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Preliminexy Andlyais of Radio Beacon Drift ln the Arctic Seas, by N, P. Shesterilwv, 8 pp. P.MD3, per., -Pmblmy AeAtqd.,, No 2) 1957) PP 85-91,, Amer Meteorol Soc Ar Cambridge Ifto Center Sci - as-'stwaica ftb 60 Long-service ludepandeat Automtio StWons for Oboervations of Cumnto in the 0 pan Seso., by 0. Baakmlwv, N. P. MAriefts-ev., 5 YP- RUSSIV, per) Problwgr Arktikis No 2. 1957t vp 93-96. Awr A? Omoibridp PAs Center sci - GeopbYsics 1,47 Fab 60 z 3-5001 (Dc-263e) Experience of Using Empirical Functions of Control for Forecaating Tropopwive Locatioa., by Yu. H. Volkonakiy,, 5 pp. I .3bo.rnIlk Statey, RUSSIM., per, k!TbL= NO Zv 195T., PP 221-12.5. us im-651-D Sci - Geophyx Jun 59 M. V 8 -5W2 (DC-2632),, The Use of Dry lee for Dlaperaing Clo*do ln the Arctic., by A. I. Vdakmewkiy, V. Go Moraebevoldy, V. Ya. Nikandrory My J= 9 pp. RUSSIM* per ) ~cb~wq lq~k ornik Statay, k Ho 2, 1957, pp 3.33-139. us ms-65i-D Sci - GeophyB 4f, Jun 59 z_/ -P -/ x, 0--N Interro lat ions Of W Aurma, Radiwave Propaption,, Wgnetic and Ionospheric Dieturbawas by F. Ya. Zaborshchikov,, 11, 1. Fodiakina. UIINCL HUSEW., Pa.) go 2,, 195T, vp 149-159. DSIS.. DHB,# Camdu T 288 8 act - GeopbYs i= 59 So= Noblm in the Arctic Ice Studiesp by L 8, Aftecbamakly. UMIAIMVIND t Russup, per, ftb voi n. Louiagmd, 19", pp 161a 0. Bavy 21391~012 k Sci -.Geopbyalce WY 59 The Turbulent Heat ucba*ge Between the Ice cover a*d the Air Ju the Central Arctic, by G. N- Whovlav - UML4391FM per., Froblemly, Arktikiv Vol 11,, Leoi!ac-4,adp 1957.~ pp 17avy 2339/R0 53 Sci - Geoplhyql~:A Oct 59 .A. tjr,,,-thod of Undarvater Stexeophotogrea)by in Ocoamo- gra--,Uc lavestigatimso by V. S. Loubcbilov) 20 pp. RU.SSP,W, per) ProbleW Arktiki, No 2; 1957; PP Amr Vateovol Sm AP Cambrido Res (%ntor Sol GeoMaics rob 6o W, y 3-5003 (DC -2632). Di8tributlon of Mpetic Disturbances in the Antarctic, by A. P. Hikol'skiy) 5 pps RUSSIM., per, Problemy Arktikij Sborulk Stmtey) No 2) 1957o PP '- - US JMS-651-D scl - Geophyu jau 59 V ~', 171R,~l RUSSIAN, per, ProblenWe Artiki, No 3, 1958 L~~__.Nat Res Council, Cnnada being done in Pull. per letter 20 Oct 1958 e The Question of the Penetration of Aratic Ocean Net= Into the ~--rimg gea, by 1. G. 11--ilP-vh) 8 pp.7 *MXAWp perk PMU=y AX~Ukio Ro 3.