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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Analcite From the PAshtan and lsfarn-Knnabad Deds (Upper Eocene) of the "Cadzhik Dcr~ressloqnv by V. V. Oloynik. - RUSSIAN, Per, Dok A -';auk_ &SSII, Vol 195,p No 1, 19690 pp 156-159, AGI V v C) L c ~ ~ , W- Jan 70 - 399.959 Ulners Serwins the Rmferrous I*taUur67 Are an Duty in the Amlver=7 Yearp by I. A. WMIAS,, per, Zhurml,, 110. 3, 1,%r 10, IV* 6-8s iple A~ 0 v USSR scot, July 67 329s704 177 fletroleura Stocks of Kalmykia, by A.P. Oleynikova aM L.V. Shullgag, 7 ppo -a ToT)Iiv RUSSIAN, per, Xhirdya L.LeldiU212giy i L!jsel, Moscov, No. Is Jan 68, pp. 19-21. VaS 44,379 Scl-Propulsion and Awl& :'~ -, r i I G -'~ LlLEY,NIKL)Vtk, L. RU r;.LFRI,vL'A.ATL,) L,~1`41AINEKS IN ISEA TRANSPURT SPE C I F [CAT I UN S OF I GN RL-FRIGERATE I Mt li ~,, S K U Y t- L k.; I' I , ') / -1 ~-, , 3 0 - 3 2 F S .1 (~ - 1- 1 T -- .1" - L-;.' 4m- 1 , t - 1.3 Mctlou #ad Wear by Ubvicatim wftj~l u0jr- A I C WIND DiSulfideb by Bita %gso 1. DIU'=# ROMIAN& per* stwii S!Mwim Komi, APIZ - Vol xville No Is MS& pp Z47-359a .. 0 *FM-M-23-1140-67 E, ~4- 0~ 4 set-phys AW 67 IvRa rj !cma oftLV %, va u;; I r A .,v C~I. MwA UIMO by AWDAd I= llflllim,~~ vsnv u w- I I IN lo,' or, I .. lb U0 am f~ 1900 Ir. 61~0~5- OM 3*6 (, ) M LA N ~ ~1'~ um am ion 66 2951CM3 Simtrechmital MAritials of Ziuc gasaMstals in Aquoms .63ectrolyteve by PLO We, A* 0114purow. CLWV.NO per* 2l4gymbft vat 139 1%60 pr 7140. CM/13,722, Vol 2% he 3A 196.0 July 49 At investigation of oxidation of cornet Uat*rials Made of Nickel-Floorophlo- gopite Mica, by Ya. V. Olifirovich. ':~ RUSSIAN, per, Paroshkovaya Notallurgi a. No 9, 1968, pp 52-55. FTD-S-S70 -'/ ct r I Ray 69 392,362 OLIFSCN LE ETAL RU ------------ LCMPUSITICN CP PICMENTS ANL; TCKOFERCLS CF PFA L I P I DS SUSTAV PIC-,14.Ej\IL'v I TCKLFERULCV LIPILCV GCRLKH A PISHCHL-VAYA TEKFNCLCGIYA KU 11 1971RP 21-23 F ST C-HT - 134 8 7 2 0 ~ I - 1;ngpU$ or strwqtb*mbV F*qst,.Damg*d S**Ucnft tlY PGIM% Pwo W-mgmumml, A(SI J-030 iD 2w4oLz66? cr R9*WWtraatlW 2, UWVW* A* q# 19%ip pp Z!7-23L* sai/mach Apr 68 351o442 ,y in tkv-- Stratoi~,Avaw in January and July, by Ga .;, Olintsava-.~,,Lebrat,, 1* Ao Uranova, 7 L-)p. ~~rf Lruc Lqstitut PrOM-2mm, '40 152, i9wo !A.) be-720 ~s at'-O~;'-Alalac sci A-L 69 376o473 - - I f L%V& I , 14 m IN to am"t M4 by Vir 6Z of odlatswo 5 W, lillol., vw.,, lb It# I" "? im 3m U. S. ohnISC)d O= W-1/m Aw 66 3noYI3 A RM bsok = M*2$4 VOINUs, bF A* A* OUVo RMS10s, Pat Mftljbkddfts vol 410 so it 1963 p 9.