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Separation of the Photochemical Irm the Light- Filtering Effect emd Latent Photosensltiration,, by Yu. S. Zuev. RUSSIANp perp Zhur Tis Xhim, vol =n, No io., 1958, pp 2308-2314. ATS RJ-1724 -5 L A z Jul 59 The Conversion of Methmw to Acet~laue la the RIgh Voltage Are,, Part lp by 9, 96 Teremla, at &I, ROMIAN,, per, Zhur FU thin* Vol EM Ob -101, 195811 'p UTY A 7' 57 - 59 The Prowtina EVect of CoWt iron Ou the Cbroilr_,to !bn Catalyzed D:2cc.Wositj= of Ryftogar. Pormido,, by Go L. Ftilmn-a5 Go A. Bogd=v. T OSP-T-R!, Irr., Zb%r Ilis Wmp %Icj =,, f0 10, pp *24-2332. M.L M pasq ~? Yob 64 , We3 The KI-retics and Yachanism of Catalytic Convern-lons of Ace;ylenc,, 11., S= Qwstions of the Wchanism of the Addition of Various Moleoules Lo Acetylere,, by R. M. Md, 15 pp. RWIANp perO &ur 1U.-Ahim, Vol XMMj No lGj, 1958v pp 2339-25.W6. SIA 59-10" Sci - Chem Sap 59 Vol 2. No 1 63-10716 Vagin, F. V. arki 7bukhovitskit, A. A. T11EORY OF T11FRMAL-ADSURMUF VPARATION. 1. Vagin, F. V. 26 June 61. 25p. 6 refs. 7hulthovitakii, A. k Order from OTS or SLA $2.60 61-1020 Trans. of 71urnal Fizicheakoi Kbimit (USSR) 1958, v. 32. nd:_IM-p.-23n--2373:-- DESCRIPMRS. *Adsorption, Separation, Cases. Sorp- tion. (1ironuLtographic: analysis, Thermal diffusion, Fquations of state, Theory. A theory of thermal -adsorptl % L separation of gases based on the assumption of pressure equality In the gorbent layer Is presented. In the case of an Infinitely great sofption rate and of absence of longitudinal dif- fusion in the process of dwrmal desorption. a distribu- tion of the adsorbed substance corresponding to the temperature field is established, the motion velocities (Chemistry- -Physical, TI, v. 10, no. 3) (ove r) sw*n F on tbo Charging of a SmIccoductor S=Oace During Aft"icml by F. F. Vollk*obtW# 12 ps RMSIMs perp Zbmr,jU.JMUj- 1958j, Vol XXX3:ljp No 10) YP' 238Y4-3-91. M? V-135 sci Wr 60 147 1 ? 4.!( 70 Vol 2j, No U On tbe letwe of the Neptl" T ON mmtwe.Co. emet"k a the. Bat* of laual =tJ on# by As Do stopowyleb. RtIsm. met mm vis mdut Vol M=O, so 101, w , I avy gmft-lw Sol physia 07-, M 59 Mw Redlau= oplastum of imirow, MM, am onstum cmeindu as sommum at tu jw- action =a a Calpotm V:Ljh slactriml DI" cbwp Defto by Me T. RWBUN, DWs ZbW _IPU. Was Vo:L ZCMs lb lot :IL9588, set Ile ON159 3?;Z,e rls The P.-esent On Flime Dias,,7z~rll of the Doron-Carbon Systera, oy G. V. SaMsOnUV, 7 P^-r, ZYLT-r Fiz l(bin, Vol YMII, No 10 1953; pp. 2424-2,T~. ATS-55L S Dc c59 Vol 2 Elect--ochemical Properties of Zirconyl Phosphate. Part 1. Electrode Properties of Membranes, by E. A. Materova. RUSSIAN, per, Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, Vol 38, 1964, pp 676-680. NTC 72-10454-07D Apr 72 Tl,ie Rate oA' i)c1gai7ption, by n. P~ TIMOEC.-Y'cv. RUSST-AR, po2i,, ~~12ur Fiz Kh1u; Vol XXXII, UO 11, lct'3.. pp 241c-,/1-2456. NU M, 2577 Sci - chon-, / / --?I Y, zj~ 11ov 61 61-20705 Tkachenko, Q V.. SoVen, L. V. and others. 1. lkschenko. G. V. THE COPOLYMERIZA'nON OF VOM CHLORIDE It Stupen, L V. WM MEITIACRYLIC ACID WMS. [1961] (91P. 10 rds. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 61-20705 Tram of Zhurnal Fizichaskoi Khimff (USSR) 1958, v. 32, Do. 11 [p. 2492-2499~ DESCRIPTORS: *Vinyl chlorides, Copolymerization, Polymeri7Ation, *Acrylic acids, Acids, Esters. Benzoams. Polymers, Molecular weight. *rbe copolymerizAtion of vinyl chloride with mothyl-, n-b%xyl-, n-octyl methacrylates and vinyl benzoate was "la The rates of the copolymerUadon of vinyl chloride with methscrylates and the molecular wet&a of the polymer* in all of the corresponding moDomers are less than with acrylates. 7Use valu"[ am'. 01.."1-1 S-1... (Chemistry- -Organic, Tr, Y. 7, no. 10) (Ovezx Yerenfln, Ye. N. THE KINETICS OF 1:1,jiurIkOCRACTING OF MET11- 1. ANE (K Voprosv o KincHla. 11. [1961171). ill. Order frorn ATS $12-55 ATS-52N5111 Trans. of j~I~njmmlj Fiz[ichusWyl Knit.IjJLWSSfI) 1958, v. .32, no-777-P-7-77-21. ~.~ DESCRIPFORS: 'Mciliatics, D~,c 0: T) 11/0 S i I i()11, I 1~'d 10- carbom, Ruiction kinetics. 61-22p] 2 (63- Irij/i?) yervillin, ye. N. ATS-52N5111 Associnted rc-ciwicai Inc. E-v t Oraiyc, N. lpT Olt;- I 1.,~.,4.1 S-i, TF, %-. 6, 11o, 3) '.'Jtuiico in Une y&-abo-chalpi3try 0� M11. XecharAca and Chemical Ilraconawj in the Watication of PVC,~ by A. A. Bm-liz, et al. MIMSIM, per, ~Khim, Vol X=, No 11, 1958, rp P-565-2570, - cano .2 a -/" -// 7 Bel - Chem Aug 6e The Use of the Electric Are in Calorimtry., by A. F. Voroblyev, S. H. Skmtov, 8 pp, RUSSIAN, per Zhur Fiz Mim Vol XXXII., Do 3.1., 1958~, pp su 6o.13o82 aci Aug 61 OTS; Vol illp No 12 s-85/6o (1N-13554). On -Lhe Computation of a Single Coefficient of the Separatica of Inotopes for EquJ-1ibrium Proc-casco, by Ye. M. Kuznek','sova, A. V. lilakoxov, G. M. Pancheakov, 3 PP- RUSSLUi,, per, Zhur Fi~ Khim, Vol 7=11, Ne.) .1-1, 1958, PP 2641-2643- --- ipRa 2476 Sci - Chem Apr 6o IA9159 Oft* 40 th Amivermu7 of tho Phyaloo.Chwdwa Mmfft:ituto 4NAm4:L. Ya. Karpovo /==,qgmd articae/ ZhM=l Fisl"kq Vol 32S No 129 Dm 58.v pp 2657-2662. SM T-3.60 NCH-202 507 Field 7D Si"iaa, Z. A. THE INHIBITING EFFECT AND THE STRUCTURE OF 1. Trans-Chem INHMITORS. 2 THE INHIBITED POLYMERIZATION Knoxville. Tenn. OF blETHYLAERYLATE. 1965. 