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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Basdc Tremls of Imestments in the Railroads of the Peopleas rkpablic Poland. GMNW, Pere LOS.-%V) AoBtLsdEift W 1-4. j bb lp 1969t DLVM U36-69 Sc4/L-Wn July 69 387t787 Use of Data-PmceesiM Technoloa by the RaUrcaft of the OS&LD Wmbovs, by Jo S. Clwndimi,ovp 6 ppe GVEM, per, WS.M Zeitachrift der Omani- wtion fuer dle Zamiranaebalt der Risen- bW"n Vol 3, Mr-AI)r =~A)5y ppe Ple JPRS 31766 Irs-Poland Econ ftt 65 239..W* Solection of Types and PnraMtftV of Elec- trically Propelled FWling ftock for the ftriod 1964-ig7o, by u. P009cels T RP- GMWZ,, per, OSSbD Zeitschrift der Omani- sation fuer the Zuemmenarbeit deFffi-menbOo- lum, Vol 8Y No 2. MLI-.Apr 1965, PPO 10-120 RES 31TW BE-Poland ZCM Sept 65 239:4r.) R8porte of OGMD Camittee Work., 19 yp, GBfMx per,, OM, Zeiltsefirift der ftgLal sation fuer die 2-7aw-venarbeit &w Ziw=- baluken Vol 8, No 2. R-w-Apr 11W, -PP- E3-30- JPRS 31768 BE-Poland Econ Sept 65 289,426 Transportation Ydnister Paports on Ust G-or- iran ftilroad Systemp by Dro Irwin Kramer., 13 pp. GEWN., per.. OqshD ZeIW= der 2E&Wga tion fur aie Usammmazteit der Siumbahma Vol 9p No 2., Mar-Apr 1966j. pp. 1:9-~ JM 36073, ES.-Germany Econ jul 66 304,,891 Reports on OMW Comittee Workp 3.1 pp. GZMU,, perp 2W ftLtjghrlft der 24miss- tion fur the Zu"ammEtTit der seubsbum, Vol 9, No 2, Mar-Apr 1966, pp. 23-e7- im 36073 IZ-GermW Econ jui 66 1890 Information on OSShD Cmmaittes Work, 5 ppe GEMW. per. OsShD Z4~sahrift der OrxvAxAL4_on fuer die Zussmanarbelt der Eleanbohnsa-, Vol 98 no- 3, Sept-Oot 199, pp. 23.27. JPRS 39312 ES.-Intrabloc E00n Feb 67 315,199 A6061 AM-Otjvno Of tha "vibar Oallroads., by *11. Aon. '41) pp. pw, ortanift!Awl fucr C310) "Ufti ".',X)7s ape 5-9* 67 Inftrmation On 03.'jhD Cumndttes ~brks pp* GERIAN9 per# =ht) -e& j n MA ms+.4nn -M 4w , fuAw the ... I Fagafthm no is Jan-Fob 196?. pp.? 25..?BT JPIU 40731 R.-Bost GomwW 3d.Moobardeal. InfteW.Al uy 67 3251 580 F"W Oil )beum In soft OW=W Cc roll vehicas Apolaustai, 1w X-P CION't 7 ppv G=Ujp der msfiffillm is AC& mmgmmkw fto 2l Ws, IVp JPMO 41&)3 934"t Gftr=V Rom A% 67 3210 ,'WW~L RF,'IBEK, M. and SCHURZ, J. Review of graft copolyme ization of cellulose. (5st.CbemZtg 68(12):376-89 (1967) (GB 118/GCW/2562 OKNU C-t" 12934/70 23 Ami 69 w b) Tbe"ftobo&W fm pbnbM,, 6) nomdost-M. I - chlaw, 891OMlp (UDkWM) p p U b) On rIVU VWtv 25 AV 69o p 14# orcla Tyw"Bolumma. awt AM 0:40 F"Mdty *mm/m- aft= DC 19299 17 Apr 69 sr But-West Courier) jan 69,p . neve I Gazu" *eet, Ost-Weet Mirieri 2~so Special Type "B":Txunalatorl a draft plus one source- do not mtUatM National Report No 10/69 - Mongolian People's Republic. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY GERMAIN, rpt, Ostasiatischer Verein a. V. Landernachrichtem No 10/69 - Mongolische Volksropublik, 26 1969. *ACSI J-68TO-- ID 2754017969 USSR 9EPNisc June 69 Natioma Floport .12/69 - Iwo. GOVZRNGIIT WE affix OMM., rptj Ostaslatiodor Vemin a. V. tendarnachrichten Mr. mm - rfim~sjl ~pr W.P 6 I)p ":J:6W A CSI ID 2754018069 Elar Pal Oct 69 391434 National Report No 15/69 - Democratic Poople's Republic of Korea (North Korea). GOVERNMENT USE ONLY GERMAN, rpt, Ostasiatischer Verein a. V. Landernachriethen No IS/69 - Demokratis her Volksropublik Korei-(Nordkorea), 2S Apr- 1969. *ACSI J-6871 ID 2754018469 Far East scibm June 69 The Commm'st Party of Argentlnap by Dr. Boris Ooldenberg,, 22 pp. OOVERNKM USE a= GXFMN.. per, . Der OstIll ock una ale labyl&- LuS!