% Doo of rAftt" FlAh mMd dldlifs SWd" BCFO Bumu of F*74P Puhw!Loo NOT 67 Felix 'Olivs Koplies to Ota SIkIs Articlo, by relix Oliva, 11 pp. GOV-914MANT uSrE Vily CZKQIj per, PO soptow Brouslayab 'SePt 157, I-i)- 916-925. I-b 63 A Czech Discussion of Basic Theoretical k9matiow of Political Econow and Sconomic Laws In Gewralp by Felix Oliva,* 1T Poe GGVRFMM USE ONLY SWVAK, per,, F-konordeky C*WpLs Vol. 14) NO* 71 jk-ly lXA, iv--650-663- JP13S GUO 22P Felix Oliva Ee4zecll Econ Dee 66 W5., 02 3 GoTmwdtlea and the Law in Eco*)dcs, by Felix 031va, .~6 pp., GOVEMUMT USE ONLT. VXCH, Per, r',Iznomi*v casopiso No 5. mar 1967, pp. 904-93B, JPR5 rjUa 2461 o.4;1117 Er".020cho slova)da Soon Aug 67 332.,439 Ce 0&"t4 Lo UUV" MAWS !Mir UW3 I WO: at S" St"b%ufd AMU USI 4694 SCAIAM j--.Utj>"tjC t~cvjtT.Gj of t7n,,o tllste Milli, by'.~ ITAII-ILVI, iyt~-T. Liell. Tot. Fleistw-IF 2170, Leftleto Attack Cowt Dool"On ofWL=t AIM&- Minot %W &Waft WITamp U m Dolman va ow IMANISIM Iwo MO Ma 1"3 "Pt V67s im ow 2&0 ~uc,us-ro OL-IVARC -s Lqftut ft3L Dec 61 346#93D 3 13, Chile's 4COWMIC Folicyp by Auvato olivares, 9 p SIMRSH, par, UItj3A llov&* sr-ntlaso de CmJ4 19 April 68, pp. 8-9. JPRS 45.373 1e 11~~ay 64 357,814 idUtary Comsndwel Cmferewo I*viem3d# by 9 np, bato-j;MA# 10. TP.) V-40. Ll J ES Affid" i,ve 68 353,723 calmdoblial In cutall by A%TOW Culvmav .5 We spivasno pw. bme.m4p no 350 XS-31 Aug 1967 s pp 36-37.- i M, 4p, 3 0 0 /1,,) ae es d LAY L't S61 LA-Cuba pol (jot 67 )W0750 scientific Investigations. Utraction of Seleno-Cystathionine and Identification by ActiVation Analysis, by G. J. 0124irres. Ot a14 SPANISII-J, per, Acta Cient Venez, Vol Is,, "NO 1. , 9-12. 19670 pit Iii-vi Nlij 3-31-69 69 3830112 Aplicstion in 9pain of hydro-electric Pow*r Stations Equipped with Ster*gv Pumps, by A. Bel Campo and 1, OUVAres RUSSIA4, rpt, Trans.Wild. Pwr. Conf., 7th 1968. 16 5 c I -- 0 1 e c July 09 ariatia; A;ewcratic I-eterty vivv~ud, hit Ilene -pcr, 3 ~7eb 63, ~,. ya k e OLIVER, S. and MENDIZABAL, T. Measurement of roo,t -! potentials. . . 1. - An.Edafol.Agrobiol. 