16p. TC-1221. ff. Title: Inhibited ... Order from TC: $15.00 as TC-1221 I Traw. of Zhmrnal Figichlakoe YJArnit (USSR1 Y39 n19 p2663-73 1058, T~ Electrochendeal and Corro3ion Balmvior of Steel ani Wickel Electrodes In Sulplauric Acid Solutions Subjected to the Action of Rays, by N. Ya. Dune, Ya. M. Kolotyrkin, 0. S. Tyuriko7, 11 pp. RUSSLIN, per Zhur Piz nimp Vol MU, 195b, pp 2679-2685 AEC N? Tr-45 Sci - Chem - . 1- 0? J17 r111T Rviatica Betem the ftwa Tiem wA the timtics of a ftdiatloo-OWcol RMUM, by Oo Yes Pohnh#Ukiyo, M. ff. bdtrM. UMMVM RMUF, pir Zbw TU,. V"o Va it Ito 220 1958j, pp 2M~;~. J ftn gm/*L Sist - Physicap Chm ja 59 63-15923 Matougle" A. L aw lm~anevicb, E. A. COWARMN OF DEUrERO EXCHANGE AND 1. Shatenshteir, A. I. MffrALAMN OF ALKYL BEWERES. [19621[9lip. U. IZMUeVIC14 F. A. 3D refL Ul. 1rawlatim, New York Order ft-mn M or sLA $ t. i u 63-15923 Tmm. at nurral FixicheaW n1irdl MR) IgSa fy. 321 = DESCEWMM- OhieWorpnlc compouoda6 spotwwltun compouod66 Amides, *AWyl radicals, *Benzews, *DwAer*wdcmqvtmds, dM ReActift hnedca 7U-- ruc Of d%Kero ezcbwge bawow a gataka of pomamunide (0. 02N) iu Uquid doaeroomw"U and the &r-Adc rLW AW a&A grwps of the VAlowbg acyl b*mm- W'Sa'3- LW-WtC3H7- M-C . PIC09, 5q~ bu bm masm-ed at 2S. and-~ k bkto been fmind dw decitero exdmmge aw d la- (Cb=AdtrY--PhYsLc&L IT. v. 10. no. 1) (-er) ODC by QCQ~pt OIL' interior T57) jci - 60 Disoodation of Douteroootam Under MAc- ,W= Icyaotp by M. V. Our lywvp H. V. TM(PArov; 10 pp. IMSW, par.-9h=JMjj_nim, Val M=lp No L92j. 195B., iv 2731-2730. A".000 -2 5q,5- acl ~19 Vol rv, NO u Jim 62 63-14330 Borestov, G. L CATALYSr INTERAMON WrM THE REACTION 1. BoreskDv, G. K. SYSTEM. [1963) 10p. 2D refs. Order from OTS or SLA $1. 10 63-14330 Trans of ZburjW_LV4&[k&vsko1-~KIAnqHj (USSR) 1958. v. 32 i 2T-p2739-2747. DESCRUvMR& OCatalysts, Chemical reactions. Metals, Ciddes, Reaction kinetics. In the course of a catalytic reactiM besides the action of the catalyst on the reagents, there is always an action on the reacting system on the catalyst leading to changes in Its composition and consequently In Its properties. To each composition of the reacting mtxzure there corresponds a definite. steady state composition of the catalyst depending upon the ratio of the rates of interaction between the catalyst and the (Chemistry- -Physical. Tr. v. 10, no. 3) (over) 09k. W Tedk3i U"im The Com-mcion of Mothane to Acotylone in a Righ- Voltage A--rc. P=-L 2. The RCfect of Hydmgcnj by E. 11. Eremin , RLESSIAR, per, Zhur Fiz Kbim, Vol MII, No 12, 1958~ pj) 2,T67-2771.