1, 190, vp 5u-60. CD Sci Ap r 6 .1 256,860 4at-- - 1 wvsm"o st 2om3mdd4a AU tba North- "Wtaft pwt st vw ft~& -s"I we Do 0 =nub# ywo Asdopm. 1130 196% pp ft-oo Oftpt of hwy um tr 4n .1 / ~Z' /~'. - (. I / (- I ml"w Sid : w4w 68 Soviet ArilatAan in the M%est Patriotic V%rl by Lt Ow P. Rmpcos P96 RUSMII m0 pwo Y22t Voe Mts no 41 l5ri5j cit. 56XA7 *M ir-m-8665 us-.;,.R 44~. Sei - Aero reb 57 CTS The Avlatita 3011day Prmises to 3e interesting, Interviev) Vtft P. I. Brayko., 4 pp. kll. I . -,-. 1--11-- RUSSIAN, np., SOvetakaya-Aviatsiya, 26 mfty 1957, Eucl to AP03-lkl, IR.1512.57# iM- AV lUIB49 LMR Jul 5", Means for locro"ing the Strength of AIrcran RVrwtur", by P. X. Brayl"sky, 9 pp. UNCLAW11M run trumiction. RU&MR, mo per, T&M YoWush Flot So 6, UBS2,1947. AW IP-TG-Tt93-RS Scioctific - AworAutics, ovgUmerlr4, veldinSp irtrifts Sep 52 CMIDU CM 8~782! - C~" Bic and mwd-' C 1 n o., ':v -7p. %tr, vo! p6o: JM 10234 Riol 1114 01 ;ols of MA In the sebwdsm of amopys Iv .. :4. A* ,:~ 9 OM q 6 ppo i.-tSIMO bk# LORM ADOMWO We pp V#O-V*N a r f-.-i 4m= . -i-~ aft! I '4d at=e &) 3030677 rlwl~los of Owgulutla o1 ~.,ompLex alolo&*l uantrol . yrtsag b7 ~*4 11, fts~rmwg is. jvmdpsicu-,l 7 pi). .44WIXis bic* V22=* ULAUIO liow-aw, 1357, pp zb?-Z,-Ao i ~,., 4= .SC1,03 an' .~! Jme 6-~ 3939677' A a A & 16 1 ---- I p- owk-limo-34 4 assmb amou . d%ft . -- - ~7 b- -- A . c , ,I a And NEU4 1, - 0--Y R:iET I Cs L A. V. 'N6ALKC;V XLS. I W'"ESJ tT i%'Uj-5lANj &Kj I.EYROKII!RiETI~A, MC%-W, 11,,21 PP I - 172 JPF6 IL)63~ I IE~ AT Fil[ TII-'J-,,TCii PLA.',,TSj LYR. ARMIN# 5 PP. R[JS5Ik',) PE:Rj,-Vttt~~VAY bra nes. S. N.. Naps1kov. a oxf V. 1. PROBLE&IS OF NEUKOCYBFKNEnCS. ~kt 60. t42p. 1 1: 1.-,. %,. . : i ~ i/'BK ~; orier trorn LC )r SLA m47.20, p*22. W t-I - 151" 'I rans. of aw"i. Uchen)e Zapoki (hoblemy Ne~ro- 1959. At".1wr Ciansittion is mad4ble fr~Kn CM S3.50 as O-f -411~34. JFKS-SK86, IS (X-t 6U. 2UK9. 1 -Cibernencs-Theory 2. Title: Neurwytwi keti,:% I . otavvkft. 5 N 11 N&pfil". A. V. III !Wectunsla) , ~ . H. IV Title- P"Im - - ~ V MR NU-)24j4!BXM VI De~anmrnt of & iontift, and ImLstrial Kescorr, (w - Brit ) 4 pl., doom I 1 11 19 11 1 M~, - I sm XW4 * a ud amm (NY -P05 ) llctcb (Problem Of CybermtIcs), by A. V. X--.PnLkov, V. a. Svvcbiaa'i4j RU&;W, bk, Do-henne Zapiski (Problem :Iivr,jkLL.