~m!LdIrj, Dee 19E5., pp - 327-341 - Me GUO 1100 IA-Argentine Pol Apr 66 298.,U0 j-2164/66 Asian and African Research in the Soviet Union, by Borys Lewytzkyj. GERMAN, per,, Der Ostblock und the Entwicklilngslaender, No 23., Hannover., March 1966, PP 35-45. PROF-4278/special USSR ~J~ (.' ~- f / L Amer - Mexico Pol" Soc jul 66 j-2164/66 The Communist Party of Mexico., by Boris Goldenberg. GERMAN, per., Der Ostblock und die Entwickluagelaeader, No 23., Hanmver., March 1966., pp 46-67- sF-4278 speciai USSR L Amer - Mexico Pol, Soc j,ul 66 Problems of Africa As Viewed by the Poles., by Borys lawytrl~yjj 5 pp? GEIOM) per,, Der Ostblock und die Entvick- lungelaenderp-W03- 24, June .17Z, pp~ 132- 135- JPRS 3a289 Africa Pol Nov 66 3-12s794 The Sovict Assassinent of the Role of tho Anny ill the Developing Countries, by Kurt Muller. GEWNIAN, per, Der Ostblock und die Entwi ck lungs I ander, No 26, December 1966, pp 3.33-339. JIIRS CSO: DC 15029 J-1653/67 USSR Econ May 67 326,056 'I'lie Sovict-Chinese Coaflict Over tho Doveloping Countries, by Eberhartl Molke. GhlbMAN, per, Der Ostblock und die EntA ck lungs land eT, No 26, Dec 1966, pp 359-368. JPRS CSO: DC 15029 J-1653/67 USSR/China Econ May 67 326.%057 The FUlfillillOnt Of PTOjCCt5 by UIC PCOI)IO'S lZopulilic of china In the Davoloping Countrios, by Wolfgang liartke. GERMAN, per, Der Ostblock und die Entwicklungslander, No 26, Dec. I , pp 369-376. JPRS CSO: DC 15029 J-1653/67 FE-China Econ Way 67 326,058 Communism in Chile (1920-1958), by Boris Goldenberg. 29 pp. GERM, per, Der Ostblook und die Entwiwmgs- landert NO 26 Dome 19 11 pp. 377-397. JpJM uUo 2~93 Up-Chile pol mV 67 325.4w The Armament IWu a or the Neutral States Of &Uwe (in)., is pp. ON", Mr., 2ftV,49MGWW 1"'MeadAft zoltr: rm~j No 5j Upt-Oct X966v pp 0 L- IMA LN 407-6T 119-sut Golum Nil. inn 68 347,,278 Pond Farning and Fishery In Israelp by R. Daneaker., .12 pp. 904 ppers Onterrelabs Radverelp Vol 22, .1 p pp 49~-55. Dept Of Zxtwior Bureau of Commercial 21sheries Mice of Foreign Fisheries A-3.1-Aug-sept 1909-N0 C)6 On Loan Sei-BgM Now 69 -VTj 3M Moser, C.A. 19 Good fishing in the Azores (Fisahwaid auf don Azarenjo beterreiCho Fleaheml, 23 (2/3): 21-26. In Oemum, Treml. by TPH f,*,r :iCV, July 1970, 10p. , typescript. Avail. on Loan - ITICF, Wash., D.C. K)T IS -r-1- 70 -,SY I R.L Ir Original Article Checked.hiN Rocent l4onsuremont-9 of tho Ilaicht of Clouds With Optical Radar, by I,J. Oburger. GOVERIM"ri USE OINTLY GEiLIVDIIII, por, Osterricheache InU-nieur .~jcitsclirift., Vol 63 1965, pp 161~-167- IJA&A TI, 11-111(vul Sci/Atrlos Sci Oct 68 369,098 Application of Recent Research an Somd and Thermi Insulation to Austrl= k;odel 1hd1ding Regulations. by F. Lruckmayer. WRiAlls, per, QvtexT &Z_Ldt, Vol 9, Vo 5. 1966v PP 157-169. BILL Rof: 5196 (1390) Sci-Lach Atz 63 363,1626 Mstuebanos by Traule Nol" In MOMMONS, bv Fe Bruakmayer,, J. lang. izuN* per, Osterr, LU. Wts, val n. No 3.. 1968P PP T3-77- = ftf-. 5196 (1433) Sol/Behavior MV 69 380o995 ThE STRAItGY UF THE USA AND USSR LANGUAo"L-GtE- C(UNTRY-UR CJSTE-kREI0-,ISLHE- MILITA: