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COTIIII 8pecial 19121 10 Mar 69 Pro-Chimese Newspapers and Periodicals as of I January. GFINAN, rpt, Die Taetigkeit der Weltorgan- isationen, I Jan 1969. Mar 69 An Austrlan Vlov of the - - or the Disamsi=s an Art and LILterstum at the 23rd ftM CoWesaip by lUsaboth NUto 5 pps GzWJ per, Val 210 NW 1966* ypt, ;Z9 JPFS 3~w WIrAustrIA son Jim 66 An Austrian View of the Role of Intellectuals in the Working Class Yovement, by Erich Friedp 18 pp* GrRW, per, Tagebuch, No 7/8, pp- 9-11; NO 9., pp. 11-14, 1966 JPBS 38162 EE-Austria Soc wor 66 312,741 oacupatim of CzechoslovskJa Viomooda 17 nb- GEMI Pat vie=. sep"a IW. - pp 7-13. irms 46lW va/laxtma POI Doo 68 354o638 Cw=wAst Writer Urps RomeMation in C"oh Opining bV Erdin Scharflo 5 yp* GERMUS Ta"bwh Vismia, Nov-Doe 19M, FP 130 It.", JPRS 479320 WS-Austria Pol Fob 69 373,895 White Book wesents Pr*-Inmidon Sittlationt by Peter HRmachl 5 pp. GERW# perf MNpbach Viarmas Nov-Doe 1968s Pp 18* 19. JPRS 47j447 9&428eh pol Fob 69 375,859 lIorl.a.p,lp lyr4lv Sp~ SPechOf PubllaMdo GAW"s P-,re Laah~ vienm, ita-Ag 19690, pp 196-23, JM 48893 a-CZN& Pal -S%* 69 M0332 Soviot 1 1) JPiZS Unioll Vxpoln Chillose :;tIldolits, by Emil I'loelte ilp, Ta,les-Anzeigor, 3 Oct 66 CSO DC-12872 International/ EUP 11,01 Jan 67 316,743 Austria--a Paradiso for 1-.?ar Criminals?, by Roland Nlitsche U-10M, III], L 21s-Anzoigorl 8 Oct 66 1 1) Jl'i',S CSO DC-12872 E-UR/Switzorland Pol Jan 67 316,744 The Riddle of China, by August F. Holder, GliPiMN, np, TA7 (suppicinent to Tages-Anzoigor), 8 Oct 66 1) 3 JITS CSO DC-12872 liult/switzerland Pol Jan 67 316,745 "Pleading for (Icking", by Frank Thiass GERMAN, LA-1 Croview of), TA7 (supplement to Tages- Anzaiger), 8 Oct 66 ------ -- r -- P ;) JPRS CSO DC-12872 EUR/Switzerland Pol Jan 67 316,747 i,yewitness of tiie ct.aturia itevoiution in China, by Alfred Wolf, GIMMI, np, TA7 (supplement to Tages-Anzeiger), 8 Oct 66 p 6 JITS CSO DC-1-7LI')72 EUR/Switzerland Pol Jan 07 3160746 a. Near East: Nothing Now or an Intensification? b. Nasser as Brakeman in the lntra-Arab Conflict by Rudolph Chimelli GERMAN, nsp, Tages-Anzeiger; a) 19 Nov 66, b) 5 Dec 66; b) p2; JPRS CSO DC 12927 NE Pol Jan 67 318,105 Arabs Feel and Think Differenty, GERMANI tip, Tagesanzoipr, 6 July 1967, pp 3. JpIts CSO: 16108 Aug 67 Differences With the Cheif of the General Rim Staff, FRENCH, np, Tages-Anzeiger, 30 Sept 1967, pp S. .JPIZS CSO: 16651 Oct 67 Is the Musy Case Already Closed? GE RMANItip , '119K~ Tagos-Anzeiger, 3 Oct 1967. JPRS CSO: i~=, Oct 67 lw*Uug la fisstv= to". m by Voter Studer. 4019"'s npa TOPOWAssalpso 20 gait 4's Ge ra" fit Pol 3p*U41 Tpo 4% Original Us". plus o4# copy, T. 0. 21 Apt 64. 