* 1958., pp 35-ho. CiA 6491P-7 - -- ~ 1, Amer Wteorol Soc fo-,,, Gwpbys Res Div AWIA Sai - Geophysics Oct 59 leo '/ &/ v y 111 ~~ I I mmmmmwmw~~ Vaganntic ftrlAtions in the Region of th,,--, AvrO7,11 Zcri: by "AlIv.. 7. p 53-59. SLA 59-1-5569 set Jan 60 Vol 2 0 Wo 5 The Urm of Tltrwouic Vibr&Aonc In Wdrological 7mvectigations, by V. V. BOgDrodgldy? A. V. Gusev~ 12 119' )SIM, perk ProbleW_-ArkUkii, 110 3, 1958, PP 69-78- '70 76,r6 0 Amer MU6ml Soc Ar Gambrido Res Canter Feb 60 The Tnfluenize of the Resolutioa of a Radar Stati= on the Accumey of Determimtion cX Icc C-oncentration; by 1. D. D=inp 12 pp, RUSSIOp per4-Pmbleqr Arkitikip No 3., 1956) wo 61-67~ CIA 649093 Amr Mteoml Soc for Wophys Rea Div AS= Sci - Oeophymes Oct 59 uiakcl,?,v~-,ter L ar Zscho Tape, 'by V. T. Marby'llu -V, ii jili 4 RUMViT, -oE:r, Problemmy A.-kti-ky, No 3, 1958, Pmer bletcorol Soc Sci Geophy6ico bw g new bbftlo of OcaanogmVhic AppaMturj, by Z. X- Maplygln) 2 P1. MMW,, par., Probl=y_#*4kl)--ITo 3) 19581 pp 106-108. T. il Amr vAtoolel soc AP embr&Ut Rea (Umter id- ftb 60 7, 9~ygl' X Conceriing the Accuracy of Determining the PosiLlon of the Tropopause, by 1u. N. Volkonskiy, W pp. RUSSIAN, per, Problemy Arktiki, No 3, 19580 pp 109-110. 9222940 Amer Meteorol Soc T-R-421 sci Jul 64 It - , Narwhel in the Region of Drifting Station North ~Q~-5, by G. L. Rutilevskii, 4 pp. RAISOM) par, PmblamV ArkUM, No 3, 12~81 pp A=r Ifttsoml Soo AP Cmbridge Bois Centar Sal Ast.-mn zon 6o 9, High Latitudnal Oceanographic Expedition of the Diesel-Electric Vessel. Obt, by' Le L Balakshinxt 5 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Problemy Arkktiki, No 3, 1958,. pp 124-127. .9694773. Navy Tr 3918/ONI 223 t) -rS - Tr- SV -1y 7 7Y Sci - Earth Sci & Astrou Oct 64 267p973 RUSSIAN, per, Problemye Artiki, No 4, 1958 Nat Res Council, Canada being done in full per letter 20 Oct 1958 4tol ~11 " -2~W4~y 6-4)- - The ker=eteoraltwical Raglw of the NorLbern Put of the .' AtLvatic Oooen., by V. 14 Ivanav, 13 pp. RM WVX) per, ProblaW Athild, No 4: 19A PP 5-11,',- Awr Wtaorol Soc Ap Cmbrldge Fee Center Sci - Geopb7sies Feb 60 gla, 7, t< x An A.PpXOx!%%-W DV-,'~ermSPBUOU Of t1c heat Balance of Aretic Backi Watersi li~ V. -1. Timfeyov,, 9 pp. RUSSIM; ppr~ PmblerV Arkhki., No 4) 1958) PP 23-M C I rV& ~76 J~V'Z Amr Metearal Soc for Geoph~b &s W:i AS= Sai - Geophysics Oct 59 ma Geographic Distribution of Aurora in the Western Part of the Soviet Arctic, by Ya. 1. Felldshteinj 5 OP. RUBSIU, per, ~TobleW Arktikis No 4, 1958) pp 45-49. cm 9641627 D513~ DIW Camda T 329 R Sol - Ge-Uphys; katron 3 1e? Sap 59 O:p tn trig Yca Thic! nes + ~jc by V. V., BV3-,cdr,,kiyj 20 pp. Pwblemy AAUU) No 4y 1958., pp 65-77- &I - Geo0hysics Oct 59 Amar mateoml See for Geo" Res Div ASTIA 07L Boviet DI-4-ii-tag statAnnfi 1956-1957;~ 1.4 ppt .RUSSIAIN, per, Pr. 11M ArktW, RO ilos DIV A.8TIA Bel ., Gcopbyo (~Ct rzq C,ums of Variation in the Water TmrV*rmt=o of the vor dkpp Curx=t~ by A. S. Dwisov.. 