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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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(,()III I lc~ 1;lt. ~ji!;Lri !)Ili, i uf VA iii Llu~! oupo:~j.L.'; Lal-le ochriJ, J-)y J. Sa-ol~arov, 57 13p. '~~011 VorLikalnoto P;LS ~)J:C~4 K"ILIV,111 10 IM 0 ~--VO 1k-CTYT-,'TT 70-56025 JCI/ear !;ci Jan 70 Contribution to the Study on Pediculoides Ventricosus Newport., by P. Vukasovic. CROATIAN., rpt, Prilog FroucnmJu Pediculoides Ventricosus Nm2rt. PP 76-128. *NTIS TT 71-56093 JulY 71 Primary Charge Distribution at the Low IA:nergy Fission of Ilaar/ (gg)-Nuclei, by llolfgang Norenborg. 55 pp. G-I'%IAN# xpt, Thesis; Primpre Lad=& vor- tailung bei NiedorenergetiSchen Spaltun - Schwerer (gg)-Kerno, Jan 112 1966 9232563 AHC ANL-TT-296 Sci/Nuclear Sri 1.!ay 66 300j455 Poronlat Movement timong Unions,, 9 ppe SPANISH, np, gEbwrg fl-AS& 12 Jan 1065. JPRS GUO 633 IA-Argentina Pol Har 65 276s647 Wheats A Patch for a Flat Tirol, 5 pp, SPANISIII, Apv ?-rIjM PIgmi, 12 Jan 1965, pp 48-49. MRS GW 633 IA-Argentina Econ Mar 65 2769648 Report on Jorge Antonla In Ammlono 7 ppe SPANISH, per, PrImrs Plavas 2 Fab 11065, PP 11-14, JPRS GUO 623 LA-Argentina Pol Mar 65 275,576 6 ppeGOVDIURWIT USF, ONLY, SPANISH, por. Primora Plana 9 Fob 65,, pp 12-13. MIRS CUO: 637 IA-ARG pol "clar 65 2 ?~, IC6 . - - I On Trods %U11015to Ask ror ftwo 00MIOWT Un MX . 5 pp. Perp PrImm p2anlL yew no MR 29653 pp. 15:1f. mmp 157 'o JPme cue 9% U6&rgentim POI Jan 66 293s6$0 A Ten-Year Program for Argentinsp 5 ppe GOVMU4M USE ONLY SPAMS11, np, Primers Plam) V01 IV, 30 Jiuae 1966) PPq 12-13, JPRS GUO 2132 LA-Argentina Econ sept 66 310J34 Space Research in Argentinsp by Oscar Caballero,, 17 pp, GOVEFOM USE ONLY SPANISH, per, Primm Plana Vol IV, No 183,, 2 Aug 1966) jp-.~=. JPRS GUO 2162 LA-Argenting Pol oct 66 312,365 Interml Qppmitlon Within the Argmtine Gwer to nto 6 pp - GOVERSM Ulm MY SPAWM., per, Primrs Pismo Vol- 5,9 No. 224p U-17 Apr 19C, 'PP- 3.2-13- JPRS GUO 240 Lik-Argentina Fol June 67 323s,600 War of Nerv s Between the Govenut ent smd tho Unions in Argantina, 7 ppa GOVVMNT USS ONLY* SPANISH. per, Primers Plon-aw Z-8 MaY 19679 PP, 12-1-30 JPRS WO 2413 LA-Argontina Pol Jun 67 328.499 Guwaft2 DMA or a gkftt?,P 16 PPo Gormomw Un ONLY J_q6TV ll~ pwo p2A,=-- PP 2,4i-300 '. me WAS AT Oct a~wow 26" LA-ArpatIM am Jan 68 A0409 Christian Demerat States politicat Views# 13 pp,% GOVOMMM gas OILY SPANISH, per, Pvtoo-wa Elf9b SUOMS Alre$# 28 ftv-4 Dee 67, pp. 34-38. JPRS GUO 2672 LA(Arpritina) Political Jan 68 347sm Formc ft*WA*nt Froadial InterviamW, 17 pp. GOVERMHM un gay SPANISM, par,, ftlega Ilam Duaws Alreew 3-11 Doc 67, pp. 3&42.. JIBS GOD 2672 LA(Arg=tlM) polltlc4d Jan 68 347o792 Sandler Disms"s Argentbw PolitIcal situatim, I I pp, WVEIMM USE ONLY SPAVI=q parg E"V& P11". Nos 259t Dooms Aires, 12-18 Dec 670 pp. W-44. JPRS