-rn-.Uki), 1959t pp 1-109. Oct 60 6rY uabuw* aftatims Of ZILum Totrmklpaoos~ety- by R. Xb. F"IdIUM, 1C. X. an not A. N, Xesmyawv O~nja par* Is Ak Sea BM,, OW01 M1.1.1 ftuk, NO 1, IM PP 43-47. comiatanu varftu Sol - Cbms mv 59 i~:.8r Bl'.L T" Datow"Aing Actumat - at the Tatr"PUSO Oraw In Do"aftly Taxiwwis,p by 6, X. lavubb't A. 1, uspbs 6 pp. MBU3. Parp DrA Mom BLol I Modo Vol XLVII I no es Ims FF 39-49. T'iL 1- -E 1;4 MANI AL PaREMIES Ali) TEtOE?ICY TO AGING Of LCW---ARBUt,, STEEL, E3Y 1. YE. BRAYNINP-N. V. WEEXNKi~, 22 PP. RUSSIAl"p bi'-,o STALI (SMIK STATEY), '-!EIALLUi6IZDAT) 1.1161, PP l)5-411- f)-67'-' & 02-- FTD-TT-U-62~ 11 QU U2 212,343 The Pzvmmticu d Papvorlaaa by 0. 1. Draiso A. K. Chlzhwj 4 yp. U=MVM-- MMDJO Ver, Zhur Prik,jpoL-Vol IMs No 3p Mar 1953,v pp 337-- 5!9",.-- ta Bvrftu #tr Scientific - Chadstry ~ -11 s -/ 6, 0, 5 Vol 'AXVIII Cd&W- Wme . n. Pxo- duction of 2-1-MA%wAl-WW# -ablaINIMA# b7 3 pp. m=ull pwo Ow Cbabft Was Vol Us go 10., l9ki.. pp ScienUfte Cbmistry D" 54 =An ,W]b m --.w 4utyrio MO ItArl ZlUlr Ot 4 - ---- AcUl t7 a. X. " Ims,94 -- L, T. A$ 0 "Wo goviv Ruaaws w pwo ow Wmb* ndma. Tbx Ivs a 3W~o l b I IMS Vp goeJ40091k dA 37,771 &AV= 94 - CbWAt*Ur 04% of EtIvleamines, oy r#. I, braz, 4 ppe per, 2bar Obahch Min S=, Vol I-T-1, A~r 1Y~5, p7p 76F7607. CY! C 39500 ConmAtants Rareau f , ~.- :'clo-ntiflc - chemistry T&O P"P&mt'cn'Df SOW MY"n'Of -1. 3o 5- TrIazineej, by 0. 1. Bm., 12 pp. RUSSIANo so POW, ftr--Qb~brb -PJm,, Vol XXV,, No 7* 1"% PP Ba TISM Center RT-" aci - Chemistry 3a, 4 77 OjW- 4uA bbtbW-VQblfttft*d ACMAIn"; by S. X. 6berUnt G. 1. Ums, A. U Mlbftwicba B. 1. Vwoblefts Jr. S. 10DIDO"Ce 0 run trawlau0n. Rusems no Wv Zb= obabek-mix'o Vol virl, so 10, ump 1900 VP wq-uw. ABC Tr 13W Scintinc - Cbmisa7l Qq-,o NwtbmW, Acrldlwa sop 5e M/W 3one 9-mCubstituted DorlvatiTes of Acri-dlw, by Us is &-"# 69 A* Ems 6 ppo UNC=IFM Aal tracaUtions, RUSSUI, no p" Zbur Obsbeh Xhim; Vol Mali, q ;,) /.r.? ~* -!~- r 4,3 5) 1553) pp Conoultanta Dzeau Accridyl-9 (omep-balold metlWlketono)., by G. 1. !:~m T. V. Gortinaim)6.. 4 PP sus, per. Zhur Ob b~h Xp Noe 19, -'0, 1940 1751 1156 IV T 14 Sci Trame center RT-1378 ,lentific - Chemistry Doc 54 CIR /0= Some Reteracyclia #-ChloroetbyIamLc9&j by G. I. Bmzo V. P. Bronovitskaps K. I. KwdYuwnp 4 pp. RVWUX., pers Zhur ObWwh IMUp Val M=,p No Wo 1959* pp U191-3=- CP set 1,3 d / 5'~ 4? 