10 ;p. RIBBIAN) Per.. ft 5, 1958, Mor metearol Boa Ar cambriap Plas Center E;ci - c-00,*wsics L*an 61 The "Age" of Atlantic 'flet-or in tho Arctic Basin, by V~ T. Timofeyev, 6 pp. IRWSIAN, per, ProbleW Arktiki, No 5, 19A pp 27--31. Amer Yateorol Soc AF Cambridge Rea Center Sci - Geophysics Aug 6-3 The Thermal Balance of" the Ice Cover ul' 'Ghe Central Arctic, by G, N. Yakovlev, 18 pp~ BLOSLO, per, Probkemy Arktiki, No 5~ 1958, PP 33-44. Amer Yk-teorol Soc AF Cambridge Res Center Sci - aeopll~Sics Aug 60 Distuatance of the Mapetie Fiel(I In Reqi= Of c,yeratiou of wiftim Statims North Aiae-3 amd Pole..4,, by ff. A. M-IYQVTs 3.0 PP - .V, r. S Li J,, CIA 96560 ProblaW. Arktilm',. No 5$ 1958.. PR 73-80, Awr HeUorol Soc AV L. 0. bmaom Field- Has Divs Bedford,, Mass e,(r -7- Sol - Jan 61 The Drifting lee Island of Staticm North Pole-6. by X. A. Sycbev., 6 ppe RUSSIANp r Prob M MIR ND 5j. 10:*p PP Awr Mearol Sm AP Cmftldp fts Oenter Sci - Geophysics M%Y 60 The Recost Destruction of Boammkly I#UM$ by To a P. loblesUp 2 pp. RMUNI, pw# Proble" ArktW,, No 5g 1"8s, pip AM Notemol soc Al Ce Up Roo Center Sci - Geopbys im 61 The Tce Floe of StaJ-don Poith Pole-7, bY IT- V. 2 pi). -Der. Proj-.'~.ejry Arktildi, No 5, !()k9,. RUSSIXF) 127. Amer Meteorol S o c Ar- CaribriclCe Res Center Sci. :)Oep Mlentie Waters w a Cauee of Certain I.MtUmn of the ftlor ClImtop 'by V. N. Kupotaldy, PP- i=W, per, ~E~.~aW Arkt;U.d. No 6s 1959) 13-21. Amer Nztoo=l Soc AV Cmbvidp P" Center 7- 'lei Goopbyalco I.- .. ''~ / s ~ -42 ryan 61 ~"/ fte Waters of the East Greenland Currentp by H. I. chqgyglns 7 pp. R=Wp I*r., ProblM ArMUv NO 60 1959~ pp 37 IV L L Amer Mutemul Sm AF Cabrldp F" -Cantm- ion 61 Die DrIft af Station North Pole-71 by V. A. Vedernikov.. 4 pp. RMIAH# perp Prcbl no 61 195gj pp 329-132. Awr Hateovol go* AY MwbrUp Res Center Sci - Geophpics I&Y 60 Surface 'Hatcro in the Arctic Ba3in, by A. F. Treshnikov5 12 pp~ ll=IAN, per, 'FrobleW,~rk~.iyi) No 7) 1959, pp 5-14. Amr Met,-orol. Soc PY Cmbridge Res Center "ci - Geophysico Aug 6o /'v, I.Appo, S. D. ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF REPRESENTA71VE MARINE HYDROLOGICAL STATIONS IN THE SO- VIET ARCTIC. 5 Jan 62 [101p. AID Rept. 62-1; AD-271 543. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 62-19120 Abstract zrans. of Problerny Arktiki (USSR) 1959, no. 7, p. ilS-124.- DESCRIPTORS: *Hydrology, 00ceanographical charts, Arctic regions, Oceans, Kara sea. 62-19120 1. L4p^ S. a 11 - AID-62-1 111. Air Informat!on Div Washington, D. C. IV. AD-271 543 (Earth Sciences- -Oceanography. Tr, v. 8, no. 7) Offl-.1 T-h.kal S."ic.. Nazintsev, Yu. L. EXPERIMENTAL DETERMINATION OF THE SPE- CIFIC HEAT AND THERMOMETRIC CONDUCTIVI OF SEA ICE (Fkoperimental'noc0predelenle Teploernkosti i Temperaturoprovodnosil Morzkogo L'da) tr. by Valys Zilius. Apr 60 [11]p. 9 refs. AmMetSoc T-R-285 + ; AD-251 861. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 60 61-19014 Trans. of ProblemykrktW I Antarktiki (USSR) 1959. no. 1. p. 65-71. DESCRIPTORS: *Specific host, Conductivity, Heat transfer, *Ice, Sea water, Mermodynamics, Measurement. Specific heat of sea ice may be computed by the for- mula suggested by Malmgren: (Earth Sciences- -Oceanography, TT, v. 8, no. 4) (over) 61-19014 1. Nazintsev, Yu. L. 11. AmMetSoc-r-R-285 Ill. American meteorological Society, Boston, Mass. IV. AD-251 861 V. Contract AF 19(604)6113 Offic. of T.chak.l S~Ic.s Srapl OY I Ion GrA U6 ge installat P. iTetski, ov i~ 'lLuxili-ary." water-Level CsQug2:- pp. -,aussw, p--r,, ProbjeV ArktAlkli& tic 6, 1959, imcc C-3293 Sci Apr 61 1 lim, v0). III, lqo 12 MW Drift of the Idebreakor AdMiral )bkmLrov comoy iu ProUv Long% in 3,956., 4 pys by B. P. Khwch.. WNDJO ms No 61,1-959.4 pp 121-124 Amr NeUoral Sm AF OpaWA* Res Ou*w sci 0 Geopby'slas my 6o the Oce=ogap4c &Vd:Ltl,on to Greeaand spla on the Diesel-Watric ShiP ' VA ID by V. A. cftzamoat'OV,, py. =S=j per$ PrdaaW AIMA No pp 124-127. Amer mtemol sm AV Owbri4jp Res Center USSR Geogmphic aw 6o the 1958 Hl&-JAtituds Aerial Expeditionj, by M- X- VWtiux 3 PP- RMVM,f perp No 60 1959) VP 132-135 - Amer Wtoorol Sw AV Codwiap Res Center MY 60 Im R&mada-Gion for Jetting out jaekrcyev -Tlcacuxis in SPI-ing 1956, by Kh. G. BunYak; 3 PP- 1--robimy ArL-tilW, ilo 6, 1959, 1' )5-137 - 1~- 7-:- P-mer 1.%teorol Soc M? C C-eutt~r Sci Auf~- 60 dL Chrracteristics of the Fqoat4m Bal=ce im -~he Central Ar&Ae., by N. N. Androym., B. A. ~Iiatnewwv., 12 pp. 1-j3SIM,, perp Pmb3=u A;-U-lXi; No 7s 1959s PP 79-89- I'M 9658734 Awr Moteml Soc AF L. 6. Buwo= Fla& Has Div,, Bedforip HMO T-R-3a 3ci - Geopbyttics A& J= 61 Table cf Contents RUSSLIN, per, Problemy ,aktiki i Antarktild, No i, 1959- ibuer Meteorol Soc AF Cambridge Res Center Fluctuatioa of the Sm &mthern IkRwdtia7 of Polar lae in Via Mptsv BQm,, by T. P. M=zova,, 9 pp. RUSSIMP per#-. Lew-"w i Antarktikip No It, 1959j. vp 5 -10. Nemy Tr 35T2/HO 126 17 CTr-, 77- t- Sci -, Ewth 8d & Aotroxi Gsp 63 CPO/ /.I-/ 'hie Garrant Influence on the Dvpth of Automt-Ic ,131tatiou Rej.,ordersp by q. 7. Kud*ravLoov., 19 .9p. MOSVIN; per,. Rrnolblamy Arki;iki I AntariVeAki. no 1 .9590 pp 11-23. NMY Tr 3573/rO 127 sei - Eheth Sai & Astr= 9,--P 63 339 The Role ~Tuzb-alcnce in the Trar3port o -F-. n t.A.S.4y L, Yu, RUYSIA71i, pf:~r' Problemy Arktiki Antarktiki~ No 1951); JM 5161 SA - GeophyL 6c) q-%e amblem of the Albedo on the Weace of Drif ting leap by H. N. Bry"Sin~ 8 pp. -AUSSIM krkUki j Antbrktikip No 1. per,, Problegy-A P__ - 1959., iv 33-'V. u 373 965UM - Amr YlatwrOl Sac AP L. 0. Hasem nald Bea Divq Bedford~ Mus T-R-310 ,3ci j 'C" oa~ 'I Jan 61 sc~ Co-Olcullation of the Heat FI-sas in the ice Cover, A, V. lanes~ 15 pp. RUSSIANS per) ~roblmqr x.