27(3/4):19.5-206 (1968) (CSTRO/No.9 'V 'i '~" , , J/ - (-1/ / LawliAs in Chu in Asiom 4.4 Vul 50, 19680 5277-3267, 144J 7,o W~ Btui%r cC Critlea and Zdmdt Rou*w",p by Z, Vaucheretp Z. H. duve. IV. Fm am= Ulm om 'Aw-nu~bL um wim = rEpLamm cir 1 11 cou 7FEMp pcwp La Retberebe h2mmmg!m No 107v :L.965,-PP 33-35i P UM-3566 pm-n-66-32 Scl-Aero Jon 6-( 31.6083 !.n she Dow,, ~brlow Fs Olivov So raswe-f R's st 498 23 pp-. ZZLIM., pe:r,, 'dagor-ja W,,.alF Ito Z4,, 10.0%, pp dll-W. Of Howntsais in ~;Periftatal Long oomwacti, by 0~ 0 F, twLaup So 01tv"Oo I ALIAS,, per. MLMrva W9 Vol 1w, 19689 pp 3267-3276 Dept of xa;;;wa 1441 ScL-SW A124 70 11 ck,UVQ j . -~& Fiftem yGere of Pmrsftution Against cathoucs. in C"-wnist ClAms. by Jaoqaes Olivier, 32 pp,, Ff MS~Cff, per, F.81 .4 ouest. vo 0. i6.3o sopt j no '19299 TA C 6~ Ll P-L / V / C-- Fr-CIAM nol Fab -57 315,444 ule sconoac Actim Pun or the owtkto BMW* GamnsAstv MW It au M4 ty rilamw MivolM 12 Vpo ummmmin ma am Pomwas, xer.:ft~ft I --.- ft 0 VQA it so 11 mar 1~10 pp JPFS aM 751 Sam am 65 ~ianeuvers Toward Unity of the Indian Conumists, by ~' Jacques Olivier, FRUCH, Semimnthly per.,, EST & Ouest 16-30 NOV-Wv~ I. 3P16 CSO DC 12667 Indic, Pol Jan 67 316v 543 sorvic 1 r 'a jAvlag QwUra IlghU by Do alkhava, ? ppe pers I~k*d"Ujm 'blWAVA No 5v ray 1969# pp 10-14o iiqw 485W Kgc\~ Ang 69 3M0243 UtUlnUon of Shairt-Tom Crodit In loftoWv. by Re Ollkbova# 7 ppe Rmsuat pwt David are-at. m4mme flo 60 19691p pp 52-571 JPRS 48840 -~, 01, 4j"Glwa-) usm Low Sept 69 MOR5 ~Urztcovdngs in !ArW, faclAmtim -pomatims, bV pp. i-ATEX31M, nr-,, JUM, 19&:", p 3. 1 46W5 1--,CI-Agri in umd Uadamum tpwalons, IV 1) P), A- tblmkft, a. -A#ft*wAwr4 4 pp Vzsmw ap" a j=6 lv;ae p 30 46065 ~*w 4., *A' )65VA? '73. 6--~ gooo,1*1 Awce UwAS -Q4&aA4 IW wavdiova wI V.I. C-Matmvs 6 M. -T7.7ar)PjAa* J~;m 1W. MIS 333U sai . lKloo A."j; 0 67 a" tartifts 9=00"M at H"t-awdma Ore% tv G* G. Gl'nm*wq It R)o EMSSWO pwo NOMMO So go 196S# pp 21-25o im 4?9603 C"C'. 7 scd4mora QMV ?Ar 69 3^13D Navigation for pishan"al, by Vt Onamay', A, Tentsurap at alo 386 pp,, Osu"t =w, Mmiffm JR&UH&I 1969ij Dapt of interior BCF/ONF A-37-Mareb 1970-Ho 31 QU b9su SCL-ftv k o \j s June 70 &WOltime in paajt~~) toort Stm*Wftj, by DOIODUW 0310UWt 6 W--- ymm no kp q Pam# vw.. !F.16 - --, p 23 Jan 1966s V. be ipfis y4e5 "-& ~ c s 1 4"1-1 29401and : som var 66 0~.