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December 31, 1983
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Defense Minister lajos CzInege's Parlia- mentary Speech on Military and Civil Defense Policies, by Gen. Lajos CzInege, 9 pp. HUNGARIM, per, Folgart Vedelem, Budapest, 30 March 68, Supplement, pp. 1-4. JPRS 45,352 EE(Hungary) Military May 68 357,772 Important Tasks Confronting Civil Defense, by Dr. Janos Sajnovics, 13 pp. ONGARIAN, per, Polimri Vedelem, Budapest, 30 March 68. pp. 5-8. JPRS 45,352 EE(Hungary) I - Military -May 68 357,773 Poscue Work at IASMIQ BArUS9 HIMOAPJX4* npo (SuMlouient), JM 45M5 a-&Zpr.v Idi Aug 68 thwlear Dwwastation Site# ter 0 PP- bWr-i V44M 27 Apr 1968s pp 4-5. 363,950 Rescue Mothods at Nuclear M&st Areas Roviwedp by lazzlo BLAhs, 8 pp. HUNGARIM, np, ItIMLA VodoIgM 25 IIIV 19M0 pp 4-6. im 43902 U-thmpry I ,'U Aug 68 363.900 Methods and Anne for t1sasuring Dosage, by Arthur DdMikerp 5 JiMAFMM# npl, hNIA94 V2SL4%# June 1968. pp 2-3. Supplammt. Jr',%; 46445 Soi-Nucl Sci .)ot 68 RaMAtim pp. WdapeA. 29 367.367 Proventive Ymmar" In Civil Defense Discussed, tor Issalo Bartba. 6 pp. EMMARM, npo k2lmri VedgAm. 27 JW7 1968o pp 6.7. jais 46341 lai~-Ilunpry ml Sep 68 365e716 -Relocation Plamed in the Event of ~Yiww Attack, 3 PP. HUMARIM, per. jl'o3ga Vedelem, Budapest. No 15. . 10 Aua 1968 , PP 12-13. JFRS 46445 Bk~-Hmgarian al clot 68 367,368 Defensive Measures in Civil Defense Discassed, by Mih&3,y Komoss 7 pp. HUWARLO, per, ?o3Zari-jtft1Gmq 24 Aug 1968, pp 10-Ii. JM 46t690 Aov 68 369,978 Civil Defense Esasures Diammood at Romd Tables bv Qru3.a Berecs1w. 6 pp. HUNGAMAN# rptl, &ImA bdAM Budapesto 28 Doc 1968o pp 1-3. JPRS 47383 F.F-Hmpry MI Mar 69 3?4oM W&terpvofi,ng UA&Ai ,swts" DISMUW, 7 ppo HWGARWg pgro Zdazi-ed&S& awspost" 13 sopt 1969, pp 10-11. Jfts 49206 1 Scd-)Uch# Ind# Civ & jkr &W Now 69 3%9195 Drb*~ Water Supply P"bIwas Disousseds 5 pp. KUWALO.W. yer, P I Bmuposts BA-d 27 Sept 19691, pp 26-n, JPRS 49147 Soi-4beho Did,, Civ & ?hr Ew Nov 69 3"o963 Typosip MAhods of Shelter Construction DoscribW, 6 pp. HUNUFIMO perv POISE&A Vedelemp Dwaposto 11 Oct 19699 pp 149 131 23 oat 1969, pp 14-15s JPFS 49493 54d-Moch Jan 70 4001%8 Statistical add Anatoadcopatliological Fiisdings Rogarding Congonital Curdi c4iatl ties Scau ut the Institute of Pathological Anatm-,ty of t1io Wiversity of Rom Ouring Via Wcade 1951-1960 (=d Zii~ir Association OVier ?:a1formations), by L. Ajello. ITJU.141~i* por, Policlinico [fled] Vol 72, -:o 2, 1965, pp 73-84. 