GUO 2672 LA(Argentim) Political Jan " 347t793 Blabop ReplacOd 09 APOStOlic AftLn1&tr&t*TO It pp? DOV=cm T USE ONLY SPAXIS16 par, MjgM Plfa& boom$ A1T*Gq no. 2399 Doe 67p pp., 53-57. JPRS 090 2671 LA(Avaentina) Political Jan 68 347s790 Interviow Vith Gen Garlos J. ROS&S. 8 pp. GOVERWAff USE OILY SPANISH, per, Primera Plan&* Buenos Aires* 16 Jan 68% p. 34. JPRS GUO 2707 LA(Argentlna) military Fab 68 3305'315 Caftero Inten4ew CoverO a Variety of Subjects, 10 ppe 1; Govan= = MY .Inga.-Plgna Buenos Aires$ SPANISH, per, Rr 23 Jan 68, pp. 34-37. JERS GUO Z707 LA(Argentina) political Feb 66 3501,316 National Revolutionary Principles Disputed, 7 pp. GQVMNN= USI OHLY SPANISH, per, Primera Plana, Buenos Aires, 20-26 rob 68, 'pp--.'n-14. JPRS GUO 2738 LA(Argantina) Political marcb 68 352,781 interview With Mailio Olms. 16 pp. GOVERMENT USE CKLY SPANISH, per, Primera Plana, Buenos Aires, 20-26 rob 68, pp. 34-37. JPRS GUO 2738 LA(Argentina) Political March 68 352,782 Argentine Judioiary Mgtahas GOVIM&NT USE ONLY -9PAKDH# npq . - Ima 9 PELmrs L pp 13-15. JM/L 283? LA-Argentina Pol Aug 68 f id,th Goverument. 8 pp. I 23 ivae-1 JU4 19689 J1 t 364,oo4 Sm-vey Shows Argentina* Lvikemm an Government ? pp. GOVERN14MT USE ONLY 3PAI'Islit npjp -41-mers --r3ame 25 J=9-1 July 1968, pp 20-21j, 22. JFRS/L 2837 IA-Argentina. ftl Aug 6-8- 364oW3 ftodble Jomdt Conapdmoy Dimussed. 5 pp. GWERNMIM WE CKI 8PAKSHP apt bijwm P:~Mp 9-15 July 1968* IV 22-23. JPF.S/,L 2848 LAf-ArgGntirA pol Sep 68 363*420 Conacqumcce of Alsogaray's Rsd~pation wt4hed, a pp. SVAHISH, np. ~rApra gam. Buems Aires. 13 to 19 AUZ 3.9689 p 3,3. %Tes~ 465a LAf-Argentina t, Out 68 367,473 Argentinn Fooee Industrinl Chn1longe, bY Jalinn Dolgado, 59 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPAMISH, per, PrImera Planat Buenos Aires, 3-9 September I%T7~P 35-80. JPRS/L GUO 2885 LA/Argentinn 369,285 Econ Nov 68 OFAIM Cool CKLT302 W 21 M. 1972 SP luotM7 ar perg"Mi The Duang"" or jaw Antmio. him"a MMSA 1T Sept. 1w, so. 299, vp 51-52 avA 3r.-- PA BW 8"ew tne B lb Wt FW)llsh arsoml plug we T. D. 25 70. 1W2 Argentina Proposes Intermeriann Militnry system, 5 pp. GOVERNMI-111T USEII ONLY SPANISH, per,, Primerp Plana, Buenos Aires, 1-7 October 1966, pp 13-34. JPRS/L GUO 2898 - Llk/Inter-Am 353,o62 mi 1 Nov 68 Peruvian Presidential Candidates Discussed, 5 Pp. GOVERITIETINT USE ONLY SPAITISH, per, Primera Plana, Buenos Aires, 1-7 October 1960, PP 26-27. JFRS/L GUO 2698 LA/Pera 353066 Pol Nov 68 one Agau a maitu7 (iovwrmmt in Pont bV Robwto Garciat 5 PP- GOYFMWM USE ONLI SPAaWp port DIMM-PIAM .5~ A61"St sq4 out 1968t pp 2547. JPRS GUO 2W LA-peru POI Doc 68 3709?28 The "Cbristm" RaboMWO' in the CathoUc Cburcho 6 ppe GOVERMNT USE OMI SPANISH, Pwo bdL=!n riamp Bwonos Al"so 31 Dw 1968-6 Afimn I", pp t2-14. JPAS GOD 2955 LA'Argentima "i Fab 69 3?398& Bishop Cmter of Conflict in catbolic Cburch, 8 pp. GQVEMNWT USE (AiLl SPA=Ht rpto Wam ame BUMOS Aime i~-10 Fab 1%99 pp 24-9. JM/L 2987 IA-Argentina POI 3769983 ?"blems of Natlaml Ekdversitims in Interior, 14 pp. GOVEMMM USE O= SPANISH, rptq DIMM Flawk, Basnox Aires, 1844 Feb 1969v pp 22-27. J?RS/L 2999 LA-Argentina ~101 .