------ ATS R-T-2073 Chem may 60 Ito w0haulam of Mmutlou of %U and H 0 In the 2 R - Rawtion a Rydrovu Atom witki cawg4u." vls))Aouws~- I'll L. -r, ~117mmtrio '. ~v $ P.4 Y, lroltmnihm~ V!!rb RWX&R, per, Mx= Piz lhiav Vol MM11., no 12,, 3.90s pp DSTR LW RT8 1228 (i7a. 6a. sci - Chem 7,:?7 The Kinetics of Con2izGcutive Reactiow- in a Recycle-Floii 3~n.3temj by S. V. Dobrovol lskiy, V. Ya. Pulotayuk. RUSIN,') pzrj Zhiir Fiz Kilim, voi. /6-(xil, 12, 195~3, IrT rr(92~:277,`6 ATS RT-2037 Sci Dc c TT-63-20684 Bochnar, 0. A., Gambaryan, N. P.. Stankerich, 1. V., and Chistyakov, A. L. 1. Title: Borepin A Q UAUTATIVE DWMRMINATION OF THE STA- 2. Title; HOckel BILJ TY OF BMROCYCUC SYSMMS WMflN THE apprCadmatiod FRANEWORL OF THE HUML APPROXIMATION. 3. Title: Molecular orbital (196319p 2rds (beory Order from OTS, SIA, cc ETC $1. 10 TT-63-20694 1. Bodmr. D. A. U. Gamb"n, N. P. Tram. of Zhurinall FL4 1cbeskoij KkWLI) (UWR) 1958, 111. Stankevich, 1. V. Y. 32 [no. 121-p. 7797-2 802. (Abstract available) IV. CbjiKyakcw. A. L. DF=GTORS: *Heterocyclic compounds, *Orrmo- bw*m, Chemical bonds, Stability, Atomic orbitals. PdYnandals. A purely qualitative uwthod in propoW for dedd[144 within the framework of the HOckel approidozation, the question of the presence d a "closed electron shell" in conjuWed system and, iu this sew, dis question d &A relatiVe stability of such systems. This medW can- offts of Tech,tcal Unit.. (Physics- -Molwala. TT, Y. 11, no. 3) (Over) Thermochemutry of lootoposo a I. MlorlostrIc .avestioaticu Of the Bmt Of Formum of ftftown Sulfide and DenterUm Sulfide., by A. F. X"wtJn*kiy; R. T. K=Iko"klyj 22 pp. RUSSIAN, perv.2~~~-" Vol mm) No 320 1955) pp gao:&6. US Dapt or C es Natlaml Par of Standards gai - Phis may 63. Nippov. Yu. V. and Yemel'yanow, Yu. M. ELEL-rRICAL IIIEORY OF OZONIZERS. Ill. M cling)-XV IN OZONIZERS (Elcktrictws- keeps Teotiya Ozorsoaturov. Ill. Plekirichakiy Tok v OzonatoraW tr. by E. FeW. 119(4)11141p. Vorcagn rext incladed) 5 refs. Trans. no. 4M Order from LC or SIA rT02.40, W.30 61-15173 Trans. a( ZheumaL Fizircleakoy X4W*,(V v. 32, no. 12, p. 2817-2823. 61-15173 1. Electric discharges 2. Ozone- -Production 3. 1)tlL- Ozonizer I . Filippoy. Yu. V. U. YenwJ'yanoy. Yu. M. 111. Title: Electric... IV. CS1 RO Trans - 4850 V. Cotreffanmulth Scientific and ladustripi Research OrgaMmIon (Australia) I'he previ" dmry CEWr. Fix. Kh1m. ;B' 1628, 19S7) Is used to dexive empresvions for the dependeam o( the efiectIve, and mama values of the strength of tM cussem Mming through the ozoniwr an (t) the pam , p m re; of the apparams and (2) the nw;FlbAdm of the v~ or plead to the tenninals. (See &Uo W10012) (Engineering- -Piece rical. TT. v. ~,. w. 5) 12 216 US-14 *13K-12 GUR'EV M. V., TIKHOMIROV M. V., TUNITSKII N. N. The mass spectra of large molecules * Zhur. Fiz. nim. , 32, No. 12, p. 2847 (1958) US-14: ATS-09M42R. $ 2.75 - English *UK-12-. English Eu r a to m ?f -Fl~ /x -L - -2 5 q (0 The Synthimdo of Scwn Domtwated Arawfte AV&-o. e&Pbms and thdr Rmn Spwtme bly A, I. Shetwomddn RUSSUNI, pw: A W VIA& Tel 321 No le 1958v pp 146-151. HEW-= 12-4-0 Scd/B & M Feb 68 3"o423 ZHURNAL FIZICHESKO! KHIMII - monthly (Soviet Journal of Physical Chemistry) TraMlation begimi with 1959, Vol. 33, No. 7 Eag time! 6-9 months Order from! The Chemical Society Publications Sales Office Blackhorpe Road Letchworth, Herts. 1971' 1 40.o.o / car U.K. t 144.00 or f 60.0.0:7year elsewhere n.4- ~4A qn 10.0 single issues ZHURNAL FIZICRESKOI KHIMII Vol 33, Nos 7-12., 1959 Cover-to-cover Cleaver-Hume Press LTD Available Br 5 Library No 7, pp 1674-1675 JPRS 3368 No 12, pp 2755-2766 JPRS 2736 Viscosity Measwements with Miaroamoimts of Liqaid,, by V. S. Bondarenko. RUSSIAN, per, 2b=al Fizigheskoi Uddi, Vol 38) 19643 PP 1273-1275. NTC 71-14363-07D -4844 CO + 0 Flaw Radiation and the Meabamim- cc Thu Reactign, by X. Zutsicrekly, V. Ko4drat 'or) a. goloyshkova# 14 pp. RUSSIAN,'per,, Zhur IPLz Khim., Vol XTV, No 12,, 1,9602 pp 1521-1527. JM 7532 SOL - cham Fab 61 1~ I'llectrosylithesis of o3, L. Kincti" Qf the ;Y-qt,'Iu-sis Of 63 UJidOr I'luw C01111itiOlls, bY Yll. V. f1hpi"ov, 'Iu. ELVD11yanov. :I'A;SS,L,v;, per, ZIL Fiz JUiin. Vol 35, 1961, 4)11. 40-415. ~l '' L, p ~, i -Trzuu-~-1:22 Specific Electrical Conductivity of Aqueous Potassium Chloride Solutions at High Temperature, by S. V. Gorbachev, V. I. Kondratev. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Fiz Khi J--Vol XXXV, No 6. 1961, - ID NZDIA Sci Jun 63 III T:lI I ENC I: W; 1..\ PR I ,'iSI( IN q 1, 1 i V., r, v Itetv 4 Dav 1, o iN 0 i -urv I )t-pv!),t i nce 4 the Hurning Ve I - k: it ~ -f 1 4~ 1 1 t 2211 (forvign tuxt 4rc'~-. OrJ,q, fr, iji) I S, I IV .r CNRS S2. bo T1 -112- 2876 1 I . i It ~; . in I rom: I Iif #Zhurna I I ~ iz ic I ieski -i ~' I i i m i i '-;Sll ) FWi 1~. -I i. 1622- 1629. It lll-~. 'h 'I va i L I I, I L. From M S. 1 -"1(, or 1~ I -A ,~l rlil i~ 62-1 4212. 12p. i PItS: maret ials, Tvir-,,I, Awn-- ilium picr.irL~. ROX, NitroglYccrin, C4imbustiiiii, VL'hVit%', 11, no. Zallf'yantS, Y. A., Kiseliev, V. F., and Fedorov, G. G. ADSOIRMION UHMUUE DL L'OXYGENE t. LA SUR- ' D'UN ACL ''ii i: ~ I I :. ~'1!' F ichesLaya Adsorbisi)-i Kls'omdn iia Poverklmosti Svm- hc-~,o Baskola Grafita) IT. by mo.ailovic. 26 Doc 61 Q;A' IL [b1p. (j~jj~bjtllj ~VXT PICiLKIIAI) 3 rV%$," rons. no, It 1462 (Lex' in Frer:h). Order froun O'I's or ~I_A $1. 10 62-24573 Trans. in Fresidi of 4,ZhJurnall Fiz[icheskai] Khimlial (USSR) 1961, V. 35. nu. 9. P. 1985-19M. DMRIP,rORS: 4Adsurption. *Oxygen, *Graphite, Cooling, Temperature. 