1 4UP-01" 12 Apr a& -vistaAm asatrum" is a14" 4 mutes Caraft, N*r 640 Cor"A U 4 pox SpoeW typO 41 ftifti4al Trabo. V16W tmw COPYO To V* 24., !Er I clipping e- a Y-T Sper~%AL% 18045 DC 2S Jul 68 S F From the Viewpoint of the Police; New Gatherings on Monday. GERMAN, np. Tages-Anzeiger, [Bern?j, 2 Jul 68. C,t)YV-lc -3 f -C r, 10-1 Quite a Bit is Going On at by Gottlieb Hoepli. GERMAN, np, Tages-Anzeiger, 2 Jul 68, p 7. 18045 DC 2S Jul 68 SF Zurich University, [Bern?], GMW CSO: 01631/72 W 1 Feb. 1972 By 1. The Very Long Road Toward Swiss Peace Research.. by Victor Scbluzpf. 2. Max Arnold's Effort Toward Woo Peace Research Institute. 3- Sweden's Peace Research =Orbs) by MW Wild, zur:Lch.v Tages-Anzeiger, Vol. 19T2, PP 45-46. Ad Hoe Special type B Do not publish original plus one Include all Aoto captions. 4&.- Ass M3, am. sea* desw4b"s mu~"Pr~ ft yobil 47ja- Ad XW b not 116ush. arist"I Plus' aw 'T Pr Al Apri 11066 poisa4 Attar 46"IkAls Spooth. by AI*ASMWt Katob. ctipp"g Imm bee Islassplesel 22 M6M M4,. pAram spoool Iype 64 Otiolual Tronsiallim plus eae ewle T* go 23 A9111 clippi The Tomm C~ vlth MoscWs Bbft Rothp 15 act Seent PbUss by comms, dmay =Mrs 'or .1 gap 6% in WAIN%--- I Comn raw an Ow An W* Wftl dmv4RDe- do not N&UUU pw *mew &tz*ngumg PWV Mmrsbs by AlsxmWbr v dDl4y aw, aw we qvcw Tner, Comm mm souraj* 21tum PP GDR Attmating Nore Wwt Berlin Oarter Flights, bcr Hans v. hWvhavsld. 7 pp. OMAN# np, Dar- *RMUUI* West Berlin, 19 Swt 1968. p 7. JPM 4w? E&L, Ger POI Oct 68 367,932 so 7 ftb 69 Q=Mln kWM 00 kaW by AU*d jowUm comma.. d"4 mpra, D" v Z6 3 ism 690 apftwL fl~""A PIM an NOW= Beau WN-M of op"") source- do not natuato 390/70 13 Aug 69 LT Dmmdpuve mourla an at olu*LCW a doommus GGSWO& brodhump Tslfbu-*&~ 36VIesbadoup IS ho pum one Amot am/pp- do wt =mutes Chapters from "Espionage Secrets" Nazi and 4' Soviet Intelligence Agents in the Second 1.~orld War, by V. 11. Borovicka, 11) pp, CZECH, per, Taiggistyo SpionaZe, Nos. 39, 41, 42, 26 S 10 and 17 Oct 1966, lip 26-27. FDD SP-1316 Dec 66 314)770 Haentzsch, S. Separation of Lower Aliphatic Amines By Gas Liquid Chromatography. TALANTA, vol 13, ppl297-1302, 1966 NTC-72-60885-07C Jan 73 Polarographic Determination of Sulfur in Gasoline, by 1-1. 11olzapfel. GERMAN, per, Taianta Vol 15,, no 4j 19683 pp 391-402, ATS-GJ-1498 N7 C - -?0 -1-1033 -C 7(2- 72 Determination of Free Acid in Plutonium Uranium and Thorium Solutionso by Ifolmut Schmieder, 19 lip. GEIU.IAN, per, Talanta, Vol 16, 1969t pp 691-700, AE-C-Tr-7141-70 sci/Chem Jun 70 ,(RFP-Trans-?4(Pt.1)) PRECIPITATE FORMATIO~1. 1, PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION OF THE BARIUM SULFAT* PRECIPITATES CONTAINED IN A RAPID-MDUNG APPARATUSe sLiteanu, C.; lAngner, H, 10Translated for Dow Chemical Co., Golden, Colo., from jrTalanta; 17: 1045-52(1970). 