-- '-e% .3rvr~ 50). Ots" Affair bAwlMs" Ganwrmnt StablUtWo 5 yp admom USE ONLY SFANISH# pert Primwa MMO B"nos Ai"st 2k-0 Apr 1969s pp 8, 9. RES GUO 302 IA-Argmt.ina Pol )fzoj~ nAl. jun 6c) Attack on Writers Reflects Literary (~rjmdsl' 7 pp. GOVENMNT Us ONLY Sp"ISHO per# 12tkiJ31M Planap Baenon Aires, 20-26 may 1969t PP 53-53- JPRS GUO 308? LA-Cuba Pol Aug 69 388l830 Students Lead Movement to a Hm Opposition, tV R, A., 10 pp, GOVERNMNT USE ONLY SPANISH, per, ftimm nam bmwo Una# 3-9 Jun 069, pp 14-17. JPRS GUO 3w IA-Argentim Fol Aug 69 388t849 Anted Forms React to Cabbwt AppoUtmentap 10 FPO GOVERHMNT USE ONLY SPAMH# posit ftimosio, PIWA, Bnws Alviong 17-23 Jun 1*~o =pp0-14. . JPRS GUO 3087 IA-Argentina Pol Aug 69 3880848 Conapirac.v Alleged Behind Labonca's Ratiremeft, 6 pp. GUVFM U-T USE USY SPANUH9 porg 44MM JM, Buenos Aires, 29 July- 4 Aug 1969, pp 10-11, JvRS/L 3128 IA-Argen ~.-Oj Division Between Chumh and 3tAte Widens, 9 pp. GOVMMINT USL (ALY SPANISH, per, 'Amen ampa, Buenos Aires. 29 July- 4 Ax,4 1969,0 pp 16-19. Ji-IRS/L 3128 LA-Argen POI Sept 69 391.962 i2 8/1- 4102". Z Argentina's Salvation Said to Rest,With Peron, by Jorge Antonio, 5 PP. GOV M*MT USE ONLY SPANISH, per, j:rimera Plana, Buenos Aires, 4 kor 1972, Pp 14-15. JSSIL 4162 I~A3, 72 pormenont flousialg Construct:Loll Plan In Troublal 5 PP. GOVMMUiT USE ONIY SPANISh, per, jjZ~mera ilana. Buenos Aires, 4 Apr 1972, pp 22-24. JPRS/L 4162 1,1,ay '/2 Peronist Leaders Intorviewod in DIRdrid, by Carlos Frank, 11 pp. GOVMMU,NT USE (MLY SPANISH, per, Frimera Plana, Buenos Aires, 18 Apr 1972, PP 21-iC.- JI-lib/L 4-16z hay 72 Colonel Guevara Outlines History of Anti-Peronism, by Juan Francisco Guevara, 5 PP- GOMINiba USE. ONLY SPANISH, per, A-imera na, Buenos Aires, 18 Apr 1972, Pp 1 JPRSIL 4162 ,vAY 72 coot owtm v Y,P,S L/Y3 q4 3A Now T2 at L pp Orbapt spntlm asmseUd vitk the usts"Ass of the Bomb dfAme wulaw pwr plant,, IW F. DeCOW6 D. Ktmd4 ot. la. I Ebel ~ - -a am allini 4 umbalml-Am" W14A a-4a cal"Or wm. Munk --ad pum-Iffm1ft aw vla a em at -- --- aw rom (7cw'm " w x a a Principles and Methods for Bstablishing IUrmal ProCUS303 for Conned Poods, bY Honri Meftal, Goorgos Iliomas, MWING19 rpt, Prijicipes ot Mothodos Pour Ilestablisseu;n-tdes Baremes do Sterilisation des Conserves Alfirntaires, Bull;tin No 14P 1965, CFSTI TT 65-50070 Sei/Agri Feb 66 294,709 Analysis of the 13th PCCh Congress, by YALrio Zamorano, 7 PP- SPANISH, per,, Principi No 113,, May/June 1966) pp, lo-ig. JFRS 36716 LA-Cuba Pol Sept 66 309:835 The 23rd Congress of the CPBU$ by Joao Oonzalez, 11 pp" SPAKM, per, Principios, No U3.