62-24573 1. Zartf-yants, Y. A. It. Kisellev, V. F. 10. Fadorov, G. G. iV. CEA-rr-111462 V. Commissariat i I'Enersle Atornique (France) (Chemistry--PhysicRI, '17, v. S. no. 3) Office f T"hoic.1 (S.F-18780) Wusinian Republican Conforowe on Msory- tim and Wthods of ChromtogriWMc Analrols, by K, V. Chwtovt pp - RMSIXI,, per, Zhur Piz Mdo, Val XXXV, NO 9, JFM 13070 Sci - Chem 'Aay J;.;, (SF-2212) M. M Dubinin, by B. P. Bering, V. V. Serpinskiy, 5 Pp. RUSSIAN, per, zhurnal Fizicheskoy Khimii, No 11, 1961, pp---225--22r. JPM 13882 USSR BioG jun 62 63-10748 Kobozev, N. L, Senifokhin, 1. A., and Pitskhelaurt, F. N. 1. Kobowv. N. L RfAuION, Br'rwr.EN HYDROCIA1 AND CXYGFN IN 11. Semfoku% L A. 'nlF SILFNT FLE.CTRICAL DISCHARM VUL NIFC11- M. Pitakhelaurt. F_ N. ANISM OF THE PROCPSS (Vza1mDdeistviye Vodoroda IV. 'ntle: Mechanim ... 6 , Vikhom Ficktricheskorn Razryade). 1196211151~- 14 refs. Order from 0 1", or SLA $1. 60 63- 1071 48 Trans. of Murnal Fizicheskoi Khtmil (USSR) 1962. V. 36 jno.-1I-p7-TTT:W.__ DESCRIPTORS,. 'Hydrogen, *Oxygen, *Flectric dis- charges, Chemical reactions, *Reaction kinetics, Electrochemistry. Water vapors and Vhirtickilitfly arjron have been shown to No ellergy Calalyms of IN? formation and of the de- cumporition of 11202- At low cuncent rations they act mks ad To*" ftMu (Chemistry- -Physical, IT, v. 10, no. 3) (over Vysotskite-a Now Sulphide of trallodilm and Nickel# by A,D,DGenkiikp Oo E*,ZTya9Ints*vp RUSSIAR. per. Up ki Yses!Mogo Mn*rslogiche- skogo Obshchestva, V01,91, No 6v 1962S pp 718-72S- NLL RTS M3 - Sci - Earth Sci & Ocean Septo 67 30A,391 63-10772 Marina. L. I., Nashel'skil, A. Ya.. and Yakoboon, S. V. 1. Marina. L. 1. INVESTIGATION OF THE DECOMPOSMON PRESSURF 11. Nashel'skii, A. Ya. OF GALULW PHOSPHIDF. 11962111 p. 16 refs. Ill. Yakoboon. S. V. Order from OTS or SLA $1.60 63-10772 Trans. of #Zhurnal Flzlcheakol K~~~R) 196Z V. 36, - B. Another trans. to available from OTS or SLA $1. 10 as 62-18968. 2 Aug 62 181p. DESCRIPMR S: *Semiconductors, *Gallium compounds, *Pboophides. Decomposition, Pressure. Crystallization, Temperature. Phosphorus, Vapor pressure. The temperature dependence of the decomposition pressure of gallium phoophide eNwessed in the following terms has been determined IgP 10770 +9.996. T (Chemistry- -Physical, Tr, v. 9, no. 11) (over) ZLO6trOVntbmdsIof ozam. v. eyntbWg or ome In a Plow P"Iow*p by V. 6. SUMV2a TmdUlo. WESIUS DWO Mw Ilz MLins VOI =WIj, No 5., 1962,p pp 989-M. chm Oct 62 -opic Effect in tho I sLI of 'hoiao by Rayleigh's RIJSSIAI~-J, r,-,r, Zhur Fiz Kh--I:n, Voll X%'Xvi, 'lo o r W&alysls Of AUwLIl-M*4LL DWdWI&S (UM)o by 1. N. MochLIari, G. G. 