-ktiki i Axitaektiki, -58 49 Amer Meteorol Sm AF Ca;tlbridgo R-= Cc-,,ter Spi Oconr AI-,s 6c 61-19025 Yakovlev, G. N. THE HEAT FLUX OF EVAPORATION F-fiam rHr--' 1. yakovIev, G. N, SURFACE OF TPE' (Cr- COVER IN ME CENTRAL 11. AmMet.Soc-T-R-305) ARCTIC (Tesplovol Potok Ispareniva s Poverkhnosti 111. American Meteorological Ledyanugo Pokrovq v Tsenrrai'noi Arktikc) tr. by Society, Boston, Masq. llichard M. lioldun. July 60 171p. :3 refs. IV. AD-2.51 866 AmMetSc)c 'r-ii-io5+; XD-251 860. V. Contract AF 19(604)0113 Ordt!r from OTS ur SLA $1. 10 61-190251 Trans. of Problurny Artiki i Antartiki (USSR) 19,59, no. 1, p. 59-6:3. DESCRII'll'ORS: *Arclic regions, *Ice, *Ileai transfer *I`V~kpol-Mioll, NIL"LlWI-ernCilt, Illinlidity. (Earth Scicim:s-Frosi, TF, v. B, no. 5) Office of Technic.) Services Symcri=mt--l D--tcr=inatiora of the Specific Heat and Themanetric Conductivity of Sea lee, by Yu. L. Nazintsev, 10 pp. =-r. 2roblaU Arktiki i Ant-azkoiki, . - I --. Amor ltt~-=Ol SOC AF scl Geophysica Aug 6o The Problem of 6-a Ice Accretion) by Yu. P. Doronin, 10 pp. RUSSIM, per, Problemy Arktiki i Antarktiki, -P 7, Amer bleteorol. Soc M Cambridge Ros Contor Sci Geophysics ,qug 6o 1.2 The Un of Aerial Phawgrq$W in lea Recomudsome w Dotend the Mm Zdakwas of the lee Comr, by V. S. Loshchilov., 8 pp, MSSrM,j wr, Problam tuttiki., ArkUM I An ls 19590 pp Amer Msteo%vl Ow AF CambrUp Do Csvtor jan 61 On the Accuracy of Current Me"ursawts by the HaviptImml Mthodp by N,. P. Kudrywtsev., 3 pp. RWSIM,p per, Problery ArMikl 1 AnUrkUklo No 1, 1959o M-., Uvy Tr 357h/BD 128 sci - Marth d & Ad= ft 63 JET STREAMS OVER THE WEST ANTARCTIC DURING MERIDIONAL AND ZONAL CIRCULATIONS, BY P. D. ASTAPENKO. RUSSIAN, PER~ PROBLEMY ARKTIKI I ANARKTIM., VOL Vl,, ig6o, PP 17-26. NLL M. 381o SCI - GEOPHYS OCT ~2 213,oo8 Sow Froble= of ftdybg the Permial VarlatiouB of the Total Ip Cmr lu the Arctic Seas,, by 1, V. H&siwv.. 16 0. MSMUs YOr., ProblemV ATkUU i Ant&TktIJdj No 2,p 1960., pp 5-160--'' CIA".965M Amr Yeteor Sm Al M Div$ L. q. Rmoom Field# BftUbrd Maw Se4 io OsqpbpIcs 1.541 mar 9,y fte 1959 RLSh.TAtitude Aerial 1qeUt1Onj, bY 9- 14s Ukitin., 4 YP. , per,, X probloW Arktjkj I Anbuk; So 2, MSTM. pp 125 -1n - - AIM Ystoorol SM - Ar cosibriap Pas center Sci - Geolbp /&w0 ILI-? ma 61 ;~ -rw simultanews Radar Sb&es of Ain-ams at h4quezudes of 75 and 50 Mmo bV V. I. Dovpr, 5 pp. RU&9IU# porg Problew At= i P%tm Leningmdp No 2. 