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December 31, 1983
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Kontrola, NO 1, ion 1~65-,PP 1-3- JPFS 29245 Isur-poland Econ mar 65 276,542 Konvertron - Anslot;-Di4td-l-'TTfttronlc Coavdrters IV Vicalaw Bandca# Andrtoj Libura. POLMN pero Pcmiary - A - mmtrqlap Wo 5v Mw 1965, pp 223- ~- ACII IM50 i D 2,,) o I i o 5-,W:, 6 Sci-Electronies & Elea Ragr Nov 66 313.,0,7 NCH-200 029 Field PC Markort, C. THERMAL EFFECTS AND THEIR MINWISING IN 1. Ntitional Engineering Lab., PRECISION INSTRUMENTS jZjawtska Nagriewants. Ste East KMride (Scotland) KotstruketIt Preoyzyloych t Srodki Zapoblegawcze). 1965, 10p (foreign text Included) 4refa. NEL-Trans-1596. Order from NLL I Trans. of PDmi4ry, Aulomatyka, Kontrola (Poland) n6 p233-8 nd. R. stcolism'-waki con.1-1,01 "j~lalxwv uoo,i Ln viociern i,ockoti; mid Jet 15 pp. DISTILEBUTIOil Ll,,ZTL,D TO U.S. 601/11' A~'EiYCIES OPVLY CoPyilt."1117 liffolLM170d 01VER REkNEST rOJi' THIS DOCU.-'SVT "UST .31" TO FTD. 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C.., 14 pp. CRQATIAN, per., Pomorstvo No 3-4., Mar-Apr 1966, pp. 78-81. jpRs 36781 ZE-Yugoslavia Econ sept 66 303,276 Ship Repairs in the "Viktor lanac" Shipytird in Rijeka., Yugoslavia,, in the Last 70 Years, by Vinko Hlacap 10 pp. CROATUN, per,, Pomoratvo, No 3-4,, Mar-Apr 1966, pp. 82-847. JPRS 36781 EE-Yugoslavia Econ Sept 66 308..277