0111modda. RMIM. pW. 23nW n2 Mdup Vol MWIS, No 5p IL962# pp 1089-1094. ~FTMT-624JI69 Bel - chm Oct 62 110.,aron-aphic Study of Borchydrick-s of Alhali. by K~ hl~ Mochalov, G~ G, Gillmanshin; 13 m RUSSIAlij per, Zhur W Fiz Kinim, Vol XXXVI, No 5, -1062, 1089-ItI94, 967OP?; f- rij-TT-62-1462 Mar 63 Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to the Investigation of the Reaction of Water With Alumina Surface, by A. V. Uvarov. RUSSIAN. per, Zhurnal Fizicheskoi MLtmli, Vol 36, 19621 pp 1346-1349. NTC-71-12457-07D Nov 71 Neutron DM,Tracdo~k~Su*(dHWL-,Tsm4wxr&Um"I A=ealed Berylllum~ Oxide by']E~,WmaxwleIS~s G. 0-wSadukovo at 94 RMAN per, Zh= Ffi Xhim. Vol MOM, 1962, AARC-Tr-15 Sci-Phys Jun 64 2600943 c Elettrosynthesis of Ozone) by Yu. V. Filippov. RUSSIM, per, Zhur Fiz Khim, Vol XMI, No 7, 1962, pp 1420-1425. *FTD-TT-62-1536 Sci - Chein 2 Nov 62 Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate, by L. D. Romodanova, V. I. Roshc4&pkin. RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Fiz Khim, Vol XXXVI, No 7, 1962, PP 1554, 1555. *PTD-TT-62-150'1 Sci - Chem 2 Nov 62 63-L4735 LazorenIP-Manevich. R. K MIE REDMUBUTION OF POTMITIAL AT 7HE 1. LAWreAD-hUbCdCh, R. K SE?ACCNWCT0R ELEC'MOLYTE DaIMFACE UNDER T[W- INFLUENCE OF LIGHT. (19631 [111p. 7 refs. - Order from M or SLA $1.60 63-14735 Trans, of Mur[nall 11!4"E"l Mduqtll (UMR) 1962, -1. 3or Ino; 91 p. AX66-LAY7 11. DESCRWMR&- OSemiconductore, Mactrolytes, *Elect:rodes, *Llot, Diatrfbutior4 Electric potential. Electric currents. *Electrochemistry, OPhatochemist The effect of illumination an the separate conTonents of the overvoltage at the senii-conductor electrode Is irrvem4pted. U a curre= news duvugh the "sr=4 the potential shif-ts which originate dmt% Illumination of the electrode in the HelnAoltz portion of the double 1111Y-r 3) and in the eurface dipole layer 061CS d Tc6kal S-iccs (Mernistry-Ayalcal, Tr, Y. 10, no. ~1) (over) Standard lhtbalpies of Fomation of 1,1- Difluoroethylene and TrifLuoroothylene., by V. P. Kolesovp et al. RUSSIAN,, per, Murnal fizicheskoi KdmLLi Vol 36., 1%21 pp 2078-271-. NTC 71-i4598-07D Feb 72 Standard 1hthalpies of Fbimation cEC Chloro- trifluorometha-ae and IlLchloro-Difluorornathane, by V. P. Kolesov) eb al. RUSSIAN, per., &umal Fizicheskoi Rdidip Vol 36, 1962., pp 2082-2084o NTO 71-14597-07D Feb 72 O-tical Sensitization of the Photoeffect of %1Y Zinc Oxide and the Adsmption Isothems of Dyes. by N. N. MaAevich, E. K. Putsieko# RUSSIAN,, per, M. Fit* Khimp Vol UW8 No III, 1962j, pp 2W-7W 0 ATS RJ-4693 Sci-Phys Jul 67 329,116 ~Mvadj4 - -- ef. Idtbi= Smokpa In bodealb3a 13avalmo 1w V. 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