1010p. 24Dep. NTIS. 20chemiotry (physical); translation5 2107D 3&MN-4 29P NSA ,j(RFP-Tran9-44(Pt.2)) 5PRECIPITATE FORMATION, 11. EFFECT OF SEVERAL FACTORS UPON THE PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION IN BARIUM SULFATE PRE CIPITATES.. SLiteanu, Candin: Lingner, Harald, loTraziBlated for Dow Chem- Ical Co., Golden, Colo., from 15T&Ianta; 17; 1053-8(1970). 208p. 2ADep. NTIS. 2,chomistry (analytical); translatione 2107 26MN-4 29P NSA 0 Study of PaVcrystalline (bmpounds P.O. Report No 7s Effect of Heat Txsatment (S!n+,er:rLng) on Photosensitiv:Hw o-V Aaoyed Folya7stalline cadmium 3iLfide, by J. A. V=as alCl Je J* OchVede. MCH: perp Kg!4 Polutshniline Institimt. TaLmetided, No 262., 1965, pp 49-57- ETC 71-14526-20L Causes of Pow Photosensitivity of -olne- Gryat&Mne Pressed Cadmium-OaMde PeUets and Inprov´┐Żng !t Iv Heat Treatment., bY J. A. Varvas md P. L. Kukke DUTCH, per, Tallinn Folutehniline Iwtitm.Aut, Toinetided NO 262j 1968~ pp 59-68. NTO 71-1 25-20L Feb 72. Naval Aviation. FRENCH, per, Tam, No 141, 10 Oct 1968, pp 32-38. DIA LN 663-69 Hur ft I Apr 69 380,580 Torpedoes at Saint Tropez. FRENCH, per, TAM, Doc 23, 1968, pp 1-4. DIA LN 704-69 WEUT mil Apr 69 380,606 1~ A.L.A.T. School at Dax 2 Air Force Specialists 3) On a Mission With a D.C.7 A.M.O.R. FRENCH, per, TAM, May-June, 1969. DIA Lw 402-71 Aug 71 The Overeew Gendarmerie,* An Organization Resembling That of France. ppM=, per., TAM, 10 Oct 1969., 1)p 2h-33- DIA LW 1223-70 June 71 MtLf ING Wl TH fill. IJISA LANGUAGE-FR COUNTRY- TAM NO 193 PP 36-37 FSTC-HT-23-2453-72 V t iy L 't i -7 1P THE GENDARMERIE PREPARATORY SCHOOL IN CHATELL EkAULl' LANGUAGE-FR COUNTRY-FR TAM OCT 1911 NO Z08 PP 34-35 F5 TC-liT-23-19 17-72 MILIIAKY PARACHUTE rRAINING LAINGUAGE-Fk CGUNTRY-FR TAM NOVL10,6ER 1971 P 17 FSTL-HT-23-1914-72 INT'Lk-SUUAUK(JN PARACHU11. KALLY LANGUAGE-FR CLUNTRY-FP I't,M NOVEMBER P 21 1971 FSTC-HT-23-1~)15-0 THE SA-341 OUALELLEI HELICOPTER LANGUAGE-FR COUNTRY-FR TAM NO 211 1 DEC 71 P16 FSTC-HT-23-2567,-72 ISH LANGUAGE-FR COUNTRY-SP TAM I JAN 197Z NO 213 PP 18-22 FSTC-HT-23-1918-72 FRENCH: TAX 15 July 1972. pp 16-23. DIA LN 191-73 November 1972 MILITARY DRESS - RECENT DEVELOPMENTS LANGUAGE-FR. COUNTRY-FR TAM 15 OCT 72 NO 230 PP 24-27 FSTC-HT-23-1251-73 Fluorine Content in the Surface Portion of Vie Untimel of Fluoridized and Monfluorldized Teoth. Part I., by I. J. Moller. DANISH, per, Tandlaerebl !-II-etI No 69, 1965, pp 949-862. IM-1111 NIII 9-7-69 sci/B&M Oct 69 393.159 RWs IlbOtp aW UMM Msowwj, A ear"r. by S. Le Wjmasv~ AMMMS pwo ftaimmalLftto VU L%Kj, L066, iv 359-367. MW EM 5-3947 Sel-l" ibn 67 329,070 The Effect of Toothpaste Containing Sodium Monofluorophosphato With Controlled Brushing of the Teeth, by 1. J. Moller. DANISH, per, Tandlaegobladet, No 72, 1968. pp 717-73S. Ill.