- Madaune 1966, ppt 20-3V7 ,JPRS 36716 IA-Cuba Pol sept 66 3o9,836 The 10th Congress of the Cmumist Party of Colombiaj, by Julio Pando,, 16 pp? SPAMH) per, Princlpips No 113, ft/June 19661 Ot 35-55? JPRS 36716 IA-Colombia Pol Sept 66 309:837 Agrarian Reform and the Struggle for Water,, by Manuel Vargast 6 pp? oovmmm USE ORLY SPANM,, per., Principios No 113., May/;une 1966,, pp! 102-109? ' ' JM GUO 2098 IA-Chile Pol Sept 66 308.,345 Cbnom Cp DMI&Jna StSM =out&. by Jorge Tender, ? SPAMH9 parg blottogs 53- im 424M lAwChile Pd3.-YAI sop 67 an Gmvina Yove- pp. JU-Avg 19679- pp. .4?- 340t.559 Tht Non-capitaUstic Course In ChIl p by Jose Cademartorip 16 pp. SPANIM per# Prl=Won-, MeLr-Apr 1968, pp 24-~- JPAS 456T4 LA-Chile Pol July 6a 3WJ,903 The C=mua*U Pnise the Mmml cantem. 9 pp. SPANISH9 rpto, Plincivios 00t 1968s pp 43-50* JFRS 47384 LA-CbJlo pol mar 69 Arrad Forceaq by Santiago. Mile. Sept- 3759020 - 77, ii f~j p I A t=Wzjwj m: P . Agxmw: WS P.O. No.: NA-667-72 f248 Tit,*: sumam4 DUM &I&= (Uumw)o 1758 Authms OIW Aamm - smml Xilm cW, scum Wk. I-Cer LoVaps Unwasim 4*cw ImtractUms Towlaft and typ in 1 cy. Tumlate only boom on tobtas. The gmikmUi VaWlurgical Ccmbine is Assund of Rav Iftterials., by Engineff Georgi N ikolov Kotev, 8 PP - BULGUMI.. perp Priroda , No It *W-June 196% PP 13-17 - JPRS 32775 - M - BW4;aria Ecoll Dec 65 293,,M The Ninth Congress of the &9go4an Communist Party And the Dwelopmant of Natural Sc!L4nceg in Bulgaria. by A. I. Khadshiolovo 10 pp. BUIDARIAN9 por, PAroda No 5, Sept-Oct 1966, pp. 3-7. JM 39319 EZ/Bulgaria Soo Feb 67 315.2-94 NOthodle or coubAting by ftft-an - - Jbftoaeuvo itmaAft" A**rj, a IV. POUUtlan, J, per,, j2al~d 1%51, VD, 14-2i. a SO 5# Dept/oat ift 347 !M-PU401tria scl-Plif Apr 66 2991195 Types of Iron Ores in Bulgaria and Their SConomle Signifiewce, by Ve Panayotov, 7 ppe BUWJUtrAN,, per,, Priroda No. 6, Nov/Dec 1966, PP- 29-33- jPBS 4oW5 HS-Balgaria Apr 6T Doml iv te or the Pndwtim ar mpon :Ln DL%lgu4a# by fto A 10 990 VJWIXMA per* Vol 3,6# ND9 2p Nu%, Apr lop 9p. 1646.- JPW Aa792 w6bAlowla gem Aug 67 333o0 ----in -D*f4mm-of,-Our-F:I& lWakirwi V- --- -- - - - -.I..- - c. vlabdhov. MIWLUI perp No 5;o 19670 pp 85-91- AGSI J-4394 ?9TC ITT-23-107-68 sd/Dw Sep 68 363s287 The Diolodml Seents ckf Uo Sarpano Sea,, by N. lovehov. BUIGARIAII per$ Prirodap uo 5,p :L,%7., pp 112,.13.6. ACS1 J-490 - MC IIT 23--lo7.68B Sol/ml oct 68 368s324 Ma Biological Seamu Of the surs"So smi, by U. L)VdWV. FOR GOVZMNKHT USE omz BUIDAM.. W.- --- NO 5,, ftt-Wt 196T9 pp in-u6. !iWNTC/0-23-107-A scl/ftr Sol Doc 68 35k.,T8T In Dofense of uur Ash Resources, by G. Vtabchev. BUWARIAN, per, PriraLg, No 5. Sep-ckt 1967. pp 1U-U6, *ACSI j-4364 1=0400656t3 bei-B and ii I -Mar 68 Fiftb Congress of the Yugoslav Physiologists Union, by Dr. Vasil P. Georgiev, 6 ppe BULGARIAN, per# Prtrod4o Noe 6. Sofia, Nov-Doe 6-7, pp. 87--89. JPRS 44,628 Scl-Blo.and Xea.Scl. March 68 352,603