11L~' I'Mi 12 -26-65 'i-X-Italy 297,135 Comlation Between Blood Fibrinogn and the [Bxy~rocytc] Sedimontation Rato in Acute Louk'amius, by A! Girolami, ITALIAN.. por, Po-licliaico [.Nledl,, Vol 72, L96S, pp HEIII Nili 8-14-66 Sci/B&14 bec 66 3140749 Current Aspects wid Problow of Botulism, by R. Dot-he ITALIAN, per, Policlinico. Sezione Pratica, vol 74, 1967, pp 1149-1168 I 1 TTC 71-15371-06E mal' 72 New Aspects of Bronchopulmonary Infective PatholoGy. Infections by Gram-Negative Enteric Bacteria, by G. Centurelli ITALIA.1,', per, Policlinico. Sezione Pl~aticaj vol 74, !967, PP 1545-1572 NTC 71-1537z-o6E max ?2 Allaina Pectoris Thorapy, by 1-1. Pasquazzi ITALIAN, por, Pollelinico. Seziolic III-atica, Vol 75P 1968, pp 313-325 i!TC 71-15370-00'E mar 72 Tol 17~-.1970 NTC:I" 72-o1 1.703-06,0.,,'..~- 7Z Continuous Synthesis of Ethylene Propylene Blastomers, M. Uhniat, J. Pialichowski, RAI Nowakowska, J. Obloj. POLISH, per, Polimery, Vol 10, NO 11, L965, pp. 48S-7. NTC 69-10648-IIJ sci-Mat July 69 386,816 Utilization of Plastic, Fiber Scrap, by Henryk POLISH. per, Po . 197-199- JPRS 37967 EF.-FbIand Eoon Oct 66 Rubber and Artificial Stepniak, 10 pp. No 5. MW 1966. PP- 312.082 Properties of Ilighly Concentrated Aqueous PVA Solutions, by E. Maslowski, POLISH per, Polimery Vol 1l,, No 9,, 1966j, pp 429:431. ATS PJ-SO53 sci-chem July 69 38S.459 14z5_ PJ-5640 MODIFICATION OF PVA FIBERS BY GRAFTING VINYL POLY- . MERS INITIATFD BY POTASSIUM PERSULFATE) T. SkwarsXi and J. Bu-zhensks, Polimery L2, No. 1, 26-9 (1967). 3200 W; 2 T; 11 F; 22 iF $15.65 ($3.00) Eff**t Of ktn=ikr COntObt M thO WAMUtiM 6f Po~o Pibmtp bVE. POLTISHO part legiumm. NIL Raf t e%B?B;VIF-(WZ) sai-Alt Aug 68 Koasnim. Vol .12, 1967s pp 112.,,W. 363.623 Comariam of VAhods for Detamb3ing the W Grow Conte3t In P03,vsldAss, bV J. Nkjmelm. P01MU9 per, 14W.Avrw- Val 12, 196?v pp 116-,U8. NU Ref: 582 0 s ,4d.Ftwo Aug 68 363,624 CycloolLphatLe Epoxy RssLns from DL&n and BLcyclo- pentadiene. Part I., SynthatLc and Study of the Chemical Structure of Resiviag by P, Penezeks POLISH9 perp Pollury, Vol 12# No 7p 1967p pp 310-317, ATS PJ-5360 Sci-Chem June 70 Effect of the Composition of Mixtures on the Mechanical Properties of Injection Products Made from Solid Polyvinyl Chloride, by W. Debski EUROPEAN, per, Polimery, Vol 13l No 10, 1968, pp 467-471 HTC 71-16656-111 Feb 72 Swiatecka, M. Identification of Plasticizers in Plastics by Thin-Layer Chromatography. tOLIMERY, No 4, pp 165-166, 1969 N-72-14590 NTC-72-14971-111 A~,46fi - 7 T - ]-- - 1.3 IV 3 Feb 73 The Application of the Solubility Paraaeter Principle in the Paint and Varnish IndastrY., bY J. Dijarek and A. Kwiatkowki. POLISH, per, Poj&2a Vol 14., No 4. 