-IV N111 7-24-60 Sci/B&M Oct 69 3930190 PIGW=W Arm*=% ftqlo 106-U -AA"-A NWft 71 tgbot Wk 29*61 A an big= OULM EW NWI *Wkw. 20901sh Artfole-z yp. 9 to 3S. kd~ 8', w; Swaim* fteeft uUmbft a vW I am Mly. 10000 Departure of the Awbaomdor of the PwvIs's Republic of Vistma., 8 pp. SPAN=.. app La Tardeo 16 Oct 190, p 2. JM 33350 LA - Cuba Pol Doe 65 994sO34 Revolutionu7 Group PubUsMs Work Eftlustion, 10 pp, SPANISHp perp I& ZV_de SentA-gov ? Oet 19690 pp 8-9. ins 49189 IA-ChUe Pal Nov 69 396rI55 National laming Ehterprise Achievements Reviewed. 10 pp. SPANISlio par$ JA j4p~j, Santiago Chile, 25 Nov 1969. pp 10-3-1. JFHS -0-8 LA,-CUle E40on Jan 70 4oo.6cq ~ J;P%JJLALA) , AIWV ~w W,W ; !, NASA TT F 14:337 Present-Day Problem; of Marxist Criticism of RcligiOll, by J. Lukas, 25 p1). HUNGARIAN, per, Tarasadalmi Szemle, Jan 65. CIA/FDD-X-5570 Hungarian Press Survey No 1565 Mar 65 k'r'F' Econordc DevelomAmt and -Ion in 19%0 by josteef DeAmtj 18 pp. 1. .. IfUNGARIANp per., Tarmadalmi Sz Vol XXP vo i,* inn 19650 pp T-M. LP-M-lb am 28675 fff4iuna.ary Fco F eb 65 275.t2118 Convaralon of the BconoWse Price System to PrDdaction 1~(,pe Prices,, by Dr. Bels Ceikos- N agy'j, 9 pp. IRINGARMN, pert Ta"adalmi Szemup Vol Up No 1p Jan 1965, pp 16-W.- ,P~,rvs 28675 a,'-Hungay Rco Feb 65 275.,247 The Universality of Marxism-Leninism and the Uniform Strategy of the International Working Class, by I. Harsanyi, 11 pp. 11VNGARl1VN, per, Tarsadalmi Szemle, Feb 196S. 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JU 296% W. 4-:;. 30 Ts an 31M =-MMOM7 Few Aug 65 084s]jB6 The Party and Some Importwit and Topical Tasks of Economic Science, by 1. Friss, 25 pp. HUNGARIAN, per, Tarsadalmi Szemle, Aug/Sep 1965. RFE Hungarian Press Survey No 1635~ 3 Sep 1965 EEur - Hungary Econ Nov 65 292,985 Representative Democracy, by 0. Bihari, 10 pp, HUNGARIAN, per, Tarsadalmi Szemle, Aug/Sep 1965. RFE Hungarian Press Survey No 1636, 4 Sep 1965 EEur - Hungary Pol Nov 6S 292,986 The Debate on the Idiological Guideline, I. Szirmai. HUNGARIAN, per, Tarsadalmi Szemle, Nov 65/ RFE 11ungrina Press Sv No 1661, 18 Nov 65 MO NsriWtl% md FrocessUe of ApteldtAnd rro6lctso w Dr. VUWX soft,, 1-1 pp. MOROMP "r, 2a!%;!4 Imago No. U, Nov 29652 PP* JPMO 3388e 3104b& BB-R=9wy zem Fab 66 295g246 J-51/67 The UAR in the Period of the T m mition to Sociallsms HUGARIAN, per, Tarsadalml Szemle., Budapestx Novemberp 1965p pp 80-89. JPRS/SF-4320/SPecial Fol / ,z Aug 66 lbfam of Vw Swaaam -*Aamwb FIMMUM Nalpment, APtft Wd MAmos Wo - 0 w mftm TINWR '10 PP. Jkr lqws PP* 3 ab 3s JM 3*763 im-mwozy &Ift APr 66 298#308