6 oat 6o TtOA-aacroutwunift CC naftaft Aelds by G. I- . ~~!, Y'l A, wavenwo k IV, YOU tr MONS&MIR m PW Dw 919majob va Zma No 30 W, rp ;;~O- - --ibuM D" --- ad a momw am " = o/&, s:1,7 .Zo the We of Cortlooob Dalm pfevana pominalble ? 9 by T. Bnz., I? V9- i rwuoZ, ver, TbvW CMLIL MsSt 1108114s Va ZIP Apr,hm IMP I* 73-W- = 2.20-a FAI - iba 1451f0 W 61 1 -CT t (X~7. UpIvS VWI mg FaboUs bW 00 A6*WPUM NKWp by To To qlw~- -JL-- T. To auto, =aL -,-P xmw,, ver, raw U Pr=# M I WA vp 37-W. Dm in m un SOL - Ch" a" " '/ 6 drd fo I/ C,ongtrUation of gn jmwpm or AeomAQ)od ~"- conwou, kV jand" amsdL 14 ppo CzEcd* pwo i=omwdpb rob 1*9 Fy 1-5. DSA LU 222-"- - ,(dl -och Apr 65 351OZ9 1110sw"a -AIA-AAk-4c ax"m 040 as ---ft _i- - _; ILI, - - Id --~j wqmjft~ tv We 7 1 A. A. A to to A~l .. I b. W# --- - . A 4 0%A64 I I wl~,, -- - 166, A -910, -'-i 0 in* i ~, m~ 4 "j, ~,,-mu=tivitv of Codml= era ,i~ jltLr~do pojVc37otzls, try P. P. Bnzdzi=L-,,, -ITI.OATILILD, per. Met TjR Mok-olu A% Fla~xl' S 3, Vol iv,, ijo 16., 1958j, vp 17-29. MI X. 47W J The iaolatA=,, %riacation 404 stjz-, 0t. ~-.j%-!mchncjctj PropeAies of tbo bow AnUbloUc ',).y IL G. ft=bnUzva# %N- P. tTL'3lYAi- IMIUji vor, AntibleUki,, Vol Vnj NO 3: 196,221 sci YD t c 4hock Compmsion of Pozvm Tuagstoom, by i" Es 1. graMik,, 7 pp. -Nw- ~ Rlk;AAN, per, Zhur Eksper I Twmt Fixg Vol XLIIv Na 30 19620 op 67S.69S. AIP Sov Phys - JETP Vol XVI 140 s Sci CVt 62 213,18e -;.tiQn b7 I.. V. A.Vtoliuler, L. Zbue*,Ukbl-s, M. I. '.,:.ur 'l.Xzjj-tr I Tetoret Fit, ar 40Y elyo jm;,; 7~1 8 -492/W (NY -41)92) The Isentropic Compressibility of Alumimm, Copper, Lead and Iron at Hlgb Pressures, by I.- V. AlItsbuler, S. B. Kormer, M. 1. BMdmlk, L. As Vlalimiroy, et. al, 23 PP. mm, per, thur Mper I Teorat MA Vol XXMII, No 4o 196o, pp lo6l-lo73. JPRS 5701 Sci - Phys, Chem lag7l,2 6 0 Oct 6o Ultrasonic Plaw Detection of Wrusion Nfects Wben MrWing Bars for ?WmoD by V. 1. am1hintkov.. I., A. Krym. C= 'AMIO, P*r, Tayetup Walp So 12j, IMO pp 67-69. Da2 LW (loan) OAA WL - mis/mt SOP 59 3~5- v 15 i",OW tc) 'j,OWpOW Atwnphore,,, bY A.j.ttshuDtr, K. X. Krupftikov, M. 1. "rat-hr. pf, pr Z:lrr "MAzpacr 1 17---1 61a e.. r, f- ~4 el to i,al Vil 34), Sow )bdIftmUcw la the IWIp of a larip- ewelty SImt Fmms by T. St BMSAIIDUp A* IX Is shdxatiua,, 3 PP* FMIU) Pwr Ngt&Uwg,, lb To Mm VP T-9. Aaft Arwiarafes Sol NLr 61 -+z f6 .a- X A trou ActiblutIC :)v C Z:t jai. Ccoru!2~110~3# bY 14* 1957, V- Arlt-lbilAw, A.. Oct 59 6/ THE VALUE OF ROENTIGEtW"HY IN DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNesis oF mA~WRY GLAND TUMORS, BY 0 No (3RAZWOKOVs 6 pp. RUSSIAt4i, PFRI VOPROSY ONKOLOC-p VOL VII.. W lip S I FEt3 63 ELSEVIER PUBLISHM,- CC. 221)u (;eqr contro; ;yjcc- ror ~ui~ BL41i ar4 ""tl-UCt%)-"!A-' stell, M-' 113 M b,-,vdmrctjko, V. F. Chistc,---, zwl, lt",i 12., 1~1:9) pi) ,"It Iron tkn4 ~,ttei ln,;tttut,~ Evaluating the Occupational Usefulwas of,Skin G.rafts on Hands and Fingerej, by P. G. Br&~Olwy, 16 pp. W4t RUSSIAN, perj, YMirurgiya, No 6, 1948o ...................... FDD/X-3234 Dec 58 Prowde PZSD~rtiss Ot P-00]Pmc Dfflo",P V V. AMntmftV'W, A. bradolkw-p 5 Rps RWSW* VW* Iftnotorria"Wo va Two 1b 7 p 1963 - mm ad 2SSI,994 (NWOU) THE tN4MVED PAMLOG OF PLANNING AND CNAUTING THE PFWXTIVITY OF11 LMM# BY V. BRAZHNINDVo 14 PP. MMIAN,v POO KAAW MW KWMa NO 5jp IXgp PP 27-31 - J" 15157 U33R ECON SCP 62 New Data on the DischLrgm of Di"alved &ib- otam" From the ImM07 or fto UMO by 0. A. AlWdUj L. T. - - - -.., # 4 pp. MMIAN, w. Dok A bmk 8Mj Vol CXITp ]w 4s MY-JM'19570 lp 748. sci - Geoph4ics AW 58 ea ?, f 7 of About the Mxwlodp of the ]Xocbwp Of M$001vcd substawen Fram Cc&Anente,, bY C). A. Aleldn.. L~ V. Bra&nikm.. 22 pp. RUSSM pw? Dak Ak Ikuk SWO Vol 1., 1950; ,pp 12-9. CWFM XI-1145 Wr MULASAMW TO FORK= NATMORAW sel 9x 9F tv Usn nnsm" Un a= Mrw Datn on the Averaee Coepeoition of River W,iter for the Territory of the USSR, by 0. A. Alekiii, L. V. Brazbnlkovat 3 PP- PLz3mq thrice ma par. DA Ak ffauk =-R, Vul CX17, No 5, P; 1062 -. - Consultants Bureau Sci - Geophys 10 '( / Mar 58 ISOLATION OF MONOWCIN AND ITS PROPERTIES, BY M. G. BRAZHNIKOVA M. K. KLA)INOVA, 4 PP. RUSSI ANs PER, ANTIBIOTIKI$ VOL Vs NO 4p 1~~s PP A95oo NIH 6.52-62 SCI - CHEM AUG 62 2o607fi A St~.idy of the Decomposition Products of Monoraycin, b:., 14. G. Brazhnikova, M. K. Kudir4va, 5 - RUSSUCi, per, Blokhln, Vol xxvI, No 3, I)p 44~3-453- CB Sci Apr 62 ~. 1'0