1969., Pp 179-181. NTC 71-13686-lic Feb 72 At-tempted Determination of the Effectiveness (6f Aitifriction Agents in the Thermosetting Lacquers., by M. Jakuboirska and L. Zassowskj-. 10 pp. POLISH, per., Eblimery Vol 14, No 11., 1969y pp 543-545. AIR/FTD-HC-23-220-71 Aug 71 Antidegradants in Tyresp by J. Czyzowicz. EMOPEAN, per, Polimery Vol 14, No l2p 1969, pp 612-614. NTC-71-11526-IIJ Feb 72 fi1_C4(UCRL-Trans-10599) 5COMBUSTIBLE AND EXPLO- SIVE SYNTHETIC POLYMERS. PARTIL sLegoold,Jan. 1, Translated for Univ. of California Lawrence Livermore Lab., Livermore, from 15Polimery; 15: No. 6, 273-5(1970). 2012p. u Dep. NTIS. 25 A~lc 7-~ -,/.? 76;o 26chemistry (organic); translations 2107C 23MN-4 29P NSA Phwialic Plastics Produced by Pustkm Plastics Plant by Fq=Lrd Jowicki and Nift*VIM rOLJB]d.. 17 j3p. P(x 0 per, -poilmu tworwjm vielIkoc" Sastecs1w%M., Ito 6. Jun l9b5. IV- 247-252- JPHB 32M =-Poland Neon Nov 65 292p147 liachnology of Prowssing Electrical Insulating '11termplasticst by Tadausz Sulimn, POLIS11, part Polimory Worzywa Wielkoczastec- zkowo Vol X. No 8, M59 pp 322-3231* *CPS TT 67-56060 SC-i- Doc 66 Irmwtigaticrgi Conoernbg the Posolbility of Inmvaoina the R"istmn of Epo3W IMLUtiaw to Outdoor Swviom Conditlow at Hi& VOItOPP b7 JwV WiiWAr. POLMR, per$ rOLl= Bmm wiellwasavtoosb" No 8p X9659 pp 334-339. CFSTI TT 67-%C61s selAlset NOV 60 Technological and 12ectricgl Properties of Smll-Viscosity Epoxy Compomda Cured at 112e- vated Temperotures q I;y He ~Iuvaniakowa. A. Jertykiewlez. 7 Pp. iWISH, per, Pplimq;2ml~worqm Wielkoczasteezk-me, vol 10, v0 89TX-5-.- PP 339-341. CFSTJ w 67-56o4i Sai-'Mat :3ep 68 367,260 Ilie Application of Inclusion Complexes in Polymer Umaistry, Part 1, by J. F. Rabok, POLI.S.11, per, PolimeEZ *I%qorzpvu Wielkoczasfeczkowe teg~os.a., No 12, 1965., pp 514-519, ACSI J-1586 ID 22040014b7 Sci-ChaT.1 i4ar 67 320F 238 i~)plicatioa of Inclusion CoijVlexas in Polpaor Ujoinistry, Part 11, by J. P. RaJ)ok,, POLIS11, por, Poliuca Tworana ldalkoczas- temkowe, No 1, 1966, pp 1-5. S1 J-IS87 ID 2204001567 Sci-C11013 Ap r 6 7 321,462 Some Invostment Problems of the Plastic Industry, by Jan Pojda,, 7pp PULISli, per, Polimery, WorzM llielko- Czastccz1-w1qO NO 9. teptember 1966, Vp 40-302 =L JPRS 395S2 EU-Poland Econ Jan 67 3180082 Higbly Heat Resistant SpOW Roxiftp by J. Jedlinalds Wo ft&&Uoko FMJSHO part WIM DO= sikm No 71 IMP PP 323-=4 ACSI J-38" FSTC-HT-23-235-M Sci/mat, sept 68 366P6& Rtjzblv But ReaUtent ftcW Bulwo by Z. J~dUndds W. Predellok. biam" In OR Vlawalty Of AP03W B"In Aull* Mwt=4 by Aeld AuW&I&,p by Plotr P*=xW4 25 pp. GOVEMMM USX OM POLIMM, per#'ftli=ZY Val -12p No To 196T- Aw W APMT M* ft*PMtIM Of,-QrSmao Seed-Coftwtizig FOI,Y=n and Uwlr MaMtOrlstift., by Tamn ptotp Bu%M MAjzjSM=MWW. WYMEW = au . I, pp. POLMP par, nmnm vioupmoteww"s WW#16 AM# OW LVp 4W(j Pp 44YM4>20 AXVWW/~r-23-99-68 //,f S-r F ') 13s- SrAhkt July 69 387~732 Preaumi Pftgzj-lLlttes Of of 9--lin OMMWAAS as =d FavAlglold" for POIYV13WI Caorlfts bV maleft amuinsklkj, 15 pp. POLMMO pw Pollmry - Tl!e= vs U t - C jww Vol l3o No A" xqw, pp M5-3w. AWV'MMc/z?43-iO36Z8 801/jkt Apr 699 38Dt]M Synthetic Polymers With Flammable-Explosive Properties. I.) by Jan Legocki, 15 PP- GOVERMM USE ONLY POLISH, per, Polimery - Tworzywa WielkoczasteeRhowe, Vol 15) No 5) pp 218-223. /~7,, ARM/FSTC/HT-23-lol6-71 June 72 SYNhii- Ilk, PULYME I'S v41 'TH ("UMOUS T1 BLE AND tXPLU S I V L f" kt.-i P L k I I ~ S LEUUCKI JAN' LANGUAGE-PO CUUNTRY-PO POLIMI-i-,Y - TW(Jki-YwA W1ELKCCZASTUZKOWE 1971j VCJL 15P NO :'-)-v PP 218-223 FSTC-HT-23-A13-73 ~4BISI~,~,SA99 7 - T 'MI',.", ht ,Of Moldi 610 on The Police Forces of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. FRENCH, per, folise Nationale, Oct/Nov 1968, I)p 39-45. DIAILN 623-70 WE./Mil Mar 70 404,335 Investigatims on the Wfect of Acoustic Stimull. on the Respiratory Movements, by Boleshow Samezuk. POILTE,j per, Pblish &MRkLk Leks"kis No 222 18 Dec 1967, PP 1960-19b2. mcm j-9264 *NTC-HT-23-274-71 Sci/BMI Jan 71 Alm" FTD (TDBIR) 3.9-9-59 BT68-10-2607T Reque'st translation check The effect. (if the blade Up clearance of an aviation axi compressor on it.3 gasdynamic pamtLeters Szczecinsk8, S. Wisniewski, S. PO: Lodz. Politechnika. Katedra,,CiepInych Maszy-n Przepl- wowych. Cieplne Maszyny Przeplyowowe, no 63/64, 1967. Sytripoz~on Sprezarkowy, Lodz, 16-18, XI, 1967; Referaty, ,Przyczynki, kommikaty, no 1, 159-166 7-~- 7 3 - Series-Parall(a Ferrite Core awry of a Digital . (AC4 PAcbino, by A. 111debrandt, 6 pp. rshibWgM, per, '~Arvaw~ 0 9041 flaukove. hLektrAm No 43, 1963s pp 35-41- AIR/M/W-2-3-933-67 sci-LIOC Nov 68 353.703 :,uasumnmts of the Fffective Diffusicn Iongth of Anoxity Carders in 7hin Sadomdwtor Wabnsp by AUmd RAt. 42 pp. IKAMf perf Wamaig PcQtedmika, geuu Nauko#a, Wak a No 127p 19651, pp 5--630 m7MV Sci/Liectrunics Ebb 69 375,462 Model of STS-3 Training Aid Cowputer, by W. Baranskip J. Bromirskip at alp POLISH, par, Politedmikao Zoszz!x Naukowep Aluumtka No 2". 0 , pp 97-101. *FrD49-23-1089-67 Sci-Electr Aug 67 The Universal UNC-10 Computer (Construction# Organization, Programing), by Jerzy Szewczyk- 24 pp. POLISH, perp PolLtachnika. ZesxytZ Naukows. ElektEj!~af No 51, 1967, pp 5-28. UIR/FMM-23-33"70 Sci-glec June 70 Electronic Systern with Ferrite Memory Blocks# by Zygaunt Grachowski, Karzy Szewexyk. 16 pp, POLISH, perg PolLtochniks Zeast-vt Naukowat No 154, Zlaktz~*a, No 51, 1967,, pp 46-60. AlIVF~M-23-136-70 ScL-Eiec Jul 70 Attempt At Translating Arithmetical Expressions For The UMC-10 Computer, by Henryk Stelmasik. 9 PPq POLISH) per3 Warsaw* Pbliteaudkas ZeszybyA Naukowe. ELektryka~ Vol 154., No 51, 1967, PP 91-99. AIR/FTD/HC,23-219-71 Sept 71 Sirmlatim of Instrwtiais for the Plamd RVO-100 Catputer, by K. SqAechna. MaSH, per, Warsaw. Politachnika. zemuty Naukowe. Elakt!~ha, 55,, 1967, pp 39-46. MIC Special 598-69 dec: 69 398,579 The Coefficient as a Measure of Friotionj and Methods of Measuring it, by S. Ziemba, 2/+ pp. POLISH, per) Politechnikim gzestocho]jokieJ Zeszyty Naukowe Nauki Teohniozne, No 1. 196q-, -pp-2-1-7---24~- AIR/FTD-HG-23-956-71 Mar 72 m Maim Labor Ybvement Leader Comments an f4arxism., The S6ciaUst Remlution and Cubso by Vicente lombardo Tolodam. 12 pp,, SPANISH, pert FbIltica Vol vii, NO 151, I Aug 1966, pp. Xv-XIX 0 JPRS 38070 LAo.'.Iwdoo Pbl oct 66 312q,130 Lessons Drawn From Cuban Revolution and Their Applicability to 14exioo Discussed by Mwdem CP Leader, by Amoldo Martinez Vardup, 9 pp. SPAGSH, per, Politica, Vol VII, tb 151, 1 Aug 1966, pp. M39-Iii. JPRS 38070 LA-Cuba PO I oct 66 313.432- Two Speeches Give Strategic Line of the Xwdoan PPS, by Vicente Lombardo Tolodow and Miguel Angal velasoo. 18 pp. SPANISH, per, Politica. No 161, 1 Jan 1967, pp. 33-39. jpRs 0143 LA-Msxioo Fbi mar 67 319s545 13 1-1&r 67 The Cuban Ravolation 'Will Uot--J3,etray ltsalf by Jose Felipe Pardinas, p 24., Politicap MaAco Coityqlq-14 Feb 67 Spanish Spacial Typo"B"tTranslatorts draft plus om two Pav- Revolution Within the Revolution, by Rollis Dobray, 88 pp. SPANISH, per, Politica, 1-14 Feb 1967, pp 1-32. JPRS A40,310 LA Cuba Mar 67 320,826 Manifesto of the Guatwalan ReW Armed rorcre, 10 PP# GOWRKNT USE ONLY SPANISH, per. 1~?liti2g. Vol 7, No 165, 1.14 mar 1967, P# 3*Q JPRS GOD 2398 LA-Guatemala I Lai Jun 67 328,347 Swadorlan Communist Attaoics "Pal" Claims of Cbmmudet Opporturdots"q 9 ppq SPAKSH. per, Politica Mar-Apr 1967, PP9 23, 29 and 34,, JPRS 41798 LA-Ecuador Pol Aug 67 332t584 Need for Purity In Mumdorian )W-jdwb-L=IrAst Commi at Party Otreandt 7 VP~ SPAN=j, pw,, Politim, Y"-Avr 1967., PP- 35-41- jpBs 41798 LA4kundor Pol A* 67 333#367 3- 1 9s t.) Cul'PA. and 3u4,iLAr: SI-WvL~,il Wl F'LC .0 p LA-Cub.i Econ I;cb 65 Parallol Criscs 1-%,, 8 ~ ,. t ;~ v 0 eloo-, 'IT, I -;,"I -C I A L/ijC- 1111146 FOUticldmg In tWversity CUsma, 6 pp. GOVERMM Ufm mw SPAMM.9 np., PSC -- Poiltica Eco=:dA Cul#&Ml 20 Apr 65,, pp. 10-U, JPRS GW 723 IA-Chile pol mV 6q W9,973 Hationelp Matemational Events LIVIod 1n Discumalon an Vietam WarP 20 ppe GOVEROWT UBB Ow SPANMI per Polftlca Econmla Cultura 0 "- - 6 Jul 19650 JPRS Gw 8% LA-CUle Pol Aug 65 2B5j7l6 PEC A.