19609 pp jig-122. JM 30332 soi-M.Got & Elect &V may ?o 407o,324 The Heat 0cmtent of Mwtic Watoro and the Expenditure of Heat In the Arctic Basit,, by Y,6. A. SYChM- 13 PP- AUSSUN, perp ProblaW A*,U~d i AntarLt:Vd, No 3o 1960~ PP 5-2-5. 9658782 Aw,%w Mateorol Soo AP Res Div Bws= Field Modfar!i.. M=n T-P-336 Sci - Goopboics Arp 61 The Snov Oover ou the Drifting Ice ce the CeUt=l A=t1c., by 0. N. Yabovlev., 19 pp. RMSM- nAro ProbleW ArktUd I -- p NO 3# i~cos- pp lF9--163ww- - Amer Iftteawl Soo Z-R-M Sol . Geowbp / g.9, 9,f- Nor 62 The prLin Cause of the Regular AlbedO Decrease in a Melting Snow Covers by 14. A. Kuzneteov., 8 pp. ZWnN, per..-I"blezy ArktW i Antarktild) So 3j, 19Ws Awr Hateml Spe, T-R-365 AF Cambridge Res O=ter Sci - Geapkm Id. 7, Sep 61 OIN y,agawtic Variation Inside the Priacipal Auroral Zone.. by Ya. 1. -Tel-dohteln; Yes I. Kurdlus) 2 PP- RU,93udi) per, Problmy Arktikl I Antarktikil No 3,, 1960, pp 1180 119. 5L A DRB Ca~iu T 342 R Sci - GaopbYG 13 Dec 6o C.G. CG-18553-76 R-8269-D 15 May 67 Research in LIfte field of icebreakers By: Pozmjnk, I.I., et al From: ProbleMy Arktiki i Antarktiki 4, 1960:130-38 (9 pp) Russian - est for wds : Please translate and Lype I original copy. DocumenL can be cat. CG CC-18553-73 Predictions of icebreaker velocity by: Smirnov, V. 1. From: Problemy aktiki i iintarktiki Russian - eSL for wds: R-8290-D 15 Play 67 in unbroken ice 5, 1960:27-30 ( 4 pp) Please translate and type I original copy. Document can be cut. The Problem. of the Effee,; of lea on Tidal Phen=9na~ by A. F. Laktionov., 13 pp. ~k*-~�M 150 5-, 1960j. pip 53.58. Navy Tr 3436/Ro 189 Pm. - Eli-q-t-h set & Astrolm jui 63 EstimtIon of the Accurwy of Long-jWge Weather roreamts., by M. S. BolotlaoloVa HMUN.* per.. R!-!2b my Ark= i Antarktiki., .1.10 5s 1960s pp 63-66. MUM set - GeOAM reb 63 'P.2 315,57 p CG CG-18553-7B R-8291-D 15 May 67 Determination of loads which act on stAp hull during ice compression 6y: Khejsin, D.z. From; Froblemy Arktiki i Antarktiki 7, 1961:25-31 ( 7 pp Russian - est for wds: Please translate and type I original copy. Locument can be cut. CC CG-13553-7j i~'.-8292-1) 15 May b7 Contact Pressures gesulting from Impact of thu Ice Knife on Ice 3y: Khejsin, D.E. From: Problemy Arktiki i intarktiki 8, 1961:67-74 ( 6 p) Russian - est for -ods: Please translate and type I original copy. Document can be cut. (NY-7154) AEROLOGICAL CHARACTERIST16S OF THE STRUCTURE OF THE ATMOSPHERE OVER MIRNYY) BY T. A. XlYM)(XKXXXX3X=KXXX TSiTOVICH: R. A. ZAGUDAYEVA, 12 PP. RUSSIAN, PRR, PROBLDIY ARKTIKI I ANTARKTIKI, NO 9) ig6l) PP JPRS 14620 SCI - GEOPHYS AUG 62 205,730 (NY-7 11540 ON THE EFFECT OF IRREGULARITIES IN THE EARTH'S ROTATION ON THE PROCESSES IN ITS ATMOSPHERE AND HYDROSPHERE, BY N. S. SIDORENKOV, 10 PP. RUSSIAN) PER, PROBL -y APVTIVI- I AN1444KI.9 NO 91 L561, PP 757 JPRS A62o SCI - GEOPHYS AUG 62 205,739 (NY-7154) THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ARETIC SNOW COVER, BY XR A. P. KOPTEV, 16 pp. RUSSIAN, PER, P~' ARKTIKI ~IAN~TARKT~1111, NO 9, 1964, PP 50-5 JPRS A620 SCI - GEOPHYS AUG 62 2o5,74o (NY-7154) ON THE PROBLE14 OF NONLINEARITY OF THE ELECTRIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE IONOSPHERE, BY L. P. KUPEROV, 5 PP. RUSSIAN, PER,PROBLEMY ARKTIKI I ANTARI(TIKIl NO 9 -L56~ Pr JPR3 1462o SCI GEOPHYS AUG 62 205,74~1 (NY-7154) ON THE PROBI-Di CONCERNING THETREND OF THE GLACIATION OF FRANZ JOSEF LAND, BY L. S. GOVORUKHA, 1. M. SIMONOv, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, PER, PRO KTIKI I ANTARKTIKI. NO 9, +96a~,- PP 3-65. 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Geophysical and Polar Order from GPRC Research Center. U. of Wisconsin. Madison Trans. from Problepy ArktikilArgaTkilki (USSR) 1962, no. 2. DESCRI11"MRS: OSEructural geology, *LiEhosphere, *Arcticregiong, Geophysics. Geology. (Earth Sciences- -Geology, T7, v. 10. no. 12) Offics ol 7ccbmksl Sa"k-s 63-22778 GordieakD, P. A. SClE?fIWIC OBSERVATIONS AND COMMONS OF 1. GordlenkD, P. A. DRIFT OF THE STA71ON 'WOKM POLE" (SEVER- U. Geophysical and Polar NYI POULIS"). I Oct 63 Research Center. U. of Order from GPRC Wisconsin, Madlacm Tram. frm R[oblemy-Arktild I Antarktiki (LFSR) 1964 no. 2. DESCRIPTORS: OScl-10 research, *Drift, *tee blan&, Test facililles, *Arctic regions, Weather stadow. (Earth Sciences--Frost, TT, v. 10, no. 12) "k8 w TKbkg senk" ftm rbmats ot Ataogvbwlc ronourch omr tlw Arttlia Oom IV li W Volon,, 3 Vp R18mg Wp b2mm &*..tM I - - - - -- 00 I-lo 19A, PV 3L-3b-! Me Z" wo gel4brtb ftleams & Aatr=oc"4 Apr 65 zntc-150 wMats or cmoracal kwestifptw= JA :,-ftUsl Arctio,, by V- 8- roMUN., lOt slo 13 PP WSOM13 DW.I* pgWalm DD U., -M 2) L 4.32 J UW.- &14hWI Bcd & Astrouw-!V Apr 65 14titAIMI Md9W IM ZWO Of TUZWMS (MVO,-Ml) Of DiMma VMISUON of Vw WramUc FIGM Lu the Ar*Ue., IV N* Ae HL34ap7# Vp pw,, Ykt= DON= L.. 20 n_o tz$ JPBS a94212 MB ftiAtarUa Apr p4walto of vie cealogicxa strueWmi- ObAues o:~ t2w SuVe Cruot In itba Antic by GoOpVq*iMl N&tbt3d#,; by R- Mo Dm=ltslqi% A* No ftraoit md Yu, 00 KLM)AV.. pp WMVAJ, per# Prdb~M ArkLV~di I Antadctikl No Up (41 pp 91-991, im P" mm Sai4m,vi ftl & AftxanoW Apr 65 2TI'A53 NZDIA Sci - Eartmh Sci i~ -. Feb 64 -1 I-lt i A ~ - ~ ` i ~, . t I o -p o- .~, -------------------1----- -.- I-- . - 250,137 ExPerimental Prediction of the Secular Couponent of Solar ActivityO by I. V. MWIWV. RUSSIAN., per., DnkleM Arktiki i Antartiki 1963~ No 12s PP 21-32. 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