~LA S~; , 29%M / I Polub eaulkw MM&wt47p IV Balsam onooldt1 6 pp. lb 49.p 5 P00% Vwx limit gingiallow .Dft IMS P- 5- I JPIG 341M r-- 41Ww KLA&L () e c U-1w"S New mar 66 M.,93A F. ollendorff on the Distribution of Beart Currents in the Ibmu Body . GMU,, pw,, Arebly fuer Vol 52P 19691, pp 65-79--- JITC 72-13966-o6B Ncyv 72 TOA Iftgm for PvAq In Y*a&*, b7 11. OlUm Ond F- --WW'&SaUs,, 15 pp. OOVM-%M USE OW rmcf":,. Pw* a2gcde ft)mm Val 9. no 1. JOI.Fab 1967, pp. MAS OM 2400 im 67 351 rat Influence of Photoselatim& aa,tM I-Aggregation of Cutoeymin"# by D. 011mamno H. pietsch. GHRM, pe3r,, Vermffentl VLOS phatow AGFA Vol X. 083, P; WTr=s Sy No 2.982 may 67 OW GOOWAWW Ipw, now cum I Sao& wo 0 LM 609 set Val" of owwomift Aodm*md 14 -~113,11,11M lll~& Wa man -at 2mmsum to - also" Glop% at %I ISO 30#333 Aar Podn&IuLwdp iUU T=AzdM w ammiswo tv To. t-I'mm. pp. f0i UA, npt JWY 7-wip P 24 sol-RIAC ATWI 45 arit9b? ~;Vj~atj(Xj 4Llf Coa F~L'123S L by 73 et3lcw 1.~f, t la ------ TOT 1957v V69* 5041 ) -..8427 W ulwisahmu viva to %k& an Dmuss VAMM6 gwo XMI goal& VOL mo lb 271 9 Ady lop 0 Ll# 5 ad lb 20p. 26 adv Iwo Pe 4* RES h2heo Arrias-Dab=17 Pat Oct 6T ProcLuwmt Prices of AgricaltwAl Products* by lvw Olwwskij 13 pp - - UUOAUAN., per; awo vMg So. 9. Sept ifi6,, pp - 41-49. JpRS VOA OLoVAW;~- lml~ J~ &on Doe 66 ~rlsy asm Repovts m TAp to North Ustumt tv Irley amen* 7 pp. Mublit rpts JAW es LARe COPMhagan* 16-17 f4lb 1969g, pp 22-13e ins 476W t L OL t~ Fb-b Viet fa Apr 69 irench Cl: UTicer = kerV itsitimm - An intar- c-z 7 vier, with Andre Uouguats by 43v jxwe 7 -pp. npl, 24 Jm 1W. p* 4j. 11. i16 46M3 mnoo Ek L F- y 0 L s Ell) ., I 101 A-ag 610, 363002 No Unity of the Left In huope Atbout the CammVdats. by Epley Olsen, 5 pp. DAMM, per, I&W Folke 13/16 Jan 1967s p. 6. JPRS 3M1 [-F,0 O~SEV 4-f!;. DIM(u* E101 liar 67 319,,441 Ax~ by i~m L&I-d 0e 'Folil" C-Op"&as",v 16 nL~r IA~v J PRS fv D, t trausiutm. "s draft rve 2141 am COPY# raftm Imrwo itteawtiona R204"tw" Aw ".11411ft l/. GPI~A' aMOUas by V* i'bdw ma fto 01#WdCN 17 w. Ev'smat toax pp. of GortiSCIAC Oil Thymidille-dw ThyOddylate- kinuse Autivity of kageticrutini; Liver of Rats* by A. D. U19sharActskuys. ,~er,, Vol) MW Mir, Vol 130 i4v 4g 1967,j pp 432-4`~,. 1 -, EN :.,, I I i f4 , 3 , 0 L f4 t q Jail 70 400.126 mw for bpwumt ~ at k4wpuft FUU31rig, x -, brA4 OltabMteklyt ;pq RWMI ab" lRooblowhomilm ==248P.19 i apas-4vu- mwowi apt IYW# ;p 66d?Oq ;a ac , `4 (;--~ -T usm r'-- Recommnd4tiODS f0f IzPtMinl~ SUPPIY flamlfM and OrRanizatlon, by A. 01'ahanetskly, 9 pp. RUSSIAN, I-er, Mararial4no-takhacheekoya Snabzhenlya, 4,08cow, Iso. -3-1 1968t ,T~ 37-4-2, MIS 45,43ru Zc, o in 0'.1 -.