-jayme Coaminist & ipport of rkei I a Govenment., 7 pp* GOVMMW.r USE OW SPAN=, up,, P-EeCo, 10 A zust 1965, P,, 10* JPRS WO '375 IA-Chile ~l \-1; Pol sept 65 236,1084 / fl) /'~) '~ "I A P" lfl~ (' 7 Curiosities of the CUT Congress; Santis-go, j _M, 17 Aug 65 oetftlGMUGD Or TOd CUU"O-Cubm troo, 7 lp. WANZO va 4" 0 np# pw qwum ResamIN C-ultam) No M4 25 J= l9bb, pp. 84.- V MW 34M3 IA-Cubs I zwn - Jkr 66 2'., 29309n SPAidocl! CSO-* 01627/71 w 4 Pci) 7.1 sp, h9alltiago, 1',0 -197, 7 October .19066. SIMCial tYpe 13 - Cto 1104. 011C copy. d-raft Chilean Newspaper Analyses Frells Party Leaderehipp 3 ppo SPANISH, npo Po So Co- 4 Nov IWq GUO 2235 Uwculo poi Doc 66 315005 Chilean Public Opinion Poll Finds Big Drop in Popularity of Now Government,, by Paftel Otero R-, 7 PP- GOVERNVM USE ONLY SFAMH., per, FEC, 4 Nov 1966, pp. 5-6. JPW GUO 2251 LA-Chile Pol Dee 66 315..954 Dollars for Imports Go to Propaganda SPANISH, W per, PEC., No 205, 2 Dec 66, JPRS CSO DC IA2921 ~ '~ ) jLtc 0-~- -k 6 'j- 13YS/6-7 Chile Pol Jan 67 318,107 Later from the SECH to Russell, by Carlos l,,ozas Larrain. SPANISff, np, PEC, Vol 5, No 215, 10 Feb 67, pp 10. MIS CSO: DC-15027 J-1640/67 LA-Chile Mar 67 320,918 Bertrand Iwssell and the Society of Writers of Chile (SECII) in the Same Class of Propaganda. SPANISH, np, PEC, Vol 5, No 215, 10 Feb 67, --,~ 10-11. Ji'I,S DC-1,1027 J-1640/67 LA-Chile Mar 67 320,917 mum" mastian Dft~~Q lawler mwmu RU P**SrGno .12 pp. GoVagMa M OM MNIMP mr, p I C, IT MW 1,96T8, pp it., 5. im ow m' "' ZAY- LAwChli 325*40T poi May 6T Baltra, The Comunist Candidate in Chile, 5 pp. SPANISH, per, II&C, Santiago do Chile, 22 Dec 67, pp. 7-8. JFRS 44,246 LA(Chile) politicJi Fab 68 35OsO68 Analysis 6f Chile's Econo" In 1967* by Coriolano, 11 pp. SPMISH, per, FEC, Santiago de Chile, 19 Jdn 68# pp. 4-5. RRS 44,392 LA(Chile) Eebnomic Feb 68 35%,457 observations on the Policy of Jaim Castillo, by J. Rogers Sotomayare 6 pp. SPANISH, per, PEC, Santiagop.9 Feb 68, pp. 7.8. -%"swum, JPRS 44,712 LA(Chile) political March 68= 352,765 Chilean comments on KOB UM of His- Information, 8 pp. SPANISH, per, PEC, Santiago, 16 Feb 68, pp."r2,13,14. JPRS 44,712 LA(Chile) Political March 68 352,766 Dc 103Z/70 12 Jan 70 W Desinformation-How the =3 Utilizesj, Organizes and Dissomicates L+,,p per$ (UnknM SWurce) 26 Feb 680 E I Opeclal Typ"B"Mmma. draft plus ane T.D. 30 Jan 70 mpr cUpplzV- 60 not wtjUtel Disinformation. SPANISH, np, PEC, 16 Feb 1968, p 12-14. JPRS CSO: 17281 Special June 68