~ay N.A. OL'sk A N 9 k' 1'~ Electron Bftm WaldiM *f Urcadum CarUds wid NiobdLm CarUde Electrodes to MWeas St"It by N. A. 01'abaskiye F.V. Shubda& 8 ppe RtuslMo per* awterUly SJU _NP&MMtom 0 mopews 1969# PP 193499. JFM 53939 Sept 71 - ',tj~!Ct (A t-x) ~4iortial - tW Ciiarxwr u Of V.IZSW at Ula Grain of 'ickei 'LINV-40, L-Y V. zo. exi:,;et Zaam 1:966 Ij, 200. V t 6 9 .91,025 Blo'.Q Pt"asruro and Villse in Persms Afflicted Ix 6ca sicknessp by C4 TS, Ollslmsklyj, 6 p* 19W,, 44-46, JVM; SZ6W T)4cOv6rY Of Rat LiVar CoJJL8 FrM ClUoMo. some Injuries DUO tO FrUtionated -~-flay Exposure, by 0. Po Ollshavokaya RUSSIAif, per, Ltk Ak ffauk SSSR "Bio h-vit,, vol 173 , lo I g Jan 196d-, -p-p- -- 2--2-6'* --2"2-91.7~ CB 0 - P. 0 L' a4 e v 2169 ~ 'q Oct -110 NOW Kalkbn 7MM IM fOr 1966# OllabOVOWSo 6 vp. meam, port udwt I am# 1965p vpi 51W. - JPEB 33654 V,P ~Iljs~ev-(4AVP. I Una sm ism 66 bY V- P* me us Rw ltl9x-- e",W Long-Dis tance Pouar TransaWtw. Parawtars aad 4~ Transients, by 0. V. 01*sMvskiy. 110 pp. RUSSIM, bk, ParafttlZ L Perakk2M Rwbw dalt- nikh Mettroperedacht 1966., CPM IT 69-5503S sai-s" '4~Zle7v-c";, June 70 ~) , ~ . C~~ Logistic Support -of Civil Defame Mits in the Fieldj, by Ve 01'ahmklyj 5 pp. RMIM', per., v2zmw-e -ERMLn No 4, Apr r),656) p. 19. JM 360" ~, o~ I S ~ e vev (~ WEISIR M11 jul 66 31*605 Parameters and Transient Cycles in Lopg-DisUnce Power Tranuissiong, by 0, V, 01shavskiya 126 ppo IWSSIAIN, U. Parametry igaeklicdaye kezhimy Daltnikh Elek!jff-eredac~.,1966. .55035 V5 Feb 69 Book an -,tburines in iAr of teolfic A"ewWt bV im atsUynWAY, 6 pp- 1"'ki-simp port 00 . moscoirs No 129 L*c 4vAS L L s Veb 7 0 400vO* 19 Intwrdew with LadislAv Pmeko3, by Molf Llsinsky-O 10 pp. ,3j'AAA,'K,, port No 21* Fay 101, pr. 1* 7. (4jo L sex Auh- 63 %3,945 ~A- voj\y Basic Principles anAlas in the Study of the Geography o-.E Tulareni;~ Foci in the USSR, bv N.G. 01sul"yev, andi B.P. Dobtokhotov, 27 pp. RUSSIAN', Konferentsiya pa metodam L'--',ediko--Gcqjkr ficheskiki Us -6-do-vaniy, Iqw,--ZEa:- I-Ictody vledico-Geograficheskikh Issledovaniy, 1- - Fon rbre-nts-li~ -- -l;p-m7- ma erialT ACSI-K-08~~4-- - Nov 71 Translation Semicas in Pol&W,, by D. W. uIssevskap IJ. ppe PULISffj, per,, Palityka. No. W.. l2 Wm 196b.. P.? 3- JPM P9331 " ~, I Oz -~-Zz- ZV.5,1~ p J, ES-POISDI SOC Dee 66 315.t754